Tiffany rayne is the perfect girl to have over

Tiffany rayne is the perfect girl to have over
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Chapter Two I had returned home from the cove after watching Amber join Jackie and their friends below. I wasn't interested in gazing at the girls down on the rock ledge any more that day. I had plenty of images in my head already that I needed to sort out. I was hoping I would be able relive the events of the day, in my mind, for weeks to come. What the three of us had done, or more specifically, what the two girls had done to me, would serve to replace the imaginary fantasies that would typically occupy my mind.

What started out as an ordinary day, with no particular plan, turned out to be the most extraordinary day of my life. Somewhat exhausted from sensory overload, I needed to relax for a while, even nap, back in my room at the house. Amber had joined Jackie and their friends in the Cove. Jackie had already laid out her towel, removed her bikini top and applied her suntan oil. She was comfortably resting on her back, head propped up on a folded towel.

The other four girls on the ledge were standing at the edge sensational fat bbw masturbation video tube porn the water, daring each other to be the first to jump in. Finally, one girl took a short leap into the ocean, and the other three quickly followed. Amber and Jackie were alone in the Cove. Amber spread out her towel above where Jackie's lay, and since she had given Will her second towel, she did not have a soft place to rest her head.

She laid down on her stomach, with her chin propped up on the back of her hands, enjoyable ass gets screwed hard hardcore russian mouth just inches above Jackie's head. Jackie's eyes were closed, and Amber wondered if she was asleep. "So," Amber said just above a whisper, "what do you think of Will?" Jackie opened her right eye, squinting in the sun, trying to figure out where exactly Amber was.

She turned her head up, and caught a glimpse of her. She smiled and replied, "We made that guy's day… maybe his whole year! I don't believe his bullshit that he didn't know how to jack off, but he certainly does now.

What do you think of him?" Amber remained quiet, but with one hand, started playing with loose strands of Jackie's blonde hair that had come out of her braid. Jackie knew where this conversation was headed, but waited patiently for her friend to respond. "I really like him," she said. "His blue eyes are gorgeous." Jackie rolled over, stacked her hands on her folded towel, and placed her chin on them like Amber, and looked at her friend. "You liked his eyes? Really?" Jackie failed to stifle a small laugh.

"That guy had the tightest abs and the biggest cock you've ever seen and you tell me you like his eyes?

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You're not fooling me." "And I liked his smile and his hair too. It's just long enough to run my fingers through it and pull it when I might need to." Amber ignored Jackie's comment about Will's other physical attributes. She added, "I don't know why you had to bite his lip, he was nice to both of us." This time, Jackie did not try to hold back her laugh. "Ha! That was a little punishment for him sitting up there watching us sunbathe. It also sent a message that I'm in charge, and he better not mess with me.

He probably liked it anyway." "Please don't do it again," replied Amber. "What, is he yours now? I'm the one that spotted him up there. I'm the one that decided to confront him and have a little fun. What are you saying?" Jackie asked, realizing she sounded too confrontational when that's not what she meant. She knew Amber had a soft heart and there was no reason to upset her. "No, he's not mine. Not yet anyway." Amber finally raised her head to look Jackie in the eyes, searching for the answer to her next question before she asked it.

"Do you want to see him again? She asked Jackie softly. "See him, like here at the Cove? Or see him, like in my bed?" Jackie replied, just trying to get clarification. "You know I'm not looking for a guy. Granted, he has a great cock, and he's a decent kisser, but unless he'll submit to me, I don't have time for him. You know what turns me on. I need to be in charge, and the guy needs to obey me. That's why I bit his lip, to see what kind of guy he is.

When he didn't react the way I wanted, I knew he wasn't my type." Now it was Amber's turn to smile. "Thanks Jackie. You kind of had him first, well, because you insisted. And now that you had your way with him, I was hoping you would let me pursue him and see where it leads." "Oh, I know where it's going lead…" Jackie said as she leaned in to kiss Amber's forehead.

Amber pushed herself up on her elbows and Jackie knew what she wanted. Amber placed her lips on Jackie's mouth, softly pressuring them with little pecks.

It was her way of showing her friend that everything was all right between them. Just then, they heard the sounds of the other girls making their way back up, out of the ocean, on to the rock ledge. They each laid their heads down and closed their eyes. Risky foursome in public with a pregnant girl through the car windows next day the rain came. And as with most tropical systems, it lasted more than just a day.

It rained, off and on, for the better part of a week. It was driving Will crazy. This might be the longest he had gone without being able to spy on the topless coeds in the Cove.

And why did it have to start the day after he met Amber and Jackie? He had hoped they both would have returned the next day, and they could pick up right where they left off; kissing and rubbing on one another, slowly notching up the heat until they caused him to release the tension in his balls. But he was just going to have to wait.

The day the storm finally lifted and the sun came out, Will had committed to working out with his friends in the gym after school.

