Babe tugs schlong for cum smalltits and handjob

Babe tugs schlong for cum smalltits and handjob
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Spying On My Stepsister As She Changes By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2012) "Oh my God Bobby, what the hell do you think you're doing? You get your perv ass down from there now and bring those jerks with you and if any of you think about running just remember I know where you all live" Lucy yelled angrily. That was it, we were screwed now for sure. Turning I punched my friend Jimmy in the arm as hard as I could as we started to scramble down from the rafters.

"Ooowww" he whined "what did you do that for?" "For being such a jerk" I replied "and getting us busted. We're in for it now, you know how she can be and now you've given her a club to beat us with." "She can beat my club anytime" Jimmy said with a leer "besides after what I just saw I can die happy." "You let her hear you say that and you'll really be dead Jimmy. Besides you've ruined it for all of us now. All my hard work for nothing" Eddie the third member of our group said as he dropped to the concrete floor of the building.

Eddie was the one who figured out that if you gained access to the rafters via the maintenance room then you could spy on the showers and changing rooms from up there. The residential community we lived in had a pool and a clubhouse that the homeowner's association fees maintained and during the summer we were frequent visitors here. Being horny teenagers any chance we got to check out females we took and sitting around the pool we were surrounded by a virtual smorgasbord of flesh.

From hot milfs to young girls our own age we saw it all. When Eddie confided to us he had discovered a way where we could peep on them as they changed we begged him to tell us.

He had reluctantly, not because he was selfish but cause he was the most cautious of us and he worried about something like this happening. Of course it was all Jimmy's fault. We had been up there for a while and had only seen one woman change and Mrs. Manicotti wasn't anyone you would want to see naked. So when my older sister, I should say stepsister, came in it all fell apart. My Mom had married her Dad ten years ago and for the most part we had grown up together and got along okay.

That is as long as I didn't argue with her and did what she said as Lucy was the stereotypical bossy older sister. Though she was only a year older than me she had developed much faster and at bazoocam chienne tres coquine fait la pute en cam Lucy appeared quite mature.

Guys, including grown men, always gravitated to her and Jimmy really had the hots for Lucy and when he saw she was heading to mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 shower room he went a little crazy to see her nubile form. Since she was my stepsister I didn't try to spy on her but Jimmy and Eddie crept to where they could see her rinse the chlorinated water from the pool off her.

When they came back they were giggling and their faces appeared sweaty and flushed. "Your sister is so hot dude" Jimmy whispered in my ear "you are so lucky. If she was my sister I'd spy on her all the time." I just shook my head at that, its not that I didn't recognize that Lucy was attractive but I thought of her as family.

On top of that with her domineering personality I'd have been too scared to cross her. Either way as we huddled up there Lucy entered the changing room. She had a towel wrapped around her curvaceous figure and was carrying her bikini as she headed to her locker. Once there she dropped the towel on the bench and opened the locker. Even I had to admit that she presented quite a figure of desire. Lucy had naturally red hair now in a ponytail with a few freckles around her button nose and was quite pretty but she had the body of a fully grown woman.

She wasn't thin by any means but well rounded at all the right places with large full breasts and she was thick from her calves and thighs up to her big ass.

It was too much for Jimmy and he had to get a closer view. Slowly he inched his way along the beam when disaster struck unexpectedly. As he worked into a position where he could see her better some change in his pant pocket slid out and seemingly in slow motion to us above fell down through the air.

With a clinking sound it struck the floor of the changing room. Eddie and I froze in fright as Jimmy was trying to work his body back toward us. When the money hit the ground Lucy turned and as she watched one of the coins, a quarter I believe, rolled along the floor until it stopped horny black dressed college girl fucking with bf a foot of her bare foot.

Quickly she turned her gaze upwards and almost immediately spotted Jimmy. But as she continued scanning the ceiling she soon saw me and Eddie doing our best to act invisible. That was what prompted her demand for us to come down and once we reached the maintenance room floor we slipped out the door to the outside of the cinder block building. Lucy had dressed quickly and was standing there waiting for us already and she looked really pissed. "So you jerks think its okay to play peeping tom on me, huh?

How many times have you pervs spied on me before?" "This was the first time I ever saw you naked Lucy" Jimmy said as he looked at her with puppy dog eyes. "Ick, you are so creepy Jimmy. From now on I forbid you to speak to me unless I specifically give you permission. Do you understand?" "Yes Lucy" he answered sexy solo action with busty blonde ashlee graham he was unable to take his eyes from her. She turned to me and folded her arms and frowned before speaking.

"Well you little jerk, I'm waiting for an answer and I expect the truth." "Truthfully I never spied on you Lucy and as far as I know today was the first time they saw you either." Her brown eyes narrowed at my reply and she took time to think before answering. "So you admit to spying on other women though." "I didn't say that…" I started to protest when she cut me off.

"You might as well have perv. I wonder what the Homeowners Association or all the female residents would think about that. Bobby what do you think my Dad would say?" she asked with a nasty grin.

I swallowed hard at that question. Her dad, my stepfather, was a former US Marine who was now a police officer and not only was he as hard as nails but he was also very protective of his now not so little girl. "I'm not sure Lucy but I doubt he'd be happy." "Understatement of the year perv so I'll tell you and your little buddies something. If you don't want the truth to come out then I think we need to go somewhere and discuss things." "Eddie is anyone home at your house?" she demanded of him.

"N-n-no Lucy" he managed to squeak out. Eddie just lived with his mom and she generally was at work during the day. "Good then lets go. Eddie you go first, Bobby walk next to me and Jimmy follow behind and no talking" she ordered us until just as we were about to start Lucy had second thoughts about our marching order. "Wait, Eddie and Jimmy switch places. I don't want you checking out my ass" she said to Jimmy as he passed by.

He looked glum and Eddie appeared ecstatic about this until Lucy spoke to Eddie. "I don't want to catch you looking at my ass either and if I do I swear you'll pay." He turned a little green at the gills from that and now seemed uneasy.

As we walked I managed to look behind me and I saw he had his head real euro amateurs munching in stripper cocks interracial reality as we traveled to his house. All the houses in the complex were basically constructed the same with built in garages on the ground floor and when we got to Eddie's house Lucy directed us to go inside his and to close the door behind us.

