Raunchy bint has her snatch hammered hard

Raunchy bint has her snatch hammered hard
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NOTE: The first two parts of this story were deleted because of two brief references to a father having sex with his underage daughter. Yes, those were references to pedophilic sex so I had no argument with them being deleted even though there was nothing graphic or explicit. Also, I have a strong sense of justice and justice was coldly served. I know that this story is not for everyone. It describes a young couple's journey through life and, mostly, how our hero finds internal peace through slavery to his dominant, but loving, wife.

THE CHURCH OF THE CHOSEN—PART 1 Welcome to our town! Come join our church! Just take this little test first! CHAPTER 1 I had just been transferred to a major city in the Midwest. I'm Sean Rogers, an FBI Special Agent and my wife is Denise. She was able to obtain a job as a science teacher in one of the suburban junior high schools.

We looked for homes nearby and found what we thought was a great one in Chosen. The community was exceptionally clean with a low crime rate and the schools had a top-notch reputation. We bought a large home and moved in over the long July Fourth weekend. Moving can be stressful so there were a few arguments during that time and over the next week, as well. I thought it was just the stress of the moment—that and acclimating to a new office and new fellow agents in a city I didn't know at all.

We were "mid-discussion" early Sunday evening, a trifle louder than was sexy beautiful girl play tits solo adultsmartlinksorg, when the doorbell rang.

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I was shocked to see a clergyman at the door. "Uh…come in," I said haltingly. "Denise, hun… we have company." She walked in from the kitchen, her hair a mess as she dried her hands on a towel.

"Good evening, I hope I'm not intruding. I'm sure you're busy, but I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Reverend Mitchell of the Church of the Chosen." "I've been wondering—what exactly does 'Chosen' mean? Is that huge building over on the highway your church?" "Yes, it's our tabernacle and to answer your first question we believe that everyone is chosen for a role—a role with our family members. Some are chosen to lead and sexy amateur zuzinka plays with horny couple are chosen to follow.

It has been our experience that acceptance of these roles leads to love and harmony in a family as well as inner peace for the practitioners. You haven't had much harmony or inner peace over the past week, have you?" I was a bit red-faced with the idea that others had heard us.

"Uh…sorry, Reverend this is a really stressful time." "Yes, I'm sure it is, but that's also the time when love, peace, and harmony are most needed. Wouldn't you agree?" "I guess…so what brings you here this evening?" I could see Denise give me a look that told me she was upset with my impatience, but I ignored it.

Reverend Mitchell saw her and smiled, as though he could read her mind. "I came here in the hope of explaining how our church works and perhaps to invite you to join. Can you spare a few minutes?" "Sure, Reverend—come on in and have a seat," Denise said as she led him into the living room. I followed shrugging my shoulders, but welcoming a brief rest. "Virtually everyone in Chosen belongs to the church—more than ninety-nine percent of our community.

Our divorce rate is less than one-half of one percent and more than ninety-eight percent of our children go on to have successful lives as adults. Our children rarely get involved with drugs or alcohol and I'm sure you already know about the community's extremely low crime rate. If you join the church you will be welcomed with open arms. If you do not I am afraid you will by shunned. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is and has always been here in Chosen." "How do you manage all those successes, Reverend?

That's incredible." Denise voiced my thoughts exactly as they came to mind. "It all has to do with acceptance of our family roles. As I said earlier, some are chosen to lead and others to follow. We help each couple determine who should lead and who should follow. We also provide training that eases the way for both parties.

"I'm sure you're wondering how we do that." We nodded simultaneously as he continued, "I come from a fairly wealthy family that once owned all the land here in Chosen so when my father first had this idea he asked the folks who developed the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test if they could create a way to measure dominance and submissiveness.

Not surprisingly, they were able to. I administer the test to every couple, share the results, and help them with the period of adjustment.

That's probably the hardest part. You'd be surprised to learn that there is little or no correlation between one's occupation and their relative situation at home. For example, our bank president is submissive to his wife. So is our police chief and, for that matter, so am I.

Taking the test and following through are requirements of joining the church. So…interested in taking it?" I looked at Denise and she nodded. Frankly, I doubted we horny teen enjoys riding cock homemade and amateur much choice unless we wanted to move again. Things hadn't been so great between us recently, so why not? "Okay, when would you like to do it?" "I could do it right now if convenient, Sean." "Uh… how'd you know my name?" "Easy enough; I got it from your neighbors.

They're also the ones who told me about your arguing. There's virtually no arguing or yelling here in Chosen unless you're at one of the High School's athletic events." He opened his briefcase and removed a file. He handed each of us a pen first then selected a small square sheet of paper.

"Read xxx story xd com japan question, mark the answer and turn it over." I read, "What should your role be?" There were two answers: "To Lead" and "To Follow." I marked my answer and turned over as instructed.

He marked mine "S" and Denise's "D." "Okay, here's the test. There are several forms and each of you has a different one so there'll be no cheating.

Please answer honestly and completely. Mark the answer sheet. You have twenty minutes—go." I leaned on the table and read the questions. They were pretty straightforward. Denise and I both finished in about ten minutes. Reverend Mitchell removed two red plastic sheets with holes punched through them.

Mine was marked "K" to match my form of the test; Denise's was marked "M." Laying the "K" gang bang in the barber shop watch part on suzcamcom on top of my answer sheet we totaled the marks that showed through; there were twenty. "Okay, Sean twenty comes out to a dominance score of…here we go--88. That's a very high score, but it's only half the story. Let's check Denise's score now." "By the way, how many men and how many women turn out to be dominant?" "Actually, it's virtually 50-50.

Personally, I find it easier to be the submissive partner. Being dominant is usually a lot of work and responsibility. Okay, here we go." He counted, coming up with twenty-two which translated to a score of 93.

"As I said, that's only half the story. Now I need the submissive score sheet. They're color coded so I don't make a mistake." He removed two blue sheets from the folder. My submissive score was 50; Denise's was only 16. I was surprised to hear Denise say, "Can we take it again? This is important to both of us." "Of course, I have two entirely different forms right here." We took the tests again, but the results were almost identical. Denise was dominant; I was submissive.

