Wacky czech teen gapes her spread pussy to the peculiar

Wacky czech teen gapes her spread pussy to the peculiar
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Megan's POV: Three days until Father's day Savannah and I have been to our lawyers. Both of us are still upset with Nick. His attitude since the birth of our grandbabies was not tolerable. He picked a fight that really wasn't needed. We both love him, but the way he has been carrying on was not our cup of tea. We love those that we took in as our grandkids very much, and the way he hurt them was again uncalled for.

Savannah and I made our way to the garage to find him working on a trike. Probably another one for him to ride no doubt. Savannah has her determined look on while she carries the papers in her right hand. Nick sees us coming which makes him stand up coming to greet us with a smile. Savannah shoves the papers to his chest which makes him catch them with his right hand. " What are these?" He asks all confused looking at us both " Divorce papers darling." Savannah answers as I see his eyes go wide " What!?" He asks all surprised while quickly looking at the front page " Divorce papers Nick as in we're leaving you.

You picking a fight with Heath, and hurting our grandbabies was over the line." Savannah states with a bit of anger " But I." He tries to say getting cut off " No Nick this isn't the time to sugar coat things. We love you, but your pride went over board this time. The only way we will not divorce you is if you can get back in good standings with the family that WE love." She says with a stern voice before continuing " And what's with the trike?" " It's.it's for Heath.

I figured since the kids liked to ride. I would fix him up his own ride." Nick says shocking us both " What your going to try and bribe Heath now?" I ask with a look of disgust " No nothing like that. I am truly wanting him to have his own ride. A safe one for the kids." He states shocking us both again " Well it does look nice, but you have to make things right Nick. Caleb and Simon are going forward with the new charter by the way.

They are just as upset as we are. The whole family is by how you couldn't accept your mother's happiness." Savannah exclaims getting a slow nod " I know and I feel disgusted with myself." He says lowering his head looking at the papers in his hand Savannah and I look at our husband before leaving him to go start packing for our trip back to Virginia.

Simone and Damon were excited about the trip. Damon for the chance to see the girls on the beach which I found to be cute. While Simone it was to see Heath again. Ever since that day Savannah and I taught her a few things she has been anxious to apply them to Heath. I told her not to just come on to him since Savannah and I had a better idea leaving her to wonder.

Lisa told Savannah and I that Vanessa our niece was excited about the trip and relocating. She also had the hots for a man up there, but wouldn't say who. We all started to guess as to whom the man could be since there was a few cuties that we knew of. Once Savannah and I got in our bedroom we looked around before going to the closet to get our duffle bags.

" You know baby I am going to miss our love making." Savannah tells me as I stop and look at her " Aww honey I am sure we still can. I am sure the Maggie and them won't mind us borrowing their room for a few hours." I respond getting a smile " True there, plus maybe we can." She starts to say trailing off " We can what baby?" I ask getting a giggle from her " Well don't you think Maggie is hot?

I mean she does have a sexy ass." She asks while I slap her ass " Savannah you saying you have the hots for Maggie, and didn't tell me?' I ask seeing her nod " Yes and sorry baby.

I just think she is a dish to eat, and besides I have seen how you look at her and Faye. You undress them with your eyes." My love says to me. We've been together so long we know everything about one another " Ok I do and what woman wouldn't. Those two are sexy as hell." I say while we both start packing our bags " But you know they are with mom and Jackie right.

How would you feel about mom going down on us?" I ask seeing her think on that while I pack our panties " Well I would see it as a woman giving love to another, and mom is still beautiful and sexy. I have caught her a time or two phat ass blondie milf gets her pussy pounded by younger dude. I just have to say if things were different I would ask her to marry us." My african love says with a smile " Wow she's that sexy?" I ask seeing her nod " Yes and her ass oh god I could have some fun with that.

I mean strap on or tongue it wouldn't matter." She says while packing our swim suits " Well darling let's get up there then see were things go. I just want to get our family back on steady ground. New sex game jill fuck pov play now miss our grandbabies.

Karen didn't even kiss me goodbye when we left because of that prick." I say getting a agreeable nod We keep packing our clothes and a few toys that we both enjoy. I pick up our favorite that we renamed just out of spite.

I think of the other night that Nick caught Savannah and I tribbing with each end deep inside us. I thought it was funny as we both moaned Heath's name just to piss him off. " Baby what do you think of taking this with us?" I ask placing one of the heads to my mouth and slowly sucking it " I say definitely take it. Maybe we can talk one of the ladies to have fun with us." She says as I take it into my throat before pulling it out " That would be nice in it's own way." I say being the nympho I am " Also if we get with Maggie maybe Heath would love us also." Savannah says with a small smile " He already does as a aunt/sister baby." I say seeing her nod " Oh well I'll just keep that idea as a fantasy." Savannah says getting a smirk " Your bad Savannah." I say with a giggle " Yep and you love it when I am." She says being right as I do Once we are already to leave tomorrow Simone comes in wearing her bikini.

" I'm packed and ready." She says getting us to giggle " That bestie converted and eaten out by lesbian gf uh?" Savannah asks getting a nod and smile " Yep, can't wait to see Heath and the others again." Simone states since the last time was the wedding " Is Damon ready and packed?" I ask receiving a nod " Yeah he is outside talking to Bison.

So who am I riding up with?" She asks with some concern " Well Shelby and Sasha are taking their SUVs. Jax and E.P. are taking their muscle cars. So I guess you pick as Savannah riding up with me." I say seeing her laugh " What's so funny girlie?" Savannah asks with concerns of her own " Your going to be momma's bitch on the way up." Simone says getting us to giggle " Simone I am her bitch in the bedroom so why not on a bike.

And you have to think sweet daughter of mine if you get with a biker you will be his also." Savannah says getting a nod " I know, but there only one man I kortney kane sexy storys sex stories to be a bitch to in a good way." She says shocking us " Simone." Savannah says getting a giggle " Well it's true mom jeez.

I don't mean it like a slut or whore. I love him it's just getting him to see that is going to be the test." She says with a sad expression " Like we told you leave that to us now go call your aunt or uncle that you want to ride up to Virginia with." I say as she leaves to do just that " Damn I think we created a monster." Savannah says before I slap her sexy ass " And you weren't like that with Nick?" I say seeing her sigh " Yes I was because he was all I could think of back then.

Damn things have changed." She says getting a nod " I know darling. Lets get my bike ready for tomorrow so we can be there by Father's Day." I say taking her left hand in mine =================================================================== It's been one hell of a month since Mother's Day. My ribs are healing slowly, but I try xxxx mom big boobs son work the soreness out.

My wives and loves have been trying to get me to stay still so I don't hurt myself more. I have been thinking a lot since the day I was beaten up. What caused me to end up on the beach that day. I know Nick was mad and beyond pissed, but he could of just talked it out. I love the man, but damn because of him I couldn't do a lot for myself.

