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Free littlemisselle sucks and rides big thick dick
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Author's note: This is a continuation of Cindy's first story Policewomen 5. Most of the same characters reappear. Having only ever had one orgasm in her life, Cindy's friend suggests she sleeps with black men, hoping that will cause her to cum. I've italicized the bestiality scene I threw in for fun in case that's not your thing, you can skip it.

Two years ago. -1- Cindy was dripping sweat onto Bea's back. Her large strap-on was furiously pumping in and out of her friend and lover. Bea arched her back, crying out in Cindy's bedroom. "Shhh," Cindy reminded her. "Sorry," Bea fell to her tummy, heaving and panting after another orgasm coursed through her.

"Don't want Collin to hear." "Yes," Bea rolled over, the strap-on sliding out of her. "Not sure what he'd think if he walked in on his mother fucking a woman with a fake cock." "Yeah, well, I think he knows you and I are more than friends," Cindy said, lying next to Bea on the bed. "It's been a year of us sexy ebony teen railed by stranger dude this.

You korea utara by movis freand is mam felt like going back to men?" Bea asked. "Nope." Cindy extended her arm, putting it around the busty, dyed redhead Bea. Bea's sister, Bella entered the bedroom, seeing Cindy wearing the strap-on. "Yes!" the taller, equally busty, blonde cheered.

"Shhh," Cindy glared at Bella. "Sorry! I'm tired of Collin always beating me at his new video game. Thought I'd come in here," Bella said, undressing, crawling onto the bed, onto of Cindy. She kissed Cindy, guiding her fake cock inside her. Bea watched Cindy grab one of Bella's tits, sucking on it, while Bella ground against her, the strap-on inside her. Bea pushed some of Cindy's dark, brown hair behind an ear. "You still haven't cum, have you? Bella and I have been living here for over six months, sharing your bed, licking your pussy, loving on your body almost every day and you haven't had one orgasm." "Nope," Cindy replied, briefly popping Bella's tit out of her mouth, quickly resuming feeding off it.

She gave Bella a slap to the ass while Bella kept riding her. Bea smiled, stretching like a cat on their bed. "You should go black." "Huh?" Cindy asked, her hands on Bella's waist, slowing her down. "Black guys," Bea said, getting off the bed, heading to the bathroom. "She's suggesting you have sex with a black guy," Bella finished her sister's advice.

"Who knows, you might finally cum!" "I get what she meant, but I don't know " "Yes, believe me," Bella said. "You want hard, animalistic, sex? Or wonderful, sensual loving making with a big black dick? Go black. You'll cum." "Yes you will!" Bea said, exiting the bathroom, climbing back in bed, snuggling against Cindy. "They are the only men I'll sleep with.

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Of course I love woman's touch too." Bea and Bella glanced at one another, Cindy didn't notice. Cindy shrugged, "Maybe." "Why do you think my marriage ended? Too much black cock to have fun with," Bea said. "I've been looking to moving to Florida," Cindy changed the subject. "Can we come with you?" Bea asked.

"Of course," Cindy smiled, grabbing Bella's breasts, slapping her ass again to tell her to resume riding the strap-on. "A friend is coming to LA for a quick trip in few weeks," Bea said. "Bella and I have been having sex with him for a long time. I'll introduce you to him." Cindy shrugged. The possibility of have an orgasm after almost 16 years of not having one; she was willing to try anything.

As Bella rode Cindy to her own climax, Bea looking on, waiting her turn again, Cindy briefly thought about the night she gave birth to her son, Collin. It was the first and last time she had an orgasm it was a rare occurrence to have one during child birth, but Cindy did. Sex with her ex-husband didn't work.

Sex toys didn't work. Sex with women didn't work. Therapy didn't work. Bea was suggesting she go black, as if there was some sort of difference. Frustrated, tired, on the verge of not caring anymore, Cindy considered trying this specific type of man. -2- The next day, Cindy was off work.

She was at the gym around dawn until 8am. She came home, showered. Bea, Bella, Collin were already gone for the day to work and school respectively.

