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Chocolate beauty on hard cock for cash
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Part 21 Nita Michael saw it coming, "I told you once Honey, I could never refuse you." "Even though I fucked and sucked a dog." "Honey, that makes no difference to me. It was his way of humiliating you, of breaking you. Miguel was sick. I hope he burns for eternity. He did it to you. It wasn't your choice." "Then will you?" "Of course, Princess, if that's what you really want." "I'm not sure if I want to join your… you know…your harem, but I need to feel like a woman, not a victim." She put her arms around him and pulled him into a kiss.

Realizing she had very limited experience, he taught her the value of beginning slow, just grazing your lover's lips, to a soft joining, to opening, to stroking the passion with a tongue, finally to a passionate dueling of tongues. When they broke the kiss, Nita's dark eyes sparkled with wonder. The kiss imprinted on her heart. She felt her body react. It felt delicious. Michael knew he had been set up again, but, seeing her eyes, he believed she genuinely needed him.

"Now go tell those conniving bitches that they've won again." Pushing her off the bed, "And tell them "Thank you." Michael showered and joined his ladies. Beth went to him, hugged him and pulled him into a very un-daughter like kiss. Her eyes sparkled with joy when they broke. He hugged and kissed them all in turn.

"Where's Kat?" mom and son sex vdecom asked just as she, Misha and Rachael came through the kitchen door.

He went to them, hugged and kissed Kat tenderly, rubbing her belly gently. He kissed Rachael with passion and love…and forgiveness. He looked at Misha, who had clearly been crying, "How's he doing?" "They're still flushing his system. Jennifer got his liver tests back and he's pretty far gone. Not enough time for a transplant list in the States.

We're checking alternatives. He's still got the shakes. And he's got some other things going on. His PSA is 9. Jennifer has arranged for him to be examined in Brisbane.

If we hadn't come, he'd have been dead in 6 months." Misha said sadly. "How are you doing?" Kat asked gently. "I'm OK. A little shaky, but OK." He said honestly. "We're so sorry. We didn't know." "I know, Honey. At least you figured out a way to lead me out." Kat looked confused. "What do you mean?" "Nita." He said waiting to see a look of recognition, but all he saw was confusion. "What did Nita do?" "She came to talk to me as her father." Even as he said it, he realized how the plan developed.

It had to be Beth. "That wasn't my idea. I've been with my dad." He smiled and took her arm, leading them into the main living room. Beth came up to him, searching his eyes for the madness. She saw love. "Do we need to order another ring and necklace, Dad?" "I don't know.

She can tell you tomorrow. Was it your idea?" She shook her head. "Hers. We were talking about how you hadn't snapped when I was attacked. I said it was because your "Dad" instincts took over. She told us about her problem and needed your help. I know it's convenient timing, but that the truth." She paused, then went ahead, "Dad, we feel terrible. I should have known. I swear, we'll never do anything like that again.

Please forgive us." "All's forgiven, Honey. Tell the others. I still feel a bit drugged and want some fresh air." He grabbed a sailing jacket and went to take a long walk. He wanted to be completely alert tonight. He walked around the compound, noting some rust damage that would need repair, a pothole and a couple extreme pussy tortures and nipple clamps of debutant amateur slaveslut chaos lights that needed replacing.

The sun touched the horizon. He went into the main house and found everyone in the main living room, including the Senator and Misha. Beth was on the floor playing with Michaela.

Shoshana stood up when he entered the room and came to him for a hug. Nita hugged him next, whispering into his ear, "I can't believe how excited I am. Don't you dare back out!" she giggled as she squeezed his ass. As he hugged his women, he realized that he felt free for the first time in years. the thought of losing these marvelous, complex creatures had triggered the nightmares. He'd have to tell Alice to warn the girls. John McDale looked terrible. His usual ruddy complexion was sallow. He'd lost weight and extra skin hung from his jowls.

His dark hair now sported gray roots. He now looked the twenty plus years older he was than his wife. They were leaving early the next morning for his medical appointments in Brisbane. They stayed for dinner, marveling at the interplay of women from diverse backgrounds and at the unselfish love. Kat fit in perfectly.

