Hot pretty gal gets drilled in various poses

Hot pretty gal gets drilled in various poses
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Young Fun. #2 Info that was in #1. I am 6 years old. A girl, her name is Suzy, the same age as me lives next door. She has two older sisters. One, Jess (about 13) and the other Robin (about 11) not talked about so far. I got up off the lawn chair I had just lost my virginity on and looked at my two new friends.

Suzy was just now getting her panties back on. Even though we had just fucked for what felt like hours it was still early in the day. I didn't need to be home until dinner, at least several hours later. Suzy was zipping up her pants and I got up and stepped in to mine as well.

I looked back at the lawn chair and there was a large slick damp spot, I ran my index finger through the wetness and brought it to my nose. I inhaled the scent and my dick seamed to jump back to full attention, straining to escape my pants. We decided to go inside their house, I wanted some water and I had to go pee. After I walked through the sliding glass door, it led into a sun room that in turn led in to the kitchen.

Jess got me a glass of water sunny lane hardcore scene butt cum cum swallowing after I drank half of it I gave it to Suzy She drank the whole glass and went and refilled it from the tap.

I looked at Jess and asked where a bathroom was. She pointed me to go into the living room and down the stairs. The bathroom was at the end of the hall, it was unfinished, pipes running up and down the walls and concrete floor. I went in and closed the door. I dropped my pants and relieving myself into the toilet. When I flushed the bowl, the door bust open and I turned around quickly trying get my pants buttoned.

I stopped fumbling when I saw Jess standing there. "Are you ready to do it again?" I nodded and she turned around. I followed her down into the basement. The basement was unfinished as well, but someone had at least put carpet down.

It was a large room, running the length of the house under the kitchen and living room, on the left there was a washer and dryer, on the right there was a huge bed. We walked over to the bed and Suzy was already laying on the bed. The bed was huge around her. Suzy was completely naked. Her clothes were on the floor next to the bed. The sheets and blankets were black and she was laying on them, looking like an angel with pale cream colored skin.

She smiled up at us and rolled on her side to face us. Jess instructed me to undress. As I got all my clothes off they ended up next to Suzy's Jess got a robe out of a closet and handed it to me, instructing me to put it on.

It was a soft blue material and I wrapped it around my body. It was much larger than it should have been and much of it drug on the floor. Jess motioned for me to approach the bed, slowly. I asked why they wanted me to act like this. "I want it to be like in the movies." Jess explained, "You know, where the man approaches the bed and slides up to the girl.

Kissing her and making love to her." She trailed off. I did my best to walk slowly towards the bed. I had a few more step to go when Suzy sat up and asked me to spread my robe so she could see my penis. I spread the robe and let my dick bounce around. I asked after a step or two, "If I am letting you see mine, can I see yours better?" Suzy looked at Jess; Jess motioned for her to lay back and spread her legs. Suzy laid back and spread her legs. She brought her knees a few inches up and forced her legs as far apart as she could get them.

The view I got was much different than what I had seen outside. From the top of the crease to where it disappeared under her butt, I marveled at how it continued without any obstruction.

She lay there for a few seconds and then sat up again and watched me with her eyes glued to my dick. I climbed onto the bed and let the robe fall off. I crawled on all-fours from the foot of the bed until I was in between Suzy's legs.

I asked Jess, "What now?" "Now it is my turn." Jess told her sister to roll over to the edge of the bed. I looked up and Jess was undressing, first her T-shirt went over her head. Then I could see her plain white bra, she reached around her body and got the catch undone. Her bra fell away and I saw her two perfect boobs.

They were the first boobs I had seen on my short 6 years and they were by for the best. I would guess they were in between A and B cup size, with light pinkish-brown half dollar size aureolas and light brown nipples.

They looked like glowing orbs. She leaned down and unbuttoned her jeans. I followed her boobs as they swung down and she wiggled out of her jeans. They ended up with Suzy's and mine on the floor. She looked at me for a second and then slipped her panties down and let them fall to the floor. She saw me staring and asked, "Do I look OK?" She forced her boobs seduction and art from india and exotic bollywood and turned to give me a profile view.

She did a little spin and I saw a perfect ass twirl by. When she came around to face the bed she stopped quickly, sending her boobs bouncing side to side. I studied her private region. It had a covering of light blond hair, I could easily see her puffy lips and where they disappeared between her thighs. "You look great!" I replied and continued to stare as she climbed onto sydney going solo this time pornstars handjob bed.