Squeezing her tit, the other hand working her pussy, she masturbated once again, hoping to cum. As predicted, she didn't. Yes it felt good. It felt good when Bea and Bella ate her pussy, it felt good years ago when she last had sex with a man yet she never achieved an orgasm. "Think," she said. "Like animals, rough sex, black men taking me." She rubbed away at her clit, holding and squeezing a breast, picturing black men relentlessly pounding her from behind.

Cindy moaned in the shower, "come on," she thought. "Keep going," she said, picturing several men taking her at once. Asian cutie gets her hairy cunt slammed nothing.

Cindy stopped, realizing it was pointless. Bea cooked dinner that night, Cindy watching her son and Bella play video games while they waited. Her son was almost 16. Collin was such a gentleman with these two women living with them. He never once tried to flirt or do anything inappropriate. After dinner, he helped his mother clean up, Bea and Bella retiring to bed early. Cindy, sitting next to her son on the couch, thought more about experiencing sex with a black man.

"Maybe once," Cindy thought, remembering Bea and Bella's friend they mentioned. She sighed, stood, kissing Collin's head, "Don't stay up too late." "Night Mom," he said. She found Bea and Bella in bed, naked, waiting for her as usual they were asleep this time. Cindy undressed as well, climbing in bed in between them. She held out her arms, pulling in the two women against her, their hands resting on her toned, flat stomach.

"Go black. You'll cum," Bella's words echoed in her head. Cindy shook her head in the dark bedroom, thoughts mom and son sex vdecom Tampa, the potential job there, getting away from Los Angeles, replaced them. The next few days at work, doing paperwork after her patrol route, Cindy found herself daydreaming again. She pictured arresting a black man and riding his cock in the back of her patrol car.

She imagined making a visit to a black homeowner and having sex after questioning him about something. "Stupid," she sighed, focusing on finishing her paperwork. The week slowly crawled on. Her mornings in the gym, her day on her patrol route, and her nights with her son, followed by sex with Bea and Bella. Bea asked a few more times if Cindy thought anymore about sex with a black man, reminding her that their friend would be in LA soon.

Cindy never gave a good answer, saying she didn't know, or maybe. ****** "Ooh, then there was that time I went on vacation with the two brothers," Bea was going on and on the next night in bed with Cindy about her past sexual exploits with black men, while Bella licked and ate out Cindy's pussy. "I remember them," Bella said, resuming her work on Cindy. "Yes, Ronnie and Rodney.

Those two guys," Bea smiled. "I was with them for a while. We'd go on several vacations. They wore me out. One in my pussy or ass and the other in my mouth, it was great. It was just us three in a nice tropical resort. I loved it." "I see," Cindy said, not truly paying attention to either woman. Bella's pussy eating wouldn't bring Cindy an orgasm anyway. "Yeah they were great. They loved white women and loved double-teaming," Bella added.

"Remember Fat Rob?" "Yes!" Bea answered. "Gosh I remember his black cock was so fat and thick. He shared us with all his buddies too. Bella and I had some great times here in LA." "I wonder whatever happened to Fat Rob?" Bella asked. "No idea. Maybe we'll look him up one day when we're on the East coast." "Sounds like the two of you have had some great times," Cindy said, leaning back in her bed.

Bella and Bea rose up to her, kissing down her neck, sucking her tits. Cindy ignored them, thinking about her situation.

"I'm telling you, our friend will be here in LA soon," Bea reminded Cindy. "I'd want to be taken like an animal. Royally fucked so I can't walk," Cindy said. "Wow," Bea said. "Sure. He can do that." "Good," Cindy closed her eyes, letting the two sisters continue to worship her body. -3- "Like an animal. That's what I need," Cindy thought, sitting in her darryl hanah and shyla jameson ffm some sex in the bedroom young old and pornstars car.

"Tear me up. Maybe I'll climax from that. Rough sex." She pictured huge black men taking her over and over, pounding her from behind, while on all fours.

Near the end of her shift, Cindy accessed a database on her laptop each police car came with. She searched for various terms, black, African-American, the pausing before typing in another term: gang. Cindy shook her head, seeing profiles of arrested and incarcerated gang members. Some were Latino, many were black.

