Erotic couple enjoys each other in their place

Erotic couple enjoys each other in their place
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I went from on top of the world, thinking I might be falling in love; to the lowest of lows in a matter of hours. After talking to Roxy, well more like her pouring her heart out to me I was as confused as I could ever be. I wish I could have given her at least a little comfort, but my mind was so fucked by the whole situation that I couldn't tell up from down.

Confused and stunned, I only knew of one place to go to get some sense of normalcy. It was damn near 2:30 a.m. when Mia khalifa take off her clothes pulled into the gym parking lot.

Thankfully the gym was open 24 hours. I rarely worked out overnight though, only when I had things to really get off my chest.

Tonight was surely one to sunny leoni sexcom spark bang some shit off my chest to say the least. As I breezed through the door I didn't even notice Paul at the counter. "Hey Bro long time no see." "Oh what's up P. Didn't even notice you there." "So it seems" he said.

"What's good witcha though?" "Shit bro just tryna make sure all is well with gym and back fill a position. Lisa just up and quit said she was leaving town, so tonight is her last night." "Word." I tried to seem sincere in my response but internally I was relieved to know she is skipping town.

"Hey man I'm sure you will work through it as you always do, but I to get this workout on. Good seeing you though." "Same here bro." I did my normal stretching be for my workout and decided to work my upper and lower body, seeing as to how much I had on my mind.

After hitting the weights for an hour or so I decided to relax in the steam room. I entered wearing only flip flops and my boxer briefs. I perched up in the corner and put my head phones in trying to relax. I draped the towel over my head, being the hour and how empty the facility was. I never covered my face in the steam room, after watching the movie The Fan years back with Robert De Niro it had me kind of spooked.

Needless to say I was relaxing to the smooth sounds of the Isley brothers. After a few minutes I got an eerie feeling I was being watched. I snatched the head phones and towel off, and the room was completely dark. I figured the light must be a timer. Jumping down from my perch I tried to feel my way over to where I figured the switches might be. I fumbled for a few; trying to find the switches, when a random voice froze me in my tracks.

"Don't turn on the lights" I was commanded by sexy seductive sounding female voice. I thought I recognized the voice for a second but couldn't be too sure.

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Who was in the room with exquisite banging for a cute doll pornstar and hardcore "You won't need them for what I want to do to you." At this point there was no doubt in my mind as to who was in the steam room with me.

It had to be Lisa who else could it be, she was working it was extremely early in the morning now; so logic says Lisa. "Walk to my voice." Not seeing any harm in breaking Lisa off before she left town I did as I was told.

Besides what better to help ease my mind other than sex. I mean some people pop pills, some do drugs, some even seek professional help, but my remedy is booooo-tay.

Although I was a more than willing participant I didn't want to be too easy. "Why are you hear, why are you doing this?" I questioned kind of firmly. "Shhhhh don't talk I need this and you want this, so just follow my commands." She was right I did want this, I mean over the last week I've had four different women and Lisa wasn't in the best of them but she wasn't bad either.

It was something about the suspense that really had me captivated in this moment so I told myself what the hell. I finally reached Lisa, I slid my hands down the sides of her body; well at least I attempted to do so.

She pushed my hands away and dropped her knees tugging my underwear down as she did so. In all my excitement and anticipation I was already ¾ hard. She grabbed my wood and wasted no time planting kisses on the head. She finally took the first couple of inches into her mouth, after that it was all downhill from there.

After the first 31/2 inches entered her mouth I felt a pain I had only known as a preteen receiving my first blow job from a novice.

"Shit hold up" I ordered abruptly. Lisa's head game the other night was top notch what the fuck was this bullshit. She released my violated dick and stoodup. "What's wrong Brandon" she questioned sincerely. "Way too much teeth protested" the disappointment in my voice must have been apparent as I felt her step away.

"What's with all the teeth?" I inquired. I didn't receive an answer though; I could only assume she was embarrassed.

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Hell, who wouldn't be in a situation like this one. I heard what sounded like a small sob. I stepped forward extending my arms towards where I thought she was. Finding her in the complete darkness I pulled her into my embrace and indeed I felt her wet cheeks on my chest.

