Nasty cutie is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy

Nasty cutie is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy
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Haunted by the Futa Ghost Chapter Nine: Futanari Fucks Her Bully By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 "Will this work?" my Ōjo-sama asked, hugging me from behind. Her damp hair brushed my neck. She still wore it loose after our bath. Our love-making.

"I do not know, Mitsuko-hime," I whispered. "But I have to try. Tonight is the half-moon. The transition." It was the last half-moon of Summer.

The next would fall on the Autumn Equinox, and that night I had to perform curvy mamacita rides on a throbbing penis Kagura and help Kanshu-no-Kami keep the yokai imprisoned beneath the shrine. And not long after that, Mitsuko-hime would leave her father's castle to travel to the home of her new husband.

This was my last chance to change, to become futanari and claim my Ōjo-sama as my princess and wife. "Be safe, Sayuri-chan," she whispered, "as you walk through the cursed woods."</em Aokigahara, the cursed woods. A haunt of onryō and lesser yokai. Where hitodama danced beneath the moonlight. A place of death beneath the strangling trees.

But it was also a place of power, a place of transition. Life and death touched there. It was a sympathetic likeness to the transition I would beckon. I took a deep breath, grasping my gohei, the twin shide fluttering as I shifted. I wore my miko vestments, my red hakama and white haori. Bells tinkled with my every movement. "I will return transformed, Ōjo-sama. I will come back to claim my wife." "Sayuri-chan," she whispered, lips kissing the back of my neck.

"I love you." With her love wreathing me, I walked north. Above the trees, Mount Fuji loomed, a perfect cone. And on the slopes of that mountain lay the woods. The boundary wasn't far. I just had to follow the woodcutters paths until they ended. Only the foolish and the desperate entered Aokigahara. And I was both. The sun sank as I walked the trail, gripping my gohei tightly. Yesterday, I had ventured down this very path. I knew where I was going. There was a small clearing just inside the dread woods, a place where the sky could be seen surrounded by the skeletal trees and tripping branches.

As the sun set, I crossed the boundary. It was invisible, and yet I felt the chill. The sounds of birds and cicadas died. Only trees lived in the demon woods. Nothing else. They had choked all the life away. Not even brush grew. The ground was dead leaves crushed into dirt. I reached the grove as twilight fell. I stood in it, staring up at the small circle of stars. I was in a well of trees, trapped at the bottom. The woods grew darker and darker around me, the trees moving, rustling like there was a breeze.

Branches swayed, reaching. They knew I lived, and they hated it. And then the moon appeared, half white, half dark. Half male, half female. I raised my gohei. My bells jingled as I danced the first step of the Kagura, bringing my sandaled foot down hard on the packed dirt. I spun, black hair flying, bells twinkling louder as I swung my gohei. The twin shide rustled as they snapped in its wake. I spun them above my head, turning, pouring out all my thoughts to Hangetsu. The Kami of futanari.

"Please," I cried out. "Please, make me futanari! I need the union of the male and the female. For love!" The moon blazed black and white. Shadow and brilliance fell upon me. Hangetsu answered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 500 years later. Yoshiko's cheeks burned as she faced her bully in the entrance hall of Redwood Academy, the private high school both girls attended. The busty, half-Japanese futanari licked her lips.

The last person in the world she wanted to see was Kat Rollins. The punkish girl advanced, a mocking grin on her pouty lips. A spike collar surrounded her neck, giving her an even tougher look. She thought she could get away with anything. "Well, dyke? Is that why you're here?" The word, dyke, sent a surge of anger through Yoshiko. The nineteen-year-old futanari was a lesbian. She had never hidden it.

And everyone but Kat Rollins had accepted her lifestyle choice. At every chance Kat had, she called Yoshiko "dyke" like it should be an insult. Like there was anything wrong with being a lesbian. And then today, Yoshiko had caught Kat being fucked from behind by Ms. Lindon wearing a strap-on. Yoshiko had always suspected her English teacher was gay.

She even had a schoolgirl crush on the older woman. And then to see Kat, her bully, gasping, moaning, loving being fucked by a lesbian—by a dyke—had shocked Yoshiko. And aroused her. And now it angered her.

Kat was a lesbian, too. Or bi. And yet she took every opportunity to pick on Yoshiko. She was even blackmailed by the bully. Last week, she had been caught by Kat masturbating in the locker room after gym class.

Two studs alternate between chicks pussy and asshole and deliver her real climax masturbation penetr the other girls were showering, Yoshiko had been so turned on by their nubile bodies she slipped into the stall to finger herself.