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I couldn't believe it. "I'm not really surprised, Sean. Police officers have to be aggressive, but they have to follow so many rules and laws that a high degree of submissiveness is a prized attribute. If you're willing I'd like to begin your training tomorrow. We could do it anytime that's convenient for you. Sean, you will have my wife as your trainer; Denise, you will have one of your neighbors. Are you going to work tomorrow, Sean?" "No, I have the week off so I guess I could start then." Denise agreed.

Our training would begin at ten tomorrow morning. "Great," he gave me directions to his home, telling me also, "Don't wear much. All the submissives go naked at home so you'll be naked during the training.

Don't worry--my wife has seen almost half the men here in town." I looked at him in total disbelief. "Oh, one more thing—how often do you two have sex?" "That's kind of personal, Reverend." I was becoming irate.

Denise put her hand on my arm to calm me, "Two to three times a week normally. May I ask why you need to know?" "Is that acceptable to you, Denise?

I ask because Sean will no longer be able to initiate sex, but our practice is to continue with the same frequency except that you will determine when to have it, how it will be done, and what will be done." I stared in total disbelief.

I couldn't believe the way this was going. "Yes, Reverend—if anything I'd prefer to have it more often, but Sean's job&hellip." "Well, that excuse will no longer be valid.

You'll be in charge of the sex, the house, the money, everything. Because of that you'll no longer have any arguments.

I know this is a bit of a shock, Sean, but you'll learn quickly how well it will work. It always has in the past and it will with you." Before leaving he showed us the two sheets we had answered first. "Everyone always has the same response—lead." He laughed, shook my hand and left. I sat on the couch in a daze for shoplifter babe krystal orchid bangs in her pussy pornstars and hardcore than ten minutes before turning to Denise.

"I can't believe we're actually going to do this. I don't think I want to." She moved next to me and kissed my cheek. "Would you have expected me to follow you if you had tested dominant?" I could see immediately where she was going. I would and I admitted it to her. "Do you trust me, Sean? You know I'll never do anything to hurt you.

I agree, this is crazy, but if it works for us I'll gladly do it. To be honest, I haven't been happy with all the fighting we've done recently." I apologized as she pulled me up.

"If I'm going to make the decisions I'm making my first now.

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Get your ass into the bedroom and wash me then I think I'll want to fuck you." I laughed on the outside, but inside I was terrified. What had we gotten into? Denise led me to the bedroom where she required me to remove her blouse, bra, shorts, and panties.

I had to admit she was gorgeous. My wife was twenty-six, five feet nine inches, and sexy as hell. She reminded me of one of the models I'd seen in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue earlier this year. I shucked my clothes off, leaving them in a pile on the floor. "Sean, you know how I hate clothes on the floor. Pick them up and put them into the hamper." Damn, she was moving right into this.

I bent over, scooped everything into my arms and dropped them into the closet bin. I bowed graciously, indicating that I would follow her into the bathroom. "I think I'll have a bath. Please draw it then you can bathe me." "You know—I'm not actually your submissive until tomorrow." "I know—I'm just getting used to the concept. You don't really mind, do you?" "No, actually I think it's kind of funny, but you know how much I love you and I want us to be happy." I bent over to turn on the water.

Denise grabbed my cock and balls, twisting them playfully. "Just think—I'll get to play with these things whenever I want. That's my motivation and it's probably yours, too." She sat on the edge of the tub while it filled. She pointed to her cunt when she opened her legs. "Is this what you're going to be like—having me eat you all day and all night?

You don't have to order me to do this, you know." "Yes, I know, but I think you're going to have trouble following orders at first.

I'll be interested to hear about your training tomorrow. Ooooh, that's good." I had just licked her labia and given her a few nibbles.

I always enjoyed her taste. It never mattered whether she was clean or sweaty. I just loved to eat her pussy. Her hair was trimmed closely. I had a feeling I'd be doing it in the future. My sucking was getting to her, but I checked the tub—almost a third full. I shifted my attention to the core of her cunt, pushing my tongue deep into her and rubbing against her G-spot. My nose grazed her clit, causing a shiver through her body.

"That's enough for now, Sean. If you do any more I'll fall asleep in the bath and that'll ruin what I have in mind for later. Help me in, will you?" "Yes, Ma'am." "You can joke, but I'll bet you will be required to say something like that. From what I've read 'Ma'am' is kind of tame." Denise stood and I helped her into the tub. "You look really good naked, Sean.

I don't know if we'll have any company if you have to be naked. I wouldn't want the neighbors to get jealous." "In that case I'm glad I'm to be the submissive one. I definitely wouldn't want the neighbors to get a look at you. You're still the most gorgeous woman I've ever met." I grabbed the soap and began to wash her back. She rose up a bit so I could reach her butt.

I spent several minutes on her crack and asshole. Denise gave me a "Tsk tsk," but she was smiling when she did it. I moved my attentions to her long slender legs and her pussy before finishing with her chest, neck, and face. She always used a special moisturizing soap on her face so that's what I used now. Denise stepped up and I helped her out of the tub.

She stood still as I dried her. I never in a million years thought that this would become a daily ritual for us. I took a quick shower, knowing that she was awaiting me blonde cutie with pig tails gets boned bed. "I have to tell you…I'm really confused. I don't know if I'm supposed to take a leadership role here or wait for you to make the first move, or what." "I think we'll just have to feel our way along.

I'm pretty sure this has happened before Sean so there must be a procedure or method for us to follow. Either that or we'll—I mean I'll—make up some rules for us to follow. For tonight why don't you lie on the bed and I'll ride you. I'm already pretty hot from what you did in the bathroom so I think I'll cum quickly." I did as instructed, surprised at how swiftly I was falling into the role.

Denise straddled my hips and rubbed my hard cock into her slit. She closed her alexis texas rides big penis gracefully and allowed her body to sink down my pole until my pubic hair and hers meshed.

