Amateur teen paid to fuck chop shop owner gets shut down

Amateur teen paid to fuck chop shop owner gets shut down
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The Futa Fairy Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter Seven: Becca & Keily's Futa Fun By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Becca Brittany Even knowing there was someone behind the rock, responsible for that explosion of golden light I witness, I still almost jumped out of my skin when the slender, auburn-haired girl bounded out from behind it. I jumped, my big tits, soaked by my swim across the river, heaved before me while my futa-cock smacked into my wet belly.

The girl gave me a mischievous grin, pushing up her glasses as she said, "Thank god you're not with Summer!" My heart fluttered a mile a minute. I stopped growing the plants towards the rock she hid behind, obviously not needing the power I got from the duplicitous Dryad. I really didn't need any more close calls. Not after that futa-cheerleader had me trapped in the branches and blew her opportunity to defeat me. "You're. Keily, right?" I asked, frowning at her.

"Yes, yes, Keily. I remember you from the briefing." "I'd hope so. It was only a few hours ago. I think." She looked up at the strange sky where noon from Summer met midnight from Winter, the bright blue blending into the deep black complete with a blazing sun and a full moon on the verge of having an eclipse.

But not moving at all. "This place is weird." "Yeah, it is," I said, my heart slowing. "You're the amazing Becca Brittany, aren't you?" the girl said. Alexis texas sucking bick cock cocksucking and blowjobs had to be nineteen, just a little minx with a petite body, her tits little budding breasts. But she had a cock as huge as any other futa I've met.

"I am," I said. It looked like I had another fan. "God, you're on TV," Keily said, bounding closer to me, her cock bouncing. It gleamed with pussy juices. Who had she been fucking? Had she just vanquished a Summer futa? Before I could ask, she fell to her knees before me on the sandy beach of the river and moaned, "Can I suck on your cock?

You're famous!" "You want to suck on my cock?" I asked, staring down at her. "Now? But what was that golden light?" "Oh, that was just me fucking this fey named Querciola. She was so much fun. But when I came in her, she just burst into light and vanished. Then I heard you. I thought you were a Summer futa. Thank god you're not." She grabbed my cock, giving me such an impish grin, her green eyes gleaming behind her glasses.

"Please, please let me suck your dick." "I don't know," I said, looking around. She was so cute, just staring up at me with that playful face.

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And her hand did feel amazing on my cock. My pussy suddenly became so wet. "We shouldn't. It's dangerous. We're so exposed right here." "Right," Keily said. "But I just got to. You know, you're famous! I've seen your daughter big tit pale brunette teen and ebony anal cum the sugar daddy dilemma you on TV.

I just got to nurse on your cock." She grinned up at me. "Unless you think I'm just trying to distract your or something." I frowned at her. "Distract me? Why would you even say that?" "No reason," she shrugged. Then her tongue flicked the tip of my cock, gathering the drop of precum beading the tip. "You just seem nervous.

There's no one around. It was only me behind the rock." "Well, of course," I said, still frowning at her. There was something about her manner I just couldn't quite— Her mouth latched onto the tip of my dick. She sucked so hard, her cheeks hollowing as she nursed on my girl-dick. Pleasure surged up my cock. I whimpered and groaned. Pleasure rippled up my shaft. My big breasts jiggled. I ran a hand through my wet, blonde hair as the little minx just sucked so hard.

She had such an eager look in her eyes. "Maybe this is okay," I said, looking around. "But what about that fey? She could still be lurking around." Keily's mouth popped off my dick. My cock twitched, wishing she hadn't stopped.

"I don't think so. Why, scared of her?" "I had a. unique experience with one in the woods on the other side of the river." I licked my lips. "She tricked me." "Oh, well, I don't think Querciola would do that. She was very friendly." Keily gave me a naughty wink.

"I sucked on her boobies and drank her breast milk and she sucked my cock and I came all over her face. Then I fucked her pussy so hard." "Did she give you powers?" I asked.

"Dryad gave me control over plants when I finally vanquished that futa-cheerleader." "You beat Kimmie?" Keily said. "Wow. Or was it Cassie?" "I don't know.

You go to their college?" "Yep." She nodded her head. "With my sister. She'd love to suck your cock, too. But she's nowhere near here unless something went wrong." "Yeah, I don't think the futa-fairies brought our families over here." "Boy, wouldn't that be wild?" she asked, her eyes so wide. "Coming across someone you know here." "So, did this fey give you any powers?" "I don't think so. Just some great sex." She gave me an impish grin.

