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Pornstar stella styles gets nailed hard on a sofa
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Toward the end of my 9th grade year I signed up for football for the next year. As part of the signup I had to have a "sports physical" card signed off by our doctor, you know, the "turn your head and cough" routine.

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I was fourteen, about to turn fifteen at the time. My mother made an appointment with our doctor in town to get me checked and have the card signed off. The day came for the physical and my mother drove the two of us into town in our old Buick. When we got to the doctor's office we parked and went inside. When we went to the receptionist's desk, the lady there said that our doctor had been called away on an urgent call but they could work us in with his partner, a middle aged woman doctor.

I felt a pang of panic. It wasn't that I hadn't been seen naked - I had always been fairly comfortable nude around my mother, a little less so around my two older sisters. Outside of family members though, I hadn't been naked in front of a woman since my body had matured and I hadn't yet developed the joy of being naked in front of women, clothed or not. When the nurse stuck her head out into the waiting room and called my name, I got up.

She motioned to my mother and said "You come on back, too." Great. We followed the nurse back to an exam room where I sat down and the nurse closed the door behind us. She said "Here for your football physical, right Hut? You haven't been in for a while." She motioned me over to the exam table and said "Hop up here, Hut." I complied and she said "Go ahead and take your shirt off so I can listen to your heart and lungs." As soon as I pulled my shirt off over my head she wrapped a blood pressure cuff around my upper arm and pumped it up.

She began to let the air out and when she was finished she said "Your pressure's a little high. It may just be doctor's office anxiety. We'll check it again later." She checked my pulse then trio a la piscine avec copines amatrices francaises en cam to my chest and back with her stethescope before saying "Go ahead and undress down to your underpants and the doctor will be right in" and heading out of the room, closing the door behind her.

I hopped down off the exam table and took off my shoes, socks, and jeans. My mother took them from me and stacked them neatly on the chair next to the one on which she was sitting. I hopped back up on the exam table and sat there with my legs dangling. Mom said "I hope this doesn't bother you, Hut. If you'd rather, I could go wait out in the waiting room." I told her "It's no problem, Mom.

It's not like you haven't seen me naked plenty of times." That was true. We were very casual about nudity around our house and even the back yard since we were set back so far from the road.

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We sunbathed nude often in the summer. There was a soft knock on the door and then it opened and Dr. Day came in. She was a nice, middle aged, motherly type - very kind and softspoken. She had seen me when I was about ten years old for a cut on my elbow and had stitched it up.

The whole time the was shooting the novaocaine into my skin around the cut and stitching it up she kept up a soft conversation with me to keep my mind off of it. So she was a very nice lady but she'd never seen me naked before.

"Here for a football physical, right Hut?" she said. I nodded and she continued "Well, you haven't been in for quite a while, so I think we should do a little more examination than just signing off on your card, if that's okay with you, Mrs. James." Mom said "That's fine with me, Dr. Day." Dr. Day turned to me and said "Well Hut, you know what comes next. Your underpants need to come off now." I gulped, hopped down off the exam table, leaned over and pulled my underpants off, one leg at a time.

I was dismayed to see that my penis had just about crawled up inside of me to hide. I didn't know which was worse, looking like I didn't very rough painful anal first time raylin ann is a sexy super hot ashblonde who is so a penis or fiddling with it in front of Dr.

Day and my mother to get it to come out of hiding. I decided that just leaving well enough alone was probably best. Dr. Day rolled a little stool over to in front of me and sat down. Looking down at her I saw that her face was only inches away from my penis and scrotum. She reached up with her left hand and pressed up on the right side of my scrotum and said "Turn your head and cough." I did so and then she changed hands and pressed on the left side of my scrotum and said "Again." I repeated my little cough for her and looked over at Mom, seated in her chair.

She seemed to be be intently staring at Dr. Day and my penis and balls. She notice me look look at her and made eye contact with me and smiled. I smiled back weakly. Dr. Day said "Hut, I'm going to check your scrotum now for any nodules or growths. I want you to pay attention to what I do so you can do puremature big breasted blond wakes up her ma yourself. If you do it on a regular basis, you'll be helping yourself.

It may feel a little uncomfortable but I'll try to be careful and not hurt you." Before I could respond, she had my scrotum in her right hand and was squeezing gently all around my left testicle and above it. It really didn't hurt and then she changed hands and did the same with her left hand and my right testicle.

I felt a funny tingling down in my balls and penis and felt my penis begin to engorge just a little. It kind of popped out like a school girl boss promotion office xxxx sticking its head out of its shell.

Dr. Day said "Oh, here it is. Your penis decided to come out and say hello. They usually do that during the exam." I looked at Mom in a bit of embarrasment and she just smiled back at me.

At least it hadn't become erect right in Dr. Day's face. Patting the exam table Dr. Day said "Hop up here so I can listen to your chest." I asked "Can I put my pants back on?" "No, just leave them off for now" she replied. Damn. I hopped up and sat on the end of the table. My penis and balls were squeezed in between my thighs and almost disappeared from sight.

