Brutal anal fuck tube porn

Brutal anal fuck tube porn
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She tells me to strip down and stand in the outside shower stall. I do so without hesitation, folding my clothes neatly and quickly, setting them on the floor inside the door before walking out into the sunlit yard. I don't look around, trusting the fence we installed last year to keep my nude body hidden from our neighbors.

I am 6' 4" tall, a little on the heavy side, but still well muscled. My skin is evenly tanned from being naked in the yard quite a bit, the only hair being on top of my head and cut short in a business cut.

She has me shaved and dilapidated a couple times a week. I keep my eyes locked on the frame in the back feel a sense of pride at my creation. Old maharashtra marathi aai fucked little boy free sex story watch simple looking frame of black steel plumbers pipe just over eight feet in each direction mounted on a concrete slab.

There are 'S'-hooks along the top with pants hanging from them to give it the look of a planter. She has the hose run out from the house already, so I know She is going to wash me. I stand in the middle of the frame, my arms and legs spread out and pointed toward opposite corners of the cube, and I wait.

She wraps the cuffs around my wrists first, fastening them to the top corners of the frame before securing my ankles to the bottom corners.

Feeling a small tug on my hair, I lay my head back and open my mouth for her. I stifle a small moan as she fits the large rubber ball of the gag between my teeth and fastens the strap behind my head. "We need to make sure you are nice and clean for your special date tonight," she whispers in my ear. She giggles as my brows crease in confusion.

"You'll see, my sweet." She walks away with a parting swat to my bare ass. I hear the house door open and close and wonder how long she will leave me here this time.

I hear the wake up sage evans time to make a sextape reality kings again, listening for her approach. I hear her hanging something from one of the hooks behind me.

I don't try to turn, keeping my head back and eyes to the sky as she left me. I feel her fingers between my ass cheeks, the vinyl of a glove and cool wetness of lubricant telling me to relax my hole. I whimper and close my eyes as she inserts her middle finger, finger fucking my ass and spreading the lubricant by twisting her wrist.

My breath is coming in pants now, my heart racing, and my excitement clear as my cock stands straight out from my body. She removes her finger and inserts something else. As pressure builds at the swooshing sound of a bulb pump, I know it is one of the butt plugs she modified as an enema. I wait for the warm feel of the water to start, and try to relax into the restraints. I feel the warmth start to spread, the pressure of the water starting to work its way into my bowels. Soon, the pressure stops building and steadies, as I am as full as I can be.

I whimper as she give the bag a last squeeze to make sure. I hear the air start to release from the butt plug and try to relax in preparation of it being forced out of me by the water inside of me.

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When it plug goes, water and shit spew from my ass to the ground and down my legs. I feel the cold water of the hose like a shock as she sprays me down, keeping any of the waste water from staying on me for long. It feels like a long time before the flow stops, more solid pieces coming out at the end.

She doesn't touch me or come inside the frame until after she is sure I'm empty and she has hosed me clean and washed most of the waste off the other side of the slab. I hear her boots click on the concrete and expect her to release me, only to feel a lubricated plug shoved into me again, the pressure plug inflating quickly, and the warm flow of another bottle of water starting to fill me. I take in more this time, and spew out only dirty water.

Fat ass bbw bella smothers milf mia takes scum wad on her tits third bag through my bowels has me clean enough for her satisfaction. She inserts another plug into my ass, telling me to keep it there until she takes it out. She hoses me down again, then begins to wash me with a soapy sponge.

She makes sure my cock and ass are clean, but does not pay them enough attention to let me cum for her. She washes my hair by standing on a small stool she keeps nearby. She takes out the ball gag but tells me to keep my eyes closed and not to speak. I nod. She finally uncuffs me, leaving the chains hanging from the frame. She tells me to go into the bedroom and put on what is on the bed.

I walk quickly but properly into the bedroom to see what she has picked out for me.

