Petite brunette minx rides on a bbc

Petite brunette minx rides on a bbc
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Silk stopped by to pick up her dress from Michael's house. She knew that Stacey and Syndee would be there so she figured she be safe from Michael's charm.

What she hadn't counted on what his anger. She knocked and Stacey let her in. Stacey gave her a sad smile and Silk noticed that she had red marks on her body. Michael was being hard on them.

Silk almost laughed right then. "Where is my dress so I can be on my way," Silk asked of Stacey finally. "Its up there i want you to stroke out a big load for me joi the table, I'll go get it…" Stacey began before Michael cut her off. Michael's voice filtered down to the door, "She can come up here and face me if she wants it." Silk pushed past Stacey, now mad at how Michael was acting.

She marched up the stairs to the dinning room and was met with a site. She wasn't sure whether it was meant to make her jealous or to show off. Whichever, she wasn't amused. Michael had Syndee sucking his cock while he sat in the chair at the table, something that he only normally had Silk do.

Sure he had the other two suck him, as he would any slave, but not like he was doing now with Syndee. This is was more intimate, more special.

This was the way he had it done when he meant to cum in her mouth, he only came in Silk's mouth like this. He had told her that only she could make him cum like this. Guess he lied, Silk thought to herself. "If that," Silk said, pointing at his lap, "is supposed to make me jealous, you are way off." This pissed Michael off.

How dare she think he was stooping that low, even if he was. She is the one who left, not him. He thought he was the only one with the right to be mad, not her. "I can see, you are still the strong independent one," He finally spoke after watching her watch Syndee for a few minutes. She gave him a dirty look and held out her hand, "Whatever, Michael. Just give me my dress. That is all I came for." He looked to the dress on the table and for a moment thought about cumming on it before giving it to her, but then decided against it.

That would be childish and as much as he felt like acting so, he would not give her the pleasure of such behavior.

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Finally he picked up and tossed it to her. She caught it and before she could thank him, he said, "Fine there is hot russian babe gagging and spitting on huge dick pornstars and big dick dress, is that all?" "Yeah I think that is it, at least for now. I'll let you know," she shot back and turned to go. "What, no kiss good-bye?" She turned back and gave him another dirty look, "I don't think that would be appropriate Michael," She began but before the words had totally cleared her mouth, Michael had stood up, pushing Syndee to the side and then he was pressing her against the wall.

She gave a startled squeak and then… then his lips met hers. He didn't know why he had to tease her, but it seemed the only way to keep her talking. Then she was leaving and he couldn't help himself. He jumped up and pressed her up against the wall.

When she squeaked, he looked into her eyes. Pools of emerald shown up at him, he saw annoyance in them but no fear. That lack of fear is what prompted his next move.

His mouth laid claim to hers. When his tongue traced the line of her lips, they opened at once giving admittance to his demanding tongue. The kiss poured into her like honey and she kissed back hungrily. Just when she though orgasms of a hot swarthy attractive hottie would give into him, he grabbed a handful of ebony hair and pulled her head back to look into her eyes once more.

Stormy blue met pools of emerald, each begging the other for something and yet demanding something of the other. Then he shattered serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive illusion, "This is not good-bye little one," He whispered against her lips.

He then let go of her and turned and walked away, down the hall. He never turned and looked back as he went into his dungeon room. With an exasperated sigh, Silk turned to go giving Stacey and Syndee sad looks as she did. As she reached the door, Stacey asked whom she was going out with that night. When she answered Becker, Stacey gave her a shocked look and tried to talk to her.

Silk put up her hand and walked out the door. Knowing the other two would tell Michael about Becker, Silk ran to her car and took off like the hounds of hell were fresh on her heels. She kept looking in her rear view mirror for Michael but he never appeared.

Then her cell phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, she saw it was Michael. To hell with him, she thought. He would just rag on her about Jon Becker and she felt he had no right. Just as Silk predicted, Stacey ran and told Michael. Only she wasn't as quick as Silk thought. "Guess who Silk is going out with tonight, Master," Stacey drawled. Michael gave her a look and said, "Not that I really care, but who?" Thinking her news would be pleasing, "Jon Becker." The color fled from Michael's face then he growled, "Get me the phone, now slave." Stacey ran for the phone, grabbing the cordless off its base, she returned it to Michael at top speed.

As she ran by, Syndee gave her a look, which Stacey ignored. Stacey gave Michael the phone and waited to hear the conversation. Michael felt his stomach drop when Stacey said His Silk was out with that asshole, Becker.

What could she be thinking Michael wondered? Then it occurred to him, she was trying to make him jealous. Nonetheless, she could be in danger from that prick.

Michael dialed her number. After several rings, he got her message service. Pissed he growled, "You know who this is. Why are you out with Becker? You know he is dangerous. Are you crazy or just stupid?" He ranted for a minute, then at last he added, "Look call me if you need me." He then hung up. Michael then proceeded to take out his anger on Stacey and Syndee in the best way he knew possible.

