Shy wife shared friend cums on my wife

Shy wife shared friend cums on my wife
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Jenny Liu and Wendy Wong raced over the hill on their bicycles: Jenny in her school uniform, Wendy in her gym suit. They felt happy and carefree on this sunny, warm day enjoying the sunny leon sex in bath on their faces. Their carefree morning was about to end. We lounged at the bottom of the hill enjoying a few after breakfast beers. We, being me, Pete and Chad. It was already 8AM. Time for some action.

Pete called out, "Two cuties coming over the hill." Chad, chugging a beer, replied, "I'm bored. Anyone wanna fuck'em?" He hadn't even bothered to look.

I squinted at the girls and tossed in my two cents worth, "School girls. Haven't had one of those for a while. Let's fuck'em." Pete, always the pessimist, griped, "So, how we going to get'em to stop?" Thinking quick, I urged, "Chad, go get that sign we used for the Model Agency scam. That'll stop them." Chad ran to our travel trailer, dived in, and, seconds later came out with the old wooden sign with the hand-painted lettering: MODELS Wanted Top Model Agency Funny thing about wannabe models; even a cheap sign will lure them.

In case you were wondering, we've been going around the country stealing from the rich and giving to the poor: us. Whenever the chance presents itself we help ourselves to a nice piece of ass; usually an unwilling ass. Our last piece of ass was last week. We were in the middle of cleaning out a lady judge's jewellery when she came home early from court. Tasty. Yelled a lot. Got fucked anyway.

Warned her that we'd post naked pictures of her on the internet if she told anyone. Left her whimpering on the floor in her birthday suit. As the girls neared we noticed they were young, fresh, ripe.

Chad "stumbled" into their path. Their bikes squealed as they braked. The one in the school uniform fell off her bike revealing delectable thighs as her skirt slid up her legs. The one in the gym suit shouted, "Hey, watch where you're going." Bit of an accent. Chad apologized humbly, "Sorry, girls. I'm clumsy. I just wanted to post our sign." He waved the sign at them so they could see the big letters declaring: MODELS WANTED. As the one on the ground got up, they both stared, with starry eyes, and said, in unison, "MODELS!!" Already biting at the bait.

I knew we had them hooked. Now to reel them in. Pete stepped up saying, "Yes, girls. We're in a bit of a bind. A big new client wants some new models right away. They want fresh models, not ones that have been around a while." I chipped in, "Yeah, and our advertising isn't bringing us the right sort of girl so we thought we'd put up a sign here to see if we can find brand new talent." Chad slyly added, "You don't happen to know any girls that might be interested do you?" The girl with the ponytail, blue gym shorts and a red tank top gushed, "What about us?" She poked the girl with the long loose hair, red tartan skirt and starched white blouse.

The other, younger girl, jumped when poked, stared, took a deep breath and said, "Uh, uh, O.K. I guess. Me too?" I don't think she was sure she should be talking with us. "What are your names?" I asked while trying not to leer too obviously. I noticed Chad and Pete looked rather hungry, and not for food, as their eyes took in the lovely charms of these young ladies. The gym suit girl said, "I'm Wendy Wong." The school uniform girl shyly added, "My name is Jenny.

Jenny Liu. We have to get to school." She looked at the ground, avoiding all big natural tits duddy companions step daughter unpacking stepmom contact. Wendy poked her again and said, "We're early for school. Do you really need new models?" She tried to strike some kind of pose that was probably meant to be a model's pose.

Chad smiled broadly, eyes bright, and assured her, "We certainly do Miss Wong. We need two new models right away." Pete added, "The two of you look just right. Let's go inside and talk." He waved at our trailer.

Jenny nervously glanced at Wendy and said, very quietly, "We have to go to school." She was still looking at the ground and had started to nervously twist her hair with one hand. Wendy looked at the trailer from the corner of her almond shaped eyes saying, "Um. What do we have to do to be models? Should we come back after school? Do we babe wearing stockings gets pussy fucked and cant get enough tube porn to bring our parents?" Chad, smiling even more widely, obviously ready to reel the suckers, I mean, the girls, in, said, "Miss Wong, Miss Liu, I think you have everything we need.

If you sign our contract we can guarantee you"ll be our models. Can you travel to Paris or Rome?" The Paris and Rome part was a nice touch. The contract, that was new to me. I liked the Wong girl's eyes with the typical Asian eyelids. Jenny had been trying to tug Wendy away until she heard about Paris and Rome. Suddenly, still looking at the ground she said in an awed voice, "Paris? Rome?" Wendy eagerly added, "A contract?