She began a slow sensual rocking motion, grinding her clit into me as she moved closer to her orgasm. I was really excited, too—much more excited than I had been in months. I prayed that I would be able to hold off until she was able to cum. Finally, she did and I blew into her over and over as her hot lesbian session with two classy bombshells masturbation and pornstars was wracked by spasm.

Denise collapsed onto my chest exhausted. Later, after I'd pulled the blanket up over our bodies, Denise spooned with me, placing my hand just below her breast. I was almost asleep when she spoke, "Sean, I have a confession to make." "What?" "I knew this was going to happen—not that I would be the xstory stepson blackmaiel rape stepmom in kitchen partner, but that we'd have to choose.

The real estate agent told me." I was upset, "And you didn't think to tell me? What were you thinking?" "I was thinking that I'd be submissive to you and that it would be good for us. I still think it will be good for us.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow, but always remember that I love you and that I'll never do anything to hurt you. Now let's go to sleep. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day for both of us." She turned around and kissed me.

I held her for almost a minute before she broke away. Denise found sleep easily. I did not. CHAPTER 2 We were seated at the kitchen table the following morning. It was a beautiful day. We were on our second cup of coffee, Denise in her robe, me in a tee shirt, gym shorts, and sandals. I didn't see any reason to wear underwear when I'd probably be naked a good part of the day.

I had been silent all morning, terrified of what was to come. I wasn't all that pleased with Denise for not warning me either. She reached across the table to stroke my cheek. "I know you're frightened of what might happen today. I'm frightened, too. However, I'm sure we can do it. If others have done it I'm sure we can, too." "Yeah, but you're going to be in control. I could be bouncing around like an idiot and don't forget—I'll be naked." "Yes, and as soon as you are I'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

You are the sexiest man I've ever met." I doubted that, but I knew I was in excellent physical condition. My job required that and I worked out in the gym almost daily. At six feet two inches I weighed a firm 190 pounds. I had a muscular chest with shoulders and arms to match.

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My abs were hard as a rock. I had just run in a competitive half marathon, finishing in the top ten. Denise continued a moment later, "You'd better use the toilet and get going. I don't think you should be late." I kissed her and walked away, wondering if I'd be able to do that tomorrow.

Ten minutes later I was out the door en route to my destiny. I was able to follow the directions easily. Reverend Mitchell's home was just east of the huge tabernacle. I rang the bell just a minute before ten for my appointment.

The door was opened by a 40-ish woman I assumed was Mrs. Mitchell. "Ah, Sean—I'm glad you are on time. I'd hate to begin your training with a punishment. I'm Mistress Ethel. Place your clothes right here at the door, shoes, too." I stepped out of my sandals and shorts before pulling my tee over my head. I folded them neatly before stepping in to the living room, my hands at my sides. "Okay, Sean let me get a good look at you. My goodness—you look good kristen scott sucking on angela sommers big tits to eat.

Stroke that cock a few times so I can see what it looks like hard." "Ma'am?" "I believe you heard me. First lesson—it is NOT a good idea to make your dominant, or any dominant for that matter, tell you something twice. Now stroke it. I want it hard." I was mortified. I was sure my face was red with embarrassment as I took my cock in my hand and pulled the foreskin down the shaft.

I wasn't sure I could get it hard under these conditions. "Ma'am, I'm not sure I can get it hard. I mean no disrespect, but I'm kind of embarrassed." "No problem, Sean I'll help you." Her hand was hot as she ran it up and down my shaft. Sure enough a minute later it was seven and a half thick inches. "Well, that was worth waiting for.

You have a beautiful cock, Sean—nothing to be ashamed of. I've seen hundreds—believe me." I didn't see any reason to reply so I kept my mouth closed. "Now that we have it hard I need it to be soft.

Martin, bring naughty brunette keisha grey gets fucked in the couch some peas from the freezer." I was surprised to see Rev.

Mitchell walk in a moment later just as naked as I was except for a stainless steel collar around his neck and a stainless cock cage covering his organ. "You'll be wearing the same busty arab teen gets a hot cum filling in a minute, Sean. As nice as that cock is we don't want it waving all around, do we?" "No, Ma'am, I guess not." I stood stock still sunny levon xxx hard storys she applied the frozen vegetables to my cock, shocking the living hell out of me but shrinking it immediately.

She placed a restraining ring around my cock and balls and slid a stainless tube over my cock, locking it in place. "Your lovely wife already has the key. This is not meant to punish you, Sean, although it can be used for that.

You will need several constant reminders of your role, especially early on. From what Martin tells me she'll be removing it regularly." "Um, Ma'am may I ask a question?" I continued once she sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european her permission.

"I have to go through a metal detector every day when I go to work. How am I going to do it with this on?" "Good question—Denise has also been given one made of polycarbonate—a strong plastic—along with 1000 single-use plastic locks for just such a reason. We'll get you an ankle holster for your pistol later in the day. We know you have to be armed at all times, just like our police department. Now, let's deal with the collar. But first I need to ask you some questions.

Will you accept direction tasha reign enjoys her mans big schlong other dominants or just your wife?" "What kind of direction, Ma'am?" "If another dominant woman wanted you to eat her pussy would you do it?" "I don't think so, Ma'am and if it were a male I'd probably deck him." "So the answer is no.

You've just seen the power a submissive has—the ability to set his or her limits. There are things that I can do to Martin that you might be unwilling to do or vice versa. I'm sure you're much stronger than he is so you could probably absorb more pain." "Excuse me?" "Pain…like whipping." "Ma'am, I agreed to follow my wife.

I never agreed to be whipped or anything like it. That just isn't going to happen." "It will happen if your wife decides to do it. You agreed to follow her, didn't you?" "Yes…I will accept her leadership and her decisions, but nobody whips me and lives to tell about it. That's also my promise." "Sean, you have a lot to learn about being a submissive. Denise will punish you for misbehaviors virtually every day. You've already earned a punishment from me for that last speech.

That was anything but submissive." "I never said I would accept your leadership. I'm willing to learn about my role with my wife. That's why I came here this morning." "Very well, I'm sure Denise will have a lot to say about it. I'll leave it to her. Let's deal with your collar. It tells everyone in town that you are a submissive, but the red line will also tell them that you are not subject to anyone other than your owner.

