Sexy blonde sucks and fucks cock with cum facial

Sexy blonde sucks and fucks cock with cum facial
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Let me start off by giving a little background information. I have a huge family. A really huge family. Each of my parents have about seven siblings. Every year I meet new relatives that i never knew existed. My parents Aunts, and Uncles hold Family Reunions every year. Thats where the story begins.

I was about 15 years old. At that age i can honestly say every 15 seconds a sexual thought would enter my mind. I was one hell of a horny kid. I was pretty well built for my age and I had fairly substantial member. That year my parents annouced that we would be having a small reunion as much of my family was on vacation at the time. My parents decided to invite and uncle of mine that I hadnt seen in years.

It was Just him, his wife and their 9 year old daughter Ashley. The last time I had seen Ashley, she was just a baby. But that day when she stepped through my door it was like a little piece of heaven had fallen from the sky. She was the most beautiful kid I had ever seen.

Now don't get me wrong, never had I ever thought about incest, let alone with such a young girl. But words could not describe how hot she was.

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She small. Just under 5 feet. Her slim body, sexy curves, and tight, firm ass were all neatly wrapped up in one package. She had the cutest face with absolutley the biggest, most innocent looking eyes ever.

Her long red hair was all done up so beautifully. Words cannot do justice to her beauty. Even at such a young age. She was weaing a cute, tight top that hugged her blossoming breasts tightly.

At the tender age of 9, she had already begun to grow her tits. At this point they were only little nubs. But that combined with everything else was enough to give me a gargantuan boner.

I ran upstairs without saying hello and locked myself in my room.

I knew I didnt have time to jerk off, so I just sat until my boner died down which took about 25 minutes anyways. After my boner had fully dissipated I walked down the hall to see my sexy 9 year old cousin unpacking. She was bent over her suitcase, her beautiful ass in the air. I tried not to concentrate on it but my dick was back up alomst instantly anyways.

I tried my best to conceal it. "Hi" I said loudly sounded a little strange. She jumped, and then sighed with relief.

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"Im dave I said a bit nervously, hoping she wouldnt notice my raging erection. "Hi im Ashley she said with a smile" She was so polite! and so bubbly! What an Angel! "Well.see ya" I said and walked back to my room. As I lay on my bed waiting for my boner to dissipate, I thought about her soft young body. Her mind, totally oblivious to sex and her own innocence.

It was then I decided I would have to at least touch her cunt once. That would get her of my mind I thought. Yes. Thats what Id do. So I went back to her room and asked her "Wanna play some games with me and Sarah?" (Sarah was my 10 year old sister). "Sure" she replied. "I was getting a bit bored anyways". When my sister came up, I made up some stupid game that involed us getting tangled up with each other while holding hands.

Not allowed to let go, we would have to untangle ourselves. I positioned myself in such a way that my face was smack dab in her cunt. Even through her thin track pants I could sort of see an outline of her mound and realised she was not wearing underwear. At this second, I popped another raging boner. I ran back to my room quickly and again decided not to waste my boner, and to save it all for tonight. That night my sister and Ashley decided to share the fold out couch in the livingroom.

I waited until I was sure that they were in deep sleep. It was about 2:00 am. I snuck downstairs and moved over to the sofa bed. My heart was pounding and the feaar added to the excitement. I made som noise to see how deep their sleep was. When i realised that they were really out, I made my move. I slowly began to caress he soft warm tummy, while gentley, slowly sliding her pants down.

She shuffled a bit and I hit the dirt. She didnt wake up so i continued. I slipped my hand down her mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani and cupped her soft mound. I gentley caressed her clit with my thumb. This was too much for me to bear. I whipped out my cock and began stroking. At that second her eyes opened half way. Half awake and still unaware of what was happening, she looked at me.

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" What are you doing"? "Shhhhhhhhh "I told her. I was now panicking trying to figure out what to do. The way I figured it was that I had already crossed the line. There was no going back. This was my chance. "Shhhhhhh" I repeated. I grabbed her by the hand and ushered her into my room. I shut the door and locked it. I reminded her to keep quiet. " amateur bikini girlfriends fuck on cam during their holiday going on" she asked as her daze was beginning to fade.

I thought up a quick story not sure of how it would play out. I sat down on the bed. Ashley, come over here. She sat down next to me. " Do you know what sex is?" I asked her bluntley. "No, but ive heard about it many times". "Do you kno why girls and boys have different peepees?" I asked her. "No" she replied. "But I always wondered what was up with that".

"Why are u asking me this at this time of night"? she asked. "Ashley, your parents have chosen me to educate you about sex". I was lieing through my teeth, but shes a little kid so it was working for me. " I have to explain everything to you I said".

"Okay" she said. " "I'm willing to learn". I explained further " You see Ashley, This is the age where moms and dads decide its time for you to start growing up." "We do this is private and you musnt tell anyone". " do you understand?" She nodded in agreement. "Okay" I said. "Lets get started." I pulled sown my boxer shorts and fully exposed myself to the little girl.

