Mili jay is so beautiful and horny

Mili jay is so beautiful and horny
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My first story that I have ever written, feel free to go easy if you want but good criticism is the best way to make my stories better in future. This was made for a friend, and so there might be a few jokes or ideas you may not understand, but yeah! 4430 words altogether that I hope you all enjoy! ----------------------------- So there I was basking in the glorious sun as I got off the old school charter bus that led us off to the esteemed Reward's Day Out, the sun's rays torching a lesbian fuck after a yoga session already olive skin.

I hear Scott yell from behind me "Move, you fat shit!" as he hurriedly gets off the bus, eagerly awaiting the many pubescent girls getting into their skimpy swimming outfits. For this was Summer, and this is when I lost my virginity. *Fifteen minutes pass* I see myself now in a queue, waiting for The Taipan. I'm not usually one for the whole going down a huge tunnel in a circular, overused boat, but I felt a strange energy about me, as if today was my day.

Plus, I was standing behind the woman of my dreams, a one 15 year old Amelia Lance, who entranced me with her amazing 'dirty-blonde' hair, her amazing aqua eyes, her amazing physique (she was a full-time gymnast), as well as her full-fronted C cup breasts, which stood adamantly and proud as they jutted out of her chest, which were covered by a very skimpy and sly white bikini, which did almost nothing to help protect herself from prying eyes. Now, this image would not be complete without her absolutely PERFECT ass, covered by a matching white pair of panties, which had been through years of vigorous hard work in a gym, which then brought us all the way down her long, toned legs.

What a sight. I suddenly get hit in the head. It's Scott again, demanding that I move forward and stop gawking at Millie's ass, which she hears and shyly turns around and giggles at me, her cheeks set upon by a sudden rose colour. I turned and looked the other way while Millie had obviously tried to initiate conversation with me. I sighed to myself, what a stupid fuck I was. She turns around again, and slowly we all board the circular boat, ready to get pushed down into the Taipan. I move over two seats away from Scott, and Millie quickly seizes the opportunity to sit in between Scott and myself, while Scott demands to the young service lady that we stay as a group of three.

I mistakably put my arms up in the air as we are shoved into the dark abyss below us, my left arm savagely coming down, striking Millie's bra as my seatbelt snaps. Amongst Scott's squealing like a pig, I imagine Millie was now a bit frightened herself as her bra finds itself being my anchor onto the boat as it still clings onto Millie's body, as we are flipped around like ragdolls in the pitch black tunnel.

We are suddenly jerked, and Millie's bikini loosens, and I am sent hurdling straight into her chest, my mouth narrowly avoiding a nipple as I continue to scream into her chest. We are then shafted to the right, and I then find myself finding it increasingly difficult to stay in the boat while still grasping Millie's bikini.

I then see light behind me, as we make our way to the exit, and I see Millie's beautiful, uncensored boobs bounce around before my eyes, as her hands are fixated to the boat handles around her. A surge of blood then interrupts my thoughts. I realize we are now in the open, and I glance back over to Millie, who has already abandoned ship with her broken bikini, and I find myself having very scarlet-clad cheeks as we slowly waddle to the sand shore, where a misguided service man greets us, asking us if everything is okay.

I assure him everything is okay, and Scott promptly interrupts, telling the man that her bikini was caught on one of the handles, and undid itself while in the tunnel. We quickly make our escape back to a low-brow area, surrounded by ferns that loom over a stone walkway, not unlike a large, secluded scarlett pain foot job and fuck bfm. I spot Millie sobbing in the corner, and Scott quickly abandons me as he tells me to make my 'move'.

Millie looks up at me as I sheepishly wander over, not sure if I should be ready to run at first movement, or whether I should be holding my ground.

Her face is full of tears, and she feebly cries out "Winston… please…" "Err, I'm really sorry about before-" "Just come over here, I need to tell you something." I then slowly move closer, and sit down next to her, the unbelievably beautiful wreck of olive tan and white clothing searing with embarrassment.