"I am going to give you your first blow job." I nodded my head weakly and laid down on my back. She came up on the side of me and put her hand on my cock, stroking the skin up and down a few times. I looked down and saw her lean her face over my body and place the head of my dick into her mouth.

I felt her lick the tip of my cock and then she swirled her tongue around it, wetting and moisturizing the lewd mum joins in the fun momsandteens and threesome from my earlier fun.

Jess let my dick pop out of her mouth and looked at me, asking if she was doing alright. I said she was doing amazing and to please continue. She guided my cock back into her mouth and this time seamed to inhale almost the whole thing.

She ran her tongue up and down the stiff shaft and lifted her head up and then pushed back down. She continued to move her head up and down using her saliva to make my dick slick and slide in and out of her mouth. It was as good as having sex with Suzy Suzy was watching this and asked if she could try.

Jess nodded that she could. Suzy, who had been sitting on the other side of me, turned around so she was facing the foot of the bed, her back to me. Jess let my cock plop on to my stomach and told her to just suck lightly, not too hard, more like a popsicle than anything. Suzy leaned down and Jess guided my dick into Suzy's mouth. Suzy was not near as smooth as Jess was and seamed to have a hard time getting more than 2 inches into her mouth.

Suzy was missing her front teeth, both top and bottom, so her side ones were scrapping along my cock every time she pulled up. It felt ok, just not as good as Jess.

Jess looked at me and asked how it felt. I told her about Suzy's teeth and not getting all of my dick into her mouth. Jess watched Suzy for a few seconds and then told Suzy to stop. She told her to get on top and me and sit on my chest, then lean down and get a straighter angle on my dick. She climbed over me and I was presented with a great view of her ass and pussy.

It was only about 3 inches away from my face. I could see her butt hole and every time she moved her mouth down, her rose bud puckered up and then relaxed and then puckered again.

I could also see the pink flesh inside her pussy hole, it was about 1 ½ inches below her ass hole and looked a little red and puffy.

I got my hand wake up sage evans time to make a sextape reality kings arm untangled from around her knees and placed it on her butt cheek. I ran my hand on the side of her thigh and across her butt.

I let my fingers fall into her crack and made sure to touch only around and above her ass hole. I got my other hand free and continued doing the same thing but now with two hands. I spread her ass crack open as far as it could go and ran my index finger down, across her ass hole and pressed only lightly across her pussy slit.

I ran my finger back up and down. When I got to her pussy hole again I pressed a little harder and felt my finger enter her lips, I continued down and ran my finger as low as I could, almost to the end of her crease.

I ran my fingers back up, only this time I went very slowly and made tiny circular motions. I had only gone an inch or so when Suzy let my dick fall out of her mouth and told me to stop moving up and press harder right where I was. I pressed in to her slit about 1 inch below her pussy hole and continued the circular motion.

Suzy let out a low moan and started to move her hips in a sexual rhythm. I kept up the finger movement and she started to moan louder. Jess leaned into my ear and whispered, "Use your tongue instead of your finger." I moved my finger away from her slit and put my hands on the other side of her thighs. I pulled myself closer to her butt and stuck my tongue out. I licked her pussy slit and pushed my tongue into her crease.

I started licking upward at about the same spot as she had liked earlier and she squealed to keep that going. I tried to keep licking that same spot but my tongue got tired and I had to rest for a second.

While I was resting, Suzy took my dick back into her mouth and started trying to get all of it into her mouth. I lifted my hips a little and felt the back of her throat. Her mouth was so small I still had a inch and a half outside of her. Jess told her sister to try and swallow my dick, like she was swallowing water or food.

I felt her tongue press up on the top of my cock and then a squeezing feeling on the tip of my dick. Suddenly her lips were all the way down touching my belly and I could feel her throat pulsating around the end inch or so of my dick. She held there for a second and I could hear Jess tell her to breathe through her nose and just try and relax. Her throat was still contracting but seamed not to be as strong. I tried to pull out a little, I wanted more movement. Suzy was just holding her head on my cock, not actually moving up and down.

She let my dick come free of her throat's hold on it and then brought her head up until it was only being held on to me by her lips. I cold feel her teeth shut and her jaw relax. I stuck my tongue out again and started running it up and down her slit, I pressed it into her pussy hole and tasted her tangy, sweet, scent.

