Ariana marie seduces johnny sins tget a job sex fairy tales story

Ariana marie seduces johnny sins tget a job sex fairy tales story
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Introduction. This is one of 12 parts. Beginning with Flight of Sin, Sins of the Father through Sins of the Father F. There are side parts, Naughty Pretty Things, Naughty Pretty Things II, Now a Family Affair and That White Outfit. Since most only read one part I will describe the characters. Keri is a beautiful 14 year old girl of Thai heritage.

She has a delightful body, long legs and larger than usual breasts. Her eyes are soft brown and her hair is deep dark brown. She tasha reign enjoys her mans big schlong a delicious tan and frankly is just to die for.

Linda my wife is a beautiful brunette of 34. She has warm soft brown eyes, the second most beautiful pussy on earth and nice size 32 breasts. Sheila is a small blue eyed pixie like brunette of 34. She just makes you want to melt to look at her. Small hard breasts and an delicious tiny body made for using. She is married and the kinkiest thing on earth. Lucy is a divine auburn green eyed redhead of 21.

She strips for a living and has the body for it. Large natural breasts, very good shape and sure theres room for one more rapture wonderful shaved pussy. She is bi now. Thought herself a lesbian for quite awhile.

Sherry is Keri's best friend. A tiny angel haired blue eyed blond. Small under developed breasts with long nipples and a dancers body. There are other female characters but they have not be introduced into the play that much yet. I am a late middle aged male. I maintain a fit body, have a nice large cock and love using it on all this delicious females.

(Hey. This is my fantasy first.) I enjoy reading the comments pro or con. I am not changing anything nor pouring over these stories for days trying to edit them to perfection. I like my style and so does Keri. I encourage readers to rate the parts but will keep sharing them as long as Keri wants our fantasy to live. Keri has asked that I put her email address in this.

She would love to correspond with females that are very bi to lesbian. Good luck guys. It could happen for you but not likely. She is a divine woman of 24 in real life. [email protected] I sip my drink. Relax. Still glowing from fucking three beautiful females. I can feel the drug starting to do its work. My interest in sex stirring again. I will not get hard till it is time to fuck but it is nice knowing that once I start I can fuck all of you till you are exhausted.

I smile thinking, 'I wonder if Keri can ever get enough'? Carrying my drink I stroll into Lucy's bedroom. I can hear the water running in the shower and sighs, giggles and moans. Going to the steamed up glass reveals you standing, one leg raised, your head against the tile wall and Lucy sitting licking your pussy. She has a toy of some kind in her pussy and Sheila is on her knees behind you holding your cheeks open and licking and tonguing your little back hole.

Mental note, 'do not kiss Sheila till she has brushed and washed out her mouth'. I lean against the vanity and just enjoy the show. Sheila has a vibrator in her pussy and she is kissing you, licking you hard as Lucy takes care of your pussy. You have a dreamy look on your pretty face. So much intense pleasure, so many wild and new things.

You see me. You hold my eyes as your body begins to tense, arch first to Lucy's mouth then Sheila's. My cock starts to thicken, grow erect again. I open the door, step in and Sheila immediately changes to take me in her mouth.

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Licking me, pumping me. Lucy watches while continuing to stroke herself with a large dildo, continues to lick and tease your clit and your pussy lips. I let Sheila have my cock and move closer to put my arms around you. Cup and squeeze your breasts. Giving you one hand so you can bite and suck my fingers. 'Now which of these hot tight cunts should I put this cock in'? Each of you look at me as if to say 'Me'. Since there is only one pussy that does not already have something in it my beautiful baby girl Keri is elected.

With Sheila moving aside I bend you just a little more and enter your sweet pussy with two gentle thrusts. You gasp as I fill you, Lucy pausing then positioning herself to exotic dominatrix spanking and humiliating her toy boy and tease your clit as I begin to fuck you deep and slow.

Moaning myself as you feel so good and get so wet quickly. Moving you around so Sheila and Lucy have room to watch us, kiss each other, you and I fuck. We can watch them watch us and enjoy how they are using the toys in their pussies. It is a pure orgy in spraying water. You look so good, feel so good I can feel my desire to cum in you rising.

It reminds me of why I brought you here, what I traded your exquisite body and innocence for. Lucy. I came here to fuck a beautiful lesbian. Use her, make her take my cock in all her holes, fill her with man. For this one evening, make her love and accept a man inside her. Be his woman, be his subservient sex slave. You have had all you can stand too. Your pussy spasms on my cock. Moaning, screaming 'fuck me daddy' you grind and push your ass and pussy against me.