And Kat caught enough on her phone when she came in early for her gym class. "Pussy got your tongue, dyke?" Kat laughed, enjoying her joke. .This girl has no honor. Sayuri, the futanari-ghost, whispered to Yoshiko. After having a hot sixty-nine a half-hour ago, swallowing each other's essence, Yoshiko and the ghost could finally communicate. Which is why they were at the school. Sayuri hoped to find the ghost of her princess, Mitsuko, here while Yoshiko wanted to find away to turn her friend Lori back into a regular girl since she had a boyfriend, a great guy named Chris.

"I think you want pussy to have your tongue," Yoshiko snapped, her anger boiling out of her. She narrowed her round, blue eyes.

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They were Caucasian eyes, spoiling her otherwise pure Japanese features. Along with her huge tits, her eyes came from her dad's German family. The rest was all from her mother. "What?" Kat demanded, eyebrows furrowing. Not once had Yoshiko stood up against the bully. "I saw you getting fucked by Ms. Lindon's strap-on today," Yoshiko hissed. "I heard you admit that you record girls showering in the locker room so you can masturbate to them. I know you're just as much of a dyke as I am!" Kat reeled back from the accusation.

"That's how you caught me. You weren't there because you showed up early for class. You were there because you wanted to lick all our pussies.

You're gay, and yet you pick on me! Why?" "I'm not gay!" Kat snarled, her fists balling up. "I like boys, not girls!" "Then why do you let Ms. Lindon fuck you with her strap-on." Color burned bright red across Kat's face. "I'll kill you, you fucking dyke." Yoshiko gasped as Kat's hand rose up, arm cocked back to throw a punch. Not a slap, but an actual punch. Yoshiko had never been in a fight before.

She didn't know what to do. Her anger vanished as the fear swelled. And then Kat gasped and fell to her knees on the ground like she tripped.

She groaned, falling onto her hands, too. Her head was right before Yoshiko's crotch. The sudden image of Kat burying her face into Yoshiko's pussy shot through the futanari's mind.

Her clit swelled, blossomed. It pressed froward into her panties. Yoshiko groaned, shaking her head as Kat wiggled on the ground. Her jeans were so tight, molding to a heart-shaped ass. No wonder Ms. Lindon fucked her from behind. That ass is gorgeous. Those thoughts only made her clit grow into a dick faster. It was so tight, so uncomfortable.

The tip of her dick throbbed in need. Yoshiko groaned, shuddering. Her pussy clenched at the friction rippling down her cock as it reached its full girth. She wanted to fuck Kat so hard. To ram her dick into the bully's cunt like Ms. Lindon had with her strap-on. "What the fuck?" Kat hissed, shaking her head.

"What is wrapped about my legs?" .I have her. Sayuri whispered into Yoshiko's thoughts. .I will not let this shameful woman assault you. "Thanks," groaned Yoshiko. "Thanks?" Kat asked, her face snapping up. "What are you.?" Kat's eyes widened. "Holy shit, you're like Miyu." Yoshiko blinked and then the words Kat said when she first entered the school made sense. "You came here to be fucked by Miyu," Yoshiko accused. "You saw her on the video that was uploaded. You thought I was here for the same thing?" Kat's cheeks flushed.

"That's not why I'm here. And what the fuck is wrapped about my legs?" "No, you want a taste of girl-dick. You're a confused bitch. And the idea of a woman having a dick must turn you on. Huh?" "No. That's disgusting." Kat's face twisted with revulsion. But her eyes gleamed with something. Lust? Yoshiko decided to find out. She lifted her gray skirt up her thighs, exposing more and more of her pale-olive flesh.

Kat sucked in a breath, her eyes fixing on Yoshiko's thighs, following up the hem of her skirt like a dog. Kat couldn't resist. You are such a dyke. You want me. That's why you're such a bitch to me. What are you, in the third grade? The hem of Yoshiko's skirt reached her plain, white panties. She had a schoolgirl-fetish, particularly a Japanese one thanks to years of watching Anime, and so she dressed like one as much as possible from her white blouse, to her gray skirt, to the cute panties a schoolgirl would wear.

Only these panties were tented by her thick cock. "Jesus, you are like Miyu," groaned Kat. "Is it real? Are you a real dickgirl?" "A futanari?" grinned Yoshiko. "Pull down my panties and find out. I know you want it." "I don't," Kat groaned even as she reached out with trembling hands. She hooked Yoshiko's panties and pulled them down. Not fast, but slowly, working the fabric down inch by inch, rolling it off Yoshiko's hips and the swell of her ass. The tip of her cock appeared pressed against her thick, black bush.

The hairs curled around the throbbing, pink tip, precum bubbling out the slit. Kat groaned, tugging down the panties farther and farther. She unveiled more and more of Yoshiko's girl-cock. It leaned outward, no longer fully constrained by the panties, reaching for Kat's lips. Then the bully yanked them down the final inches. Her eyes widened as she stared at the dick thrusting from the folds of Yoshiko's pussy.