It was kept pretty organized in the garage as Eddie's mom was something of a neat freak. There were shelves along the wall and most things were kept there leaving cocksucking latina pawnee gets doggystyled reality amateur of the floor open and free from clutter. Lucy perched her sizable ass on one of those big plastic storage containers kept near the wall. "Line up boys while I think of an appropriate punishment for you and remember to keep your mouths shut as I think." We stood in a row facing her when a sour look came over her face.

Glancing sideways I saw Jimmy was standing there with his mouth open and I could practically see the drool forming as we stood. "Yuck, you boys are so disgusting, I don't want you looking at me. Just turn around." We did as she said and were soon staring at the wall in front of us.

I heard Lucy stand up and her flip flops clatter against the floor as she walked around the garage. After a minute she let out an exclamation of excitement and I again heard her come up behind us. "Well, well boys. I think I have the answer to our little problem. Now before we continue I need you boys to answer my question. I'm going to punish you but you all have to agree to it first and you all have to swear to keep this quiet or forget about it. If any of you say no then you'll all have to deal with the consequences as it's my way or I rat you boys out to my Dad." "Well I agree" I said "it's not like I really have a choice." "W-w-what are you going to do?" Eddie asked in a frightened voice.

"Does it really matter Eddie" she said in a honeyed tone "either way it'll be better than me telling my Dad. Who knows maybe he'd even arrest you boys to teach you a lesson." Eddie swallowed hard on hearing that and Jimmy looked sick.

Within seconds they both agreed to whatever punishment she came up with which no doubt pleased her greatly. "Okay here's the deal. Bobby since you're my stepbrother that makes you guiltier than the rest so I'm going to punish you more." "That's not fair Lucy…" "Shut up Bobby and listen. For starters from now on you're going to have to do all my chores except when our parents are home as we don't want them asking any nosy questions, do we? Plus every morning I want you to make my bed for me and when I think of more I'll let you know.

Now for all of you" she said as she walked in front of us and I saw that Lucy was holding camera wala sex sex stories story hot wooden paint stirrer in her pale hand and it wasn't the small kind but the larger style for using in five gallon buckets. "You are all going to get a good spanking from me, a bare assed spanking on your naughty little butts.

Drop your pants, all three of you." Immediately both Jimmy and Eddie began to protest loudly. Each saying there was no way that was going to happen, that they'd let anyone, particularly a teen girl, beat their bare asses. "Fine" she said with a smile and a second later Lucy had produced her cell phone. "I hope Daddy doesn't get too upset about having to come home now." Eddie fell to his knees and began to plead with her but Lucy turned away as her fingers started to push the buttons on her phone.

"You jerks better agree to whatever she says" I hissed at them "because Lucy doesn't bluff and if my stepfather gets involved then we're all dead." That settled things and they both quickly agreed to whatever she demanded.

On hearing that, Lucy's grin went ear to ear and she looked genuinely pleased. "Good decision boys. Now strip naked and once you do bend over and grab your ankles." Not having any choice we started to undress reluctantly and in no time there we were, three teenaged boys naked as the day we were born bent over in Eddie's garage.

Lucy, being her bitchy self, decided to milk this for all it was worth before actually spanking us. She walked around us in a circle and as she did she swung the stirrer for effect. Once she passed, Jimmy turned and whispered to me. "Damn I wish your sister would get on with it. Standing here like this with her so close, I'm starting to get a chubby." "What was that?

If you have something to say why not let us all hear you" she demanded. "It was nothing, I swear" he replied nervously. "It was most certainly something, but fine don't answer me. BOBBY!" "Yes Lucy" I responded reluctantly. "A cat has your friend's tongue so I want you to tell me what he said if you know what's good for you. But before you do I want you to stand up straight and look me in my face when you tell me." She was standing a few feet in front of me so I reluctantly straightened up and as I did I managed to cover my dick from her view.

Before Bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage could speak however Lucy interrupted to tell me something. "No, no Bobby this is no time to be shy. Since you and your friends have seen all of me its only fair to return the favor. Move your hands and let me see." The sound of Eddie snickering came to me as I pulled my hands away from my package as I felt my face redden from embarrassment.

Looking straight ahead I told Lucy what Jimmy had said as he glared at me. "Oh really! Now this I have to see. Stand up Jimmy and let everyone see what I'm doing to you. Don't be bashful." I had to give him credit for having guts though, and he did in more than one way as Jimmy is kind of chunky to begin with.

But he stood ramrod straight and made no attempt to hide his hard on. In fact he acted kind of cocky and did his best to push it forward as he looked at Lucy with undisguised longing.

She had a disgusted look on her face but she still glanced at Jimmy's package for a minute before she walked behind us again. "All right, enough of the preliminaries. Bend back over boys as its time for a good old fashioned spanking." As we complied with her order Jimmy called out "Yes Miss Lucy." "What was that Jimmy, did I give you permission to speak?" "Sorry Miss Lucy, I thought I was allowed to answer you." "You are but only when I directly address you and since I was speaking to both you and baby Bobby then you were out of line.

So I'm afraid you'll be receiving extra punishment. But I really like what you called me, in fact I want all you boys to call me that from now on. And since you came up with the idea Jimmy I'm going to be kind. The ten extra blows you were going to receive I'm now going to give to baby Bobby instead. What do you think of that Jimmy?" "Thank you Miss Lucy, not only are you the hottest girl I've ever seen but the wisest too" he said with a smirk directed in my direction.

"While that is no doubt true don't get carried away with things Jimmy. And what do you think about my decision baby Bobby?" "That it doesn't matter what I think" I told her truthfully. "Quite right baby brother and since you didn't call me Miss Lucy that's another ten for you. Now what do you say?" "Thank you Miss Lucy" I answered through gritted teeth.

"Good boy. I'll give you the extra twenty when everyone has had their original first." Without any further talk Lucy began my punishment. As I hunched over she delivered the first blow squarely across my skinny ass making me jump slightly. It stung as she put all her weight into each smack. After fifteen blows to my defenseless ass Lucy paused for a moment allowing me to recover slightly and she really caught me off guard when I felt her hand moist milf adores getting fucked hardcore and blowjob my sore cheeks gently.

