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Two gfs pickup a swinging blonde teen for some vibrator fun
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She had been working for the Deveraux family for more than a year now. She wasn't enthusiastic about her position as their part-time nanny, but it was her way through college and she refused to be a stripper like some of the other girls in her classes, she couldn't dance one bit; so she did a great job, not because she wanted to, but because she had to. The two children, the twins, Brandi and Brandon weren't exactly bad children, they were just misinformed.

Somewhere along the line someone must have told them that she actually cared about their tantrums and spoiled antics. At some point in their lives they had learned that black people were different from white people, so they always had questions that she was supposed to answer and speak for her whole race when she answered them. "So, Leigh, do black people eat anything other than fried chicken and watermelon?" "Do all blacks do drugs? Somke pot?" "Why does your hair look like that?" "Dreadlocks?

That's weird!" Everyday she had to be prepared to cute girl loves to masturbate on webcam fingering and homemade her own little black history course.

She didn't mind, it was just that she knew for a fact that they had been conditioned to think the opposite of anything she told them and as their help, whatever she told them went in one ear and right out of the other.

To them she was just their Toy, just like in that Richard Prior movie she used to watch when she was younger; they knew she wasn't there to educate them. She was just there keep them out of Mother and Father's hair while they lived it up. The bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay were coming up and Leigh had just completed her last final of the semester. School was out, however that meant more hours at work, because the Deveraux's would be shopping and attending function after function.

They told her that the holidays were the best time to network, but judging by the way the staggered in more than tipsy every night, they were just partying like she thought they were. With them networking that meant that Leigh had the option to have off and have someone stand in for her, or to live with them until the New Year for triple the generous amount she usually made.

Needless to say she was staying. "Fuck it!" she thought, turning on her Soulful Christmas cd on the Bose system that went throughout the house. Since the twins wanted to know so much about her people she figured she would show them how they got down in the ghetto on Christmas and James Brown, The Jackson Five and Donny Hathaway were just the ones to show them.

She was going to make this a Christmas that the Deveraux's would never forget. The pair came into the family room tiptoeing, looking almost frightened. "Leigh what's that playing on the radio?" they said.

Leigh half expected them to run. "That's the godfather of soul!" she said sliding across the floor like her daddy used to do to the song. They looked at each other mouth wide open.

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She grabbed their hands and soon they were dancing too…Well not really dancing, but doing what she and white folks and other people who can't find the beat do to music. Later, they trimmed the tree. She showed them how to make garland out of popcorn and cranberries and instead of the Faberge ornaments that usually adorned their tree they made their own.

They loved it! The whole time they kept saying "Gosh, blacks are cool!" It wasn't until they were fast asleep waiting for Santa that Leigh considered what their parents, her bosses were going to say about the tree. She even contemplated taking them down and putting up their usual delicate, expensive, impersonal ornaments, but what the hell she thought.

Leigh was fast asleep in the all purple guest room (her least favorite of colors), when she heard a knock at the door. "Yes." Leigh said. "May we have a word with you? In the kitchen? Now?" So, she'd been fired before.

No biggie. She put on her robe and walked down the backstairs that led straight to the kitchen. "I see that you have taken it upon yourself to decorate the Christmas tree." The Mrs.

said. "Well, actually---" "I don't know how you people do things, but when we have a tradition, we keep that tradition." Mr.

Deveraux said. You people? Leigh said in her head, looking down at the CD that they had taken out of the CD player and placed on the counter. "I mean I don't mean anything by what I'm saying, but I can understand why you might want to make your own ornaments, but we can afford our own" said Mrs.

Deveraux's. I mean, what is this tag team bash a broke black bitch night? Leigh thought. She wished they would just get it over with and fire her instead of feeding her with their narrow minded bullshit. "I just never understood you people." Mr. Deveraux said, words slurring from the alcohol that she was sure that he consumed earlier, and getting up from the table, walking over to Leigh, moving in closer to her face.

She thought she would vomit from the smell of Hennessey on his breath. Their faces were almost touching. "Everything just seems different about you all.

They way you walk. Talk. Your hair." "I just have one question Leigh?" "Yes, Mr. Deveraux's?" "Is the pussy the same?" He said with a sly grin on his face. Part of her wanted to spit in his eye, but the other half of her knew the truth and wanted to teen fingers and cums in jacuzzi chat with her at masturbation masturbate him and his wife just how good her people are.

Leigh stood up, grabbing him by his tie and shoved him down in the chair that she was previously sitting in, then turning to his wife she said "You! Sit down!", pointing to the chair across from them. Leigh noticed that Mrs. Deveraux had already removed her black cocktail dress exposing her hard pink nipples and perfect blonde girl plays with her slit perky just-enough- to- fit- in your-mouth sized breasts.

Leigh straddled her boss and undid his tie and shirt roughly. All those nights with his personal trainer had paid off. He was sporting perfect pectorals and astounding abs. She wasn't sure whether he was naturally like that, or whether he waxed his chest, but his tanned skin (which she guessed was still dark from his recent trip to Hawaii) was smooth and hairless except for a line of straight blond hair that ran from his navel and led her to where she was about to go.

He wanted to know about black pussy and she wanted to know about white dick. Was the myth true? Was he packing a minuscule penis? "You prick! Do you have any idea how your bigotry has made me feel while working here?" Leigh said, now unzipping his pants, exposing his black Hugo Boss boxer briefs.

"You made me feel small. Now, it's my turn to look at something as small." She said pulling his underwear down like when a magician when he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, almost saying "Tadaa!" expecting to see in centimeter peter… Leigh almost lost her footing and her breath looking at what appeared to be one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She began salivating looking at the thick pinkish penis staring in her face.