He completed his reps at break-neck speed, with his friends not understanding why he was trying to finish his 90 minute workout in record time. When he was finished, he told them he had an errand to run, skipped the shower, and quickly drove from the school to his house. Once he reached home, he stripped out of his workout clothes, pulled on his board shorts, and headed out the back door. He could feel the anticipation in his whole body. He breathed heavily, almost panting, hearing his heartbeat in his ears, and feeling his palms get sweaty.

And yes, he could feel it in his dick too, already in a semi-hard state. As Will approached the cliff, he could hear music coming up from below. Dude banged milf pussy outdoors hardcore amateur recognized the tune, Loverboy's, "Lovin' Every Minute of It." He followed the trail to where he could see down into the Cove, skipping his usual venture off into the bougainvillea and remaining on the trail.

He was not expecting what he saw. "Shit," he whispered out loud, and started counting the girls. He soon lost count, but there were at least twenty of them. They were hard to count as all of the girls were up on their feet, moving around, dancing to the song. Today, all of the girls were topless. As he scanned the hot teen girlfriend caught fingering pussy on cam looking for Amber and Jackie, they weren't hard to spot.

In the center of the group, the two girls were each holding an imaginary microphone, and were singing the lyrics. They were back to back, with their butts, in their tight, little bikini bottoms, rubbing against each other, as they sang.

Their tits swayed back and forth as they each twisted their hips, keeping solid contact between their butt cheeks. And it appeared, as the song goes, they were loving every minute of it. As if there was a wired connection from Will's eyes to his crotch, blood flowed feverishly into dick at the sight of girls below him. Without a rational thought in his head, Will headed down the trail to join the party. When he reached the bottom of the trail, Jackie spotted him first, and although Will had expected a smile from her, all he got was a disapproving glare.

Jackie slowly shook her head from side-to-side. Will froze in his tracks. Subtly, Jackie tried to get Amber's attention by grabbing her upper arm, but Amber had found another singing partner, and she was lost in the song. Jackie could not pull her away. Jackie looked back at Will, and using her head and eyes, motioned for him to exit the Cove on the south side of the rock ledge.

Will knew the way as this was the path he used before. He walked at a steady pace, and only glanced once at the group of girls, long enough to see Jackie was still staring at him. He immediately looked away, and within seconds was around the corner and out of sight. It was odd that no one really took notice as Jackie moved through the crowd of girls to reach her towel and picked up her bikini top. She remained topless as she cut back through the dancers, and headed toward the south exit from the Cove.

As she rounded the corner, she quickly pulled the knotted strings over her head, adjusted the fabric over her tanned breasts, and reached to tie the strings around her back, all without slowing her pace. In her haste, she failed to notice that Amber saw her leaving the Cove and placing her top over her head. Curious as to why Jackie would leave the group, and not tell her first, Amber slowly made her way to her towel and grabbed her bikini top. Will had stopped about 100 feet beyond the exit of the Cove, and turned around, watching Jackie approach.

She stopped short of him, barely at arm's length.

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Will was smiling, but Jackie was not. Jackie barked, "What the fuck do you think you're doing? You have no right to come into the Cove with all of the girls!" And with a quickness that caught Will off-guard, Jackie's hand swung from her side and slapped Will across his left cheek. Hard. Shocked, both from the unexpected slap, and the real, stinging pain in his cheek, Will raised his hands to his face.

"Just because I don't care if you jack-off to my tits, doesn't mean the rest of the girls share my opinion. They are here because it is private." Again, without warning, Jackie's right hand swiftly left her side, only this time it was aimed lower, and slapped Will's still half-hard dick, pointed down his right pant leg where Jackie had seen its outline.

Will made an audible grunt and dropped one hand from his face to protect his shrinking dick from a second attack. Amber had come around the corner and was now out of sight of the Cove. She stopped to put on her bikini top and failed to see Jackie's assault on Will's face and dick. Jackie must have sensed something and she looked over her shoulder to see Amber headed towards them. She reached up a grabbed Will's left nipple between her thumb and finger, and squeezed hard.

She leaned towards Will's face, which was squinting in pain, and said, "There are rules to be followed if this is going to go any farther. And if you break those rules, you will be punished—by me!" Jackie released her grip on Will's nipple, turned, took three steps, and blocked Amber's path to Will.

"Young lady," Jackie addressed Amber, not by her name. "This is unacceptable. If you two are going to see each other, you know the rules, and those rules will be followed. If not, you will suffer the punishment." Unconscientiously Amber brought both hands up, putting them over her mouth, but with her forearms pressed tightly against her chest, protecting her nipples.

Punish rebel teen xxx reviled her concerning a bunch of transfers he didnt make looked Jackie in the eyes as she said it, "Yes Mistress." Jackie leaned over and kissed Amber on the cheek and replied, "I knew you'd understand, sweet angel." Jackie stepped aside and walked back towards the Cove.

Will, even though he had just been abused by this woman, stared at Jackie's long brown legs and firm, round ass in her blue bikini bottom as she sauntered away. Before rounding the corner, he saw her pull both strings at once on her bikini top, and she caught it as it fell off. Even though his dick was still stinging from the slap, watching Jackie leave made it twitch as it started to lola foxx and johnny sins home study. Amber closed the gap between herself and Will, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the cheek.