"Ooh does it hurt Bobby, your fresh faces teen hollie mack enjoys interracial sex is so red" she said with a giggle as her soft hand ran over my burning flesh. "It hurts some…Miss Lucy" I answered remembering at the last second to address her properly. But what was worse was that the touch of her hand was having an even more powerful effect on my front side.

As her hand massaged my sore ass most of my body's free blood was flowing to my growing dick. When her fingers brushed my balls in passing I shuddered from repressed desire.

Without warning Lucy began my punishment again but I barely felt it as my feelings were concentrated on my hard on which shook with every blow she delivered. By the time she finished after giving me another fifteen shots I felt harder than I could remember ever being in my short life. "That's all for now Bobby. I'll give you a break while I discipline your friends first before giving you your bonus spanks.

Now be a good boy and stand up straight." "Yes Miss Lucy, thank you Miss Lucy" I told her as I stood. Before she moved on Lucy stared at my erection and as I watched she raised an eyebrow before licking her full red lips. "Very impressive Bobby, I didn't realize that you were so developed.

I guess you're not such a baby after all." Her words filled me with pride and I held my head high. Maybe I was still a scrawny kid but at least in one area I measured up. Lucy was perspiring from her exertions in spanking me and as I watched she pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it on the plastic bin leaving her clad in only a bra and her snug fitting shorts with the word cheer boldly printed on her butt. Yes my stepsister was a cheerleader, what did you expect? As Lucy passed me her bare thigh grazed my turgid flesh forcing a tortured moan to escape my mouth.

She ignored my outburst but I didn't doubt for an instant that it was no accident that she touched me in passing. Jimmy was the next to receive her treatment and after delivering thirty blows he too was allowed to straighten his body up.

I could see he was rubbing his sore ass with both hands but his erection still stuck out defiantly. For the most part Lucy ignored that and proceeded to deliver her version of tough love to Mujra sex aaa zzz mmm. By the time he had received his thirty spanks Lucy's fair face was flushed and she was breathing heavily but before returning to me she demanded that Eddie stand straight.

After that she paced in front of us as her eyes feasted on our hard young cocks. When she looked at Eddie's his face turned crimson with embarrassment as it was obvious that he didn't measure up to either me or Jimmy.

"Well, well, well. It seems that little brother isn't so little after all, he just needs his body to grow to catch up with his boy part.

Hot mom step son xxx story

You on the other hand Eddie need your little boy part to catch up with the rest of your body. And Jimmy your parts match up fine." Eddie shifted uncomfortably after hearing her words but Jimmy and I beamed from her praise and pushed our 'boy parts' out proudly.

"Jimmy and Eddie I want you to both kneel next to my seat, one on each side" Lucy said referring to the container. They quickly scrambled into position and in seconds were on the concrete floor staring at each other's faces. "Bobby I want you to bend over and put your palms flat on the container" she demanded of me. Once I was in position Lucy stood behind me and again spanked me, this time giving me my 'bonus' punishment but truthfully whether it was due to her being a little tired or her not trying as hard the blows this time barely fazed me.

I can't be sure but she seemed more interested in watching my erection jiggle each time the stirrer slapped my tender skin.

When she delivered the final blow Lucy tossed the stirrer aside. "Bobby on that shelf is an exercise mat, get it and put in front of my seat" she ordered me. Wasting saucy ravenhaired playgirl gets fucked hard pornstars creampie time I did as she told me, placing it along the concrete floor lengthwise. As soon as I did Lucy sat back down on the container.

"Bobby get on your hands and knees on the mat now, facing me." Once I was in position Lucy raised her legs and before I knew it she was using my back as a footrest. It took a minute for her to get comfortable as she shifted her pedicured feet but once she settled in she let out a contented sigh.

Then as we all watched Lucy reached behind and unhooked her brassiere and slid it off. Three teenaged jaws hit the floor as her big full breasts were revealed to our eyes and speaking for myself I felt my cock swell even more in response. Lucy laughed as our eyes practically bugged out of our heads on seeing them so close and when she reached up with both hands and pressed them together that caused little whimpers to escape from our mouths.

She was so pleased that she practically beamed from our tortured reaction. "Do you boys see anything that you like?" she said teasingly before she actually pinched one of her large nipples between a thumb and finger. "Yes Miss Lucy!" we called out in unison. "I thought you might. Now because I'm such a nice person I've decided to be generous with my assets" Lucy said as she continued to fondle her ample breasts.

"But like with everything else you boys must do exactly as you're told and not disobey me. Understand?" We all nodded yes, making her smile. "Okay here's the deal. Jimmy and Eddie, when I give the word you can begin kissing and sucking my breasts and my nipples like a lot of attention. But don't even think about using your hands to touch me and you're also forbidden from touching your dirty boy parts with your hands.

If you do then I cut you off from doing more, got it?" They both nodded as they said "Yes Miss Lucy." "Sorry Bobby, I only have two boobs. Besides you're serving an important function as a footstool and since you're my stepbrother it would be kind of weird for you to do things to me." Both Jimmy and Eddie smirked at my misfortune but only for a second as both moved their mouth onto Lucy's delectable tits.

In a minute she was squealing with delight as both her large, erect nipples were being sucked on. My cock strained futilely at the air while I watched my friends suckle on her large breasts and the longer they did the more it bbw sucking bbc on lunch break interracial and big dick to affect Lucy.

By now she was cradling each of my friend's heads with a hand as they continued to stimulate her large sensitive nipples and her lower body was squirming around. Suddenly she pulled them from her boobs by their hair causing them both to let out groans of disappointment. "Don't worry boys, I think you'll like what I have planned next" Lucy said as she stood.

Reaching down Lucy stroked my chin softly before taking a hold of her short's waistband and tugging them down to her knees. At that point she shook her hips and they fell to the floor.

All Lucy had on now was a tiny white thong and as I watched she did a spin before shaking her bootylicious butt. She then faced me as she bent over giving my friends quite a visual treat. "Okay boys, if you like you can now literally kiss my ass.

Remember - no touching and keep the stray saliva to a minimum." Jimmy and Eddie crawled forward and began to cover her delectable booty with kisses and Lucy just ate up the attention. She was teasing me by running her pink tongue over her luscious lips and she winked at me more than once. As soon as she got tired of this she stopped them with but a word. "Stop. That's enough boys but now I have a question for you" Lucy said turning toward them.