She could tell by the smirk on her face that the Mrs. was pleased with Leigh's reaction to her piece. "So you gotta big dick for a white boy? So what? You gotta big cock and I gotta deep throat. Get that fucking smile off of your face, I'm about to make you wish you were a female. I'ma make you wish you didn't have a dick. You gonna be my bitch when I done with you." Leigh hoisted up her nightgown and slid down to her knees and slid his cock into her mouth all in one movement.

Stopping long enough to look at Mrs. Deveraux to say "Bitch take alexis andrews big ass maid cleans and fucks She said taking the tip of Mr. Deveraux's dick into her mouth and then engulfing his whole dick to his balls with her hot wet mouth, using her tongue to tease his sack. Bobbing up and down she sucked the life out of him, grabbing his ass pushing him deeper into her mouth.

He had never gotten head that made his toes curl and his eyes roll up in his head. The Mrs. gave him a blow job all the time, but she could never get his entire cock in her mouth without complaining about jaw pain and she always seemed to scrape his dick with her teeth, making him want to forget the whole ordeal. She was taking notes, she never used both of her hands while sucking his cock, but Leigh had this thing where she half jerked him off with both hands and sucked him off at the same time that seemed to drive her hubby crazy.

Seeing him so aroused, she just had to touch herself. She slid her finger past her thick hairy snatch and using the wetness that was now dripping down her ass crack as moisture she began to massage her clit. Just before her employer came she got up from off of her knees and turned to her other supervisor saying firmly "Get your ass over here." Mrs.

Deveraux looked so excited, she almost skipped over to Leigh, hoping that Leigh could devour her the way she did her husband. Laying her down in a sixty-nine position on the table she ate Mrs. Deveraux's pink sopping wet pussy, while she shoved her pussy in her face, forcing Mrs.

Deveraux to taste her. Parting her pussy lips first Leigh, teased her clit with her long fat tongue and then wrapped her lips around it sucking her clit hard while flicking it with her tongue. Surprisingly, Mrs. Deveraux liked eating her womanhood as well. She was surprised that it was so sweet. She was a fast learner. Everything Leigh did to her pussy she did back.

Leigh was stunned when The Mrs. had her legs quivering. Her husband didn't eat her pussy and she had never pressed the issue, so it had been a long time since she had gotten pleased in such a way.

Leigh could tell by the way she dug her nails in to Leigh's thighs that she was having a hard time dealing with the intensity of the act.

She knew that married women rarely had real orgasms and felt it was her duty to give her one, so she licked and sucked until Mrs. Deveraux's went into to convulsions confessing "I'm going to cum", still trying to sound uppity and prissy and hoity-toity to no avail.

She demanded that Mr. Deveraux come three lesbians play with their prolapsed assholes and finish off what his wife started. She laid flat on her back scooted herself down to the edge of the table. Mr. Deveraux got on his knees and ate her like a full course meal.

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He loved perfume that arose from horny teen loves getting her pussy wet masturbation missionary love-hole. To him she tasted like candy. Actually, she seemed to taste just like the salt water taffy he used to eat before he was a big time hotel owner, working at the Atlantic City shore. She didn't know it was his first time eating pussy, but what she did know is that he wasn't half bad.

She wasn't one of those females who just made noise when she came. She actually ejaculated. Lifting the top half of her body off of the table when she reached her maximum, she pulled his straight blonde hair and came in his mouth. "Swallow it! Every bit of it!" She growled, pushing his head further into her. Leigh climbed on top of him and rode him. She bucked him like a cowboy from the Midwest. Pressing her hands against his chest, she ground her hips into him, tightening her hole, sucking up all of his pre-cum.

"Wow, this is the best twat I have ever had. Mmmm, I looove black pussy!" He yelled, upsetting his wife, causing her to stand up and attempt to curse him out. "What do you mean, she's she best?!?!" she yelled. And while she whined and went off on a hissy-fit at the side of her husband's head he and Leigh came together ignoring the hell out of Mrs. Deveraux. To shut her up, Leigh buried her face in her bush once more and made her cum again.

Leigh left them both snoring on the kitchen floor. She knew they wouldn't want her there in the morning. She packed her stuff and drove the 30 miles home. Her family was surprised to see her walk in the door as her younger siblings opened their gifts. After dinner Leigh's mother called her to the phone. It was Mrs. Deveraux wondering why she'd left so abruptly. When she explained that she didn't think they wanted her there.

They told her "don't be silly." she "didn't even open her gift" and they told her that they needed and that she was their "favorite black person". She was their friend and that they wanted her to teach them as well as the twins all about her culture. They were even prepared to pay her double what she was getting paid during the holiday, all year long, and they wanted her to be their full-time live-in nanny.

When Leigh rang the doorbell the next day, she was greeted by Mr.

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and Mrs. Deveraux's and the twins all wearing dashikis. For the next two years, to pay for college, she worked for the Deveraux. They never had another experience like Christmas Eve, but they were like family from then on out. They began to watch BET together, and after a while, on Friday's they all ate fried chicken.

Leigh never asked them was her pussy inferior to white pussy, cause she knew the truth. They were so sad to see her go, when she left for graduate school in California. When she departed the Deveraux's gave her the address and phone number of friends of theirs who needed a live-in nanny that could pay her more money, and lived in Beverly Hills. From what they told her they were just as small minded as they used to be before she taught them a lesson.

She wasn't worried. She knew just the thing to open them up…their minds exclusive suck pussy with love is.