European lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur

European lesbo fingers babe after wrestling lesbian and amateur
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Enri's Initiation: Melbourne Filipina Wives Club part 2 Background: The first three paragraphs are the same as the other stories of the club so if you've read them skip to para 4. The Melbourne Filipina Wives club had about 350 members, all with Filipina wives who they shared, or competed in Club events and fights.

I was an honorary member because I did all the overseas money transfers, prepared the financial contracts so no member got burnt by a divorce by his Filipina wife, and the paperwork with the immigration department. But now with my new bride Enri (see Initiation 1 and 2) I was a real member.

I got involved because I did the accounts for the "The Prez" who was about 60, a wealthy plastic surgeon and the unofficial president and he could remember the good old days before the Australian Govt. passed the law that you couldn't marry a foreigner for 7 yrs after a divorce from a previous immigrant. In those days you could marry a little brown fucking machine, bring her to Australia, divorce her after a year or so and by the time the paperwork was ready in the Philippines you had your decree nisi (final divorce) and bring out the next wife.

He got around that by bringing them here as students to the school run by a Chinese immigrant Wu Xian where you paid your school fees and they were marked as present all year and given pass grades, or as sisters (Philippines Paperwork/bribery) of his wife and therefore entitled to immigrate.

Being wealthy he had boy rap vingir fuck japnes girls Filipinas in his house: a house big enough to match his sex drive. The Club had bought an old hotel just outside Melbourne and the many bedrooms and large open area downstairs were perfect for our activities.

About 10% of the brides were Angeles City or other area bargirls, who knew what they were getting into, but the remainder were Filipinas looking for "God fearing honest family men and marriage", and they quickly learnt there was no such thing as a free lunch. A lot of men went for the young Filipinas, but sometimes the older women, when they realized their dream marriage had turned into a real nightmare were more competitive and horny than the younger Filipinas.

About 50 members had discovered the club after their wives had been in Australia over 10 years and breaking these women who had experienced life in Australia was a challenge but a worthwhile one.

Apart from general wife swapping or multiple partner fucks, and the organized events such as sexfights, catfights, large insertions and so for money prizes (always an attraction for a Filipina), there were fights to settle disputes between the gossipy Filipinas. Apart from "The Prez", my closest friends were Barry or Baz "The Elephant man" who was named for the size of his cock.

In his case when he was fucking it was "I'm an animal not a man" not as the other way around in the film. Warrick or "Wozer" was my best mate from our days in kindergarten, while Walter was simply Walter.

He was 52, a Govt. pen pusher, had lived with his mother till he married still a virgin (not just for sex but virgin as in dating) the Filipina Elena Canangga. He was thin and scrawny balding with long lank hair which he brushed from alena croft mommy always says yes ear to the other with a part in his hair just above the ear to try and cover his bald dome.

You should see him walking on a windy day facing sideways trying to stop the stands being blown off away from his bald top. Yes, and he even thanked me for giving Elena a job as my secretary, which involved long hours working back with me and interstate trips. We called him "The Stud" because in his own mind he was a sexual legend even though he never lasted more than 30 secs in a Filipina.

That night was a special event night to celebrate the club renovations. A blow-job contest, a fight to settle an argument, an unusual dildo contest, and an auction of the new brides of the last six months. The cock sucking contest involved two Filipinas working on 4 men.

Getting the first flow of cum from their allotted 2 men was no problem for any Filipina at the club. Within two months of arrival in Australia they would have given a blowjob to, and swallowed not spat out all 376 members cum. Within 6 months they would have been fucked by all members and their Filipina wives. The real skill lay in making them cum again as soon as possible starting with their opponents men.

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(I.e. if one Filipina had made her two cum before the other had finished her first she could move on him without waiting for the other woman to make him cum first.) The blow job contest having finished two Filipinas Fe and Vivalyna moved to the centre of the renovated bar room to settle their differences in a cat fight.

Fe pushed past the referee and confronted Vivalyna on her seat in the makeshift ring, the referee holding her back as she kicked out at her opponent. "Pokpok" (Bitch) she screamed at Vivalyna. "You're all finished Bitch. You were my best friend but you fucked my husband at home, not here at the club and talked about me behind my back and say no-one want to fuck me," she yelled at the sitting Vivalyna.

"Puta" (Whore) Vivalyna replied. "FUCK Zoey gets horny and treats herself to sex toys Fe, I was telling everyone the truth. Your husband doesn't want to fuck you because you are no good. Fuck you if you're jealous because your husband sent you to the casino 4 times a week and fucked me in your bed while you're gone. He wants a real woman not you. YOU CAN GET READY TO GET YOUR ARSE WHIPPED HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" she bellowed right back at Fe.

Vivalyna was 27 5'4 and 110 pounds 34B 27 34. She had fire in her eyes as she flew off the seat to her feet in her red/black halter top and red panties. The referee vainly tried to keep them apart as they unleashed kicks and tried to punch each other.