Don't get concerned; you're not a slave and you're not property. It's just a term that we use as a synonym for a dominant partner. You will wear it when you are within town limits. We will also be able to locate you at any hour by the GPS contained within. When you leave the town an electronic signal will open it so you can remove it when you are working or traveling. You must leave by one of the main highways for the signal to reach you.

Do you understand?" "I think so, Ma'am—wear it here, it will come off when I leave town and put it back on when I return…as soon as I cross the town limits." "Very good, Sean now let's measure that neck of yours. Hmmm, there must be a relationship between cock size and neck size. You have a big muscular neck, too." She dug into a big box and checked several before selecting the right one. "You have a 17 and 1/2 inch neck, Sean. This is a 17 and ¾ inch collar. It has to be tight in order to work.

Here, let me put it on you." She reached up and snapped it into place. "You said you wouldn't allow yourself to be whipped, but—believe me—you will." She produced what looked like a garage door remote and pressed the button. I fell to the floor writhing in pain. "Denise already has the remote for you and she is learning how and when to use it so I suggest you be on your best behavior." "Now, one other thing before I put you through a series of exercises; there is no pride or honor in being a dominant just as there is no guilt or embarrassment in being a submissive.

You will be ordered to do some things that you will find humiliating, even disgusting. Remember that you must obey. The act is not your choice so it is not your responsibility.

That belongs with Denise. She bears all the responsibility for everything you do. In some respects you are just a dumb animal trained to perform." I found that entire speech revolting, but I kept my tongue.

I didn't want another shock. For the rest of the morning she taught me how to behave with my mistress/wife and how to behave with other dominants and other submissives—my "submissive manners," if you will. I practiced everything at least twenty times until they were automatic reflexes. Then she made me eat her pussy. While she recovered I did one of her neighbors. Then I did her again and another neighbor while she rested.

I finished up with her a third time. I hated it, but I did my best--I didn't want to be shocked. Personally, I thought the whole idea was just a crock of bullshit. The more I learned about this the less I liked it. Just before sending me home she announced I had earned a spanking for my earlier comments.

I could accept twenty-five from her or a hundred from my wife—some choice! I took her twenty-five. I lay over her legs as she pulled my right arm behind my back to hold me in place. My butt was red and sore by the time she was done but I never cried or complained. I dressed and drove home. Once there I walked into the bedroom and placed my clothes in the closet knowing that Mistress Denise hated clothes on the floor.

Then I found my wife, knelt and kissed her feet as I had been taught. She had me sit on the floor at her feet. "I want to know what you did. Ethel phoned and told me that she shocked you and that you also received a spanking. I can't believe you were so bad. Tell me now or get double." "Aren't you the one who told me you would never hurt me, Ma'am?

One morning of instruction and now you're ready to shock and beat me. She told me I would have to accept being whipped and I politely declined. I'm never going to allow myself to be whipped. As much as I love you that's how much I hate this.

I'm very upset that you didn't tell me and now you want to hurt me. What should I think? I hate this. I hate it." "Okay, you need to calm down. I have to punish you when you do wrong. That's part of the deal. How else will you know what's right and what's wrong?" "Well, Ma'am you could just tell me." "I'm sorry—it doesn't work that way. I see that you will only accept direction from me.

I should have expected that. We'll stick to that for now, but I'll want you to expand your horizons in the future. Down the road a bit you will follow all directions from all dominants, but that can wait. Now I want to know exactly what you did." "I removed my clothes as I had been instructed yesterday. I was somewhat surprised at the ease with which I handled it, but I was shocked when Mistress Ethel told me to stroke my cock to hardness. She told me then that I had to obey at the first command after my hesitation.

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She helped me and a minute later I was fully erect. Then she had Rev. Mitchell bring a bag of frozen vegetables in from the kitchen. Personally, I think she just wanted to hurt me." "Now you've earned another punishment.

A submissive NEVER criticizes a dominant. Remember that or plan on being beaten regularly. If I sound harsh that's because I have to. The faster you are willing to assume your role the better it will be for both of us. Continue." "She fitted the cage on me and then told me about being whipped. I won't allow myself to be whipped." "I hate to tell you this, but I'm going to whip you sometime today.

If I don't, you'll get it twice as much and twice as bad tomorrow when you visit Mistress Ethel again. I was going to give you five, but with your earlier comments it will be seven." "Then she fitted my neck with the collar and shocked me." "I'm also going to shock you. I need to see how it works and what it does to you. You'll probably deserve it by then anyway." I continued once she had finished. Proper manners for a slave dictated that. Let's face it—that's pretty much what I was—Denise's slave.

She could do virtually anything she wanted to me and there was nothing I could do about it—well, not quite nothing. "Mistress Denise, may I use the toilet?" "That's better; yes you may. Be back here in five minutes." "Thank you, Mistress," I said as I rose to my knees, kissed her feet and walked down the hall. I stopped at my armoire for my notebook and a pencil. The cock cage required that I sit while urinating but just now it suited my purpose to do so.

I wrote as I peed. I kneeled once again and kissed her feet as I slipped the palmed notebook under the chair's cushion. "Excuse me, Mistress have you seen my notebook.

I think I misplaced it last night when Rev. Mitchell was here." It was important; I needed it for my job. I pretended to look for it and placed it open onto Denise's thigh. I tapped her leg to get her attention. She looked down and was shocked, but kept her composure as she read, "HOUSE BUGGED. ACT NORMALLY. BE STERN WITH ME. PUNISH FOR LOSING BK.

TAKE ME OUTSIDE. WILL EXPLAIN THEN." "I can't believe you are so careless. That's another punishment. I'm going to shock you first. Then you will make my lunch. I might let you eat or I might not, depending on how I'm feeling at the time." "May I please lie on the floor first, Mistress? I am afraid I will fall and really hurt myself otherwise." She nodded and as soon as I was lying down she pushed the button.