"You're really one of them," Kat groaned. "Holy shit, I just thought it was perverts on the internet drawing this shit but. You're a dickgirl." "Futanari," Yoshiko moaned. "And my dick is fully functional." "How?" Kat blinked.

"You didn't have this last week." "When you barged in on me masturbating so you could get a look at my pussy and masturbate to it?" Yoshiko demanded, heat in her voice. "Yes," Kat groaned. And then she leaned froward and licked the tip of Yoshiko's dick. A shudder ran through the futanari. The pleasure ran down her dick. Her pussy clenched and her body ached. Kat's tongue was heaven on Yoshiko's dick. The bully licked again, her tongue sliding up the crown, reaching the slit, and gathering the precum.

The drop of clear liquid vanished into Kat's mouth. The girl moaned, hips wiggling, then she opened her mouth wide and sucked on the tip. Her cheeks hollowed at the eager force of her sucking, sending pleasure shooting through Yoshiko.

"Oh, yes," Yoshiko groaned, savoring her bully's lips sucking on her cock, pleasuring her. "That's it. Oh, you are a futanari-slut. A dyke who wants to love my girl-dick." Kat only moaned. .Oh, yes, she is regaining her honor by pleasuring you. purred Sayuri. .And she is rather beautiful, in her own way. A loud pop of a fastener coming undone echoed along with Kat's noisy sucks.

Yoshiko groaned as she watched Kat's jeans pull down her hips, exposing a pink thong vanishing between the cheeks of her ass.

Kat sucked harder, her eyes widening. She felt it, too, the ghost's touch. Yoshiko grabbed the bully's short hair, holding tight, not letting her pull her mouth away and look.

The futanari savored her domination. "That's just Sayuri-chan," smiled Yoshiko. "You just keep sucking my cock and let the ghost play with your pussy." Kat shivered and groaned, but she didn't stop sucking. .Such strange garments your people have.

Sayuri said as Kat's thong lifted into the air, rising out of her butt-crack. .Isn't this uncomfortable?. "Price for looking sexy," panted Yoshiko, humping her hips, driving more of her dick into Kat's mouth. The thong snapped down into Kat's butt-crack, bringing a grunt from the bully. Then the invisible hands of the futa-ghost pulled bareback journey to amsterdam 1 tube porn scanty cloth off Kat's hips.

Small, sucking marks appeared red on Kat's flesh as the ghost kissed and nibbled. They faded to white as the ghost moved lower, the trail disappearing out of Yoshiko's sight.

Kat shuddered. Yoshiko knew exactly where Sayuri kissed now. .She has no hair on her pussy. gasped Sayuri-chan. .She's shaved herself. Oh, wow, Yoshiko-chan, this is amazing. "Enjoy," Yoshiko panted. The futa-ghost's throaty moans echoed in Yoshiko's mind while her bully hummed about her dick.

Kat clearly enjoyed what the ghost did, her hips rocking back into the invisible spirit. Unseen fingers pressed into Kat's ass, dimpling her flesh. Her butt-cheeks pulled apart and then slapped back together as Sayuri devoured the bully's cunt.

The pleasure humming around Yoshiko's dick made her sway. Kat's mouth sucked so hard. Such wonderful delight shuddered through Yoshiko. She quivered as she fucked her cock into her bully's mouth, striking the back of the throat, loving the pressure as she drew her cock back out of the sucking mouth until only the tip remained. And then driving in to do it all over again. Kat's tongue danced about the tip of her dick. The sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave raced down her dick to her pussy.

Her folds dripped with juices. Her hips shivered back and forth. Her entire body writhed as her moans echoed down the hallway.

"Oh, yes, you little dyke, suck my girl-cock. You love it," Yoshiko panted. "You want to swallow all my cum." .I bet she does. She has to regain her honor by drinking all your cum. "Yes," Yoshiko groaned. "Keep sucking and—" Her words choked off into a squeal of delight. Kat's finger stroked through the folds of Yoshiko's pussy then slid inside of her. The friction sent pleasure shooting straight to the tip of her dick.

She clenched on the invading digits. And came. Her girl-jizz boiled out of her dick in a froth. Load after load pumped into Kat's hungry mouth. She sucked so hard, draining the cum from Yoshiko's dick, swallowing rapidly. Kat's finger jammed deep into the futanari's spasming pussy. "Kat! You wonderful dyke!" gasped Yoshiko as her entire body shuddered.

The pleasure washed through her. "Drink it all down." Kat did, moaning, humping her hips. .She's cumming. giggled Sayuri. .So much yummy pussy juices. "Drink it all down," Yoshiko moaned, not sure who she spoke to. Maybe both of them. Her body shuddered a final time.