He tied them up, beat them, spanked them and used them for his pleasure. He pushed their limits that night and when they didn't cry red, he kept going.

Michael began with Stacey first since she was the one who brought him the bad news. Cuffing her hands first, he tried her to the chain that hung down from the ceiling. He then grabbed her bin of goodies and pulled out her remote control vibrating butterfly. Placing it on her pussy, he used it to tease and torment her while he played.

Next he took the flogger from her bin and began to slash at her prone body with it. She took it well at first then when he would get to intense for her and she began to pull away, he turned on the vibrator and brought her near to orgasm. Just when he knew she would beg for it, he turned it off.

He did this two more times, then stopped out of boredom. Now his eyes turned to Syndee. Michael gave her a devilish smile as he beckoned her near. Hot babe loves a cock sucking session crawled over to his feet and as she did, he turned and grabbed some nipple clamps out of her bin. "Stand slave," he ordered. Syndee stood and pressed her chest forward knowing what he was going to do. Snap went the clamp on one nipple and she looked up to see him watching her.

Snap went the other clamp and she tried not to flinch in pain. Once they were in place, she relaxed, but only for a moment. Michael loved to watch his slave deal with slight pain. He knew the clamps didn't really hurt that much, just a shock to the system. Syndee's nipples were a little sensitive, but not so much that she could not bear the pain of the clamps.

Next Michael took her hands and tied her to another chain hanging from the ceiling. He also took the chains dangling from her nipples clamps and attached them to the chain. This pulled at her nipples, adding to the sensation. He rummaged through her bin and found her butterfly also. Once in place, he began to tease her too only he used a riding crop on her.

Finally after bring her close a few times he tired of that also. A new game came to mind, "Slaves, I am going mom and son 1 time movies turn both of your toys on and then use the flogger on you both alternately.

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The game is the first to cum will get a reward, while the loser will be sorry. Ready?" "Yes Master," they chorused. Michael turned their vibrators on and began to whip girl in turn. When he would notice one was close, he would ignore her for a moment and whip the other. Finally he knew they were nearing their limits and began to play fair. Each girl got equal slashes with the flogger until finally Syndee screamed her release. Michael was about to shut off Stacey's when Syndee started cumming but she let go also, so Michael allowed her to cum.

Once both girls were done, Michael reached up and released Syndee. Grabbing her by her hair, alice walks around the city in latex pushed her on the bed. "Down," was all he said as he dropped his pants.

Syndee did as he ordered with a yes Master. On her knees face down on the end of the bed, she wondered what was next.

Before she could give a though to her slave sister, Michael slide deep into her. Michael needed to cum. He wanted Silk, but knew that was impossible so he took Syndee. Pressing her on the bed, he slid deep into her.

Not giving her a chance to recover, he began to pound her hard. He gripped her sides and gave his all to her. Occasionally he would look back at Stacey still hanging by her arms. He knew she would like this to be her beneath his thrusts but since she lost the race, she had to suffer. This made him smile. Deciding he wasn't going to cum this way, Michael pulled out of her pussy and thrust into her ass.

One plunge was all it took. Syndee squealed. Michael resumed thrusting. "Please Master, may I cum," Syndee moaned after a dozen or so thrusts. Feeling his own orgasm approaching Michael sneered, "Not till I do slave." After about ten more strokes, Michael grabbed a handful of blond hair and pulled Syndee's head up and back to his.

"Now slave, cum," he growled as he let go deep in her ass. Syndee screamed with her release as Michael moaned loudly with his own. Once it was over Michael pushed her away from him and turned to leave the room to wash up. Knowing this was his way Syndee was not offended. As he walked out the door he told Syndee, "Let your sister down asian granny likes it in the ass tube porn then both of you clean up." He then went into the bathroom and they could hear the shower going moments later.

Syndee let Stacey down as ordered and both began to clean up their toys. They both knew that Michael liked cleanliness and order. Once this was done they both went to take a shower. Knowing that Michael only liked to shower with Silk, they headed for the shower in the other bathroom.

While they showered they talked quietly. Syndee spoke up first, "You know you shouldn't butt into Master and Silk's fight." Stacey gave her an innocent look, "How did I butt in?" Syndee laughed at her then said, "By telling him about Becker.

You knew he would fly off the handle like that. He loves her and he is mad and jealous." "I know nothing and I didn't do anything," Stacey proclaimed in an innocent voice. Syndee decided to let it ride. She knew it was pointless to argue so she changed the subject. "Kind of nice to have him all to ourselves isn't it?" Stacey couldn't believe what she was hearing. She didn't want to encourage such thinking so all she said was, "I miss Silk." Syndee got her meaning right away and just agreed with a sad look and a nod of yes.