It tasted a little bitter but I thought it tasted even better than it smelled. Due to how she was laying my nose was pressing into her ass hole, I was surprised because it smelled fine. I would have thought if you stick your nose in to a persons butt hole it would smell bad, Suzy smelled great.

I tongue fucked her hole for a little while but then the taste either went away or I got use to it so I stopped. I ran my tongue a little further up her crack. I went passed her pussy hole but stopped short of her ass hole. I asked Jess, "Can I lick her butt hole?" Jess told me I could lick it and I would be fine, it wasn't going to make me sick or anything and Suzy would like it.

I stuck my tongue out and tentatively tasted her pinkish-brown anus.

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I added some saliva to make my tongue real wet and circled her hole. It tasted ok so I licked right in the center and pressed my tongue into her butt. She let out a moan and pushed her butt into my face.

I took this to mean I was doing ok and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. I could feel the round muscle around her ass hole contracting and relaxing. I tried stiffening my tongue as straight as I could and pressing it in as far as it would go. I probably was about ¾ of an inch into her.

I heard her tell her sister, "He's got his tongue up my pooper! I licked around her hole and pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go. I kept this up for lori buckby of babestation gets fcked few minutes, licking and then tongue fucking her, pushing my tongue in and out. Suzy took my dick back into her mouth and moved up and down, I felt the back of her throat but this time I felt her swallowing a few times and my tip sunk into her throat.

I thrust upwards and felt her teeth slide all the way to the base of my dick. She lifted her head and then pushed her tongue around my dick a few times. She let her mouth envelope my dick again and pushed her lips back down to the base. She held it there for a few seconds and I could feel her moan as I changed my licking from her butt hole back to her pussy. I tongue fucked her pussy hole a couple times and then ran my tongue all around.

Under each or her lips and as low as I could reach. She seamed to like it best when I circled my tongue on the nub of skin below her actual hole. I tried sucking on the skin but it was too low for me to reach. I could feel her starting to dig her teeth into me again and I was getting pretty sore by now so I told her she had better stop.

She rolled off me and asked if I would suck her from the front. Jess said it would be alright. Suzy laid down on her back, with her head towards the foot of the bed.

I maneuvered myself over to get my face close to her crotch. She moved her legs and scooted her butt a little to make herself comfortable. I asked Jess if there was any particular way to do this and she gave me a few pointers. Mainly that the nub I had felt was her clitoris and that it is the most sensitive thing on a girl's body. She also told me that if Suzy could stand for me to suck on it, it would make her orgasm very quickly.

I gave Jess a questioning look and she explained that the really, really good feeling we had had earlier was an orgasm.

Those came after a while when busty brunette housewife ryder skye take cock in pov naughty america stockings were having sex or you could make yourself orgasm by touching yourself.

I asked, "How?" Jess said, "I'll explain later. Just follow what I said about the clitoris." I looked at Suzy and asked her if she was ready. She replied she was.

I started by kissing the top of her slit, then I kissed her lips gently downward until my chin was touching the bed and I was near her anus. I stuck my tongue in between her cheeks and lifted my head up, dragging my tongue upwards. I pressed harder when I reached her pussy and felt my tongue slide into her vagina.

I did a circular once around then let my tongue continue upwards. I felt that nub of skin Jess had talked about. It seamed to be hard, like rubber and covered by skin. As the length of my tongue ran over it Suzy told me that I had found the spot she wanted.

I licked her clit a few times and every time I licked upwards Suzy would groan a little bit. This was the summer I had lost both of my top front teeth. My bottom ones were still my baby teeth. I put my lips around her clit, made a seal, and sucked her nub into my mouth. I kept sucking hard enough not to let if pop back but not super strong, just enough.

I used my tongue to press it up to the roof of my mouth, pinning the hard nub in between my tongue and gums where my front teeth had been. Amateur real girlfriend fucked hard and deep used my tongue to massage her clit, I started out lightly and I was trying to slowly add friction.

I nibbled and gummed and sucked. All the while Suzy was making noises that told me she was definitely enjoying what I was doing. I changed a little and ran my tongue around her clit, then I tried flicking it as hard and as fast as I could.

Suzy started moving her hips like she was riding my dick again. I followed her with my mouth as she went up and down. I felt all the muscles in her legs tighten and then she yelled out, "OH MY GOD, that feels great!" and start shaking in rhythm with my flicks.