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On the bed is a pair of red boots, four inch heels, and a small strap around the ankles with a bell. Next to the boots are a pair of red leather cuffs about two inches wide, also with a bell.

I put them on quickly, standing with my hands at the small of my back, my feet spread, waiting for her inspection and next instructions. I don't look around the room, even though I wonder if there was something else I was supposed to put on, something I didn't see.

She circles me a couple times before slipping a small padlock into the strap of each boot, locking it in place. I feel her put a lock into each cuff at my wrist as well, and shiver in excitement. She pulls the butt plug out and replaces it with one attached to a long fabric tail that comes to just below my knees.

"Sit at my make-up counter. I need to finish you up before we go." I try to hide the surprise at her command, moving quickly and sitting carefully. I sit quietly as she applies make-up to my face, my eyes, my lips. I can see she has put mascara on me, can feel the foundation on my face, the wet lipstick.

She puts dangling earrings in my ears, just long enough to brush my shoulders. I feel her put a head-band in my hair, pulling my short bangs back harshly. Finally she reaches around my neck and locks a small collar on me.

She stands back and smiles before attaching a thin chain leash to the collar and guiding me to the door. She pauses to hand me a bright red long coat that comes to just above my knees, then leads me out to the car. She sits me in the back seat and goes back into the house. The sun has long gone down, but I sit afraid in the darkness, waiting for a stray light to expose me to the neighbors. She comes out in a black coat the comes past her knees, showing only part of her thigh-high boots. She gets behind the wheel and we drive off.

I don't pay attention to where we are going, being more worried about being seen than our destination. I am surprised when we stop in front of a valet parking stall. She quickly gets out of the car and opens my door, taking up the leash and pulling me out.

I feel the heat of my blush in my cheeks, keeping my eyes down so I don't see who is looking at me. I hear the murmur of others, and a few giggles, making me blush all the harder.

She leads me through the crowd, chatting and laughing with the other people along the way. No one mentions me or my outfit, but I can feel their eyes looking at me, feel the amusement at my humiliation. I hear the tinkling of the bells at my wrists and ankles with conquering a gigantic ding dong hardcore cumshot movement I make, drawing more eyes to me.

As we enter the building, I catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection, and my knees almost buckle as my shame is complete. The head-band in my hair has cute, pink, kitten ears attached to them, my make-up is a shade paler than my skin tone, but my lips are a red that makes me think 'cock-sucker'.

My view is blurred from the tears that start to well in my eyes. She glances back and smiles. She pulls me close and tells me it will be alright, and not to ruin my make-up with tears. She kisses me lightly on the cheek and leads me deeper into the building. I feel the music throbbing in the air long before I can hear it. She leads me along the outside of the club, smiling as she looks out over the crowds.

I don't look. I keep my eyes focused on the small of her back, keep my attention on where I am walking and her hands, so I can see any instructions she might give me. At the back of the club, she goes into a small hallway, pointing to a peg on the wall and telling me to put my coat there. I close my eyes to keep from looking around, bite the inside of my cheek to hot blonde in stockings uses a toy down the whimper.

I hang up the last barrier of my modesty and follow her through a door. She stops as the door closes behind us and orders me to kneel up.

As I lower myself to my knees, my hands clasped behind my neck, I realize amateur teen spread pussy pawnstar meets a rockstar the room is quiet, the music of the club being shut out behind the door. I am kneeling in a small circle of a spotlight above me. I can see shapes of at least one person moving around.

She lets my chain drop to the floor and moves away. "Well, gentlemen. Is 'she' everything I promised?" I blush as the stress on 'she', as my spread knees and nakedness make my gender very clear.

"I expect you to use her properly, and with the respect that she deserves." My eyes lift at her last statement, and I see four shapes come out of the shadows into my small circle of light. Four men, all nude, all beautiful, all very hard, stand there expectantly. I hear her voice and nearly choke. "Well, kitten, get to work." I lean forward, crawling on all fours to kneel between the middle two.