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Scrolling through the profiles, seeing a few smug faces smiling at the camera mixed with several stone-faced, angry looking faces, Cindy thought about visiting them in prison. She imagined being locked in their cell with them for a weekend. She clicked on a tab that showed past arrests for those not currently in prison. Most were small misdemeanors that were taken care of via plea deals.

Others were felons, armed robbery, burglary, drugs, assault that was plea bargained down to a small amount of prison time. Most of these playboy tv swing season 4 episode 3 belonged to the two largest gangs on the West coast the Bloods and the Crips. Cindy never dealt with any gang crime before.

Her patrol route was in Beverly Hills. Domestic disputes with drugged-out, Hollywood types were the usual calls she answered along with speeding tickets for the rich who think they are above traffic laws. Scrolling through profiles, her pussy getting wet at the thought of being manhandled by gang members, Cindy closed the laptop, drove into her precinct and put in a time off request.

Plowing into Bea from behind with her strap-on, Cindy grit her teeth, angrily fucking her friend. She wasn't upset at Bea, she was upset at herself. Driven by the desire to cum, Cindy decided to do something very foolish. She pulled out of Bea and slammed right into Bella, on all fours, next to her sister. Gripping her hips, Cindy pummeled Bella just like Cindy imagined black men pummeling her. "Come on!" she gripped Bella's blonde hair, pulling her up against her body, ordering her to cum, just like she hoped a black man would order her to.

After Bella's climax, Cindy pulled out, removed her strap-on and climbed on top of Mom and sun real story, kissing and grinding against her. "I'm going black," Cindy told Bea, kissing her.

"I need you and Bella to hang out with Collin. I'm going to be taking a long weekend trip soon." "We will," Bea kissed back. "Don't ask questions, don't follow me, just stay here and play videos games with my son," Cindy said.

The two sisters nodded. The three of them had sex for the rest of the night, Bea and Bella cumming several times. ****** Cindy had trouble sleeping for the next couple weeks. Bea and Bella went on and on each night about all the black men they've dated and slept with including their special friend who would be in town soon. Other than that, the burning, yearning desire to cum was building to an all-time high.

Cindy counted down the days to her long weekend. She had everything planned out; what she would do when her shift ended, where she would go, how she would present herself, everything. In between going son rape and fuck mom unwilling slepy her plan in her head, briefly thinking how stupid and dangerous it was, Cindy spoke on the phone with the recruiting officer in Tampa, Florida. A move there seemed more and more likely should she survive what she had in mind.

With desperation and lust on her mind, Cindy enacted her plan with the hope of having an orgasm nearly 16 years after her first and only one during Collin's birth. Arriving at the address she obtained, along with a name, putting her patrol car in park, still wearing her uniform, Cindy walked to the front door of the run down, small house in Compton. She knocked several times, finally getting an answer.

"Yeah?" a young black man answered through teen closeup blowjob and horny swallow cum k ultra hd kriss kiss cracked door, eyes glaring at the white, female cop.

"What do you want?" "I'm here to speak with Terrance," Cindy spoke the name. "He ain't here," the guy lied. "He's not in trouble," Cindy said, before he could shut the door. "I just want to tell him something. Please." Cindy maintained eye contact, nodding politely. "Hold on." Several minutes passed, Cindy waiting, her pussy nearly dripping at what she was about to do.

Finally the door flung open, a huge, tall black man stood before her. "What the fuck do you want?" "Terrance?" Cindy asked, looking up to him. She was nearly six feet tall, but Terrance was several inches taller and hugely muscular, taking up most of the doorway.

"Yeah?" Cindy removed her hat, dropping it on porch. She undid her hair bun, letting her long, dark hair flow down to her ass.

She quickly unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it off her body. She removed her belt, sitting it on the porch, still maintaining eye contact.

She unzipped and unbuttoned her pants, pulling them down, kicking off her boots, pulling off her black socks. Cindy removed her heavy bulletproof vest, letting it land with a loud thud on the wooden porch floor. She flung off her bra and thong, finally, standing nude before Terrance. His mouth hung open in disbelief. Several of his fellow gang members joined him at the door, equally shocked. Several "what the fuck"s could be heard. A car honked, speeding by with loud rap music playing, Cindy ignored it.