Once they were done and dried off, they met Michael in the living room. Michael suggested they watch some television so they did. Later he ordered some pizza and they ate while watching a movie. Michael wondered about Silk through it all. **** Silk was not having the fun that the others were having but it was still not bad. Jon had taken her to a Frat party. Silk mentioned she had never been to one.

Jon said his house was having one that very evening so it was the perfect place to go. Jon arrived at her apartment about half past seven. Silk was just putting the finishing touches on her makeup so Jon offered to wait in the living room.

Once done, she came out to find Jon holding her collar. She blushed and offered an explanation. Jon stopped her and told her he didn't care.

It was in the past. He tossed it back upon the bar and Silk allowed him to change the subject. "Wow, what a dress," Jon exclaimed, "You look fantastic." Silk blushed, "Thank you kind sir, flattery will get you everywhere." Let's hope so, Jon thought as he ushered her out to his car. He drove a new red corvette. Silk thought to herself, it suited him. On the ride over to his frat house, they talked and Silk soon wondered if Michael was wrong about him. He seemed sweet and very attentive of Silk.

They arrived at the party and for the first hour it was your average normal frat party. Just like the kind you saw in the movies, boys and girls drinking and acting crazy. Silk allowed herself to drink since she wasn't driving and thanks to Michael she could now handle herself when drunk.

Jon danced with her off and on and when he did he rubbed up against her but he never seemed to get out of hand. Soon others wanted to dance with her and Jon pushed her into their arms.

They seemed to behave also so Silk relaxed and danced. Soon she was feeling pretty drunk and a slight bit horny. She attributed that to the dancing. She found Jon and told him she was feeling a bit too drunk and needed to sit down.

Jon smiled his plan was working. Soon he hoped, she would be half crazed and half naked. He led her to a couch in a forgotten corner. As they sat there, he planned his next move. Around them others were beginning to kiss and cuddle so Jon just naturally kissed Silk.

When she responded, he took it farther. He began to touch her on the outside of her clothing, she accepted. When he slid a hand up her leg and under her skirt, yui kasugano tight schoolgirl fucked by the teacher drew the line, "No," she said.

Jon then grabbed her hands and held her down, "You acted like a little slut for that bastard Michael, and you can act like one for us too. We'll even call you slave and treat you like one too if that's what you like." At his word we, Silk looked around and say that there were others how seemed to want to join in the fun. Silk knew then that Michael was right and she became scared. She turned to look back at Jon.

Jon had a crazed look on his face. He reached up and grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down her front. Finally he thought, success. He would have Michael's little tramp and the best part was she had come to him willingly.

He knew Michael would be livid. He laughed at this thought as he began to manhandle her breasts. Maybe he would call and tell Michael about it afterwards. Silk tried to fight him off but oriental moans while taking dick japanese and hardcore proved too strong. She wasn't used to this type of behavior. As she found him on her chest, another boy crawled up between her legs. Holding then apart roughly, he began to lick her pussy.

Silk tried to push him away, but it proved to be futile as Jon was holding her arms. Oh Michael help, she thought. She then spied her purse, which contained her cell phone. She had to get to it somehow. She had an idea. Finally with effort she went limp, "Okay I give in. I will play your game if you allow me to got to the bathroom first.

Also can we do this somewhere more private?" She asked. Knowing that she could not get away in the bathroom, Jon allowed her to go. When she grabbed her purse he stopped her, "Why do you need that?" Thinking quickly she replied, "Diaphragm silly.

You don't want babies do you? I have to put it in if we are going to have sex." She smiled hoping he didn't ask to see it. "Okay, you have five minutes and then we join you in there diaphragm or not," he grunted, "And don't lock the door." Silk went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Once there she pretended to pee, then turned on the water. Next she grabbed her cell phone and called Michael. Please be home she thought. Michael laughed to himself when he saw the caller ID. It was his wayward slave, he told the other two as he picked up the phone. "Are you ready to beg me for forgiveness," he asked?

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"Michael, thank god. I don't have time to explain. You were right about Becker and I am in trouble. Please come help me.

I need you," she almost cried into the phone trying to be quiet. "Silk what are you talking about, are you okay? Did he hurt you?" Michael asked, not thinking that she might be needed to make this call quick.

"I don't have time Michael, just come please." It hit him, Silk was in big trouble, "Okay were are you and how many." "Becker's frat house and so far only Becker and another but there are others here. It's a big party," She told him in hushed tones. Someone banged on the door and yelled, "Two more minutes." Silk yelled back, "Okay almost finished," then to Michael, "Please Michael, I need you.

Please help me. Okay bye I have to go." She hung up. Acting like she was finishing up, she shut her phone off and put it back in her purse. Finally she opened the door Jon stood there waiting. "Ready for some fun baby?" He asked. "Sure stud," Silk replied with a forced smile. Jon ushered her to a room. When they entered, Silk saw that there were four other guys in the room.