"Winston…" she mumbles, "Don't be ashamed of what you did… I'm not crying from what you did, I'm crying because…" I then put my arm around her cautiously as I imagine her pouncing up and unsheathing mighty talons as she tenderises me to a bloodied pulp.

She lets out a sob much louder than normal, and at that moment I realise her bikini was not broken in the tunnel, but that the knot had just come loose. Two bra strings then reveal themselves to me as I look towards her, as she gestures to me that she can't do it herself. She makes no attempt to hold the bikini upright as she sits up straight, and I manage to only get a glimpse of 'side-boob', before my self-righteousness corrects my wrong doing, and corrects her bikini. I then look at her firm stomach as she continues to sob, and my mind turns off like a mechanism; my prime instincts killing off the thoughts in my head.

She then lowers her head, and I hold her chin with my right hand and gently push it to my direction so that she is facing me. Her beautiful, tear-soaked eyes peer into mine, and I feel my penis make an instant pop-up tent in my pants. "Look, I know what I did has made you in this state now, and for that, I apologize." "Winston, I didn't want you to see me like this…" I then instinctively remember what Scott had taught me from his many journeys into the pants of young women, and that crying females tend to be more open to sexual advances than others.

I use this to my advantage as I launch forward, catching Millie off-guard as I attack her with my mouth, to which she reciprocates. We make wild and uncontrollable love in our conjoined mouths, her saliva mixing with mine as we exchange bodily fluid. This brief moment of ecstasy is then brought to an abrupt end as Scott, seemingly deliberately cock-blocks me as he rushes over and tells me that I need to go with him urgently.

Millie tries to grab my hand, but Scott is too quick to pull me away. We don't get very far before Scott then stops, and I immediately backhand the fucker.

"What the fuck are you doing, Scott?!" "Oi, remember we have to get our names marked off before midday, or else we get granny has sex with and one of her customers. Jesus, you're strong!" he says as he rubs his tender cheek. I look at my watch. Shit!

It's 11:54. I decide to leave Millie for now, for all I know, she's already gone. *Another half an hour passes as Scott and Winston have lunch and get their names marked off. Winston cannot stop thinking about Millie during their discussions.* We then set off; nearly half an hour after we eat, and go to several different rides before Scott and I decide to take different routes, as my puny bladder churns in anticipation of release.

I come back out of the toilets, and then bump into Millie, who is now looking rather normal, and has a bottle of sunscreen in her hand. "Hey Winston, you don't mind, well, err… Rubbing some sunscreen on my back, do you?

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I can't reach it even though I'm 'supposedly' flexible." I respond with a daft nod as my eyes follow her movement, as she turns around and beckons me to follow. She brings us down to a small, isolated island in an area near the kid's diving pools, and there awaits us a single beach chair, which I quickly seize as my own.

"Fine," she stammers, "I'll just take a swim." As she slowly walks into the deep part of the circular river (which encircles our area), I realize that I have never seen this part of Jamberoo before. My attention is then drawn back to Millie, who swims back to shore, water dripping off her gorgeous body, as she shoves me off the chair and claims it for herself, lying on her stomach as I fall into the sand beside it.

She reaches beside the chair and retrieves the same suntan bottle, which I must have been holding for her while she went into the river. I mumble to myself as I sit myself upright, as the bottle is shoved into my hands.

"Don't worry about what happened before. Worry about making sure I don't get burnt!" she says. My eyes devour her beautiful legs, tight ass, and beautifully tanned back, all glistening with water. She pulls her mostly dry hair out of the way. Without a word, I sit on top of her ass; I open the bottle and pour some of the coconut-smelling oil onto her upper back, and start to rub it in delicately on her beautifully soft, smooth skin.

I start on her back, and spread the oil onto her shoulders and neck, and then down the back of her arms. I then pour some more lotion into my hands, and work my way down to her lower back.

"Make sure you get along my sides and under my bikini… And try not to undo my bikini again!" she says, half-giggling. I sigh again, and I realize my hands are shaking ever so slightly as my heart pounds a thousand beats a minute as I run my fingers under her bikini strap, and slowly down the sides of her torso, to which she snickers slightly.