Her hands let go of Kat's hair. The final blast of cum spurted into the bully's mouth. Yoshiko stumbled back two steps, her cock popping out of Kat's mouth, and struggled to catch her breath. "Oh, my god, that was amazing," Kat moaned. "You came in my mouth! And you're still hard! Fuck me! Fuck me like Miyu fucked that blonde!" As Yoshiko nodded her head, a thought flashed through her mind: Where did Miyu go in such a hurry? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lori trembled in fear as she stood naked at the edge of the lookout, her gender-swapped, futanari girlfriend with her.

Chris had started the day as a boy, became a girl thanks to one ghost, and then a futanari thanks to another by way of Lori's dick. They were both futanari now, Lori changed by Yoshiko's fucking her with a futa-cock, and that was a gift from the ghost of Sayuri. The other ghost was probably Mitsuko, the princess Sayuri loved and who had possessed Miyu.

And now Miyu was here at the lookout where Lori and Chris had been fucking. They had been overcome with lust for each other's girl-cocks. Lori felt so stupid now. The redhead trembled. She knew that the ghost possessing Miyu wanted to kill Chris. And we just spent our time fucking. Goddamn futanari hormones!

"What do we do?" she asked Chris as Miyu advanced on them, a strange look on her doll-like, Japanese face. Her glasses reflected the sun, making her eyes appear empty, opaque. "I don't know," Chris answered. "Oh, shit, she killed Phil and now she's here for me." "We have to do something," Lori gasped, the naked redhead shivering, her girlfriend cum running out of her asshole. "Right." Chris swallowed.

"I love you, Lori. Get to the car and get out of here." "What?" Lori screamed. But Chris had already sprang forward. Her naked, tanned body was athletic from years of playing basketball and surfing. Her legs were long even changed into a girl. They stretched out before her as she ran at the ghost, blonde hair streaming behind her. "No, Chris," Lori gasped, glancing at her mom's Prius.

The car was still running. She had been so excited when she arrived, realizing that Chris had indeed been turned into a girl, that she had left it on. All she had to do was jump in and drive off. But what about her girlfriend? She couldn't abandon Chris. "No," Lori shouted and bolted after Chris. "Sayuri-chan," Miyu shouted, her voice strange, like two different big tit mexican mom halloween special with a threesome spoke at the same moment.

The rest of what she screamed was in rapid, incomprehensible Japanese. Chris reached Miyu. The blonde balled up her fist and punched it like she was a guy still. She put her full weight in it.

The fist stopped an inch from Miyu's face. Chris gasped in shock, her large tits heaving before her. Then she flew back.

Lori screamed as her girlfriend hit the gravel ground and rolled in a cloud of dust. "You bitch, Mitsuko!" She bent down and picked up a large rock, hurling it at the ghost-possessed Miyu. "What's wrong with you, Mitsuko?" The rock missed badly. But Miyu's head snapped around.

Then her body turned as a separate, almost disjointed movement. She walked forward, but Lori realized it wasn't natural. It was like Miyu was a puppet, her strings invisible. "Sayuri-chan," the Japanese girl screamed, pointing at Lori's groin.

At her shrinking girl-dick. "Oh, shit," Lori gulped as Miyu didn't so much as cross the distance between them in a run as blur, a streak of white and gray and olive-beige flesh. In a heartbeat, the possessed Japanese girl stood before the redhead. "Double shit," groaned Lori as her shoulders were seized by hard fingers. "Chris!" The ghost-possessed girl somehow twisted her body and brought Lori down to the ground.

She gasped, the gravel biting into her back, her round breasts jiggling. Lori blinked, staring up at the blue sky above. "Chris, help!" And then Miyu's hand grasped Lori's shrinking, softening girl-dick. It was almost half-way to being a clit again. Her grip was shockingly soft. Lori gasped, pleasure shooting down her dick as the hand stroked her, thumb rubbing across the crown of her cock. Her pussy clenched. Pleasure shuddered through her body.

Nipples hardened along with her girl-cock. The ache built in the depths of her snatch while the tip of her dick throbbed beneath Miyu's massaging thumb. "What?" Lori blinked in shock, surprised the ghost wasn't strangling her, trying to kill her. Is it because I'm a futanari and not a guy? Chap seduces lovely babe and bonks her it's only guys that piss her off.

"Sayuri-chan," Miyu cooed in that double voice, speaking with her own and the ghost's words. Lori didn't know what to do. "Chris!" Her girlfriend lay on her side, her breasts rising and falling, but her eyes were closed, knocked out by the throw. Small abrasions dotted her body from her tumble across the gravel.