She was really scared now. "Do I have to with all of them," She asked of Jon, indicating the others with a wave of her hand. "Oh yeah baby, but me first. You shouldn't have a problem. I know the sick games Michael gets up to.

At least we won't tie you up and beat you," Jon told her with a sick smile. Jon then pushed her onto the bed. He tore at daddy disciplines ally friends daughter and redhead teen anna language barrier is not a rest of her dress, removing it totally.

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Silk felt the urge to fight but tried not to so she wouldn't get hurt. Jon kept getting rougher with his foreplay till finally Silk had to fight. She knew it would take Michael at least twenty minutes but she couldn't wait. She pushed Jon away from her and began to say, "Not so rough." This earned her a slap across that face that rang Silk's ears. She couldn't see straight for a few minutes, which was just enough time for Jon to drop his pants and plunge into her.

He had already removed any barriers Silk had. Once in her, he held her hands above her head and waited for her to realize where he was and give in.

When she didn't give in, he laughed. "Your struggles just excite me more. Go ahead, fight me," he laughed. Silk worked a hand free and struck him across the face. He stopped laughing and grabbed her by the throat. Choking her, he yelled," You little fucking bitch, you cunt, you slut, you&hellip." Suddenly Jon was ripped from her and Silk realized it was Michael holding Jon.

"You don't treat women like this Jon. Haven't we had this conversation before?" Michael said as he threw Jon to the floor. Jon's buddies took one looked at Michael's face and ran from the room. Jon yelled to them, calling them wimps and cowards.

"Yeah well fuck you Michael. Ever since you got into that crap, your no friend of mine," Jon tried. Michael had turned to survey the mess that was Silk. She had a bruise on her face and her neck was all red. Hearing Jon's remark, he turned back to Jon, "Suit yourself, but leave this one alone. She's mine. I warned you once, now you pay." Jon jumped up to fight Michael.

Michael punched him clean in the jaw and Jon dropped to the floor, out like a light. Once that was over, Amateur aussie wife black guyging outdoor turned and for the first time Silk saw that Stacey and Syndee were behind Michael. Michael took a cloak from Stacey and turned back to Silk.

Coming up next to the bed, he looked down at Silk. His heart almost broke at the sight of her, but something else in him said that she asked for this. Not knowing what to say he reached out and grabbed her hand. Pulling her up from the bed, he then noticed that her dress was ripped from her mostly. Once she was standing, he wrapped the cloak around her, then swept her up in a cradle hold and said, "Come," he then turned and walked out the door of the bedroom.

Stacey grabbed Silk's purse and followed. Syndee brought up the rear to protect Silk. They all walked through the now quiet house. Everyone was watching them. Once outside at his truck, he ordered Stacey and Syndee to sit in the back seat, leaving Silk to sit in the front with him. As they pulled away Silk remembered her shoes. "Michael, my shoes.

We forget them," She begged. Michael turned to look at her, eyebrow cocked, "We forget them?" Silk knew the look and decided to leave it alone. They drove the rest of the way in silence. We they reached Michael's house; Silk protested that she wanted to go home.

"Don't worry, you are going home. I am dropping these two off first, then I'll take you home," Michael told her as he got out of the truck. He opened the door for the other two and helped them out. They went up the walk to the door. "Be right back, I have to unlock the door for them," He told Silk and walked away. Silk waited in the truck and while she sat she thought over all that had happened. She knew she owed Michael a huge thanks, but she was sure that words were not enough. Not ready to give in and get over their fight, she didn't know how to really thank him properly.

While Silk was mulling over just how to thank him, Michael had already decided how she would thank him as he let the other two in the house. Once inside, he grabbed a few items and Silk's duffle bag of toys. He sat these by the door. He motioned for the two to come kiss him good-bye. "I'm taking her home," he told them, "I'll be back later." "But," Syndee began.

Michael silenced her with a swat to her behind, "Are you arguing with me?" At her nod of no he went on, "Now go to bed and I'll be back when I get back." He noticed Syndee looked like she still wanted to argue as he picked up the bag and turned to walk out the door so he added. "Hell go home if you don't want to wait," and walked out the door.

Michael returned to the truck. He knew Silk would recognize the bag so he tossed it the bed. When he climbed in, he noticed Silk looked terrified.

Suddenly there was a thump in the back of the truck. She jumped against the door sure that Jon had followed then and was going to get her. Then the driver's door opened and Michael jumped in. Relief flooded Silk and it showed on her face as she relaxed. Michael would have laughed but Silk looked so scared. "What is your problem?" He asked. "Nothing," she mumbled, "You just startled me." Silk let it drop, but Michael knew that look. She was terrified.

Knowing what she had been through that night, he let it ride for now. She would tell him later. He would make sure of if.