Then we get to go to Paris? Where's the contract?" I could just feel the two of them swallowing the baited hook. I planned to bite their bait too. Chad said, "Just a moment." He ran into the trailer and came out with two sheets of paper and handed them to the girls. "Sign here." Wendy looked at the paper, then in a disappointed voice said, "It says we have to be at least 18 yrs old?" Jenny nodded looking relieved.

Chad, winking at me, casually responded, "Yes. You are 18 aren't you? You need to be 18 for Paris and Rome." Wendy looked at Jenny, she looked at the paper, she looked at the MODELS WANTED sign. Wendy bit her lip, gulped and said, "Rome, Paris. I'm 18." She signed the paper.

Jenny's eyes widened. She stared at Wendy. Wendy poked her in the side again. Jenny tugged on her hair again, stared at the ground, and made some "um" sounds. Wendy poked her again. Jenny said, in a very weak blowing bubbles blowjob a mother playfellows daughter arrangement voice, "Um, um. Uh, I'm 18 too? I guess?" She signed. I whispered to Chad, who looked like he'd like to jump them right there, "18 my ass." I said to the girls in my most congratulatory manner, "That's great.

Welcome to the world of international modeling. They'll love you in Rome. Let's go inside and celebrate." Seeing Jenny looking worried again, I added, "It's OK. Just some special brownies and orange juice. Then you can go to school." Orange juice, yeah, like orange juice and lots of vodka. Brownies, of course, made with magic mushrooms. Oh yeah, we're going to enjoy fucking, I mean, celebrating with these girls. The girls parked their bikes beside a tree, set their backpacks down and strolled toward the trailer.

Chad and Pete grinned at me. Chad said, "Young Chinese nookie. Let's hit'em on the heads and fuck'em." Pete disagreed, "I thought they were Jap or maybe Korean. Let's strip them and see if there's a label." He chuckled at his joke. I suggested, "They're just some hot, ripe cherries ready to be picked. I'm all for cherry picking." Chad opined, "Do you think they'll fight?

Should we knock them out first or use gags and rope." Chad really liked gagging and roping our lady friends. I suggested, "Naw. The brownies will make them real co-operative. Now quit talking, we got some fortune cookies to fuck." Entering the trailer we invited today's fresh meat to sit on the beat-up sofa.

I sat beside the school uniform girl, what was her name, jeannie? jenny? Whatever. Chad sat beside the gym suit girl, winnie? sandy? wendy? No matter, all we wanted was the bodies. The sofa was a tight fit for the four of us. School uniform girl looked very uncomfortable. Pete went to fetch the "brownies" and "orange juice".

Returning he handed a vodka laced juice to each cherry, I mean, girl. Both of them grabbed one of the delicious brownies. I hoped the magic mushroom powder worked fast. I turned to school uniform girl and asked, "So, Sammy, what college do you go to?" She shyly looked up at me and said, "My name is Jenny. I go to high school. I need sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham go to school now." She started to stand up.

I grabbed her hand, pulled her back down and said, "Winnie says you're early for school. Let's talk so we can arrange your first modelling assignment.

It'll be a wonderful trip to Paris. Have another brownie." Gym suit girl spoke up, "My name is Wendy. These are good brownies. Paris? We need to talk with our parents." She took a second brownie and a big gulp of "juice".

We kept chit-chatting, waiting for the magic mushrooms to take effect. I knew Chad would have preferred just grabbing them, ripping their clothes off and fucking them while listening to their screams. Personally, I didn't want any passersby to hear anything.

No good to have some pesky cop come knocking on the door. Wendy's voice became slightly slurred and she said something about her ponytail jumping around. Chad took the cue, slid his arm around her shoulder and put his hand on her upper thigh. She promptly brushed it off and looked at him in a puzzled way Jenny, who had been very quiet, suddenly said excitedly, "Oooh!

Look at all the pretty butterflies!" She was obviously just about gone too. I put my arm around her and slid a hand slowly over her knee to her inner thigh under her skirt. She just looked at my hand saying, "Look at the big butterfly on my leg!" Wendy looked at Jenny with rapidly glazing eyes remarking, "The butterflies are pulling my ponytail.

Make them stop." We looked at each other, Chad, Pete and me and grinned. These two gullible cherry blossoms were off in LaLa land and ready to be picked. I got up, took Jenny by the hands, pulling her to her feet.

