Two gorgeous schoolgirls experiment with lesbian sex

Two gorgeous schoolgirls experiment with lesbian sex
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sorry it took a few days, enjoy What was never meant to be, Day 2 game time I groaned as the alarm clock when out, Sarah sifted next to me and mumbled something that sounded almost like "Don't pull out yet." I laughed lightly and kissed her cheek hoping to wake her.

She rolled over to face and her eyes opened a little. "Why are you waking me up?" She asked rubbing her eye with her hand. She looked so cute, like a young kid not wanting to get up for school. "We have a game to get to hun." I told her gently rubbing her side. Her hand reached down between us and grabbed my dick "Only if you fuck my real quick." She told me with a sly smile and a squeeze of my dick which was rapidly reaching its full size.

I glanced at the clock to make sure we had plenty of time, then turned back to Sarah and placed my lips on hers kissing her. She giggled lightly at the kiss and rolled onto her back pulling me along with her by my dick. Our tongues dueled in our mouths as she rubbed the head of dick along her soft slit.

I never could figure out how she could go from being asleep to dripping wet in just seconds, but never the less she was and soon the head frisky lesbos fill up their monster bootys with milk and splash it out my cock was nicely lubed. She pulled me into place and pressed the head to her opening.

Even after multiple times of fucking that day her pussy was still tight as I pushed into her. Her soft velvety walls held my dick in her as I bottomed out. Sarah moaned lightly throwing her head back "I have never felt anything as amazing as you." She whispered before lightly biting my ear spurring me into moving.

I slid in and out of her picking up the pace. Our moans creating a chorus as I thrust in her moving the bed with each slap of my balls on her ass. It wasn't long before I felt my orgasm building, I kissed her then told her it. She smiled and pushed me off her rolling me onto my back and dropping her mouth to my dick "This load is mine!" she said before taking my dick deep in her mouth. As she stroked her hand up and down the shaft sucking as she bobbed her head, it wasn't long before my balls tightened and I could feel the cum rush up and out my dick filling her mouth.

She swallowed every drop, purring like she did the first time. As I stopped cumming Sarah licked her lips, gave my dick one more playful stroke before moving up dorcel ma soeur et moi gently kiss me. She laid her head on my chest and ran her hand along my torso letting me enjoy my post orgasm high. "I need to get you to cum now." I told her lifting her face with my hand to kiss her.

"You have taken care of me plenty. I'll just get my reward later." She said smiling before she kissed me and got up. I glanced at the clock and sighed, it was time to go.

I got dressed fairly quickly and went to shave and brush my teeth quickly. Sarah appeared in the door "How do I look?" she asked doing a little spin. She was wearing a dark blue skirt that came maybe mid thigh, with some simple high heeled shoes, and my ducks jersey. Her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail, even this simple outfit looked amazing on her. Her beautiful smile and blue eyes almost made the rest seem insignificant.

"You're the most amazing thing I have ever seen." I told her honestly, moving to kiss her, I could still taste the after effects of my cum in her mouth. "Why thank you!" she said with a smile. She took over my spot at the sink as I went to gather our things to leave.

I came back to the bathroom and just stood there watching her add a little make up. Thankfully she doesn't use much. I hate it when women wear to much make up, they look better naturally. She finished up and looked amazing.

I took her hand and lightly kissed it. "I have no idea what I did to deserve you." She laughed lightly and pushed me playfully "Seriously, I hope you bought some wine and crackers for all this cheese you keep giving me." We both laughed then headed out. We got to the arena about 6:10 and went to will call. I gave them my info and as they were typing it in this lady in a hockey club shirt came over and started talking to us.

"I noticed you guys here yesterday, Hi I'm Jennifer and I work for the hockey team. I was hoping to ask you a few questions." She said with nice smile Sarah moved next to me and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "She is getting defense, how cute!" I thought to myself. But mom and patrons pal suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft back to Naughty yo babe swallows and receives big stepbro cock I said "Sure, go ahead." Jennifer pulled out a clip board and pin "Ok, then let's get started, so are you guys from around here?" Sarah actually answered "No we're from up north." I smiled at the we part "Oh, ok.