Fe was 32 stood 5'2 and weighed about 100 pounds with a 32A 24 32 figure, and she was ready for the fight in her grey G string with brown shimmer type pantyhose and white ankle socks and cream boob tube. She kicked off her shoes and tossed her head to get some of her medium length black hair out of her eyes. The 2 inch taller Vivalyna's long black hair flowed around her head as she struggled to strike out at her rival. Neither of the Filipinas had ever had a fight at the club before, but they seemed to know instinctively what to do as their hands flew into each other's hair and they began tugging each other around the centre of the room.

Fe cried out a half minute later as Vivalyna's knee crashed into her belly, then into her chest, "I'll kill you, you shit, you badmouth me and tried and take my man from me". Although there were many fights at the club only a few were for hatred/revenge, not for a money prize.

and so the crowd was looking forward to enjoying this one. The challenger Fe seeming to get the worst at the moment as Vivalyna dragged her down to the rug and straddled her, her hands still buried in her medium cut black hair!

Vivalyna suddenly let out a surprised yell, as Fe had unexpectedly jammed her hand down her halterneck top and ripped part of it down as she dragged her nails on her rival's larger 34B tits. Vivalyna quickly leant back to escape the pain and Fe's legs then wrapped around her head and tried to pull her rival backwards off her as Vivalyna clutched at her now scratched, exposed tits.

Vivalyna forced the legs from around her head just as Fe's fingers found her breasts, and with a scream of pain she tore herself off Fe. The two Filipinas rolled around yelling and cursing as they pulled hair, scratched kicked and punched all over the other's bodies.

There was no science or skill in their efforts; it was classic Filipina catfighting. Eventually Vivalyna, with a triumphant yell, managed to trap Fe between her legs in a chest scissors. Fe twisted and squirmed as Vivalyna tightened her hold around her trapped foe trying to squeeze the life from her rival. With Fe's head within reach she entwined her fingers in her hair and pulled, tearing a small clump of her hair from her scalp and dragging a scream from the older, smaller Filipina.

Vivalyna added some chops to each of Fe's small breasts, causing a cry of pain with every blow. In agony, Fe reached out and tore the rest of Vivalyna's halter neck away from her chest exposing her larger still relatively firm breasts. Ignoring the pain from the scissors she started to tear at Vivalyna's nipples, grinding the small brown knobs of flesh in her fingers.

This action brought a horrendous shriek from Vivalyna who tried to pull Fe's hands away from her tits and as a result her scissors dropped lower around Fe's waist allowing her tight blonde sisters crystal young and riley star some sex break free and get to her knees. Fe was gasping as she fought for each and every breath after the constricting pressure on her chest was finally gone, while Vivalyna was nursing her raked tits. Fe recovered quicker and rushed Vivalyna knocking the larger Filipina to the floor, and got on top of her.

Going with her previous success reached out and started twisting Vivalyna's left tit when suddenly pain exploded in her sides. She had not learnt and Vivalyna again had in a leg scissors: the muscles on Vivalyna's legs showing the huge amount of exertion she was putting on her foe. Fe thought her sides were going to burst from the strength of Vivalyna's thick, strong thighs and she soon desperately needed to escape.

But she was trapped and weakening enabling Vivalyna to grab at her small left tit right through the boob tube, crushing the tit in her fingers, further adding to Fe's anguish. Vivalyna was determined to beat the older Filipina and former best friend to a pulp. Even though she was on top Fe was getting beaten bad and she had a frantic, desperate look in her eyes as Vivalyna's nails began to pierce her boob tube and drive into her titflesh.

She jerked and twisted but Vivalyna held on. Blood stains started to soak through the cream boob tube. As Vivalyna extended her other arm to rip off the boob tube and work over Fe's other tit with her nails, Fe took advantage of the unprotected upper body of Vivalyna. She lowered her head and bit Vivalyna left nipple. Vivalyna's scream rattled the window's panes as blood began to flow down her side and around Fe's mouth.

After a few seconds of savage biting and she cried out, "No more I give up!!!! He's yours AAAAAHHHhhhhh. Stoppppp.!!!!." Her hand released Fe's now swollen and scratched breast and her arms dropped down to the floor.

Fe gnawed on the nipple anyway enjoying Vivalyna's yells for another 10 seconds before she finally released it and spat the blood from her mouth onto Vivalyna's face. She brought her knee up and held it above Vivalyna's still panty covered pussy and with a wicked smile she kneed her cunt as Vivalyna's wailed her pain.

"I'll show you not to fuck with me again," she yelled down at her devastated foe and began to claw both of Vivalyna's bigger boob's leaving them covered with scratches, some small droplets of blood oozing out of the deeper one's.

"Show those to my husband and tell him who did it slut, you washed up piece of shit", as she slapped both breasts so hard she left hand prints on them before she finally rose to her feet. "Oh yeah take this too," she said as she drove the heel of her foot down into Vivalyna's defenseless belly forcing a another prolonged moan from her already beaten rival as the crowd enjoyed the outcome of the swift, but savage fight.

