Hawt and private sex games hardcore and reality

Hawt and private sex games hardcore and reality
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KEEP IT IN THE FAMILY or 'INCEST!' THE GREAT NEW GAME ALL THE FAMILY CAN PLAY Know what started it? We were all at home for once in the evening, me and my sister, my cousin and her mother, my mother's sister and my parents. My mother was lying on one of our two three seater sofas with her feet across my father's lap and I was sitting in the middle of the other sofa with my sister Kath on one side and my cousin Kate on the other.

Aunty Barbara was sitting rather primly in the armchair. Mum's back was more or less presented to us three and Dad was more or less hidden from us by Mum. The three of us were all in our late teens or early twenties. I was 22; Kath was 20 and Kate 19. There was a log fire in the grate and a good film on TV.

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Dad was stroking Mum's nylon covered feet. The film had reached one of those scenes where you wish that you weren't actually watching with your parents and when suddenly my sister nudged me and looked over at the other sofa, I realised that my parents had forgotten that they weren't exactly alone in the room because my father's hand had started to stray up from my mother's ankles.

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I could also see that mum's ankles were further apart than they had been. I tried to concentrate on the screen but I realised to my dismay that the actions, both live and filmed were causing me to get a hard on. I placed my hands over my stiffening cock and hoped my actions weren't too obvious for my two companions. Some hope; Kath leaned over me to touch Kate's arm and made sure that her breasts brushed the back of my hands.

Both girls looked at my discomfort and grinned and then I realised that this was probably not as novel a situation for them as it was for me.

One of my problems was that I'd fancied Kate since she was about 14 and had also been very much aware of Kath's sexual attractions for several years and wondered who the lucky sod was who'd taken her cherry. Kate had always treated me as a cousin and I had had no indication that there would ever be anything else. We had seen a lot of each other over the years because although she lived in another part of the country they came to stay with us frequently.

However, with that grin passing between K and K I had the distinct impression that things were about to move up a gear. I think Dad's hand got well under the hem of Mum's skirt before they remembered they had company, because they suddenly announced that they were going upstairs to watch the rest of the film in bed and would we see to the lights etc when it was over.

My Aunty also yawned and said it had been a long day and it was time she went upstairs as well. When we had the room to ourselves, Kate immediately put her legs over my lap and Kath reached over and gently pulled my hands up from my straining cock and in an instant had replaced them with her own. I started to protest but she only laughed at me and said she'd seen me trying to see her undressed for years and this could be my big moment, 'Anyway', she said, 'You've been fantasising about getting into Kate's knickers for years!' 'No I haven't' I said lamely but both girls just grinned.

'And I'm afraid you're going to be unlucky tonight Rick' said Kate with a sly grin, 'I'm not wearing any!' And with that she unzipped her jeans to prove it. 'But I am' said my sister revealing a side to her personality that I had not suspected existed, and she also proved it.

Strictly speaking she was telling the truth but when she unzipped and eased her bottom off the sofa so she could pull the denim down a little, all I could see was a skimpy piece of hot busty babe gets a stiff shaft lace which would have hardly covered her pubic hair…… if she'd had any!

My cousin certainly made up for this lack of 'short and curlies'. She had the hairiest cunt I'd ever seen and as for shaving her bikini line, forget it; her pubes were rampant.

This was something I'd never suspected but I should have done. Her other hair was long, luxuriant and dense and almost black just like her mother and from what I could see now, it was certainly a natural colour.

'Come on Rick' said Kath, 'don't be shy … you've seen ours so show us yours!' And without waiting for my response she unzipped me and yanked my jeans and underpants down to my knees causing me a brief instant of pain as my cock was caught up and suddenly freed to wave about rampantly in the firelight!

I admit that I don't have one of those really long cocks that guys tend to boast about (I suspect I'm the wrong colour for that ;-) ) but at seven and a bit inches I don't get many complaints, but my cock is also rather thick and meaty which I was gratified to be told in my early sexual adventures is much more satisfying and I have a circumference of nearly six inches.

After all, what use is a 50cc piston in a 250cc cylinder to put it in motorbike terms! (Even if it is very long) But I digress! As it sprang from the restraint of my boxers both girls gasped and Kath immediately slid onto the floor in front of me while Kate stepped out of her jeans and also pulled her top off revealing not only no knickers but no bra either.

Christ! I hadn't really realised how big her tits had become; I just stared at them and the swollen brown nipples sticking out like 'walnut whips' (well UK readers will know what I mean) '36C' said Kate with a snigger, answering my unasked question, 'and they get even bigger if they're played with properly!' Kath, on the floor in front of me had pulled my jeans and underpants completely off and I had reached down and pulled her top off as well.

She was wearing a wonderbra to match her knickers and I already knew she was a 38D so the sight of her tits did little for me &hellip. Oh all right, I'm lying! Its just I hadn't really seen her 'bare chested and close' for quite a few years now and the sight of those magnificent breasts straining in that bra was just too much; so I pulled it off and let them spill out into my hands.

She had pink nipples and they also stood out hard and rigid. I tweaked them both between my fingers and thumbs, rolling them round and round and at the same time gently squeezing and pulling them out until she big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy out loud.

She pulled my thighs apart and grasped my cock which she proceeded to lick from my balls right up the shaft underneath, pausing only at that little piece of scar tissue just under the head where my foreskin had been cut (Yes! I'm a 'Roundhead!) and like most circumcised men (so I'm told) I find attention here is mind blowing. She seemed to know this and spent some time here flicking her tongue tip round and round on this tight blonde teenie zoe parker screwed and creampied sensitive area before making her way up and over the glans where she probed the 'eye' with her tongue tip.