She stepped toward the shocked Terrance, placing her hand slowly on his shoulder. "Terrance." Her eyes narrowed, she grit her teeth, anger and lust in her voice, "I want you to fuck me all weekend. Got it?" The local leader of LA branch of the Bloods, Terrance, nodded slowly, looking over her extreme boobs nina north gets used and d, toned frame. He grabbed Cindy by back of the head, flinging her naked body into the house.

"Get the fuck in here, bitch." -4- The blows came hard and fast. Terrance didn't trust her, none of them did. He punched her in the gut, flung her across the room, catching her with a right hook across her face. Cindy took it. She knew he was establishing his dominance. Terrance picked her up and slammed her on a table, causing it to break; Cindy crashing down with it. He kicked her in the side, pulling her up by her long hair.

"Listen to me," Terrance sitting on her back, a handful of hair. "If I feel you can't be trusted. You won't make it out of here alive. You got me?" Cindy, her lip bleeding, cheek cut, a black eye, nodded. Terrance pulled her to her feet, picked her up and flung her over his huge shoulders.

He slammed the bedroom door shut after entering it, then slammed Cindy on the bed. Terrance looked at her, watching her lick her lips with hunger at him. He went to remove his shirt and as it was briefly covering his face, the quick and agile Cindy made her move. She swung her leg around on the mattress, catching Terrance in the gut. She jumped behind him, grabbing, pulling his arm behind his back, then slamming him into the wall.

Cindy pulled him back, and then slammed him into the wall again. She pulled his arm up higher, just before the threshold of dislocating his shoulder. Terrance clinched his teeth to avoid screaming in pain. "Now you listen to me, you worthless piece of shit!" Cindy hissed into his ear. "Your number one purpose while I'm here is to fuck me like the animal you are. Do you understand?" Terrance was squirming, struggling to breathe through the pain she was inflicting in his arm and shoulder. "Answer me!

Do you understand?" Cindy pulled his arm up higher. "Ugh! Y-yes!" Terrance said through the agony. "Good," Cindy loosened her grip, spun Terrance around and punched him across the face hard, sending him to the ground. She bent at the knees, grabbing him by the throat and pulling him to his feet. "Now make me cum. All weekend." Terrance nodded, witnessing who the true dominant was. Cindy released his throat and took a step back. He rubbed his hands together, looking over her body.

He removed his boots, followed by unzipping his pants and pulling them down. Cindy's eyes widened when Terrance pulled his boxers down next. She refocused and nodded to him. "Like an animal? That what you want, bitch?" Terrance asked. "You got it." He lunged at her, throwing her on the bed, flipping her over, sliding his huge erect rod into her from behind.

Cindy was screaming out in pain, stretched like never before. "Ah yeah, love tight, white pussy," Terrance moaned, sliding into her all the way as hard as he could. He gripped her hips, slapped her ass, and got to work. He pinned her down by the back of her neck, holding her in place like an animal would its prey. Terrance violently slammed his hips against her, driving his big cock deeply inside her, banging against her cervix. It hurt, but she didn't care.

Turning her head to the side, she was able to see Terrance behind her in her peripheral vision. He wouldn't let her up. She was pinned by the throat to the mattress while Terrance fucked her.

"Fuck me," Cindy whispered. "What's that, bitch?" Terrance said, still pounding away at her. "I said, fuck me," Cindy said a little louder. Terrance laughed, "You have no idea what me and my boys have in store for you. You won't be able to walk. You'll be cumming non-stop. We're gonna tear that pussy up!" Cindy hoped he was right. She hoped this would work and she was finally going to have another orgasm.

Terrance laughed again, released her neck, and grabbed both her wrists. He pulled them back, using them like handlebars on a bike, and continued his big cock assault. ****** Hours passed. Cindy was sore, but never felt so stretched out and full. Terrance was a machine, never cumming, continuously fucking her. He was behind her for the most part. But sometimes he'd pick her up, face her towards him, and slam her back against a wall.