"I was hoping one of you might like to lick my little excited pussy for me. Any volunteers?" Immediately they both raised their hands like they were in school and called out for her to pick them. "Gee, I have two eager volunteers and only one pussy. Maybe we should have a contest to see who I choose. Let's see hmmm, I got it. Okay boys pretty simple rules, the first one who beats his meat and cums is the wiener, I mean winner." As soon as the words left her mouth both Eddie and Jimmy started stroking their dicks like their lives depended on it when Lucy caught them off guard.

"Oh yeah, I forgot one part.

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You have to catch every drop of your cum and eat it." I broke into laughter when I saw the sickly expressions on their faces from hearing Lucy's contest twist. For the first time since I'd met him Jimmy didn't look happy about having to eat something.

He paused for a moment and he looked like he wanted to say something to Lucy but he knew he wasn't allowed to speak unless she gave him permission. Meanwhile Eddie kept focused and continued spanking his undersized pecker and he appeared close to cumming. He kept his eyes fixated on her covered mound for inspiration when he let out a low moan.

He placed his left palm right beyond his head and in seconds was shooting his spunk onto his hand. He shuddered as it discharged and once it stopped Eddie brought his hand to his mouth. He didn't look happy about it but as we all watched he licked it up with a pained expression on his face.

However once he finished he smiled as he showed Lucy that he had done as she asked for. topless teen busty buffyrnlearns to jump rope boy Eddie" Lucy said as she actually stroked his daniela di ladispoli e la cicciona orgia e dp centoxcento which easily made his day.

"Thank you Miss Lucy" he gushed in reply. Turning to Jimmy, Lucy shook her head slowly in a back and forth manner and she had a disgusted look on her pretty face. "I guess I was wrong about you Jimmy. Here I thought you liked me and found me attractive and yet you barely tried to compete for the honor and privilege to eat my juicy pussy. And believe me its very wet now." Lucy pulled the material of the thong to one side revealing that in fact she was quite aroused.

Since her back was to me I was unable to see at that moment but from the sounds they made I guessed it was as beautiful as I imagined. "It's not that Miss Lucy, I do think you're the hottest girl I've ever seen, even hotter than Megan Fox.

Just when you said I had to eat my cum I freaked out for a second and by then I saw Eddie was gonna win so I slacked off. If I could do it over again…" "Well to prove adorable teen fucks on cam hardcore reality forgiving I am as well as magnanimous I'm going to give you an opportunity to make it up to me Jimmy.

But first" she said as she turned to face Eddie "I think I should get Eddie started on his reward. Before you start though I want you to clean off your hands as they must be covered in nasty boy fluids." Due to his mom being a neat freak there was a hand sanitizing dispenser hung by the door that led into the house and Eddie moved towards it immediately.

Lucy turned back my way and smiled. "Bobby I know you've been getting the short end of the stick but it's not all bad, it'll help you to build character. Plus I'm going to throw you a bone so to speak. You may use your filthy boy hands to remove my panties, would you like that?" "Yes Miss Lucy, more than anything" I replied truthfully.

"Well then it appears your wish will be granted" she said stepping right in front of my kneeling body. My hands were trembling as I reached out and took hold of the waistband of Lucy's thong. My fingers slid along her soft, bare skin as I pulled the material outward and then down. As I did a key to the universe, or at least one of the most desirable ones, was slowly revealed to my seeking eyes. Lucy's skin was pale as befitting a natural redhead and as I lowered her thong I caught sight of her sparse and curly pubic hair.

While I continued lowering her panties my eyes feasted on her mons and vulva and I can safely report that Lucy hadn't lied when she said she was wet.

She also had the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, granted I might have been partial because it was the first live one I'd seen and it was so close that I could touch it.

But still I had watched enough porn on the internet that I think I had an idea of the variety that the female flower could take and Lucy's was simply breathtaking. Crowned by flame colored hair with her half hidden clit right below, her fleshy folds were slick with her juices and as I watched in amazement Lucy reached down and spread her lips just enough so that I could behold her opening.

My cock twitched as for the first time I experienced the scent of aroused female flesh and it was delightful. Once her thong reached her ankles Lucy lifted first one foot, then the other and stepped clear of it. "If you like Bobby you can sniff my panties while Eddie gets to taste me" she told me.

It was obvious who was getting the best of that deal but beggars can't be choosers so I happily accepted the crumbs she offered me. My hand raised the thong to my face as I watched Lucy again sit on the container but this time she spread her thick thighs wide. Eddie stood there waiting for a sign from her before attempting anything when with a wanton smile she beckoned for him to kneel next to her.

"Here's your big chance Eddie so don't mess it up. Make my pussy feel good" she told him and for the first time that day there was actually a hint of pleading in her voice. With their positions I had a bird's eye view of the proceedings as Eddie's tongue extended out and connected with her pink pussy. Lucy let out a gasp of delight as it ran her length from the bottom of her lips upward until it brushed her clit. "Oooh yes Eddie, keep doing it like that. I like!" she told him as she leaned back and supported her body with one elbow as her free hand grabbed Eddie by his hair.

With Lucy's encouragement spurring him on he rapidly lashed her tight teen pussy with his tongue repeatedly. I knew for a fact that Eddie was a virgin as we all were but he had hardly any experience with the opposite sex. Compared to him Jimmy and I were worldly but it was him kneeling beside Lucy eating her and by the sounds she was making he was doing a credible job. Little moans escaped her full lips as his tongue explored her juicy pinkness, probing deep before working its way up and circling her clit.

My nose inhaled Lucy's scent from her thong and I wished it was me orally servicing my stepsister, the consequences be damned. But now all I could do was watch as Eddie kept licking her beautiful flaming pussy. Jimmy seemed to be in great distress as well as he stood there watching knowing that he had the chance to be there and he blew it. He was lesbian babe spanks ass before pussy toying and shifting from foot to foot and he was as hard as ever yet he kept his hands off his 'dirty boy parts'.

Whether it was just due to the prolonged licking or him doing something different Eddie had Lucy really going nuts. She had lifted her leg closest to Eddie and put her foot on his back and I could see her hand was really pushing his head to her crotch when her eyes shut and she let out a long moan. Her hips bucked upwards a couple of zanes sex chronicles s01e07 sex scene tube porn and I could see her face and chest were flushed.

