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This is the sequel to 'Ellie's end of school party' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (1)' and 'After Ellie's end of school party (2)' and 'Mary (1)' and 'Tommy' and 'Suzie'. Hi. I'm Bill telling this part of the story.

I was worried and I wanted some time alone with Wendy to talk about what was worrying me. I invited Wendy to walk down to the nearby surf beach. She put on very short shorts and a skimpy top, and was ready to go. In those days, all of Wendy's tops were skimpy; they still are, today. I pulled on running shorts and was ready too.

Suzie was out by the pool, breast feeding her new baby. They were a beautiful sight, both naked. We called out that we were going for a walk and would not be away long. Almost a year earlier, while sitting on the wall overlooking the same beach, and looking out across the moonlit Pacific Ocean, Wendy had contracted with me to be my live-in lover for one year and we had sealed the contract with a kiss.

Now that year was nearly up.

It had been the happiest year of my life, even happier than when I was married to Ellie's mother, before she died. What worried me was that Wendy was the same age as my daughter, Ellie, and therefore I was literally old enough to be her father. If I really loved her, part of me said, then I should encourage her to find someone closer to her own age, a more suitable partner. The other part of me fought back: she has made you very happy, this past year.

Don't let that go. Then there was the fact that Wendy had applied to go to uni next year, where she would undoubtedly meet many very attractive, very randy men, close to her own age, and quite possibly she would fall for one or more of them.

Did I have the right to try to prevent that from happening? I didn't think so. And then there was the problem of traveling to and from uni. Ellie and Greg had moved from my home to a flat within walking distance of uni. It would make a lot of sense for Wendy to move in with them; I didn't doubt for a minute that they would be happy to take her in. As we walked I was silent, mulling over all these thoughts. Wendy could tell that something was troubling me, but she just waited for me to tell her what it was all about.

We were walking with our arms around each other's waist, and the closeness gave me some comfort. When we got to the beach we sat on the wall again, and I started to spill out all my concerns. Wendy listened quietly until she worked out what I was rambling on about, then burst out laughing and kissed me to shut me up. "You silly rat bag!

If you've been so happy for the past year, it's at least in part because I've been so happy too. Even though I know you would have Suzie to console you if I left, you're not going to get rid of me on the basis of such spurious reasoning.

There's no way that I'm going to move out of your home or your bed. I actually love you, Bill" It was true that for months now, Suzie had been sharing my bed with Wendy and me. Suzie was wild in bed, and good value around the house, and she had only added to my happiness, but without Wendy I would be lost.

"I love you, too, Wendy." "There is one issue that you've raised that I've been wanting to discuss with you. I want you to buy me a motor bike so that I can commute to and from uni." "Shit, Wendy!

The last thing I want is to visit you in an intensive care unit, or worse still a morgue, after you've collided with a car or truck on your motor bike. Let me buy you a car instead." "No, Bill! A car won't do. Ellie tells me that students can park motor bikes in the uni, but not cars. It has to be a bike.

I promise you that I will be very careful; I don't want you visiting me in an ICU or a morgue either." "Well I don't like it, but I suppose I have to. I'm going to insist that you go to a professional school to learn to ride, and I want you to learn defensive riding skills too.

A lot of accidents are caused by drivers not seeing riders. I know that I nearly caused an accident that way when I first started driving." "Oh! Thank you, Bill!" and she gave me another, very loving kiss.

Apart from the bit about the motor bike, I was very happy with the outcome of our discussion and proposed to Wendy that we should celebrate our love and happiness that evening. With an evil look in her eye she suggested "We could fuck here on the beach and get ourselves arrested for indecent exposure." "I had more in mind a fancy restaurant meal." In the end we agreed to walk to the bottle shop, 5 minutes the other side bbc fucks my little white cd bi our place, and buy a couple of bottles of French champagne.

When we arrived home, Suzie took one look at our smiling faces. "Wow! You two should go for a walk together more often. You, Bill, had a face like thunder when you went out, but look at you strapon blonde babe fucked by girlfriend in her stockings. Your smile is so big it could crack your face in half. What's gone on?" So we told her all about our discussion and our agreement. "So, Wendy, does that mean that you won't be fucking any of the randy young men that you meet at uni?" "No!

