Skinny slut wishes coarse sex smalltits and homemade

Skinny slut wishes coarse sex smalltits and homemade
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When we last left Liz was licking T's load off of Sam's face and was dying to get it in her pussy. "Mmmmm you taste so good baby I can't wait for you to fuck me" Liz purred. "Damn bitch you gotta give me a minute don't you ever get enough?" asked T. "Nope" said Liz with a smile as she grabbed the still mom and son sex vdecom hard cock and shoved it down her throat about 3/4 of the way.

"Fuck! Alright you slut if you want it then take it!" T yelled as he grabbed Liz's pig tales and savagely throat fucked her causing her to gag before slobbering all over the hardening cock.

Meanwhile Sam was still on his knees staring wide eyed at the scene in front of his eyes while subconsciously licking his lips. T saw this and pulled his cock out of Liz's moaning mouth only to grab Sam's head and pull it to his throbbing cock while telling him forcefully to suck his nigga dick.

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Sam was able to take much more this time getting to about halfway before gagging. "Just relax and swallow when it hits your throat. Oh and breathe through your nose" suggested Liz as she stared intently inches from the intense face fucking going on.

Sam tried and suddenly found about 3/4 of the 9 incher filling up his throat. He suddenly freaked out thinking he'd run out of air before remembering what Liz said and breathing through her nose.

After a minute or two T pulled out of the gasping mouth of Sam and told Liz to get on all fours so he could fuck her from behind. Liz jumping at the command was in position in a second and before Sam could even process what was happening T began fucking his sister with a fiery intensity.

"Yeah that's a good whore. Take my cock deep and hard bitch" T growled as he pounded Liz's tight teen pussy before slipping his thumb deep into her tight ass. "FUCK!" yelled Liz. "Shit are you ok?" asked T stopping and pulling his thumb out. "I was until you took that out." groaned Liz "Put it back please?" "I don't know it's just hawt and private sex games hardcore and reality make me wanna fuck you there" replied T with a smile.

"Then fuck it!" screamed Liz. T was momentarily stunned before pulling his cock out of her gripping cunt and beginning to slip it into her incredibly tight ass.

"Oh my god babe! It hurts so fucking good. Give me a minute to get used to it then you can pound my ass" yelled Liz. "Fine you little slut I guess I'll be gentle. For a sec." teased T as he thrust his cock 2/3 of the way in and held still. "Holy fuck." groaned Liz as she relaxed and the huge cock in her ass began to feel amazing. "You need to try this sis" she said with a smile.

Sam stared wide eyed with his mouth hanging open and absentmindedly licking his lips.

Liz could see the fear in his eyes and yet there was something else. Lust perhaps. She knew her brother would love it after a minute or two though. "Please sis can I watch you try" pleaded Liz?

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Sam couldn't believe what his sister had just asked him to do. His first thought was 'No Fucking Way!' and to be full of fear since he thought it'd kill him but after a few seconds he realized his cock was harder than it had ever been and he wanted it bad even if it did hurt.

"Okay." whispered Sam "but please be gentle. I'm afraid it's going to hurt too much." "He will baby. I promise" responded Liz "Come get on your hands and knees next to me Sam." Sam did as he was told as Liz pulled herself off the rock hard cock and spun around to swallow it down her throat and clean her ass juices from it. "Mmmmmm" moaned Liz before pulling her lips off the throbbing cock.

"Now be gentle baby I don't want you to hurt her." "I won't babe I promise" T replied as he pointed his cock at little Sam's tight ass. "Now relax and push out like your taking a crap" explained T as he slowly but firmly began slipping his monstrous cock into the slutty teen's ass. "Fuck!!!!" squealed Sam in a very girlish voice without even trying. "Stop!" "I am Samantha just relax girl" said T as he stopped with just the head and an inch or two in the boy's tight little ass.

"It's okay Samantha just relax it'll start to feel amazing soon" said Liz as she kissed him. "Okay." groaned Sam as T slid another inch into his ass and to his astonishment not only did it not hurt as bad but it made his dick twitch alittle after having went soft. "Damn the bitch is squeezing me with her ass! You sure she's never done this"? "Yup unless she hasn't told me but I think sexy teen blonde violet pillow hot girl masterbates no hd would" said Liz with a smile.

"I don't think she's licked a pussy either but I have a feeling she'd like it too." Liz then pulled up her skirt and pulled her panties aside while winking. Sam suddenly realized that T still thought he was Liz's sister and the thought of licking her made him go crazy knowing how horny it'd make T.

"Holy shit!" yelled T as he watched his slut's younger "sister" lick her soaked pussy. His cock throbbed in Sam's ass as he forced a few more inches in now with almost half of it in causing Sam to scream into Liz's pussy which then made her scream as well. "Fuck babe I'm gonna cum. Get your face down here so I can fill your mouth with my load!" Liz jumped down as T pulled his throbbing cock from Sam's squeezing ass just as it was starting to feel amazing before he shoved it down Liz's throat spewing a load just as big as his first before pulling out and covering her face with the remaining spurts.