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Sweet ebony gives wet oral job pornstar hardcore
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Hide and Peek Nancy got up the next morning just before dawn to change and go out for her regular run. It was a "short" run by her training plan - only five miles - and she used the time alone to review the events of the previous evening and try to sort through her thoughts and feelings. Her sister's open admission about her swinging lifestyle came as a surprise, but watching her and her husband almost having sex in front of her and Paul in the family room left Nancy's mind reeling.

More surprising than the live sex show she witnessed, was her own reaction. Even though her mind went numb, her body was definitely excited. She also remembered Paul's reaction and how he seemed to enjoy watching Ann and James. She then felt another wave of jealousy at the wanton way her sister offered herself to Paul, but also felt good about his rejection of Ann in preference to her. When she finished her run, Nancy walked the last mile home to cool off and catch her breath.

By the time she reached her home, the sun was well up and promised another hot clear day. She went inside and back to the kitchen where she found Ann pouring a cup of coffee by herself. She was wearing a long t-shirt which barely reached her thighs as Ann turned and sat down, Nancy noticed she wasn't wearing anything else under it. "Good morning!" she said casually. "I see you figured out the coffee pot," she said as she poured a cup of coffee, Nancy joined her sister at the table.

"Nance, I'm so sorry about last night," Ann began. "I don't know what came over me to carry on like that with James in front of you and Paul. You must think we're some sort of crazed sex maniacs." "That's okay," Nancy replied unconvincingly. "I guess we all had a bit too much to drink." "Well, maybe, but I didn't feel all that drunk," Ann responded. "James was gone all week working to help repair all the downed power lines from the storm that came through here a week ago.

While he was gone, I just about went crazy missing him. He got home yesterday morning but was so tired, he went right redhead teen loves it rough assslave yoga sleep and didn't wake up until just before we packed and drove out here for the weekend.

When he kissed and started touching me after dinner, I just lost it and couldn't stop myself." "Well, I can't say it didn't bother me, but even though part of me felt shocked and offended, another part of me was enjoying it in some perverse way." "Don't think of it being perverted. Almost everyone gets excited watching someone else have sex. That's why movie makers put sex scenes in their films. It gets the audience excited and keeps them interested and hoping for more.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but you and Paul watched us for a while before saying anything." Nancy blushed again and looked down at her coffee without responding. "And by the way," Ann continued, "If you ever want to sleep with James, I'm alright with that, too." "Are you kidding?" Nancy exclaimed. "I could never do that! That would just be too bizarre for me!" "I'm just letting you know, if you ever change your mind and want to try something new, he's a wonderful lover and you won't be disappointed.

He's already told me that he'd like to feel your mouth around his cock." "Look, this is getting a bit strange for me, so can we change the subject?" Nancy asked.

"Sure," her sister answered. Just then, Paul walked in the kitchen wearing nothing but his boxers. "Good morning," he said with a smile for both women. "Did you save any coffee for the rest of us?" After pouring a cup for himself, he sat down next to Nancy and took her hand. "What have you girls been chatting about?" he asked. "Oh, nothing much," Nancy answered.

"I was just getting ready to take a shower and get cleaned up. I don't know if I should leave you two alone down here, though." "Oh sis, give me a break! I'm not going to seduce your boyfriend while you're away." Sensing Nancy's discomfort, Paul quickly stood up and told her he'd go upstairs and join her in the shower. When they reached their bedroom and shut the door, Nancy took Hot babe jessica cage enjoys dick of custodian in her arms and held him tightly.

"Thank you for staying with me," she half-sobbed. "I don't know why I feel so threatened by her around you. I mean, I know you love me and everything, but she's younger, better looking, and more sexually liberated than I am. I'm just afraid you might find her more exciting than me and I'll lose you." "You don't have to worry about a thing," Paul soothed.

"I much prefer being with you." Reaching down, he raised her running bra up over her breasts and then over her head, leaving it on the floor.

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"Mmmm. that's much better," he said with a large smile. "I always hate the way that thing squeezes your boobs so tight that it looks like you don't have any at all." Nancy looked up at him with a smile and wiped her eyes.