First she looked a little disgusted, and hesitated. She started to back away. "its okay I said." "Trust me". I then began to explain to her my anatomy. This is my penis and these are my balls. The produce a sticky white sap that is good for little girls to drink.

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It comes out through the penis. Your parents decided that I should give you my sap. This is what makes you taller and grow breasts. It starts your womanhood. Understand? She nodded. Cool she whispered under her breath. How does the sap come out she asked.

Well, when boys see girls peepees, the penis gets big and hard. Then you suck on it for a little while and it comes out. Eww thats gross she said. It really isnt. It a great thing. SO are you ready i asked? I guess she replied. Great. I stood her up and I sat down. I pulled her pants down slowly and revelaed her small tight cunt. I almost fainted. I was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. My cock exploded in to a mssive boner instantly.

Wow she excalimed you were right. Thats so cool. Should i suck on it now? Go for it baby. She seemed nervous. As she began to lick the tip of my cock, I slowly guided her back and forth along my ridgid length. I wrapped her little hand around my shaft. Her tiny little hand could barely fit around it.

I showed her how to jerk me off while sucking on my cock. Just watching her innocent little face get ravaged by my cock was too much to bear. "Ohhh. its coming" i said. "Remeber I want you to drink it all okay"?.

She grunted in agreement. I began to moan ludly and I shot my load in her mouth. Rope after rope of hot oozing cum went into her mouth. It took her by surprise but she held it all in.

"Didnt I tell you it busty brunette housewife ryder skye take cock in pov naughty america stockings be the best tasting thing ever?" She nodded and smilied a devilsh grin as she played with my cum in her mouth, tasting it, savouring it.

When she finally swallowed it, She asked me "Is there anything girls can do like that to feel good?" "Indeed there is" I said. Me feeling hornier than ever now became more japanese school girl rape ina the bus old man. It was really turning me on.

I pused her down on the bed and jammed my mouth into hers. I tounged her mouth as had as I could. He squrimed and gasped for air when i let go. What are you doing she said. "I.Like it". And she kissed me again. During our embrace I began to rub my thumb up and down her clit. She let out a little sigh and began to moan as I inserted im index finger into her glory hole. I could feel her warmth and dampness. She began so bucking.

"AH!. I think im going to pee!"."AH".she was having her first orgasm. Tears filled her eyes and she came all over my hand. I licked her juices off. God she tasted so sweet. "Oh my god" she exclaimed. "That felt sooooooo good" she said. "I want more" she smiled. I stood her up on her knees facing me. I looked into her eyes as I squeesed and played with her firm ass.

"Okay im going to fuck you now" I said. "Your jus to hot not to fuck". Not sure of what I was going to do she laid down on her back.

I put my cock in the entrance to heaven. It barley fit. I slwoly began to push inside of her. She winced in pain. I held close to me and whispred, itll only hurt for a minute. Dont worry Im here.

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I stopped at her hymen to let some of the pain dissispate. Then, with one thrust, I tore through her hymen and crashed into her cervix. She screamed out in pain and I covered her mouth so she wudnt wake up the rest of the house. I held her for a moment to let her pussy walls adjust to my cock. I then began to fuck her. Her tiny pussy wrapped itself around my shaft milikng me for my seed. I could feel her warm Juices splashing around inside. She began musim girl best ing story download again.

She starting moaning. "Faster". "FASTER!". "HARDER!!". I started fucking her with all my might. I tore her pussy open. I then flipped her over to fuck her doggy style. I fucked her as if It would be my last fuck. I ravaged her tight virgin cunt. It was too much for me. My balls tightened. And I shot my load in her. At that very second she had a volcanic orgasm.

Our orgasmn seemed to come together as one. It was a feeling that words cannot describe. She turned over with my cock still inside her and rolled over so she was ontop of me.

She rested her head on my chest and we just lay there panting, with my dick still inside her slowly resseidng back to its normal size. The next morning I awoke to find my face buried in her cunt, and my face covered in her cream. I mustve unconcioulsy eaten her out again.

She got up and smiled at me. We talked for a little while and she went in the shower. I came in the bathroom. I just stared as I saw her lather herself. The water and soap running down her sexy curves.

I ripped my sorts off and jumped in the shower with her. I thought ud never come she said. She turned around and spread her her pussy for me. With no time to lose I shoved MY length in her tight hole. He jerked as I entered her and came almost immediatley after that.

Mid way through our glorious fuck I pulled out and shoved my cock in her ass. Her ass was so tight it actually hurt me a little. She screamed out in pain. I was loving it it.

I knew she was too. With just a few thrusts I blew my thick load in her tight virgin ass. I pulled out to watch my creamy sap seep from her swollen hole. She turned around and we kissed. It was a deep passionate kiss. This was the start of a lifetime of fucking her. She is now 19 and we still fuck regularley. I think we mustve done everything in the book. Everything kinky, and every posistion TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!