Mom sneaks into sons room for anal stuffing

Mom sneaks into sons room for anal stuffing
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Authors Note: Thanks for the comments and rating on chapter 2. There is way more sex in this one and its way longer. I apologize for not having any sooner but I felt I needed to develop the story better first, and I'll say this again please respect my ownership of this story despite its quality.

As many of you know this is my first series so I wasn't really sure how it was going to turn out until now. So again feedback is encouraged so please comment. Virgin babe sucking dick for the first time also again, mind the themes and if one of them is not for you, please skip this story/series. Thanks and Enjoy AngelOFLife shy wife shared friend cums on my wife Newfound Powers Chapter 3: Indulgences Jack awoke the Sunday morning to the smell of bacon and biscuits from downstairs.

He spent a good part of the morning staring into the mirror changing his physique with his new powers. He decided he wanted a look that made him more muscular but not too much that it would be too noticeable. Once he found a comfortable balance he took a shower and went downstairs. His sister was already at the table on her phone generally ignoring everyone like she usually does.

His mom greeted him and they started eating. It was then that he remembered he could send mental suggestions and he looked over at his sister's plate and realized he could test it out.

She still had food and he was still hungry so he gave it a try. He concentrated a moment and started thinking about her handing him his plate with an excuse. When nothing happened he began to have his doubts. His mom looked over, "Honey are you okay? You're looking like you're constipated." "No no, I'm fine." He said with a red face.

Okay maybe a little too much concentration. He decided to give it one more go for her food. This time he rethought the same suggestion but he decided to project them towards her this time. And to his surprise (and quite possibly hers), she first had a puzzled look on stranger bangs the beauteous gal girlfriend homemade face, and then she lifted her plate and offered it to Jack.

"I guess I'm just really not that hungry right now." Jack accepted it graciously and began eating. "Aww, that was sweet of you. Now Jack what do you say." "Mm," he said with a mouthful, "thank you very much." "Whatever," His sister replied.

Through all this Jack was smiling inwardly, not just because he could make his sister obey him. No, he was smiling because Angel had given him one of the most powerful abilities anyone could ever hope to have. Mental Suggestion. So they finished the rest of their meal in small talk. Afterwards their mom announced, "I think we should go to church today kids. We haven't been in a couple weeks and I don't want to hear any complaining out of you." Jack was literally on the verge of using his ability to let him stay home but an idea stopped him.

There was this girl that he liked that attended every Sunday with her grandparents. So it came as a surprise to her when she got no complaints from either of them. He had also mentally asked her sister to not complain too. They took a few minutes to get ready and then they left. It was almost an uneventful drive except for the incident for the police officer.

They were already a bit late so their mom was rushing a little on the highway. That was the reason the patrol officer pulled them over and asked, "ma'am where are yall headed?" She replied they were headed to church.

"Could I see your license and-" He suddenly had a confused look. Then he said, "You know what, I'll let you off with a warning today. So have a nice day and for god's sake, watch your speed." "Thank you officer." And he returned to his patrol car.

Jack was smiling smugly in the back. He was really gaining control over his ability. So they finally reached church without any incident. They were a few minutes early and everyone was upholding the tradition of standing around outside chatting until the service was about to begin. He looked around a moment worried that his reason for coming had not showed up. But he saw her, Chelsea was with her grandfather and a few others chatting. Good, he thought, now it's time to set my plan in motion.

Their mom stopped to talk to white and amateur chick gets fucked by shawns cock in his office few of friends for a while. Great, now I can roam without being noticed. He moved as close to Chelsea as he possibly could without drawing any attention. She had her brown hair down a little past her shoulders and she was wearing a yellow sundress that accented her quite well. He got close and then sent her the suggestions that would set his plan in motion.

Now that that was finished he would now really put his powers to the test. He picked out all the people that would care where he and Chelsea would be for the next few hours which consisted of her and his family, their friends, the pastor, and some individuals that sat around them. He then tried something he'd never done before. He kept everyone he'd picked out in his head and he forced a group suggestion to everyone and told them not to care where or why'd they'd left during the service.

He also made them make a signal that they had received the message. He looked around and saw everyone he'd picked out give the ever-so-slightest nod of their head. Bingo that was the signal. So British housewife tracey lain loves playing with herself started walking where he told her to meet him when everyone started heading inside to begin the service, the children's church.

Since Sunday school was already over he assumed it should be empty, and he was right. So then he cleared the center of the room and placed a few of the mats in the middle. So now all that was left to do was wait. Jack had to admit to himself that he was a bit nervous. What if the Suggestion on Chelsea wore off and she started to wonder why everyone in the sanctuary was ignoring her? Or worse, what if the suggestion on everyone in the sanctuary wore off and they came looking for them?

Jack silenced his worry and tried to focus on what was to come. It was then that the door opened and there she was, just like he'd asked. He looked behind his beauty and saw no one was running after her or questioning her.

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She approached him, "So Jack, why did you call me here?" She said in as seductive voice. He didn't need to respond instead he suggested she kiss him and that's all he needed.

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She ran up to him and embraced him attacking his lips with hers and pressing her young breasts into his chest. He returned the kiss and she collapsed onto the mat on top of him. They kicked off their shoes brazzers mommy got boobs homemade american tits scene starring ariella ferrera the side and continued their kissing.

She reached down, grabbed his hand and brought it up to her breast he squeezed them gently releasing a slight moan escaped from her lips. They continued caressing and kissing when she brought her hand down to his pants.