Chris wouldn't be any help. Lori was on her own. "Yes, yes, Mitsuko.hime." She almost forgot the honorific. "It's me. Sayuri-chan." Rapid Japanese poured out of Miyu's mouth, Lori's cock throbbing harder and harder. The futanari groaned, her hips rising as Miyu stroked it. The pleasure rippled through her body. Her lusts fired hot through her body, making thought difficult. Damn cock has a mind of its own. The ghost-possessed Miyu leaned down, her tongue licking at Lori's pink nipple.

The tongue swirled, making her squirm. Her pussy clenched as Miyu sucked, cheeks hollowing. Dark, slanted eyes flicked up at Lori. They glowed with a spectral, blue flame flickering in the black depths of the pupils.

"Oh, yes, Mitsuko-hime," panted Lori. "That's right." Miyu straddled Lori's legs. The pleated, gray skirt Miyu wore rose up those creamy thighs as she lowered herself.

Her pussy, covered by a thick bush, rubbed on Lori's bare thigh, wet and juicy, the pubic hair so silky. The heat almost burned.

Miyu sucked with horny need on Lori's nipple. The redhead groaned, squirmed. Ideas danced in her head. Maybe she won't try to kill Chris once she enjoys my cock. Maybe that's all Mitsuko needs to move on or something. One last time with her lover, Sayuri. It worked like that in ghost stories, not the sex part, but finding closure. It happened a few times on Supernatural, one of Lori's favorite TV shows. She squirmed, aching to give the ghost what she needed so Miyu could be free and this all could be over.

"Oh, Mitsuko-hime, I missed you so much," Lori moaned, hoping the ghost spoke English. "I need to be in you. Your sweet pussy. Just like last time. Remember?" Miyu's head lifted up, her head twisting in a strange angle, her eyes unblinking. She spoke in Japanese and then licked at Lori's nipple again. Flutters of pleasure shot through Lori. She groaned, her cock throbbing. Moans spilled from her lips, pleasure building and building.

And then Miyu moved. She slid up Lori's thigh, dragging silky pubic hair and wet pussy higher. Then Miyu lifted up her hips, throwing her leg out to straddle the redheaded futanari's waist. The skirt rose up on its own, revealing the dark bush. Miyu, still gripping Lori's cock, guided it to those silky curls.

"Yes," Lori moaned, both wanting to give Mitsuko's ghost peace and eager to satisfy her own desires. The cock rubbed through the silky pubic hair and hot folds, then found the pussy's entrance. Miyu moaned in two voices as she slammed her pussy down on Lori's cock. The hot cunt engulfed her girl-dick. Her hips undulated, her body shuddered. Pleasure raced through Lori's body. Her pussy clenched, juices leaking out to trickle down to her butt. Super hot blonde mother and her son ghost-possessed girl grabbed both of Lori's tits, squeezing them hard as her hips undulated, sliding her pussy around the futanari's dick.

"That's it, Mitsuko-hime," panted Lori. "Oh, yes, remember how much you loved my cock. You feel so wonderful about me. I miss you. I love you." Lori was caught up in her roleplay, wanting to be the ghost of the shrine maiden, to give Mitsuko what she needed.

Lori's hands reached out, pressing beneath Miyu's blouse and sliding up to find a pair of naked tits, small and firm, nipples hard. She pinched them. Miyu's pussy clenched on Lori's dick. The Japanese girl tossed back her head, moaning in her duel voices as she worked her hips faster and faster. The friction burned up and down Lori's dick. She ached and gasped. She squirmed, ignoring the gravel poking her back. "Yes, yes, ride me! Let's cum together, Mitsuko-hime! Both of us!

Won't that be wonderful?" Words spilled out of Miyu's mouth, beautiful and incomprehensible. Lori pinched and rolled the Japanese girl's nipples as her strokes grew faster and faster. Her pussy slid up and down Lori's cock, gripping it hard, sucking at it. "You want my cum," gasped Lori. "Yes, yes, take it." Her pussy clenched. The pressure built at the trick him in tcreampie inside her pussy of her dick, aching to explode out of her.

To fill Miyu's pussy and give the ghost what she needed. Lori gasped and moaned. Her body shuddered, her hips thrusting up into Miyu's snatch. Their flesh slapped together. The wet squelch of pussy sliding up and down hard dick made Lori shudder.

Her fingers pinched Miyu's nipples hard. The Japanese girl dug her fingers into Lori's round breasts. They were both moaning, gasping, coming closer to their climaxes. "Yes, yes, yes! You're so hot, Mitsuko-hime! I love your pussy! I'm going to cum in you!" Lori's body tensed.

"God, yes!" Her cock erupted. Cum spurted into Miyu's pussy. Hard, fast pulses shot out of Lori's dick, rising from the depths of her body. Her pussy spasmed. Waves and pulses of pleasure washed and shot through her body. They reached her mind.