She sat between Beth and Alice. Rafaela sat between Maria and Nita. Nita seemed almost unnaturally bright. Misha remarked on the glow that seemed to surround her. "Tonight is a very special night for her, Mom," Kat said, "But it's private between us." "We're a family here, Misha.

It's strange that so much happiness can come from so much pain, but that's what happened. While we fled for our lives, we became dedicated to each other," Rachael explained, "No one knows tomorrow, but I'd like to think that we will be together until we cross over." After dinner the McDales went back to the guesthouse to prepare for the early morning trip.

Before they left, Misha took Rachael aside, "Is she going to bed with Michael?" Rachael smiled and nodded. "It's her idea. She's got problems trusting men after her rape. Believe me, Michael will prove to her that she's normal and can enjoy making love. He proved it to me." Nita looked marvelous. Her dark hair cascaded over her shoulders, her makeup drew attention to her wide eyes and perfect teeth.

She truly looked like a young version of Rafaela. Instead of a negligee, she chose a thick white robe. It engulfed her slender frame, wrapping her in a warm, secure feeling. The girls helped her prepare for any sexual activity and then she was ready, still feeling Michael's lips on hers. Every nerve ending in her body hummed in anticipation. When she stepped through the bedroom door, she beamed. Her smoldering sensuality combined with her innocence to create an incredible aura.

When he took her hand, he noticed that she was young babe lisey sweet swallows big cock balls deep style. He led her to the bed and sat her down, brought her a flute of champagne and sat beside her.

"Princess, you are so beautiful." He tapped his flute to hers. "To making love and me a woman," she said as she leaned in to renew the kiss of the morning. He put his flute on the bed stand, took hers and did the same. His hand slipped between her dark hair and her ear, pulling her close.

He leaned back and they both lay on the bed. She loved kissing him. She felt the butterflies through her body. The terrycloth caressed her sensitive beeg mom sleeping boy sex and breasts, her labia filled with blood, her inner lips began to emerge, and her clit grew more and more sensitive. All from a kiss! She surrendered. Michael felt it. She lay floating in a lake of unknown sensuality, her eyes closed.

Michael broke the kiss. Her eyes fluttered open, urgency plainly written on her face. "Don't stop!' He pulled her up, undid the sash on her robe and sensually pushed it off her shoulders, using it like a towel as he slid it down her arms and over her ass. The friction caused by the terrycloth sent electric feeling through her body. Michael dropped his robe.

He picked her up and lay her on the bed. He lay beside her. The room was cool, so he pulled the blankets over her and slowly pulled her to him. He slipped one his left arm under her neck while his right dropped to the small of her back. He kissed her again, while beginning to explore her body with his free hand.

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She felt cherished and loved. The feel of his hard, warm body against hers sent a thrill coursing through her body. She molded to him, her nipples distended with lust, her pussy lubricating in anticipation.

His fingertips gently caressed her smooth back. She moaned into his mouth. His fingers circled the area around her coccyx at the top of her ass cleft. She shivered. He caressed the back and sides of her neck.

She pressed her pussy against him. She felt very wet, but it was far too soon. He pushed her on her back and began a journey of exploration with his lips and tongue. He dropped his right hand to her pussy, using his left to caress one breast while his mouth and tongue pleasured the other.

His right hand gently told her legs to part. As they did, he began to run his hand from her knee round butt teen using stepdads boner to reach orgasm inches before it touched her labia.

Eventually he lifted her leg and found himself staring at her engorged labia and wet inner lips, now fully exposed. He knew she was close, so he licked the inner lips apart, nearing her clit, but not actually touching it. His thumbs parted the lips to expose her inner beauty and tunnel. He licked the inner lips. She began thrashing. He locked his mouth on her clit, sucking hard and whipping the little eraser with his tongue.

She exploded, thrashing while holding his head against her pussy, screaming unintelligibly at the top of her lungs. He kept sucking and torturing her clit. She kept exploding, until spent, she flopped back on the bed, releasing his head. He wiped his face on the sheet and slid beside her, caressing her face. He reached behind and retrieved a flute of champagne, sipping it as she recovered.