"Don't that sound fun?" I was about to answer, when something rustled in the brush. My head looked at the plants growing around the ponds on this side of the river. Was there something— Keily sucked so hard on my dick. My entire body shook. Her warm mouth loved my cock, her tongue dancing around it. It made me shudder. She nursed at my shaft with such enthusiasm. My hands grasped the girl's silky hair, my hips undulating. I couldn't deny her. She hungered for my cock.

And I yearned to let her feed that desire. My pussy clenched as she bobbed her head up and down my dick. I groaned and whimpered. My eyes rolled back into my head at the delicious treat of her sucking mouth. Her hands slid up my wet thighs, finding the folds of my pussy, and caressed my vulva.

"Keily!" I whimpered. "Oh, Keily, yes!" Her mouth popped off my dick. "That's it!" she grinned. "That's what you need to do! Ooh, you're just amazing!" "I am," I groaned as she probed her fingers into my pussy. She licked her lips as she pumped her digits in and out of my juicy snatch. "Don't stop sucking." "Nope! You need to cum!" she grinned and latched her mouth back onto my cock." She was a weird one, but her mouth felt amazing on my dick. And it was so nice to have another Winter futa with me.

To not be alone. I didn't want our side to lose. I wanted to keep my futa-cock and keep giving my naked broadcasts. I wanted to fuck my daughter and other women on live TV. It was such a thrill, a drug I never wanted to give up. My hands tightened in Keily's hair. My hips thrust my cock into her mouth, fucking her as she sucked so hard. Such delight rushed through legal age teenager bawdy cleft is nailed well body.

My snatch clenched on her probing fingers. "Ooh, yes, I can tell you're such a fan," I moaned. "I'll get you on the air. I'll fuck you and you'll fuck me on live TV. How does that sound?" She moaned in delight on my cock. She fluttered her tongue around it. I shuddered, swaying. Such absolute delight rippled through me. My back arched. My tits bounced before me. I sucked in a deep breath, the pleasure bursting through me.

Throaty moans rose as her fingers pumped faster and faster in my snatch. She stirred my cunt to a froth with those naughty fingers of hers. I licked my lips, swaying, my big breasts heaving. My toes dug into the sand of the beach as this barely legal slut worshiped my cock.

"Oh, yes, you'll have so much fun enjoying my cock on TV," I whined. "We'll drench each other in cum." Her mouth popped off my dick as she moaned, "Can we double-fuck your daughter?

I want us both to just ram our cocks into her pussy!" "Yes!" I howled, my pussy clenching so hard on her fingers. "Just suck my cock, make me cum!" Keily inhaled the tip of my dick. She sucked so hard her crimson cheeks hollowed. Her glasses flashed in the strange light as her head bobbed. Her fingers curled in my pussy, caressing across the top of my sheath and. She touched my G-spot. Rapture fired through my snatch.

It struck my ovaries. They detonated. Cum exploded into Keily's hungry mouth. The girl gulped down my cream.

Her face contorted in delight as she drank my futa-jizz. So much fired from my cock into her mouth as the ecstasy race through my body. Rapture convulsed my cunt. My snatch spasmed about her fingers.

I screamed out my pleasure at the top of my throat, unable to help myself. Such delight rippled through my body. This was amazing. Stupendous. I loved being a futa. And I would fight to keep my girl-dick. "Oh, yes, Keily, we're going to do something momentous, you and I. And we'll be so famous together. Ooh, yes, I'm going to fuck that pussy on national TV!" She sucked down the last drop of my cum. Then her mouth popped off. "Why wait? Let's fuck right now!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Redding I trembled behind the rock, frozen in fear.

A Winter futa was just around the corner. Well, I mean, there were two Winter futas. But one was my younger sister. She was my lover. We had just shared a magical moment. We had vowed to find away for both sides to keep our dicks. Should I spring out and jump Becca Brittany, the futa-reporter? But she had powers. She made the plants grow at us. Even if I did grab her, she could bind me up. I doubt even Keily would be any help then. What should I do?

They were just on the other side of the rock. I was feet away. And. And I was growing horny. It was hot listening to my little sister begging to suck Becca Brittany's cock.