Pulling back, she asked, "Why is your skin so hot on your cheek?" Will interjected, "What did you call her? Mistress or something?" "Did she slap your cheek? Is that why it's so hot and very red? That bitch.

Sometimes she makes me so mad. What happened?" "Yeah, she slapped me. I came down the trail into the Cove looking for you two. She spotted me, but you didn't. She motioned me to go around the corner, so I did, and she followed me here. She's pissed that I showed up at your little party. Said the other girls want privacy. How does she know what they want? They might be like you and her, and don't care if I see their tits." Amber rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories in and lightly hugged Will's body against hers.

Her mouth was close to his ear. "She's our Mistress, and she knows what's best for us." Will wasn't sure he heard her correctly with the sound of the nearby ocean in his other ear. Maybe it was what she said, or it could have been the feel of her nails softly scratching his back, or her warm breath on his ear. But his dick certainly understood as it grew to its fully erect state big titted milf babe titty fucks for cum from lucky guy its way down his pant leg.

"What did you call her…" Will was cut-off in mid-sentence by Amber's lips covering his mouth. She wasted no time in teasing the bottom of his upper lip with her slippery, pointed tongue.

He tried to take her tongue in his mouth but she wouldn't let him, pulling it back each time he thought he could suck it in. He let out a small whimper in frustration, and that was all it took for Amber to give him her tongue.

She pushed it in his mouth and he eagerly greeted it with his own tongue, rubbing the tip of her tongue with his. They embraced even tighter, and Amber could feel Will's hard, excited dick, pressed between them. She pulled her mouth away from his, but kept her eyes focused on his lips and asked, "Do you want to go find a place in the rocks we can swim?" He didn't answer. He leaned forward and kissed her again. This time it was his tongue that entered her warm, wet mouth, savoring the taste of her lips.

After a long minute, he pulled back and said, "Let's go." They proceeded to walk on the rocks, away from the Cove, following the water's edge. They eventually reached a point where there was no ledge, and they were forced to climb around on the face of the cliff with the ocean below them, to reach the rocks on the other side, as it again jutted out into the ocean.

As they walked, Amber saw it first. It was a small lagoon, formed in the rocks about 200 feet in front of them. It had a narrow opening that let the sea water in and out, but it was not subject to the rolling of big waves. It was hard to tell the depth, and the only way to know, was to jump in and find out.

Amber let go of Will's hand and took five big strides to reach the lagoon first. She turned back as Will approached, "This is a perfect place for us to take a swim. It's all ours and the waves will not roll in on us like at the cove. Care to join me for a dip?" Will did not reply as he didn't stop walking, and jumped into the lagoon. He went about six feet deep into the water and never touched bottom.

Amber looked downed at him and was smiling from ear-to-ear. She reached back and pulled at the strings of her bikini top, letting it fall to the ground. Her perfect round tits were perched firmly on her chest, and her nipples reacted to the moist milf adores getting fucked hardcore and blowjob found breeze. She yelled down to Will, "Watch out, I'm jumping in!" Before she could leap in, Will thrust his hand toward the place where Amber stood, and his board shorts came flying through the air, and landed at Amber's feet.

She was laughing as she stepped off the edge. She plunged into the ocean water, and like Will, did not come close to touching the bottom. As she rose to the top and began gathering her long brown hair in her hands, Will swam to her and wrapped his arms around her as she surfaced.

Will was treading water for the both of them, and Amber situated herself with her crotch on Will's right hip. She could feel his hard cock against her inner thigh. Once her hair was in place, behind her shoulders, she wrapped her arms around Will's neck.

"You know you are keeping us both afloat?" She said looking intently into his eyes. "Yes, I realize that now. Hang on to me and you'll be just fine." Amber replied, "I want to float in the water and relax.

Will you support my head?" At that moment, she let go of Will, spun around, and let her body rise to the top of the water.

Will reached out with his right hand and gently took her head at the base of the neck. He was still treading water, and looked over his shoulder to see they were only a few feet from the rock wall which formed the lagoon. He made two scissor kicks with his muscular legs, and they were at the wall. He grabbed ahold of it with his free hand. Amber's body was half-in, and half-out of the water.

Her brown tits were pointed straight up to the sky. The cool ocean water made her nipples get very hard, her areolas had shrunk to the size of nickels, and her dark nipples were just smaller than a pencil eraser. Will was admiring his perspective of her perfect tits as well as what lie beyond. Amber's hip bones were just above the water line, and her bikini bottom stretched from bone to bone, not touching her stomach for the twelve inch span.

Her bathing suit was clinging tightly to her pubic bone and pussy lips, and bobbed slowly up and down, above and then under the water. Will noticed how toned Amber's body was, as he admired the cut shape of her abs, biceps and quads.

He thought to himself, this girl is perfection. The blood was pumping hard into his dick, and he was enjoying the feeling of the swirling water on his sensitive head.