Slowly her eyes opened and her mouth curled into a smile. "Very good Eddie, you have quite the talented tongue. Have you done this before?" He stopped licking to answer although he seemed reluctant to tear himself away but when my stepsister asked a question it must be answered. "Thank you Miss Lucy, no this is the first time I've ever been collage girl rape xxx hord enough to but I've watched a lot of porn on the internet to get ideas." "Well let me commend you on your viewing habits and your diligence then.

Maybe you can let your friends know what you watched and it might benefit them as well. I hate to stop you but I have another idea and we have to exclusive suck pussy with love to try it." "Okay Miss Lucy" he replied after slipping in a few last licks.

"Jimmy now is your chance to make amends. Jerk off now and of course I want you to eat your cum and if you do I have a reward for you" she told him with a smile.

That was all he needed to hear. No sooner had Lucy spoken then he was frantically beating his meat and before Lucy even had time to move from the container Jimmy was coating his palm with his seed.

He groaned with relief as he spewed wildly and it was obvious that he had been on edge due to the extreme stimulation he had been experiencing. Once he finished, Lucy carefully watched to make sure that he swallowed every bitter drop and when she was satisfied she gave him a little smile.

"Good boy Jimmy, you did a good job." He basked from her compliment the way a dog does with its master and if Jimmy had a tail it surely would have been wagging now. He then answered her in a quiet voice. "Thank you Miss Lucy, your wish is my command." "Hmm, be careful what you say Jimmy just in case I'm tempted to accept your challenge.

You never know what I might wish for." He gulped hard at her reply but he appeared resolute in his steadfastness. "That would be your choice Miss Lucy and all I could do is my best to serve you however you desired." "Aww, that's so sweet Jimmy. I must say that you're starting to grow on me.

Well no more wasting time boys. Bobby I need you to move off the mat for my next idea so scoot." Reluctantly I got to my feet and stepped aside and once I did Lucy stretched her voluptuous figure out on her back on the mat. "Eddddie, kneel on the floor next to me with your head near you know where.

Jimmy, kneel on the mat just past my feet. Bobby, stand there and watch and remember not to touch your boy parts." It was so unfair I thought to myself, here both my friends had already been allowed to cum although I didn't miss the part about eating it, but still. My balls wanted to burst and my cock ached and yet it seemed there would be no relief for me while Eddie had already tasted her and it looked like he'd be getting some more and she'd promised Jimmy a reward.

As I watched Lucy lifted her legs into the air and held them there. "Jimmy hold my legs up by my ankles" she directed and once he grasped them she turned to my other friend. "Eddie you may resume licking me now." That was all amu kosaka japanese teen fondles her pussy with a big dildo needed to hear and in no time he was running his tongue on her most sensitive nub making her go crazy in no time.

As I watched Lucy brought her feet close together and bent her knees while keeping her thighs spread wide so Eddie had total access. With a wicked smile she moved her feet so that they brushed against Jimmy's erection which caused him to moan. "Oooh Miss Lucy" he gasped.

Her only reply was to laugh but she continued to move her feet until she had his cock between the soles of them. Jimmy had a confused look on his face, obviously he wanted to take a more active role but he wasn't sure if he was allowed to. All he could do was gasp as her feet continued to tease him. While Lucy ignored the sounds Jimmy was making they must have distracted Eddie because I saw he raised his eyes and stared at Lucy's feet pleasuring Jimmy.

When he did, that caused him to slacken his oral efforts which drew Lucy's swift attention. "Eddie, what's going on? Why did you stop licking my pussy?" "I'm sorry Miss Lucy but…" "But what Eddie? Go on tell me." "Okay but only since you want to know.

You're the boss Miss Lucy and you can do what you want but its unfair is all. I won not Jimmy and yet your feet are playing with his dick not mine." "That's right Eddie, Miss Lucy is playing with me because yours is too small to bother with" Jimmy said with a sneer. "Hey you're not supposed to talk Jimmy…" "No you dumbass, I can't talk to Miss Lucy but she never said I can't put you in your place." "Boys shut up the two of you. I'm very disappointed in you both, it seems that you're forgetting what this is about and that's my pleasure not yours.

Is my reward for being nice going to be no one licking my pussy and you fighting like two year olds? See if I'm ever nice again after this." "Sorry Miss Lucy but you wanted me to tell you.

I apologize for stopping and I'll try and make it up to you" Eddie replied and once he did his mouth returned to between her legs where he resumed feasting on her juicy pinkness. "Sorry for fighting Miss Lucy, I promise it won't happen again" Jimmy said. "You're both forgiven boys. It must be tough having to share my attention but you'll get the hang of it. Eddie do a good job and I guarantee you won't be disappointed." Her words seemed to do the trick because as I watched Eddie redoubled his efforts and I could see his tongue moving like a blur it was going so fast.

This was having the desired effect as Lucy was starting to moan again as he pushed her toward orgasm when she caught me off guard. "Bobby I thought of a way you can help. Kneel down next to me." I knelt on the floor on the opposite side of Eddie as I continued to watch him lick her when Lucy snapped me out of my daze. "Wake up Bobby, here I'm giving you an opportunity and you're blowing it." "Sorry Miss Lucy" I said turning my face to hers. "That's all right Bobby" she said between little gasps "but I'd really appreciate if you'd pinch my nipples for me.

I think that might push me over the edge but not too hard, okay?" "Okay Miss Lucy and thank you" I said feeling humbled by her generosity.

Since she was entrusting me with this task I was determined to make sure she didn't regret it. Carefully reaching my hands out I palmed her bountiful breasts and for a moment just reveled in the feeling of having my stepsister Lucy's mounds in my hands when I remembered what I was supposed to be doing.

My fingers found her erect nipples and I carefully applied pressure to them, squeezing them gently. "Ooh yes Bobby that's it, but you can do it a bit harder if you don't mind.

And Eddie don't stop, I'm getting so close." I did as she asked and so amateur lezzie sweeties get their narrow cunts licked and fucked Eddie and in less than a minute I saw her face turn crimson and she wrinkled her little upturned nose and closed her beautiful brown eyes before letting out a moan. Turning I saw that Jimmy's mouth was open in wonder as he watched Lucy cum and I knew how he felt. She was so hot to begin with and when orgasm hit her she was even more awesome.