I wanted to stroke my pussy-lubed dick right now. I sucked in a deep breath, fear and lust quaking my body. "I don't know," Becca said, her voice cautious. "We shouldn't. It's dangerous. We're so exposed right here." "Right," Keily answered her in that excited tone of hers.

"But I just got to. You know, you're famous! I've seen your daughter fuck you on TV. I just got to nurse your on cock." She sounded so impish. "Unless you think I'm just trying to distract your or something?" And then it hit my what my little sister was doing. She was letting me escape. We'd have to separate, but then it wouldn't cause me to lose the game and maybe end any hope of finding a solution out of this mess.

As Keily sucked on Becca's cock again, I forced myself to slip away, using the rock to hide my movement. I crouched low on my hands and knees, my hard futa-dick rubbing on the sandy beach. That was quite the distraction. I wanted to wiggle on my belly, but naked, that was just impossible. I crawled towards the brush, trying not to make any noise as they talked about Keily's encounter with the fey. I went slow, trying not to make any sound. I made it to the thick reeds by french pornstar clanddi jinkcego rides a monster cock ponds.

I skirted around the brackish water while frogs hopped away. They were full grown on this side while only tadpoles on the other side. I wiggled through the reeds and— The bush rustled loudly. I fell on my belly, trembling on the soft grass. I could see Becca Brittany from here, her head rising over the rock. I was trying to circle around them and move in the direction the futa-reporter's back faced and get to where she couldn't see me. But now her head snapped around, looking for the noise.

I was so caught. The reeds were about to spring around me and hold me in place. Then a loud, wet sucking sound echoed. Keily. Bless her heart, my little sister was sucking on Becca Brittany's cock. The futa-reporter shot her gaze back down to my sister as her body trembled in ecstasy. Relief exploded out of me. My body still shook as I crawled forward, working around Becca and my sister, my dick still so hard as I listened to my futa-sister enjoying that wonderful girl-cock. The Becca Brittany's girl-cock.

We'd watched her naughty news reports for the last month as a family, having so much fun witnessing her amazing antics. We both had wanted to be on TV with her. Thank god the futa-fairies made us so horny that Keily's distraction actually worked.

They wanted us cumming so much. Querciola said we gave off energy. They. fed off of it or something. They needed it. There had to be away to use that. I just had to think of it. And figure out how to hook up with Keily again. How could I stop a woman with plant powers? I didn't have any powers, did I? I felt the same. Yes, the flavor of Querciola's breast milk lingered on my tongue, and she had bathed us in her golden light, but I didn't feel changed or anything.

I didn't think I had any powers. I moved farther and farther away. The sounds of their passion faded as I hooked up with the river bank again. I was out of their sight. I let out a relieved breath. I hated abandoning my sister. I wanted to stay with my futa-lover. My hand rubbed at my belly. It was weeks before I would show my pregnancy, but Keily's daughter grew day-by-day in me. We were united. Nothing would change that. But there had to be away for us both to be happy. The energy had to be the key.

I needed to find another Summer futa and discuss this with her. We could plot. And then we could work together with Keily and maybe this Becca Brittany to end this all peacefully. It was so dumb. Just because Summer and Winter were diametrically opposed didn't mean they had to drag us into this stupid conflict. For a moment, I hesitated. Part of me wanted to go back and suck on Becca Brittany's cock with Keily. Even though I knew it would cause me to loose, my lusts surged through me.

My hand found my futa-dick, stroking it. My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs as I looked with longing behind me. No. Focus. I took a deep breath and forced myself to keep marching upriver.

I released my futa-cock. Step-by-step, I put distance between myself and the pleasure the two futas shared. In minutes, the sounds of my sister and Becca's passion had almost entirely faded. My futa-cock's erection dwindled. It wasn't painful any longer, only half-hard. It swayed before me, my round breasts bouncing. I had purpose. Determination. I would find away for Keily and I to be happy.

For all us futas to keep what we wished for. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Officer Cindy Matheson The water rushed around chubby hottie rides on a stiff pole big tits and cumshot feet as it drained back into the river.

I brushed my hands clean of a few bits of sand as I savored my victory. My dick thrust hard before me, still remembering the heat of Dr. Rita's bowels. The futa-doctor had cum so hard on my dick. But she almost had me. When she brought up that I'd rather enjoy her cock fucking my pussy, there was a part of me that found that true. I actually contemplated letting her fuck me. Letting her win just so I could enjoy her futa-cock in my snatch. And when she came, her cock spurting in my stroking hand, I thought it was such a waste the cum wasn't pumping into me.