My kids were hurt the most being called names for no apparent reason except him being a asshole. It was Wednesday around 2 o'clock in the afternoon that I find myself in my chair. The family are all off shopping for the up coming weekend. The godparents took the kids so they could get me something. Justin and Nicky went with my brothers and sisters. That left my wives and loves home with me with the two month old babies home. Jasmine and Diamond were in my lap both cuddled up to me with Allison sitting on the edge of the coffee table.

The others were attending to the babies changing or holding them. " Baby have you decided about Selena yet and also Kaye?" Jasmine asks me getting the others to look at us " Still debating about that. I just don't want any regrets between anyone, or lose a friendship." I say seeing sincere nods " Baby there won't be any, and you won't lose any as they both want and need this." Diamond tells me while all the women in the room nod " Darling when you were born it was one of the best days of my life.

That feeling being a mother over and over always warmed my heart. So I can understand Selena." Mom tells me while she is holding Maggie May " She's right baby when I had Dakota for that first time it was so heart warming to me. Seeing his fresh cleaned face was so warming." Diamond says stating her point I sat there taking in all that was told or said to me. I looked at Allison who got on her knees in front of me spreading my legs apart.

" Baby the day I conceived our child gave me that hope that Lindsey will have a little brother or sister besides Karen, Dakota, and Lil Greg.

Heath that is what Selena wants for Lil Heath. All of us that are your women have thought this through, and we want you to give them both a hope at being mothers, but with Kaye it will be her first." Allison says while sliding her hands up the legs of my shorts with a smile " Allison the others will be back soon." I say feeling her wrap her hands around my manhood " So I am not exposing you my darling just playing with you a bit. I have missed playing with what is ours." She says getting giggles " She's right baby it's not like we can jump your bones.

Your hurt so we have to get that loving some how." Jasmine tells me getting on the left arm rest as Diamond gets on the right " So baby you going to give our sisters a baby?" Allison asks sliding the crotch over to expose my dick " I suppose so since your all for it, but I don't want to be alone with Kaye, because it will feel like I am cheating." I say getting shook heads " You won't be baby as I will be there along with Jackie." Mom says seeing a confused look from me " What do you mean mom?" I ask feeling Allison lick the underside of my manhood " Heath I daleste cam milf arabic sexy muslim gostosa webcam she is as much my daughter as Michelle is.

Jackie feels the same right darling?" Mom says asking her wife " Yes I do that is why I will be there also. I want to witness her experiencing the feeling of conception." Jackie says holding Anthony " Heath just face it baby your a woman's wet dream. You are everything a lady needs as your caring, loving, amazing in bed, and have a wonderful heart." Tiffany says with a big smile While I think of what to do Allison takes me into her mouth.

I let out a moan getting giggles from the others. " I think the babies don't need to hear their daddy getting pleasure." Mom says with laughter filling the room Allison stops before getting up.

" Darlings can you help me get him up to the bedroom. I can't wait any more I need him." She says taking her top off to expose her breast " Allison he is still." Diamond tries to say but cut off " No he can still be given pleasure slowly. Jackie and Faye have had him on Mother's Day.

I want my baby in me." She says taking off her shorts and panties They all eye her before Jasmine and Diamond follow taking off their clothes. I am helped up out of my chair before helped up the stairs. I hear laughter before hearing other foot steps. " I think our baby is about hot sluts take care of their rods get raped." Faye says with a giggle " CAN'T RAPE THE WILLING BEAUTIFUL!" I yell while watching Allison run to the bedroom shaking her ass at me Once I am helped into the bedroom Allison steps up to me while my shorts get pushed down.

I step out of them being led to the beds that are put together. They help me in and laid down. I see Renee, Jessie, Tiffany, and Hannah standing there in the room each naked. I chuckle a bit before Allison crawls on the bed only to straddle me. She looks down in my eyes as the other wives and loves get on the bed.

" Baby the day you came into my life was the day I started to love you. I just never thought my dreams and fantasies would come true. I love you my love." She says as I see Jasmine suck my dick a few times before lining it up to Allison's entrance " Ok Allison darling take our man into your pussy." Diamond says while Allison does that by lowering down taking me hot sluts alice march nicole aniston romi rain and sydney cole her core " Oh shit.he feels good." She says leaning forward to place her lips on mine That afternoon was very loving as it was just my wives,‭ ‬Renee,‭ ‬and Allison.‭ ‬Each one gave me their love with such feeling that I had never felt before.‭ ‬Each one showed me why I was their man,‭ ‬and how much I meant to them.‭ ‬I might of been sore,‭ ‬but I hid the pain.‭ ‬I knew from that moment it was time to be the man I once was taking what was mine.‭ ‬I gave them each a little more of my love by making sure each had a part of me by dinner time.‭ ‬It was an afternoon I would never forget.

I sitting on the tailgate of my Ranger with Jasmine and Tessa on either side of me.‭ ‬It was around‭ ‬3‭ ‬o‭'‬clock on Saturday before Father‭'‬s day.‭ ‬Half the family were standing around and we saw the rest of the family drive up.‭ ‬Megan parked in front of us with‭ ‬Savannah riding with her.‭ ‬I turned to look at Tessa who just shrugged her shoulders.‭ ‬Caleb and Simon pulled up in front followed by two SUVs then two classic cars a Dodge Challenger and a Dodge Polara, full of people.‭ ‬I shook my head feeling we got invaded‭ chloe and joseline moans and screams while being pounded a chuckle.‭ ‬Everyone either got off their bike or out of the vehicles.‭ ‬I got up to give Savannah and Megan each a hug before I winced in pain.

‭"‬ Oh sorry Heath I forgot honey.‭"‬ Megan says as I shake my head ‭"‬ It‭'‬s ok I have been um hugged worse.‭"‬ I say turning my head looking at all my ladies to get giggles ‭"‬ Aww well we will be more careful.‭"‬ Savannah says easing up on her hug About that time I am tackled by Simone and Vanessa.‭ ‬I hug them but grunt out a please get off me.‭ ‬Megan and Savannah start yelling at them before I tell them it was ok and I loved my nieces.‭ ‬They each perked up a little kissing my cheeks telling me they missed me‭ ‬.

It‭'‬s at that time I hear two loud bikes come up the street.‭ ‬While Megan and Savannah hug me again I see one guy I have‭ ‬never seen and Grey pull up‭ ‬.‭ ‬The one catches my eyes as he turns his bike off,‭ ‬and gets off to only stand.‭ ‬He looks to be‭ ‬6‭'‬7,‭ ‬264‭ ‬lbs all muscle,‭ ‬with dark skin like Savannah secretaire francaise sexy suce une bite pour les voyeurs Nicky.‭ ‬I just stare not knowing what to do either to run or hide.‭ ‬He is built like a wall that is unbreakable.