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She kept mumbling incoherently while her body seamed to be possessed by the strongest orgasm her young body had ever felt. She let her legs fall and I struggled to keep her clit in my mouth, her legs were squeezing my head and I couldn't move. I kept my tongue moving until she finally collapsed and pushed my head away. I didn't say anything and she was staring up at the ceiling with a dazed look on her face.

I looked over at Jess and asked, "Is Suzy was going to be alright?" "Sure, it just take a lot out of you." She watched her sister laying on the black sheets, "That was one powerful orgasm." I asked, "So is my tongue going to hurt teen beauty choked and fucked by black agent this forever?" Jess said, "Probably, you will be busy keeping Suzy satisfied!" She paused for a second, "She will be out for a while, are you ready for me?" I rolled over on to my back, "Bring it on!" She had been sitting and now she got on all fours and crawled over to me.

She kissed my forehead and looked at me for a eality kings yoga fucked jenna sativa and kendra lust. I asked her what first and she didn't answer, but, instead, she kissed my lips and ran her tongue into my mouth.

Since she was on her hands and knees, her boobs were hanging down. I reached up and held one of them in my hand. It felt amazing, the skin was soft and smooth. I could feel her nipple hard and erect, like a soft gum drop. The areola around it was rougher than the skin but softer than the nipple. I squeezed and felt a little deeper, there was a firmness with irregular shapes about ½ inch below the skin. I ran my hand over to the other one and massaged it as well.

Jess stopped kissing me and told me to be a little more gentle, they can be hurt from too much squeezing. She then told me to rub her nipples, tracing circles around them. I did that for a while. Every few circles stopping and rolling gently, her nipple, between my index and thumb. She kissed me again and whispered I was doing it very well.

She grabbed my hand and balancing on one arm pulled my hand lower on her body. My hand touched her belly button and then I felt my fingers running through her pubic hair. She angled my hand upwards and guided my fingers to rest on her crotch.

She pushed my fingers into her slit and I felt her warm juices coming out of her, making my fingers slippery and wet. I pulled my fingers back and brought them to my nose. They had a different smell than Suzy's, not quite was sweet, and a little tangier.

I put 2 fingers into my mouth and tasted her. She tasted coppery compared to her sister, like sucking on a penny. It was different but not unpleasant just nice to discover that girls tasted different. Jess motion for me to continue touching her so I lifted my hand and reached back down to her pussy. I ran my fingers along her slit and after a couple times I pressed a little further into her.

My fingers were coated by her wetness and I used the slickness to explore up and sexy milf like big hard black dick in their holes clip her pussy. I tried to find her clit but from this angle I couldn't seam to locate it. I ran my fingers over it a couple times and knew I had found it, but, after that I lost it and had to restart.

While I was exploring, Jess had started to kiss me on my neck and ears. She sucked on my earlobe and breathed in my ear, it sent shivers up and down my body. She ran her tongue up from my earlobe and around following the indent. She pushed her tongue into my ear canal and more shivers went up and down my body. I didn't know ears were so sensitive! She pulled her tongue out of my ear and continued kissing my neck and then started kissing my chest.

I had explored her entire private area and decided I wanted to stick my finger inside her. I used my middle finger and pressed into her. I had to curve my finger back towards me, like I was closing my fist, as I went deeper inside. Her warm pussy gripped my small finger and I felt her pulsating all around my finger. I pulled a little and then pressed back inside. I moved my finger all around. I discovered the bottom, (or top roof), to be rougher, while the rest was super smooth.

I worked my finger into the roughness and ran it in and out pressing into that roughness. Jess groaned and told me to keep doing that. I kept that up for a minute or so. Pulling my finger out and pushing it back in, then going from side to side. Jess told me to try 2 fingers. I pressed my index finger inside her and it joined my middle finger rubbing circles on the roof or her pussy. She suddenly told me to stop or this was going to go too far.

I pulled my fingers out of her and let my hand drop back down to the bed. In all Jess and my distraction Suzy had gotten up and gone out of the room. I expected she had needed to use the bathroom or something. Jess didn't mention it at all and didn't seam to have even noticed. Jess laid down on her stomach and told me to get up on top of her.

She spread her legs a couple inches and turned her head towards me. I rolled over and crawled up on to her. I laid down, letting my dick fall between her butt crack. I put my arms on the bed and repositioned my body a little lower, so my dick was actually hanging in the air below her ass.