What had those futa-fairies done to us? "Oh, well," I muttered, shaking my wet hair. The flow of water around my feet dwindled to a trickle, exposing the wet sand. The river had returned to normal. "Doesn't really matter. As long as my dick's in their holes, I can fight off the urge to be fucked." But if a Summer futa got her dick in me first. Would I stop fighting the way Dr. Rita had? I shivered. I wanted to find my girlfriend, Marcie, and talk to her. I hope she was still in the game.

How many members of Winter were still around? Was I the only one left? Was my encounter with Dr.

Rita the first skirmish in this game or one of the last? I needed information. Luckily, I had a way to get it.

Information was vital in war and police work. The more you knew, the more informed your actions were. And having an eye in the sky, whether it was a police chopper guiding units during a pursuit or a drone hovering high over the warzone, was a valuable asset.

Good thing I could fly. The power Sylph gave me seized the air. I summoned a wind with the same effort as moving my arm to pump my hand up and down my girl-dick. As I jerked myself off—not fast, but savoring the tingling pleasure—I rose into the air, borne by the breeze I conjured.

The land fell away. I felt no real vertigo, just a sinking in my stomach like when a plane took off. I could see farther and farther the higher I climbed. The Year's Divide flowed through the valley beneath. Stars were over my head, but midway across the river the night sky fuzzed into noon day soon. It looked perfect and warm on the other side of the river. Winter was austere and beautiful, unchanging cold preserving the splendors found there while Summer held a riot of shifting colors.

Of plants growing in new ways, unveiling new forms of natural art upon the world. They both appealed to me. I gazed at the river, contemplating which way to go.

I settled on the direction the river flowed which I decided to call north. The wind propelled me as I flew downriver, the land passing beneath me not much faster than I could run, but I blonde tiffany tatum drilled hard by kristof cale outside such perspective. I flicked my eyes around, any movement attracting my attention.

I occasionally spotted a fey on either side of the river, their strange coloring—one had skin of flashing red, another had a glow of pink light about her—separating them from my quarry. After about ten minutes of flying, I spotted a figure walking along the river alone.

Excitement surged through me. I was too far away to make out details, but I didn't think the figure was a fey. It was a futa. My dick throbbed and I gathered my winds to speed me faster towards her. I was eager for another battle. Another tight ass or juicy pussy to enjoy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Fatima Samara I drifted through the river. The ice magic that had frozen me still gripped most of my body. But I was able to move more and more.

I could flex my toes and my right arm could bend at the elbow now. My neck could turn as I drifted through the current beneath the surface.

Somehow, I could breathe. It must be what Cliodna did to me. The fey had found me frozen and fucked me. She'd given me some sort of magic. It made me so slick to the touch that when the Korean futa who defeated poor Cassie went to fuck me, the force of her thrust caused me to slide out into the river. I couldn't wait to get back into the game. I wanted to get payback on that Korean futa. I wanted to protect Cassie. She felt like one of my own daughters. I'd made love to Cassie.

I enjoyed her the way I had my sister and our four daughters. The current suddenly eddied about me. I gasped, bubbles rising from my mouth—apparently, I could move that now. My hair drifted behind me as the river spun me around.

I didn't know what was happening and— I broke out of the water and my back slid up onto the sandy shore. My legs were still in the water in a little side-pool.

The strange, whirling eddy, had sucked me into the pool and popped me out of the river. I sighed, staring up at the midnight sky, stars twinkling. I was on Winter's side. Great. It was so unnerving. Though I couldn't move, I'd felt safe in the river. But here. Here any Winter futa could track me down. I bet that Korean futa was chasing after me. She didn't look happy when I slipped into the river.

I had to move. I had to get up. I had to be able to fight. Because I was so exposed. There was brush to my right, hiding me from anyone upriver, but downstream I had no cover.

I was so vulnerable. My stomach squirmed. My fingers clenched. I moved my right arm at the elbow. I reached my belly, brushing my flaccid futa-cock. My toes flexed. My knees creaked, on the verge of being able to move. I took deep breaths, my heart racing so fast.

I stared up at the strange sky, stars twinkling down at me on this side of the river. I licked my lips. I took deep breaths. I had to stay calm. Panicking wouldn't accomplish anything but tire me out faster. I sucked in deep breaths, my wet tits rising and falling. I focused on the environment. Over the rush of the river, I heard the croak of frogs and the rustle of bushes.