‭"‬ Who is that‭?"‬ I ask getting a few giggles ‭"‬ Oh that is.‭"‬ Savannah tries to say before the hulking of a man steps over to Nicky ‭"‬ So this is where you been you little punk‭?"‬ The guy asks while I see Nicky looking up at the man ‭"‬ Yep I been here you have something against that‭? ‬Couldn‭'‬t find anything bigger‭?"‬ Nicky says pointing to the guys gun that is big asking the big man as if they have known each other for years. ‭"‬ The S&W‭ ‬500‭ ‬is coming.‭ ‬Just have to wait for it to ship.‭"‬ The guy says looking down at Nicky It‭'‬s at that moment that Karen comes out running to Savannah and Megan as everyone gathers over to us.‭ ‬She looks at everyone before speaking up.

‭"‬ Do you still hate us kids‭?"‬ She asks being hurt still after a month Savannah and Megan kneel down looking at Karen. ‭"‬ No sweetie we never hated you.‭ ‬We all love you baby girl.‭"‬ Savannah says with such love in her heart ‭"‬ Really‭?"‬ Karen asks while I see Shelby,‭ ‬Lisa,‭ ‬Sasha,‭ ‬and Lucy come over to hug their oldest grandchild.

‭"‬ Yes dear we all do.‭"‬ Shelby says as they all show Karen love by hugging her ‭"‬ What Nick did was uncalled for honey.‭ ‬We don‭'‬t accept his actions small girl gets the pump and dump all.‭"‬ Lisa says while hugging Karen ‭"‬ What did the old man do now‭?"‬ The big guy asks getting everyone‭'‬s‭ ‬attention Savannah starts to explain to him as Karen hugs Sasha who has been close to my daughter.‭ ‬He looks from Savannah back to Nicky shaking his head.

‭"‬ So you let him hurt Heath and some kids‭?"‬ He asks with a stern voice ‭"‬ Hey Bison,‭ ‬Justin and I tried to talk to him,‭ ‬but he shoved us away.‭"‬ Nicky says while I see the guy shake his head once more before everyone‭'‬s eyes go wide It‭'‬s at that moment the man Nicky called Bison knocks him on his ass.‭ ‬I watch as Karen wants down out of Sasha‭'‬s arms.‭ ‬She gets‭ ‬down making her way to Nicky.‭ ‬She gets down to check on him.

‭"‬ YOU LEAVE MY UNCLE ALONE‭!"‬ She yells as Bison looks at her then at Nicky while she kicks him in the shin.‭ ‬By the looks of it she had no effect ‭"‬ What you got little girls to stand up for you now‭? Can't be a man and fight your own battles punks?"‬ Bison says asking as Nicky rubs his jaw ‭"‬ No she is like a niece to me,‭ ‬and someone I have vowed to protect along with the family.‭"‬ Nicky answers while Bison looks at him I watch as Bison turns to take a few steps to Karen.‭ ‬He leans over taking her by‭ ‬the collar.‭ ‬I see my daughter frightend curling into a ball as I start for her to be held back by Savannah and Megan.

‭"‬ Let her go asshole.‭"‬ Travis says as Bison doesn‭'‬t look at my brother ‭"‬ I‭'‬m sorry Nick hurt you sweetie.‭"‬ He says before I see four of my brothers step to Bison ‭"‬ Hey bro I think your getting sized up.‭"‬ Grey says to Bison who ignores my brothers Grey is about‭ ‬6‭'‬5,‭ ‬254‭ ‬lbs,‭ ‬long reddish blonde hair.‭ ‬He wears shades like Bison does hiding their eyes.‭ ‬Bison lets Karen down who runs to Nicky for protection.‭ ‬He holds her in his arms. ‭"‬ Guys I think you better stand down.‭"‬ Bison says before Travis yells a war cry before all four of my brothers run to fight the giant of a man I watch as each of them are hit or tossed to the side like clothes in the bathroom.‭ ‬No one is even helping as if paralyzed in fright.‭ ‬I look to see my sisters watching in horror seeing the ones that they love getting pummeled.‭ ‬Bison has Travis up by the neck before he slings him at Jack who is on top of Chris.‭ ‬I shake my head as I break free of Savannah and Megan to run at the giant.‭ ‬Clutching my ribs with my left arm I jump in the air bringing my right fist to the left side of his face.

‭"‬ HEATH NOOOO‭!"‬ Tessa screams as the guy doesn‭'‬t get phased I stand there clutching my ribs feeling his right hand around my neck.

‭"‬ SOMEONE STOP THIS‭! ‬PLEASE HEATH'S RIBS ARE STILL NOT HEALED‭!"‬ Jasmine yells with tears It‭'‬s at that moment I am lifted up in the air.‭ ‬I look at his face seeing a smirk.‭ ‬I bring my right knee to his face busty blonde milf fucking in thigh high stockings makes him drop me.‭ ‬I get to my feet only to get down to one knee. ‭"‬ HEATH‭!"‬ Diamond yells as everyone goes to check on Travis,‭ ‬Chris,‭ ‬Adam,‭ ‬Jack,‭ ‬and I ‭"‬ DADDY‭!

‬DADDY‭!"‬ I hear my kids yell as I feel hands on me I look to see Tessa kneeling by me and the kids come over to stand between me and Bison.‭ ‬They try to protect me the only way they know how and that is to get inbetween us. ‭"‬ You leave our daddy alone.‭"‬ Dakota says with a stern tone ‭"‬ Your daddy.‭ ‬I thought he was a servant.‭"‬ Bison says with a chuckle ‭"‬ Bison quit it bro.‭"‬ Grey says looking down at the kids and I ‭"‬ Kevin you've hurt his ribs.‭"‬ Tessa says having me lay back against her glaring at this monster of a man ‭"‬ I didn‭'‬t touch his ribs granny.‭"‬ He says catching me off guard ‭"‬ Wait.who the hell Kevin‭?"‬ I ask getting a sigh ‭"‬ Yeah unfortunately I'm the other son of Nick by blood,‭ ‬but he is most a sperm donor in my book.‭"‬ Kevin says while I hear gasps I look at him,‭"‬Wait a second.‭ ‬Nick told me his kids in order was Sierra,‭ ‬Nicky,‭ ‬Mandy,‭ ‬Grey,‭ ‬Simone,‭ ‬Vanessa and Damon.‭" ‬About the time Vanessa corrects her uncle,‭"‬Actually my parents are Lisa and Simon, Uncle Heath.‭ ‬I'm still your niece just they are my blood parents.‭ ‬Sorry for not correcting uncle Nick but he really doesn't like Kevin.‭" ‬I see her cry a little tear from lying to a man she loved so much.

‭"‬ Kevin even so Nick is your father.‭ ‬I know your upset with him as we all are.‭"‬ Tessa says with her arms around me ‭"‬ Upset isn‭'‬t the word now pissed off those fit better and he hasn't been a father to me since I was ten.‭ ‬Hell I love seeing his ass because the tradition of me knocking him out like a little bitch continues to make me smile.‭"‬ He says getting a chuckle ‭"‬ And that on a nice day.‭ ‬When your mad you destroy everything in sight and then go to eat your troubles away.‭"‬ Gray says standing‭ ‬by Kevin ‭"‬ So Gray I see your doing well.‭ ‬And the task you had to do after Christmas was find him‭?"‬ I ask getting a nod from him ‭"‬ Yep.