They drove over to Silk's apartment in silence once again. When they pulled into the parking lot, Silk opened her purse to find her keys. Michael stopped the truck and shut it off. Silk started to tell him that he didn't need to see her in, but Michael cut her off, "Your barefoot remember." Having forgotten momentarily, Silk looked down at her feet and then back at Michael, "Oh," was all she said.

"I'll carry you in," He said and got out of the truck and pocketed his keys. He grabbed the bag out of the back of the truck and went around to Silk's side. He sat the bag on the toolbox and opened her door. She turned to him wondering how he was going to carry her. She hadn't noticed the bag. "Stand on the running board and I'll lift you over my shoulder so your cloak will fetish jerk instructions excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are in place.

Wouldn't want to flash your neighbors," He laughed. Silk did as he asked and once her cloak was in place, Michael hoisted her over his shoulder.

He shut the door and turned to grab the bag. Silk finally noticed he had her duffle bag. "Why do you have that bag Michael," she asked dumbly.

Michael finally laughed, "You owe me big time little one and tonight you will pay." Pay, Silk thought. How? She felt like she had jumped for the frying pan straight into the fire for a moment. Michael entered the covered area that led to Silk's door and Silk began to struggle begging to be put down. She reminded Michael that there was carpet so she could walk.

Michael swatted her ass with his free hand. "Stop," He ordered. She ceased all movement, "Give me your keys." She handed him her keys, which she still held in her hand.

Michael took them and opened the door while balancing her one his shoulder and the bag in his other hand. Once in side, he shut the door and locked it, then sat the bag over the couch. Finally hands free, he sat her down on her feet. Silk looked at him as he removed her cloak and laid it over the back of the couch. Once the cloak was off, Michael studied her for a moment, taking in the marks on her neck and the bruise on her face.

He could kill Jon for this. Then he was reminded that she went out with Jon of her own free will. This thought hardened Michael once again. Before she could argue he ordered, "Shower now." She started to argue anyway then remember what had just happened to her. She did want a shower. She wanted to scrub her self and remove any traces of Jon and her evening. With this in mind, she turned to obey. She stopped at the closet to grab some fresh towels.

Michael noticed her collar in the bar and walked over to it. He picked it up and fingered it feeling his heart tear just a little at the sight of it thrown down. He looked up and saw her watching him at the linen closet. They starred at each other for a moment. Finally he tossed her the collar and said, "Have it on when you come out." Silk caught it, but she still wanted to fight with him, "And if I don't," She challenged. Michael sighed, "This is not a matter of your will.

Only mine matters tonight. You will do as I say. As I said, you owe me big time. You are going to pay the piper tonight with that sweet little body of yours." At her shocked look Michael added just to rub it in, "This will not be like rape either, you will simply submit to me." She starred at him for a moment more and Michael took a step towards her, "Now get in the shower or else. Don't make me come help you, I don't really feel like getting wet," He told her and took another step.

Silk ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She leaned against it and wondered at what he had just said. Would he really make her submit to him tonight? After all they had said to each other, she was surprised. She thought on this as she took her shower. By the time she was finished, she was ready to face him again. She got out and toweled herself off then gave her hair a good scrubbing with the towel to dry it.

Then she gave it a good shake to be sure the water was out as much as possible. As she buckled her collar into place, she thought to herself, yes she would submit to that amazing babe raises her blue top. She knew she could trust him and that he would not hurt her. She was also feeling pretty horny and knew that Michael would and could satisfy her. Finally she resigned her self and opened the door.

While she was in the shower Michael grabbed the bag and went to her room. Once there he laid out a few things he knew he would need on her dresser then sat the bag on the floor by the end of the bed. He then sat in her desk chair and turned to face the bathroom noticing that she had put the arms back on the chair. They had removed them one night so they could have sex in the chair. He wondered if he would have to go get her or would she come out on her own.

Just as he decided to yell for her, the door opened and she stepped out naked. Michael's eyes flew to her neck and he was pleased to see His collar once again around her neck. She stood there for a moment and then Michael motioned her closer. She came closer and stood before him. He looked up at her and she felt like she was being studied.

Michael looked up at her and saw the marks that Jon had put on his property. This pissed him off greatly and he thought that he had let Jon off lightly. His eyes traveled up to her eyes and he saw lust in them. Really, Michael thought and cocked his eyebrow, she wanted him as bad as he wanted her.

"Kneel slave," He finally barked. Silk jumped to do his bidding and dropped smoothly to her knees. Once there she dropped her eyes to the carpet. Michael noticed he was over dressed and remedied that fact as he pushed back from her to remove his shoes and socks. Next as he pulled the chair back up next to her, he removed his shirt. Leaving his pants for her to removed he fished in his pocket for the leash he always kept there.

Once clear of his pocket, he reached for her neck and snapped the clip to her d-ring. He gathered the slack in his hand and tugged on it to pull her up to his lap. When she was over his lap, he asked in a gentle voice, "Are you going to submit to me little one?" In a clear voice Silk said, "Yes Master." Michael didn't know that his gentle voice was her total undoing.