Pete helped steady her because she was so wobbly. I said, "This one's got a nice mouth. I have a use for that mouth. My turn first." I reached to her blouse to pinch her tits. Pretty small as tits go. Chad unbuttoned her skirt as I undid her blouse. Pete pulled the blouse off as the skirt fell to the floor. Jenny mumbled, "What are you doing?

Daddy? Wait, Mommy is still home." All three of us burst out laughing. Thiis cherry was already plucked. Chad reached down and ripped off Jenny's white cotton panties. He always liked ripping clothing. I simply unhooked the small white bra, letting it fall so I could see the little titties. The tit mounds barely stuck out an inch. The dark nipples were small but very hard. (Must have been thinking of Daddy.) Between her legs was a small patch of black hair.

I would attend to that later.

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She mumbled again, "Daddy? Is Mommy gone out? Is your thing limp again? Do you need me to make it hard again? Why is it always so soft? If I make it hard it'll be almost as long as my finger." We all laughed again.

Daddy has a short cock and can't get it up without help. I whispered to her, "Yes, Mommy gone out. Help me get hard. Open your mouth." I propped her on the floor with her back against the wall and pulled my pants off so my rock-hard monster cock waved right in front of her face.

Jenny's eyes widened, she asked, "Open my mouth? Why? How did you get so big Daddy?" Obviously Daddy hadn't taught her what to do with her mouth. I squeezed her cheeks to make her mouth open and shoved my cock in. She struggled a bit making some "Mmmph" sounds.

Fine with me. I just started pumping my cock into that mouth as hard as I could. Wham, wham, wham. Her mouth was so soft and warm. My balls slapped against her chin. I hoped I wouldn't come too quickly. I glanced at Chad and Pete. They were naked now. Cocks sticking straight out, long and hard, as they advanced on Wendy. Wendy didn't seem to notice them. She was trying to swat imaginary butterflies off her ponytail. Pete just grasped the bottom of her tank top and yanked it up and over her head.

Nice tit holders, floral pattern. Much bigger tits than Jenny. I felt cheated. So I rammed my cock into Jenny's mouth even harder. That'll teach her a lesson. You wanna get fucked by me you should have decent sized tits! Pete tossed the tank top into a corner, grabbed Wendy's gym shorts and yanked them off also. Nice. Matching panties. Wendy was still preoccupied with the butterflies on her ponytail.

Of course Chad promptly ripped off her panties before slicing off the bra with a knife. Nice tits. Probably C-cup. Fleshy, puffy nipples. I'd like to give them a good yank or two. A firm thatch of dark pussy hair showed between her legs.

Chad's hand went straight for the pussy, poking at it as if there was no tomorrow. Pete grabbed the boobs, pulling and twisting them. Wendy responded, "Oww. The butterflies are hurting me!" Thank you magic mushrooms. I continued ramming my hot rod down Jenny's throat.

She made lots of burbling sounds. Busty paige has her bubble butt creamed creampie and big tits to push me away a couple of times but I just rammed harder each time.

My balls were getting pretty tight. I watched Chad as he pumped his fingers in and out of Wendy's hairy twat. Pete had now straddled her and was fucking her fleshy tits. His cock seemed to be already very gooey. He was just about ready to unload on her. I pulled out of Jenny for a rest and wiped my wet cock on her bitty titties before bending down to take a few bites of her little tits. She yelped. I bit again. She yelped again. Hey, this was fun! I still felt jealous of Wendy's tits so I offered to swap with Pete.

He came over and started tit fucking Jenny. He had to squeeze her tits hard to give his cock a proper cock holder. He gave up after a minute, stuck his cock in her mouth and started pumping hard. My own cock was now comfortably between Wendy's tits and bumping into her chin. Her chin was getting sticky. Wendy opened her mouth to complain about the butterflies busty shaved cheating wife gets fucked in all holes so I rammed my cock into her mouth.

She squirmed and twisted her head from side to side trying to dislodge me. No good. I was in deep. My cock just pumped her virgin mouth as my balls again tightened. I could feel Chad behind me still working on her twat. I heard Pete let out a bellow. I looked at Pete as his cock emptied into Jenny's mouth and leaked down her chin. He stepped back, shoved her with his foot and watched as she slid onto her side. Scratching his balls he turned to watch me, Chad and Wendy.

I started chanting, "Wendy, Wendy Wong, Wong place, Wong time. Fuck you." Pete laughed as my cock exploded with an immense load of sperm in Wendy's throat. Too much for her. It leaked out, down her chin and neck. I turned around to play with her tits while resting my ass on her face.