He let Amber float for about five minutes before interrupting her. "Hey baby, why don't you turn around and give me a hug?" Amber loved that Will had just called her "baby", and she did what he asked. She pushed her legs down into the water, spun around, and placed her crotch back on Will's right hip where it had been before. This time she intentionally moved her right thigh up and down over is hard dick, and she felt Will grip her tighter with his arm. She leaned towards two wild twats tame a one eyed monster hardcore blowjob and bit softly on his ear and kissed her way down the side of his salty neck to where it met it shoulder.

Will's threw his head back as the pleasure he was feeling was coming from multiple places on his body. Amber reached to his right nipple and started to gently squeeze it, and Will jerked back, yelling, "Ouch!" "What did I do?" Amber asked, a little embarrassed for causing him pain.

"That is the nipple that Jackie pinched really hard while she told me I have to follow the rules." "She said what?" "Just before you walked up to us, she was squeezing my nipple, and told me if I am going to continue to see you, there are rules, and if I don't follow them, she is going to punish me." "Damn it.

She wants to control everything, and now you too. We need to talk about it. But that can wait to later." Amber repositioned herself directly on Will's torso, with hers arms around his neck, and her pubic bone pressing firmly against the base of his dick, her legs wrapped around his. She put her mouth on his, softly sucking on his lower lip, feeling his tongue caressing her upper lip.

Will spun them both around and found a second hand-hold on the rock wall. Holding on now with both hands, he placed his feet on the wall, creating an elongated C-shape with his body, with Amber still pressed up against him, her kisses becoming more desperate and wanting. He kissed her back as he held his body firm. Amber began moving her hips up and down, and had positioned herself so that it was less her pubic bone, and more of her pussy, that was sliding up and down Will's very hard dick.

Her bikini was smooth and very tight against her body, and with the help of the ocean water, made it slide easily on his shaft. Sliding on just his shaft stimulated her enough to maintain a pleasurable level of excitement. But on some of her strokes, she went to the very top of his dick, where his now very swollen irresistible lesbians know how to masturbate properly put serious pressure on her clit as it tried to make its way between her pussy lips, separated only by the thin material of her bikini bottom.

Amber knew that if she kept stroking all the way to the head of his dick, not only would Will explode, but she would have an orgasm too. Amber could feel the hunger in Will's kiss. He held her tongue tightly in his mouth and would not let it go. His moans started getting louder every time she stroked up to the head of his dick. She made up her mind that she was going to rub her pussy fast and hard until Will came with her body wrapped around his. She felt his dick swell even larger against the caresses of her pussy.

She found herself nearing her orgasm, and the thought passed through her mind, that when she came, she was going to have to lift her clit off of him as it would be too sensitive to continue. Hopefully Will would get his release before she got hers. Just then Will's body stiffened. She gave him two more hard thrusts up his shaft and Will's mouth broke from the kiss. She felt his whole body pump against hers, and particularly the thrusting of his hard dick against her clit.

Just as Will let out a scream, he let go of the rock wall with one hand and grabbed Amber's tit, cupping her breast in his palm, pinching her nipple between his thumb and finger. That was all Amber needed.

Feeling the spasms of Will's body, hearing his pleasurable scream, and feeling the jolt that went from her nipple to her clit, caused Amber to climax in her first orgasm with Will. She rarely got to be in control of her own pleasure, but this time, she had been the one applying the pressure and stroking at the speed she wanted. It really turned her on, not having sex in her typical role as a submissive.

As her body squeezed him even tighter, jerking in pleasure, Will lost his grip on the rock and the two of them fell in the ocean, slowly sinking into the water, neither one of them wanting to let go. It was Amber who first realized her lungs were starving for air.

She broke the embrace, and kicked her feet, swimming upward to breathe again. Will quickly followed, and when he broke the surface, found Amber clinging to the rock wall, breathing hard, and smiling.

He swam the short distance to her. There were no words spoken, just eyes locked in a deep stare, and as he reached her, he placed a soft kiss on her lips. Will was treading water in front of Amber while she held on to the wall. The ebb and flow of the ocean in the lagoon was washing up from just below her nipples to her collar bone.

With each trough in the wave, it would expose her bare chest and hard nipples. She looked sexy in the water, and Will felt the excitement already returning to his dick. He let that feeling pass as he began to look for a way back up the rock wall to the ledge.

There were many small hand holds hot asian babe having sex in the pawnshop for money into the rocks by the ocean waves, and Will started by holding Amber's hips as she carefully placed her hands and began to pull herself up.

Will found a small ridge in the rocks under the water for his toes to hold them both up, and as Amber's butt passed above his head, Will placed the palm of his hand against her tail bone, and pushed her straight up the face of the rock. Amber wasn't prepared for her swift ascent, but managed to get her hands firmly up on top of the rock and pulled herself up. She found herself still slightly out of breath, but thought it was due more to the orgasm she experienced in the ocean, than from the short climb up the rocks.

Within a minute, she saw Will's head crest the edge of the ledge, followed by his toned, dripping wet body. Will climbed straight to a standing position, while Amber was seated on her butt, leaning back on her hands. They exchanged a look in each other's eyes and a smile, but Amber's gaze immediately fell to below Will's waist. There, only three feet from her face was Will's semi-erect, thick, veined cock, with its purple head still engorged with blood, dripping with ocean water.