Michael reached back behind him and grabbed her wrist cuffs off the dresser and turned back to her. She lifted her hands and allowed him to place them on her wrists. Next he reached back and grabbed the leather bat, which he sat on the bed so he could reach it. It resembled a large leather slapper only it was solid.

Oh how Silk hated that thing. It hurt more then the flogger or the riding crop because it had a thud to it when it struck flesh. The other two just stung. Silk prayed he would not use it too much. Michael knew she hated the bat, which was why he chose it to use. He gave a jerk on the leash to reclaim her attention, "Remove my jeans," he ordered. Silk reached up to pull his jeans off and Michael lifted his ass to help her by lifting himself on the arms of the chair.

Once the jeans where clear of his hips and ass Michael dropped back down and aided her in getting his jeans down his legs and off. Silk then folded them up and laid them next to the desk. She then returned her attention to Michael. His desire was evident as he pulled her up into his lap again.

"Hands behind your back," He told her as he turned her collar around so he could use the leash to clip her cuffs together. When they were clipped, he grabbed a handful of ebony hair and pulled her directly over his erection. Knowing she hated to suck him without aid of her hands, he said, "Suck me slave," and pushed her mouth down. Silk took him in her mouth and sucked him for all she was worth, trying to please him. She hated to do this without her hands, but tried to make the most of it.

She was glad that Michael held her hair and head to help her. She really tried hard to please him. Michael watched her; he loved it daddy eric romping elsa dreams tight pussy she went down on him.

Liked the way it looked, the way it felt and the way she sucked on his cock like a pacifier. He held her hair in his hands to help her but soon he was holding her head also. She had worked him all the way down her throat and this caused him to groan deeply. "Oh Slave, you are so good at that. Would you like a reward?" Michael asked her. Silk moaned a yes and Michael thought for a moment about cumming in her mouth but knew he wanted to fuck her too. Then he thought that he could just cum in her mouth then tease her until he was hard again, but couldn't decide.

Finally with the decision made, he grabbed her head and helped her to suck faster. "Would you like me to cum in your hot little mouth slave," he asked a little out of breath. Silk whimpered a yes and applied more suction. After about ten more strokes he shot in her mouth. When the first wave hit him, he pushed her head down till he was gagging her.

He felt her try to push back but didn't allow her to until his last shots where done. He then let go of her totally. Silk fell back away from Michael when he let go. She swallowed without thinking and tried to keep from choking on it. She glanced up at Michael and saw him watching her so she quickly dropped her eyes to the floor again. She knelt there, eyes down waiting for his next order.

Michael watched her swallow. It turned him on when she swallowed his cum without him ordering her to do it. Sometimes he would have her hold it in her mouth to play with for his amusement but if he didn't say anything then she would swallow. She swallowed like it was a gift or something and Michael really liked that about her. Deciding what to do next, he turned and began to remove the arms on the chair again. They were put on with a simple bolt and nut so it was nothing for Michael to remove them.

Once off, he tossed them to the side. He then grabbed her by her hair again and pulled her over his lap face down. He then reached back and grabbed the leather bat. Silk didn't see him actually grab the bat, but instinctively knew what he was doing. She started to struggle and tried to cover her ass with her hands. She knew what was coming and dreaded it greatly. Michael laughed at her struggles as he slapped her ass just under where her hands could reach.

He used enough force to get her attention but not enough to really hurt her. Once again he slapped her ass and this time he made sure he got the tips of her fingers too. "Move those hands slave or else," He laughed when she jerked. Silk kept her hands in place, "Please Master, not with the bat.

It hurts." Slapping her open palms this time, he laughed, "I know, now move them, last warning." Silk jerked her hands up her back where they belonged but continued to struggle with him.

Michael held her in place with his free hand but after a few more swats she kept fighting him so he let go and she fell to the floor. She caught herself on her knees. Silk jerked her head up to look at him and was greeted with a big smile. She gritted her teeth against the pain her behind and glared at him.

Michael threw back his head and laughed at her. Once he recovered he grabbed her arm and stood up pulling her to her feet also.

"Since you wish to fight me, we'll continue this on the bed," he told her as he pushed her face down on the bed. Silk tried to fight his again by rolling over on to her back and trying to scoot away.

With her arms pinned behind her back it made it hard and Michael caught her easily. He grabbed her ankle and turned her back over. Silk continued to struggle until he had finally had enough. "Enough slave," Michael, barked. He swatted her ass again with the bat, a little harder this time. "You earned this and you will bear it like a good slave.

Now stop fighting me or it will busty lesbians licking in back of a cab worse." Silk froze and gave up her struggling when Michael spoke. When he said that she would bear it, it was on the tip of her tongue to yell her safe word, but she knew that white slut getting fucked by two black fellow by interracialhardsex be the chicken shit way out.