Something about he needs to meet his extended family.‭ ‬He was a pain in the ass to track down though.‭"‬ Gray says with a smile I look up at each of them. I see two guys that could either kill me if they wanted, or have my back.

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I didn't know which, but I had to tell them the truth if they haven't heard yet. " So um have you both heard about your grandmother?" I ask searching their face for any expression " Heath honey we don't have to talk about it right now.

Your hurt baby let's get you inside darling." Tessa says while holding me " No hun it's better to get this out of the way instead of later." I say slowly getting up to see Kevin helping me up by surprise Once on my feet Tessa stands on my right while Renee comes to entangle her right arm on my left.

I look up at Kevin as he looks down at 18 virgins raped forced or drporn storys. " Granny you happy with your life here?" He asks not taking his eyes off mine I think " Yes I am very happy Kevin.

You have been away for so long a lot has changed." Tessa says answering her grandson " That's all I need to know, and I know I have and you know why and who caused it. Look Heath just keep our grandma and cousins happy that's all Gray and I ask." Kevin says extending his hand to me I take it out of friendship seeing Gray do the same.

After the hand shakes are done I go to my right knee. " HEATH!" I hear everyone say before Kevin and Gray help me up " Come on man let's get you inside." Gray says getting a nod They help me in being followed by everyone while Tessa and Renee run in front.

They show the two where to get me to sit in my chair.

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Once sat everyone finds a spot as Tessa sits in my lap while Jessie Lee and Renee sit by my side. Kevin and Gray stand not far looking at us. " Now this going to take some getting use too. So both our cousins are with you?" Gray asks getting nods " Yes Gray, Jessie and I are with Heath.

We each found something in his heart that we fell for." Renee says getting a nod " It's all good Renee just as long your all happy. Look I have seen a lot of shit on the road." Kevin says before getting scolded " Language hun there are kids around." Savannah says with Megan in her lap " Ops sorry mom, but I have seen stuff that has opened my eyes.

So seeing Sierra and Mandy with one guy doesn't bother me, or the fact my grandmother is with a guy not that much older then I am doesn't either. It's the fact that your all happy is my concern." Kevin says getting a nod from Gray " We are all so happy my strong grandson very.

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We are so blessed with the happiness we have. It's just I wish your father felt towel drop in front of brother same." Tessa says sadly while I hold her " Heck with him granny your happiness is what's important.

After grandpa died you were sad and hard to live with, but I see that smile and that makes my heart happy." Kevin says getting smiles " So what do I call you brother, cousin, nephew, or grandson?" I ask getting giggles and chuckles " Brother will be fine as Justin was more of a brother then Uncle." He answers saying to me " Ok bro, so what's with the visit?" I ask turning to Savannah and them " Well Heath hun we left Alabama to start a new life, and a new charter for the club." Megan says getting my attention Savannah starts telling me they all missed us and the kids.

They wanted to be closer to their mom and son sex vdecom and family. Kevin and Gray also listen when she gets to say more of why the change and to my injuries which makes Kevin and Gray double their fist up. Kevin looks at the kids each sitting in a grandparent's lap.

He looks at Karen with concerned eyes before going to her since she sat in Sasha's lap. He picks her up by the collar again and I see fear in my babies eyes. He looks at her and then his mother. " Mom did you give up one of my sisters?" He states asking while I hear Savannah laugh " Your uncle asked me that too. And no she is your niece." Savannah answers while he nods with a grin " Your not going to hurt me are you?" She asks getting a no " No sweetie just want to know how your feeling." He says as I see Karen look in his eyes " Well I am mad at Grampie Nick.

I thought he loved me and daddy." She says while Kevin rubs her back In his arms my daughter looks like a baby again. " Well sweetie if that asshole Nick hurts you ever again let me know. I am Kevin by the way." He says with a smile to her " Karen sorry for yelling at you Kevin." She says with a yawn " You sleepy hun?" Tessa asks while Kevin hands Karen back to Sasha whom my daughter turns into a pillow " Yes grammie Tessa, can grandma Sasha put me to bed?" Karen says asking as Sasha gasps " Yes honey she can because the other kids need naps." Tiffany says as I see my boys fell asleep in Lucy and Lisa's laps while Lindsey and little Heath fall asleep in Shelby's " You.you don't mind do you Tiffany hun?" Sasha asks getting a no The kids get taken to their rooms.

Sasha and Shelby takes the girls while Lisa and Lucy has the boys while Jax carries Lil Heath. The rest of us sit while relaxing.

Michael tells our extended family where they can sleep in which Savannah and Megan both look at Mom. " Maggie can Megan and I sleep in your room?" They ask getting giggles " Well hun there is no bed in there. We sleep with Heath full time." Mom answers getting wide eyes " Oh we didn't know I'm sorry." Megan says getting a few shook heads " No sorrys needed, but you both can have the room.

We will get a bed delivered tomorrow." Faye says with a smile Savannah and Megan look at mom and Faye with warm smiles and deep loving eyes. I chuckle inside knowing what they want as I see those eyes from my ladies everyday.

The rest of the day went by with Kevin and I talking while Tessa and Renee sat in my lap. Jessie stood behind us with her arms down around my neck with her hands on my abs.‭ ‬Kevin decides to pick on Renee. ‭"‬Heath a quick heads up you better plan for having a lot of kids with Renee.‭ ‬She wants a lot of babies to play with.‭" ‬I watch and Renee slaps her cousin ‭"‬You know what Kevin I have twelve kids already and more coming.‭ ‬You keep it up and I'll put you on diaper duty.‭" ‬Kevin laughs telling her to try and then‭ ‬stops ‭"‬What I've been gone a couple years so how the fuck do you have twelve kids‭?" ‬Renee smacks him and tells him to watch his language before explaining how I had seven wives so all of my babies are hers and the other girls ‭ ‬He nods and said by his count there was only eleven.‭ ‬Renee shakes her head.

‭" L‬ittle Heath sweetie can you come here.‭" ‬I watch my nephew run to his aunt ‭"‬Yes mommie Renee.‭" ‬Renee smiles ‭"‬And like I said Kevie I have twelve and more coming.‭" ‬She hugs and kisses her nephew son before letting him go back to free porn holly halston anal gang bang with his cousins Kevin shakes his head showing a sincere grin.

Everyone broke to get reacquinted as family. It was a nice enjoyable time as my family was growing close every time I turned my head. That evening the moms, Savannah, and Megan fixed a big dinner while the rest of the family talked or held the babies. Karen sat in Kevin's lap which I could see she felt safe as with the rest of us. I was glad she did because he was a good guy. And if Nick would have said something about him It'd probably would have been bad since he hated us.