I saw Mom was still watching intently as Dr. Day said "The nurse wasn't able to get a good blood pressure on you, so I'm going to check it again" and wrapped the cuff around my arm. She pumped it up let it back down and said "Oh, okay - it's fine now." She said "Now your heart and lungs" as she put her stethescope in her ears and began to listen to my chest. angel wood gets tied up and drilled up straight and take some deep breaths in and out for me, Hut." I sat up and took some deep breaths.

As I sat up, my legs spread apart some and let my balls and penis hang more freely than they were when I'd first hopped up there. I noticed Mom look at them as they dropped free of my thighs.

Dr. Day continued listening to my chest and back, repeating the request for deep breaths as she moved the stethescope around to various positions. Then she did that thumping on my back that doctors seem so fond of - placing one hand, palm side on your back and then thumping on that hand with the other hand.

I never have understood what they listen or feel for when thet do that, but they seem to like to do it.

Then she told me "Okay, Hut. Scoot back on the table and lie down flat for me." I scooted back a little and lay back. My legs were still dangling off the end of the exam table. "No Hut, I mean all the way up here" patting the head of the table. Oh. I scooted myself back by putting my feet on the end of the table and raising my body on them and my hands to arch my back up off the table and move up on that damn paper cover the tables always have without it sticking to my bare backside.

When I arched my back, my penis flopped back on my abdomen and I felt my balls kind of swing free. I saw my mother still looking intently at me. I was beginning to feel very comfortable in my nakedness in front of these two ladies, one my mother and the other a motherly physician. Dr. Day said "Now Hut, I want to check your abdomen and chest." She repeated the thumping that she'd previously subjected my back to in various locations on my chest. She listened to my chest again with her stethescope saying "Sometimes things sound a little different when you're lying down." Then she listened to my abdomen with the stethescope and pronounced everything okay.

I thought she was curing beautys pecker addiction hardcore and blowjob and began to sit up. She said "Not yet, Hut. We're not finished here. I still need to check your abdomen and some other things." She proceeded to use her two hands, one on top of the other, to press and release in various locations on my abdomen.

During this process, she relocated my penis, lying on my abdomen, three times to check where it happened to be. Each time she gently grasped it in her fingertips to move it, I felt it engorging slightly more until on the third move, it was probably almost twice the size it was when she started pressing on my abdomen.

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It was a very strange feeling because I had mixed emotions of both embarrasment and enjoyment. Mom was still staring, a slight smile on her face. Dr. Day then, on the side closest to her, felt along my right arm and right leg, gently squeezing the muscles demi sutra in scoping out my stepsis she worked her way along the length of each. Then she leaned across me to do the same with my left arm and leg.

As she leaned across me to do the left arm, I could feel the weight of her matronly body on me as it kind of rubbed down my abdomen when she worked her way down my arm. Damn, it felt like my penis was getting more erect. When she straightened up to move to my left leg, I saw her glance at my now larger penis.

Mom was still staring intently, watching everything. I was beginning to lose any feelings of embarrasment and was starting to enjoy this. I thought, what the heck.

Dr. Day worked down my left leg and was finally apparently satisfied that my limbs were normal. I started to sit up and again she told me "We're not done yet, Hut. I need to finish checking your scrotum with you lying down." She gently spread my legs just a bit an then checked my scrotum again, one testicle at a time, squeezing and feeling all around and above each orb.

This time, however, she had to lift them up from where they were hanging down between my legs. As she did so, it felt like my penis engorged to a fully erect state. I put my right arm back under my head to prop it up a bit and looked down. Yep, it was fully erect and standing slightly up off my abdomen. I looked over and saw that my mother still staring at this whole process, the slight smile still on her face.

I realized that I was actually getting turned on by this whole thing. Dr. Day obviously noticed my erect penis and I felt my face flush again. She looked at me and said "Don't worry, Hut. It's normal for that to happen." She continued, "Last thing, Hut. I need to check your penis. Now I know this can be a little embarrassing but just remember that I'm a doctor." I nodded and she took my penis in her hands and spread the hole open slightly as she looked at it.

She then felt around the glans, turning my penis to and fro so that she could get a view of all sides. Her touch really didn't feel sexual, but it was the first time in my recollection that anybody but me had touched my penis and I felt myself getting more and more turned on by it.

She worked her way down the shaft of my mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani still moving it gently about to examine all sides of it. About this time there was a knock on the door, it opened, and the nurse came back in asking "Did you get another BP on him, doctor? Was it normal?" She just stood there, door partially ajar, staring at Dr. Day and my penis, waiting for an answer.

Dr. Day said "Yeah, it was normal. I'm almost done here" She continued her examination down the shaft until she was actually squeezing the part of it that is kind of inside the top of the scrotum. About the time she was doing that I felt like I was going to cum.

I thought "damn, not now in front of the doctor, nurse, and my mother" but as usual, the penis has a mind of its own and it damn sure wasn't listening to me. I felt my penis pulsate and throb under Dr. Day's fingertips and my scrotum draw up as I came and spurted on my abdomen. I said "uh oh" to myself but it was loud enough for Dr. Day, the nurse, and Mom to hear. Dr. Day said "I was going to ask you if you can achieve orgasm okay but I don't guess that's necessary now." I heard my mother and the nurse chuckle.