I then reach for some more oil and quickly jump down to her legs, purposefully missing her nether region. I start behind her knees, and work upwards slightly, but then quickly retreat back down to her calves and feet, before I abruptly end the session. "Okay, that's it" I stammer. "But, uh, Winston… You missed the top of my legs?" she answers back, as if demanding that they were to be done. "U-uhh, y-you sure?" Millie giggles. "Just do it, and make sure you night time chupchap xxx story mom in son some underneath the edges of quickie mart worker fucks phat milf pawg strippers and amateur swimmers, I really hate getting sunburnt." I took a deep breath as I quickly squeeze more lotion into my quivering hands, and proceed cautiously towards to the back of her thighs; gently massaging her while I apply the lotion.

As I get toward the top of her legs, she opens them seemingly automatically a bit wider, granting me a small venue of access so I could reach the underside of her panties.

I see it white purity as I apprehend that there is no hair poking out whatsoever a sight I find quite curious, and I then reach up close to her panties as I feel heat coming from her pussy. My mind was going nuts. I very gently brush her bikini-clad cunt with my knuckles and proceed to pulling the edges of her panties off her skin as I slip fingers underneath to put lotion on her, accidently skimming her cunt with my fingertip, which causes her to jolt as I work up to her hips very quickly and unsavourily.

At this point I notice that she is breathing very deeply, as I hear slight moans escape her mouth. I then work in the lotion above her ass line, and slightly pull her panties up so there is a definite crack-line showing under her panties. I finish with one slow slide from her hips, down her calves to her feet and back up, with a last brush past her ass, now revealing a bit more than I think Millie had anticipated. My dick then springs out of my shorts unexpectedly, and I swirl off of her and turn around to correct myself, as she surprises me with her quick movement as she grabs my shoulders with her hands and asks "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I just love this beautiful day on this beach… Seeing the cloudless blue sky, hearing the distant water… And yeah, loving feelin- err, being here with you." She seductively scratches my back with her bright red nails, and slowly brings her hands to meet mine, as she turns me around slowly, keeping my hands in hers.

She then does something I will hopefully never forget she plants my open palms straight on her breasts! My mind is now doing backflips as my vision starts to go wonky, and I look up to Millie as she quickly takes advantage of my groggy state as she hits me straight in the head with a sucker punch.

Everything goes black. "Ugh, my head…" I mutter, a throbbing pain making it hard to see my surroundings. As I stumble to get up, I slowly come to the realization that I am wearing no clothes whatsoever; free as a jaybird. Millie giggles behind me again, almost evilly. "About time you woke up!" I twirl around, dizziness striking my ability to see her, but I can make out a definite figure, sitting Indian style only a few feet away. I then force myself to focus, and I realize that she has something of mine my thongs!

She waves them up at me, and then apologizes for having to hit me in the head. "It works this way.

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You're too stupid to help yourself, so I'm going to play a little game." "Can I just have my clothes back?

What if someone sees me naked?" "Then they can admire you as I have." She coyly admits. "Fine," I say, defeated. "What must I do to get my clothes back?" "Whoa, straight to the point I see!

No fun at all. But ok." She pauses for a moment. "To get each item of clothing back, you must do a favour for me for each one, including your thongs, your shorts, your undies and your gold ring." I sigh to myself again, looking at my hand and realizing my $500 gold ring has been taken, and emotions set in of fear and embarrassment of my naked self.

For so long I had been self-conscious, and not actually thought of what others may think of my body. I realize pretty bookworm gets tempted and nailed by her senior instructor dick is fully erect. "Ooh, someone's horny." She guffaws, as she slowly rises from the ground and walks away dominantly. "To get your thongs back, you sexy luscious teen enjoys dick in her booty first catch me.

Ready, GO!" She sprints towards the other side of the island, and makes a quick dash for the river, but I quickly charge for her, and tackle her, pinning her to the sandy beach, my dick now pinned in between her clothed ass cheeks. She attempts to get up, but I quickly overpower her and take both of her hands as she squirms and spin her onto her back, pinning her legs under my own, and holding her hands to the ground, showing me an excellent view of her now glistening body; the smell of decadent sweat driving me insane and lustful.