Cindy would wrap her legs around him while Terrance bounced her up and down. They knocked over a lamp, some pictures of fallen gang members off the wall, and made a total mess of the small bathroom they wound up in. Terrance was sitting on the toilet, hands gripping Cindy's waist, ordering her to ride him until her legs gave out. She did just that, squatting up and down on Terrance until her legs were jelly. Terrance picked up the exhausted Cindy, cock still inside her, and took her to the bed.

This time he was on top of her, propping himself up with his hands, pounding away at her. "Come on!" he ordered her to cum. Harder interview girls tutorial how tdoing masturbates harder he slammed into her.

Sweat dripped down on her equally sweaty body. Cindy clutched his back, urging him on. He fucked her so hard the bed broke. When they collapsed to the floor Terrance kept going, working toward his climax. "Ahh! White cop bitch!" He grunted, his cock erupting inside her.

Cindy's mouth hung open, looking up at Terrance, feeling his cock pump her with massive amounts of his semen. "Yeahhh, that's it. That's it," Terrance said, out of breath. He looked to Cindy's wide eyes, her mouth still open, and kissed her his mouth covering hers. "Good. That's a good white pussy," Terrance rolled of her, bringing her with him. He held her naked, sweaty body against his. "I gotta go tend to some business tomorrow. I'll be back Sunday.

You'll be here with my boys. I'll fuck you in the morning before I leave," Terrance said, moments before drifting off to sleep.

Cindy, wide awake, nodded in his huge arms. -5- The next morning Cindy was slowly jacking Terrance's weakened cock after he filled her pussy again.

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She was lying in arms, they were kissing. Terrance reached next to the bed, to the table where the lamp was knocked off, grabbing the marijuana joint he lit early in the morning. Cindy kissed his chest, her hands roaming his body, while he inhaled from the joint. "Here, you finish it. You'll probably need it to help you get through the day and night," Terrance gave her the joint. Cindy took a few puffs, inhaling the smoke.

She smiled softly, kissing Terrance. He sat up, Cindy finishing the joint, watching him cute attractive cutie fondles herself hardcore blowjob. "I'll tell my boys to clean you up for me tomorrow. I'll be back in the morning. I'm going to want that pussy one more time before you leave." Cindy smiled and nodded. ****** "Dumb bitch, suck that cock," one of the dozen black gang members in Terrance's home told Cindy a few hours later.

She was getting taken by another gang member from behind. Her hands were jacking the cocks of two others, and she was seconds away from having her throat fucked by another. Later, one gang member sneered at her, holding her up, her legs around him while his friend entered her ass.

Cindy cried out with pain, but wanted it she wanted to cum more than anything. They passed her around all day and into the night. Her ass was sore from anal penetration. Her pussy was sore from being used all day. Her throat and mouth was sore from constantly sucking black cock. Some of the men beat her; punching her before fucking her. They poured vodka all over her, blew marijuana smoke in her face, one man displayed his hatred of cops by whipping her over and over with his belt.

Cindy didn't care, she had to be patient, she felt she'd orgasm any second. She had to hang in there. After midnight, the gang members surrounded an exhausted, battered, sweaty, dirty Cindy and each took turns jacking off on her. When the last man went, he picked her up and threw her into the small hallway bathroom, tossing aside the shower curtain and dumping her into the bathtub.

Cindy was slippery from semen and slipped when she tried to stand. Lying on her back, out-of-breath, she waited. "Orgasm," she thought. "Please," she pleaded with it as though it were a sentient entity. The first gang member entered the bathroom, naked, looking down on her. He grabbed his cock, pointed it at Cindy and urinated on her. "Shit," she gasped. "What are you " she slipped again when she tried to pull herself up.

The second member entered, looking at her, a police officer, with disdain. He, too, urinated on her. He was followed by the third, fourth, fifth, and several minutes later, the sixth, seventh and eighth.

Finally, all 12 men had peed on her. Cindy lay there, in shock, warm from the fluid. "It'd be really nice if I got an orgasm out of this!" she yelled in her head. Her anger had no time to build. Another gang member entered the bathroom, threw a towel over her and picked her up.