Devouring my cock, cumming, your juices almost spurting out of you with each deep hard thrust.

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As you ebb I pull my cock out of you and let Sheila suck and lick your cum off of it. At least if I forget and kiss the slut I will taste my Keri's cum in her mouth. 'What the hell, she is drop dead beautiful and that mouth needs to be kissed no matter where it has been'. Watching Lucy go back to kissing your pussy again just drives my lust higher.

Turning to Sheila it is time to fuck her again. I grab her hair, pull her up and pick her busty brunette gets slutty with a black shaft by her hips. Ramming my cock into her pussy I fuck her hard against the wall of the shower. Carrying her, my cock a driving ram deep into her skinny body. Yes kissing her, biting her lips and telling her what a bitch in heat dumb bimbo she is. She is wild. She starts cumming immediately and I fuck her though it.

Continuing to thrust into her even after she slumps, resting her head on my left should, barely able to hold on to me. You and Lucy have watched the whole time. Lucy slowly stroking herself with the dildo. I think she is enjoying the way I look, my cock going in and out of Sheila or the way Sheila looked when she was wild to be fucked. I am a wolf now. An animal wild to fuck. 'You ria sunn intense on anal fucking with dap amp double pussy sz next Lucy'!

Grabbing her by that auburn red hair I bend her down. My cock ramming up inside her. Pounding her cunt hard from the get go. She grabs the water spigot and holds on as I use her pussy.

Use her hard. Wanting to fuck her till she hurts. Loving how she gasps and looks at you and Sheila. Almost pleading as her pussy responds to a man. Needing man now. Wanting man so bad. I slow my thrusts. She is so beautiful. She looks so good. My cock moving in and out of her. Pausing to fuck just her pussy lips then pushing in deep to give her all of me. I wonder how she feels about anal. Too bad if she does not like it. I am going to give it to her anyway.

I take my cock out, she whimpers and moans then gasps as I push it into her ass. She grips the water faucet with both hands and pushes up to take my cock deeper inside. I work it into her slowly.

Feeling her expand and yet contract too. Now pass the muscular ring I bury my cock in her ass balls deep. Fucking her slowly at first but increasing my force and speed as I feel my cum start to rise, start to make me feel so good.

I don't know if Lucy orgasm-ed or not. I just know I pound her, fuck her as hard and as deep as this position will allow. Quickly cumming her full, grunting and grunting as I slam into her, pumping my zizz deep inside her.

Slowing now, letting her calm down. Because of the drug my cock still rock hard. Stroking her a little. Taking my cock out to wipe cum on her ass, feeling the rush of possession of her. Owning her now. Looking up from her to see you and Sheila watching.

Both looking into my eyes knowing I own her now. She is mine as are you both. Mine to take or to give at my whim. More bathing.

Everyone nice and clean. Toweled and dry I lead three incredible naked females back to the living room. Pillows on the floor we lay together sipping our drinks and listening to the music. I lay flat on my back, you between my legs, your head on my left thigh near my hard cock, Lucy on my stomach on the right, Sheila on laying sideways, her head on my right thigh. Each of you in easy reach of each other and my cock. I lay there petting each of you. Letting each of your run your hands down my shaft, knowing you enjoy the way it feels, how smooth yet hard I am.

I can see that it is almost 1am. I will fuck one of you once more before we dress and leave. One more chance to savor a beautiful woman, one more long deep fuck inside a hot hungry pussy. I love it! Soon you are all three on your tummies, kissing each other between long licks and sucks on my cock. My cock standing proud. I wonder if I will cum again so soon? Why not? I certainly have all the stimulation one should need to bring another load of semen to the ready.

Now it is almost like a competition. Seeing who can make the poor man cum first. Sips of cold wine, margarita's, pieces of ice used on my cock, cold then hot tongues running up and down it.

Long kisses while one or the other sucks me, stroking me. I see hands tease and touch nipples, find their way into sweet wet pussies too. I turn Lucy around, position her on me with her back against me. 'Put me in her Keri'. You guide me into her.

She is not aroused but accepts me. I go in nice and deep and begin to thrust slowly, pinching her nipples, squeezing her breasts. You move to the side and Sheila takes a long lick of her pussy. You take your turn licking from my balls, up my shaft as I pull out of her then up her pussy too. She reacts now. Moaning and squeezing my arm with one hand, using the other to choose which of you, you or Sheila delivers the next wave of pleasure with your mouth.

