Sucking big black pussy naughty girlgirl roommates

Sucking big black pussy naughty girlgirl roommates
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After a hard days fun, we feed the guys a light dinner, and then Jim gave us his address, and to meet him there around 7 ish, He had made a few phone calls, and sent sms's, Grant had also made a few phone calls too. so we knew things would pick up. He also said to bring Prince along, as we approached his long drive, I thought how lucky he was to own such a nice house, set back from the road, it would be the perfect place to have fun.

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A sign saying "guests entry" showed the way, across the front of the big garage and down a side path, a small door led into a room, which looked like a locker room, with benches, showers and more, Jim came in and said hello, strip off, and follow me. We all stripped, and walked into the next room, it was huge, guys sitting waiting for us to arrive, keping busy sucking one another's cocks, vinyl mattress covered most of the floor, and mirrors on the walls and ceiling, a sling too, he wasn't joking, its great, round the edge were padded benches and toys, also near the sling was a frame and other kinky stuff.

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He looked at us and said, he had set it up, like a man's club, so that when he has guys or girls over to fuck, he can do what ever he wants here. I let Prince wander out side where I could see a spa as well. Grant had told me about his fun in the slings, at the men's club he goes to, so I went straight over, jumping in and got comfortable, my pussy taking Jim's cock, it was good, Jim took turns fucking my pussy then into my arse, the rocking motion adding to the feelings, but soon I wanted the freedom to play with more cocks, so climbed out, and let Rick get in, as he did he sniffed hard on the poppers, Andy took to his butt with new found energy, fingering and fucking him hard, then I saw him put one of Jim's toys against Rick's arse and ram it in, sending Rick into a anal orgasm quick smart, I left them to it, as hot milf rachel starr suck the masseur charles dera bubblebutt cheating few guys took me over and strapped me into a frame work, and set about using my body.

Then one of the guys must have picked up the horse dildo, as the next thing I knew I was being opened up like never before, some one gave me a good sniff of the poppers, and I let them play, I could feel it going in further, my boobs being played with as I sucked on a cock, then I heard some one say "wow" she's taking it all, as I exploded into orgasmic bliss, I felt kind of weird, as they used my arse for their pleasure, but as I was now in one long orgasm I didn't school gills sex vidos sex stories, Then they pulled me free, impaling me on 2 cocks, while another face fucked me, between them I cum 3 or 4 times.

The night went well, as guys took turns fucking us all, Jim showing of some of his toys, the horse size dildo I sunny leone xxxcom xxcom story taken, Grant then took, and a fist dildo was used in me, followed by his own fist, then he brought out a very nice looking dildo, not sure, but it was huge, Grants eyes lit up, as he grabbed it, but Jim took him to the frame, locking him in and giving him the poppers to use.

After fisting Grant for a few minutes, he pushed the huge dildo against Grants butt, with some cum and lube it inched in, the sounds coming out of Grants mouth now just a blur, as he went from anal cum to anal cum, inch by inch now 10inches or so had gone in, with maybe another 6 or so to go, Grant groaned louder, then Jim stopped pushing, with just an inch or so left out, moving it in and out, Grant lost all control, I gave him a good sniff of the poppers, and he blasted out a anal cum like no other.

I was mesmerized; that he could take so much, this was the biggest toy I had seen him take, as Jim kept feeding it to him, and then with one hard push the rest went in. Grant screamed, then went limp, I went around to check, his eyes shut, body shaking, he cum again, and again, then seeing me he grabbed the poppers sniffed hard and started over, pushing back now for more.

Jim had it fully in him, pushing as fast as he could, Grant lost in space, fucked him back, then with another huge anal orgasm Grant passed out. Jim eased the huge dildo out of his butt, and let Grant relax for awhile, when he came too, Jim shoved his fist in hard, causing Grant to groan loudly, then Jim's cock went in with his fist and he fucked him hard, shooting cum deep in his butt.

Several other guys then took to Grant, relentlessly fucking him, moans of pleasure escaping his mouth as he cum so much, then they let him off and strapped me in. I was nervous but excited to, I wanted the same, and I got it, Jim let 2 or 3 guys fuck my arse hard, and fill me with cum, then he used the fist dildo first in me, getting it all in, and causing me to have lots of anal orgasms on it, then what I was waiting for, the horse dildo again, he showed me first, then slowly pushed it in my butt, I must have screamed as a cock went in my mouth, flooding me with sticky juices, then I felt the hard end hit my butt cheeks as Jim told me it was all in, I'm sure I passed out for awhile, as the next thing Grant was shoving the poppers under my nose saying take a hard sniff.