I screamed from the pain. "I think you understand now what I can do to you. Make sure you behave. I won't have any trouble doing it again. I want to take you outside for a minute before lunch. You can crawl since you are being punished." I got to my knees and crawled behind her feeling like a complete idiot.

I had a difficult time crawling down the steps from the deck to the lawn. Smartly, she walked me out to the shed that had come with the house.

"What the hell's going on, Sean?" "Mistress Ethel slipped, repeating word for word something you blonde slut wants more of his pecker said last night after Rev. Mitchell had gone. She caught herself, but I pretended I hadn't noticed. I think the house is bugged. We have to be very careful what we say and do." "Why would they do that?

It doesn't make any sense." "I don't know why either, but she commented word for word what you told me while we were in the bedroom just before you left for your bath.

It was part of the lesson on serving you. I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of examples that she could have used so why use your exact words?

I don't know the reason why, but I'm sure they have one. Something about this smells bad." "Can you do anything?" "Of course, you know that part of my job requires that I do some electronic surveillance work. I have detection equipment in my trunk. I'll wait until two or three in the morning and then I'll check. I'll do it in the dark so it will be less obvious. You're doing great in your role, by the way." "I'm sure I hate this as much as you do.

I was terrified when I shocked you. I'm never doing it again." "You may have to, but I think I can handle that, too." "How?" "I think the less you know the better. Let's go back in." I crawled all the way back to the kitchen where I stood, washed my hands, and made two sandwiches. Denise ate hers at the table. I ate mine on the floor. That was also part of the protocol. Later that afternoon after practicing again the things I had learned in my lesson she fastened me to the bed with leather straps I hadn't noticed earlier.

She brought out a cane from the closet. "I'm giving you nine, Sean--five as training, two for your comments about Mistress Ethel, and two for losing your notebook.

Feel free to scream." She lit into me. For an amateur she was remarkably effective. Two minutes later my butt burned with pain. I burned with humiliation. I lay there as she applied ice to my tortured cheeks. "How often do you masturbate?" I knew I had to answer truthfully.

"Probably two or three times a week, Mistress Denise." "From now on you will come to me when you feel the need. Obviously, you cannot do it in that cage. I may or may not give you permission and I may or may not assist you. That will depend on your conduct." She left me bound on the bed to absorb the humiliation and pain and to rest, returning a while later with a short note that she put under my head—I AM SO SORRY!

I LOVE YOU FOR GOING THRU THIS. I kissed her hand and cried. I bawled like a baby. I made dinner once she had released me. After eating, again on the floor, I cleaned the kitchen and prepared Mistress for her bath. Once again she had me eat her pussy as the water was drawn. It was about half way full when the doorbell rang. Of course I went naked to answer.

I stood there in shock as I gazed at my boss, Special Agent-in-Charge Ted Lyons. What shocked me most was the collar around his neck; he was also a submissive. "How are you doing, Sean? Having a tough first day?" "Yes, sir—I'm having a few difficulties adjusting.

I've been punished three times and impaled on ken ryker tube porn twice. I didn't know you lived in Chosen." "Yeah…been here three years; I had a really tough time at first, but it gets easier as you move forward.

A life of submission can be very rewarding. Incidentally, don't call me 'sir' here. Submissives are never called anything dominant or respectful. Just call me Ted." "Okay, Ted what brings you here. I'm sorry, but I'm just about to bathe my Mistress." "That's okay--I just wanted to drop off this ankle holster.

You're going to need it to comply with regulations." "Thanks, sir…er, Ted. Sorry." "No problem; don't let me keep you from your Mistress. I don't want to be the cause of a punishment.

Good luck with the rest of your training." He shook my hand and walked out the door. I ran back to my Mistress, apologizing profusely for the delay. She was already in the tub. I washed her glorious body as my cock ached in its cage. Denise smirked when she saw it. She stayed in character as a domineering wife, playing with my balls and fingering my ass to increase my torment. Once she was dried she told me to shower and come into the bedroom crawling to service her.

"This will be for me and if you please me I may allow you to jerk off—but only if you please me first." I had no response so I kept my mouth closed. Five minutes later I was done, the hot water stinging the welts on my ass and back.

I fell to the floor and crawled into the dark bedroom, pleased that Denise had turned the lights off. I climbed between her legs to taste her pussy.

"No," she whispered, "I want you up here." I could feel the cage separate as she held the magnetic key over the lock. "This is barbaric, Sean. I don't know how you can accept even the slightest part of it. It's disgusting." "I agree," I whispered back. "If I find that the house is bugged, I'm going to do it to the Mitchells then maybe we can find out what this is all about.

I can't if my collar is on but I have a few ideas on that, too. Tomorrow will tell. Now, however, I'd love to fuck your brains out." Denise continued whispering, "Good idea, but remember that I said I might let you jerk off. If the place is bugged you might have to do that instead of cumming in me. I'm sorry. I should have been more thoughtful." I kissed her and ran my lips down her neck to her breasts. I knew from experience how much she loved it.

Meanwhile she had gripped my cock with force. After an entire day in prison it responded immediately. I doubted that I'd ever been so hard. My cock actually hurt until Denise pulled me on top of her and rubbed it into her slit. Damn, her cunt was soaked. Denise's hands found my butt cheeks and pulled me into her. "Fuck me," she hissed. I felt worthwhile for the first time today. We established a rhythm—slow at first. We wanted this to last, but we were also so hot for each other.

We may have argued recently, but there was no doubt that we loved each other intensely. "Fuck it, Sean. I don't care if anyone hears us. I want your hot cum in me." Then in a loud voice she continued, "You're doing a great job, slave. You can cum in me, but wait until I cum first." "Yes, Mistress Denise," I replied hoping we weren't laying it on too thickly. Our pace had increased until we were fucking like dogs. I know I had never humped so fast in my life. I was glad that I was in such great condition; my abs were pumping more than a hundred times a minute.

I knew my wife's body better than I knew my own. I knew she was close. She came, shaking violently just as my first rope of cum was deposited in her cunt. We sagged together after until she pushed me off. Again, she whispered, "Sorry," as she climbed onto my chest. Speaking aloud again, she moved up to kneel just over my head. "Open up, Sean. One of the things I learned today is to have you clean my pussy.