I moved forward and felt the tip of my dick touch damp skin, I moved around a little and when I felt the dampness change to warm, slipperiness, I thrust into her.

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She gave a small cry and I pulled back, asking if I had hurt her. She said no, I was fine, keep going. I thrust back into her and let my weight rest on her butt cheeks. Her pussy was not nearly as tight as her sisters but it was still plenty tight and I could feel her flex her muscles around my dick. I pulled back and then pushed right back in, all the way, right up to where my balls made a soft slap. I started a rocking motion. Keeping my weight on her ass but using it to spring my dick back into her pussy.

I placed my hands on her back and pushed back, sliding out for her. Exclusive suck pussy with love I let up and sprung back inside.

I thought to myself that this was the best way to have sex I had tried yet. I kept the pushing out and then springing in going for several minutes. Every time I would go extra hard inward Jess would grunt. It was so amazing I told her if we kept this up I was going to orgasm. She replied to keep going as hard as I could. I started digging my feet into the bed and using my legs to slam into her. I pulled back and felt her body shift a little. I rammed my dick back into her but this time my dick went in the wrong hole.

She must have pushed her hips downward an inch or so. I could tell right away because of how dry it was, and it was much tighter. I paused for a second.

Jess hadn't said anything so I pulled my dick out and pushed it back into her pussy. I jacked in and out of her a few times before I felt her move again. This time I knew where she wanted my dick. I pushed it into her anus and with the lubrication from her pussy, my dick slid in without too much effort. I asked if she was ok. She said she was fine and to keep going. I pulled out almost all the way and then thrust back into her. I did this half a dozen times and she started to say "YES" every time I pulled out.

I picked up the pace and felt her anus pulsating around my cock. It was hotter than her pussy and the friction was almost more than I could bear. After a few much thrusts I felt an orgasm coming close. I pushed in and pulled out, pushed in, pulled out. A few more times and then stars exploded and I stopped moving while my body went in to convulsions.

I spasmed and squeezed my eyes shut so the stars would fade. I slowly opened my eyes and felt my dick being squeezed out of Jess's hole. She twisted her neck around and smiled at me, "We are going to do that a lot more, just wait and see!" I told her it was the best one I had had yet and that I was looking forward to sticking my dick up her butt again.

She rolled over and sat up. Kissing me on the lips. I felt her fingers stroke my hard on. I was young and one orgasm wasn't going to slow me down. She rubbed her hand along my shaft and let what was left of her pussy juice coat her hand.

She let my dick slide through her hand. I laid down on my back and she continued to stroke my cock. Without letting go of my dick she moved around to where she was kneeling between my legs and her other hand on the bed steading herself.

She brought her head down and kissed the tip of my dick softly. Her tits where hanging in front of me so I reached out both of my hands and grasped them lightly, massaging her nipples and making them hard. She blonde secretary fucked by huge cock arab boss out a deep breath, then took a large gulp of air, I felt her lips engulf my cock. She took my whole cock into her mouth and started moving up and down.

Like before when she was sucking on me it felt good, but this time I knew where my dick had just been and it wasn't long that the friction her mouth and tongue made sent me orgasming again.

I tried to push her off my dick because it had become ultra sensitive. She fought to stay on and keep her movement going. I hadn't even calmed back down when I was sent back over the edge. This time if felt like every muscle in my body seized up and I couldn't move. Jess kept sucking and I was paralyzed for what felt like 10 minutes. It started in my toes, then my feet, I was vibrating and shaking like I was having a seizure. It went up my legs and through by buttocks.

I arched my back as I felt it roll up my body. When my head started shaking I let out a loud yelp. Jess took her mouth off my dick and looked at me for a few seconds.

Then she said, "Are you ok?" I couldn't respond, I was still frozen in the after shock of what felt like the best orgasm I was ever going to have.

Finally I got out.

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"I am fine. That was amazing!" I heard soft foot steps and looked up, Suzy was standing next to the bed. Suzy asked, "Are you having all the fun without me?" Jess replied, "Of course not. Get up here and you can do it too." My dick was far too sensitive and seamed to be loosing it's stiffness. As my dick dropped Suzy watched it fall. I heard her whisper to her sister something about it shrinking. Jess laughed and told Suzy that it would grow back after a while. Jess laid down and motioned for Suzy to climb up and lay next to her.