There was something sighing on the wind. I frowned at that. There was a feminine quality to it. Something girls ass back big xxx and. Sex. Futas were having sex near me. I could hear the feminine passion. The moans drifted on the wind from me. It sounded like it was coming from upriver, past the bush that blocked my sight.

It kept me hidden. I shivered. My cock throbbed harder and harder, brushing my hand resting on my belly. My pussy grew wet. Those moans sounded so lusty. I swallowed, not sure if one of my futa-allies was loosing right now. Or winning. That could be Deidre or Kimmy or Dr. Rita. The futa-doctor was a take-charge type of woman. I could see her fucking a Winter futa hard, those ebony breasts of hers heaving as she plowed over and over into her foe's pussy.

I pictured that petite, Korean woman on her hands and knees before Dr. Rita. That delicate, porcelain face twisted in pleasure as the Black futa-doctor plowed her hard from behind.

The Korean futa's small breasts jiggled beneath her, her skin this lovely shade of pale-olive, her nipples a dusky-brown, almost as dark as my own nubs.

"That's it," I whispered, "fuck that naughty futa, Dr. Rita." My eyes closed, focusing on my fantasy. My pussy grew wetter, my thighs slicker with my excited cream. My hand grasped my futa-dick. I twitched on the beach, my half-frozen body trembling in delight as I stroked up and down my girl-cock. I brushed the tip. Pleasure shot through me. I let out soft whimpers, the sounds of the futas fucking filling my ears. I heard the slap of flesh-on-flesh, that wicked sound of passion.

I pictured Dr. Rita's ebony tits heaving as she plowed the Korean bitch hard. "Yes, yes, fuck her cunt!

Defeat her, Dr. Rita!" I hissed, stroking my girl-dick faster and faster. I squirmed more on the beach, my ass clenching in the soft sand. My feet, still in the river water, twitched, water splashing around them. I shouldn't be making such noise.

I shouldn't even be masturbating, but I was just so turned on. My hand felt so good on my cock. I imagined it was Sa'dia, my eldest daughter. Twenty and lovely, her breasts round and dusky, her nipples brown and hard.

She lay beside me on the beach, her hand pumping up and down my dick. That's it, Mother, she purred. You're going to win and come back to us with your futa-dick. We all miss you. We're all waiting for you. "I'll come back," I groaned. "Dr. Rita will vanquish that Korean bitch and find me." She will, Mother. And we'll all be waiting for you. I shivered, imagining her sucking on my breast as she fisted my dick, her lips so delicious. "My little star," I groaned. "I'm returning home to you with my futa-cock!" My pleasure built and built as I stroked my dick so fast and hard.

The sounds of the futas fucking—Dr. Rita slamming her girl-dick into that Korean bitch's cunt—growing louder and louder. Their passion built and built. They were approaching their climax. And Dr. Rita's victory. My imagination bounced between my daughter stroking my girl-dick and Dr.

Rita fucking the Korean futa. The Black woman plowed her cock so hard into the bitch's cunt, making the Korean futa's shaft bounce between her legs. It's so good, the bitch moaned. Oh, Dr. Rita, I'm going to cum so hard on your girl-dick. It's just the best. You nasty slut! moaned Dr. Rita. You're going to cum on my big, Black dick. She will, Mother, purred the fantasy of my daughter. She'll cum on her dick. And I'll cum on yours. Suddenly, my daughter was straddling me in my imagination.

Instead of my hand stroking my shaft, it was her hot, tight, wet pussy sliding down it. I groaned, savoring being in her incestuous flesh, her barely legal cunt gripping my cock so hard. Her breasts jiggled as she worked her hips up and down my dick. "Little star," I moaned, my pleasure building and building in my ovaries. Yes, yes, yes, Mother, Sa'dia groaned, her snatch clenching so hard on my dick. Your cock's so amazing in me. I'm going to cum so hard on your dick. You'll breed me all over again, Mother!

"I will, little star!" My legs spasmed. My hand flew on my girl-dick. I sucked in deep breaths. More and more of my body moved as my pleasure surged through me. My fantasies warred in my mind, my daughter riding my cock and Dr. Rita fucking that futa-bitch.

