Hot blonde naomi get a double penetration

Hot blonde naomi get a double penetration
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Emily, or Em as she prefers to be called, is a gorgeous 5ft 3" brunette, with elegant long hair that covers her perky 34B breasts which are set on a slender frame, and the most beautiful face you have ever seen.

Tonight she was at a party of wealthy people, most of whom she hated with a passion, the way they looked down their noses at her as if she was commiting a crime just by having not attended oxford of cambridge, the only thing that was good about these parties were the young rich men, although she had recently discovered that they were all good for nothing scum bags too, the butler takes revenge hardcore and bondage her latest lover had recently been smelling like another girls perfume, she would've slept around too, but she was far too scared of making a reputation for herself.

Em wandered through the party, moving from room to room. She tried not to think about her date, off somewhere fucking some dolled up whore.

She desperately needed to be fucked, but she would be damned if she would let him take her ever again. Desperate to be touched, she slipped down the hall, and closed the door to the bathroom behind her. She looked at herself in the mirror, flustered and horny.

She then played with her breasts over her black, silky and short dress. She sank down onto the floor and she pulled her dress up over her hips exposing her thighs and her soaked panties, she then shoved her hand in her panties, desperately fucking her wet cunt with two fingers.

She groaned, trying to be quite, her feet spread, leaning against the sink. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations. A sharp knock at the door ripped her attention back to reality. She dropped her dress down, and quickly washed her hand. Cracking the door, she peeked up and down the hall, not seeing anyone. It was dark and the sound of the music was very distant, Whomever had knocked on the door had not stuck around to see her shame.

She slipped down the hall and out of the back doors, into the gardens.

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She desperately needed to cum, but didn't want to suffer through the high society bullshit. She wandered down a garden path, it was dark and she walked until she found a secluded bench, and sat down.

She thought about playing with herself right there, but the risk of being caught was just too great. As a gust of wind swept past her she rose to leave, and arms wrapped around her, a hand slapping one stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore her mouth. She froze, as a voice whispered in her ear, "Don't run, don't scream, or they will never find your body. Now lets finish what you started in the bathroom." the voice was unfamiliar and cold.

She stood still, in shock. Her whimpers muffled. Tears making her eyeliner run. Her thoughts of what was coming next scared her but on the other hand they didn't, she was so desperate to be touched and fucked, hard. Her pussy tensed. She felt dirty, knowing this person had heard her touching herself, but she was also turned on.

He pushed her down, bending her over at her hips on the bench. He pulled her dress up, and ripped her panties off of her body, making her gasp as the cold air outside got to her pussy. With no further ceremony, he shoved his hard cock into her. She screamed into his hand, her pussy stretching to take him in. She could feel every vein on his huge cock. He slammed into her, her pussy screaming in pain as his cock violated her. He thrust like this for a time, and she realized her body was getting turned on by it.

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She tried not to, but she could feel an orgasm coming on. Her body betrayed her, waves of pleasure slamming through her. She could feel her pussy squeezing his cock.

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He felt her cumming, he pulled out. Slapping her around the face, hard. With than he told her to get on her knees, she did as she was told and felt his still hard dick, slowly pushing into her non-lubed up ass. Em screamed and he pushed it all the way. He put his fingers in her mouth and opened it wide, shoving her soaking panties into her slutty mouth.

"don't you dare spit threm out!" he whispered. He pounded her, hard, until he felt himself explode, so he grabbed her by the hair, he pulled her on to her knees, facing him. She shivered, staring at his hard cock, inches from her face. He started slapping her with it, like it was a cane. Then he grabbed a handful of her hair and began to fuck her mouth.

The head of his cock slid in and out of her throat.

She felt him tense, as he held it right there as deep as possible. He then started jerking again as she prepared herself to swallow his cum, but he pulled out of her mouth. He pointed his cock down, right at her cleavage. She stared, spell sex selingkuh menantu vs mertua japanese, as jet after jet of cum spurted on to her chest, running down her breasts.

She could feel it, sliding down her cleavage, down her stomach. He leaned down, whispering in her ear, "Wear my cum for the rest of the night, and don't leave early. Or I'll find you again, and make you regret it." With that he disappeared into the night, leaving her with no panties, dress around her hips, and wearing his cum.

He let Emily st at the bench to realize what just happened, as he walked into the party like nothing happened at all.