That night I went to bed followed my my ladies. Once in bed Tessa and mom laid on eitherside of me as the others spooned up to one another. We all chatted for a bit while just cuddling. It felt nice and warm to the heart. I closed my eyes after a while to feel the warmness from all those that loved me in the room fill my heart making me feel stronger.

I woke up feeling a bit sore, but happy. Opening my eyes I look to see only Tiffany laying next to me on my right looking up at me. " Good morning my love. Did you sleep well?" She asks getting a smile " Good morning back, and yes I did. What about you beautiful?" I ask seeing a smile " Yes baby since I dreamt of you like always." She answers snuggling up to me a bit more " Where are the others?" I ask feeling her caress my abs " Downstairs with the family.

I stayed because I want to spend some time with you, and also be here because someone wants to speak to you." She tells me getting up naked going to the bedroom door She opens it only poking her head out before letting the person come in.

It's a good thing that I was covered up since the person was Selena. Tiffany shut the door taking Selena's hand leading her over to the bed. Tiffany crawls back up to lay back where she was while Selena crawled up to sit on my left. " Ok um what's going on?" I ask while Tiffany lays half on me " Just listen to her baby. Hear her side before you decide." Tiffany says before Selena takes my left hand in both of her's " Heath where do I begin? You and I have been friends since we were babies.

We grew up together with Chris and Tiffany. So besides those two you the moments of sexy hardcore fun for brunette me the best. I always thought you and I would well be better best friends." She says pausing looking in my eyes before going on " When.when you took my cherry I didn't want it like that. And Chris curly pussy punished with ramrod squirting and japanese give me anymore kids, because of the shot you gave him between the legs.

I need to feel your love that always helped ease my pain as your heart just seemed to draw the pain away, and give happiness room to grow. The hurt and anger in your eyes I saw frightened me. I had nightmares for weeks and it was always your eyes telling me you no longer loved us." She says pausing again before showing deep hurt adding on." YOU RAPED ME HEATH WHEN I WAS GOING TO GIVE MYSELF TO YOU!" Selena says out loud making my heart break before she continued " Sorry Heath but that's what it was.

There was no love behind it. I know we hurt you, but if.if you just let me explain like I tried to it would of been gentle. Heath I love you so very much. I.I want you to give me a baby. I want a part of your love growing in me.

The loving Heath that I see before me. I want the Heath that carried me home that one summer I crashed from our bike ride as kids. I want the Heath I loved all those years ago and still love.

I need you to make love to me and turn my nightmares into wonderful sweet dreams because they scare me sweetie. I told Uncle Greg I wished you had impregnated me too. I missed you so much and carrying your.OUR baby would have helped ease the pain" I am wide eyed at her confession. I hurt her that day I took her innocence.

I could kick my own ass right now. Why didn't I just listen instead of hurting one of my best friends who was a sister to me. I look up all sexxy story xx xx her tear filled eyes as tears fall from mine. " I am so sorry Selena for hurting you. I am so sorry for hurting Chris if I didn't maybe you both could of had more kids. I am such a piece of shit." I say as they both gasp at my words " Heath don't talk like that.

You are not a piece of shit baby. You were angry and anger makes someone do something they do without thinking. Heath calm down baby your shaking." Tiffany says while sitting up with her right hand on my chest " Come on Heath hun calm down baby. I didn't come in here to make you feel sad. I came to give you my love that you always had.

I love you Heath and want your love also. Please Heath make me one of your lovers. Give me a baby that I can bare and hold knowing you love me like before." Selena says while I think of what to do After Selena confesses everything the memories start coming back flooding my mind.

Those haunting memories of that evening makes my heart swell up that I can't breathe. I sit up looking at them both before getting up slowly. I get dressed in shorts just to leave the room hearing Selena start to cry as Tiffany comforts her. I make my way down stairs. I don't see anyone in the living room, but hear them all in the kitchen.

I look around to only see what looks like a 1911 on the mantle. I don't know whose it is but I grab it. I make my way out the back slowly, but force myself to keep going clutching my ribs with my left arm. Once out the back and to the back gate I walk down to the beach. Once to the shoreline I look around not seeing anyone. I look down at the gun with thoughts going through my head.

Before I know it my anger sweeps through me of me raping Selena. I raise the gun to my head looking out across the ocean pulling on the trigger. =================================================================== Kevin's POV: I am making my way out of the kitchen with my coffee in my right hand.

I am having a blast getting to know my new extended family. Mike, Nate, and Ricky are cool father figures. Jack I have found out is a joker getting in trouble at times being stranger bangs the beauteous gal girlfriend homemade in the head by my sisters.

Adam is a quiet guy, but smart on a few levels. Chris has been the longest of Heath's friends besides Selena, and Tiffany. Jasmine has also been a long time friend of his, but became a wife. I have learned a lot about him through them. I have to say he is a good man to have on your side during a fight. Once I get to the back sliding door I notice it's open. I try to think if anyone went out this morning to remember no one has. I was about to close it when I milf women would like to get pressed in public pt on hdmilfcamcom shots come from the beach.

I take a few steps putting my coffee on the coffee table before running to the kitchen. " Hey does anyone use the beach as a shooting ranch?" I ask getting nos from Mike and them " No why son?" Mom tells me asking in exchange " Because I heard a few come from the beach." Once those words come out Renee, Jessie, Simone run past me I turn to see them all three run up the stairs.

I turn back to see Mike on the phone. He talks to someone when I hear the shots again. He gets off the phone putting it back on the counter. " It's not William. He fart face bbw femdom mfx new story they heard shots also." Mike says as I turn to see Renee and them coming running down with Tiffany and Selena I notice Heath isn't with them.

" Where's Heath?" I ask seeing Selena crying " He left after Selena tried to talk to ten girl fuking firse time. We thought he would come down here." Tiffany says before I hear one last shot that didn't sound right I make my way past my cousins getting out the back door.

The dogs are barking while I run past them. Once past the back gate I stop to look at the scene in front of me. Down on the shoreline I see Heath. I turn to see all the family come out with lovely lilith growing boobs with milk concern.

I tell them to keep the kids back. Grandma's eyes go wide before Maggie tells Jasmine and Diamond to keep the kids inside. I turn to see Heath not moving, but standing there. I resume my running down to him. I don't know what is going on, but I intend to find out. Once I get a few steps from him I turn to see all the family coming behind me. I hold my hand out as if saying stay back. They stop but slowly walk up to Heath and I.

I make my way to him slowly and calmly. " Heath man what's with the morning shooting practice?' I ask slowly going for the gun in his right hand He doesn't speak just stands there looking out upon the ocean. " Heath hun what's wrong baby?" Maggie asks and still nothing comes out of his mouth " Baby please tell us what is wrong?" Faye says while I slowly grab his right hand taking the gun I step back looking at the gun then over at Nicky.

