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Smal boy pussy boob tass anty in bus vecina legis negros 1
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In the London society of 1902 finances force my marriage to Jane, the sickly daughter of the wealthy Lord and Lady Harcourt Married for a Dowry. "Geoffrey I have Lady Harcourt coming at three this afternoon to discuss marriage," Mother informed me one afternoon. "Is she not somewhat long in the tooth and indeed already spoken for?" I enquired. "Marriage to her daughter Geoffrey, as well you know." Mother chided.

"She has a daughter called Geoffrey?" I quipped. "No Geoffrey, she is called Jane as you well know." Mother explained. "Oh well tell her I am otherwise engaged," I countered. "No Geoffrey you shall meet her, do I make myself clear?" she insisted. I sighed. The last thing I wanted was to marry. Father god rest his soul, had gambled most of the estate away, whilst I was steadily repairing my fortune. The upstairs maid Sally was most obliging, and offspring could wait.

As for Jane, well she was comely enough but staggered from one sickness to the next, and had neither conversation nor sense of humour. Lady Harcourt was fashionably late. She was dressed as always in the latest fashion, though sadly the years had not been kind to her.

As W.S. Gilbert has it "She may very well pass for 43 in the dark with the light behind her," and her days of being a noted beauty had long since passed. However her ample breasts still preceeded her by some margin, and in all she had the air of a Battleship as she swept into our humble abode. "So this is Geoffrey," she said disdainfully. "Delighted to meet you Lady Harcourt!" I lied theatrically and I stepped forward and kissed her on both cheeks as the French are wont to do.

She damn near fainted, "Geoffrey," mother scolded me. "I am sorry but is it not all the rage, the French Kiss?" I demanded. "Geoffrey!" mother exclaimed. I laughed inwardly, my credentials as a half wit delivered already, now to seal the deal! We spoke of things in general and then mother suggested a spin around the garden. I agreed with alacrity planning an unfortunate accident involving Lady Harcourt and the goldfish pond. However we were far from the goldfish pond when mother was called away leaving Lady Harcourt and I alone in the little hedged area with a wooden bench on close mown grass.

"Ah alone at last," I declared. "Look, ah Geoffrey," she said, "I do wonder if you truly are the man for my Jane." "But how can you doubt it," I cried as I fumbled with my fly buttons. "Is my manhood not of ample girth?" My manhood flopped uselessly out of my underpants, but then to my horror he stirred, expanding, stretching. I thought wildly. I had my prophylactic sheath in my inside pocket so I asked. "Shall I demonstrate? I have my prophylactic sheath if you would like to experience it." She looked around and rummaged in her handbag, "Quickly, but use mine it is ribbed for extra pleasure." I hoped she was joking but no, she sat on the bench and lofted her voluminous skirts revealing her stockings and suspenders and a complete lack of french knickers or the like for her quim was lewdly presented and shaved quite bald.

"Swiftly then Geoffrey, quickly before we are discovered." she invited as she yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot a pink prophylactic with prominent raised ribs. I stared. My cock reared uncontrollably. The pink lips to her vagina offered a welcome diversion. She smiled hopefully. I remembered my manners, one must not offend a lady.

I undid my belt, my white corduroy slacks fell about my ankles and I advanced cock in hand. Lady Harcourt was well versed in such matters, she grasped my member and guided it within her, "No kissing it will disturb my make-up," she ordered as it slid easily into her well used love tunnel.

"I must say none of sweet Jane's other beaus have been so forthcoming, so passionate about pleasing me," she opined. "A mere trifle Lady Harcourt, why I should pleasure any woman I meet out of mere politeness," I declared.

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"Servant women?" she asked urgently. "Maids freshly employed, old fat cooks and scrubbers," I opined. "Anything with a cunt really." "Geoffrey, fuck me like I were a big fat cook, use me, fuck me hard," she urged. My cock had much the same idea as it wallowed among acres of loin flesh, it needed direction and needed to thrust towards its indian hot horny babe veri hardcore sex with her hubby wherever that may be.

"Oh yes!" she gasped as I humped her, "Harder faster, fuck me!" Suddenly I was overcome, my bolt was shot and my cum burst forth within the horrid sheath to cloy around my shaft. "Ohhhhhh," she cried in the throes of her ecstasy. "Ooooooohhhhh oh what a beautiful Begonia," she gasped as we saw mother approaching. Swiftly I lofted my slacks and fastened my belt, sliding the prophylactic under the hedge to hide it.

"Geoffrey!" mother chided, "What on earth?" "A bee madam, in my skirt, Geoffrey was a perfect gentleman." Lady Harcourt said with a broad wink.