I then quickly regain my thongs and toss them aside out of her reach, re-pinning her right hand down, as she lets out a saddened moan. "Now, where is my ring?" I forcefully demand as I start to get infuriated. "This is your second tas-" "WHERE IS MY RING!" "Fuck, stop yelling! If you must know, it's inside of me somewhere. But you have to search for it." A deadly mix of lust and anger then breaks free from my entire body, as I fiercely look into her eyes, patiently asking her why she'd do this to me.

"Because, I really want you inside of me. I want you to be angry, so that my first time will also be my best. You can understand this… right?" I then calm down a little, but she smirks and I instantly start to rage again, my grip on her wrists tightening immensely making her whimper in pain, as I let go of her left hand (my right hand) and then attempt to tear her white panties off of her, my feelings for her now becoming totally substituted by the new lustful rage.

Her panties refuse to come off of her however, and are not tie-up like her bikini, so I am forced to slowly peel them off of her, down her legs and I keep them at her feet which I now raise into the air, as I stare at her beautiful mound between her legs, teen twats impaled on dick hardcore and blowjob perfect mix of a large outer labia and a small inner labia, and I see that she is inadequately moistened.

I also realize that she no pubic hair whatsoever, and question my internal beliefs as I realize that this is both heaven and hell in its purest form. I quickly make short work of her as I descend with my finger to explore her unholy depths, teasing her helpless vagina as I lightly touch her inner labia with two fingers, rubbing up and down, and gaining speed as I try and moisten her, so I can explore for my ring.

I cannot lose that ring! She moans uncontrollably, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as she experiences my unforgiving wrath. Her cunt quickly becomes swollen and red as I introduce my tongue to the fray, as she bends her legs across the back of my neck, her panties and legs trapping me, pushing me down further onto her pussy.

I then take a deep breath as I start to suck on her vagina, sucking all the fluid out of her, which tastes a bit metallic. I then realize that I have hit the jackpot as I then spit on her vagina, swirling it around with my index finger as I get ready to probe her. My finger slides in unchallenged, but soon hit her hymen, which I stab at with my fingers, making her squeal which gradually leads to a loud scream, and her pussy walls tighten, much to the dismay of my hand, which will now have more trouble finding the ring with blood everywhere.

I fondle around for a while, mostly just to feel her amazing, velvet insides, but also while trying to find my ring. I raise my head back up to look at her face, and she seems to be having the time of her life, so I take my finger out, wiping the blood off of her cunt with her discarded panties and place my finger into her gaping mouth, letting her taste her own fluids, as she fervently sucks the juices off my finger, so I promptly take it out, and start foraging through her pussy again as I dive for her mouth with my own, my tongue darting into hers like a piston.

She seems to be now radiating a very fine odour which causes me to deviate further, and without thinking, I ram four fingers into her delicate, deflowered pussy. Her stomach tenses rhythmically to my beating of her pussy now, and I start devouring her stomach, licking and sucking her slight abs as I work up to her bikini, which is still on her, covering her well rounded breasts.

I then yank it off, the knot giving me grief, but I persevere with my free hand and yank it harshly, her bra snapping between the two cups, and I toss it to the side. "You could have just unt-" I interrupt her with a slap to the face, and she starts to look at me as if she starts to regret her decision to make me angry. I flick her left nipple, as I stare at the pink marvel, her areole a nice diameter, making her boobs look full and bouncy.

I flick it again, this time much harder, causing her to wince in pain, as her nipples start to swiftly increase in size, hardening to their full potential. I then mouth her left nipple, and suck on it as I squeeze her right breast with my free hand, causing her to get the full experience.

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I finally feel the ring, as my four fingers are inside of her, past the third knuckle as my fingers squirm around and finally feel the ring lodged between presumably the wall of her pussy and a small raised patch inside of her, which I repeatedly brush past in order to reach the ring with my middle finger, as she makes noises much more rampant and clamps her legs even harder, almost breaking my back as she starts to gyrate frantically, and then my entire hand gets drenched with her orgasm juices.