" Lose something retard?" I ask seeing his eyes go wide " Oh shit." He says coming over to get his gun " You might want to keep that on you at all times you idiot." I say seeing him nod before checking it out " He fired all the rounds." He exclaims while I shook my head " I.I hurt her." Heath says getting our attention " You hurt who darling?" Granny asks with deep concern " Selena.I.I raped her." He says getting a few wide eyes " Heath you don't need to do this. That was a long time ago." I hear Selena say getting me to turn around facing everyone " Ok what does he mean?" I ask seeing Mike, Nate, and Ricky shake their heads " It was years ago.

It doesn't need to be brought up." Nate says looking over at his daughter " It was a one time thing that needs to be buried in the past." Chris states getting me to stare in his eyes " Well I hate to say it's not. Look at him he isn't burying the past. Seems it got unburied for some reason." I say seeing them lower their heads " Maggie what is going on baby? Did you know about this?" Granny asks her wife getting a nod " I heard about it, but thought that part of his life was gone.

I guess he hasn't forgot about it." Maggie answers getting deep concern from my grandmother " Heath sweetie." Tiffany tries to say but gets cut off " I RAPED HER! I AM A FUCKING RAPIEST!" He yells loudly getting us all to look at him I see him turned around facing us. His head is lowered with his fist clinched and shaking. I watch as there are tears upon his face. Selena makes her way to Heath slowly so not to make him run.

" No your not Heath. You are not that Heath that did that to me.

Your the Heath that cares and loves those around him." She says placing her right hand on his left I watch him step back into the water away from her. Selena stands there for a moment, but steps again to him. " No Heath don't step away from me. You are not a rapiest hun. You were mad and angry at what you saw. Come inside baby brother, and we will talk." She says with a concerned tone in her voice " She's right baby your not that man.

You are the man we all love. We care so much about you. Please my love come out of the water." Tiffany says taking his right hand They both try to coax him out of the water, but he shrugs them both only to shove them away from him.

Delinquent teen taught lesson and fucked by angry couple

" YOU SAY YOU ALL LOVE ME!? HOW CAN YOU KNOWING I RAPED HER? I SHOULD OF DROVE OFF THAT FUCKING CLIFF WHEN I GOT HERE YEARS AGO!" He yells shocking us all while pointing towards the cliff that was in the distance " HEATH QUIT THAT TALK!" Michelle yells running up past us all to Heath " Michelle don't get back here." Maggie says worried about her daughter " No mom don't you see he has never got rid of his nightmare that haunts him." Michelle says getting gasps " What.what do you mean nightmare?" Diamond asks with concern about Michelle's words " He wrote about it on his laptop.

He wrote his feelings about taking Selena like he did. He has never had any peace of mind over it." Michelle says with tears " MICHELLE JUST GET AWAY FROM ME! I AM BROKEN NOT WORTHY TO BE CALLED A BROTHER ANYMORE!" He says loudly as she turns to look up at him " NO HEATH YOUR MY BROTHER! I LOVE YOU BABY BROTHER! YOU NEED TO COME TO TERMS WITH WHAT HAPPENED! I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT YOU DO!" She says while Tiffany and Selena go to stand by Michelle I stand there seeing Heath look at them.

I look at his fist get unclinched before the next thing I see is him turning to look at the ocean. " The only way for me to come to terms is if I die." He says getting shocks and gasps Before the three close to him can do anything Heath takes off into the water. " HEATH NOOOOO!" Everyone yells in unison as Selena takes off after him He doesn't get far before she catches up jumping on his back.

" YOU WANT TO DIE FINE, BUT YOUR TAKING ME WITH YOU!" She yells making everyone hear her over the roar of the ocean " NO GET OFF ME!" He yells trying to get her off him " NO YOU THINK YOUR THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS NIGHTMARES? I DO TOO HEATH EVERYDAY SEEING NO LOVE IN YOUR EYES ONLY HURT AND PAIN! I LOVE YOU HEATH AND WANT OUR NIGHTMARES TO GO AWAY!" She yells getting Heath to stand there as Selena holds onto him with her legs around him Tiffany goes out in the water to them except gets in front of Heath jumping on him.

" I AM NOT GOING TO LOSE YOU BABY! YOU EITHER DEAL WITH IT, OR WE MAKE A NEW MEMORY TO GET RID OF YOUR NIGHTMARE!" Tiffany yells as Heath looks at her It's at that moment that Heath wraps his right arm around Tiffany then his left around to Selena. He starts to turn starting his way to the shore, but once he hits the sand I see his face is in pain. I quickly get to him before he falls. I catch him as Tiffany gets off him and Selena does the same.

" Bro why you being so dramatic man?" I ask him as he puts a arm around me " I thought I was being myself.a waste." He says before getting a slap " You are not a waste baby bro." Michelle says after stepping up " Yeah ok whatever." He says before I let him go seeing him fall " KEVIN WHAT THE." Tiffany yells before I hushed her up I stood there looking down at him. " You want to be like that asshole that is my father then go ahead, but know this I like you bro. All I have learnt about you is you don't give up.

So what if you did something bad? It was a one time thing. You have so many ladies that love you, and are happy for who you are." I say seeing Selena kneel next to thick black cock way up hillary scotts ass dick as does Tiffany He looks up at me before he sits like both the young ladies that are my aunts.

While Michelle gets down to place his head in her lap. " Heath you need to get over this shit. You have never been a quitter, and are not going to start now." Michelle says as all the family come over " Baby we will help you get past this." Jasmine says to her husband " You are all we want baby." Diamond says with tears I see his eyes start to tear up before he pulls Selena down to him. She wraps her arms around his neck.

" I am so sorry I hurt you all those years ago." He says holding her tight " And I am sorry for hurting you as well honey." Selena says before everyone starts to smile After a bit longer of them holding each other Heath announced he needed to be taken inside.

I have Gray help me take our newest brother in. Selena and Tiffany follow close behind followed by all the family that came out. Once in the house the kids come running. " Daddy, daddy are you ok?" Karen asks with concern in her eyes " He will be honey your daddy just needs some rest." Tiffany says to her daughter " But what about his gifts mommy?" Lindsey asks with a worried tone " We will do them later baby girl.

Go spend time with your grandpas and the others ok baby girl." Selena says getting nods " Ok mommy Lena." Karen says taking Lindsey and Dakota's hands just to add " Come on guys we have grampies to give gifts to." I just shake my head grinning knowing they loved Heath so much. Gray and I got Heath up the stairs then in the bedroom. Tiffany tells Gray and I to put him in the chair. We do before asked to leave. I give Selena a look before she nods going to Heath. I don't pry as I understand from the look in her eyes that she has some talking to do with Heath.

Gray and I leave shutting the door. Making our way down the hallway I spot Chris standing there. " What's up Chris?" I ask seeing him nod " I guess I should try to explain some of why Selena was with Heath." He says before I wave my hand " No need bro.

What happens between you all is your business, but the thing is." I say seeing him nod before I finish " I am taking Heath in as my brother also. If anyone of you hurt him again I will make your lives hell.

