Sultry blondie enjoys hard knob hardcore and massage

Sultry blondie enjoys hard knob hardcore and massage
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This is the continuation of my trip to Japan in the mid 90's. This is a true story, but I will say that I have changed our names to avoid any issues with friends and clients. In Pt.1 I had just arrived at my friend Hiritos' house and had been given the best bathing experience of my life by his sister. My Asian Treat Pt.2 Lying on the mat, I did not care that I was hot latina babe nailed in the sun in my robe. The combination of the jet lag and Kaykos' administrations put the zap on me in a big way.

As Kayko disappeared around the corner I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly. I was happy, clean, and satisfied.

I'm not sure how long I slept, but I was wakened by the unmistakable sensation of getting a blow job. As I raised my head and blinked my eyes, there was Kayko, kneeling at my side and bobbing her head up and down my stiffened shaft. (Did I mention how much I like Japanese alarm clocks?) Kayko was again wearing her red kimono. But instead of her hair being in a big pony tail, it was now braided and she had most of the braids wrapped around the base of exploring pussy in spy glasses hardcore blowjob dick.

While her tongue swirled around the head of my dick, her right hand slid the braids up and down my shaft at the same pace as her mouth. Her left hand was in between her legs rubbing her pussy at a furious pace. Again I was receiving one of the most exquisite sexual sensations I had ever experienced in my entire life at the administering of my friends sister.

Kayko must have noticed that I was stirring around a bit because she turned her head to the side a little and looked up into my eyes. I could just barely make out a bit of a smile at the corners of her mouth. With my dick stuck in it her mouth was pretty full. I watched for almost five minutes while Kayko kept up a very steady pace.

When I started to feel my orgasm building up in my nuts and my back began to arch in anticipation of things to come, that's when she started to moan softly. The vibrations, combined with her superior cock sucking, sent me flying over the edge and I blasted a load of cum into her mouth.

Kayko stopped bobbing her head and began pumping her hand up and down my shaft at the speed of light. I teacher and student xxx vediporn collage school time I saw stars and flashes of lights as my dick pumped into her waiting mouth.

Kayko would suck hard when I shot then quickly swallow before repeating the process for the next shot. I think she was trying to suck my nuts out through my dick! Kayko stayed with my pace until the spasms from my dick subsided. As she lifted her head from my groin she looked up at me and smiled. "Good afternoon Mr. Mike," she said after swallowing one last time. "It's almost time for dinner." Pulling her left hand from underneath her kimono, she brought her sticky cum soaked fingers up to her mouth and started to lick and suck them clean .

"Thank you Kayko," I answered while propping myself up on my elbows and continued watching her lick her fingers, "That was great." Kayko smiled at me again. "Hy." she said with a small bow of her head.

(That is Japanese for yes or just a general acknowledgement) Kayko pulled the sides of my robe up over my waist, covering my now spent dick. As she started to stand I stopped her. "Just a minute Kayko," I said as I brought myself to a seated position next to her. Kayko had a queried look on her face as I moved in close to her. She was kneeling on a small pillow with her hands folded in her lap, so as I approached her we were face to face.

I raised my hands up and gently cradled her soft round face before leaning forward and kissing her. Her soft lips pressed firmly against mine and we kissed deeply for several seconds.

I could very clearly taste her sweet pussy juice on her lips as I opened my mouth and darted my tongue into hers. Mom crys after raped by son I pulled back away from her Kayko was absolutely beaming. "Thank you very much Kayko," I said while looking into her dark brown eyes, "You are absolutely fantastic." A broad smile came across her face before she replied softly, "Hy, Mr.

Mike." with another small bow. "Please Kayko," I said as I lowered my hands to her shoulders, "Just Mike." Kayko smiled at me again, "Hy." she said with another small bow. "It's almost time for dinner. Shall we dress?" It's a little strange having help doing something you have done by yourself since you were a kid, but I didn't really mind when I would gaze at this Asian beauty helping me.

Kayko made sure everything was exactly in place before gesturing toward the door with a small bow. After donning my shoes at the door, I walked through the ornate garden toward the back of the main house, Kayko following a few steps behind me. As I stepped up redhead nerd teen masturbates hairy pussy on webcam the back porch Hirito came to the door and greeted me.

"Good afternoon Mike," he said with a bow, "Are you rested?" "Yes, my friend," I answered as I slid my shoes off my feet, "I feel really good." As I turned around to see where Kayko was Hirito suddenly barked out something in Japanese. Kayko stopped dead in her tracks.

Hirito barked out something else causing Kayko to bow and quickly head off down the porch away from us and into another door. "Please forgive my sister," Hirito stated as he motioned for me to enter the house, "She forgets her place sometimes." I suddenly had a streak of panic race through me.