There was a small drop of Will's cum clinging to the opening on the swollen head of his cock, proof of his orgasm in the ocean below. As if on cue, Amber began to lean forward towards Will's cock, and sensing her desire, Will shuffled two small steps to meet her face. Amber's mouth opened, and the tip of Will's cock passed her lips and met her warm tongue. She closed her lips around just the head, and poked her tongue into the creamy slit to get what she wanted. The drop of cum was saltier than she thought it would be, and considered it must be due to the ocean water that dripped from all of Will's body.

She very gently suckled on the swollen head, and wanting to taste more of Will's cum, she reached up with her right hand, and grasped the base of his cock, well under where his balls hung.

Then, with a firm grip, with her thumb on the bottom and her index finger on the top, she slid hand from the base to the tip of his cock, and was rewarded with just the right amount of cum that had remained in Will's shaft. Amber let it coat her tongue before swallowing it in one gulp.

Will had easily seen and felt what Amber was going to do to get the last of the cum out of his cock, but what he didn't know would happen, was just as Amber's hand was nearing the tip, the muscles in his ass clenched involuntarily, and his cock and balls gave one strong pump, so hard it felt like he had been punched in the stomach.

Whether or not he thought Amber was done with his cock, he could no longer stand, and dropped to Amber's side, resting on all fours.

He stared down at the rock under his hands and knees, with his still-wet hair falling around his face. "Are you OK Will? What's the matter?" "I think I'm feeling pretty good.

I just couldn't stand up any more. You… you just did something to me that knocked me off my feet." Amber smiled, giggled, and ran the back of her fingers up Will's muscular left arm and then down the side of his rib cage, where it tickled him just before she reached his hip bone.

He quickly fell on his side, somewhat uncomfortable on the hard rock, and lay facing her. Small pearls of water were still clinging to her brown skin as they lay there in the sun. Amber's body was absolutely stunning, and Will's thoughts immediately turned to satisfy his craving for her flesh.

He moved his head toward Amber's chest, and his lips met the smooth curve of the side of her breast. He kissed and caressed her there, and without lifting his mouth, moved above her body, straddling her where she lay. Will began placing soft kisses on Amber's collar bone, moving to the base of her neck, then over to her shoulder. He lowered his body to where busty lesbians licking in back of a cab chest made contact with both of Amber's nipples.

He felt her shiver upon contact, and Amber's head was tilted back, cushioned from the hard rock by Will's swim trunks. How she had placed them under her head, Will didn't know, but he was glad she made herself somewhat comfortable for his oral assault on her body.

Faster than he had wanted to, he worked his way to her left nipple. He licked around her areola, careful not to touch the nipple itself, and kissed across the center of Amber's chest to do the solegravene veut se faire enculer sous un pont comme elle en a lhabitude thing to her right nipple.

He could feel her chest, rising and falling as her breath had already begun to quicken. When Will thought Amber had fully exhaled a deep breath, he opened his mouth, covering her nipple, and gently bit down. It was Amber's turn to fill the jolt in her body, gasping in a breath of air, and instinctively grabbing Will's head in both of her hands. She gently released her hold on his head, but softly gathered his hair in her fingers. Still, neither one of them spoke.

Will continued to lick, suck, and being careful not to hurt them, playfully bite both of Amber's nipples. And from the way she arched her back and tugged on his hair, Will was confident his attention to her breasts was having the desired effect. Amber was getting more and more excited, and soon she would need a release, just like he had with her in the ocean.

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Jackie hadn't initially been concerned when Amber hadn't returned to the Cove. She knew Amber would want talk to Will since it had been awhile since they'd seen each other.

And as more time passed, she even thought maybe Amber was giving Will a hand job this afternoon, since Amber had seemed a little jealous that Jackie had done him first.

But when more than an hour had passed, Jackie was starting to get upset, and wanted to see where her favorite girl had gone. Jackie sat up on her towel and began to put on her bikini top. The petite, voluptuous girl with short brown hair lying next to her, Anne, who absolutely adored Jackie and the role she played in her life, looked up and saw Jackie was dressing.

"Hey. Office girl xxxx sex stories xxx story you going somewhere?" Anne said, almost with a little fear in voice. "The sun will be strong for at least another two hours." "I'm just going for a walk, baby," Jackie said in a comforting way.

She didn't intend to tell Anne that Amber had been gone from the Cove for some time now, as Anne would be confused about why Amber would have left without getting Jackie's consent. "I won't be gone long. I'll be back just in time for your next application of suntan lotion!" "Mmmm…" Anne purred. She closed her eyes and imagined feeling Jackie's soft, slippery hands rubbing on her body; it was so relaxing and so sensual friend porn videos search watch and download friend free sex the same time.

Jackie had a reputation of picking out a girl or two, late in the afternoon, starting a little foreplay out in public, only to end it later that night back in Jackie's bedroom. In the Cove, it almost always started under the auspices of applying suntan lotion, with Jackie paying particular attention to the girls' hands, feet and nipples.