I have gotten to know him from you all, and he needs no more bullshit. In my opinion and don't take this in any bad way, but him and Jessa rhodes does a little tease before taking a big fat cock p tube xvideos schoolgirl and uniform just need to bed each other in cute doxy gets hard weenie in hands good atmosphere and make love.

I saw her eyes and know she loves him." " Yes I know Kevin. She loves Heath and myself. I can't give her a baby so I trust Heath to give her as many as she wants" He says catching Gray off guard " Wait you don't mind him knocking her up?" My brother asks before I smack the back of his head " Gray be considerate bro.

You heard all the shit this family has been through. Just similar to Aunt Sasha and Lucy they can't have kids. That's why they took us in as their own." I say seeing him nod before I look at Chris,‭"‬Shit forget you heard that ok‭?" ‬He nods telling me that he wouldn't say a word. We all three started down the stairs before I turned to look at the bedroom door. " Bed her well bro, bed her well.

Heal up as you have a day ahead of you." I say to myself before walking down to be with this new family in a nice place that is home now =============================================================== I am in my chair as Selena and Tiffany stripped me down to dry me off. Selena has a towel and drying my manhood off. I smile as she looks up at me. " Heath may I ask you something baby?" Selena asks only to get a nod before she continues " Will you still love me if I make love to you? Will you always be in my heart if I conceive a baby.our baby?" I look in her eyes before looking in Tiffany's as she was washing my arms.

" So you and the others don't mind if Selena and I made love?" I ask getting a smile and no " We don't mind baby at all, but I am going to be here with you both as it was to be the first time. I wanted Selena there when I conceived, and um she was, but this time it's with love baby no anger." My ebony princess says with a smile I look down to see Selena start stroking me before taking a lick. " Mmmm you taste soooo good sexy." Selena says before letting go to only stand up " What are you doing Lena?" I ask seeing her smile " Getting out of my clothes baby.

I can't make love to you like this can I?" She states asking me while taking her top off exposing her breast " No guess not and damn I love your tits." I say getting giggles from Tiffany and Selena " I love your dick baby." She says taking off her shorts " Damn darlin your hairy." I say getting a smile " Thank you darling I haven't shaved in awhile.

Tiffany told me you like a hairy cunt." She says spreading her legs a bit to spread her labia lips some for me " Mmm so how do you want to do this Lena?" I ask seeing her step up to straddle my legs " Well sexy darling I figured we go with what makes us feel good.

I love you Heath with all my heart as I love Chris. So I am giving you all of me. I want you to be your asian slut whenever you want my pussy and ass, but I want you to breed me first. No matter how long it takes. Make love to me everyday I don't care where you bend me over and pound what is yours too." She says reaching down to put me at her entrance before leaning forward giving me a kiss " Mmm I can't wait to see you both take hidden camera at real massage parlour another.

I think I will play while I watch." Tiffany says before I hear her stripping Selena and I kissed with her rubbing the head of my dick against her entrance getting it wet. Our mouths opened to find the others tongue. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer. She let out a moan in my mouth as my hands went down to her ass. I spread those sexy ass cheeks sliding a finger to her puckered hole.

She moaned again, but this time lowered her pussy down taking the head inside her. She broke the kiss to look into my eyes. " I love you so much." My best friend for so many years says before sinking down on my manhood adding more " Oh god.feels soooo good." I looked over to see Tiffany on the floor legs spread with a dildo going in and out slowly.

She smiled up at me with tears of joy seeing two people she loved making love for the first time. Selena slowly rode me making the moment last for awhile. I slowly massaged her back hole making her moan a bit more. " Mmmmm this feels.so right." Selena says placing her hands on my shoulders while going up and down on my dick ===================================================================== Vanessa's POV: While Heath is upstairs I'm outside playing with the kids and I must say even though I am Jessie's sister I follow Renee more.‭ ‬I just love kids‭!

‬I guess that was the thing always having my cousins was there was and is so much love it isn't funny.‭ ‬I know I only have one sister but my cousins feel like siblings and their parents are like more parents for me.‭ ‬I play with Karen and Sexy babe in red stockings gets slammed while the boys play with Simone.‭ ‬We FINALLY get to be big sisters.‭ ‬I see my sister and Renee smiling as I joke with them.

‭"‬Girls cover me I'm taking the kids home.‭" ‬I start to get up and run away when I feel two strong hands grab my shoulders ‭ ‬I turn and see them both glaring at me and Jessie asks for the girls.‭ I ‬nod and hand her her stepdaughters.‭ ‬Once she has them Renee punches me in the gut and I‭ ‬cry.‭ ‬She starts hitting me and I try to cover myself.‭ ‬Jessie comes back and tells her to stop and I thank God my loving sister was here to stop her.‭ ‬Jessie helps me up and I thank her but she drives my head into pretty astonishing lesbian cosplay tube porn table busting my nose and I cry.‭ ‬I hear‭ ‬Simone call for our moms and I feel someone start punching me.‭ ‭"‬DON'T YOU EVER THREATEN TO TAKE MY BABIES BITCH‭!" S‬tates my sister while she hits my face and then works my body over ‭ ‬I hear my mom and aunts tell her to stop before she speaks again.

‭"‬If you‭ ‬ever try it again I will make you regret that whore you call a mother giving birth to you.‭" ‬I cry and Renee kicks me one more time and I cry that my own family would hurt me like this ‭ I‬ hear mom crying asking Jessie and Renee why they'd do this to me and‭ ‬how Jessie could have said that.‭ ‬She apologizes for calling our mother a whore but tells her I got what I deserved.‭ ‬I cry as aunt Shelby,‭ ‬Lucy and Sasha check me out.‭ ‬Aunt Lucy asks first.

‭"B‬aby are you hurting anywhere‭?" She asks while ‬I laugh ‭"‬My face,‭ ‬ribs.and my heart.‭" ‬They tell me they will clean me up ‭ ‬It takes them a couple minutes and they tell me my nose will be ok and I was all cleaned up.‭ I‬ thank them before I excuse myself to head to the beach.‭ T‬he kids all break from Jessie and Renee to check on me and I‭ ‬tell them I love them and I would be back.‭ ‬I look at my main sisters and they seem a little hurt.‭ ‬I guess they felt a little bad but I didn't care.‭ ‬I walked to the beach and just cried.‭ I‬ loved them so much and they should know how I am.‭ ‬I mean Renee and I‭ ‬always joked about wanting a hundred kids each and Jessie would tell us five was enuogh for her and we'd all laugh.‭ ‬I remember them,‭ ‬Mandy and Sierra being my role models and trying so hard to make them proud.‭ ‬I guess they hated me.‭ ‬I hear someone calling‭ ‬my name and I see it's my sister Simone.well she was my cousin but we acted like sisters and Damon was my brother but we had followed Jessie, Mandy, Nicky, and Renee into this world being cousins born on the same day and loved one another like no tomorrow.‭ ‬She comes over to me and asks if I was ok and I tell her no.‭ ‭"‬Renee and Jessie hate me.‭ ‬Maybe I should ask my mom for some money to grab the bus back home.‭" ‬She tells me no they are just protective of the kids and that my mom and aunt Shelby have been mad at them the‭ ‬whole after noon ‭ ‬I tell her I love her and hug her.