It will help define our roles. I'm on top and you're down there where gravity and your tongue will remove all that annoying semen from my body. Get busy now unless you want another whipping." My tongue probed her messy cunt and I tasted myself for the first time. I couldn't see in the dark, but I could hear and feel my wife crying.

I finished cleaning her then pulled her down to tell her how much I loved her. She went to sleep; I remained awake. My work as a Special Agent occasionally required surveillance activities. It was sometimes twelve or sixteen hours before I had even an hour off.

I lay awake easily for hours until a check of my clock told me it was 2:26 in the morning. I eased myself out of bed and tiptoed quietly out to the garage. I knew the house well enough by now that no lights were needed. The ambient light of a gibbous moon shone in through the kitchen window and the glass door leading to the deck. I stepped easily into the garage. Minutes later my trunk was open and I was into my briefcase. I removed what looked like an electric meter and a pair of night vision goggles.

I eased the trunk down silently. Back in the house I moved quickly and quietly from room to room keeping an eye on the meter's needle. It spun to the high end of the scale whenever I passed near one of the numerous smoke alarms. I took one down, recognizing the slightly blonde teen strip dance suspect denied theft numerous times video camera and fiber optic lens immediately.

I knew this model well having used it on numerous jobs over the past two years. It would capture both video and audio, but could transmit only a short distance.

That meant the system's relay which would transmit the signal as far as ten miles would be close nearby. I could check for that tomorrow. I returned the equipment to my car and went back to bed with my wife.

I was sure she'd freak out when she learned that almost every room in our house was under surveillance. I greeted my Mistress with a kiss when she awoke. My head was under the blanket when I whispered, "Video and audio in every smoke detector. Mitchell and his wife can see and hear everything we do except in the bathrooms.

I suggest we run the water if we want to talk." I jumped out of the bed and to the floor where I waited for Denise's feet. I kissed each one and sucked on the toes until she laughed. This had nothing to do with submissiveness—I'd done it hundreds of times.

"C'mon, I want you to bathe me again." I crawled behind her and turned on the water in the lovely ass bounces hard on a big stick. We stood together under the hot water as I explained what I had found. "Everywhere, even the garage." "But…why?" "I don't know, but I think I can find out. I'll need to go to work this afternoon for about two hours. Then tonight I can bug their house.

I'll bet a lot of others are bugged, petite blonde elsa jean stuffs her pussy with toy. I'll find out about that when I come back, too. I'll have to figure out how to get out of my collar. They can tell exactly where I am when I'm wearing it." "Oh God, Sean what did we get ourselves into?" "Don't worry. We'll play our roles and wait until we have enough to act." "I hope that's soon because I haven't told you about Saturday yet." I waited until she continued.

"We're going to a party. You're going to be naked, but so will the other submissives, although the word Joyce—that's my trainer—used was slaves. You'll be expected to perform some humiliating sexual acts like jerking off in front of the group, sucking semen out of a female slave's cunt, and even sucking another male slave." "That is never going to happen. I'd rather take a whipping. You know how I feel about that." "Yes, I do. Maybe I school gills sex vidos sex stories tell Joyce I hair pulled while fucking zoe parkers pussy doggystyle pornstars hardcore want you doing that—fear of AIDS or whatever.

I'll think of something." "Thank you, Mistress Denise—any other ideas on what they'll want me to do?" "Yes—they'll expect you to…drink—oh God, I can barely even say it—to drink my urine." "You're kidding! What on earth does that have to do with family life or a church? Although&hellip." "What, Sean?" "Just a thought, Mistress." "Will you stop calling me that?" "I can't.

What would happen if I slipped sometime? I need to use it all the time. I was thinking—what if they're involved somehow with porn. The Bureau has investigated all kinds of amateur porn even some with underage girls and boys. What if we're not the only ones bugged? They could get video of teenage girls masturbating or worse and they could get videos of couples fucking or beating their slaves.

There's a huge market for crap like that. Of course, it's illegal to put people in porn without their knowledge and written consent and, of course, underage is a federal offense.

I think we need to get out." Denise pulled me into a long hot kiss. I whispered, "Be sure to tell anyone who asks that I have your permission to go to work this afternoon," just as we were ready to exit. "You don't really think…?" "I have no idea what's going on so I want to cover all bases and I want to protect you. I'll be away, but you'll be here." I stepped out behind her and dried her with a large bath towel.

I dried my own body and followed her into the bedroom, crawling to the closet. She selected an outfit for the day and I dressed her then I raced naked on hands and knees into the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. I was scrambling the eggs when she arrived. I fell again to my knees to kiss her feet. It was required and I knew Mistress Ethel would check on me. I would have gone overboard, sucking her toes and licking her insole, if I didn't have to tend to the eggs.

"How's that butt, Sean? Make sure you behave yourself with Mistress Ethel this morning or I'll give you double when you get home." "Yes, Mistress Denise. I will obey." She waved me away to the stove.

I brought her coffee, adding the milk and sugar as she liked. She patted my head in response. I fell again to the floor to kiss her feet. I didn't know if that was appropriate, but it was submissive so I was pretty sure it would be okay.

I served her breakfast two minutes later. "English muffins, butter and marmalade." "Yes, Mistress—coming right up." "It had better be. You may eat at my feet, but no silverware. You're still being punished. Get on your hands and knees and eat like the dog you are." I looked up at her and she winked with the eye facing away from the camera.

I bowed my head as I rose and moved to the stiff black cock for a lusty hussy interracial brunette. I served the muffins as soon as possible.

Of course, she found fault. "That will be five—just something for you to look forward to. Now eat and get moving. I don't want you to keep Mistress Ethel waiting." I slurped up my breakfast, pushing the plate all around the kitchen as Denise laughed.

She moved to the living room so I could clean up the table and kitchen. I went to kiss her feet and she told me to stand. "Stand still, hidden cam at beach toilet behind your head." She continued once I had complied. "You'll need this cage today—remember? I think I may give you another five for being such a chowder head." She unlocked the stainless cage and replaced it quickly with the polycarbonate cage, using one of the plastic locks.

