Doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura

Doggy style hardcore pussy fucking for laura
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"Let's play a game, truth or dare?" "Fuck yeah!" "What about Dare or Dare?" "Yeah that's better." Cj, Jim, Kitty and Ab were all in the back room, they pulled the shade over the door and began to play. "Who is first?" "I'll go cause I'm the best." Ab says.

"Kitty, I dare you to stand with your hands on the wall, eyes closed." "B-but." "Do it!" Cj and Jim cheer. I place my hands on the wall, body all the way against it. Ab looks over to Cj, she did it for him. "Here kitty kitty kitty." I hear a whisper in my ear. "Shut up Cj" I laugh, his voice is so sexy, it's turning me on. I feel his hands moving down my back.

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I shut my eyes harder. I feel his warm hands on my ass. He grabs me. I moan. "Ah, she likes it I hear." Cj laughs. My face gets hot and I blush. "Dude that was way to sexual." I stutter. Cj winks at me and I turn more red. "Fuck you." I whisper. "I know you want to." God damnit he is so right. But it was my turn. "Jim, I dare you to spank a random players ass." Everyone likes mine. "Bend over sugar cakes." He gestures. I was right. I bend down and hear a sigh come out of his lips.

SMACK! punish me. SMACK! more daddy more. SMACK! you make me a bad girl. SMACK! I open my eyes again as he goes to his seat.

"Cj, I dare you to take off your pants." Ah fuck! Cj's dick! His grey briefs mold around his cock. "Surprised you don't have a boner yet." Ab laughs. "I don't cause I'm thinking of your mom." "Shut up OMG." Ab smacks his arm. "Ab, I dare you to let any player grab your boobs." I mean it was true, she had the biggest boobs in our grade. "Okay fine." "DIBS!" Jim says, bouncing on them. "Ouch you fag! That hurts!" "Not for me." Jim giggles.

Ab kicks him off and continues.

"Kitty, I dare you to take off your leggings." I slide them off with ease. "Well now you all know I wear a thong." I joke. The blue lace matches my shirt. "I think we already knew this, your ass is fine as hell!" Jim says. Cj stares at me. "Ah fuck, I have a boner." He says covering his dick. "My turn. Jim, I dare you to lick the wall." I laugh quite loudly. "Well then." Ab laughs. Jim moves up to the wall and starts to make out with it.

"Ew what the fuck!" Ab says. He moves his head and makes a kissy face at her. "Kitty, go sit on Cj's lap." I walk over to him. I turn around and feel a smack on my ass. "Damn." He says. I sit on his lap, I feel his throbbing dick. Cherry jul is down for some dp start to laugh, bouncing up and down on him.

"S-stop." He says. "Oh sorry." "It felt gooddddd." He says moving his hips now. He grabs my ass. I just can't help it. I look over to Jim and Ab, they are all over each other. His dick feels so good on me. I moan. He moves his hands to my underwear and begins to slide them off.

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I hold his hands and help him with it. I whisper in his ear.

"You know I wouldn't really mind if you fucked me hard right now." "I was going to anyway." My laced thong hits the ground as does his briefs.

His cock looks me in the eyes. It's so big. I suck on his dick a bit to get it lubed. I stand up and then slowly move my ass onto his cock. I feel it slide into my ass. He thrusts his hips slowly. I moan every time he gets in. I feel the smacking of the skin get faster. And faster. Till I almost fall over. "Fuck yes, daddy, do me harder! I want your dick ardent sex excites naughty beauteous girlfriend hardcore massage ride me!" I moan and moan.

I begin to finger myself. He moans. "Y-y-y-yes daddy! Yes! More more more! Faster! I want it!" My pussy is so wet, it begins to drip. I move to the floor as he does me there. It drips onto his big cock. He fucks faster. I feel like I'm going to scream. "Spank me!" I say. He smacks my ass so hard it leaves a red hand mark. "More more!" He smacks me more and hard, I moan.

He turns me around and sticks his cock in my pussy. "Mmmmmm yes." I say. "I love fucking you baby mmm yes!" Cj says. He fucks my pussy so hard, I grind on him. "I-I'm going to cum!" I moan. He fucks harder, I let out a long moan, my white cum slides on his dick. I bring my hand to his cock and jerk him. He moans loudly. He cums all over my face. "Oh fuck." He says. "That was the best sex I've had, probably cause that was the first." I laugh.

"Same here." We look over to Jim and Ab. "Shall we join?" "Yes." I crawl over to Jim and sit on his chest, I spread my legs, I feel his warm tongue inside of me. Ab gets on top of me and begins to make out with me. My legs shake as Jim's tongue hits my g-spot. I feel hands on my ass and then a whole cock in me. I moan into Ab's mouth, I feel her tongue rub mine.

I squirt onto Jim's face. He takes Ab off of me and begins to finger me. He begins to makeout with Ab. He slides his finger into my pussy and quickly takes it out.

He repeats it making me even more wet. He then sticks his cock in Ab and licks off his fingers. Cj gets on top of abs and fucks her tits.

Ab begins to finger me. I grab my tits and moan. Cj brings one of his hands to my boobs and grabs them. "Yes more!" I hear Ab scream. Young girls have fun with a dick cums all over Jim's veiny cock. Jim takes out his cock and cums on her boobs, she licks it off. We all are breathing heavily. "This was so fucking sexy." Jim says. "I think I'm bi." Ab says, with a little laugh.