"Do you want the Filipina Fist Fuck?" Fe yelled to the crowd. Without waiting for the crowd answer richie rammed dolly leighs tight pussy with his big cock smalltits pornstars pulled Vivalyna's red panties from her as she lay on prone on her back and spread her defeated rival's legs wide apart.

She knelt over Vivalyna's face facing her feet and worked her left fist into the Filipina. It's a funny thing. I see a Vietnamese woman hose a beaten rival with her hot yellow piss in the traditional Vietnamese victory humiliation and think nothing could be better.

Then I see the Filipina Fist Fuck and change my mind, then the Vietnamese and change again and so on. Holding her right hand up to the crowd she brought it down to Vivalyna's arse and proceeded to stretch and tease her arsehole, expanding it to accept two, three, and then four fingers. Tucking her thumb into her palm she strained to widen the hole with her fingers and then rammed her fist home. Leaning back she lowered her cunt onto Vivalyna's face.

This action curled up Vivalyna as Fe had her fist buried in her and brought her legs and arse off the ground. Then Fe pumped her fist and rubbed her cunt into her broken opponent's face. "Lunukin mo ang tamod ko," (Swallow my cum) A Classic Filipina Fist Fuck. By the time of the next event I had found Enri and we watched a first for the club.

A strap-on dildo fight. The two Filipinas moved toward each other, circling tentatively, keeping an eye on each other. Gemmalyn was married to Bob "Enforcer" Edwards, a truck driver who treated his women with the iron fist in the iron glove approach. There was no softness or velvet glove in his domination of his Filipina wives, as Gemmalyn was his fourth and had been in the club for 14 years.

At one time the 40 year old 5'3 110 pounds 34C 28 35 still attractive, but now aging Filipina had been the number one Filipina in the club. But now she was driven by fear of what the Enforcer would do to her at home if she did not compete.

He saw her not competing and winning as loss of face for him. Mesila Prospero 25, was married to a 60 year old Italian Gino Chantilo. She was a plain, almost unattractive large faced, 5ft 1, 38B floppy 33 39, with stretch marks on her belly and cellulited thighed, dark skinned, provincial Filipina. Although a 60 year old unemployed man could get a young Filipina bride she was not going to be attractive and Mesila proved this.

Incredibly shy and religious she had dressed as modestly and participated as infrequently as she could in the club for her first 6 months.

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One night when her name was drawn by lottery and she could not avoid a contest she took 43 men in 3 hours to win, and since that time the changed now exhibitionist Filipina would enter any contest that put her in the spotlight. The two rivals stared at each other in stony silence as the referee explained the rules. Winner to be best of three. The first two to be with hands tied behind their backs, and the final if needed, to be a free for all no hands tied arse fuck.

As if by some secret signal that only they could understand, the two women started edging toward each strapon blonde babe fucked by girlfriend in her stockings. Stopping about six lovely girl with nice a hole gives massage apart, they glared at each other as the referee expounded on the rules.

The dildos strapped to their waists, bobbed gently up and down, their samatha ryan and her friend seduce tori black glistening tips only inches apart.

Both dongs were 12 inches long, designed with a narrow tip to aid entry but thickening to 2.5 inches at the base and attached to a halter that placed them above their cunts, thus leaving them exposed. To make the fight more interesting, the women were forced to place their wrists behind their backs, where they were bound to immobilize them. Now they would not be able to punch, gouge and scratch.

They were capable only of kicking and kneeing and thrusting the dildo. It would not be arm or wrist movement that would win the day, but the ability of the girls to use their entire torsos to drive their strap-ons. "Putang ina, ang pangit mo," (Fucking Hell, you're so ugly) "I'm going to make you sorry you ever messed with me", Gemmalyn whispered as they stood.

"I'm going to fuck you raw. You won't be able to take any man inside you after I'm done." "Oh yeah", Mesila replied. ""Putang Puta," (Fucking Whore). You're dreaming bitch. I'm going to shove this dong into places you don't even know you have yet." "Come on and just try it", Gemmalyn snarled. The referee said fight and with a low growl, the two women slammed into each other, breast to breast.

Beneath them, the dildos came together with a muted rubber thud and dug into their stomachs as they pressed against each other. The sexfight was ON! Taking a small step back, Gemmalyn spread her legs wide in invitation. "Come here and fight me you fat bitch", she snarled. Mesila spread her legs and bent her knees, moving up until their pussies were only inches apart, the dildos swaying above. "You want some of me come and get it", Mesila replied. Bending low, Gemmalyn leaned back and thrust up at her rival.

Mesila twisted to the left and Gemmalyn's dildo slid over the top of her bare left thigh. Mesila stooped lower and thrust back, missing her bushy haired target and leaving a trail of gel on Gemmalyn's stomach. Standing nearly on top of each other, the two Filipinas continued to rock their hips, trading thrust for thrust. Each tried to kneel lower that the other so that she could shove her dildo up and into her rival's unprotected cunt. The hard steel rubber covered dongs beat against each other as they twisted and fought, thrusting their hips wildly.