That's great! So what brings you down here?" She asked writing on her board. "Well I use to live a little farther south from here, but there is a team in the same league up near us so we came down to see how the games are here." Sarah replied again. I didn't know she knew that much about where I lived, she must have really paid attention when we talked. "Oh, so are you fans of the other team?" "No more like fans of the game. Jason is a goalie for a recreational league but had the chance to go major junior or even pro." I winced at the memory of the injury but I like the effect it had on Jennifer.

"Oh really! Wait you said your name is Jason? I remember a Jason that came to training camp about 7 years back, that wasn't you was it? The kid with the blue demon mask?" She asked getting a little excited.

I sighed lightly and looked to Sarah who gave me the I'm sorry look. "Ya that was me, but what other questions do you have for us?" I said trying to get off the topic. "Well this actually makes it really easy, we're doing a promotion today for anyone who is willing.

What it will be is we would actually like you to man a goal as some other fans try to score on you. The catch is that the net is four times the regular size. The winner gets a gift certificate for the shop and season tickets next year. Normally we have one of the team's goalies do it, but having you do it would be amazing!" She was almost bouncing as she explained. "Only one problem, I don't have any of my gear here." I told her with a smile, thinking I could get out of this.

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"Oh we have plenty of gear that could easily fit you. Also if you agree we will give you and your lovely girlfriend a private box." Now that peeked my interests. A private box would be very nice for the night. "When would I have to do it?" not wanting to spend to much time away from Sarah. "It will be during the first intermission, you guys can come down and warm up before the game and during the first period, cuties penetrate boyfriends butt hole with monster strapons and blast juice girlfriend can watch from the main gate to the ice while you warm up.

Then we will take you up to a box that we will have already prepared for you." She said reaching for a walkie talkie on her belt. I looked down at Sarah silently asking if she wanted too. She nodded her head and I turned back to Jennifer saying "Ok lets go get me suited up." Jennifer nearly jumped out of her skin when I said this.

She rushed both of us to an elevator that we took down to the locker rooms. We were taken to a spare locker room where they stored all the spare gear and had contestants for the promotions wait. Went to the gear to start finding things that could fit, Sarah looked around the room with her jaw slack. I made a mental note to take her with me to a game and let her come into the locker with me, I could show off to the guys a little too.

Jennifer told me the rules and gave me a rundown of what was going to happen. It was pretty simple, 15 fans, shoot out style versus me, if I stop more shots then I let by I get the prize, whomever scores most against me if I don't get the tickets they do.

I spaced most the rest knowing Sarah was listing while I looked for gear. I found a nice set of Bauer pads with a matching blocker, catcher set. I found an amazing Bauer supreme chest padding that I wanted to ask if I could keep. The helmet and stick took a while, same with the skates, but I found an old helmet that looked like it was almost brand new.

The girdle and pants I spent a bit of time making sure they were just right and had a good cup in them. Carrying the gear back to the bench I looked up to see Jennifer still here. "Am I allowed to change privately?" I asked jokingly. Jennifer's face turned red and she apologized before leaving the room.

Sarah fallowed her and shut the door locking it as best she could.

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As she came back into the main room I was already down to my boxers. "Jeez, you don't waste any time do you?" She said playfully slapping my ass.

"No I don't." I said with a smile before walking to her and kissing her passionately. I reached around and grabbed her ass, one cheek in each hand, before lifting her up.

"What are you doing?" She asked wrapping her legs around my waist. "I need a warm up before I go out there." I said kissing her neck, electing a moan from her. "Ok but you better cum quickly! You have to be ready in like ten minutes." She said throwing her head back to allow me better access to her neck. "No one said anything about me cumming." I told her laying her down on the bench. She started to ask what I meant but before she could I lifted her skirt moved my face down to her pussy, pulled her thong to the side and buried my face into her sweet hole.

Sarah gasped as I began feverishly eating away, hey she is the one that said I needed to make it fast. My tongue darted in and out of her hole before I replaced them with my fingers. Her fingers entwined themselves in my hair pressing my face harder into her pussy as my lips moved to begin sucking on her clit.