Her pussy starts to free up, and tall blonde masturbating xxx street racers get more than they bargained for hand triumphantly escapes with the ring, out of her body. She breathes a very long sigh as she starts to calm down, I push my hand against her ribcage, feeling her heartbeat gradually decrease.

Millie then releases her death grip of me with her legs, as she brings them down to the ground controllably, and then catches me off guard as I attempt to stand up, touching my extremely aroused dick with her feet, which have red toenails, matching her fingernails. Her soft, warm feet are not even covered with sand, which I question, as she starts to give me a footjob with the arches and toes of her feet, while I watch her stomach, leg and pussy muscles retract and contract as she does her thing, making me nearly burst even though she had only just begun.

She sniggers as she pulls a cheeky and deviant face; she raises her hand to her mouth and shushes me as she whispers "Now it's time for you to stick me for all you got. Beat me to hell, you know I deserve it. You do this, and I'll tell you where your undies are…" She closes her eyes as she lowers her hands again, and the heavenly footjob starts to cease, she settles into the chair more and bends her knees, making her feet touch either side of her ass.

I grab her feet and then force them behind her head, which is almost no feat at all, her legs locking in place as I align myself, my dick now resting on her vagina as I tease her slightly before I roughly shove my 8 inch wonder into her hole, ramming her back wall, as I look at her face which lights up with pleasure and pain, as I quickly jack into action, quickly thrusting through her meat as her whole body jiggles, her boobs dancing on her chest as they make slapping sounds as they hit her face several times.

The tip of my dick then finds the raised part of her insides again and I proceed to make sure I hit that section with every stride of my hips, which causes her to struggle for breath, as I think she is about to orgasm again. This spot feels awesome as I hit it with vigour, my dick tracing it all the way to the back of her love cavern. I went on like a machine for a few minutes until my rage-fuelled lust for her started to wear off with my gradual exhaustion, so Millie substituted for me as she unlocked her legs from behind her head and repositioned them behind my back again, crossing them and locking me in, and I get an idea.

To help speed her up to another orgasm, she brings me in much closer and starts to gyrate again, humping my dick from dirty wife fuck huge objects semi-seated position, her velvet meat feeling much juicier now as the position changes, and I reach for the suntan lotion bottle, knowing the screw-off lid has a cylindrical tube inside, which I unscrew as she continues to work for me, and I stop her from fucking me temporarily as I prep her asshole with my finger as I slowly introduce the foreign object into her ass, and standing up her still on top of me as I lay down on the chair, and she starts to hump me dry again as she lets go of her usual death grip and rocks on top of me, while I hold the thin cylinder of lotion in her ass, for increased pleasure.

I sit there for several minutes as Millie works her magic, her thrilling legs and ass providing a show as her vagina swallows my dick as she pumps up and down, up and down… And then it happens.

She goes for an orgasm, and splashes me sweet bitch sits on a fat and hard penis her mix of love juice, as her body then starts to fasten her movements, and I feel my body shiver intensely as her pussy walls tighten once again, and I start to orgasm myself. However, she doesn't stop orgasming like last time, she seemingly has a double orgasm, and keeps producing her stuff on to my body, which is now dribbling down my legs and onto the beach.

I then spurt all my spunk into her in one big thrust of my hips, as my world goes fuzzy again, and she freaks out, not knowing what it was as I let out a long groan. Fuck that felt good. She looks at me half disgustedly, as she realizes she is practically oozing cum, her vagina filled to the brim as her orgasm ends with mine in sync. "Millie… I love you." Her face smiles at me, as she looks over to her ripped clothes and then back to me, her magical aqua eyes sparkling in the sunlight, her cum-stained hair flowing in the slight wind which has now picked up.

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"I love you too… I still hope you love me after I tell you I burned your panties!" she laughs. I smile, and tackle her to the ground, and then drag her to the river as she contests with me as I grab her by the shoulders and go into the river with her to wash off. "How are we going to explain this to everyone.?" I grab her head and bring her in close, as I whisper in her ear… "Fuck the school; we're walking the long walk home."