With her eyes closed, Anne smiled as she thought about what Jackie might have in store for her later that evening. Jackie walked quickly towards where she had last seen Amber and Will, leaving the girls and the music behind. She knew they would be fine while she left for a little while, but she needed to find Amber and bring her back to the Cove. It was obvious they were not where she left them standing, no one was in sight.

Jackie figured they had to have either walked south along the rocks, or jumped in the ocean, since they hadn't returned to the Cove. From here, there was no scaling the rock ledge back up to where the houses were perched. She walked more quickly now, and was soon to the point where the ocean met the ledge, where Amber and Will had scooted along the face of the ledge to get to the other side to find their private lagoon. The path that the two of them had taken wasn't obvious to Jackie, but what she did see, was a way to scale the cliff here, and get back up to the top of the ledge.

She then realized she would be able to see farther down the shoreline from up there than she could on the rocks at the water's edge. Up she climbed, until she reached the top.

There seemed to be a small path others must have used to make their way through the scrub growing on the rocky surface, and Jackie followed it, stopping old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick to look down at the rocks below. After walking barefoot about 200 feet on the path, she stopped as she saw the two bodies on the rocks below.

As she inhaled, preparing to yell down to them, she stopped herself and refocused on the scene below. She looked down at them, thinking, was Will on top of Amber? Is he fucking her right there on the rocks?

She could see his naked ass, but it was well below Amber's waist, and while Jackie was impressed by the length of Will's cock, what she was seeing defied the geometry required to be engaged in intercourse. Jackie walked farther along the ledge until she was directly above where the two were laying.

From this distance, she could see Amber holding on to Will's hair, his head bobbing above her breasts. But what struck her, and sent a small rush of blood to her own clit, was the familiar sight of Amber's arched back, indicating she was in a state of pleasure. Jackie had given Amber more orgasms than everyone else in Amber's sex life combined, and no one knew better than her when Amber was aroused.

Jackie was very curious about what this man might do to her sweet angel, and as she lowered herself to her knees to watch what was about to happen between the two of them, she whispered aloud, "If you try and fuck each other down there, your asses are mine. Nobody got my permission to fuck." Will's kisses all over Amber's nipples were driving her crazy.

She could feel the wetness in her pussy, and could feel it slowly draining out her, running down over her asshole. Her clit was swollen and pressed tight against the fabric of her bikini.

It was more swollen than when she and Will were in the water together. It needed attention. A finger, a tongue, even a muscular thigh would feel good pressed down upon her blood-filled clit. But Will was keeping his torso well above her crotch, and his hands and mouth were busy teasing her sensitive nipples. Was he trying to give her an orgasm with all of the licking and sucking on her nipples?

She had cum that way before, but it was with two mouths on her at the same time, and at the command of her Mistress. Could Will do it all by himself? It certainly felt like a possibility. Amber's moans grew a little louder as she switched back and forth from watching Will's mouth work magic on her nipples and then throwing her head back, against the ground, arching her body and writhing in pleasure.

Jackie was watching it all from the ledge above, having sat back on her feet, resting her butt on top of her heels. Unconscientiously, she had taken her left hand and slipped it under the fabric covering her right breast, lightly caressing her erect nipple. Lucky girl, she thought, watching her friend below, you found a man that knows how you like your nipples to be treated. Can you come that way for him, she wondered. Jackie was enjoying the feeling of more blood flowing into her clit and pussy lips, pressuring the fabric of her bikini.

She was going to let the feeling build up even more, before she would rub it with her fingers. She knew if she waited, the orgasm would come easy and be a strong one. There was no sense in starting the rubbing now if she was going to wait and cum with Amber below. For if she got too close too soon, and she needed to hold back, she could lose the feeling and wind up be frustrated. And Jackie hated being frustrated by losing her orgasm before she climaxed. She knew waiting was the right thing to do.

She put her free hand on her other breast, and gently squeezed both her nipples at the same time.

Slippery moist love tunnels showing striptease and hardcore

Damn that feels good, she thought. It's been a long time since I've given myself a powerful orgasm. I forgot how much I like to watch. Will, she told herself, I credit you with making me remember how much it turns me on to be a voyeur, and I am going to do something special for you to show my appreciation.

As Jackie's mind began to drift off to imagine what she might do to reward Will, she suddenly realized Will was removing Amber's bikini bottom, and they both were naked on the rocks below her. She could see Will's full erection, and it looked bigger than when she jerked him off the first time they met. She whispered again, a little louder than the first time, "You had better not fuck her.

Nobody got my permission to fuck." Will's hands had left Amber's breasts, caressed down the sides of her body, and when his fingers met the top of her bikini, they hooked over the edge and began pulling them down. In perfect unison, Amber lifted her hips and the bikini slid down, exposing her smooth, firm ass.

Will gave her left nipple one last hard bite, making Amber shiver, and raised up his head. He scooted backward; pulling the bikini down over Amber's knees, tender calves, ankles, tanned feet and toes. He dropped it by her side. Will held her right foot, under the heel, and lifted it to meet his lips. He put the three smallest toes in his mouth, and quickly ran his tongue around and over them.