She fondled my balls which caused my cock to swell so, of course, she slapped it several times to cool me down. I dressed and left the house, remembering at the last minute to kiss her feet before running out the door. I opened the garage door and stepped to my car. I opened the trunk in plain view of the smoke alarm camera, pulling my duffel bag out and putting it onto the passenger seat. I palmed a tiny camera when I closed the trunk. What I was about to do was dangerous, but I was dealing with amateurs.

They may have been professionals in the area of slave training, but even Ted Lyons was an amateur in the area of electronic surveillance compared to me. The object in my hand was designed to go on the outside of a window. I planned to place it on the window nearest the front door. It would blend in with the white paint of the trim and give me intel from the living room until I could install something more permanent.

I stopped on the sidewalk just before climbing the steps to the Mitchells' front door, pretending to tie my shoe. In reality I placed a small relay behind and under one of the bushes. The relay would hold the video and audio until I called for it on my laptop. Unlike the relays I was sure they were using this one had a twenty-five mile range.

Once on the porch I leaned against the wall as I checked my shoe. I dropped it immediately—there was gum on the sole, exactly where I had just placed it.

The devise was in place when I removed my hand. Mistress Ethel answered the door and I dropped immediately to my knees to kiss her feet. "Excuse me, Mistress Ethel. One of my shoes has gum on it. I will leave them on the porch with your permission." "That is very considerate, Sean and just the thing that will save you from getting a whipping—for now.

I see that you accepted a whipping from your Mistress. That was extremely wise of you. Come in and strip. Why are you so dressed?" I realized that she, once again had given herself away. How would she know I had been juliafucked by father in law part 2 if I was completely dressed? I kept my tongue until I had to answer her question, "I must go into the laboratory at work this afternoon.

I was requested by the lab director. (That was true.) My Mistress has given her permission." "I hope so. She will be here shortly. It would not do for you to lie." I held my head down submissively. "I would never lie to you, Mistress Ethel." I laid the last of my clothes on the floor and crawled to her feet. "Stand up and turn around. I want to see your ass.

Oooh, very nice--Mistress Denise has the potential to be an artist. I suspect she'll paint your ass often before you finally see the light." She ran her hands up and down my butt cheeks. I groaned from the pain—not really, but I wanted her to think I was weak. "We have something special for you this morning, Sean.

I've invited three couples here this morning. They will fuck here on the floor then you will suck the semen from the women's cunts. Once that is done you will clean each of the men's cocks. I told you that we would have you do some humiliating things, but don't forget—you will have no responsibility for any of it. However, your Mistress's presence will insure your obedience, won't big boobs on the bus, Mistress Ethel," was what I said, but as I did I also knew that someone was going to pay.

It wouldn't be Denise—she was just doing what she had to do. The doorbell rang and I was told to get it. A master and his slave wife entered. I kissed his shoes and crawled back to Mistress Ethel. "This is Sean, our initiate. Slave Sean, this is Master Bill and slave Janet. Help them out of their clothing." I jumped to my feet to assist Master Bill.

I had learned that masters always came first—no pun intended. I laid his clothing carefully over a janet and ginger suck two big cocks. I knelt to remove his boxers, coming face to cock with something I'd be sucking soon.

It was big and thick even in its current soft state. I turned my attention to his slave wife. I had her naked less than a minute later. I excused myself when the doorbell rang. Thank God it was my wife. I kissed her feet and moved aside so I could crawl behind her.

"What's going on here, Ethel? " Ethel explained as I sat at my wife's feet. I could see her concern when she was told that I would be required to suck three cocks. "I don't think so, Ethel. Sean has very strong feelings about that.

While he may be a slave-in-training I have to respect some limits for him. I want to remain married. I don't need a divorce—no cock sucking. Cleaning out a few pussies, however, is perfectly acceptable. You will do that." "Yes, Mistress Denise." I was thrilled that this was being captured by my camera. I was instructed to lay a small mattress in the center of the floor and to cover it with a sheet. I helped Master Bill and slave Janet down and watched with interest while they fucked.

They were older than Denise and me, but they were still in very good shape, especially Janet. I thought I would very much enjoy sucking on her cunt, even with several blobs of semen in her.

They didn't take very long. Five minutes later they were done. I lay on the mattress while Janet climbed over my head. I reached up with my tongue and scooped an incredible amount of semen from her. I could understand now why they were chosen. This guy ejaculated like Peter North. Mistress Ethel inspected Janet's cunt and complimented me on my efforts.

They dressed while I attended to Mistress Denise's cunt. Her cunt was wet—soaking wet. I would have suggested we rent some porn sometime in the future, but I doubted a slave could do that without receiving a severe whipping. I sucked on her labia and fucked her with my tongue. My nose grazed her clit. She was almost ready to cum and when I sucked her clit between my teeth she exploded. I steadied her with my hands until she released me. I raced to the door seconds later to welcome our second couple—Mistress Sandra and her slave/husband Norman.

She was disappointed to learn that I would not clean her slave's cock. She did approve greatly my efforts to vacuum all his semen from her cunt. She instructed me to make her cum and I did, of course, not wanting to create any problems for Denise and especially because I didn't want another shock. I never did catch the names of the third couple—a master and his slave daughter. He looked to be in his forties; she looked like she belonged in high school. Denise asked her how old she was.

"Eighteen" was the answer. I was appalled, but kept my cool. I could have grabbed my pistol hot amateur passenger gets screwed by pervert driver reality blowjob arrested this asshole, but I could also do that later since I had it captured in the relay. I was released once I was done with her. I dressed quickly and Mistress Denise walked me to my car. "Dear God, Sean can you tell me what the hell that has to do with any kind of religion?" "No, I obviously can't, Mistress, but I'm sure I have it recorded.

I'll check once I'm out of town. This is just sampling a turned on one eyed monster sick." I knelt before her and kissed her feet.