She squeezed his member through them and he started to get hard. He also willed it to grow to the same size as before, maybe even a little bigger. As they continued their caressing she lifted off her dress very slowly and seductively revealing Jack's true prize.

She had creamy white skin and a very nicely shaped body with slightly larger than B-cup breasts and a nice firm butt with cute white panties accenting it .He reached around her squeezing her ass as she slowly lifted off his dress shirt tossing it to the side.

She kissed her way down his chest reaching his pants. She slowly unbuttoned them and pulled them down revealing his growing member. She froze for a moment admiring it and then got to work. She slowly started stroking it with her hands which was probably one of the best feelings he had ever experienced. She lowered her head and started taking in the first few inches into her mouth creating a gentle bobbing motion.

She worked her way down taking more in as he closed his eyes and savored the feeling. She continued sucking and reached down and fondled his balls he was getting close and he let her know. She kept sucking and moaning and finally there was no return and with a grunt he lightly grabbed the back of her head and released what felt like the biggest load he ever had.

She pulled off with a pop and a slight smile. "Now it's my turn." She said with a smile lying back with her legs spread. Jack didn't need to be told twice as he moved up and started kissing his way up her thigh. She closed her eyes in pleasure as he teased her panty-clad pussy. He continued that for a while until she looked like she couldn't take and he pulled down her panties revealing she was clean-shaved and wet.

He dug his nose and mouth into her and started licking her. This drove her crazy as she squirmed but still held his head in place. After a while of that he decided to switch tactics and start sucking on her clit. This drove her even wilder and her mewing egged him on even more.

He kept sucking but started fingering her starting with slow even movements.

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She kept humping his face as he added a second finger and kept sucking away at her button. She finally couldn't take it and an intense wave crashed over her and she came into his face.

He lapped up all her juices and wiped off his face with a smile. He had already willed his member to grow back to full mast when she was cumming and she now noticed. "What are you waiting for? Take me." She whispered. That was all it took as he positioned himself at her silky entrance and pushed in.

He noticed she wasn't a virgin but he wasn't going to ask. He pushed further in and pulled put every now and then enjoying the sensation. It wasn't his first time as he had fooled around on a date after a movie in the car, but it was short-lived as another movie had just let out and they would be spotted if they didn't stop.

But this time there would be no interruptions as he slowly fucked in and out of her eliciting moans from her lovely lips. He sped up and she started matching his thrusts in missionary position. He kept thrusting as he bent over to push up her bra and took a nipple into his mouth. She continued mewing and he knew it wouldn't be too long until he was finished.

So finally he told her he was getting close and he pulled out and released spurts of his seed over her stomach above her pussy. They collapsed in a sweaty heap panting and coming down off the rush they were on.

Strangely enough there were showers in the Sunday cute babe takes three loads on her face wing so they took a nice long shower together.

When they were clean they straightened up the room and it took a good bit of work to get the smell of sex out of there.

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And now came the sad part for Jack. He couldn't let her remember what they'd done for fear of someone discovering them. So right before they snuck back into the sanctuary he told her to forget everything they'd just done and instead remember they went for a long walk talking about high-school and the reason her hair was wet was because she'd slipped into mud and she had to take a shower. So they entered the sanctuary without event and caught the tail end of a sermon about love and marriage ironically enough.

Church was then let out and no-one knew they were gone or if they did they didn't care. Jack's mom then took them to lunch to eat with some of her friends and just talk. He did play around with his powers getting a waitress to bend over where only he could see and reveal her panty-clad ass.

She blushed and looked around after realizing what she did but he pretended not to have noticed. After that they headed home and rested. He only had about an hour until Eric came and picked him up. Eric was seventeen and had a drivers permit so he could drive them. Then they would pick up the two girls who were actually sisters.

The older one is currently dating Eric, her nickname is Luna because she was born on a full moon. The younger one (that's Jacks age) is Sarah, and she's a bit more conservative. So Jack thought he would just take a quick nap and set his alarm clock to ten minutes before Eric would arrive. His mom and his sister were out shopping and would be back before he would be. So he flopped back and fell into a deep ed skinny blonde teen stretched by big dick sharing pussy with my stepmom. And there he was again.

Standing on the infinite black plain that the being Angel had created. He looked around at the familiar black sky and realized it was different.

The sky was in slight turmoil and there was a heavy wind that seemed to tug at Jack's clothes. But there was one thing that remained the same as last time. Angel stood ten paces away hands behind his back with slight grin on his face. "Welcome back Jack. I see you've used your abilities thoroughly and quite creatively if I do say so myself. I especially loved the way you evaded church to use that girl.

Quite clever indeed." "Uhh thanks I guess, but why did you bring me back here?" Jack asked cautiously, glancing at the sky. "You see, I was so impressed with your performance, I wanted to give you another ability.

But before I do I must warn you that this one is not only dangerous to you, but everyone around you. Now that I've cautioned you, I can tell you that your ability is Mind Reading." "Oh, you had me worried there for a second. You made it sound like you were going to give me rockets for arms or something." Jack joked relieved.

"Jack! I said this ability should not be taken lightly and I meant it!" Angel said. "Ok ok my bad." Jack replied. "Just keep that in mind this evening. I'll see you soon." Angel said. And then Jack awoke in his bed at ten til' 6 O' clock which was when Eric was supposed to get him. He suddenly heard a car honk and he put on his shoes and ran down. Sure enough there he was in his car waiting. Jack rushed out and locked the door behind him. juliafucked by father in law part 2 man you ready for this?

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I have a good feeling about tonight." Eric said "Oh yeah, this'll be fun." Jack replied To be continued…