Suzy climbed up on the bed and gave her sister a hug. She ended up with an arm just below her sisters breasts and her head on Jess's shoulder. I rolled over and laid on the opposite side of Jess, on her other arm. I placed my arm over her boobs and onto Suzy arm. We laid there for a while, Jess staring at the ceiling.

Suzy and I looking at each other across Jess's breasts. I was relaxing and my dick was completely soft and limp. I think Suzy was falling asleep and I closed my eyes. I didn't fall asleep, I just laid there for a few minutes. I felt Jess shift her weight a little and I opened my eyes. She was looking at me and I looked back at her. "Could you run your hands over my skin?" I didn't say anything but lifted my hand tamed teens shy teen girl gets dominated in rough sex video deepthroat swallow of Suzy's arm and placed it on Jess's stomach.

I rubbed my hand up and down her belly. When I got to Suzy's arm just below her boobs I lifted my arm and rubbed her boobs. One at a time. Her nipples weren't hard when I first started stroking her skin, but after a few passes I could feel her nipples harden and her aureolas stiffen. I took my hands off her boobs and started dragging my finger nails lightly along her belly.

I stopped each time I reached her patch of hair and went back up. I repeated this at least 10 times each time moving my fingers to a little different strip of smooth belly. I could feel goosebumps pop after I stroked her skin and she would quiver every couple of passes.

I stopped at her hair and outlined her triangle with one finger. Straight across the top and then down the valley between her thighs and abdomen. I made sure only to touch her skin and barely brush her hair.

This led me to only touching her thighs towards the point of her soft covering. I repeated this a second time, but this time I traced a slightly smaller circle, touching more of her light blond hair. I went round and round, closer and closer to the top of her puffy lips. I was building anticipation. Jess kept trying to move her body so I would get to her pussy faster but I just moved my hand with her. When I finally got to her slit I used my index and ring finger to spread apart her lips.

I softly started stroking upwards with my middle finger. I stoked at the very top a few times and then started working lower. She spread her legs and moved her hips upward telling me I was doing it just right. I had gone about an inch or so when she grabbed my hand and told me to stop right there. I continued stroking between her slit, I could feel her nub of a clitoris, it was bigger than Suzy's and easier to keep track of.

Every time I pressed harder I felt it slide away. Jess moaned when this happened. I kept pulling my finger over it like I was beckoning for some one to come. Every few times I would press harder and she would hum her approval. She started lifting her hips up, then settling back down again.

Lifting up and then down. She slowly picked up the pace and I had to keep my palm on her pubic bone. Otherwise she would have moved her body and my hand would have stayed put, taking my finger off her clit. She arched her back and lifted her whole body off the bed. And said, "Yes, thats it. Keep going." When Jess had moved, Suzy opened her eyes and was now sitting up. She asked what we were doing. Jess looked at her and stopped moving. It seamed she had gotten distracted.

"I was this close to orgasming" Jess held up two fingers with almost no space in between them. "I am sorry," Suzy said and she looked like she was sorry.

"It is ok. Do you want to help?" Suzy nodded her head and looked a little happier. Jess spread her legs and told Suzy to get between them, laying on her stomach and facing her private area.

Suzy sat up and got moved to the requested place. Jess started telling Suzy what to do. "Start with your tongue, licking upwards. Slowly work your tongue in between my lips." She motioned for Suzy to start.

I was sitting next to Jess and watched Suzy stick out her little tongue. She was slowly moving closer to her sisters crotch, watching her sister's eyes the whole time. When Suzy got her tongue into Jess's pussy and started licking up and down, Jess continued to give little pointers. More this way, or a little that way. I decided to get up and walk around the room for a minute. When I got up I saw the sight of a 13 year old laying on her back, her head propped on a pillow.

Her 6 year old sister laying on her stomach eating her out. If I thought my dick was hard before, now it was like a rock! I abandoned the idea of stretching my legs and climbed back onto the bed. I crawled and straddled Suzy's legs working my way up to where I was sitting on her thighs.

She wiggled her butt and hummed something indistinguishable into her sisters pussy. Jess said, "Do that again!" Suzy with her mouth full of her sisters clit hummed, "What again?" "The humming! Keep humming!" Suzy started to hum, first just monotones, then she started humming a song. I didn't recognize the song. It just sounded like random notes. Jess was panting and moaning now. Repeating over and over to just keep going. I laid down on top of Suzy and started thrusting my dick into her butt crack.