I began caressing her back trying to make mia khalifa xtra 15 2019 feel better. I didn't want to say anything, for I felt the vibe in the room was awkward enough as is. I began to let my hands roam her body. Instantly I was appalled, this body in my arms didn't feel anything like Lisa's. 'Holy shit who the fuck is in my arms' was all I could think to myself.

Lisa was more on the slim athletic side; while this body was tight, she was way thicker than Lisa was. My mind was racing now tattoo artist tattoo for dicks himself tube porn to figure out who had seduced me in the steam room.

Letting my hands roam this unknown being try to get some kind of inclination as to who I was groping she spoke through her tears. "I am so sorry, I I……I didn't mean to hurt you Brandon." 'Wait she knows my name that meant I was likely to know her right.' My mind was running at Lear jet speeds now. I let hands move south on her frame down to her ass cheeks. As soon as I palmed both cheeks a vision of Cheyenne on the elliptical anime hentai 2 dead space ecchi girls hot tube porn other day flooded my brain.

Then my mind jumped to the love we made only hours ago. I liked to melt in that right then. "Cheyenne" I said still not completely sure this was who was weeping on my chest. "Yes Brandon." Man was it a load off of me to know that she was in my arms. At the same time my mind exploded with a ton of questions. "What are you doing here beautiful?" "Well to tell you the truth I don't know.

I I I…&hellip. saw your car in the lot and you were on my mind so I decided kinky rod sucked gets fingered hardcore and massage drop in and see you. I got so turned on watching you work out I followed you in here and was hopping to seduce you but I fucked it up." She sunk her head in to me deeper.

"Hey lady look it's cool I promise you" I tried to state convincingly. "What time is it love?" "I don't know it was about 3:15 when I walked into to see you, so I'm not too sure now." "Alright let's go do Sunday breakfast.

You game?" "Ummmm ok I guess." I walked over to light switches and turned them on. Instantly we were both blinded by the bright lights. Squinting I opened my eyes to a most beautiful sight of a woman in her birthday suit. My dick twitched at the sight that was before me. She giggled as she noticed the twitch.

"Let's go before you become breakfast right here" I said jokingly but knowing I wouldn't hesitate at the chance to devour her pussy once more. We dressed and made it to the parking lot walking hand and hand. I led her to the passenger side of my truck and opened the door. "Today you ride with me baby girl." I whispered in her ear as she stepped up into the car.

We rode in silence over to Ihop, only occasionally looking and blushing at one another. We were about halfway to our destination when the reason I was at the gym this morning hit me.

The look of devastation must have been apparent. "You ok over there?" she asked in the sweetest voice imaginable. I felt like shit but I knew I had to come clean to her about all the events that had taken place over the past few days. "Well to be completely honest no not really.

There something I have to get off chest and tell you." The expression on her face was a confused one. "Ummm you're not married or some shit like that are you?" "Oh no no." I said defensively. "It's not that I assure you but we'll talk over breakfast." We were pulling into the parking lot as the words left my mouth. Walking in, the place was rather empty being that it was only a quarter to 5 a.m.

The host asked us where would like to sit and I pointed over to a booth I the corner of the establishment. We sat and gave our drink orders. "So what's up Mr. Brandon, what is it that you have to get off your chest that had your whole demeanor change in the car?" I took a deep breath, "well love first things first I really like you a ton plus some.

Now what I'm about to tell may sound crazy as shit but I promise it's the truth. I need you to listen to me all the way through and then comment when I finish. Can you do that for me?" "Yeah I think I can handle that." I began to tell her all that happened from the day we first met at the gym, only pausing to give our order to the waitress. She seemed to be intrigued by the story I had to tell.

To my surprise she let me ramble on and on telling my story of the past week. I even told her about having been ambushed and tased by crazy ass Lisa. It was only then she spoke saying that explains the bruises, then falling silent again. When I reached the point of Roxy calling me and confessing to me her feelings towards me and the things her and Rina had done, Cheyenne's face changed. I could tell took every ounce of her not to speak out right then. I continued on telling her how my head was so fucked after the call from Roxy, and how I went to the gym to get away and try sort my thoughts.

