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Hot load of jizz for kacey koxs pussy
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Rachel sighed and looked up at the clock for the 100th time since she sat down. Why she had decided to take night classes after working a full day? She glanced down at her notebook and realized she had stopped taking notes about half an hour before. "Alright, that's enough for tonight," Rachel's professor said. Rachel slammed her books closed and shoved them in her bag by her feet. She dragged herself out the door without bothering to see if anyone was coming behind her. She tucked a strand of blond hair that had come loose from her ponytail behind her ear as she made her way to the parking lot.

Rachel slung her breathtaking ball licking by a beauteous chick into the passenger's seat as she got into her car. Music filled the small space quickly and it brought a smile to her face.

Her boyfriend, Mark, must have left a CD for her. Sure enough, she looked down at the dash and saw a post-it with his writing on it. "Just thought you could use a little something to get you through.

See you tomorrow!" As exhausted as she was, Rachel couldn't help but smile as "Brown-Eyed Girl" played on her way home. Corny as it was, Mark loved to sing it to her, always teasing her that her dark eyes didn't match her pale hair. Shortly, Rachel pulled into the driveway, turning down the radio as she approached the house. Rachel quietly came in the front door, locking it behind her. Her dad worked really early in the mornings, so he was usually asleep by the time she came home.

Her mom always went up to bed with him and read, but by how dark the house was, both of them were already asleep. She tip-toed upstairs and down the hall to her room. Luckily, her parents slept downstairs and on the opposite side of the house, so she usually had the privacy she wanted.

She pulled her shirt off as she walked down the hall, pausing to smooth her hands over her flat stomach as she gazed in the mirror that was outside her door. Rachel set her keys on her desk by the door, snapping it shut behind her. "You must be very popular at school if that's how you dress," a deep voice said from across the room. Rachel jumped and turned quickly.

"Mark!" she squealed. "You're here!" She ran over to hug him. She loved the nights he chose to sneak in and surprise her. He tugged her long hair out of its ponytail so it fanned out around her shoulders.

"Hey, there, pretty girl," he said, then kissing her long and hard. "I need to take a shower," she said, almost sadly. Mark laughed and let go of her. "Go ahead, I think I can wait." He looked at her perfect tits and then down at his growing cock.

"Except, if you can make it quick… I don't think I can wait long." Rachel grabbed a short nightie and slipped down the hall. She quickly brushed out her hair while the water warmed up. She washed her hair, made sure she was well shaved, like Mark liked her, and hopped out, wrapping the towel around herself.

As fast as she could, she blow dried her hair, brushed through it a few times, and hurried back down the hall to where Mark was waiting.

She closed her door, turned to her bed, and panicked slightly when she didn't see him. Mark came up from behind her and undid the towel, pressing her back against the door and kissing her. Then he stepped back and took in her beautiful figure and lingered his gaze to her freshly shaved pussy. He grabbed her and lightly tossed her down on the bed.

Rachel looked up at his clear blue eyes and ran her hands through his short brown hair, pulling him down to kiss her. Mark traced her tits with his tongue and wandered down her stomach. She groaned with pleasure and wiggled under his touch. He came up to lie down beside her, kissing her some more. Rachel slid her hand under his boxers to rub his rock-hard cock. He slid cleaning lady finds a pair of used panties of the boxers and through them aside, supporting most of his weight as he leaned over her naked body.

She guided him by the hips so she could take his cock in her mouth. He slid it in her open, waiting, wet mouth and groaned. "Oh, Rach," he said. She smiled because she loved that she could please him. He moved back down horny brunette blows before he fucks her bed and looked at her. "Please fuck me," she said softly. "Please." She could almost feel her pussy throbbing, she wanted his cock so bad.

Rachel gasped and Mark plowed his cock into her. She reached up and grabbed the bed frame while he slammed his cock in and out of her. After a little while, he picked her up by the hips and moved underneath her. As Rachel rode him, he ran his hands everywhere, especially her perfect tits and made sure to grab her round, wonderful ass.

She rode him faster and faster and Mark rammed his cock deep into her pussy. She could feel herself ready to unravel and she braced herself on his strong shoulders. "Come for me, baby," Mark said to her. That's all it took. Rachel came hard on his cock and he spilled his hot cum into her pussy as she cried out.

She collapsed onto the bed beside him. He turned his head sideways to look at her. "Maybe you should have waited to shower." She laughed, pulled one of the blankets from the bottom of the bed over them. Mark reached over and snapped off the light.

Rachel snuggled against him and fell into a happy sleep. ******** As if the nights Rachel took one class weren't hard enough on her, the one night a week she had 2 classes was just about unbearable. By the end of the second class, it was 11:30. There were only a handful of people in the class and by the time Rachel got all of her things together, everyone else was gone.

She sighed. As she walked outside to her car, she thought she heard a noise behind her. But when Rachel turned around, there was nothing there. She went to unlock her car and all of the sudden she was slammed up against the side of it. Too terrified to scream, she tried to break away from her attacker. He just held her tighter and forced her against the car with his weight. "Don't move. And don't scream," the man said in a low, gruff voice. Rachel now had tears streaming down her face.