My fingers quickly found her G-spot and began stroking against it. It didn't take long before her pussy began clenching my fingers, I quickly pulled them out and replaced them with my mouth sucking up every drop as she came. As she became to regain her composure I got up and kissed her. She smiled and stayed laying there as I pulled away. I let her enjoy herself, grabbing the gear and sitting down to suit up. Just as I was pulling my chest pads on Sarah sat up. "Feeling better babe?" "I guess that was what you owed me?" She asked smiling.

"Oh and this is for luck." She said pulling off her soaked thong and stuffing it into my chest gear. I laughed, got up walked to the middle of the room and began my stretches. Sarah sat on the bench until I heard the team start to come out on the ice.

I told her to go watch, she told me she rather be with me but after a little pushing she went out to watch. I finished stretching and some light warm up before sitting down and checking each of the pads and straps again then sat and thought about going out in front of pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn those people.

There was never more then maybe a thousand people at my league games, so I was a little freaked. I guess the time really flew because shortly Sarah came back in with Jennifer. "Ok were ready to head out there so put this on and I'll lead you out." Jennifer said tossing me a jersey with some promotional stuff on it. I pulled it on and strapped it in back to the pants.

I stood up got the blocker and catcher on, then picked up the stick and mask. I really liked the mask, it was a Bauer 2000 with a paint job of a sword through a skull on it.

I fallowed Jennifer out, with Sarah's arm wrapped around mine. We got to the Zamboni gate and waited. There were maybe 10 people there next to me each in skates with a helmet and stick.

They looked at me and actually seemed a little intimidated. We watched the last few minutes of the period before the teams went to the locker rooms. They opened the Zamboni gate, before I stepped onto the ice Sarah got up on her tip toes and kissed my cheek telling me good luck. I thanked her then took off, skating around the rink as they set up the massive net. This thing really was huge defiantly four times bigger than a regular one.

But I was quickly distracted from the net as I finally realized how many people there really were in this place, and how very small I felt. The place was packed, next to no empty seats, I couldn't believe how many people stayed to watch this instead of getting young cutie gets rammed in a threesome or going to the bathroom.

But for some reason the crowd didn't bug me, if anything it hyped me up and made me want to really bust this out. I got waved over to the massive net and started to scratch the ice getting it ready.

I listened as the public address guy told everyone the names of the shooters then came over to introduce me. "And in net tonight, boy do we have a treat for all you, he tried out for us a few years back but due to a blown knee had to unfortunately had to be passed by to play. Joining us tonight from up north, JASON CASTLE!!" He nearly screamed my name and the crowd blew up. I highly doubted they remembered me but if the PA guy says a name that loud there bound to get into it. I raised my stick in a salute to the crowd before putting the mask on and getting set.

This had the side effect of opening my chest gear and releasing the smell of Sarah's soaked thong. It instantly made things start stir, if you have ever been in a hockey girdle you know they don't have room for anything extra. I shook my head trying to clear the amazing fragrance out of my head. The PA guy moved to the center ice The first four or five guys tried to be fancy, but they didn't really do much of anything good.

The fifth guy though, he tried to just blast it from center line, I had to jump which mind you is not fun in skates just to get a piece of it big tit mexican mom halloween special with a threesome force it over the net, so of course the rest had to try. This had the same effect of also releasing Sarah's personal gifts smell back out. It was really distracting! The fans started to chant my name which made me nearly laugh.

But it helped keep me focused, that and the shooters were getting mad. By the end of it only three got past me but they made me jump so many times my knee's hurt. The crowd was going nuts so I did a quick lap saluting the crowd with my stick before heading back out the Zamboni gate and headed to my locker room. The cup of my girdle had a fight on its hands as the smell of this thong refused to leave my nostrils.

I got into the room and started to strip. I got the chest gear off and stuffed the thong in my pants laying on the bench just before on Jennifer came back in.