I'm cumming! moaned the Korean futa. I'm cumming on your big dick, Dr. Rita! "Cum in her! Defeat her!" I hissed, furiously beating off my erection, pretending it was my daughter's tight, hot, wet cunt fucking my dick.

Cum in me, Mother! screeched my daughter through my thoughts. Yes! "Little star!" I groaned. Take my cum, bitch! howled Dr. Rita. Everyone was cumming in my imagination and in real life. I heard the two futas screaming out in rapture. My own cock spurted jizz. I imagined it pumping into the cumming snatch of my eldest daughter even as the hot jizz rained down across my heaving breasts. As my ecstasy washed through me, I pictured Dr. Rita burying her cock into the Korean futa's wet pussy.

She moaned and groaned, her body heaving as she pumped her futa-cum into the woman's snatch. Defeating her. "We're winning!" I moaned. You are, Mother, gasped my daughter. My pussy convulsed. My juices flooded down my thighs as more spunk splattered my tits. I whimpered in delight, my left arm moving finally. I smeared the cream into my tits as the rapture flooded through me. I buzzed in delight as I imagined my daughter kissing me, loving me, her round boobs pressing into my cum-stained tits.

I love you, Mother. We're all waiting for you, she whispered. We all love you. "I love you," I groaned, shivering in delight as my orgasm peaked through me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Ji-Woo Kim My wrist flicked in irritation. The cold shot from my fingers and struck the Year's Divide. The river's surface crackled as it froze into a little iceberg the size of a volleyball.

It bobbed down the current, heading in the direction that the busty, Arab futa must be drifting. I can't believe she escaped me. That damned fey who fucked her gave her some weird power. But once I found the Arab and anchored her to the ground with my ice, I would make sure she wouldn't slip away when I rammed my girl-dick into her. I would vanquish another Summer futa and bring us one step closer to winning.

My futa-dick ached before me, throbbing in memory of the Arab woman's pussy. Pussy denied my cock. I groaned, fighting the urge to masturbate as I stalked down the river, my naked feet padding on the soft sand. The wind picked up around me, whistling as it howled down the river. My black hair blew in my face for a moment. I clawed it away, my anger spiking, and howled, "I'm going to find you, and I'm going to spank your ass for getting away from me!" "I like the sound of that," a woman said behind me.

I let out a frightened shriek. My cock smacked me in the stomach as I leaped into the air. I whirled around, gathering cold around my hands, channeling the frigid power of Winter with the same effort it took to breathe, prepared to unleash my powers on. "Oh, thank god," I groaned, seeing the busty, blonde futa who frightened me. "You're Officer Cindy, right?" "Yes, and you're Ms.

Kim." The futa-cop smiled. "My girlfriend teaches your daughter, Yunjin. Marcie loved taking her virginity." "Yeah, she robbed me of that delight," I sighed. "Yeah, my daughter, Amber, also got her cherry popped by that naughty futa-professor." A grin sexy young lolita taylor gangbang fuck in old and young porn her lush lips. "But I spanked her ass hard.

She liked it. Marcie loves having her ass reddened." "Yes, I found that with my employees. Sometimes, I think they make 'mistakes' on purpose. Nothing big or anything, just enough to get spanked." Officer Cindy grinned, her futa-dick twitching before her.

"Sounds like my type of work environment. So, who did you want to spank?" "This Arab futa! She got away from me." I let out a huff. "I had her frozen and immobilized while I fucked her companion, this barely legal cheerleader. After I defeated her, I went back to fuck the Arab woman and found a fey fucking her." "And that gave her powers." Officer Cindy nodded her head. "I defeated a futa with powers, too. Dr. Rita." "So at least two are down," I said with a grin.

"But this Arab futa, she slipped away. Like her body could slid on the ground without any friction. I just thrust my cock into her and she glided away like she was on ice instead of sand and vanished into the river." "Damn," Officer Cindy said. "So you're heading downstream looking for her?" I nodded. "Well, let me scout ahead and see what I find!" I arched an eyebrow.

"Why don't we just go together?" "I don't think you can fly." Hidden came brother sleeping siter gave me a huge grin.

Before I could comment on that, winds howled desi indian mumbai hot bhabhi exposing on webcam her. My hair whipped about my head and she took off into the sky like superwoman or something. She looked so graceful, blonde hair whipping about her face as she flew off downriver. I followed on foot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keily Reddings "We shouldn't," Becca Brittany moaned even as I rolled over onto my hands and knees.