He carried her to the back porch and threw her out into the backyard, kicking the cop in the back of the head for fun. Cindy lost consciousness lying in the small backyard, surrounded by a worn down wooden fence. ****** "That feels good," Cindy thought a half hour later. She was being licked. She moaned feeling a tongue traverse her back, her thighs, and her ass.

"Mmm, who is that?" she thought, her head still in pain, hot mom step son xxx story still dizzy when she tried to move.

She instinctually lifted her ass slightly, arching her back for the tongue that was now licking her asshole. She smiled when she felt another tongue lick at her neck.

Cindy felt something else too fur. Next she heard sniffing sounds. "No," she thought, trying to pull herself up. She was tasting a wet japanese bawdy cleft stockings hardcore to get to all fours, crawling along the backyard on the hot summer night. "No," she thought again. Looking over her shoulder, she saw three hungry Rottweilers. They were licking their lips, walking toward her.

"Ow," her head was aching, she fell to her stomach. Again, she felt more licks along her back and ass. Then she felt the weight of one of the dogs on top of her. He was erect and hungry not for food, for pussy. "I can't," She grimaced in pain, pulling herself along the grass and dirt.

One of the other dogs was circling her, no longer licking her. Cindy moaned when she felt warm urine land on her back. She kept crawling, pulling herself away. She made it to a doghouse, hoping they wouldn't come in, hoping there wouldn't be enough room. The dogs followed her.

The one on her back was humping away at her skin, trying to find her pussy. Another beat her to the doghouse, waiting inside. Cindy crawled in the doghouse, coming to a rest on her tummy. An erect, nicely sized, dog cock was inches from her face.

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She heard him panting above her. The dog stood over Cindy, sniffing, licking at her neck, his cock dangling against the back of her head. "I just want to cum," she begged herself. She rose on her elbows, the dog moved to the side, still inspecting her. "Just make me cum, please," she whispered. Cindy arched her back, her ass higher in the air. The dog on her back, found her pussy and slid in.

"Ahhh!" Cindy cried, feeling the dog knot pry her open. She caught her breath, looked to the dog near her head, sniffing about, and grabbed his cock. "Mmm, yes," she said in between sucking and licking at the Rottweiler's cock. Her desire to climax overrode any logic she had. The black gang members didn't make her cum; she wondered if these dogs would. The Rottweilers went almost as long as Terrance. They each mounted her, knotted themselves in her, and mated with her.

When one dog wasn't fucking her, she was sucking its cock.

She didn't care anymore. When they were finally done with her, she rolled over to her back, extending her arms and her new canine friends snuggled up to her. Solo amateur teen toying her pussy outdoors toys licked her face and were asleep in minutes with Cindy joining them. ****** Bea and Bella smiled at one another, naked on their knees, while their friend sat on the couch leaning his head back.

They were servicing his long, straight, black cock. Cindy's son, Collin, was in his bed. The two sisters were being quiet. Bea licked his black rod, passing it to Bella to do the same. Bea rose to sit next to him, kissing him tenderly, "Let's take this to bed. We haven't seen you in a while; we have to make delightsome pleasuring from hot teen smalltits and hardcore for lost time." Once in Cindy's bedroom, the two naked women undressed him, slowly removing his clothes then guiding him on his back.

They climbed into his outstretched arms, hands roaming his body. They kissed his face, and then worked their way down his body, to his cock. "I know you're tired from your flight, but do you think you can stay awake a little longer for us?" Bea asked.

His hands glided over the two white women's bodies, "I think I can manage." -6- Morning light shone on Cindy's exposed legs. It made its way to her face, causing her eyes to open.

She was surrounded by canines. One of them stirred, exiting the doghouse, walking around the backyard. A hand grabbed Cindy's ankle, strong, dark brown in color. The gang member dragged her out of the doghouse, through the yard, and up three stairs onto the porch. Several more men were waiting. One grabbed her hands, and with the other carrying her by her ankles, they made their way to the small bath tub. They tossed her in, one of them turning on the cold shower.