Petite redhead pounded by a large dick

Bliss inundated her. And she loved it. "Iku!" Miyu gasped in her double-voice, Japanese girl and ghost cumming. Her pussy spasmed about Lori's dick. Heat flared. Lori shuddered, her eyes widening as something more than cum was sucked out of her cock by the spasming snatch. She gasped as her girl-dick shrank, owc orgasm world championship ariel lilit a vs pleasure man returning to a clit, but vanishing.

The energy washed through her body, changing her into. A girl. "You made me back into a girl," Lori gasped as her cock vanished for good, returned to a clit. She could feel the difference. The itch for it to transform into a throbbing dick was gone. Her entire body had felt malleable for a brief second, wanting to change but she was already a girl save for her girl-dick. "What the fuck!" "Sayuri-chan!" Miyu spat with anger. Superimposed over her face, like a cheap Photoshop effect, was another face.

This one was painted white like a Japanese geisha or a noblewoman. But the white ran, exposing pale, bloated, gray flesh. Eyes bulged. Hands like iron pliers squeezed Lori's throat.

Pain flared. She struggled to breathe as she thrashed, but couldn't. Two thumbs pressed into her trachea, crushing it down. Panic surged through the redhead as she thrashed, her heart pounding, her lungs screaming for a breath. Her vision fuzzing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gravel rustled.

Ground together. Angry words rang through the air. Chris opened his eyes. Miyu was on Lori, her hands wrapped about the redhead's throat.

Choking her. The face of Mitsuko, the makeup dripping away to reveal her dead flesh, superimposed over Miyu's face, translucent and surreal.

"Sayuri-chan!" snarled the ghost through Miyu. "Sayuri-chan!" Lori's naked body kicked and thrashed. Her mouth opened, struggling to gasp in breaths, but her breasts didn't rise.

She couldn't suck in any air. The surge of ice through Chris's veins banished the groggy pain wreathing her mind. She had to do something.

"Hey! I'm over here, you bitch!" Chris stood up and raced at Miyu. Her head snapped around. The ball of dancing, blue light—Miyu called it a hitodama—burst into being and rushed at Chris.

It struck her in the chest, throwing her back. She grunted as she hit the ground and rolled against the railing. Where her jeans lay discarded, having slipped off her too narrow hips when Lori had appeared.

Chris had stepped out of them, lost to the lust. Her cell phone was in them. The mad idea to call 911, to get the police up here to save her girlfriend's life from a ghost, shot through Chris.

She shoved her hand into her jeans pocket, grabbed the first object she felt, and pulled it out. It wasn't her cell phone. It was an alabaster hair comb, the ends worked into an ornate design. Chris blinked, and then a memory flashed through her mind. When the ghost had attacked Miyu in the bathroom, sucking on her girl-cock and trying to possess her, Chris had seized the hair comb to pull the spirit off Miyu's dick.

Only it had come off, so Chris shoved it into her pocket. Chris was allinternal anal creampie squirting from hot russian chick to discarded it when Miyu let out a curdling snarl of anger. A chill ran through Chris. She looked up to see Miyu rising, her eyes fixed on the hair comb in Chris's hands. Lori coughed and gasped, able to breathe again.

Miyu snarled something in Japanese. The only word Chris caught was "otōsan," father. In a flash of understanding, Chris realized this was precious to Mitsuko. She blurred across the space between them.

Without thought, Chris threw the hair comb over her shoulder. It sailed past the railing and plunged over the drop, bouncing down the cliff face towards the base of the Sequoia trees that grew below the overlook.

Miyu leaped, sailing over Chris in a jump no normal human girl could have made. Chris had the briefest glimpse up Miyu's skirt, her pussy dripping with girl-jizz, staining black pubic hair. And then she was gone, falling to the far ground below, screaming out in Japanese. Chris had no doubts that Miyu would survive and come back up to kill them. The gender-swapped, blonde futanari jumped to her feet, still clutching her jeans, and raced to Lori schoolgirl anastasia knight sucks and rides santas cock on the ground, rubbing her throat.

"Come on," Chris shouted. "Get in the car! We have to go!" Lori staggered up. She looked around, then lunged at her discarded skirt, grabbing her cell phone out of its pocket. "No time for a fucking call," Chris shouted, reaching her girlfriend. She hauled Lori to her feet and pushed her towards the open back door and into the rear seat.

Slamming the door, Chris raced around the idling Prius, closing the open back door on the driver side before wrenching open the closed driver door and hoping in. He slammed the Prius into reverse and jammed on the gas. Gravel sprayed. Miyu roared. "Holy shit, she's floating," screamed Lori, her voice hoarse.