I wiggled my cute rump at me. I wanted to make sure my sister got far away, so more distraction was needed. She almost got herself caught, but luckily I sucked girl-cock better than anyone. Plus, I really, really wanted to feel the Becca Brittany's girl-cock in me. Deidre would be so jealous when this was all over. And so will Ms. Marcie, my futa-teacher, and my six sex stories 69 storys ghei Yunjin, Pattie, Amber, and the rest.

"Come on, you can't resist my barely legal pussy," I purred at her. "No futa can." "You are a little minx," Becca Brittany groaned.

"There could be Summer futas around." Well, there was one, but she wasn't a threat. My sister was our salvation. She would figure out a way for us to break the rules and stop playing this dumb game. "We're fine. Just fuck me. Please. How can you say no?" I looked over my shoulder, and gave her the saddest puppy dog look I could. I shook my hips more, my futa-cock smacking from thigh-to-thigh as it waved.

"Pretty please." The busty blonde reporter groaned, stroking her dick wet with my saliva. "You are just insatiable. Okay. One fuck, then we have to get moving." "One fuck!" I grinned.

I groaned as she fell to her knees behind me, her futa-cock smacking my rump. Ooh, that felt so naughty.

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Then she brought her girl-cock down between my thighs. I groaned in utter delight as she slid the tip of her shaft down to my pussy lips. She nudged the thick crown at my labia, sliding it up and down my snatch. I pushed up my glasses real quick and braced myself to be pounded by the futa-reporter. I just knew this would be a fuck to remember. That she big black cock sucking with brooklyn chase have her girl-dick pumping in and out of my young cunt so hard.

"My friends are going to be soooooo jealous," I grinned. "They already are because I became a futa and they didn't." Becca Brittany laughed. "You are a naughty one. You remind me of my daughter." "Good! Fuck me like her!" Becca Brittany thrust her cock into my snatch and did. The delight of her girl-dick ramming home into my cunt shot down to the tip of my dick.

I whimpered, my futa-cock twitching hard. It almost smacked me in the belly. I groaned, my head dangling down, my glasses slipping as I stared down my body to my bush of fine, red hair and her shaved pussy bitches naked on my boat in tampa bay into it.

What a yummy pussy. Then she drew back her hips. I could just see her futa-shaft withdrawing from my cunt covered in a wet sheen of my juices.

Then she rammed it back into me. My entire body shook. My breasts bounced and jiggled as she filled me to the hilt again. I let out a whimpering moan. I bit my lip, swiveling my hips from side-to-side.

I stirred her cock around inside my cunt as she groaned. I heard her huge tits slap together above me. She drew back again and rammed in just as hard. Over and over, she twgirlfriends making love and gets fucked on casting me. "Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned. "The Becca Brittany is fucking my cunt! Oh, yes, I love it! Stir me up! Make me cum on this amazing dick!" "I'll make you explode," growled the futa-reporter.

"Your little cunny will be spasming so hard on my girl-dick." "Promise?" I whimpered. "Promise, slut!" She thrust so hard into me. She had my little titties jiggling and my ass bouncing. She slapped her crotch over and over into me. I rocked on the beach, my fingers digging into the sand, my knees furrowing into the soil. I shuddered, bucking back into her, working my hips, drinking in all the pleasure I could. I wanted to make the most of this amazing treat.

My body drank it in. Shuddering, I watched my futa-cock bounced and jiggle before me. It sometimes smacked into my belly from the force of her thrusts. Precum flicked from the tip, sometimes splattering my belly. Once, a salty drop landed on my lips. I loved it. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Becca Brittany!" I howled. "Fuck me like you do your daughter on live TV!" "Ooh, yes, I love fucking her cunt while the cameras roll!" she gasped.

"Just pounding her and filling her pussy with my girl-dick." "I bet she just loves it!" I gave a wicked giggle, squeezing my twat on her thrusting clit-dick.

"I know she loves it. I've watched her cum on your dick so many times during your news reports. It always makes me explode in rapture!" "I love making my fans happy," she panted, plowing my pussy.

It was amazing. My hips wiggled more, moving as the pleasure built and built around my ovaries. My pussy drank in the amazing pleasure the futa-reporter gave me.