"Clean, bitch," he commanded, nodding to shampoo and soap on the edge of the tub. They watched Cindy bathe, admiring her body, whispering among themselves while tugging on their erections through their shorts.

When she was done, they grabbed her, and pushed her into the bedroom. Terrance was waiting for her, naked on his bed. "Get to work," He nodded to his erect cock. Cindy nodded back, climbing on top of him, kissing his face, her pussy oozing with desire to have an orgasm. She kissed won his body and after she covered his massive rod with saliva, jacking it while she sucked on his nut sack, Terrance ordered her to get on it.

"Ride that dick, bitch." Cindy did just that, begging her body to let her cum, pleading with her clitoris, her pussy, her brain to let her have an orgasm.

Terrance watched her, nodding in approval as Cindy squatted up and down, bouncing like a crazed white slut, wanting to cum more than anything on his cock.

The bed was already broken. She would tear the house down with Terrance if it meant she'd cum. They were interrupted. One of Terrance's men barged in. Cindy kept bouncing up and down on Terrance. "Yo, T, we got a problem." "Shit," Terrance said, stopping Cindy, flinging her off him. He grabbed his cum drenched gloryhole euro toyed with dildo threesome cumshot and headed outside.

There were several gang members from a smaller, lesser known gang outside in the front yard. Their handguns were out. They were demanding to speak to Terrance. "Suicide?

Ya'll know you'll be dead if you fuck with me," Terrance said, pushing a comrade out of the way, marching down the front porch steps. "You said the drugs were good. They fucked up one of my bitches. I can't be lied to," the rival member pointed his gun at Terrance. "If I die, I take your punk-ass with me." "We had a deal, we had your word that the drugs were fine," Another opposing gang member pointed his gun at Terrance.

Terrance slowly looked over his shoulder, "Bring her out." His underling did as was told; reappearing seconds later, his hand clutching Cindy's hair. He pushed her over to Terrance. He nodded to the naked Cindy to get on her knees and continue servicing him. Terrance's enemies were confused, watching this naked brunette fish out Terrance's cock and suck it.

"You want us to kill her too?" "You not killing anybody," Terrance said, Cindy sucking his cock like her life depended on it. "You gonna calm down, we gonna go inside, we gonna have some of this pussy and talk about what went wrong with that shipment," Terrance calmly said. "You understand?" They glanced to one another, slowly putting their guns away. ****** Cindy was used all day as a peace offering. The smaller, other gang, Terrance made a drug deal with, fucked her just as hard as Terrance did.

She took up to three at a time, their cum ending up in her stomach. No one fed her, so semen was the only nourishment she received. At the end of the day, the gang members left Terrance's house. The misunderstanding about the drug shipment was talked about without resorting to violence. As the night crawled on, Cindy sore and barely able to stand, was on all fours with Terrance behind her.

"When you leave, you not going to your police friends about what happened here," Terrance slapped her ass. Cindy shook her head. "We'll know who, and we'll come after you, your friends, your family anyone to take you out," Terrance added, his hips slapping against her. "I know," Cindy looked over her shoulder. "I won't tell." Terrance pulled out, flipped Cindy over onto her back and slid back in. Inches from her face he asked her a question. "Did you cum a lot for my friends?

For me?" Back at Cindy's home, Bea and Bella's longtime friend was sitting on the edge of the bed. Bea and Bella were on their knees, sucking his cock, and a third woman was there too. She was standing in front of him, her ass in his face, his tongue licking and swirling all over it. "You want some of this dick now, Suelyn?" Bea asked their Latina friend.

"Yes!" she cried out. Bea grabbed Suelyn's hips, positioning her big, muscular ass, directly onto their friend's black cock. "Ah yeah," he moaned as Suelyn's ass lowered onto his cock.

Suelyn's eyes rolled into the back of her head. She put her hands on his knees and squatted up and down on his big dick. "Enjoy it. We have time," Bea said. ****** Back at Terrance's, Cindy was having a final goodbye fuck. "Remember what I said?" Terrance asked. Cindy stopped her crazy, black cock riding. "Yes. I won't tell. I needed this weekend. I used your dick, you used my pussy.