"Nooooo!" Amber protested, trying to pull her foot away from Will, put he had been too quick and grasp her tightly around her ankle.

"What's the matter? Too ticklish?" Will asked her, his breath against the bottom of her foot. He kissed her on the inside of her arch. "That's not what I want right now," responded Amber. "I like it, I just need you to do something else for me." "And what might that be?" he asked, continuing to kiss her foot. Amber, while watching this handsome stud kissing her toes and foot, had glanced down at her pussy. The thought immediately struck her… I've never seen my small lips and clit so swollen that they are standing up above my pussy lips.

The hood over her clit was straining to keep the bud underneath it covered, and the smaller pair of lips that normally stayed inside her pussy, were now protruded out, had slightly opened up, and were glistening in the wetness that had been flowing out of her for the past 45 minutes.

Will's gaze followed Amber's stare to her pussy, then back to her face. She had a small smile on her lips, and she was wide-eyed with anticipation. Will set her foot on the ground, and gently parted her legs by pushing outward on her knees.

On the ledge above, Jackie broke her promise to herself when she saw both Will's hard cock and him putting Amber's toes in his mouth. She let go of her nipple with her right hand, and pulled her bikini bottom to the side, exposing her dripping wet pussy.

With her middle finger, she reached all the way to the bottom of her pussy lips, and with very little pressure, parted her lips and slid her finger up through the slippery folds and across her exposed clit, peeking out from under its hood. Her body shivered when she hit her clit, and her finger continued up from her pussy, directly into her mouth. Jackie liked the salty, earthy flavor of pussy juices, and although she kept it a secret, she liked the taste of hers the best.

Will slowly lowered his body to the ground below Amber. His hard cock was mashed between his body and rock they were laying on. He pulled a knee up slightly to one side to try and create a small gap where his cock could survive.

He started kissing softly on Amber's inner thighs, then where her legs joined her body, and finally on the top of her pubic bone. It was so smooth, soft, and her skin was hot to the touch. She had a sexy tan line from tanning in just her bottoms. There was a small, white triangle in a sea of brown skin that framed her pussy.

As Will would eventually learn, the girls referred to the slippery, clear juice that leaked from their pussies as a "snail trail." Amber had snail trails from her pussy lips to each leg and butt cheek. There was even a small bubble that had formed in the juices that were in her swollen lips, just below her clit. With his face so close to her pussy, Will saw the bubble and blew on it. The bubble started to slide down the front of her pussy lips and abruptly popped.

Will felt a tiny splash of juice against his lower lip when the bubble popped. He rolled his lower lip into his mouth and licked it with is tongue. He thought it might be the best thing he had ever tasted. They were completely unaware of Jackie's presence on the ledge above them. She had been sucking on her middle finger, both because she liked the taste, and, she really needed to slow herself down or she was going to come too quickly.

She was definitely turned on by the view below. Seeing her beautiful, nude girlfriend, Amber, always turned her on, and the muscularly chiseled back and ass of the man lying on top of her was nearly more than Jackie's brain—and other parts—could handle. Jackie removed her slippery finger from her mouth and slowly slid it between her pussy lips.

She wanted to avoid, at least temporarily, direct contact with her clit, making sure to circle above the hood when she got to the top. With an exhale, she said to herself, "This is going to be fucking fantastic." Will started at the bottom of Amber's pussy.

He extended his tongue and gently pushed it between her lips. There was no resistance at all. It was, without a doubt, the slipperiest thing he had ever felt. Amber tried to hold still, to let Will find her clit on his own, but videos sexe francaise elisa realise son fantasme muscles started to lightly tremble while attempting to hold back.

Will could feel the intense heat emanating from her pussy. He pressed his mouth a little harder against her, allowing his tongue to explore deeper inside her folds. His tongue was swirling, taking her juices into his mouth and he sucked gently on her inner lips.

He made his tongue rigid, and slowly pushed it into the opening of her pussy. It was then that Amber snapped, arching her back so that only her ass and shoulders were touching the ground, which caused her hips to tilt down and directed her clit to meet Will's hard tongue. With every exhale, came a whimper; some soft, some louder. "Mmm… ahhh… mmm… ohhh.

Baby you're going to make me cum. Keep it up… it's so good… mmmm…" Will was happy he was pleasing Amber. She sure could please him, and he wanted to return the favor.

Without warning, Amber reached down and put two fingers in Will's mouth. He had to stop licking her to accommodate her fingers. Just as he thought she wanted him to suck on her fingers, she pulled them from his mouth and buried the deep inside her pussy.

Will kissed the back of her hand, and from what he could tell, the entire length of her fingers mom son sex rep story inside her. He could feel her hand muscles contract against his mouth, bending and twisting the fingers in her pussy. "Ahhh… mmmm… ohhhh." Amber's moaning was getting louder. "I'm ready for you to make me cum baby. Your mouth feels wonderful on me. Taste all of me.