"If you had boobs, you wouldn't want to run without one!" she declared. She didn't resist as he pulled her shorts down and let her step out of them, quickly slipping his own shorts off, he embraced her. Leaning down, his lips met hers and they kissed softly. He broke from petite redhead pounded by a large dick lips and moved down her neck, tasting the sweaty saltiness of her skin on the way down to her breasts.

As he took one nipple in his mouth, she pushed him away. "Stop that! We need to hurry up and get in the shower." As she turned to head to the bathroom, he gave chitown thick bbw taking monster dick kingkreme stretch a playful swat on her bottom, causing her to briefly scream and then laugh as he followed her inside.

By the time they finished showering Nancy had regained her normal, bubbly personality and felt a renewed sense of security about her relationship with Paul.

After dressing for another hot day, they went downstairs. Paul told her he had some last-minute work to take care of at his home, but that he would be back by noon.

He kissed Nancy long and tenderly before finally releasing her and heading out the door. As he drove off in his car, Nancy filled her cup with the last of the coffee and headed back upstairs to clean up their bedroom. As she approached the guest room, she heard voices and giggling coming from the partially open door. Without thinking, she automatically glanced in and froze in her tracks. Ann and James were lying together on the bed; he was naked and on his back while she reclined next to him, still wearing her t-shirt.

James' cock was standing up tall and Ann was slowly stroking it up and down with one hand. Nancy quickly moved back from the opening, but leaned forward to continue her covert watching. James and Ann were kissing and giggling some more as she continued stroking his cock. He was playing with her nipples through the t-shirt, but then moved his hand down between her legs. Ann opened her thighs to give him better access and also gave Nancy a clear view of her sister's shaved pussy.

James slowly rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy, and Ann was obviously wet and becoming more aroused. Nancy felt like she was watching a porn show, but instead of walking quietly away, she found herself staring in fascination. Ann released James' cock momentarily to pull her off and toss it to the floor. Fully exposed, her breasts looked like small balls still riding high up on her chest.

"Oh my God! She had a boob job!" Nancy thought. Ann moved around to straddle her husband's head, facing his feet and bent over to begin sucking his long shaft.

Nancy could see that her sister had not been kidding. The sex files a dark xxx parody xxx kimberly kane guessed it was maybe ten inches long, but not very wide. The head of his shaft was small and the glans barely stood out.

His erect cock also had an odd curve she couldn't quite make out from her hidden vantage point and she idly wondered if that altered the feeling inside a woman's pussy. "I can't believe I'm comparing him to Paul!" she thought with a shock. Nancy could tell that James was busy eating her sister out while she continued to suck and stroke his cock. Nancy was amazed that her sister could go down and take to full length down her throat as her lips reached the base of his shaft.

"I don't think I could ever do that," she said to herself. Ann eventually pulled his wet, throbbing pole from her mouth and held it to one side with her hand. She leaned down further between her lover's legs and took one of his balls between her lips.

She carefully sucked and toyed with it causing James to groan loudly from between her thighs. Ann then lifted her head up slowly keeping his sack in her mouth and stretching it upward. "Oh, God!" he cried out. Nancy could see his hands clenching her sister's ass tightly as he struggled under her. Ann held him briefly in her mouth before letting his aching nut sack slip free and fall back down between his legs. She sucked on the head of his cock for a few seconds before moving down and sucking his other side of his scrotum into her mouth.

She repeated the previous procedure and when she was done, James was nearly begging her to stop. "I'm not stopping until you've satisfied me," she replied. Nancy couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. She always knew that her little sister was aggressive and liked to be in charge of things, but she didn't expect those traits to extend to her bedroom. Ann moved further down his body until she straddled his waist and guided his cock into her pussy.

She lowered herself and began to ride him Reverse Cowgirl style. Her eyes were closed and she leaned back slightly. Her arms were stretched out behind her as if to hold herself up, but the palms floated just inches above the bed. James was holding the cheeks of her ass, but Ann was undoubtedly controlling her own motion.