I felt my face flush. Dr. Day noticed it and said "Don't be embarrassed, Hut. It's a perfectly normal reaction. I think maybe thirty percent of the males I examine do that - even the adult men." Mom just smiled.

The nurse pulled some tissues from a dispenser nearby and handed me a wad of them. I wiped the cum off my abdomen but didn't want to milk the remainder out of my penis in front of these three women. The nurse left, closing the door behind her. Dr. Day said "We're all done here, Mrs. James. Everything seems perfectly normal. I'll sign the football certificate and leave it with the receptionist for you to pick up on the way out. You can get dressed now, Hut." And then she turned and left the room.

I sat up, scooted down on the exam table, and hopped down. As my feet hit the floor, my semi-erect penis bounced and slung a big drop of cum on the floor.

Mom got up and grabbed a couple of tissues to wipe it up off the floor. I walked over to the tissue dispenser, pulled out some tissues and, with my back to Mom, milked my penis a bit so that I wouldn't mess up my underpants so much with oozing cum. I'll be damned if Mom didn't come over to to throw the tissues she'd used on the floor into the trash. She looked down at my penis, hands, and tissues and said "Hut, Dr.

Day is right. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's all just normal and healthy." I said "Maybe so, mom garden no navy for my baby in front of your mother and your doctor?" She said "That's okay, Hut. I've seen it before, I mean, well your father, you know." I said "Yeah, well that's different." She said "No it's not, really. I'm glad to know that you're healthy and normal." I answered "Whatever" finished milking my penis with Mom still standing there, threw the tissues in the trash and turned to get dressed.

I found, however, that I was enjoying being naked in front of my mother.

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So I dressed slowly, leaving my underwear and pants for the very last. I pulled on my T-shirt, then taking my time finding and picking up my socks, I hopped up on the exam table and carefully put them on one at a time. As I raised my right leg to put my foot on the end of the table to pull a sock onto the foot, I took my time, carefully getting the length of sock bunched up on my thumbs then just as carefully pulling it onto my foot.

All the while, my legs were spread apart and my penis and balls on full display to Mom. My penis was about to drip again and Mom was obviously watching close enough to notice because without saying a word, she stood up, walked to the dispenser and saskia lorensen takes it in her tight ass me a couple of tissues.

She walked over and handed them to me and sat back down. I wiped my penis again, squeezing it gently to milk it a bit. It didn't even bother me now to be doing that in front of Mom. When I made eye contact with her as I finished, she just smiled back at me. I put my right leg down and repeated the process with my left, putting my foot up on the edge of the table, spreading my legs in doing so, pulling the sock carefully onto my thumbs, then just as carefully pulling the sock onto my foot, methodically arranging it so that the toe and heel were aligned with my foot properly.

Mom was still watching me intently as she had through the entire time in sluts mouth and bawdy cleft get rammed exam room.

It was time finally to put my pants on, so I hopped down off the table and walked over to the chair next to Mom's chair and got my underpants. They were under my jeans, so I had to take my time looking for them.

All the while my still semi-erect penis was only a couple of feet from Mom's eyes which were going back and forth between my looking for my underpants and my penis and balls. Just as I was about to pull my underwear over one leg at a time, there was a knock on the door and it opened part way. The nurse stuck her head in the door, looked in, then came in with the door opened just wide enough to pass though.

She shut the door and said "Oh good, I was hoping to catch you before you left. Here's Hut's football certificate signed off by Dr. Day, Mrs. James." As she came in, I'd straightened up from my bent over position, about to put my underwear on and stood up straight. Doing so just made my semi-erect penis protruding beyond the bottom hem of my T-shirt more obvious and I saw the nurses eyes move to it then look away at Mom. As she was speaking to Mom, though, her eyes kept flitting back to my penis.

It was kind of amusing.

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I stood there like that, underpants in hand, until she said goodbye and went back out, closing the door behind her. Mom smiled at me and I bent over to put on my underwear, then I put on my jeans, zipped up and buckled my belt. I said "Let's go" and headed for the door.

Mom picked up the little wad of tissues I'd left on the exam table and threw them away before following me out the door. We went down the hall, through the waiting room, and out the door. As we walked to the car Mom said "Hutter James, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you went from being embarrassed to enjoying that situation.

Did you enjoy being naked as a jaybird in front of us ladies?" I felt my face flush and Mom noticed the blush. She said "It's okay, Hut. I'd rather you be comfortable and casual about your body than up tight about it." We drove home and I went down to my room. A little while later, when Curly pussy punished with ramrod squirting and japanese came back upstairs and into the kitchen, Mom, Nancy, and Lynette were all sitting around the kitchen table and my sisters were giggling quietly.

When I walked into the kitchen, Lynette looked at me, smiled, and asked "How was your football physical, Hut?" Nancy laughed, Mom smiled. I said to Mom "You told them?" She just said "We have no secrets in this house, Hut." I just said "Jeez" as I walked away to giggles from all three of them.