I take a cock in each hand, stroking them softly, moaning quietly at the feel of velvety skin my fingers wrap around. I close my eyes and take one into my mouth, the salty taste of precum exploding on my tongue. Back and forth between the two, I stroke and suck them, cup their balls, run my hands along their legs and firm ass cheeks.

I hear the first one grunt just in time to wrap my lips around his cock head. I feel him shoot his cum down my throat and into my mouth. I suck him down, filling my mouth with his juices.

I feel the second twitch and start pumping his sperm at the side of my face before I can turn to catch it in my mouth.

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It runs down my cheek and chin dripping on my chest. I lay my head back, mouth open, stroking them both, milking them for the cum I am craving. They both step back out of my reach and the third steps up, going to his knees in front of me and forcing me down meet his cock.

I feel number four push my knees wider apart with his foot before settling behind me. He pulls my tail out of my ass slowly, chuckling as I moan from around the others cock. I feel him probe my ass a few times, before pressing the head into my hole. He holds my hips, pulling me back onto him, then pushing me forward so the cock in front of me goes down my throat. I helplessly rock as the two piston me between them. I moan when I can breath, shudder from sensation, my fingers curling and kneading the spongy floor beneath me.

Almost at the same time, both men push forward, skewering me between them as they cum deep in me. The man behind me pulls be back, the last squirts of the dick in my mouth hitting my face. I feel my wrists pulled back as I kneel, still speared by the shaft in my ass, and he leans me back against his chest, his legs between my knees and keeping me spread even as he forces my chest out.

The first two have recovered and stand in front of me stroking themselves. They must have enjoyed the show because they quickly add more jism to my face and chest, wiping their cocks on my lips as I lick them clean. I am pushed forward and down onto my hands again, and someone else grabs my hips and begins to fuck my ass. I lose track of who is where, and I don't care. I suck the cock in front of my face, sometimes swallowing, sometimes wearing the load when they pull out.

I push back onto whatever is behind me, screaming my pleasure as I feel them add to the cum filling me, or the warmth on my back and ass cheeks as they pull out to paint me. I don't know how long it goes, how long they use me. I realize I am laying on my back. My skin is stiff from the cum drying. I feel someone straddle me, but I don't have the energy to open my eyes and see who it is. I feel warm wetness take in my dick, and I moan.

It is her, fucking me, taking from me what I so wantonly took from the others. I give it to her quickly, the gripping feel of her pussy bringing me quickly. She milks my cock and balls, pulling every drop from me before lifting herself off. She pins me with her knees, sitting on me so that her full pussy is over my mouth. She grabs my hair, pulling my head up and forcing my face between her legs.

I lap up the juices from her, swallowing every drop of my own cum from her, sucking and licking her until she cums and adds her own wine to the mix. She smiles down at me and stands. I see she has hidden came brother sleeping siter only her boots, her coat draped over the chair she must have watched me from.

She tells me to get up, and I slowly work to my feet. She takes up the leash and leads me back to the door. There is a mirror on it, and the room is brightly lit. I see my face, make-up smeared and cum still dripping.

I watch as the loads of cum drip down my chin, my chest, the inside of my thighs. The sight reminds skinny dude bangs redhead milf in bedroom of how I got that way, and my cock responds.

She gives me my tail to amazing porn orgy with czech girls perfect ass and big dick, and opens the door.

I am hit by the wave of sound from the club. She hands me my red coat but tells me to carry it, not put it on. I am beyond carrying about who sees me.

I hear the laughter and cheers, the giggles and whispers, as we make our way back out to the front doors. I stand naked and proud with my eyes down. I can feel her satisfaction, her pride in me, in the words everyone is echoing. "Look at that cock slut." "That's a little slut kitten." I smile as she puts me in the back seat, wearing only cuffs and collar, boots and cum. She slides behind the wheel and takes her cock slut home.