Was she supposed to be over in the guest quarters? I decided right then and there not to say a word about what had happened during my bath, and much less about how she woke me up! I followed Hirito into his house.

It's exquisite in every way. It is plainly evident that everything has been placed precisely. From the beautiful woven rugs on the floor to the most delicate statue on a cabinet, everything was absolutely immaculate. Hirito lead me into the dining room which was pretty much as I suspected it would be. It had a long one foot high mahogany table in its center with a vase of cut flowers and sparkling plates and bowls arranged for two.

And on the floor it was surrounded by several large flat pillows. Against the interior wall stood a five foot tall mahogany cabinet with two doors and a small Ninja sitting on its top. The opposite wall was a large picture window that overlooked the ornate garden to the rear of the house. Aside from that the room was completely bare.

Hirito gestured for me to have a seat at the side of the table while he sat at the head. As we settled in a door in the wall directly across from me slid open and Kayko appeared. She was carrying a small tray with a small bottle and two very short glasses on it. She approached the table and knelt on the pillow between me and Hirito, placing the tray carefully on the table.

"I hope you like Saki," Hirito stated as Kayko placed a small glass in front of each of us. She then poured Saki into each glass, Hiritos glass first. "Yes sir," I answered as Kayko replaced the bottle and stood to leave. I could not help myself as I watched Kayko. Every move was so graceful and deliberate; her curves so subtle and smooth. As she left the room I did not even notice that Hirito had raise his glass and made a small toast.

"Mike!" Hirito repeated, snapping me out of my short trance. I snapped my head around toward him to see him holding up his glass. I quickly followed suit, holding my glass up next to his. "To successful business," he toasted. "Successful business," I repeated, and we sipped our Saki. Dinner was really something, consisting of a shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, (Of which I ate most all of them) and a main course of lobster and rice.

Everything was delicious. Throughout the entire meal Kayko would bring the food and sit quietly between us, making sweet ebony gives wet oral job pornstar hardcore our glasses were full at all times. A few times during the meal Hirito saw me gazing at Kayko, but he said nothing.

When dinner was finished Hirito gave another set of commands to Kayko in Japanese. She bowed, quickly stood and left the room in a different direction, not returning to the kitchen. "I thought we might enjoy a brandy in the garden," Hirito said as he gestured toward the door.

"I think that would be the capper for an absolutely delicious meal," I replied as I slid back into my loafers. We walked a few yards into the garden to a small bench under a cherry tree where we sat. It was then that Hirito looked at me and said, "You like my sister?" I was not going to lie to my friend.

I had known Hirito since our freshman year at Stanford in 85 and he was always straight up with me, so I was going to stay true to him. "Yes," I replied while trying to contain my discomfort at a question I was not expecting. "I hope so," Hirito replied as he gazed out across the small pond, "I told her to take care of you during your stay. You will inform me if she is neglecting in her duties?" There was no way I was going to ask if her duties included fucking me in the bath or waking me up with a blow job.

"Ok, but so far she has been great," I replied as Kayko approached from the house carrying another small tray with two half full brandy glasses and a small box. Kayko stopped in front of us and lowered the tray allowing me and Hirito to pick up our glasses. Hirito also picked up the small box and again said something to Kayko in Japanese.

Kayko replied, "Hy," and bowed to her brother before turning around and hurrying back to the house. Hirito took a sip of his brandy before turning to me. "This is for you, my friend. A gift," he said while extending his hand with the small box in it. "If you need something, use this." I took the box from him.

It didn't seem very special except for the fact that it looked to be made out of fine carved mahogany. "I don't know what else I could possibly need," I stated as I stuck the box in my jacket pocket. "Your hospitality is overwhelming." And with that I raised my glass.

"To you, my friend." We sat and talked about my upcoming schedule for almost an hour. By the time our brandy was gone it was getting dark. "I will have a car for you tomorrow morning, it will take you to your business meeting," Hirito said as he stood up. Turning to me he bowed and said, "Goodnight," and headed toward his house. I just sat there gazing at the pond for several minutes before retiring for the night. I wondered if Kayko would be waiting for me again in my quarters.

Fortunately I was wide awake since my body was still on US central time, so I figured I would really be able to show her what a big dick toting American could do in bed. Unfortunately she was not there upon my arrival. As I started to undress and put on some leisure clothes I came across the small box in my pocket. Sitting at the desk I turned on the lamp for a closer examination of the box. What I saw was a little surprising. All sides of the box were covered with very ornate carvings of men and women in various sexual positions.

And the top of the box had the most detailed carving of female genetalia I had ever seen. Aside from having a pussy directly in front of me, this was the exact liking of a woman's pussy with the lips just slightly parted.

It was beautiful. I opened the top and found a small remote control inside with a single button and an off/on switch. Holding the remote in my hand I depressed the button. Nothing happened. I looked around the room and depressed the button again. Still nothing. Then I flipped the switch to on and depressed the button again. It seemed like it didn't work.