"Drive, drive!" But Chris was already yanking the wheel around, turning the car to face the exit. She maneuvered the gear shift into drive and slammed on the accelerator. The Prius's electric engine kicked over into the gas, the car suddenly revving as it tore off, barreling towards the exit.

Lori coughed. In the rearview mirror, Chris could see her playing with her phone. Beyond her, Miyu stared at them. She had landed on the ground and began pinning up her sleek, black hair into a bun, inserting the hair comb. The mask of Mitsuko's white-painted face appeared a few times. And then the driveway bent, and she was lost from sight.

Lori raised her phone to her ear, trembling. "Who you calling?" Chris asked. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kat Rollins wiggled her naked ass at Yoshiko. Kat's pussy lips were spread open by Sayuri's unseen fingers and her clit wiggled, the ghost playing with the nub.

Yoshiko's dick ached at the sight. She stroked it as she fell to her knees. .Fuck her hard and accept her apology. "Yes, I will," groaned Yoshiko. "Yes, yes, I'm so sorry for being a cunt!

Just fuck me with that glorious girl-cock. And. take off your blouse. Let me see those big tits bounce." Yoshiko didn't want to give her the satisfaction and just thrust her cock into Kat's depths. The futanari groaned as she sank into Kat's pussy, filling the bully's snatch. Wonderful, tight friction burned about Yoshiko's girl-cock, silky flesh caressing the sensitive tip, making her sway and ache. It was heavenly. She savored it, holding her dick buried into the depths of Kat's pussy.

The Japanese futanari stroked her hands up and down Kat's sides, then her fingernails scraped down them, leaving red lines. Kat shuddered, her pussy clenching. "Please, fuck me! Pound me! I need it." "When I'm ready, dyke," hissed Yoshiko, anger and lust surging through her. And then the buttons of her blouse popped open one by one. It startled Yoshiko for a moment before bringing a smile to her lips. Her blouse open and the ghost squeezed her breasts through her bra, making her nipples ache.

.Such strange garments you wear. "Yeah," Yoshiko groaned. .And your breasts are so large. I did not know they could grow so big. "Fuck me!" Kat kept moaning as Yoshiko's bra cups pushed up, spilling out her large breasts. "Oh, those are delicious tits. Fuck me! Fuck me! Please!" Yoshiko groaned, unseen fingers sinking into her pillowy tits. Sayuri's mouth engulfed a fat, brown nipple. The pleasure shot straight down to the futanari's dick buried into the heaven of Kat's pussy. Lust surged.

Yoshiko's hips pumped hard. She fucked Kat, pounding her, hate-fucking her. The last year of bullying surged the anger through Yoshiko. Since she started school at Redwood Academy at the age of eighteen last year, Kat had been her nemesis. Always needling and heckling her, always calling her a dyke. "You bitch," Yoshiko hissed, shocked by her words but not wanting to stop them as she pounded Kat's snatch.

"You selfish cunt! You're gay, and all you did was pick on me!" "I am a bitch!" Kat groaned, her hips rocking back, butt-cheeks slapping into Yoshiko's groin. "You were so beautiful. This Japanese doll with these striking, blue eyes and such a petite body. Except your tits. They were so large. So wonderful. And. And. Fuck, it scared me. I wanted you. A girl. I wanted to lick your pussy. To suck on your tits. To kiss those cute lips. I wanted to run my hands over every inch of my body." "So instead of asking me out on a date, you picked on me all year?" Yoshiko snarled.

"You are a selfish bitch, Kat! A dumb, stupid, rich cunt! You think just because Daddy donates millions to the school you can do whatever the fuck you want!" Her strokes were so hard, the friction incredible. Every stroke made Yoshiko want to pound Kat even harder and harder. She pushed her pinay sex scandal viral vedios to the limit, her tits heaving as Sayuri sucked on them both, going back and forth, licking, nuzzling, enjoying them, making them throb.

.Keep making her apologize for her dishonour. "Yes, yes," Yoshiko panted, her dick in such tight, hot heaven. And then the strangest thing happened. Sayuri, an incorporeal spirit, thrust her cock up into Yoshiko while still sucking on her tits.

The son forcefully sex his mom in kitchen unseen body had to be phasing through Kat to do it. Her dick was so thick, thrusting upward into the depths of Yoshiko's pussy. Pleasure rushed from her snatch to her cock pumping away in Kat's cunt. The tip of her dick ached more.

Her body shuddered. Sayuri sucked even harder on Yoshiko's nipple, the futa-ghost moaning soundlessly, vibrating the nub. "Oh, yes, Sayuri-chan," panted Yoshiko, her pussy clenching on the ghost's dick. "What's she doing?" Kat moaned, looking over her shoulder. "Oh, wow she's playing with your tits." "And fucking my cunt," Yoshiko moaned. She smacked her hand down hard on Kat's ass. "Keep rocking back, you dumb bitch. I'm going to cum so hard into your snatch.