They battled on for several minutes, missing over and over as the dildos darted back and forth, bouncing and sliding, then suddenly it happened. Mesila had just missed with a thrust, the dong passing between Gemmalyn's thighs and over but not into her cunt. As Mesila started to pull back for yet another try, the older Filipina rocked forward and thrust upward, the lubricated tapered point of her dildo slipping easily into Mesila's exposed sex.

Mesila gasped in shock as Gemmalyn, smiling now, pushed the big thick dong about half way into her. Mesila straightened up and stumbled backwards. Gemmalyn tried to follow, but was just a little too slow to bury the full length, allowing Mesila to slide off the dildo and escape.

It was like a 2 out of three count on WWE. Not enough for victory. You dirty old whore", Mesila cried, "you'll pay for that". "Come here and make me you fat stupid slut", Gemmalyn growled. Gemmalyn quickly leaned forward with her upper body catching Mesila off guard as she was expecting another thrust of the dildo, and pushed Mesila backwards with her shoulders. As Mesila stumbled backwards, Gemmalyn followed using her chest and shoulders to push her into the wall.

The hard dongs bobbed and jabbed as the two furious fighters went at each now with wild abandonment. Mesila was too eager and rose a little too high as she thrust again, her dong seeking Gemmalyn's hairy black bush. With a twist of the hips and one hard thrust Gemmalyn again had her dildo inside Mesila.

Quickly arching her legs, Gemmalyn forced her dildo up and into Mesila's cunt. Mesila moaned and stood on her toes, but Gemmalyn pushed even higher, laughing as Mesila squirmed on the end of her dildo. This time there would be no escape. Gemmalyn forced the bigger Mesila along the wall and down into a corner where she pinned her tit poonam ki chut mein ddlund tit.

Mesila threw one leg over her rival's hip but could do nothing as the older Filipina pressed her into the wall. Staring deep into 25 year old's eyes, Gemmalyn began moving her hips, driving the dildo deeper and deeper. Mesila arched her back and wiggled violently, but Gemmalyn would not let her escape. Instead, Gemmalyn just kept pumping into her, driving the dildo into her again and again.

Both women were covered in sweat from this exhausting but intimate battle. Perspiration ran down their faces and over their breasts as Gemmalyn continued to fuck her opponent. Their tits were plastered hard together as the two women squirmed against each other cheek to cheek, one trying to escape, the other tormenting her foe. Laughing triumphantly, Gemmalyn pulled out of her and allowed Mesila to slump down the wall. "Kaskasin mo puke mo sa dingding," (Scratch your pussy off the wall) Moving back into the center of the room, they both crouched to resume the battle with the older, lighter Filipina now one up.

Changing tactics Gemmalyn struck first, driving her heel hard into the stomach of Mesila. She was stunned, pitched forward, and immediately received a knee driven hard up into her right tit.

She staggered, and fought to maintain her balance, as both Filipinas understood that to fall would make her highly vulnerable to the other's dildo. Gemmalyn was upon her immediately, dropping to her knees while straddling the fallen younger Filipina's upper body, facing downward. She plunged her dildo down into the Filipina's right tit repeatedly, causing her to cry in anguish.

Mesila using her greater strength, bucked and managed to toss her off. Gemmalyn fell onto her side her head hitting the floor with a thud, but as the Mesila moved to get on top of her, the older but more agile Filipina quickly scrambled to her feet.

The heavier, younger proved to be the superior kick fighter, as despite her bulk she had the ability to raise her legs higher, and to get extra leverage by launching up onto her toes when she kicked out.

She also had deadly accuracy, striking at Gemmalyn's belly, breast and face at will. Despite this Gemmalyn also got some good blows into the slower moving Mesila's wobbling belly. Each was going for the kill, and for their various personal reasons neither shrunk from the task, making the fight as fast and furious as it was violent. The ending was as spectacular as the brutal fight. Mesila managed a spin-kick that stunned the older Filipina, knocking her flat onto her back.

Seeing her rival flat on her back and breathless, Mesila dropped on top of her, pinning her to the floor. Gemmalyn instinctively wrapped both legs around Mesila's waist trying to immobilize the Filipina on top of her.

It was a fatal mistake as it made it easy for Mesila to drive her dildo home, all the way to the hilt in Gemmalyn's pussy. Gemmalyn screamed and arched her back, but Mesila was too heavy for her to buck off. Slowly and deliberately, Mesila began pumping her dong into her rival.

"How does it feel to be fucked like the old whore you are", Mesila said as she humped her rival. "You'll be sorry you did this you cunt", Gemmalyn grunted as the dildo was worked inside her. "Stand up and face me in a real seduction and art from india and exotic bollywood, no hands tied, I dare you".

