Juicy snatch team fucked hard hardcore and blowjob

Juicy snatch team fucked hard hardcore and blowjob
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Drifting, drifting I dozed off and was sleeping soundly when I was awakened by Vickie's voice. "Bobby, you awake?" I looked at my alarm clock - 2:00 AM. "Yes, I'm awake now, Vickie." I realized I had crawled under my covers sometime after falling asleep.

"Is it true? Doctor Vernon said to masturbate every day? That shouldn't be hard for you, that's your normal routine anyway isn't it?" she asked. "Yes, it's true. And Mom seems to think she needs to 'help' me," I replied.

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Vickie said, "I figured. She had a long session with her vibrator when she went to bed after 'helping' you." "How do you know that?" I asked.

"I can hear the vibrator when it's on high, and I can sometimes hear her," she replied, "I thought you would have heard it sometimes, too." "Guess not." Softly she asked, "Can I see it, Bobby, I mean see it up close?

I'm just curious is all." "Whatever, Vickie," I replied. She wasted no time pulling my covers down. "Gawd, it's huge, Bobby. And your balls, they're big, too. Do they hurt or anything?" she blurted out. "No, don't hurt," I answered. "Can I, uh, touch it?

I've never seen, let alone touched a dick that big before," she said. "Yeah, go ahead. Everyone else has either handled it or stared at it or both today," I answered resignedly. She gently grasped and picked up my penis, holding it like something fragile, lying across her hand, end hanging down.

"It feels pretty heavy." Laying my penis down on my abdomen, she picked up my testicles and cradled them softly in her hand, fingertips moving softly against the sides of the orbs. "Your balls are heavy, too. Seems like they'd be uncomfortable." "Yeah, they feel heavy but I've gotten used to them." "So did Mom cute chick knows how to suck a dick jack you off, like, uh," she asked as she grasped my penis again and attempted to stroke it.

"First she watched me then she took over at the end to make sure she collected everything in the little measuring cup," I replied. "Now that you've stared at and handled masseuse and her customer fingering each other, do I get to do the same with you?" I asked her. She seemed to consider my request for a moment before saying, "Yeah," and shucking her sleep shirt off over her head. She was naked underneath. Her body was nice, real nice.

Nice tits, just big enough to hang just a little, a fairly small waist, nicely sized hips and legs, and a neatly trimmed bush. I rolled on my side facing her, moved over on the bed and patted the side toward her.

"Here, you said 'yes' to me handling you, too," I told her. Without a word she laid down on her back next to me.

Her tits sagged a bit to each side of her chest and I reached to touch the closer one before letting my fingertips drift down her abdomen to that shaved bush. I felt her hand on my penis as it began to stiffen under her touch. "You have a beautiful body, Vickie," I told her as I leaned over to kiss her. Our lips met and parted letting our tongues dance with each other as she rolled toward me and began to rub my back. I felt her put her leg over me before she reached down to grab my penis and try to insert it into her pussy.

I reached over her to retrieve the K-Y tube from where Mom had left it on my bedside table and gave it to her. She quickly opened it, squirted some on her hand, flipped the lid closed, then handed it back to me. As I was reaching to put it back on the bedside table I felt the coolness of the K-Y then the warmth of her pussy as she slid my penis into her.

Scooting down a bit, she took as much as she could into herself before saying "That's all I can take of it. Oh, and don't worry, I'm on the pill." I began to gently thrust in and out of her as we lay together, on our side facing each other. Her hips moved against me with each thrust as we each became more and more aroused. Locked in a deep, probing kiss, we lay there fucking on my bed, each enjoying the other's body. We remained locked in the kiss as each of us came, first Vickie then me, then laid motionless except for our hot mom step son xxx story, continuing to dance with each other.

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We fell asleep like that, me still in her, wetness oozing out onto our thighs and didn't wake up until I heard Mom moving around. "Vickie, wake up. It's past 6:00 am, I hear Mom up getting her shower." She awoke with a start. As she realized where she was and what time it was, her first words were, "I can't believe you stayed in me all night.

I better get out of here while Mom's in the shower." She rolled away from me gently, lily rader in blackout fucked with sister my penis flop out of her as she sat and then stood up.

Retrieving her sleep shirt off the floor she pulled it on over her head and wiggled that fine body into it before leaning over and giving me a little kiss on the forehead.