My fingers clawed at the ground. My eyes widened. I whimpered in rapture. I sucked in such deep breaths as stars danced before my eyes. It was just so good. Such a hot fuck. The older beauty pounded me so hard. Her hands gripped my hips as she rammed her girl-dick into my depths. She stirred my hot cunt to a froth. She had me dripping with cream. It flooded down my thighs.

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"Oh, my god, just a little bit more, Becca Brittany," I whimpered. "I just need a little bit more and then I'll explode." "Yes, yes, yes!" moaned the futa-reporter. "You'll cum so hard on my dick! Mmm, yes! Your pussy's getting so hot and tight on my dick!" "Yes!" I groaned in delight. "That's good. Ooh, Becca Brittany, keep plowing into me. Just make me explode in rapture!" She hammered my cunt so hard.

So wonderfully hard. I bit my lip as she rammed into me. The pleasure ignited by her burning friction flared through my right to my ovaries. The heat engulfed them. My eyes widened. I came. My pussy writhed on her dick as I howled in rapture. My futa-cock erupted. My cum spurted, splashing onto the sand as I heaved and groaned. My fingers clawed at the beach. I shuddered and shivered, stirring my cunt around on her dick as I came.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. "Cum in me, Becca Brittany!" "Yes!" she hissed, slamming into my writhing depths. "You little slut!" Her futa-jizz exploded into my hungry pussy. I groaned and gasped, sucking in such deep breaths as she spurted over and over into me.

She filled me to the brim. A dizzy lust shot thorough me. I squirmed my hips as my futa-cock fired out the last of my own spunk. Becca Brittany groaned as she enjoyed my snatch. She basted my hot cunt with so much spunk. She'd be leaking out of me as we walked. I groaned, loving it.

And wished it was Deidre's spunk leaking out of me. For a moment, a wave of longing washed over me. I wanted this to be over, but I knew my futa-sister would figure out a way for us to win. Maybe I could even convince Becca Brittany to help. I shivered, my pussy sucking at my pussy. She didn't want to lose her cock any more than the Summer futas did. "Ooh, that was good," she panted, pulling her cock out my snatch. "But we can't stay here.

We got to get moving." "Yes!" I said, hopping to my feet. My sister went upriver, so we should go down. I pointed at the thick bush growing along the river bank.

"That way!" Her cum leaked out of my pussy as I bounded forward, such eager energy bursting through me. Such certainty that this would work out for all of us. Nothing could possible go wrong. Deidre and I d porn game mercy fucking sound play free be futas forever and ever!

"So," I said as I neared the bush. "Do you ever think there's a way that neither side has to lose their futa-cocks, Becca Brittany?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Fatima Samara My breasts heaved as I came down from my high. I shuddered, stroking my dick a final time. I looked my head around. I realized I could move. Whatever had frozen me had worn off.

I smiled and gained my feet. Just as a cute, auburn-haired futa with glasses bounded around the bush, her girl-cock bouncing before her.

She was looking over her shoulder and hadn't yet realized I was here until she almost blundered into me. She squeaked when she stumbled back. I pounced, realizing that this little Winter futa must have vanquished a Summer futa.

It wasn't Dr. Rita defeating that Korean bitch like I fantasized. I grabbed the girl's shoulders and slammed her down onto the beach. She gasped, her glasses almost flying off her face but catching on her eyebrows. Then my girl-cock rammed into her cunt. I felt her pussy around my dick. She felt so wonderfully delicious. I shuddered in delight, driving my hips hard into her depths. "Becca Brittany!" the girl shrieked.

"Deidre!" And then the bush beside us rustled. I looked up to see branches surging forward at me. Beside the plant, the futa-reporter herself glared at me, her futa-cock soaked in pussy juices. My stomach sank. It wasn't this girl fucking a Summer futa I heard. It beautiful chicks get to suck big cocks two Winter futas having fun. The branches grabbed me as Becca Brittany lunged forward, her girl-cock so hard for my pussy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Officer Cindy Matheson I soared through the sky, leaving Ms. Kim behind. I gazed ahead and spotted someone else walking beside the river. She headed upriver towards me. She had red hair. I frowned. Was that Keily? I flew lower, studying this futa.

She didn't have glasses like Keily, but her face was similar. This girl was older, maybe twenty, her breasts rounder and she stood taller.

And that meant that she was a Summer futa. I grinned. I didn't find this missing Arab woman, but it was time to score another victory for my side. I gathered japanese school girl rape virgin winds and pounced. To be continued.