It felt really good and I started rocking back and forth, up and down. My dick was just riding in her ass crack, I pulled out and tried to reposition my dick lower. I pressed into her and just felt skin. I tried again and pushed my dick lower, to what I hoped was her pussy.

I felt a little wetness, and so I pushed, with one hard thrust, into her. She grunted and lifted her cute and nerdy japanese babe with glasses aoi mochida is really into good hard fucking she gives her a little. I let my dick come out a little bit, then I thrust back inside. Suzy grunted again. She was still trying to hum and suck on her sisters clit and not get distracted by me.

I let my dick rest inside her. She squeezed around me cock and it got pushed outwards. I elegant college girl is seduced and reamed by her aged mentor for a second then rammed back inside her.

She grunted. I could not believe how much tighter she was compared to her sister. Every time I thrust in, she squeezed and I was forced out an inch or so. I let that momentum take my dick to almost completely out, then I'd drive my dick back up her. It felt like I was hitting something hard when I was all the way inside her.

It was when I hit that that she grunted. Jess started moving her hips up and down and we were soon in rhythm. I thrust upwards, Suzy slid forward and Jess raised her hips.

My dick was squeezed out and Suzy slid down, Jess dropped her hips back to the bed. I thrust upwards, Suzy slid forwards and Jess raised her hips. It was an amazing feeling and I felt an orgasm coming close. Jess was starting to buck her hips faster and I sped up accordingly. Suzy was grunting fast and humming louder and louder. I thought I would explode.

My little dick was ramming in and out of Suzy like a rabid dog. I could see Jess and she was going into violent spasms. Suzy let out a long drawn out moan and I forced my dick into her pussy and held it there as I started heaving and twitching.

I couldn't keep my eyes open and I collapsed onto Suzy's back. My legs where shaking and I couldn't move. I felt Suzy's pussy force my dick out. I didn't have any control over my body movements so I couldn't push my cock back in.

I could feel Suzy adjust her hips and then she plunged her body downward and started spasming and jerking about on my dick. I couldn't believe it. We were all orgasming at the same time. It was over too fast and I let my dick fall out of Suzy I rolled over and laid on my back, my dick still pulsating in the air.

Suzy untangled herself from her sister's legs and crawled to the other side of me. I turned towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She turned and kissed me back. I was still short of breath but I breathed heavily through my nose and kept my lips locked on Suzy's luscious lips. I probed her mouth and tasted her sister's pussy juice on her tongue. She pushed my tongue around in her mouth, I could feel her missing front teeth and her sharp incisors, further back I could feel her molars.

She didn't try to push my tongue out of her mouth, or put her's in mine. I guess her tongue was still tired from working on her sister's clit. We kissed for a few more seconds before Jess came over and pried us apart.

Jess said, "Mom and Dad will be home soon so we need to get cleaned up and dressed." Suzy got off the bed and jumped to the floor. She leaned over and got her panties back on. Then her shirt and then she put her pants back on. I got my pants on as well and slipped on my t-shirt.

Jess didn't get dressed but gathered up her clothes and walked up the stairs. I followed right behind her, watching her ass shift back and forth. She went into cuddly teen is gaping narrow slit in close range and coming bathroom and closed the door. I listened for a few seconds and could hear the water beginning to run into the tub. Suzy came up next to me and grabbed my hand. She kissed me on the mouth and then started tugging me back up stairs to the living room.

I walked behind her and she led me to the back yard. Even though we had had the lights on in the house it was still very bright outside and I blinked a few times to let my eyes adjust. I looked up at the sun and saw it was low on the horizon. I told Suzy I had to get back to my house and I would see her later.

She pulled me close and kissed me again. My dick was poking out of my pants so I pressed it against her private area. She pushed back and ground herself against my dick. I dry humped and kissed her for a minute or so. I let go of her and ran out of their backyard. I closed the space between our houses and ran up the front walkway.

I opened the door and sprinted up to my bedroom. I laid down in my bed and thought about what had happened. It was a lot to take in for one day. I watched the street and about 15 minutes later I saw Jess and Suzy's mom and beautiful teen crumpet rubs wet crack hardcore and russian drive into their driveway.

We had cut that close! "Dinners ready," I heard my mom yell up the stairs. "I'll be right there," I hollered back. I got up and paused by the window again, looking over at my neighbor's house. I thought, I am going to have good dreams tonight!