"It is, but I do enjoy that." "Yes, Mistress—so do I." She kissed me briefly and sent me away. "I don't think you should say anything to Lyons, Sean. We don't know where he stands." I nodded my agreement. "Thank you, Mistress Denise. I will return as quickly as I am able." I started the car, buckled up, and drove away. As I had been told the collar was opened when I crossed the town line. I drove a bit further, making sure I hadn't been followed, before opening and turning on my laptop.

I waited patiently as the video uploaded. Even I was amazed at what I saw and heard. I fast forwarded through my training exercises, pressing Play when Rev. Mitchell and Mistress Ethel walked in from the kitchen. I was surprised that he was dressed and held his collar in his hand.

"Are you sure you should be dressed and without your collar? What would happen if someone came to the door?" "Ethel, you worry too much. I could run into the lavatory and change in less than two minutes.

I have to tell you I was so jealous when you were having fun with that Sean." "Yeah, there's nothing I enjoy more than breaking some macho male, making him grovel at my feet and eat my cunt and convincing him that he's really submissive when he's not. It was all I could do to keep myself from laughing at how pathetic he is becoming. That is just so funny and--even better--his wife believes it, too. I'll bet you that in two weeks we'll be able to get him to do everything—just like we do with that asshole Lyons.

Then we can blackmail him, too. What kind of wimps does the FBI hire, anyway?" "I wonder what these idiots would say if they knew that their test results were rigged?" "I don't know how you can get away with that." "It's basically easy. Everyone trusts a minister. Only you and I know I'm a phony. The answer sheet for the "K" and "P" tests are set up so more than a third of the dominance answers are missed and the sheet for the submissive test includes a lot of answers that are just wrong.

I almost always give those to macho men. Rogers is the most dominant male we've ever tested and now he's convinced he's submissive. I agree—that is hilarious. Watching him crawl all around—it's just too much. We should get Denise to cane him while he's crawling; that would make for some great video. " "I have to hand it to you, Vernon&hellip." "Ethel, you fucking idiot—how many times have I told you to call me Martin?" "Okay, already—I do have to hand it to you…and your father—this is the best fucking con we've ever run.

We make a big profit on every lot sold and on every house built. We're turning a profit of more than three thousand a week just on the church. We get a nice house, all the food we can eat, all the sex and adoration we can handle, and then there's the big money. By building the houses we get all the ammunition we need for the big score." "Yeah…the porn--we cleared more than a million in the past three months alone and all tax free.

The best part is that it's gone on for almost ten years and will continue forever. I'll bet we'll get three or four great DVD's just on Sean over the next few weeks. Watching him grovel for his wife was hilarious and the caning she gave him was great. The only bad thing was their fucking in the dark. You'll have to tell her to leave the lights on to increase his humiliation and of course it will have to be done with no blankets or sheets covering them&hellip." I turned it off; I'd heard enough.

I drove as quickly as possible to the FBI office and lab, phoning my previous boss—Deputy Director Jeff Romeo--en route. I explained what was happening and told him I'd email an encrypted version of the video I had recorded.

"Yes sir, I managed to place a Simmons 3020-A on their living room window. That's all that was covered by the warrant." I explained some of the things I had been coerced to do in the interest of internal peace and family harmony. He agreed to phone me once he had seen the video. I went into the lab and forwarded it, reminding him that I couldn't have Ted Lyons manage an investigation due to his involvement in the community and possible blackmail.

I wiped the record from the computer once I was finished, transferring the video to a flash drive I'd hide in my car. He phoned me on my cell half an hour later. We spoke for more than forty-five minutes about the possible implications.

He assured me that the placement of more sophisticated surveillance devices throughout the house would be covered by a warrant from a friendly judge by the end of the day. I explained again about my involvement and how I learned that our house had been bugged. He found that extremely interesting. It fit in exactly with what we had learned about Chosen. He told me he would send some undercover agents to visit us—Denise's favorite cousin Sue and her husband Mike.

I spent most of my remaining time working on the collar. First I researched the FCC files to see if the church had a permit for a radio station. That would have simplified my work because the frequency would be listed. Instead, when that failed, I used trial and error, programming a computer to scan through radio frequencies to find the one that was needed to open the collar.

I would need to remove it in order to effectively bug the Mitchell home. Mistress Ethel had told me that all the slaves could be tracked through their collars. It would have to stay in bed with Mistress Denise while I was roaming the neighborhood. I left as soon as I had identified the correct frequency and manufactured a simple transmitter in the form of an electronic car key.

I had also applied a thin layer of a clear insulator to the collar's inside surface. I thought it would be enough to shield me from a severe shock, but I still needed to feel something so I would react. Getting zapped and not reacting would give away my secrets and could possibly even endanger Denise.

I regretted ever getting her involved in this. Meanwhile, Mistress Ethel met with my Mistress Denise in our home to discuss my progress. "You're doing a great job with him, Denise, but I have a few suggestions. First, have him eat your pussy several times a day and make love to you with the lights on so you can see him and provide plenty of criticism.

It will increase his humiliation as a slave tremendously. Also, I think he's ready to lick and eat your ass. That will drive him down the ladder to complete submission faster than anything else, except maybe being forced to suck another man's cock." "I've never done anything anal. I'm not sure I'd like it." "Denise, dear, you have to trust me on this. It will feel great and you'll cement your relative positions as mistress and slave.

Right now he's still your submissive, but he only needs a little push to get him over the edge to true slavery.

You'll have total control of him when that happens. He'll do everything—the cleaning, the cooking, the yard work, the shopping, the laundry and ironing, and—best of all—he'll eat your pussy and your ass on command—five or six times a day if you wish. He'll do all the work and you'll be able to relax and look beautiful.

You can even have liaisons with other masters if you wish." "You mean…affairs?" "Of course. All the dominants have affairs. There is really nothing the slave can do about it. Shock Sean repeatedly if he complains, but he won't. He'll know his place by then. Now here's what I want you to do for tomorrow's lesson." Denise listened closely, not believing what she was being told.

She was completely revolted by the older woman's comments. When Ethel left she wondered how she could break it to Sean and whether they should just quit and deal with the consequences.