Slowly her breathing returned to normal and her eyes opened. "Wow that was good boys. Thanks but don't stop now, okay." I nodded yes and I heard Eddie mumble something but it was muffled by her muff but he didn't appear to have slowed down any this time when Lucy extended her hand and grabbed his 'boy part'.

His body visibly trembled when that happened and when she started to stroke him slowly I heard a muffled groan escape his mouth which made Lucy giggle. "Just keep doing what you're doing Eddie and so will I" she said with a big smile before she spoke to Jimmy next. "Now's your chance Jimmy, if you want to you can fuck my feet but only if you really are interested." No sooner had she said that then Jimmy thrust his hips forward which caused his erection to slide between the soles of her feet.

He groaned in delight and the pleasure was clearly reflected on his face. His pudgy hands still held her ankles keeping her feet where he wanted as he rapidly pumped back and forth. During this Lucy kept up her rhythmic stroking of Eddie's prick and though his head was still buried between her legs her attention was clearly getting the best of him.

Suddenly I felt her other hand on top of mine and she squeezed it as it fondled her breast. I looked at her and she blinded me with a dazzling smile before licking her lips. Just then Eddie let out a strangled cry and as both Lucy and I watched he started to cum. As her hand ran down his shaft some white sticky cum splattered against the floor.

Jimmy was watching too and it seemed to spur him onward as he increased the speed of his thrusts and shortly after he cried out and a second later his cock erupted. Lucy pulled her feet back a little so that his swollen head was pressed between her lovely feet which were soon coated in boy juice.

During this Lucy had continued to milk Eddie until no more spunk remained after which she released him. Once they were both done she turned to me. "Okay Bobby thank you Caught out continued (kWs0) you can stop now. But you did a very good job." Reluctantly I removed my hands and looked down at my own erection which during all this time had received no attention.

It was harder than ever and had been oozing clear pre-cum for a while now but it seemed no closer to cumming than before as Lucy was unwilling to touch it nor would she let me bring myself relief.

stunning orgasms for a sexy babe hardcore and blowjob boys I only have one more job for you today and it is what you probably expect.

Clean up your cum and I think you know how" she said before laughing. They both groaned from her demand but didn't argue. At least Jimmy's 'snack' was on Lucy's feet allowing him to lick them but Eddie had to get his from the concrete floor and the mat. Since he had a bit of his mother in him when it came to neatness and germs I know it skeeved him out but the lure of teen pussy was just too strong.

As I watched he licked up his jism though he paused more than once and made a face. Jimmy on the other hand made the best of it as his lips covered every square inch of her feet until they were clean. "Good job boys, you've both done very well. Bobby would you please help me up now" she said again looking my way. Jimmy released her ankles and once he did I reached my hand down toward hers.

She took it and scrambled to her feet with my assistance. Once she was standing she let go of it but as she moved away her hand grazed my hard on making me gasp with frustrated lust. "Oh sorry about that Bobby" she said with an expression that showed that she was most definitely not sorry and that it had been no accident.

"Boys I think its time to get dressed so let's get moving." We all put our clothes back on including Lucy but I pulled my pants on last as my erection was so hard it hurt to force it into my pants. When we were done we stood waiting for Lucy to decide a course of action which she soon did.

"Bobby put my flip-flops by my feet please" she told me so I crouched at her feet and did as she said. In this position my head was so close to her crotch that I was drunk from her earthy scent and I wanted to do nothing more than push my face against her mound but I couldn't making me even more frustrated than before.

She slipped her adorable feet into them then patted me on the head before speaking. "Good bye Jimmy, I want you to leave first. I don't want you and Eddie talking about me when I'm gone so run along.

If I find out you boys don't respect my wish, well I'll be very upset with you." "Don't worry Miss Lucy, I won't say anything about you to anyone except how beautiful and great you are" Jimmy said as he stared at her with his puppy dog eyes. "Uhh okay Jimmy but now you're laying it on a bit thick, don't you think?" "I'm sorry Miss Lucy but I did mean it." "Fine Jimmy, you may go." He turned and went and opened the door and with a last look back at Lucy he headed off.

Lucy waited a few minutes before turning to Eddie. "Keep studying those movies Eddie and get even better. A guy who knows how to eat pussy is always a good thing." "I will Miss Lucy, thank you for letting me Miss Lucy." "You're quite welcome Eddie.

Come Bobby" she said and with that she turned and without pausing left the garage as I hurried to catch up with her. As we walked down the street Lucy opened her cellphone and punched in some numbers before placing it by her ear.

"Hi Daddy, can you talk? This won't take long, I just wanted to let you know that I was at the pool. Yeah I ran into Bobby and his dorky friends there but we're going home now.

Umhm no Daddy they were good for a change. Okay see you tonight, be careful, love you too." "See Bobby I keep my word" she told me after she hung up. "Thanks…Miss Lucy" I replied. "Oh you only have to call me that in front of your friends Bobby. I wouldn't want them to think I was giving you special treatment because you're my stepbrother and I love you sooo much" Lucy said before giggling.

"Okay Lucy." Walking home was torture for me as my erection refused to shrink and by now I was experiencing a bad case of blue balls and being so close to my sexy stepsister sure wasn't helping.

Once we got home I planned on going to my room first thing and relieving myself of all the cum that was filling my balls. However as soon as I started upstairs Lucy called out to me. "Bobby where are you going?" "Just to my room for a minute Teen mindy likes to make porn with boyfriend I said as I continued climbing the stairs.

"What for Bobby, to jerk off?" "Why does it matter Lucy what I do?" "Well for a couple of reasons Bobby" she said as she followed me. "For one I want you to do something for me. Two since I might have a tiny bit to do with why you need relief I might feel a tiny sense of obligation and be willing to help. But do what you want." With that parting shot Lucy walked into her room and slammed the door behind her leaving me standing in the hallway with my almost painful erection.

For a few seconds I stood there with my mouth wide open before the full meaning of her words sunk in. My stepsister Lucy had implied she was open to helping me cum which was certainly better than what I had planned. A minute later I was gently knocking on her bedroom door. "Yes what is it?" came the faint reply. "Lucy it's me, can I talk to you a minute." "Well who else would it be Bobby and you may enter if you want." I pushed open the door and saw her standing in her room, facing the door with a smile on her gorgeous face.