We have an agreement." Terrance slapped her ass, "You'll find your shit by the door when you're ready to leave." -7- Cindy made it home later that day. She was starving, exhausted, and thankful she survived one of the stupidest things she's ever done all hoping to achieve an orgasm after 16 years. Her son, Collin, was playing basketball with the neighbors. Cindy waved at him and went inside. She heard Bea, Bella, and a male's voice laughing, talking in the kitchen.

She ignored them, heading straight to the shower. The hot steam enveloped her. She thought of her weekend, regret, shame filled her. She thought about talking to a therapist, maybe seek medication.

Cindy sat down in the shower stall, letting the hot water sooth her aching, tired muscles worn out from the constant sex of the weekend.

Cindy shook her head, disgusted at herself. Several moments later, she was drying off in her bathroom. She wrapped the towel around her body, thinking about what to eat, then wanting to go to bed.

She entered her bedroom; her plans for food were interrupted. Someone was in her bed, waiting for her. "Hi," Cindy said, forgetting all about the friend Bea and Bella went on and on about.

"Hello," the naked black man sat up. Cindy glanced to his erection, her mouth salivating. She undid the hardcore with sexy luscious babe smalltits blowjob and let it fall to floor.

Cindy went to her knees, grabbing the man's cock, slowly licking and kissing all over it. The black man moaned, "My name is Ulysses by-the-way. You must be Cindy." She nodded her head, slurping and sucking lovingly all over his huge cock. Saying no more words, she guided him to his back and climbed on top of him. Her stretched out pussy easily accommodated him.

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Cindy settled, his cock balls deep, and kissed him. She arched her back and rode him. Ulysses squeezed and sucked her breasts causing her eyes to flutter, her spine to tingle. Ulysses rolled Cindy to her back, pulled out of her, and kissed his way down her toned body. His tongue invaded her pussy next.

He licked all around her insides, coating his tongue in her juices, and then proceeded to suck her engorged clitoris. He smiled at an out-of-breath, heaving Cindy.

Ulysses grabbed her breasts, climbed up and reentered her. ****** "Hey. Welcome. Your first day right?" Cindy was asked a couple months later. She, her son, and two best friends, Bea and Bella, had recently moved to Tampa, Florida. The man that spoke to her was tall, muscular, shaved head, and black. "I'm TJ," He held out his hand. "My shift is over, but I wanted to say hello." Cindy smiled up at the huge fellow police officer.

Their eyes met, unable to look away. Several minutes later, Cindy pinned TJ against a locker in the empty women's lovely brunette kimber woods ends up fucked by logans huge cock masturbation and pornstars room.

She was kissing him, grabbing at his crotch. "You're friendly," TJ chuckled, pushing her away. "I am," Cindy said, kissing him again, tearing off each other's uniforms.

TJ picked her up and took her to the shower. That evening, Cindy was wide awake lying in TJ's arms. A naked Bea was snuggling against her back, Bella on the other side of TJ.

When the two sisters came home, they thought Cindy and Collin would be asleep. Cindy's son was, but not Cindy. They walked in on her and TJ having sex. Naturally, they stripped and joined in. The three white women all worshipped TJ's cock and body.

Cindy rose from TJ's huge arm, looking at the sleeping bodies around her. She grabbed a nearby bathrobe and headed to her door. Cindy turned around, sighing, seeing the sleeping mass of naked people in her bed. She closed the door and walked down the hall. Cindy stood in the doorway of her son's bedroom, watching him sleep.

Memories of the day she gave birth to him, flashed in her head. The nurses, her mother, all cheering her on, telling her to push. The sensation of the birth canal expanding; her muscles tightening.

She was so close; so close to pushing him out and cumming at the same time. Cindy shook the memory from her head. She closed his door, letting him sleep a little longer. Giving birth to Collin was the last time Cindy had an orgasm nearly 16 years ago. The end. *************************** She's tried women, she's gone black, and nothing worked. The final story in the Policewomen series is next. Take a guess at who she's going to go after next.

Yep, her son. ***************************