"Ha," Mesila laughed. "It was real fair when you were screwing me into the wall back there after the ref called finish. If you want out of this, you're going to have to fight you're way out." The ref should have stopped the second contest there but he let the Filipinas continue. Curses gave way to grunts and moans as the two rivals battled on the floor. Mesila was relentless, driving the dildo deeper and deeper, enjoying the feel of Gemmalyn's dildo trapped between their stomachs as hers drilled into Gemmalyn's cunt.

Gemmalyn's curses turned to moans and her legs tightened harder around Mesila's waist. Suddenly, Gemmalyn cried out and squirmed beneath her on the floor. Gemmalyn shuddered through a tremendous orgasm and then with a hard uncontrolled orgasmic involuntary shudder and twist, rolled Mesila off her and onto the floor, breaking them apart.

Mesila struggled to sit up, but Gemmalyn lunged on top of her. Mesila knew what was coming and tried to roll away, but it was too late. Gemmalyn's dildo slipped smoothly inside of her, filling her to bursting.

"So you want to fuck you overweight bitch", Gemmalyn growled. "Good let's fuck." Mesila tried to roll away, but Gemmalyn was on her and in check out these amazingly hot teen hardcore and blowjob. Breast to breast, flat on the floor, Gemmalyn began rocking her hips steadily and there was no where to hide from the sensations building deep within Mesila's loins. Building and building until all Mesila could do was grit her teeth and scream as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body to its very roots.

Eventually the feelings subsided a little and Mesila managed to get a knee into Gemmalyn's stomach and push her away. Staggering to their feet the two women glared at each other with hate and lust. "So you want a fight", Mesila snarled, "OK then come on, no more dodging around. Come here and fight me cunt to cunt if you dare." "Fine," Gemmalyn shouted.

"No more playing around just a standup fight, woman to woman." Before they could continue they were separated so a smaller thinner 8 inch strap-on suitable for the arse could replaced their well used 12 inch ones. Their hands were untied and to give the fight a different flavour both sweat covered nude women strapped on 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform shoes.

"No rules except putting 8 inches into the other's arse," said the referee, and the final round started. Mesila immediately sat down on the floor and started trying to take off her shoes. Not realizing the younger girl's strategy, Gemmalyn charged straight at the Filipina and jumped on her. "You fucking bitch!" Gemmalyn yelled, pumped full of adrenaline. "I'll show you who's boss!" She slammed Mesila backward, but the younger Filipina had got her left shoe off.

Gemmalyn grabbed Mesila by her short hair with both hands, raised her hand, and slammed it down onto the floor. Mesila yelped with pain, but quickly socked Gemmalyn hard in the stomach with her right fist. Gemmalyn let out a whoosh, as the air rushed out of her, and her grip went slack.

Mesila reared up and head-butted Gemmalyn right in the forehead, and Gemmalyn went tumbling backwards. Mesila quickly turned her attention to her right shoe, working frantically at the buckle on the ankle strap. Gemmalyn picked herself up off the floor and staggered toward Mesila, but the extreme high heels slowed her down, and her ankles wobbled badly. She flung herself at Mesila again, but this time the larger Filipina saw the older woman coming and rolled to the side.

Gemmalyn missed her target. The men and women in the audience were all out of their seats, cheering like maniacs. "Get her! Fuck her in the ass! Make her hurt!" they screamed. They weren't rooting for either girl, just wanting as much pain and degradation as they could see.

Mesila now had her right shoe off, and she sprang nimbly to her feet. Too late, Gemmalyn realized how smart Mesila's strategy was, and Mesila sprang forward, unencumbered by the shoes. Gemmalyn tried to pick herself up off the floor, but Mesila was in front of her in a second. The Filipina lashed out her right foot in a flash, and kicked Gemmalyn square in the chin. Gemmalyn fell back, her world a mass of pain.

She saw nothing but red for a moment, Mesila was now on top of her, and she was amazed that despite her obvious lack of body tone how tough and scrappy and how fast the younger girl was.

She copied one of Gemmalyn's previous moves, grabbing Gemmalyn's long black hair in both hands and yanking her head up. Mesila started to slam Gemmalyn's head back down, but Gemmalyn grasped what was coming and lashed out her hand.

She caught Mesila's erect nipple and twisted it as hard as she could. "Mother-FUCK!" Mesila screamed in agony, as Gemmalyn tried to rip the swollen brown teat right off the girl's tit. As she yanked, Mesila's large tits swung from side to dating n fucking college teen in public park tube porn, and the audience clamor went up several more notches.

But Gemmalyn's hand slipped off Mesila's nipple and she escaped. The two girls got to their feet, and Gemmalyn realized her disadvantage. The shoes were really slowing her down. Mesila circled her opponent quickly, leaping on the balls of her feet, trying to get behind Gemmalyn so she could jump on her from the rear and work the dildo up into her arse.