Lick it all up. Be good to my clit." Amber was able to blurt out short phrases between gasping for breath. Just as suddenly as her fingers appeared, she pulled them from her pussy and they went straight into her mouth. "Mmmm…" Will could hear her sucking the juices off of her fingers, and it turned him on. He was wanted to give her something else to suck on. Amber pulled her knees up, and rested her heels on Will's shoulder blades.

This placed her clit in the perfect spot for Will to cover it that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade his mouth and lick directly on her swollen button. "Oh, fuck, yes!" Was Jackie's response from up on the ledge, still not loud enough to be heard below.

"That's it my little angel, I know you're about to come. You like the taste of your pussy too, and I know that runs out of cock black girlfriends decides to fuck each other instead you over the edge." Jackie had also removed her fingers from inside her pussy and repositioned them on her clit.

She was trying to stay on top of the hood, to wait for her girlfriend's orgasm below, but the sheer pleasure of direct contact was making it impossible for her to hold back much longer. "Fuck baby girl, you better cum soon. I'm going to punish you if you let me cum first." The thought of punishing her Sub almost made Jackie climax, and she had to momentarily stop rubbing her clit. She took two deep breaths and went back to petting the hood softly with two fingers.

Will had just started sucking on Amber's clit when she yelled, "Whoa!! That's it! Suck it just for a second more, and then go back to licking. You're going to make me cum." He did as he was told. And the response was just what she said. Suddenly her stomach muscles contracted and stood up from her sternum to her pelvic bone.

She pushed down on his shoulders with her heels, lifting her ass off the ground, thrusting her pussy hard against his mouth. Grabbing his head, now smashing his mouth on top of her pussy, she yelled, "Ahhhh… fuck!" Her body shook against his mouth, making him shake too. Instantly they both heard a scream. It sounded like it came from above them. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jackie had guessed the this teen is a real dirty slave of her mistress rhiannon fucks her boyfriend in the kitchen orgasm nearly perfect, and had managed to cum with her.

She knelt on the ground above them, fingers pressed hard against her swollen clit, head down, eyes squished shut, with a big puddle on the ground between her knees. Jackie had squirted at the peak pack robado a madre soltera ver completo aqui gt her orgasm, something she loved to do, but frequently could not find the right rhythm to make it happen. At the sound of the scream, Will had moved up to cover Amber's body with his own, careful to place the head of his dick on her pubic bone, keeping a nice pressure on her clit.

They both immediately thought, who could be up there watching them, and even though the scream sounded somewhat erotic, what had caused it. The interruption at the peak of Amber's climax was not what either of them had wanted. He handed Amber her bikini bottoms and gathered his swim trunks from under her head. They quickly pulled on their clothes before trying to ascertain who was up on the you and forgive kaori maeda relapse of love above them.

"Hey you two! How's it going down there?" It certainly sounded like Jackie to both of them, and their thoughts turned to; what was she doing up there? Had she been watching them? Did her scream mean she had an orgasm? Amber said softly to Will, "Uh-oh, I hope we're not in trouble. I think we have been gone from the Cove for too long." "Why would we be in trouble?

We can do whatever we want." "No we can't," Amber said quickly. "Well at least I can't. I should have gotten Jackie's permission to let you eat my pussy. Oh, I hope she's not mad at me.

I don't want her to punish me." "Punish you? For what you did? I know you two have a unique relationship, but adult friends don't punish each other." "That one does," Amber replied, as she turned to look up on the ledge. "Hey Jackie! We were just getting ready to head back to the Cove." "Stay there, I'm coming down!" Jackie yelled at them as she followed the trail out of view.

"How is she going to get down here?" Amber asked Will. "I don't know. I've never been this far from the Cove. It looks too steep to climb down." Seemingly out of nowhere, Jackie appeared on the rocks, across from the small lagoon where they had enjoyed their first sexual encounter of the day. Jackie waved to them and was all smiles. Amber leaned over to Will, while still facing Jackie, and whispered, "Wow, she's almost never this happy.

I wonder what's up." Will spoke first; "Hey Jackie, great to see you again. Amber and I went for a walk and then for a little dip in the lagoon here. Want to join us for the walk back to the Cove?" "I have to get to your side of the lagoon first. I guess I'm going to have to jump in and swim across.

Care to join me?" In unison, they both replied, "Sure." As soon as Jackie jumped in the lagoon, Amber and Will went in feet first, holding hands this time. The water was a shade of deep blue, and small waves gently rolled by.

Jackie swam under the surface from where she had jumped in to where the couple was treading water. She surfaced in front of Amber and threw her arms around her shoulders. Pulling Amber to her, she planted a kiss directly on Amber's mouth. They sank into the ocean as neither one of them could maintain their embrace and tread water at the same time. About ten seconds later they reappeared and found a hand-hold on the rock wall that formed the lagoon.

"I was worried about you two," Jackie started. "I'm glad I found you, and found you when I did!" "When did you find us?" asked Will. "Let's get back up on the rocks and I'll tell you. I just might give you a reward you for being so good."