As I set the remote down I saw Kayko step into the room from the hall. She was breathing a little hard, almost like she had been running.

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"Good evening Mr. Mike," she said with a bow. "How may I service you?" Her red Kimono had now been replaced by a dark blue robe with a white sachet around her waist. And her hair was no longer braided but flowing freely over her shoulders and down her back. Damn she looked good! "Good evening Kayko," I answered as I stood up behind the desk. "I'm glad you came by." Picking the remote up, I stepped around the desk and walked over to her.

"I was just trying to figure out how this thing worked. Can you show me?" Kayko smiled while reaching her hand out to take the remote from my palm. "Hy, Mr. Mike," she said kinky rod sucked gets fingered hardcore and massage bowing slightly.

"Whenever you want me for anything you press this button," and she pointed out the single black button on the remote. "Whenever you want to get me ready you turn this switch to on." Again she pointed to the remote to indicate the off/on switch which I had left in the on position. "And when you want to excite me you press the button while the switch is in the on position." At that point she pressed the button and I heard a faint, high pitched buzzing sound for an instant.

She then handed the remote back to me. Get her ready? Excite her? What was she talking about? At this point I didn't care about the remote anymore, Kayko was here. "Thank you," I said as I took the remote from her hand and set it down on the desk. "Can you stay for a while? I am wide awake. And please call me Mike when we are not around your brother." "Hy," Kayko replied with a bow. We stepped into the sleeping room and Kayko immediately rolled out the sleeping mat.

As she stood up I stepped up right behind her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me. I tower over her at 6 feet so it felt like I was holding my kid sister when we would have tickle fights. Kayko leaned back into me and folded her arms over mine, hugging them tightly against her.

I was surprised to find that she was still breathing a little hard. "I am ready," she said while looking over her shoulder and up at me. I really wasn't listening. I was looking at the smooth gentle curve of her neck where it met her shoulders and disappeared under the robe. Her skin was so soft and smooth, and I arabian and turk tube porn tracing the subtle outline of her features with my finger.

Kayko looked down toward my hand as my fingers reached the V of the two sides of the garment right in between her breasts. She let out a soft sigh as I slid my hand under the robe to find her left breast with its little nipple as hard as a rock. I squeezed her firm little B-cup breast gently, causing a soft moan to escape her lips.

Kayko pressed her ass backwards into me against my thighs, my hardening dick finding the crease in the small of her back. I leaned down and kissed her soft lips while pulling out my hand from under the robe to untie the sachet. Her robe opened to reveal a complete naked Kayko underneath. Her smooth caramel skin seemed to glow in the soft light.

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dorcel ma soeur et moi I moved my hands up to her shoulders and eased the robe to the sides. Kayko allowed it to slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor before turning around to face me. Describing Kayko as beautiful is an injustice. Her soft gentle curves and slender hips could only be described as one thing. Perfection. I knelt down in front of her and placed my hands on her hips.

With me kneeling Kayko was now taller than me so her breasts were now even with my face. I pulled her toward me and took her left nipple into my mouth. Kaykos' response was to put her arms around my head and cradle my head against her while I devoured her breast, sucking and swirling my tongue around the hardened nipple. Kaykos breath was coming harder now as I slid my hand up between her legs to cup her trimmed pussy.

Kayko spread her feet apart to allow me unimpeded access to her. At the very first touch I found that she was soaking wet. Small droplets of her sweet cum clung to the neatly trimmed patch of silky fine hair. Kayko moaned as I slid my finger over the protruding nub of her clitoris, causing her to shudder slightly.

As I moved my mouth over to her right breast I slid my fingers down her slit, searching for that tight wonder hole concealed between those fabulously slim and toned legs.

That's when I felt something odd. It was something harder and thicker than the surrounding hair. I pulled my mouth away from her breast and looked up at her face. Grasping the hardened thing between my fingers I asked, "What's this?" Kayko looked down at me and said one word, "Pull." Looking down at her crotch I pulled on the hard strand.

It slowly grew longer and longer until a hard plastic egg emerged from inside her pussy, and it was vibrating! Kayko let out a small gasp as the egg came free, a thick trail of her cum followed and dropped to the floor with an audible splat. I looked up at Kayko, holding the buzzing egg in my hand. "Is this what Hirito sent you to get?" I asked while bringing the egg up to my mouth. "Hy," Kayko replied, watching me slip the egg into my mouth to suck it clean.

Kayko tasted sweet and wonderful as her cum slid off the egg and onto my tongue like hot butter. "My brother says I am for your service." Pulling the egg out of my mouth I wanted to taste her cum from its source.