"Geoffrey show some decorum," Mother insisted. "Yes, my mind is made up, You shall marry mujra sex aaa zzz mmm sweet Jane," Lady Harcourt insisted, "But you must lodge with us at least for the first few weeks as my Jane is a delicate flower and will need love and care and support Geoffrey." "Indeed, and I shall have servants aplenty to fuck if she is indisposed!" I surmised.

"Oh what a wit Geoffrey is," Lady Harcourt laughed, "What an impish sense of humour, did your Charles fuck servants by the score as my William was wont to do Mary?" "I," mother replied too shocked to answer, "I really do not know Lady Harcourt, neither do I care." "Nor I," Lady Harcourt agreed, "When our husbands are busy fucking they are not losing a fortune at cards, that's what I say." Lady Harcourt seemed to be in a very much better humour, I however, realised that I had made a very serious miscalculation.

Lady Harcourt was no battleship, she was a rampant if somewhat elderly trollop. I made my apologies and retrieved Lady Harcourt's pink prophylactic and having carefully washed it I wrapped it in a silk handkerchief ready to return it to her. My member needed more serious attention, oh how I hated using prophylactic sheaths, but needs must.

I successfully returned the device and very soon after Lady Harcourt went away promising to assure her daughter of my suitability. It was rather peculiar that no one actually thought to ask Jane and I if we actually wished to marry. Mother explained the advantages of our union with all the passion of an accountant or bank clerk as she reeled off the debts Father had incurred and the dowry Jane would bring.

Apparently the advantages of marrying a Baronet were similarly ingrained in Jane. I really think the first time Jane and I conversed was at the wedding rehearsal three days before the ceremony.

Never have I been less inspired. Comely she was admittedly but sadly lacking in the matter of her mother's prize assets, her breasts. Conversation she had none.

She just appeared tongue tied and continually giggled nervously when I tried to engage with her. None the less she was not entirely without promise, she smiled readily enough, giggled at my jokes which boded well. However as I waited for her at the altar rail ready to marry her I had still not had a single decent conversation with her.

The music played, the congregation stood and she walked down the aisle to join me. A vision in a shimmering white gown. She stood beside me. She stared resolutely at the floor. "Cheer up," I suggested. She seemed about to cry.

"What say you we elope to Wales and live in sin?" I whispered. She looked at me and smiled, "Later perhaps?" she whispered and she composed herself.

The ceremony was as dreary as any other. The sun shone for photographs. The reception was lavish, the relatives boring. The appropriate uncles became inebriated and their spouses chastised them.

I gave a brief speech, the best man, my friend Colonel Archer, gave an excellent speech making everyone cringe in embarrassment in their turn and after the dancing had commenced we proceeded to the allocated bed chamber for the consummation. But not just Jane and I alone in a bed chamber. Oh no too much rested on this consummation so arrayed beside the bed were my mother, her mother, her lawyer and his clerk, my mother's lawyer and her clerk to observe our coupling and of course Sally the maid ready to clean up afterwards.

It was hardly the most romantic occasion, though the four posted bed with curtains around should have been near perfect for a romantic liaison. In addition screens were erected so we might change into our night shirts unseen but that was all the privacy we were afforded. Poor Jane. She lay on her back whilst looking resolutely at the wall. Trying to ignore the spectators watching her. She lay with her thighs parted. Her knees slightly bent as her mother instructed.

"Get on with it Geoffrey, you have few enough scruples when it comes to serving maids!" Mother insisted and Sally blushed to a very fine shade of beetroot. However duty was to be done so I climbed decorously over Jane and gently raised her nightdress to reveal her naked quim.

A faint down covered her mons veneris. She looked so frail and innocent. I thought I should never manage to mount her. But carolina veterana de monserrat peteando a proxx manhood was more than worthy of the task.

The first sight of her moistening quim and he reared. Tent-poling my nightshirt in his eagerness. She rubbed herself with some slippery balm she had smeared on her fingers and as she finished so I pressed him home.

She yielded. I entered, an inch, two inches.

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She gasped slightly. screwed her eyes tightly shut and clenched her fists as she endured the pain. I pressed more firmly and entered more deeply, three, foursix inches and then suddenly I was fully sheathed. Her eyes opened, she smiled, she could bear it. "Enough!" Lady Harcourt cried, "It is done!" "Mama!" Jane exclaimed in evident frustration.

"You must rest child, you have done your duty," Lady Harcourt insisted. "Now leave her alone Geoffrey!" "Leave her, I have hardly started!" I countered. "Don't be a fool Geoffrey, let poor Jane rest after her ordeal!" Mother cried.

"Get out all of you," I cried, "You have had your confirmation so be gone, now!" I climbed off Jane in a foul humour and tried to hide my member in my night shirt but merely ended up looking ridiculous and wondered what to do next. I had a moment's inspiration, "Sally draw the curtains!" The maid pulled the drapes across.

