Sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing

Sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing
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Model Turns Slut - Part 3 by NiteWriter Barbara sat big sister gives little brother a handjob on the floor to catch her breath after the black pounding that just took place. Two more guys were unable to wait any longer after the show they had just seen. While Barbara rested on her elbows with head back, they just shot their loads over her face drenching her with their hot cream.

Barbara just stayed there as they emptied their cocks on her face and watched their spunk drip down her cheeks and chin. Each one of them smeared the fresh cum around her face with their cocks pausing from time to time to feed the cum to Barbara with their glistening rods.

She licked it from their cocks until most of jizz was somewhat cleaned off. The little that was left started to dry on her face. There was one guy sitting on the couch taking this all in and enjoying it as he jerked himself off. He was wearing a condom as he stared at Barbara jerking himself off.

She figured he would be the next one to fuck her. But then as Barbara watched, he leaned back, groaned and filled the end of the condom with his sperm. She could see the end of the rubber sack fill up as his sperm drained from his twitching shaft. He sat up, carefully removed the tight fitting condom from his cock and walked over to Barbara. " Open up and eat this, you fuckin' cum hungry whore. Let me dump this in your mouth too." Barbara didn't say a word.

She just tilted her head and opened her mouth. He took the cum filled condom and proceeded to dump the contents into Barbara's mouth. The white jism slowly oozed its way out of the sack. Barbara stuck her tongue out to catch the dripping white condom scum in her mouth.

It slowly dripped onto her tongue and drained to the back of her throat. Then she returned her tongue back in her mouth as she gulped the load down. Barbara then took the condom from him, turned it inside out and put it in her mouth sucking the remaining cock cream off the used condom. She licked her lips and told him, " I don't want to waste any.

It tastes too good." The two heavy men that were in the corner earlier were next. But, before Barbara could get over to them another fellow ran up to Barbara with his cum in his hand. " What a shame you couldn't hold on any longer. I would have sucked it out of you." Barbara told him. She took his hand and lapped up the sticky goo, licking every finger to get it all. Then Barbara went over to the two men in the corner who obviously were police strip suspects were eyed and apprehended by lp officer in a failed attempt to exit shy.

They had been there all evening watching her performance. Barbara encouraged them on, "Come on guys, don't you want to cum in my mouth too?" Barbara unzipped both of them and alternately sucked on their cocks.

A couple minutes later Barbara had sucked down their cum too.

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Barbara turned around to see who she could do next, when the front door opened. In walked a beautiful brunette. She was about 5' 7" tall, very slim build with very large tits. She wore a short black skirt, which exposed alot of her nicely figured legs and a white blouse straining from her well-endowed chest. As Barbara found out later she was the part-time maid. Unfortunately she walked in on this gang bang.

Two guys met her at the door and before she realized what was going on her clothes were off. One man was in her cunt and the other in her ass.

They couldn't wait for Barbara any longer so Michelle the maid was getting her two holes fucked at once. This diversion gave Barbara a little break. Everyone's attention was on Michelle the maid getting cunt and ass fucked.

Barbara watched the show too, but didn't want to come down off her orgasmic high. While the maid fucking continued, Barbara used an empty beer bottle on her cunt.

She shoved it about half way in and bottle fucked her own cunt until she could get another hot cock. After about ten minutes both guys pulled out, having deposited their cum inside Michelle.

The one guy Tom looked at Barbara saying, " Sorry, but we just couldn't pass her up. We've been wanting to screw her for a long time. Now why don't you get over here and suck our cum out of our maid." Barbara moved over to Michelle who was lying on the floor recovering from the fucking she just received.

"Come on, slut. Eat our cum out of her. Suck our sperm out of her cunt and asshole." Barbara really was enjoying tasting everyone's sperm. Actually, she had become obsessed eating it. So, Barbara buried her face in Michelle's cunt gobbling the cum oozing out of her just fucked hole. Then Barbara pushed Michelle's legs up high so she could get access to her beauties play with sex toys masturbation and smalltits. Barbara spread Michelle's ass cheeks, forced her lips onto her puckered little hole and with a noise heard across the room, sucked and slurped the cum out of Michelle's asshole.

A couple times Barbara back off, stuffed her index finger in Michelle's anus, twisted it inside her ass and ate what she pulled out.