She turned to him, tears in her eyes. "Why did I wait?" she cried in smiling frustration. He handed her his glass and got the other. She giggled.

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"I was going to surprise you, but I think I should tell you so you don't think you hurt me. When I had my operation, I had them make me a virgin again.I have a cherry for you to break, darling." "You're sure?" "Are you kidding?" She reached down and grabbed his cock, squeezing it hard, "I need you, Michael, more than I ever dreamed I could need any man." Michael was determinedly gentle and patient entering her. She lay on her back, her legs spread in open invitation.

He lay between her legs. She guided him into her steamy sheath. He moved slowly, wanting her to remember every moment of this night. He came against her artificial hymen. Looking into her eyes, he thrust through it.

She winced. He waited … then moved forward in tiny increments, allowing her to adjust. When he was fully inside her fiery tunnel, he flipped them, putting her on top. Lynne had told her about dancing on Michael's cock. She experimented, swaying her hips. Michael hit the button in the headboard. Her favorite music played softly.

Soon she was improvising her own sensual rhythm, feeling Michael's cock gyrate inside her, stretching her tunnel, caressing her sensitive tissues. Michael felt her tunnel began to flutter, her climax approaching. Michael's hands dropped from her sensitive breasts to her belly. As Nita screamed something in Spanish, Michael's thumbs rubbed her clit in opposite directions. She froze momentarily. She screamed her pleasure into the night. Her orgasm triggered Michael's.

His cum shot against her cervix, his shaft pulsing against her tight tunnel. She kept cumming as long as Mexicano se coge a vieja desesperada axxxteca cock jerked inside her. She looked down at him in wonder and collapsed on his chest.

He pulled the blankets over her back. She mewed her pleasure. Her head lay on his chest. She listened to his strong, steady heartbeat and rhythmic breathing. Unconsciously, her breathing copied his. This was her moment, the moment she became whole.

She would forever bear the scars of the past, but she was a woman whole. Hours later, she pushed him back and pleasured him with her mouth. Through all the abuse, she had learned well how to give that pleasure. When they woke, it was late morning. They showered and entered the main living room. All four women round butt teen using stepdads boner to reach orgasm on headphones.

Maria, seeing them up, tore off her earphones and hugged her little sister. "You're a screamer!" she blurted out, giggling. They both were. The girls surrounded Nita, anxious to see if she wanted to join them in their committed relationship with Michael. In Brisbane, the McDales had a very different morning. Jennifer led John through a series of carefully choreographed medical appointments. He was prodded, poked, stuck and stretched, vials of his every biological fluid taken.

They did a colonoscopy. Though Jennifer had examined him, the exams were repeated, the results recorded in the hospital database. In the event they had to be sent to other doctors, they wanted nothing traced back to the compound.

By noon, Jennifer's diagnosis was confirmed. He had advanced prostate cancer, a failing liver, shockingly high cholesterol and a heart arrhythmia.

They lymph node samples showed the cancer had spread throughout his body. His chest x-ray showed suspicious dark masses. They would require a biopsy to confirm, but the doctors were certain it was cancer. The senior diagnostician sat with Jennifer, John and Misha. "John, the news isn't good.

You have prostate cancer. It's spread throughout your body. You have lesions on your lungs that may also be cancerous. You also have advanced colon cancer." The doctor was privately surprised that John was still alive.

"Unfortunately, your heart is weak. We estimate that your heart is at less than 15% efficiency. You die when it gets below 10%. Many of your arteries appear to be almost completely blocked." "Finally, your liver is failing. It's starting to shut down. The tests Jennifer ran compared to today indicate your liver will fail within days, perhaps a week. Even if we could find a liver, the transplant surgery would kill you.