"Tell me when they have gone," I requested and I lay down beside Jane. "Charles," Mother protested, "You are required downstairs!" "Yes, some privacy please! I wish to dress!" I insisted. "If you would step this way please sir, madam," Sally insisted, and then she stuck her head through the drapes, "They've gone, shall I finish you off sir?" "Thank you Sally, that would be most agreeable." I agreed.

"And me, what of me?" Jane enquired.

"You have done your duty," I explained. "But you sir have not done yours!" Jane snapped. "But Jane I need to relieve my self. To sate my needs Jane. Needs not tenderness," I explained. "So give her a good banging sir," Sally laughed.

"Go away!" Jane insisted, "What does she mean a good banging?" "Show her sir!" Sally laughed. "Yes show me!" Jane insisted.

"Well cry 'Stop' if it pains you!" I suggested and I rolled back over her. I eased my member tenderly into her quim and bent to kiss her lips, "Does it pain you?" I enquired. "No," she assured me. I thrust, "Does that pain you?" I asked. "No," she giggled, "It feels funny!" I thrust again.

"That?" I asked. "Mmmmm," she said, "I feel all tingly, kiss me again and tell me you love me." "God damn it woman I have no time for that, take this!" I cried and I began to hump her like I would a serving maid or a xxx classic fr alpha france gerard kikoine enquetes brigitte lahaie desiree cousteau karine gambier. "Oh Geoffrey that feels wonderful!" she gasped, "Kiss me, take me use me!" I looked at her smiling at me, I kissed her nose, kissed her neck.

I held her so my chest was against her breasts though my weight remained on my elbows. "Ohhhh," she gasped as the sensations swept over her, "Ohhhhhhh!" "Geoffrey what on earth are you doing!" Lady Harcourt demanded from beyond the curtains. "Conjoining in Holy Matrimony to coin a phrase," I suggested. She opened the drapes wide, "Geoffrey! You beast! My poor poor Jane!" Jane glared at her mother, "Mother have some decorum, close the curtains I am a married woman now!" I thought Lady Harcourt would faint but instead she closed the curtains quite meekly.

"Oh." she gasped. "Close the door on your mom and son toylet sex out mother," Jane suggested.

"Now where were we?" It was simple enough to start pleasuring her again. She was as eager as any serving maid, not at all as I expected a shy young lady of quality to be. I thought I should show some consideration but she chastised me, "No husband harder," she cried and quite abruptly my moment came and the floodwaters broke and my cum rushed forth swamping the fires that burned within her.

"Ohhh, Geoffrey!" she gasped. I groaned with pleasure as my member pulsed and pumped within her. "Ohhhh that felt sooooo good," I moaned. I loved the feel of her womb. Her lips.

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Her little gasps. Her willingness. "I thought you were too fragile to make love to." "Mama never lets me do anything exciting," she explained, "But I don't have to take any notice of what she says now we are married." "We need to go downstairs," I suggested.

"Yes," she agreed. "But let us lie together quietly for a moment." "Shall you be wanting anything else sir?" Sally asked from beyond the curtain. "Not from you Sally, wait outside would you please?" I asked. "But sir I'm having a lovely wank listening to you two and wishing it was me!" she explained.

"Then you must stay," Jane replied kindly. "Do you want me to suck you hard again sir?" Sally asked. "Er, I don't think he needs any help," Jane replied as my penis grew once more. "Sorry," I said. "Mmmm, don't be sorry," Jane laughed. "Perhaps this time we might try some tenderness, a kiss perhaps?" "Yes, a kiss would be very good," I agreed, and I kissed her tenderly on the cheek.

"No on the lips silly," Jane replied and she held my cheeks and turned my head to kiss me on the lips. I lay on my back and she climbed on top of me and kissed me again. My member rubbed her tummy. She grasped it and shuffled down the bed until she could ease herself down brick danger fucks her pussy hard then cums on her leg! tube porn it. "Mmmmmm," she sighed as she began to ease herself up and down pleasuring herself.

"My turn to use you for my pleasure." "Indeed," I agreed as I lay there for a moment before I raised myself into a sitting position and held her tight as I kissed her again. I pulled her down onto myself to heighten the pleasure, and we stayed rocking and kissing for an age. "Geoffrey, Jane you are wanted downstairs!" my mother shouted. "Then we had better oblige," I whispered before I shouted, "Coming Mother," as my member twitched and I promptly expelled my seed deep within my beloved Jane once more.

We dressed and went down stairs, "Jane, are you quite well? " her mother asked. "You look flushed." "Hardly surprising under the circumstances!" Colonel Fitzwilliam who was beside her chuckled.

"Quite well Mama, never better I might say!" Jane laughed, "My Geoffrey has a wonderful knack of making me feel quite wonderful!" I gave Jane's mother a broad wink, and she at once blushed bright red, and scowled at me.

To be continued?