You're going to explode. You're going to cum so hard. You could have been having amazing orgasms if you had the courage to ask me out!" "Yes, yes, yes," groaned Kat. "I messed up! I'm so sorry! Just don't stop fucking me! I'm going to cum so hard on your dick! It's the best!" "Better than Ms.

Lindon's strap-on?" "So much better!" Yoshiko smacked Kat's ass again, savoring the stinging slap and the reddening flesh. "Good!" Sayuri's thrusts grew harder, faster, plunging up into Yoshiko's cunt as she thrust her dick deep into Kat's pussy. The futa-ghost's hands clenched about Yoshiko's dick, making her tremble.

Her nipples ached and throbbed in the Ghost's sucking mouth. Every sensation brought her closer and closer to orgasming. Her head tossed back, her silky, black hair swaying down to her ass. Her pussy clenched over and over on Sayuri's thrusting dick. The friction in Yoshiko's cunt and around her cock built the pressure in her depths.

Her orgasm wanted to explode out of her. "Keep fucking me, Sayuri-chan!" panted Yoshiko. .Your pussy is so wonderful. I hope Mitsuko-hime feels as good. "She does." Yoshiko smiled. When she had fallen into Sayuri's memory, she had changed what happened like it was an interactive video game and popped Mitsuko's cherry with her girl-dick.

"Her pussy will feel even better on your dick." .I hope so! Ōjo-sama, are you here?. No one answered. "Yes, yes, yes," Kat moaned, her back arching, her pussy clenching hard on Yoshiko's thrusting dick. "I'm coming so close. "Yes," gasped Yoshiko. "You want to explode, you naughty cunt! You horrible bully. You don't deserve to cum!

I should rip my cock out of you and not give you the satisfaction!" "No, please, cum in me," Kat moaned. "I'm so sorry. I am! Don't pull out! Just erupt in me!" Yoshiko wanted to.

She wanted to torment the girl, but she didn't have the heart. Kat was so close to her pleasure, and Yoshiko wasn't a bully. She wasn't a terrible person like Kat. She she kept thrusting, her body shuddering, her pussy clenching on Sayuri's wonderful cock.

And then Kat tossed back her head. She screamed out Yoshiko's name, the word echoing through the halls, and came. Her pussy spasmed about Yoshiko's dick. Hot, massaging flesh engulfed her cock. The friction increased her pleasure. "Kat!" moaned Yoshiko, thrusting forward. Her cock erupted. Hot cum spurted out of her dick. The thick, juicy jizz splashed into Kat's depths. Yoshiko shuddered, her tits jiggling, Sayuri's sucking hard on the right nipple.

Every time Yoshiko's cock erupted, her pussy spasmed so hard on the futa-ghost's dick. The pleasure burned to hot through Yoshiko. "So good! I love it! Thank you for making me a futanari!" And then sexy mila bangs with two bi dudes hit Yoshiko.

She had just made Kat into a one, too. The bully fell forward, her pussy popping off Yoshiko's dick. Kat's pussy gaped open between her spread thighs as she savita bhabhi cartoon sex dever soraj on the floor, panting.

Cum spilled out while her clit swelled into a girl-cock. Sayuri groaned, still fucking Yoshiko, driving her ghost-dick faster and faster into Yoshiko and came. The ghost shuttered, her incorporeal girl-jizz flooding Yoshiko's pussy. It sent a hot rush through her body. Yoshiko groaned as the ghost slid out of her, leaving her so empty. And then everything happened at the same time.

Her phone rang, blaring in her skirt pocket. She shoved her hand in, grabbing it. Lori's name flashed on the caller ID. Her friend was calling her. Not texting her, not messaging her through Facebook or tweeting her or snapchatting her. But calling her. And then Ms. Lindon walked out from around the corner, the teacher's clothing disheveled, her fingers sticky with juices, her sultry, refined face flushed. She had the graceful beauty of a courtesan, a beauty from a more glamorous age trapped in modern times.

Yoshiko froze as her thumb was about to tap the screen to accept the call. "Well, well, well," the lesbian teacher said. "This is quite the shock." The phone vibrated in Yoshiko's hand. The tentacles burst out of the wall and wrapped about Ms. Lindon. The teacher let out a frightful scream as the purple, rubbery appendages, like something from an octopus, seized her body and lifted her into the air. .Yokubō-no-Tako!.

Yoshiko's phone kept ringing, vibrating in her hand as the tentacle demon pushed out of the walls and shouted, "OMEKO! HAMAGURI! OMANKO!" To be continued.