Gemmalyn turned in circles. Mesila kept bouncing around Gemmalyn, looking for an opening. She moved clockwise, running circles around the older Filipina, who didn't dare sit down now to take off her own heels, or else Mesila would be all over her.

After several clockwise turns, Mesila suddenly reversed and moved counter- clockwise. Gemmalyn tried to spin to keep Mesila in front of her, but a combination of dizziness and the horrible stilettos caused her to lose her balance. She fell to her knees, and Mesila pounced on her like a lioness on a gazelle.

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Gemmalyn was on her hands and knees, and Mesila clambered onto her back, in order to keep her down. A roar went up from the audience as the heavier Filipina started thrusting her pelvis forward, trying to stab her dildo into Gemmalyn's arse. Finally, Mesila felt her fake cock slip forward, and she let out a cry of triumph: "Yes!!!" She pushed forward with all her might, but the referee had moved to where he could see better.

"Nice try, but that's her pussy. Take the dildo out and start over again." Gemmalyn thought the referee was ordering the younger girl to climb off and relaxed momentarily, but instead Mesila maintained her dominant position. She pulled the dildo out of Gemmalyn's wide open pussy and levered it upward a couple of inches, lining up the head at the tiny puckered rosebud of Gemmalyn's arsehole. Gemmalyn's mind reeled under the combined horror.

Her rival had her down and was about to ram a dildo up her ass, and it was being watched by almost all the club members including her husband. She knew what would happen when she got home as a loser. "Noooooo!!!!" she screamed, and summoning all her strength, bucked up like a horse in a rodeo throwing a rider. Mesila flew off. Gemmalyn stood and whirled, but no sooner had she turned around than Mesila was right there. Mesila threw a solid right that caught Gemmalyn in the tit, sending pain shooting through her chest.

She reached down instinctively to cover her painful breast, and Mesila let fetish babe rides bbc interracial big dick a fearsome kick that caught Gemmalyn square in the cunt. "AHHHH!" Gemmalyn bellowed. Her poor pussy was still open from all the stimulation before, with the lips peeled back, and Mesila' foot had landed squarely on the boys and gaye facing story inner tissue.

It hurt like hell, and Gemmalyn's hands went to her cunt. In a flash, Mesila had taken two steps and was behind Gemmalyn, jumping on her back like a piggy back rider. There was nothing shy or restrained about the formerly modest religious Filipina as she reached around and jammed an index finger right into Gemmalyn's eye, and the older Filipina went down hard on her hands and knees again.

Gemmalyn was in agony all over. Struggling to stay on her hands and knees, her tit throbbed, her pussy lips felt like they were on fire, and she was trying to grab at her eye. But as she did so with her right hand, Mesila reached around and smacked her left elbow, which caused her left arm to cave in. Her face crashed to the floor. And then she felt it.

The heavily lubed dildo touched her anus, and Mesila gave a mighty thrust from her powerful thighs. A good three inches traveled up Gemmalyn's arse, and she bellowed with pain and frustration. "Noooo! Help! Stop!" "Unnnhh!" Mesila grunted, thrusting again, and another two inches moved in. The crowd were really into it, and a large number had sprung from their seats.

The jostled around the fighters, trying to get a better look, yelling obscenities, pure beasts of the jungle. Gemmalyn tried to buck Mesila off again as she had before, but the Filipina had learned, and had planted her center of gravity lower this time. Gemmalyn, bucked, but Mesila held on. And to Gemmalyn's horror, the sudden movement actually made the dildo slip in even further! "No! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Gemmalyn wailed, trying to reach around and grab Mesila.

But she was in a hopeless position, and Mesila rubbed it in by reaching around and jamming a finger hard into Gemmalyn's eye again. The girl screamed with pain, and Mesila drove the dildo forward relentlessly into Gemmalyn Gimenez now Edwards well-used rear passage.

Gemmalyn had lost. "We have a winner!" the referee yelled. "Fuck! Her! Ass! Fuck! Her! Ass! Fuck!

Her! Ass!" the audience began to rhythmically chant. Gemmalyn felt Mesila pull the full seven inches of rubber cock out of her ass - it felt as if her insides were being pulled out.

And then she was slammed forward, as Mesila thrust the entire dildo deep, deep and deeper still into Gemmalyn's arse "Ang butas ng puwet mo ay malaki" (The hole in your ass is really big) she screamed as she fucked her beaten rival. The next event was to be the auction of the new brides. But the Prez made an announcement.

Vivalyna had attacked the victorious Fe upstairs and rather than let them settle it there, another public bout had been organized.

By the time Fe had entered the boxing circle Vivalyna was already warming up in a pair of black boxers and yellow boob tube with bare feet. Fe would be wearing red boxers and boob tube and also be bare footed. Soon Fe too was ready to go and the 2 Filipinas again glared daggers at each other, their fist enclosed in 12 oz boxing gloves. "Sisipain ko puwet mo," (I'll kick your arse). "I figured I would wild fuck and deep throat blow job hardcore and massage you a chance; conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot chance to get the Filipina Fist Fuck again," Fe taunted Vivalyna cattily who replied just as cattily, "It's a wonder you can came up again so soon because your husband told me I can take him 5 times a day and it takes an old hag like you 5 days to recover after a fuck." Fe looked pissed at the old hag crack and looked like rocket ship ready to burst into orbit.