I did, and not to soon either, as Jim shoved the end of the huge dildo in my stretched hole, I screamed out as my butt took me over the top, my mind blank, words blurred, as my body shook. I knew now what Pack robado a madre soltera ver completo aqui gt had felt, and also wanted more, the pleasure over came the pain as more went in, my mind no longer in control of my body, as my butt pushed back harder and harder wanting more.

Why? It hurt, but the feelings, so good, I took another big sniff and pushed back again, Jim sighed as the last bit went in, I remember screaming then blank.

I came to, the guys had laid me on the floor, cum sticking to my lips and mouth, as a guy finished wanking over my limp body, Grant kissed me and said I had orgasm that much I passed out, but Jim had got it all in, and I still wanted more, I got up and called Prince in, bending over the bench he knew what I wanted, licking me to heaven and back before climbing up, and with one hard push his cock went right in my butt, and he proceeded to fuck me with his full force, because I was so well stretched his cock went all the way in first time, and the knot just about followed.

I love the speed and length, taking it fully up my arse, I held my butt tight to stop his knot going in to quick, this seemed to make him fuck longer, he pushed harder and harder into me, then after some 10 minutes or so, his knot went in, swelling behind my anus lips he knotted once more with me, how he was building up for his climate, I felt ever inch, my anus so sensitive, I was in ecstasy with one long orgasm, I have never felt so well fucked before, I was full of dog cock, and about to be flooded with his cum.

Prince took control, fucking me and ramming my head against the wall, as he started what seemed like his best orgasm yet, his knot so full of blood, swelled to a unreal size inside me, and then the heat, so much cum, I blasted out a loud scream as I orgasm too, both content to let the feeling run though us. I fell lazily on the bench, Prince still working his cum up further inside my swollen arse, I was pretty nie done for, what a day. As his knot came out, Grant swung under me, eating my arse to another orgasm for me, swallowing Prince's cum, he took most of it, as his butt also took a few old euro angels video i think starring unkown actress cocks and cum.

As I came down from my bliss, I looked over to see Andy, with the horse dildo working it in his son's arse, around half was already in and Rick was going strong, I saw him sniff the poppers as Andy gave it another push, I wobbled over, my legs like jelly and kissed Rick saying how hot he looked.

As I did Andy gave the dildo a harder push Rick shouted out and it was in, some 12 inches or more gone, What an effort for such a young guy, and near virgin arse, Ricks eyes were glazed over, as Andy fucked him hard, the horse dildo dissapearing fully now on each stroke, Rick seemed to lose control as he shock and screamed thought countless orgasms.

I took over fucking Rick with the horse dildo as Andy face fucked him, then I pulled the dildo out and fisted him, Rick shot into the air as my hand went right in.

Andy's cock nearly bitten in two, then I slid my other hand upto his opening, Andy smiled, as I worked more fingers in, he gave Rick a good sniff of the poppers, then wham, I pushed my other hand in, he was now taking both my fists, just past the wrist, and he knew it, as he screamed out another loud orgasm. I bent down sucking his cock into my mouth, soon he stiffened, and shot globs of hot cum, I took it all, then looked bondage office gangbang punish my yearold bum and mouth Andy, kissing him, sharing his son's cum, he licked my lips dry.

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We let Rick settle and then pulled him out, laying him face down, Guys fucked his butt, filling it time and again with cum. I saw Grant now, on the bench, Princes cock fully home as they both enjoyed a long fast fuck, the knot yet to go in, was close, but like me Grant knew by keeping it out, made Prince fuck for longer.

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I was impalled on a cock, as I saw Prince knot with Grant, then cum, both making strange noises. I moved over ready to eat the fresh cum, as my body was used, then later, as Prince pulled back, and dropped out, I took as much cum as I could and shared it with Grant, then he sat over my face flooding me with doggy cum.

As the night slowed down, Jim asked if we wanted him to set up tomorrow night still, we all repiled, Yes, and you had better get more guys to help out too.