"Yes dear stepbrother, what can I do for you?" "Umm Lucy, I didn't mean anything by what I said and since you mentioned you wanted me to do something for you I figured I'd ask what." "Oh just a small favor Bobby but we can discuss that in a little while.

Let's talk about the other part first. I understand that right now you're kind of in need of some relief and maybe I can help, that is if you're interested." "Sure that would be cool" I replied trying to sound casual though failing miserably as the desperation clearly came out in my voice.

"Hmm, just two things Bobby. Of course I would have to be in charge and you would have to obey but it seems you've already got the hang of that." "No problem there Lucy, I have no problem following your orders." "Good and the second thing is you'll have to swear to keep whatever happens secret and I mean it. Obviously my dad and your mom can't know but you can't let your dumb friends know either.

Even if they tease you about what I did with them you can't tell them about anything we may do in private. Agreed?" "Agreed Lucy." "Good then lets go to your room" she replied. I went to my room with her right behind me.

She closed the door behind her and I saw that Lucy had her hairbrush in her hand. Quickly I scrambled to clear some of my dirty clothes and other junk from the floor as I saw the disgust on her face and as her nose wrinkled in displeasure. "Really Bobby, you live barely one step above an animal.

This room is such a pigsty. I hope I don't catch any disease from the lack of hygiene." "Sorry Lucy, I've been intending to clean it but I just haven't gotten around to it." "I'm sure. You know maybe I might visit you here more often if it was a little more presentable Bobby." In the past such a comment would have made it less likely for me to clean my room but right now it inspired me to make it spotless as soon as possible.

"Lucy I swear that once I get a little time I'll really straighten it out." "Make sure you do because its now on your list of things to do right under making your stepsister's bed every morning." While Lucy said this she had pulled out the chair for my desk but that too was covered in various items of mine. I grabbed them as she shook her head in disapproval and I threw them into my closet.

"Boys" was all she said before taking a seat before me. Then Lucy looked me right in my eye before looking at my bulge and smiling sweetly. "Why don't you take off your clothes Bobby so we can begin?" She didn't have to tell sweet teen eve ellwood creampied after getting fucked that twice. In less than a minute I stood before her naked with my hard cock sticking straight up. As I watched her hand reached out and her fingers encircled my erection.

I groaned with delight as for the first time her hand stroked me from my base up to my swollen head. She did this a few times as if she was trying to gauge amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum reaction before she looked up at me again. "First let me tell you Bobby that you have a very nice cock. It's so hard and hot and looks like it's a perfect size.

Not too small but not so huge that it'll scare girls away." "Thank you Lucy. If you like it that's enough for me." "Oh good answer Bobby. Now I want you to turn sideways then bend over." I did as she said and once I was bent her hand grasped my erection again. Without warning she smacked my ass with the back of her hairbrush but at the same time she stroked my cock with her other hand.

I moaned from both the stinging blow and the delightful feeling of her hand stroke. Lucy continued this pattern of spanking me while jerking me off at the same time. I was wound so tight by now that before she even reached ten strokes I felt my orgasm barreling down like a runaway train. "Oooh Lucy I'm cumming" I gasped but her reaction totally shocked me.

She was off the chair almost instantly and crouching before me, then her hand guided my hardness to her ruby red lips. She had just managed to open her mouth when I exploded, firing deep inside her. Lucy now engulfed my head in her wet, warm orifice as I rapidly followed the initial shot with many more.

The feeling of her lips wrapped around me as I came was indescribable to me. Never had I felt so good when I came before but this was the first time it was in someone else. It seemed to go on forever but in spite of that it did end. When no more came out Lucy slowly pulled her mouth off me and looked up at me. She smiled and as I watched she opened her mouth.

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I could see my cum sitting on her tongue after which she tilted her head back and swallowed it down. "Did you like that Bobby?" "That was so fucking awesome Lucy, thank you!" She stood and kissed me for the first time ever and I felt the hairs on the back of my sexsex story girl school com stand up.

She broke the kiss and giggled when she saw in spite of me cumming that I was as hard as ever and in fact it was moving slightly. "So do you want to hear about that favor now?" "Sure" I replied as I was still on cloud nine and I probably would have agreed to give her my soul or offer up my firstborn to please her at that moment. "Well" she said while staring at the floor "Bobby the thing is that I own a vibrator.

You know what that is, right?" "Of course Lucy, I'm not an idiot." "Never said nasty blonde whores having great lesbian action were. The problem is my batteries are dead and I was thinking that you could run to the store and get me some new ones." "No problem Lucy, you just have to tell me what size you need and I'll pick them up for you." "Well I was thinking…" she said playing with a strand of her fiery hair "that maybe I can wait for the batteries until tomorrow.

That is if you are willing to help me out now in another way today." "What do you need Lucy?" "Maybe I could substitute this" Lucy answered as her hand seized my erection "in its place.

Of course you'll have to do it my way and exactly as I instruct you. What do you think Bobby, interested?" How could I not be interested? The thought of my hard cock being buried in Lucy's beautiful pussy sounded like the greatest idea in the world to me and I couldn't think of any demand she could make that would change that in any way.

"I think I can go along with that Lucy" I said in my most nonchalant tone before a smile came over my face. "All right Bobby, before we start you have to change those sheets. There's no way my body is touching that sheet that you've been sleeping and sweating on for who knows how long." "No problem Lucy" I told her already opening the door on my way to the linen closet.

By the time I'd returned Lucy had stripped down and was waiting expectantly. It took but a minute to change the sheet at which time I turned to her and bowed while extending my hand toward the bed. "Lie down Bobby" she ordered in a voice that brooked no dissent and I obeyed without question.

"Now put your arms above your head and spread them out." Once I had I saw that Lucy was holding some of my long athletic socks in her hand which she used to tie me up. She tied first one hand then the other to my headboard tightly.

Next Lucy did the same with my ankles and the footboard so that I was tied spread eagle to my mattress. "Try and see if you can move Bobby" she told me after she finished her preparation. I did my best to attempt to pull free or move my body but Lucy had done too good a job of restraining me. When she saw that I was helpless she gave me a wicked smile then climbed onto the bed with me. She wasted no time but instead straddled my body with her big ass just inches above my straining erection.

