Wite girl and black man

Wite girl and black man
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It all started the day I met my girlfriend, Adel. I was a normal 14 year old male, barely passing my classes, worrying about girls, and popping boners like nobody's business. It was a huge trouble for me, because I had a massive cock, which was really hard to hide sometimes. I went to a normal public school, and everywhere I went, I saw other boys talking to girls, sitting with them, hugging them, and touching them.

I was extremely shy, and every two foxy honeys like fooling around naked I tried to talk to a girl, my dick would pop up like a rocket, and I would have to run to a bathroom to relieve the pain. One day I was walking back from school to my house, when this girl in a dark red sweatshirt with her hood down ran straight into me. I went sprawling to the ground, and my books went everywhere. I got up on my knees and started picking up various books.

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The girl started helping, and she was apologizing nonstop. "I'm really sorry, dude. I didn't see you there." She said quickly. She handed me the books, and I got a god look at her face. She was gorgeous! She had straight, raven-black hair, full, red, pouting lips, and mismatched eyes; one green, one red.

My cock started stirring in my shorts, and I realized, dismayed, that it was actually pulling them down. She quickly looked down, and her face reddened. She smiled, took my hand, and said, "My name's Adel." Adel started walking briskly towards the business section of town. I was waddling along behind her, desperately trying to hide my still-growing penis. It was getting longer and longer, as I realized that this was the first time I had actually held a girl's hand.

It soon became long enough for me to set it straight up against my belly and pull my shirt over it. After about five minutes of brisk walking, we got to a huge house on the side of the street. She ran up and placed her hand on some sort of lock. The huge doors opened, and we went in. As soon as we were inside, I saw this woman who had the exact same features as Adel walk up, and my dick grew to an even greater size.

The woman was nude! She had huge, luscious tits, and a neatly shaven pussy. She looked at me carefully, and asked Adel, "Is this another one?" Adel blushed and looked down.

"Yes" she replied in a whisper. "Then you'd best go to your mother" the woman said, with a large grin on her face. Adel took me further in the house, and opened a door on the left. Inside was a beautiful lips blowjob sneaking in the base room that looked extremely futuristic.

We walked in and suddenly she backed out and shut the door.

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"Adel, what's going on?" I shouted. "Don't worry, you won't be harmed" I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around, but I didn't see anyone. Suddenly, a robotic arm shot out of the wall and pulled off my clothes. I was standing there in my birthday suit, with my penis so hard it was hitting my chest. "That's quite a nice phallus you have there" The voice said, "I have a few questions for you." A chair rose out of the floor behind me, so I sat down in it.

"Question one: What is your sexual preference?" I turned a deep red as I answered "um. girls? I think." "Question two: have you ever felt attracted to a male, or shemale?" "Um. I kind of like futanari," I said, and looked down at the floor. "Alright. I have what I want. Good Night." Suddenly the chair under me expanded, and I was inside a pod. A breathing apparatus attached to my mouth, and The pod filled with liquid. I felt really drowsy, and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was in a bed that I didn't recognize.

I turned over, and suddenly felt an extremely pleasant feeling on my chest. I looked down, and saw two lumps under the blanket. I ripped the blanket off and saw breasts: large, caramel brown breasts with chocolate areolas and hard nipples.

I jumped out of the bed, and looked in a mirror placed next to the unfamiliar bed. There was a cute, black girl staring back at me. I turned around and saw that, while the rest of me had become a hot latina monica asis gets pussy rammed, my manhood had actually increased.

It was dangling between my legs about halfway down to my knees. I looked at the mirror a while longer, and saw that I had become beautiful. I had long, black hair, a slim waist, and huge tits.

My cock began to rise, like it usually did around pandam 7 wirabuana yg baru, but it was accompanied by another feeling. A tingling between my thighs followed by dampness. I lifted up my slowly hardening dick and saw that I had a full fledged pussy. I had become a futanari! I touched it tentatively, and the feeling I got was so good that I passed out. I woke up with Adel staring straight into my eyes.

I sat up and looked around."What the fuck happened?" I asked Adel. "My mom's a scientist who changes peoples DNA to make them what they've always wanted to be. Just look at yourself." She replied, looking between my legs. I looked down and saw that my cock was growing again, longer, way longer than what I was used to.

It stopped right around the middle of my boobs. I leaned over, and they brushed against it. It felt amazing, to my penis and my boobs.

I looked at Adel, and to my surprise, she was sitting cross legged, staring at me, and slowly jerking off a cock of her own! "What the?" I exclaimed, "You're naked! And a futanari!" She looked up and smiled at me. "Yep, I'm a futanari just like you. I was mom's first experiment. I was a girl, but I was unsatisfied, so she gave me a dick, and told me to help others find what they want. You would be surprised how many people want to be futanari. Almost every famous female actor or model is a futanari made by my mother." "So, I wanted to be a black futanari?" I asked.

"Apparently. Now let me help you out with that" she said, and she motioned at my dick. She stood up, went to the cabinet, and took out a big purple, double-headed dildo and a bottle of lotion. She came over, and sat in front of me.

She grabbed my dick, and put it against hers. An electric thrill ran through my spine. She poured the lotion over the heads of our dicks, and started rubbing her little hands around them. She took my hand and placed it on her dick, and put hers on mine.

We both started rubbing each claire fuck big cock the best new video game cocks. I felt hers jump a little in my hand, and saw it jerk in my hand.

She let a moan escape from her mouth, and she started jerking my penis off as fast as she possibly could. I felt the familiar feeling welling up in my dick, and the huge purple veins stood out clearly.

"I-I'm coming!!!!!" I shrieked at the same time that she shrieked the same thing. My orgasm hit me like a wave, as ropes of cum shot out of our dicks. They splattered all over the room, all over Adel, and all over me.

It kept coming for around five minutes, the longest orgasm I had ever had. When it was over Adel got up and said, "Well, you certainly have a great cumshot.

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We'll go take a bath and try out the dildo, and then I'll tell you what we're going to be doing.