"Lay down," I said as I stood up. As Kayko stepped onto the sleeping mat I stepped back into the office. Finding the remote on the desk I flipped the switch to off, instantly stopping the egg from vibrating. I picked up the box and returned to the sleeping room with all three items in hand. Walking back into the sleeping room I found Kayko laying on the mat on the floor.

She had her legs pulled up to her chest and spread wide apart. I quickly stripped and knelt down between her legs. Her pussy is beautiful, with delicate inner lips parted slightly and sporting a glossy shine from her cum. I then noticed something. Before lowering my face I picked up the small mahogany box and held it beside her pussy. The carving was an exact match. I looked up at Kayko who just smiled at me. "Now it's dinner time," I said as I lowered my face between her legs.

Kaykos' sweet scent filled my nose as I opened my mouth and covered her pussy. I could feel the heat from her well before my lips made contact with her soft folds. First a kiss, then a lick, then it was a full out assault on her clit with my tongue. Kayko gasped at the touch of my tongue but held her legs wide open.

It was like sticking my tongue into a tub of hot honey, her pussy just seemed to melt in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the hard little nub causing Kayko to jerk and press her pussy into my face.

She was breathing hard and moaning while I continued my feast. I licked my way down to her delicious hole. Spreading her lips apart with my fingers I saw the delicate pink interior leading into the dark recess of her. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could causing Kayko to gasp loudly and arch her back. She quickly regained her composure and flattened out her back, bringing her pussy directly in line with my mouth again.

Instantly my tongue was coated with her delicious cum. Kayko began squeezing my tongue with the muscles inside her pussy. It felt like her cunt was trying to pull my tongue out of my mouth and deeper into her.

I licked and sucked on her sweet gash, sliding my finger inside to finger fuck her while I ate her delicious pinky and taylor jones and ricstrong. After several minutes Kayko began gasping in quick short breaths.

Her pussy clenched down on my finger with amazing strength and she arched her back as a tremendous orgasm ripped through her. I just kept feasting and pumping my finger in and out of her. Looking up I could see Kaykos head thrashing back and forth as her orgasm continued.

Her sweet cum was pouring out of her hole from around my finger as my assault on her sex continued. It almost seemed like she was getting a bit delirious. Words in English and Japanese escaped her mouth, not making any sense at all. Kayko was in extreme bliss. When her pussy began to alternate between gripping and releasing my finger that's when I made my move.

I raised my head from between her legs, scooted forward and lined my cast iron dick up with her hole, pulled out my finger and slammed my dick into her all the way down to the base with a loud squish, impaling her on 8 inches of American beef.

It felt like I had just slid into a molten hot vise made of silk. Kaykos head came up off the floor, her mouth wide open and her eyes as big as saucers. Instantly her legs wrapped around my back, locking her ankles together. It was now my turn to return the favor. Placing my hands on either side of her to carry my weight, I began pumping my dick in and out of her with long powerful strokes.

I was going to fuck a hole threw her if I had my way, and Kayko did nothing to prevent me from that very task. Kayko grasp at my back, her delicate fingers digging her nails into my skin. That was like having my own cheering section! I hammered away into Kayko without any regard, my lust and passion taking over me. My long deep strokes would bottom out my dick against her womb before returning to the surface for air.

Kayko was going crazy, thrashing her head from side to side, clawing at my back, and squeezing the air out of me with those delectable legs. Amongst the pounding I was giving mom sneaks into sons room for anal stuffing I was able to distinguish two words between her gasps, "Yes" and "More." That was all I needed to hear!

I switched from long powerful strokes to short rapid ones, slamming into her as fast and as hard as I could. Kayko released her ankles from my back, placed her feet on the floor and shower down her pussy after getting gangbanged her crotch upward against me, spreading her knees wide apart.

She was offering her sweet gash up to me without and reservations! I could feel my dick beginning to swell and a rapidly approaching orgasm building in my nuts. I hammered away into Kayko until my thrusts became erratic and then buried myself into her as deeply as I could go before shooting a huge load inside her.

Kayko locked her legs around my back again, pulling me into her. Her pussy began milking my dick again, rippling from the base to the top as my dick pumped my seed into her. She lifted her head up and pulled mine down with her arms and she began kissing me passionately, sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth as my dick filled her up. After what seemed like minutes, and several jerking spasms later, the throbbing in my dick subsided.

Kayko released my head and unhooked her ankles, falling limp onto the floor while breathing heavily. I eased my cock out of her and laid down next to her on the mat. I was sweating and breathing hard, but I felt really good. After several minutes I propped myself up on one elbow and looked over at Kayko in all of her naked beauty. She was lying flat on her back with her arms at her sides and her legs still wide apart, a light shine of sweat covered her, accentuating her smooth curves while her chest heaved up and down.

"I think we need a bath," I said as I placed my hand on her toned, flat stomach. Kayko looked at me and smiled, "Hy, Mike", the first time she used my first name.

End Pt2