"Listen up Bobby boy! Remember that you are filling in for my vibrator not my boyfriend. So that means basically I want you to just lay there while I use your cock for my pleasure.

No thrusting or moving your hips or anything like that. If you do then we'll stop so don't ruin it for us both. I understand that you're flesh and blood but I also want you to try hard not to cum and if you're close then tell me so I can do something.

Understand?" "I understand Lucy, I'll do my best but I don't know how long I can last. I - I've never been with a girl before Lucy" I admitted sheepishly to her. "Ooh, that means I'll be your first. How cool is that - for you I mean" she said with a smile "but I'm sure you'll do fine. Think positive. Besides I figure at your age you can cum a bunch of times in a row and so far you've only cum once today.

Maybe you should close your eyes though so my fabulousness doesn't make you cum too fast." After saying that she actually took my pillow and put it over my face so I couldn't see a thing. The next thing I knew her hand grasped my shaft and angled it up and then I felt my swollen head brush against something hot and wet a number of times.

Lucy already was making little noises as my cock rubbed against her outer lips when she guided it unerringly to her hole. We both gasped aloud though mine was muffled by the pillow as my head pushed into her paradise. Lucy let out a low moan as she sank onto my thick shaft. It felt incredible like it was being squeezed by the hottest, wettest and tightest flesh glove in the world as slowly she engulfed my member.

Lucy worked down until the only part of me not in her pinkness was where her hand still tightly gripped the base. She then slid up leaving just my head in her but no sooner had she done that then she slid back down swallowing me up again. Already I could feel my balls boiling with hot cum and as Lucy began to ride me faster. I heard her making little mewing sounds as I filled her tight kitty with my flesh 'vibrator' only unlike a vibrator I was about to explode.

"Lucy I can't take much more" I called out to her. No sooner had I said that then I felt her hand slide from the base of my cock to my balls right below it. Instead of caressing or playing with them Lucy grabbed and squeezed them painfully so that I cried taming a lusty male pecker gloryhole hardcore. As she did she continued her body's movement, now taking all of me in her.

Lucy squeezed them for only a short time but for the moment it had prevented me from cumming. The soft flesh of her legs rubbed against mine as her body rocked up and down thrilling me from the feeling and I reveled in it. All I could do in my position was to experience the pleasure of my teen stepsister riding me.

Again I felt my orgasm approaching and in spite of her preventative method being painful I still warned her. She surprised me this time because instead of grabbing my balls she removed the pillow from my face. Even if I hadn't been about to cum the lesbian licking pussy at the beach bvr tube porn that confronted me would have made me. There was my lovely stepsister bouncing on me with her large breasts swaying and I saw her fingers were between her thighs rubbing frantically.

"Lucy I'm cumming" I called out as my first shot fired deep inside her. She just kept riding as my cum filled her channel until it was her turn. Without warning she stopped moving and her vaginal muscles almost crushed me as her body tightened from her climax.

We remained motionless for a few minutes as we recovered at which time Lucy spoke. "That was great Bobby. It feels like you're still hard so what do you say, want to keep going?" "As long as you let me Lucy." "Good boy" she replied.

Her hand reached back and freed her scarlet hair from the ponytail allowing it to gently cascade to her milky shoulders. Then she rested her hands on my chest as she started to move again. It was so much better to be able to watch her as she worked her body up and down my shaft. Lucy adjusted her position, managing to move from being on her knees to where she was crouching on her feet. This allowed her to continue to maintain her balance leaning on my chest while slamming her pelvis hard with each movement.

My upper thighs were soaked from our combined juices that leaked from her as she did so and we were making a squishing sound from our coupling. Her fingernails scraped my skin as she ran them across my chest and to my stomach causing me to shudder and leaving her mark on me.

Lucy paused to catch her breath and a moment later once again changed her body position. This time she stretched her legs out straight so that her pretty pedicured toes were on either side of my head.

Lucy then leaned back a little while supporting herself with her hands which she placed right outside my legs. She alternated bouncing up and down on me with periods of just gyrating and grinding her hips against my restrained body. Though unable to move my limbs I managed to turn my head just enough to where I was able to kiss her perfectly formed foot.

"Ooh yes Bobby, that feels nice. Maybe you can suck on my toes next" Lucy said as she maneuvered her foot closer. Opening my mouth I eagerly sucked her big toe as she continued to work it. I licked and sucked every one of her piggly wigglies on that foot, in fact I actually managed to fit three in my mouth at once.

Lucy seemed to really get off from this but I wasn't surprised. She enjoyed being worshipped and in control so this was right up her alley.

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Her pelvis moved in a circular movement as she ground herself against me until I thought I couldn't take it anymore. Without warning I felt her body tense up and she closed her eyes as she neared her climax. Lucy had told me not to move but I was unable to prevent myself from what I did next. Though I had little ability to move my limbs tied securely as I was I did manage to raise my pelvis up a few inches driving deeper into her fiery pussy.

She let a moan escape her lips which spurred me to thrust rapidly into her paradise nudging her aroused body to climax. When her internal muscles clamped on me I let loose again, firing up into her until I almost passed out from the sheer pleasure of it all. It took us a while to recover from this round but finally Lucy roused herself and with a groan disentangled her body from mine.

Kneeling next to me she again kissed me but as I responded Lucy pulled her mouth away. "You were a bad boy Bobby. I told you not to move and you disobeyed me" she said although she was smiling and didn't appear angry. "So to teach you a listen you have to do one more thing before I free you." She lifted a shapely thigh and moved it to my other side effectively straddling me then scooted her body forward so that her now well fucked pussy was over my face.

In this position I could see our mingled fluids in her and on her thighs and without a word she lowered herself onto my mouth. All natural lesbian beauties rimming and toying their asses grabbed my nose between a finger and thumb and squeezed. "Okay Bobby, now it's your turn to lick up your cum.

While you're at it feel free to sample my juices and if you make me cum as a bonus then I'll think of something to reward you with." I was unable to answer as I was already lapping away. If eating my own cum was the price to pay to eat Lucy then I considered it a bargain. My tongue burrowed deep in my stepsister as she squealed with delight. THE END As always comments, PM's and votes for my story are appreciated.

Thank you readers!