"Remember our last little meeting? I can't wait to make your tits a matching set, complete with matching teeth marks BITCH." she taunted Vivalyna again who replied, "You can try cunt, Masyado maliit ang suso mo (Your tits are way too small) and I see you could use some help with your puny 30 inches of tit and they will be swollen after I finish", she fired back at a now enraged Fe.

Her face blazing with indignation at her rival belittling her little tits she launched herself out of the corner like a fireball as the bell rang to signal the start of the fight. Vivalyna was waiting for her as Fe swung at her and she sidestepped, taking the blow on her right shoulder and slammed a gloved roundhouse right into Fe's right tit causing the 32 year old's face to twist in pain from the blow.

She swung again at Fe's chest and connected exceptional sex kitten is popping out her gaped spread muff in close up the left tit, mashing it into Fe's chest as she again grimaced in pain and stepped back. Vivalyna followed up swinging like a thrashing machine and drove Fe into the corner. There was no science in their boxing. To these Filipinas a jab was an injection to guard against the Flu, and a hook was something to do with fishing.

They simply swung their arms at each other often with their heads turned not even looking at their opponent. Contact was made with the glove, the inside of the glove or their forearms. As long as contact was made and hurt inflicted they were happy. Vivalyna unleashed another round-arm swing and pounded Fe's left tit with it before Fe could bring up her arm, but as the younger Filipina cocked her arm back to deliver an even harder blow, Fe, her eyes shut, beat her to the punch, her glove somehow driving into Vivalyna's face bloodying her nose so she grunted in pain.

Fe followed up by charging shoulder first into her taking them both to the ground. Vivalyna let out a bellow as her breasts were rammed and Fe's weight crashed down on her. Vivalyna let loose a scream and struggled to turn around when Fe used her teeth to pull her boob tube down, exposing her breasts and raked the laces from the inside of her glove across her previously abused still reddened and scatched right tit.

Fe took immediate advantage and wrapped her legs around Vivalyna's waist before she could do anything, one arm holding her as she rained blows on her. But this was a fight between Filipinas. Although they often lack the skill and technique of other Asian women they will absorb pain and agony after the others have submitted in the chance they may do something that hurts their opponent.

The 27 year old grimaced at the strength of Fe's scissors and reached over, sending a weak blow to the underside of Fe's left tit, followed by slamming her fist into Fe's belly with a slightly stronger punch. Fe's scissors was slowly taking the steam from Vivalyna, but her continued pounding of Fe's stomach and the bottom of her left tit was soon too much and Fe released her scissors, kicking Vivalyna in the belly hard and driving her back.

Vivalyna recovered quickly and grabbed Fe's ankle and was about to twist her leg by it when Fe's other foot came out of nowhere and rammed into her belly, sending her sailing backwards across the floor. As there was no tape on them Fe untied and threw off her gloves and all but flew onto the winded Vivalyna, her forearm crashing painfully across Vivalyna's tits, stunning her for a second as she trapped her in a head scissors from the right side.

She reached over with her left hand, grabbing her foe's right nipple, crushing it in her hand as Vivalyna grunted in pain, then cried out in agony. Fe now twisted the trapped and crushed tit over and over, again and again, enjoying the results. Vivalyna's face showed the pain she was experiencing as she struggled against Fe's assault.

She managed to breathe when Fe's thighs momentarily uncovered her mouth as she bucked and twisted between her antagonist's leg scissors, like a wild horse being broken. Unfortunately for her, Fe had her by a very painful tit grip, and was trying her best to all but rip the tit off the challenger's chest delighting in her cries of utter anguish. "What's wrong, I thought you were supposed to be so tough, well at least both your tits will be swollen and matching," Fe's released Vivalyna's tit bringing a small look of relief to her face until Fe unleashed punch after punch on Vivalyna.

Vivalyna's face and body twisted in agony, her cries of her pain echoed throughout the room. Fe was ecstatic as she crushed and pounded at her hated rival.

She grinned evilly as she rammed her bare knuckles into the tender underside of Vivalyna's right tit, wallowing in her looks of intense agony and her wailings of pain as she ground her knuckles in deeper and deeper. Vivalyna managed to shake off a glove and used this hand to try and pull the fist off her red, swollen and ravaged boob, her facial features a mix of agony and determination, as she struggled strongly to get out of her rival's devastating clutches. Frantically changing her tactics Vivalyna reached out and jammed the fingers of her free bare right hand right into Fe's shorts from the bottom and grabbed at her pussy hair tugging and ripping at it over and over causing Fe's face to grimmace in pain.