After what seemed like minutes Silk decided she would take it. She just didn't have to like it. With this decided, she relaxed her tense body. This showed Michael she was ready to behave. Michael watched her weigh his words carefully and even half expected her to yell red and stop everything.

Then she relaxed her body and Michael felt a shift in her. Testing the waters he asked, "Are you ready to submit for real this time?" "Yes Master," She answered in a ragged voice. Michael liked her when she got like this. He knew she had resigned herself and could now just about take all he was willing to give.

With his present mood however that was dangerous. He could really dish out a lot in this mood. Stepping back for a moment he told himself to go easy and be careful. He didn't want to hurt her. He almost thought about ending it now, but then he remembered everything else.

He swatted her ass again, "Then kneel up on the bed." Silk did as ordered and once she was up, she turned to look at him again. He swatted her ass again and caught the tips of her fingers once again. She had them too low and jerked them up her back again. Laughing at her, he said, "Get those hands out of the way," then swatted her again, this time low enough to catch her thighs.

Silk jumped at the last swat but remained in place. She gritted her teeth and steeled herself. Noting the look of determination on her face, Michael surprised her and swatted her pussy. Not hard like he did her ass, just enough to get her attention. He then turned and grabbed something else off the dresser. The swat on her pussy stung but it did more then that. It renewed her lust for Michael.

It also caused her to get really wet. Michael hadn't noticed yet her wetness as he showed her what he had grabbed. Showing her the nipple clamps he then used the bat and slapped her nipples then clamped them on to her hardened nipples.

Silk moaned a low moan and Michael's attention was brought to between her legs. He could see the wetness forming there so he reached out a finger and slid it between her lips.

He grazed her clit when he did this and it caused Silk to hiss a labored breath. "You like that?" He asked as he continued to finger her for a minute or two. "Yes Master," She hissed and pressed her pussy into his hand.

Michael teased for milf came home from work to eat cock moment more then pulled his hand away. Silk gave a slight whine at the absence of his finger. This earned her a slap on the ass and Michael's wet finger shoved in her mouth. As she sucked it clean, Michael commented on how wet she was. Once it was clean Michael pulled his finger free of her mouth and pulled on the chain that connected her nipples.

He tugged to get a reaction, and then he swatted her ass a few times. Michael teased her off and on for a while by alternating between slapping big tit blonde fucked hd the last pikahoe ass and thighs to an occasional slap on her pussy.

He would also tug on her chain and even slapped her breasts a few times with the bat. Finally his cock was hard again, so he ordered her down. Using the bat one last time he swatted her ass five times as hard as he dared in succession until she was ready to struggle again. He then climbed up behind her and shoved a finger into her tight pussy once again. He found her drenched like he knew he would and so he lost no time.

Removing his hand from her pussy, he reached down and shoved his finger in her open mouth and as she started to suck it, he thrust into her deeply. Silk moaned around his wild waves of hardcore joy european and blowjob. Michael pulled his finger from her mouth and began to thrust in and out of her. Grabbing her pinned arms, he used then as leverage and gave it to her hard.

Within moments Silk was begging to cum. Michael allowed her to cum as he kept up his assault on her prone body. When she recovered from her orgasm, Michael lifted one leg up and balanced on one knee and his foot. This made his thrusts even deeper. Next he wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her whole body up to his. As he continued to thrust in and out of her, he spoke, "Your mine, you know that?

All mine." Silk squeaked out a yes Master. She felt like she was going out of her mind. Michael had never been so rough, but instead of being scared, Silk was turned on like crazy.

She was also so wet. Michael kept her body pulled up to his as he fucked her deeply. Silk was moaning loudly.

He pulled her neck to his mouth and bit her hard. Then to ease the pain he sucked a little and licked at the wound. He then grabbed her shoulders; still holding her up her pounded her hard.

She begged for another orgasm, which he allowed. Silk came like crazy and felt another one coming on as Michael gripped the back two female bffs seducing and fucking coach her neck and shoved her down onto her arms. He continued to pound her for a few minutes then stopped and stood up over her. He climbed up over her body and when she turned to see what he was doing he grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth.

She turned and sucked on him for as long as he would allow. This proved to be only minutes before he pulled out of her mouth and pushed her back on her knees.

He lowered himself back down her body and this time on both feet he entered her and began to pound her once again. He also snaked an arm around her neck and pulled her head back to his face as he fucked her. "You like this slave?" he asked.

Not waiting for an answer he said, "You like to be fucked like a whore?" Not knowing what to say, he had never called her a whore before Silk answered, "Yes Master, please fuck me harder." Michael obliged her through another orgasm then he decided to switch. He wanted her tight asshole, so he pulled out and shoved her top half down on the bed again.

He got off the bed to find some lube because he knew she needed it, he couldn't just shove in like he had done with Syndee.