She was small, only 5' 1" and weighed 110 pounds, there was nothing she could do against this man. He dragged her into the woods next time the parking lot, dropping her bag next to her car. The man pulled her far enough so that she couldn't see the building anymore.

They were making a lot of noise but Rachel knew it didn't matter. Everyone was gone now. The man forced her down into the crunchy leaves on her back. Now she could get a better look at him. He was about 6 feet tall, well built, but she couldn't tell anything else because he was wearing a navy blue ski mask that covered his face and hair well.

The other unusual thing was that he was wearing dark glasses. There was nothing she could tell to distinguish him from any other man. He was holding her down with one of his large hands against her chest. The necklace Mark had given her for their last anniversary was digging into her where he pressed. The man was undoing his jeans with his other hand.

Once his jeans were pulled down a little ways, he went to work on the elastic of her leggings. Why oh why couldn't she have worn jeans for once?

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"No," Rachel choked out. "Please, God, no." The man just chuckled to himself and pushed her down harder. The more Rachel struggled against him, the more excited he seemed to get.

She could see his large erection clearly now. Knowing there was no way for her to get away from him, she turned her head sideways, tears burning her eyes.

He pulled her shirt up and pulled her bra down, exposing her tits. He grunted in approval as he rubbed against them, rather harshly. He straddled her and rubbed his hard cock on her chest.

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He leaned down a spit between her tits and thrust his cock in seduction domination some of these pigs just dont get it them, groaning and grunting on top of her. When he moved down between her legs and she took the chance to try to get away from him.

He grabbed her shoulders with both hands and slammed her down to the ground. "NO!" he said gruffly. Without hesitation, he shoved his cock into her pussy. It hurt because she wasn't at all aroused. He slammed into her, hurting her more with each thrust.

Rachel looked up to the sky but couldn't see past the trees. The man reached one hand up to her hair and used it to turn her over so that her face was down in the dirt. Rachel was gasping for breath but he didn't let up. He started rubbing her asshole with his finger. Immediately Rachel struggled even more to get away.

"No, no, please, don't do it," she pleaded. "Please, I can't…" "Shut up," he growled, pushing her face further into the decaying leaves. He positioned his cock right above her virgin asshole and pushed the head in. Still she continued to move, trying at all costs to get away from him.

So he drilled his cock straight into her ass. Rachel was blinded by pain and humiliation. He thrust for what felt like forever until she heard his panting increase.

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He pulled his cock out of her ass and sprayed cum all over her ass and back. Quickly, she felt something wet on her and he was cleaning her off, roughly. He pulled her pants back up and pulled her awkwardly to her feet. He pushed her back toward her car. She could barely get there, she was shaking so hard and she was in so much pain.

Once they got back to her car, he took off into the shadows. Rachel didn't even watch him go. She just stood next to her car, trying to piece together what happened. Slowly, she sank down into her drivers seat. She didn't know how much time had passed before she realized she would have to drive home. Shakily, she put the key in and went home.

As Rachel walked in the front door, she heard the floor boards in the hall creak. "Rachel, honey? Is that you?" she heard her mother's voice. Rachel tried to answer but it got ramming of a taut euro anal gap in her throat.

She cleared her throat and tried again. "Yeah, Mom, it's me." "Are you okay, sweetie? You look a little frazzled." Her mom looked at her, concerned. "Just tired. You know, both classes and all." "Well, you go on up to bed. I just came out to get some water and I heard you. Get a good night's sleep, honey." Rachel couldn't get away from her mom fast enough.

She just wanted to shower and hopefully fall asleep and realize it was all a nightmare. She pulled off all her clothes quickly and jumped in the shower. She scrubbed at her skin, feeling some pain. She looked down to realize there were scratches all over her front.

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There was a trickle of blood running down the back of her leg, which Rachel felt was coming from her no longer virgin ass. She got out of the shower and put on a pair of sweats. Slowly climbing into bed, she saw her phone was slutty wife freshens up before she gets dirty telsev up.

There was a text from Mark, wishing her sweet dreams. That's when she started to cry. ********* Rachel must have cried herself to sleep because when she woke up, her eyes were swollen and sore and there was sun streaming in her window.

There was the sound of dishes clinking in the kitchen. Groaning inwardly, she remembered it was one of those random holidays where her parents would be home from work. Slowly, she went downstairs. Her dad glanced up over the paper and said, "Good morning, Rach. You doing okay? You still look tired." "I'm okay.

Maybe just school and work catching up with me." "You work too hard, sweetie," her mom said, while she made the coffee. "Would you just get the laundry for me? Then you should just take it easy for the rest of the day." Rachel turned around, glad for the interruption, and went back upstairs. She grabbed the laundry from her room and went back down to her parent's room. She got the clothes from the hamper. Then she noticed a sleeve of a gray sweatshirt sticking out from under the bed.

She went over and went to pick it up and saw there was some blood on the front. Rachel pulled the sweatshirt all the way out and saw something else fall from it. It was a blue ski mask with dried leaves stuck to it. She stared at it for a minute and then began to scream.