Messy attitude during lesbo sex lesbian dildo

Messy attitude during lesbo sex lesbian dildo
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My name is Riley Skywalker, yeah pretty fucked up ae my Old man wanted to call me Anakin pretty retarded but mum fought him, my dad was a massive star wars fan and he changed his name just so he could be more of a fan to it. His name is Yoda Skywalker yeah I no really fucking weird ae he's a chef, he does really well were not loaded but we don't struggle either. My mum is a stay at home mum she loves to bake and is always making cookies and shit like that.

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Well anyway life was good till I was 12 so for summer we decided that a fishing trip would babe a good idea in the Caribbean, dad loved to fish where as I hated it I never understood what was the big thing about it, it was so fucking boring but I did it to spend time with my dad. Now I probably should describes my parents and myself, he's a big guy he's 6'4 about 250 pounds he's got brown hair and a pale as, he wasn't muscly but he was really lean he kept in shape by running and doing stuff around house now, me at age 12 I'm 5'6 about 120 pounds brown hair kinda tan I'm quite lean as well cause I help my dad a lot, my mum is quite small shes only 5'1 about 90 pounds blonde hair don't think she's so nice she has a mean streak though, this one time at the shops some woman cut in front of her, and she went ballistic the woman went to a the furtherest line away.

We went to the Caribbean for the summer, hoping to catch some bigass fish man I don't know what is was called I wasn't listening. It was the second day of trying to find that fish when a storm was starting to brew, I'll admit I was getting scared, but dad starting talking saying " it wont hit us if it does it'll be small that'll bring the big kahuna we've been looking for" it was a good hour of doing fuck all, when the storm hit us it was a massive storm.

We were about a half an hour boat ride from shore and the waves were crushing one after the other after the other as they slammed into our boat and got bigger and bigger with each force.

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The one that knocked the boat had to be a good nova brooks and tegan james nasty orgy after making out feet high, I was flung so hard it left like I had been hit by a car as I hit the water I was sinking and fast I knew how to swim but I was unable to my arms or legs,my hand was stinging with so much pain, I thought this was the end of it all.

Or so I thought all of a sudden i felt this big huge hand grab on to my shirt and started to pull me towards the surface, I was thrown on top of the overturned boat as I came to my dad was looking around hastily I knew what or a matter of fact whom he was looking for as I sat up slowly and looked around dad swam over to me and said " Can you see your mum anywhere are you alright does everything feel and look fine" he was panting his face red as I started to state " Dad I can see her she's about 50 yards away shes on her back and I'm fine don't worry" I said quickly as my dad swam towards her, he was almost back when another massive wave wipes across us the boat was starting to crack I was so scared I started to cry as I laid on the top of the boat.

I don't know how much longer the storm lasted I fell asleep after an hour and woke up probably 3 hours later it was just starting to get dark I got up and looked out I couldn't see anything all i could was calm waters the shore was about a 1 hour swim a way, I couldn't bear to understand what had just happened terrible sight my parents could be dead I'm not even sure nothing to be seen for miles, I saw a small bag so I swam to get it and went back to the boat it was the clothes we had packed dads three-peat hat some t shirts dads lucky coin, I decided to zip it up and swim to shore, my hand was pretty busted up but I had no other choice, I swam hard for an hour an a half hard out, I got to the shore at about 6:30 I was worn out as I hit the shore, I started walking towards the hotel and collapsed with exhaustion the last thing I saw was an older gentleman running towards me life was hell and it had only just begun.

4 days later I woke up in the hospital very groggy and all of sudden i couldn't breath I started choking as a feeding tube was down my throat a nurse quickly ran in and pulled it out of my throat i began to breath normal.

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The nurse came to my side, " Hi Riley my name is Jennifer I am your nurse while your here now your hand is broken in 4 places and 2 fingers are snapped and a bit disfigured you should be able to get your cast off in 2-3 months is there any other questions" she finished with a smile and I decided to ask " Did my parents ever get here or did anyone find them near the boat" I am almost in tears at this point its painful to think I may never see them again she sighs and is silent for a second" Your parents were found but I am afraid to say that they did not make it you are very lucky we are very sorry for your lost as your gramps is already making reservations to fly you home" I into tears and cried for about an hour then fell asleep.

I was in the hospital for two more days then flew home to Chicago was still extremely huge boobs amateur gilf enjoys hard anal pov I was glad to be home though apparently everything had been left to me so i went to the house and gathered everything i could carry had the rest put in storage and moved to my gramps house it was fairly small.

It was big enough for us I figured I could help him around the house more he was a very old man he's had his heart problems and his hip has given out many times he's 84 right now he's a very kind man he's about 5'8 160 pounds very skinny. When dinner came around we were very quiet he looked at me and said " What high school you gonna go to my boy" I decided to give in and talk " I'm thinking Simeon it's a good school and my friends all going there as well" " Well I think thats good your father went to the school was a basketball legend there you could follow his footsteps my boy" " I might gramps I don't know I'm gonna go to bed im really tired nite gramps" 2 years later Well high school was the next day and the day before I had just buried my gramps, yeah life was awesome I'm on my own now no one to look after me.

I guess I should describe myself at the moment, I'm 16 I am currently standing 6'1 about 220 pounds all muscle since I had been hitting the gym a lot to stay fit and just keep in shape. Today was school I got myself ready grabbed my bag and walked to school, I was depressed I didn't want to go to school but was just about to walk into school when 3 knuckleheads grabbed and held me against the wall I smiled as I realized it was big willie horny teen miko synz is skilled in making his prick happy 120 pounds blonde hairMinnie Mouse he's 6"6 195 pounds blue hair ( Yeah he dies it a lot)G-man Garnett 5"9 250 pounds black hair they always put a smile on my face, All of a sudden the faces went from happy to sad as they knew what I was thinking they put me down gave me a massive group hug.

We stood there for about a minute when Big Willie turns to me and says, " Bro I'm so sorry about your gramps man I feel for ya well do anything to help". heard fucking big booty crmepai Yeah man were your family dont forget that" G-man says.

"Dude come around my house this arvo were gonna play basketball at the court near mine man" " Yeah alright I'm in maybe some sport will get it off my mind" I replied still a bit upset. The bell rang and we walked to homeroom, Big Willies arm around my shoulder the whole time we hit home room and I didn't feel like talking, so I just sat in silence with Will hitting on a girl next to me, then all of sudden the most stunning girl walked in she was about 5"4 100 pounds blonde hair curves all the right places C-cup breasts and beautiful ass she was perfect I had to know her name