Her eyes got big as she saw me standing there shirtless. "Oh! I'm sorry, I just umm taming a lusty male pecker gloryhole hardcore to come talk to you about your prize." She said standing there dumbfounded. "Ok shoot." I told her as I sat down and started to take my leg pads off.

"Umm ok, well your girlfriend is already up in the suit box you guys will have for tonight and she has the gift certificate for the gift shop. But what I needed to talk to you about was the season tickets.

Sense I assume you can't make it down here for each game what would you like to do?" She asked trying to not watch me change but shooting glance over her shoulder told me she wasn't trying too hard. I stopped after I had gotten the leg pads and skates off, leaving the hockey pants and socks. "Is there any way to transfer them hot load of jizz for kacey koxs pussy the team up north?" "No the clubs are owned by different people and they can't transfer." I thought for a little.

I doubted there was much in the gift shop I wanted, I had no idea what they were willing to offer. As I thought my gaze came down on the mask and the gear I had just used on the ice. A thought dawned on me "Is there a way I could just keep the gear?" "OH!

Ya that might work! Let me ask real quick." She pulled out her walkie talkie and made a call. She talked to some one for a little before turning back around to me. "They said that would work perfectly! So let me run and grab you a bag to carry all that in. I will be right back." She took off out of the room and I used the time to quickly finish changing. I just managed to get my pants pulled on before she came back in.

The bag she handed me was Bauer so It fit the gear nicely. I finished changing and packed the gear, and Jennifer took me to the suite box that was to bbc fucks my little white cd bi mine and Sarah's for the rest the game. I tossed the gear in a corner and looked around, it was pretty swanky. A counter in one corner had food and drinks, instead of chairs there was a couch to watch the game from, and some TV's so you could watch the game without looking out the open front.

I noticed that it was pretty private, there was next to no way to tell what was going on in here without having binoculars or a TV camera. Sarah popped up and ran to kiss me.

She nearly knocked me over as she pounced on me. "Wow, someone is happy." I said kissing her back. "No! more like crazy horny!" She replied dragging me and pushing me onto the couch before straddling my hips. "Watching you out there, seeing you in that gear, hearing the fans yell your name, got me going so much I had to fight not to finger myself as I watched you!" She confessed kissing me with hungry and need "I want you!

NOW!!" I smiled and reached under her, undoing my pants and opening the fly. I let my hard cock spring out and slap her ass under her skirt. She wasted no time in grabbing my hard cock and aiming it right for her dripping love hole. I barely felt it touch her warm pussy before she slammed herself down on it, impaling herself on my hard rod. I moaned feeling her tight pussy grab hold of my cock.

She cooed into my ear as she began to slowly rise up and then drive herself back on my pole. I reached under the jersey to grab her chest, only to find her shirt and bra already gone. "I wanted to be ready for you when you came back!" she told me squeezing my hands on her breasts as she rode me.

"That thong you put in my kimonjapanese milf with a gun drove me crazy and nearly made me mess up out there." I told her using her amazing breasts to help lift her up and then pulling on the nipples to drag her down.

She didn't reply, instead just moaned and entwined her fingers in my hair kissing me hard nearly cramming her tongue down my throat. I heard the game going behind us but didn't care, as I moved my hands off her breast to grab her hips and force her down on me, grinding her pussy into my pelvis. Her eyes began to roll back in her head and her pussy began milking my cock and I forced her hips back and forth. She collapsed forward lost in her orgasm, she began to recover but stayed against me.

my hands shifted to grab her ass, lifting her off me enough that I could thrust up into her. This quickly brought her back to life, she moaned before sinking her teeth lightly into my neck. I increased my pace, nearly lifting both of us off the couch.

I soon felt my long awaited orgasm coming, I slammed her back down on me as I came in her sweet love box, coating her walls in hot cum. This triggered yet another orgasm for Sarah, she twitched on my lap with each jet that entered her, only making me cum harder. We finally began to come off our sexual high. Sarah slid off me and cuddled against my side.

I have no idea what happened for the rest of the game. Neither of us really cared, we just sat there smiling until we heard the final buzzer. TBC… once again comments are alway welcome. thank you all for the comments yo have left. also feel free to PM me if you want.