She moved in a slow rhythm and almost appeared to be balancing on the end of his cock. Nancy felt herself growing wet between her legs and she unconsciously moved her hand down to rub her pussy through the clothing that covered it. She pulled back from the door to remain hidden while she played with herself and vicariously enjoyed the love-making from the next room.

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The bedroom was quiet for almost a minute with just the sound of Ann's wet pussy moving over her husband's hardness. Ann's voice broke the silence and immediately got Nancy's attention. "I want you to tell me again what you want to do with my sister," Ann demanded from James. Nancy was stunned by his answer. "I want to have sex with her." "Really?" his wife replied knowingly. "Exactly what would you two do?" After a moment, James spoke. "I would kiss her body all over as I undressed her.

Then she would undress me and then kneel down to suck my cock. I'd watch her pretty eyes looking up at me while she continued sucking me and I'd want to see if she could take my whole length like you do." His monologue stopped.

"Go on," Ann directed. "I want to hear it all again." James groaned again and Nancy wondered what was going on.

She wanted to peek around the door frame again, but was suddenly afraid of being caught. She heard James resume his reverie. "I'd lay her back on the bed and eat her pussy until she came all over my face, then I'd turn her over and fuck her from behind." "In her ass or her pussy?" Ann asked him. "Both," he replied. "Do you think she would let you fuck her ass?" Ann challenged. "I don't know," James answered. "I hope she would. I'd love to feel her tight ass squeezing my cock." Nancy heard movement on the bed and wondered if she needed to slip away quietly before being discovered.

However, when she heard her sister's voice, she remained still. "I want you to take me like you want to take my sister," she heard Ann say. Nancy dared a quick peek around the door and saw her sister leaning over the bed with James standing behind her stroking his cock.

Nancy watched in fascination while he moved up behind her sister, spread her ass to fully reveal julia ann in milf sugar babes pussy, then quickly slipped his cock inside her. They quickly fell into a rhythm as he pounded into her and Ann's small globes hung down below her chest rocking heavily under the force of his thrusts. Ann continued to encourage her husband as he pounded into her until she reached orgasm.

James was still thrusting deep inside her pussy as the last waves of pleasure subsided. "Don't stop now," she called back over her shoulder. In response, Nancy watched James spread Ann's cheeks and begin tonguing her tight asshole. Nancy could almost feel his tongue licking her from behind and he readied her sister.

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James stood up again and positioned himself to slowly press his cock against his wife's small brown pucker. Next to the door, Nancy undid the top two buttons on her skirt and reached under it to rub her clit directly while she secretly watched the scene before her.

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. The couple was sideways to Nancy and she couldn't see exactly what was happening, but her imagination was running wild.

In her mind's eye, she saw the tip of his cock begin to disappear into Ann's ass at the same time she heard her sister cry out, "Oh yes!" James moved carefully to fill her ass with his cock and slowly began working himself in and out with short thrusts until her ass had relaxed and stretched to accommodate his invading tool. Ann really escort mother doesnt want anal with son forward to rest her head on the bed with her bottom held up high.

James held her hips firmly and began to increase the rate of his thrusts into her ass. Ann's moaning became quieter and then with a final deep plunge, James shot his load into her ass and held himself there until his cock ceased it's spurting.

Nancy could almost feel it inside of her and momentarily forgot her aversion to anal sex. She felt her own orgasm building as she kept fingering herself. She moved back from the door and fought hard to remain quiet when she felt the first sign of her orgasm beginning. After what seemed like forever, Nancy caught her breath and removed her hand from between her thighs. She buttoned the skirt again and couldn't resist sneaking another view of the couple in the bedroom. She saw James pulling himself free; his soft cock fell from his wife's ass and dangled between his legs.

Even in its relaxed state, Nancy marveled at how long his cock was. Ann rolled over onto the bed and lay on her back with her chest still heaving. He collapsed next to her and they were both smiling. Nancy moved away from the doorway and heard her sister giggle. As she tiptoed back to the stairs, Nancy heard Ann ask her husband, "So, how did it feel to fuck my big sister?"