I did not say that. Bill will still be fucking you, and Mary, and Ellie, and anyone that Ellie and Greg bring home on a Friday night. I would not want him to stop that, but I figure that that leaves me free to fuck a few other men too.

That's fair isn't it?" "Of course it's fair." I cut in, "Just as long as you tell me whenever you fuck someone else.

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No going behind my back." Then Suzie said, "Wendy. The first time that I stayed here, you lent Bill to me for the night, and you slept in Ellie's bed.

That was the kindest of many kind things that you have done for me. Tonight I'd like to return the compliment. Tonight, you and Bill should have your bed to just the two of you, to celebrate your new commitment.

I'll sleep in Ellie's bed tonight." "Oh! Suzie! Thank you." "Yes! Thank you Suzie." In the end Wendy and I drank one of the bottles of champagne, but decided to keep the other for our next Friday-night party. Suzie didn't drink any because she was breast feeding and did not want to start her son drinking alcohol so young. Besides, we were both keen to get to bed early for a celebratory fuck.

Since we were both already naked, as soon as we were in the bedroom, Wendy pushed me backwards onto the bed, then climbed on top of me, with her cunt in my face and my cock near her mouth. At once I started to eat her pussy and she took my cock in her mouth. Over the year that we had been together she had tried many times two busty blondes and two long poles straight samantha deep throat me, without success.

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This time, somehow, she managed to suppress her gag reflex, and she took me right into her throat. What a sensation! I tried to concentrate on eating her pussy to keep from cuming too soon, but it didn't work, and I was very soon pumping my cum straight down her throat.

She must have been pretty pleased with herself too, because she came soon after me, squirting some of her cum into my mouth. Wendy then came back so that our heads were both on the pillows, cuddled against me and fell asleep. Some time later I awoke with the distinct feeling that my cock was in a warm, wet place. I felt down there in the dark, and found the hair of Wendy's head, which was bobbing up and down.

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Since I was already stiff when I woke up, I tugged Wendy to encourage her to move her head up towards mine. As she did so she rolled on top of me and very neatly impaled herself on my shaft. We quickly found a good rhythm with me lifting off the bed to meet her as she pushed down. She was sitting up, leaning forward and I was playing with her nipples. Meanwhile she was stroking her clit with one hand. Occasionally her finger nail scratched the shaft of my cock, but I was too involved in the moment to say or do anything which might spoil her enjoyment.

All too soon I was pumping my japan sister in law porn load for the night into her pussy. She came at almost the same time, then collapsed on top of me, kissing my face with little kisses. We fell asleep again, this time with Wendy on top of me. My cock slipped out of her just before we fell asleep.

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Early next morning I woke up and found that Wendy was now lying beside me. I started stroking her young skin, which was enough to wake her up. She smiled at me. "You know Bill, you've already cum in my mouth and my pussy. That only leaves my arse that needs filling. How about it?" "Why didn't I think of that?" "Well. A very stiff cock tells me that you quite like the idea." So I got some lubricant from the bedside table, poked some into her anus with a finger, and smeared a generous amount onto my cock.

She positioned herself with her face on the bed and her arse in the air, with her knees pulled up under her body. I eased my cock into her anus. Because we had done this often before, I slid in fairly easily. I reached around her body and played with her clit, while I pumped in and almost out of her anus. Wendy started yelling at me to encourage me, not that I needed encouragement.

"Cum in my arsehole! Pump do you think im pretty daddy katrina jade tommy gunn full of your juice! I want to feel you squirt. Oh! I'm cummming." As she said that I felt my own orgasm sweep through me. "So good." was all that I could say. I flopped down beside her, pulling her onto her side so that we were spooned together.

My cock was still inside her, but it soon slipped out. "Wendy." I said, "Thank you so much." "You're welcome Bill, whatever it is that you're thanking me for." "Thank you for being here with me, for sharing your life with me, for making me so happy." Again, she kissed me to shut me up.

"Hey! Thank you for all the same things, you soppy old man."