‭"‬Hey Simmy.I love you.‭ ‬You know that right‭?" ‬Simone looks back ‭"‬I love you too Nessa.‭ ‬Let's go get‭ ‬some lunch.‭ ‬The kids have been worried about you.‭" Simone says while I nod ‭ We get up from the sand to only make our way to the house.

I think of something once inside. I tell Simone I have jillian and a guy in a santa costume bangs in the basement stepdaughter fantasies use the bathroom.

She says ok telling me she would make us something to eat. I see the family all talking while I go to the downstairs bathroom. I grab my purse on the way. Once in the bathroom I stand in front of the sink.

I look in the mirror seeing my eyes are red and puffy. I turn the faucet on just to wash my face. Afterward I turn the water off. I let out a deep breath before deciding to take a walk.

I grab my purse then look out the door. I make my way back to the leaving room to see no one around. I quickly go to the front door opening it to only step out shutting it from behind me. I stroll down the sidewalk turning to my left. I need to think of what is really important and right now I guess it was myself.

‭==================================================================== The rest of the morning goes by as Jasmine, Diamond, and Hannah came in surprising us as they each undressed joining in. We all made love to one another with each getting their fill of me. By around 2 o'clock in the afternoon we rejoin the family to only find out Simone, Vanessa, Renee, and Jessie Lee all got into a fight over the kids.

I shook my head before asking where Vanessa went. Savannah answered saying she left to get some air. I just nodded looking at Renee and Jessie who looked at me worried.

" Renee, Jessie I love you both you know that, but our kids are going to be loved no matter by who. So you either make things right with Simone and Vanessa, or you can sleep over at Gina's." I say getting shocked faces " Baby you don't mean that." Jessie says looking at me with fear " Actually I do since I am tired of all the arguing and drama. I have been through so much since everyone started to come here. And the deal with Tyrone and Jaime just sent it to the edge, then Nick showing his ass." I say getting nods of agreement from everyone " True Heath what our husband did was uncalled for." Savannah says while Megan agreed with a nod " Ok baby we will just don't kick us out.

We love you so much baby." Renee says as both come over to me where I sat I got hugs and kisses from them both before my kids came over.

Karen handed me her gift saying she finally was able to give it to me. It was from all of them. I was handed a pocket watch with Dad on it, but I could see dy scratched on for it to say DADDY. I smiled as I hugged each one as they were helped into my lap. The rest of the day was nice as all my family and ladies enjoyed it with me.

I was worried though that Vanessa never came home. I just hoped she was alright for she was a beautiful young lady. I kept looking at Renee and Jessie who kept looking at me worried. I gave both a smile to reassure them I loved them still. As the evening went by year old stepsister megan rain gets fucked night I was to tired to stay up.

I just hoped Vanessa was alright. I went to bed followed by my ladies and Selena. I looked at her then at Chris who shrugged with a smile. I shook my head as Selena placed an arm around me as mom did on my right. That night was nice as Selena again got another loving moment before mom got hers along with Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany. Allison would clean my dick making sure to taste everyone's cum on my dick.

I was in heaven as we all finally went to bed around one o'clock in the morning. ================================================================= Renee's POV: It's been four days since Jessie and I had a argument with Simone and Vanessa. Simone has been well a little distant, but has been spending time with our man and the kids. I guess I could understand because my baby was right the kids were loved regardless of who. I was more worried about Vanessa who was like a sister to me.

She was Jessie's younger sister and 18 years old. I didn't know where she was going at night. So Jessie and I decided to find out where she was going. Once she left around 8 o'clock at night we would wait a few minutes before going out. Jasmine and Diamond knew why so they cover for us. Heath wanted us to make things right well we were damn sure going to try.

Once out and in the SUV we followed Vanessa. Staying back a few spots so she wouldn't see us. It was about 20 minutes later that Vanessa pulled into a parking lot. Redhead pornstar gagging hard amp nasty double penetration the place she pulled into was a strip club called the Sexy Kitty.

I looked at Jessie with worry as she did the same back. We parked to think of what to do. " Why.why did she come here for?" Jessie asked with deep concern " I don't know baby. You filling babes mouth with one eyed monster gloryhole hardcore think she is you know selling her body do you?" I asks seeing fear in her eyes " Oh god I hope not.

I don't want to think of strange men being with her." Jessie says getting a agreeing nod We made our way in after leaving the SUV. We had to pay to get in. The person told us to watch for their newest sweet fresh candy to dance. We just nodded before going in. Jessie and I found a place to sit in the dark dimmed club.

A waitress came over to get our drink orders. She was a cute thing, but I just wanted to get Vanessa and get out of here. We ordered a coke each in which she went to get.

She came back a few minutes later, but this time topless. Her nipples were hard and face flushed. I just shook my head thinking what did Vanessa get into.

After about 20 minutes the D.J. announced the new girl named Sugar Cookie. I looked at Jessie because that was her nickname for Vanessa. I could see Jessie was heartbroken that Nessa would use that name. The music came on while we turned to look at the main stage. There big natural tits duddy companions step daughter unpacking stepmom was Vanessa in a cheerleading outfit. She started dancing to the song that played.

She was always a good dancer, but I never knew she would in a place like this. I could tell Jessie was hurt, but yet watching her sister. Right in the middle of her dance number a man was trying to get her attention as she was topless now. I always knew my kid sister was sexy, but damn her nipples looked nice. He pulled her down off the stage in which pissed me off.

I jumped up out of my chair making my way to the save my Nessa. Once to them Vanessa noticed me, before I pulled her away from the guy. He turned to see Vanessa standing behind me. " Bitch give her here she's mine." He says before I slap him hard " No she's not as this is my bitch not yours.

She eats my pussy every night so hands off." I say hot ebony babe loves an anal fucking a bouncer came over to handle him I turned to check on Vanessa who stood there in shock covering herself. Jessie came over taking Vanessa in her arms. " Why Nessa, why are you dancing in a place like raven hart sexy dirty milf Jessie asks with tears in her eyes " Because I feel loved here by all these people, and why do you care?" Vanessa says making Jessie cry more " Because I do care sis.

I love you so please don't do this anymore." Jessie says pleading to Nessa " Why should I stop uh? It's not like the man I love notices me. Yeah he talks to me, but that's it." Nessa says exclaiming to us with tears and anger " Tell us who is the man you love honey? Maybe we can help get him to see you in a different light." I say asking her while she looked at us both " Heath.ok I love Heath." She says surprising us both before Jessie and I both showed smiles to our stripper of a sister To Be Continued.A family comes to stay, Selena wants to be a mother again, does Heath see another in his bed, and where is Nick?