When I least expected it she plunged her mouth over the whole thing and proceeded to frig me with it; sucking, licking; rasping her teeth over the end and letting her saliva run down it until it reached a point where she could grasp the base of the spittle coated shaft and start to jerk me off. Kate suggested I lie down on the sofa, which I did and Kath continued her work from the floor while Kate straddled my face burying it, almost to the point of suffocation, in her densely furry bush.

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From naughty madlin receives a proper anal ramming position I was able to reach through her legs and fondle the cheeks of her arse, pulling them apart and pushing first one forefinger and then the other into her bum hole while at the same time probing between her outer cunt lips which I found without difficulty, swollen as they were, under all that minge hair.

What a surprise! She was soaking wet and her inner cunt lips parted just as easily so that I could push my tongue in right to the bottom of her cunt. I moved my tongue back to the entrance to her vagina and flicked it inside tasting for the first time, my cousin's sticky and slightly lemony scented cunt juices.

As I moved my tongue tip back closer to her clit, I felt her start brave young beautiful girl fucked by old shlong squirm on top of me and when I got to that little hard bud in its protecting hood of flesh and skin she clenched her thighs so tightly I thought that she would break my neck.

I like a challenge and so I stuck to the job in hand and sucked her clit into my mouth and gently nipped it with my teeth. She went crazy and grabbed one of my nipples and squeezed that! But I kept on swirling my tongue tip round and round her clit until I thought she would at least break my nose in her frenzy! Kath was still sucking my cock and so I sat up and pulled her over my lap and proceeded to hand spank her bottom until it turned the same colour as her knickers which I then pulled down and off.

With Kate alongside me, thighs apart and rubbing herself frantically, I pulled my sister into a position over my cock where it could poke between her thighs while I continued to spank her bare bottom and started to jerk my bottom up and down off the seat in time with the spanking. She clasped her thighs firmly round my cock. I found that if I spanked her with the back of my left hand I could use my right hand to frig my cousin off, so pushing her own hand out of the way, I took over.

Suddenly, things came to a climax… literally. Kate went into a spasm alongside me, clenched her arse off the sofa and with a low stifled moan, shuddered violently and suddenly wet the seat; Kath, whose clit had been rubbed into delirium by my spanking and pounding cock went through the same sequence as her cousin with the difference that she wet my thighs; and I went totally out of control and with a huge shudder of sexual relief shot a jet of cum about three feet in the air from between my sister's arse cheeks…………… ……And from the doorway, came another strangled moan and a gasp and when we all looked saw to our horror at first that Kate's mum, my Aunty Barbara was standing there in her bath robe which had parted at the front to reveal a shortie nightie below.

This had been pulled up and it was very obvious that she had watched us all for long enough to get to the point of no return and she too had just had a hugely satisfying climax. Curiously enough, my first thought was 'So that's where Kate gets her fantastically hairy muff from!' because the mature woman in front of me had an even hairier cunt than her daughter.

This incredible development caused me to start to stiffen up again and so with an apologetic glance at the two girls at my side I invited the older woman over and suggested that she knelt in front of the sofa with her head on the seat I had just vacated.

I knelt behind her and pulled her bath robe and nightie over her back and nuzzled my rapidly stiffening cock into her bottom cheeks.

'Oh Rick' she moaned, 'Its been so long since I had a good seeing to… would you spank me first with your belt and then fuck me up the arse' I gave her a few light slaps with my hand but she told me that it wasn't what she wanted so I took my belt out of my jeans … it is a good solid black leather jeans belt about an inch and a half wide with stitching down each side and a heavy steel hot asu teen st assfuck brcc full video and with this fearsome device doubled over in my hand proceeded to give her a damned good leathering to which she lewdly and with thighs apart and cunt glistening, thrust out her bottom to meet each swat.

After about two dozen I threw the belt down and having first spat between her arse cheeks and worked the head of my cock through the ring of muscle on her anal sphincter, I thrust deep inside her and worked myself up into a steady rhythm which unfortunately ended too soon as I suddenly realised that she was about to get a rectum full of cum. 'Don't stop!

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Don't Stop!' she screamed as I looked up and saw Kate and Kath doing something they were obviously well used to doing together… wanking each other off… 'DON'T STOP!

DON'T STOP! DON'T STOPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! But I couldn't stop anyway and suddenly I came, the girls came and Hells Bells did Aunty Barbara cum? It jetted out of her cunt and onto my belly and ran down my thighs where it mixed with my cum dripping out of her arsehole from where I had just taken my rapidly shrinking cock. I know one question which you will want to ask. Were dating n fucking college teen in public park tube porn parents deaf?

How could they not hear all this racket? Well, quite early on in the proceedings, I'd heard unmistakeable noises coming from upstairs. You see they have the same sexual tastes that I do. like father (and mother) like son and all that and I was well aware as must everyone else in the house that my father had given my mother a good hand spanking followed by a strapping followed by at least 40 strokes of the cane and after that judging by the rattle of bed legs and the squeaking of the mattress they would have been oblivious to ANYTHING going on elsewhere in the house.

And as Aunty B had been a widow for so long, I liked to think that my Mum would look on what I had done to her as an act of kindness, as a good nephew should do for a favourite Aunty!

And as for my sister and cousin……&hellip. Well there were TWO of them and only ONE of me. I didn't have a chance did I? Well actually I had lots of chances in the future &hellip. and still do. But that's subject matter for other stories ……&hellip.

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isn't it?