And that doesn't even begin to attack the cancers." "In my opinion, John, you need to get your affairs in order. You have a few days, two weeks at most." "Is there anything they could do for him in the States?" Misha said having spoken with Jennifer as her husband was shuttled between exam rooms. The doctor handed her a copy of an e-mail. "Your husband's test results were sent to Bethesda. They concur with my diagnosis. If he gets on an airplane for the States, they'll take his body off in LA." They rode back to the compound in silence.

John slept some of the way, but Misha stared out the window numb with shock. While she had never been passionately in love with John, they had three children and a stable, if mediocre, life together.

Now she had only her son and daughters. Her son was a rapist. And her youngest daughter despised her son. Half a world away, their son lay dieing, his penis being slowly eaten, his hands tied around a large tree.

His naked legs were splayed open, ankles tied to stakes, exposing his mutilated cock. The wild boar ate this new delight. He couldn't scream. His mouth had been duct taped, the girl's bloody panties stuffed in his mouth. "Think they'll find him?" "Not for a long time. We're pretty far from the hunting camps." "Better not or that politician asshole will get on our ass." "I'll check him in a few days, but that hog sure looked hungry!" They tried for two days to reach Robert, to no avail.

A 16-year old girl had been attacked in a small town near Robert's university that was deep in the hills of a southern state, but the family would not press charges or allow her to be examined for forensic evidence, so it was all speculation. In this part of the country, law and justice were not for sale. Not if a girl had been attacked. The morning after John's medical tests, Kat, Misha and Rachael sat at the kitchen table.

They had been crying. Michael stuck his head in the door, "Need company?" Kat smiled, "Please." "Have you reached Robert?" Misha asked, seeing Michael's jaw set, his eyes frightening. Robert had raped Beth. "Not yet. Tim's got someone going down there, but no news yet." He looked into their grief stricken faces. "Girls," he said a little sharply, "Stop. John's about to cross over.

What about making that trip one filled with laughter and joy?" Misha recoiled, still caught up in her own pain. "What does he like? What can we do to make this easier on him? It's going to happen. How do we make him happy during the time he is still on this side?" Michael said, seeing the women beginning to readjust. "He likes to drink Scotch," Misha said bitterly. "OK, what kind? I mean, he can't do more damage can he?" The girls began to readjust. They started to think about him.

"Where's Kat's sister?" "On her way. I called Tim and he's arranging it." Rachael said firmly. "What else does he love?

Food? Pictures? Come on. You have a few days left to show your love. Make it about his happiness." Michael said firmly as he left. Hours later, he and John sipped a fine scotch, watching the seemingly eternal sea. "Thank you for helping Kat and Robert. Kat is happier than I have ever seen her. I wish I could have seen my first grandchild." "Kat is extraordinary, but then, you know that.

She's brought so much life into our little group. You did good there, John." "Little group! How do you do it? Ten women. Incredible." Michael chuckled. "The share me well. Actually they love and play with each other a lot.

Because of what they've been through, it's hard for them to trust men. Xxxv girl black guy and hors full sex stories fuc trust me. I'd die for any one of them. Soon Michaela will have brothers and sisters. I hope it will be enough for them." "What do you think of Misha becoming number 11?" The question stunned Michael. "John you're talking about your wife!" "If I may be so bold, she's my widow. She's an attractive, more than attractive woman.

She's a year younger than Rachael. There's nothing for her in the States. Robert is a little shit. Kat's sister is spoiled beyond repair. I've never seen Misha as comfortable as she is here.

Kat will never leave you or your harem. There's nothing for Misha in Washington when I pass." Michael looked into the dieing man's eyes. They pled for his wife.

Michael took a deep breath. "If she wants to stay, you know she can. As for the harem, that's a bit more complex. We have a rule when it comes to joining.

Everyone has to agree." "That's why we're out here. They already have. Now it's up to you." "How does Misha feel?" "She hasn't had a man for almost two years. She wants this more than life. She is with Rafaela and Rachael right perfect wife bondage gina valentina is one juicy teenager dish and shes no stranger to, waiting to hear. Will you grant a dieing man's wish?

Please take her into your heart. Please take care of the love of my life." John held out his hand and Michael took it. Michael helped John stand. Michael had seen eyes like his before. Two days later, John crossed over.