He also grabbed a small viberator before climbing back on the bed. Silk stayed there, ass up in the air wondering what he was doing. Then she knew when she felt something cold hit her asshole. Michael was going to take her ass. Michael climbed back up on the bed behind her on his knees.

He then pointed his cock at her pink hole and began to shove into her tight ass. He felt Silk try and relax to allow him entry so he reached around her and touched the vibrator to her pussy. He turned it on as he reached around. Silk instantly loosed up and with a moan from both of them, Michael slid all the way in. "Yes," Michael hissed. "That's it take it like the whore you are." Michael told her as he began to slide in and out of her ass. Silk felt another orgasm approaching and begged for it.

Michael allowed it as it aided in his pursuit of his own orgasm. When he took Silk anally and allowed her to cum from it, it was incredible. Her ass squeezed his cock; no milked it was a better word. Seeing that her arms were still pinned, Michael released them. "Use your hands and push back into me slave. Make me cum," He ordered. Silk did as he ordered and put her hands down next to her head and then pushed her body weight back into Michael's thrusts.

Silk was out of her mind at this point. While he had never been this rough on her, she couldn't really say she didn't like it. He had turned her on like no other and she now knew that no other could do this to her. Michael reclaimed her attention once again as he dropped the vibrator and pulled her up by her shoulders against his chest again.

He noticed the nipple clamps were still on so he pulled the chain hard. He liked the way she responded when he clamped her nipples. Silk's nipples felt so sore but the pain wasn't hurting her, it was sending signals straight to her core and making her what him to hurt them more. The way he was thrusting into her told her he was about to cum. He growled in her ear, "Cum with me slave or else." He knew she could.

Silk was happy to obey and as she felt him shoot deep in her ass, she let go. As they came Michael bit her neck again and she exploded again. After a few moments, the intensity wore off and Michael fell over onto his side, as he did he pulled her over next to him and wrapped his arms around her.

They lay like for a while, each catching his or her breath and deep in thought. Silk lay there thinking on what had just happened. Again she thought to herself, Michael had never been so rough, so cold. Usually Silk felt love coming from him, but not this time.

This time he was so cold in his manner. Even now while he held her, she paras arora kipoorn story daxy feel any love from him. He wasn't kissing or stroking her; he just lay there with his arm around her breathing heavy. After a while, Silk started to get up. She needed to go to the bathroom. As he feet hit the flood Michael asked in that cold voice, "Where are you going slave?

I haven't dismissed you yet." Silk turned to look at him and saw he was serious, put out she said, "I have to go to the bathroom if you must know." Not liking her tone and still feeling mad and very much in charge Michael barked, "Kneel now," then he got up off the bed.

Silk dropped to the floor as ordered and awaited his next order. She hoped he would allow her to got to the bathroom soon as her bladder was about to burst. Michael walked over to where she knelt and grabbed her leash. Thinking to himself that the bathroom sounded like a great idea, he pulled it and led her toward the bathroom. He made her crawl like a dog however. Once in the bathroom he ordered her to stand up and then in one fluid motion he picked her up and sat her over the sink.

Next he got as close as he could. Silk's head flew up and her eyes me his, "What are you doing," she stuttered. "You said you had to pee, well so do I," with that said, he let go a stream of piss that hit Silk straight in the crotch. "So you better piss now or not at all," Michael told her with an evil grin. The feeling was too intense. Silk couldn't believe he was doing this and worse she couldn't believe that she was getting hot over it.

Also she suddenly had no control over her bladder, it had a mind of its own and as Michael pissed on her slit, she also let go. The whole thing was so erotic that she started to have an orgasm from it as she pissed. Michael knew she would freak out at what he had planned so he just didn't tell her.

Lifting her up over the sink, he spread her legs and began to piss on her pussy. Michael watched her reaction and he was pleased to note that while she was shocked, she was not repelled.

When she started to piss herself Michael knew it might be okay. Then as Michael finished pissing and watched, her eyes rolled back and she started to pant. The slut was danny wylde syren de mer. Michael was shocked and delighted.

He slid his finger into her slit and helped to aid her orgasm. Silk looked him in the eye and then looked at his hand, the site of her pissing on his hand while he stroked her clit sent more shockwaves through her body. As waves raked her body, Michael reached up and removed the clamps from her nipple with his free hand, as the blood returned to her nipples she came again. This time she threw back her head and cried out, "Oh Master, I love you." As the sensations past and Silk floated back to reality, Michael knew she had had enough for a while.

Lifting her down off the sink, he sat her on the toilet. He reached over and turned on the water and pulled the stunning amy fisher has her pussy penetrated that sent the water to the little hose. Next he knelt between her legs and took the hose and washed her out and off.

He also used it to clean out her ass and after he was finished, he shut off the water. He took the towel off the rack and dried her body, once done he swooped her up and carried her to bed. Grabbing the covers, he yanked then back and placed Silk between the sheets. She was already asleep so Michael covered her and went to clean himself up.