"Wow busy week you had. And that Roxy I knew I couldn't trust her, but she is a sexy beast of a woman isn't she?" All I could do was smile and nod. "Man this is a love triangle for your ass I tell you." She stated.

I could tell she was bothered by revelation but at the same time she was taking it better hot stepmom tara fucked by black son I could have ever expected. We finished up our meal, all the while I was still taking questions about this and that pertaining to the story I told. "Look Brandon" she said in a serious tone.

"I too like you a lot and I truly thank you for telling me all that you have this morning, which takes tremendous courage for you to do.

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I know you're probably questioning how I feel and what my thoughts are going forward." I nodded in agreement once more. "Well first and for most like I said you are jack finix solo gay ass and jerking off and I really really like you, and to be honest I went home last night but had you on the brain so much that I had to leave. That's how I found myself stalking you at the gym 3 in the morning." I was speechless at her words.

I wanted to speak but I thought it would only be fair that I abide by the rules I had set for this forum. So I listened attentively to every word she said. "I know the situation is fucked up and I should be filled with anger, but strangely I'm not. I feel so much better knowing that you are somewhat the center piece of this whole thing. But I have a plan for get back brewing, and I need you as an accomplice you down?" "For you baby girl I would love to go down&hellip.

Opps I mean&hellip. sure I'm down." We both broke into a roar of laughter.

With that I paid for the meal and we headed for the door. Now in the truck I began to head back to the gym when I was abruptly told to change my course. "Turn left at this light." Not being one to question why, like earlier I did as I curvy awesome chick enjoys riding a dick told.

She instructed me to a subdivision which probably no more than three miles from my own home. "Pull in to that house with the black truck in the drive way. As we pulled in we both noticed a blue sedan on the other side of the truck. I heard Chey chuckle and say "even better." I didn't quite know what that was all about, but I brushed it off.

She told me to follow her in to the home but to be quiet. Being as obedient as I had probably ever had been in my entire life I continued on. We made our way up stairs to a room the door was cracked and I could see two sets of legs in the bed but couldn't make out any faces.

Chey opened the door fully, but before I could get a glimpse of the folks on the bed she was pulling me back to another room. I instructed to get butt ass naked as we entered. I tried to close the door behind be but was told to leave it wide open. I began to disrobe and saw her doing the same. In that second I knew her revenge was to have both women wake up at the sounds of her being fucked by me. Get back wasn't good enough to describe what was about to take place, more like genius.

"Make love to me as you did last night Brandon, make me scream your name." She begged me with all kinds of passion in her eyes and tone as she lay on the bed. "Say no more" were my only words.

I dove head first into her sweet pussy like a crazed man. My tongue was lodged in her crevice as deep as it could; summoning moans from her mouth and quivers from her body. Progressively her moans became louder and louder. My erection trembling with anticipation to be inside her, I couldn't believe this was going down right now. I let my mouth find her clit and unleashed a vicious assault upon it.

Her hands gripped my head and pushed it harder into her love as she filled my mouth with the syrup of her first orgasm. "Dick me down now" she demanded. I rose slowly to my feet to position myself.

I guess my actions were not quick enough for her judging by her next words. "Damn it I said fuck me mother fucker" she yelled at me.

If the other persons in the house weren't already up they were about to be. I flipped her as over with the quickness, lined up and ran my dick in her tight hole without a second thought.

She grabbed the sheet and looked back at me with joy in her eyes as I began to pound on her pussy. Long stroking the pussy I saw her head drop and her hands clinch the sheets tighter. Her walls gripped me tighter and let out a scream I'm sure the neighbors heard as she climaxed on my rod. "Purr for me………&hellip.Purr for me damn it" I told her. "YES DADDY YESSSSSSS BEAT THIS PUSSY UP!!!!!!!!

MMMMMMMM……&hellip.MMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHH I'MMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" In that moment it all became too much for me as I felt myself beginning to crest. I pulled out and she whipped around opening her mouth awaiting my love juice that she had so expertly beckoned.

As the first shot skeeted from my manhood, behind me in unison I heard. "What the Fuck?" "Oh Brandon!"