Brother forced sister tfuck laundry room

Brother forced sister tfuck laundry room
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Hailey Woodard was one of the hottest 16 year olds i knew. she was about 5'5" with shoulder length blond hair and a smile to die for. she had a great body. tan with an athletic build. she had 34C tits which were always hidden behind a tight shirt. but her ass was by far her best asset.

it was the roundest, hottest ass i have ever seen. it fit perfectly into a tight pair of jeans. me myself, i'm nothing to shout about. six feet tall, 120 pounds, really skinny, and about a six inch dick. but being a nice easy going guy is what helps me gut the girls.

i was in my school library helping Hailey out with homework she was having trouble with. we only had a few more problems left i didn't really want to go. she got up to sharpen her pencil again and i drooled over the sexy sway of her hips as she waled across the room.

she came back and we finished our work. "thanks for helping me today." she said "not many guys would sit down and do that." "with a chick as hot as you?" i joked.

"you must be kidding." she laughed and just shook her head. i was about to get up and leave when she put her hand on mine. "wait, i want to thank your for helping me." "it was nothing. don't worry about it." i wondered what was going on. my horny mind raced at the possibilities but i said nothing. "it meant a lot to me." she said.

"you deserve kannada cinima nati ramya sex storys in thank you." with that, she pushed me back into my chair and got between my legs. my mind was. spinning, was this really happening? i could already feel a hard on coming on.

she immediately went to work getting my pants off. i didn't try to stop her. "oh my!" she exclaimed as my manhood popped out. "he's a nice looking fella ain't he?" she said smiling at me. i was embarrassed. i'm uncircumcised and i was under the impression that girls only liked circumcised dicks. she could see this in me face. "it's a beautiful cock.

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i prefer them not cut anyway" this brightened up my mood. my dick even twitched for her. she wrapped her hand around my cock and began to pump it slowly. just waiting for me to get hard. when i got semi hard she wrapped her mouth around the top of my cock and sucked on it while she beat the bottom half with one hand. with the other hand, she groped and played with my balls.

i could tell she had done this before. but that was ok. a blowjob was a blowjob regardless. after a little bit of giving me head, she just step brother forced step sister my dick and watched me enjoying it smiling.

i pulled her up after a little bit so i could see her body. she slowly took her shirt off to reveal her perky tits. there was no sag, and that was a major turn on. she then bent over with her ass facing me and slowly stripped her pants off. she was wearing a hot pink thong that melted into her amazing ass cheeks. i leaned forward and spanked it to watch the skin jiggle ever so slightly. she got back on the ground and continued to blow me while i played with her hardening nipples.

i rolled them around and pinched them and she loved it. i switched places with her and put her in the chair. i saw she was already soaked. i pulled her thong off and saw the most amazing pussy i had ever seen.

her outer lips looked like they were pressed ready for a kiss. so i kissed them. that set Hailey off.

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she began moaning and i went to town on her pussy. licking and lucking like a mad man. then it was time to fuck. i sat back in the chair and got her in my lap. she sat on my cock and began to ride me. her pussy felt amazing. it was squeezed so tightly around my cock. i was afraid i was going to come in her. she started bouncing up and down on me. her tits bouncing everywhere.

she was moaning with my thrusts. i could feel her ass cheeks slapping on my thighs. she began breathing faster. she was ready to come. i fucked her harder and faster. her screams more intense until she came.

i felt her juices running down my legs like a stream and i wasn't far off. i stopped pumping and made her get on her hands and knees. i was gonna fuck her in doggy so i could watch her amazing ass move as i pumped her. i slammed right into her pussy and pulled on her hair. she loved every second of it. i pounded her as hard and as fast as i could not letting back once. her ass shook like crazy. it was the hottest thing i had ever seen. i slapped it a few times and she swore loudly. we were sweating like crazy and it made the slap of our skin louder and louder i stood up and had her wrap her arms and legs around me.

i held her up in the air while i fucked her. that was a hot interesting experience. i hot babe in high heels gets slammed getting tired and knew there was no way i was lasting any longer. i put her on her knees.

she squeezed her tits around my cock and i pumped them for life. then my balls tightened and i came. spurts of white hot cum went all over her tits and face. finally my dick softened and she licked up the mess.

we got dressed and we made out before she left. i checked my phone to see if i had any texts and i saw it was open with her number in it.

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more fun to come? you decide.