Confident that she had gotten as much of the cum as possible, Barbara sat back. " I need more cum, guys" Come on, who's next." Two more guys reported for duty to start with their turn. One immediately drove his cock into Barbara's cunt and began fucking her. The other squatted over her face so Barbara could tongue his balls. She jerked his cock as she sucked his balls into her mouth.

Shortly he started cumming. Barbara was able to catch his sperm in her mouth, but the guy fucking her shot his load up her cunt. When he pulled out he told Barbara, "Your cunt felt so good I just had to fill it. Am I the only one you haven't tasted?" With that Barbara sat up, shoved a couple fingers up her own cunt and came out with them coated with sperm. She licked them clean and went back for more.

Barbara was down to the last two guys. It was about time to call it a night, so Barbara grabbed their cocks, jerked them off until they came in her mouth.

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Barbara had eaten nineteen loads of cum. The last two guys remarked to Barbara, "You're a real fuckin' slut, Barbara." "You really like suckin' down the cum, don't you?" "How about something to wash it all down." They had had so much beer to drink their bladders were about to futurama hentai zapp pole for turanga girl. Both of them started pissing all over Barbara.

One stream hit on her chest splashing all over, and the other was soaking her long blonde hair. Barbara sat on the floor with legs spread as she was told, " spread your cunt and open your mouth, you fuckin' slut." Barbara did as ordered so they could piss directly onto her spread open cunt and into her mouth. She felt the strong piss stream hit her open fuckhole splattering all over her thighs and legs. Then one brought the flow up, watering her body in piss.

Finally, he was up to Barbara's face, as the second piss stream poured into her mouth. "Swallow it cunt." "Swallow it." Everyone was watching.

Piss was running down her chin as her mouth filled up. There was no end to the flow entering her mouth. "Swallow it," they demanded again.

Barbara closed her mouth and gulped. She felt the hot piss gush down her throat. Again she open her mouth just to have it filled with the endless flow of hot piss.

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Another gulp and down it went. Barbara could hear them talking as they finished pissing on her, "This fuckin bitch is incredible. She'lll do anything" Barbara just sat there totally drenched in their hot steamy piss.

Several of the horny guys collected some of their empty beer bottles and emptied their bladders in them. Three of them went to Barbara as she sat there exhausted. " Have a beer, sweetheart. You deserve it." Barbara put the bottle to her lips and started slugging it down. Stopping after one mouthful she looked at them saying, "You fuckin' bastards." "What's the matter, cunt," one said.

"Our piss not good enough for you. You like it and you know it. Now drink up." Barbara put the bottle of hot piss back to her lips and drank the rest without stopping, while the other two each poured their bottle of hot urine on her head and face watching it drench her entire body. When the bottles were empty they jerked off again shooting their cum on her tits and chest. Barbara's hair was matted, piss was dripping from her face, and rest of her body had a mixture of piss and cum clinging to it.

Barbara just lay there recovering from the humiliation, but deep down knew she was enjoying these new sexual pleasures. Tony, the big black man strolled back up to Barbara as the two finished emptying their bottles on her.

Tony took Barbara's head in his large hands pulling her mouth onto his black cock. He pushed it about half way in and stood there with his head tilted back. Tony took a deep breath and then yellow fluid began gushing from around Tony's cock out of Barbara's mouth. He was pissing right her mouth. He was forcing Barbara's mouth to be his human toilet.

Tony looked down at her, "swallow it down, you little hardcore orgy with hot babe sucking and fucking dick "Or I'll shove it all the way down and piss right into your throat." The piss stopped escaping from Barbara's mouth. Her lips were clamped around Tony's urinating cock. She was drinking it, gulping the hot piss as it drained from his big black cock. Tony held her head in place, forcing her to swallow all of his urine.

With all the beer Tony had, it must have been a full minute that Barbara drank from his cock. Finally he pulled out letting Barbara fall back to the floor with her stomach full of hot angel wood gets tied up and drilled juice.

It took awhile for Barbara to get up. For sure I thought she'd be puking her guts up by now.

She stood up as Mark approached. Mark thanked her for the incredible evening and offered her a parting surprise. "We have something special for you before you leave," Mark said. All the guys were really horny watching you all night. Since they couldn't get seconds with you they've been jerking off and saving the sperm.

They thought you might want a last taste of them. Mark handed Barbara a glass filled with white thick cum.

Barbara smiled, put the cup to her lips and slowly began swallowing down the cup of hot sticky sperm. Without stopping she gulped every drop of the sticky jism, licked the cup with her tongue then thank everyone for the terrific evening.