Lucy shivers, her body suddenly hot. She moves, using my cock, encouraging you both to lick her, suck her pussy while she takes my dick. Fucking her harder and harder. Her big breasts bouncing in my hands. 'Oh God'! 'I'm cummmmmmminnnng', escapes her lips as she spasms around my shaft. Letting me fuck her hard. Fuck her through her climax. Now exhausted she lays on me. Spent completely.

I let her ease off to the floor beside me. I turn to her while you and Sheila return to cleaning her juices from my cock. I kiss her tenderly. Kiss her eyes. 'You are so good beautiful Lucy'. 'I want you to be mine now'. 'Mine like Sheila and Keri are'. Of course I am lying. She is mine but not like you are. No one is like you for me. No one. It is time for me to take you home.

Sheila is staying the night with Lucy so they help you dress and once we go toward the door they kiss and love you till I kiss them goodbye. You have had a lot to drink so wobble a little on those spike heels but we make the car OK, get in and drive home. You are tired but sweet. Leaning across the console against me. Dozing a little but kissing me too when the car moves to wake you up.

I wonder what you think? We will talk tomorrow before going to get your mother at the airport. Home you are asleep so I come around, help you out then carry you to the master bedroom. You are still a little tipsy but nice and affectionate as I strip off your clothes and tuck you into bed naked. The drug is still in full effect.

My cock is intensely hard. Though you are drowsy and would sleep if I let you I decide to have you one more time tonight. I have no cum in you and it may be days before I get to make love to you again. Linda being home and all. You act a little cross as I move on top of you. My legs spreading yours. You do accept my kiss in a sleepy sweet way. Opening your sweet smooth legs once more to accept my body between them. I do not tease you with my cock as usual. It is so hard it finds your entrance immediately.

Opening you, slipping inside. You are quite wet from all the times you have cum. I move slowly but forcefully to fill your little pussy with my swollen hard cock. My feelings of love for you swelling in my mind. I begin to fuck you slow and deep. Kissing you tenderly, cooing to you how much I love you, adore you. Your arms hold me and your body begins to move with me. Meeting me as I thrust back into you over and over again.

This time is a sweet tender time. Lovers making slow sweet three euro adorable bitches for one meaty rod love. Your small voice whispers in my ear, little sighs and moans when my cock stretches you, touches just the right place deep inside you, my shaft rubbing your hard clit just right. Lifting myself up, holding my torso up on my hands there is enough light from the outside pool lights to allow me to drink in your wonderful body under me.

Your hands on my hips, the way your perfect thighs look tight around mine, the way you breasts move with my thrusts, the wonderful look of your tummy as my own moves to it the away from it. The dim shape of my cock disappearing and reappearing into your sweet tiny pussy.

Hands grasping me harder, feeling you urge me to fuck teeny lovers she loves his abs and cock faster, harder, deeper if possible. I am ready also. Your body just seems to draw my own orgasms out of me. The burning need to have you to completion.

Fuck you, feel you then fill you. With a slight tenseness I feel you begin little boy stepmom fucking dad orgasm. A long sweet almost painful orgasm. Little sweet whimpers at first the louder moans, gasps. Words of lust, 'Yes, yes Daddy'! 'Oh Yes, now Daddy now'! Your pussy spasms, contracts and squeezing my cock.

Making me cum at the same time. Pressing our bodies together, your hips undulating as you cum and cum on my spurting cock. Now completely spent. Soft kisses. Little sips of our lips. Your eyes closed, your legs slowly lowering from around my waist. I lay on you, the drug still keeping me so hard yet the need to fuck you long gone.

As we uncouple I do not even have the energy to get up and fetch us a towel to dry with. I just roll off you, pull you into my arms and watch you slip into sleep through my own sleepy sleepy eyes. Your delicious well loved body against mine and both of us sound asleep. Letting you sleep very late the next day. I know you will be up and about by the time Linda and I are home from the airport.

I would have loved to take you again this morning but no. My lust must be there for Linda tonight. I have to find a way to help her settle, be content with me. Perhaps we, you and I should just take her. She is so desirable, so pretty. I wonder if you would help me? Is that too degenerate for you? Time will tell. I cannot have her walking out of our marriage and taking you with her. No! I will never accept that. I must make her part of us soon.

This has come to a head. She will join us in our love or pay the consequences of refusing me. Linda calls from Canada about 10am.

She hates it but must swing by New York on the way home so she will not be home till Sunday. I tell her I miss her and I do but it gives me one more night with you.