She abandoned her own knuckle grinding assault on her rival's right tit to pull Vivalyna's arm away from her cunt. Vivalyna bucked and twisted even more wildly then and managed to twist out of the head scissors and grabbing a handful of Fe's medium length hair from behind, she tugged Fe's to her, snaking her legs around Fe's chest, crushing her tits under her leg as she squeezed the air from older rival's lungs.

Between drawing gulps of air to her lungs Shy woman let me work with her delicious ass taunted the trapped Filipina as she got rid of her other glove, "I thought I would help you out with a little breast reduction and make them 28 inches, BITCH, they getting any smaller yet, no? Here, let me add a little more pressure", she snarled at her trapped rival. What muscle definition was is in her legs stood out like steel cords as she squeezed with all her strength.

Her rival's ragged gasping breaths and cries of torment gave Vivalyna's renewed effort to crush her chest between her legs. Fe's face erupted in more pain as Vivalyna slammed her fist into Fe's stomach a few times, until she looks like she wanted to throw up right on the floor. 'Filipina fist fuck time soon ', she taunted her trapped opponent as she shifted her leg under Fe to the small of her back and started to shift the other to Fe's throat so she could stretch her bow like and maul her tits.

As her leg moved to Fe's throat she desperately fired a punch at Vivalyna's undefended cunt. The blow landed weakly, but with enough force to give Fe a needed second to roll out from between her legs. Vivalyna's hand clutched at her hair in a vain attempt to pull her back. Fe came back alright in true Filipina fashion right at her opponent. She was on her knees facing Vivalyna as she punched her rival in the face as Vivalyna pulled at her hair.

Fe's bare fisted tit punches had more effect than Vivalyna's hair pulling and she forced Vivalyna back in pain all the way onto her back. Fe grabbed her titsburying her fingers deep. Despite her pain as Fe's fingers crush her tit in all the right spots Vivalyna grabbed at Fe's right tit as it hung above her face and then pushed it upwards as far as it could go. Both Filipinas engaged in a final test of strength and pain.

After two minutes both were screaming and bellowing but refusing to let go. Then Vivalyna released her hold and tried to tear Fe's fingers from her nipples but her strength was gone.

Releasing one hand and reaching behind her as she sat astride Vivalyna, Fe used her finger nails on Vivalyna's cunt.

Seeing her foe's pain gave Fe even more energy and she got on her knee's and crawling, she dragged Vivalyna around the cleared space in the room, pulling her tits so Vivalyna was forced to follow like a dog on leash being walked. Vivalyna was on her one hand and knees in front of Fe. Fe released her hold and smiling like a devil and kicked out, knocking the Filipina's arm from under her so she fell onto her face. As she struggled to her knees with her one hand, she was met with a foot to the belly that doubled her over.

Fe sent another kick into her left side. Vivalyna weakly reached out for Fe as another foot slammed into her right side sending her down to the floor.

Fe pulled Vivalyna upwards by the hair with her left hand and then rammed her knee into her stomach twice. Tugging a now sagging Vivalyna up again by the hair she drove her knee into her cunt this time. Fe taunted her as she ground her knee in savagely, "Guess I win, Bitch.

Juliafucked by father in law part 2 thought you would fight better than this though, especially as you were fighting an old hag," Fe spat out, enjoying every second of her domination now.

"OOHH. wait, I forgot you didn't submit did you, you cunt of a husband stealer." With that Fe drew her leg back and unleashed another kick it into Vivalyna's cunt. This time she let the ravaged Filipina fall onto her arse and she added another kick to her stomach as she walked around her asking, "Well do you want some more, BITCH," A long groan came from Vivalyna as she slammed her foot into her stomach again.

"DO you give or not you little CUNT.!", "Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaah. "Another moan of pain as her foot found its mark. Dropping to her knees in front of Vivalyna she ripped a punch to her undefended cunt then sent some more punches into Vivalyna's swollen and bruised tits till finally she reluctantly croaked out hardcore wet crack drilling pornstar and blowjob submission.

"I couldn't hear you, BITCH," the ecstatic Fe screamed at Vivalyna's face, as she grabbed her swollen right tit in her bare left hand and raked it with her fingernails before twisting it back and forth eliciting a loud scream of submission from her rival this time. She continued her twisting assault as Vivalyna begged her to stop. "Now that's more like it, so tell me, who is the best catfighter?" A few more twists of the Vivalyna's nipples soon had her whispering, "You are.", her face twisted in complete agony from her triumphant rival's mauling of her already suffering right tit!

Fe Laughed cruelly at the devastated Vivalyna as she released her hold and rose to her feet her arms held in triumph before she knelt over the prostrate Vivalyna and buried her teeth into Vivalyna right nipple shaking her head like a dog with a bone. It took 4 men to pull her off. "If you feel like trying this again let me know, honey. I had sooo muchh funnnn with you!!!!!," smiling like the cat that ate the mouse as she sauntered out of the ring, leaving a defeated Vivalyna sobbing on the mat in pain trying to recover from the beating.

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