Chad stopped fingering her twat and moved forward with his raging cock, placed it at her cherry hole and slid it in slowly, an inch at a time. He has a lot of inches so that took a while. He stopped, grinned at me and said, "Something's in the way. Watch this." He pulled his cock partway out and then with a shout jammed his pulsating meat deep into Wendy's cunt. Supremely satisfied at his success, Chad yelled, "Wong place, Wong time, Wong fuck.

Wong is fucked, fuckedfucked. The cherry is mine." He continued pumping for several minutes as Pete and I watched. We were waiting for our own cocks to get hard again. Chad's pumping made Wendy's whole body jerk back and forth, her tits swaying in a circular motion. She had no clue what was going on. A store fucking and get caght bellow from Chad and we knew he had filled the cherry hole with his juice.

He pulled out, a bit of red dripped off his cock. Yes, that was a cherry all right. By now my hot member had hardened enough for a second round. Wendy was still leaking with Chad's juices so I turned, noticed Jenny laying on the floor, grabbed her foot and pulled her back to the sofa.

Placing her face down on the sofa, knees on the floor, I pushed her legs apart, felt for moom son sex xxn free milk japanesewatch pussy hole and rubbed the point of my cock into the pussy hole.

Dry. I pulled out, looked around, saw some butter and rubbed the butter into her pussy. My cock went back in much more easily this time.

It was kinda tight. Small bitch, small hole. Oh, well. I shoved a bit further until I was all the way in. Very tight. I slid a little way out, then back in.

The tight twat almost made me blow my wad right there. In, out. The butter worked wonders. I slammed in, pulled out, slammed in. My balls were ready to explode.

I noticed her tits didn't sway much. Too small to sway.

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I slammed in again, again, again. It was so tight. I rammed Jenny's naked young body over and over. So good to have something tight for a change. In, out. Slam, bam. I started chanting, "Wham, bam thank you ma'am." Over and over. Pete laughed pounding babes lusty fuck holes hardcore blowjob he mounted Wendy, his cock sliding easily into her busted cherry hole. He jammed his cock in as far as possible before rapidly pumping her young pussy.

Chad cheered him on. I just kept slamming my hot rod into Jenny's pussy. Over and over, wham, bam, slam, in, out. My balls tightened, I was ready. I heard a whoop. Pete emptied his remaining baby making juices into Wendy Wong and rolled off her exhausted. My balls tightened further. One more thrust of my ramrod.

My juices spurted forth into Jenny's hot, tight pussy. I gasped. Jenny screeched, "Daddy!" Her body slumped down. I was finished with her. I got up, slapped her ass, sat down and reached for a beer.

Chad sat down beside Jenny, picked her up, turned her around and sat her on his lap, his cock tickling her pussy hole. Shifting Jenny a bit, he sited her pussy hole right over the end of his cock and pulled her down on it. His ultra long rod impaled Jenny's body as he grabbed her tiny tits and pulled her nipples trying to stretch them as far as they would go. He always loved pulling nipples. Instead of thrusting into her wet pussy, Chad, simply lifted Jenny up then, slammed her down, lifted her up, pulled her down.

She was light enough. I fell down laughing the sight was so funny. Chad, holding onto Jenny's nipples while pulling her up and down on his cock. I figured her nipples would really ache after this. Tough. I just thought it was hilarious. Pete grabbed a beer and we both enjoyed ourselves watching Jenny, impaled on Chad's weapon, being pulled up teacher seduces teen student alone with a drone down, making Chad's cock raging hot.

I checked my watch and timed Chad. Three minutes, four, five minutes. He was working up quite a sweat. Jenny looked totally helpless as he pushed her up and down. Six minutes. Pete looked at me. How long was this going to take? Seven minutes, up and down, all the while squeezing and twisting Jenny's nipples. Up, down, up, down. Finally, Chad let out a grunt and relaxed as his baby making juices shot up Jenny's pussy.

Finished, Chad let Jenny fall to the floor on top of Wendy who had slid to the floor a while ago. We peeked outside. No one was in sight. I hoisted Jenny onto my shoulder, Chad took Wendy's feet, Pete took her arms. We carried our brand new models out and dropped them behind a tree. The magic mushrooms would probably wear off in an hour or two. We got back in the trailer, turned the engine on and were out of sight in seconds.

A while later I noticed we still had the girls clothes. Well that's their hard luck. I pitched the clothes out of the window as we turned onto the interstate ramp.

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