"Later," she said softly as she turned and slipped out my door, closing it silently behind her. I laid there thinking about the previous days. "Let's see," I thought, "It's been twenty-four hours since I woke up with this thing. In that time, I've been stared at by my sister, was jacked off by my doctor, jacked off in front of a Korean family of seamstresses, seen an old woman topless as I was on display to her, jacked off with my mother, and fucked my sister.

It was a hectic twenty-four hours." Saturday morning, what to do first.

Maybe a shower. Mom was in her shower in the master bath, since she like to jack me off apparently, and didn't mind walking in on me in the shower, what if I surprised her by going into her shower. That might be interesting, eh? It wasn't like we hid our bodies in our house. Mom had raised us to be comfortable and unashamed of nudity.

Naked, I padded out of my bedroom and into hers, then into the bathroom. She was facing away from me in the shower and her ample butt greeted me as I came into the bathroom.

Mom was a little thick but not obese with her age, large hips and butt, still a visible waist, and large tits that hung down a good deal.

I called out, "Mom, I need a shower. Can I come in with you?" She turned around a saw me standing there naked.

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"Uh, yeah, sure, if you want to," she answered. "First go get the specimen cup from the hall bath counter in case we need it." I headed out into the hall and passed Vickie on the way back. "I'm taking a shower with Mom. She may want to 'help' me comply with doctor's orders," I laughed as I said it. Vickie lifted her sleep shirt to show me she was still naked underneath after he shower. "Later," I told her. Back in Mom's bathroom, I placed the specimen cup up on top the the shower door rail where it would be handy then slid the door open, stepped in, and slid the door closed behind me.

Mom was rinsing off.

Finished she turned to me and said, "This is like when you were little." Looking down at my penis and testicles she continued, "Well maybe not 'just' like then." Looking at her naked there was starting to raise an erection on me already. She noticed immediately and asked, "Does your naked Mama do that to you?" "I think so," I told her, "I need a hug." I held my arms out and Mom stepped into them with arms out to hug me.

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Her wet, naked body up against mine heightened my arousal and I felt my penis engorging, rising between her legs and rubbing on her inner thighs as it attempted to rise. I felt her actually bow her legs slightly and free it to rise unhindered to her crotch, where it pressed against her bush. Our hug continued for maybe a minute before Mom let go of me and backed up. My penis was now standing out at full erection, a bit higher than horizontal, pointing at her. "I think we need to collect a specimen," she told me as she reached for my penis with one hand and the soap with another.

Soaping it up to a nice, slick feel, she began to stroke my penis blonde beauteous girl engulfing rod with cream both hands. After a few minutes of that, she pushed my penis down slightly, stepped toward me, and while standing on her tiptoes, stuck it between her thighs.

I stooped down a bit to match heights up a bit better as she began to move forward and backward on my penis, not inserting it into her pussy but just rubbing it along its length up against her body between her legs.

With her arms wrapped around my shoulders her movement to rub the length of my penis was squashing then releasing xx sex stories hot fkng story tits against my chest and I was getting turned on, rapidly approaching an orgasm. "You tell me when you're about to release so we can catch it in the specimen cup, okay?" she told me.

"I'm nearly there," I managed to get out. I was nearly at the top, about to let go. I reached up to the top of the slider door rail to grab the specimen cup and told Mom, "I'm about to cum." She took the cup from me, jumped back off my penis blocking the shower as it sprayed on her back, grabbed my penis, and began stroking it near the glans as she positioned the cup to catch my semen.

"Oh damn," was all I could say as I tumbled over the top, my legs flexing involuntarily, my penis spurting ropes of semen into the cup. Two or three big ropes then several smaller ones hit the cup as my orgasm spent itself there with Mom holding my penis.

"There baby, there.

That's a good one. You needed to get that out," Mom said softly to me as she gently milked my penis. I was feeling light headed and I backed up to sit down on the seat molded into the tub enclosure. "You okay, Bobby?" Mom asked me, sounding concerned, as she sat the specimen cup up on the top slider rail again. "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I just needed to sit down for a minute," I replied. Mom stepped toward the seat and stooped down in front of me, my testicles and penis hanging off the front of the seat toward her.

She cradled my testicles in both hands, lifting them slightly as she lightly massaged them with her fingertips. "They're working overtime this week, I think." You rest for a minute then wash up. I'm finished and I'm going to get out," she said. With that, she slid the door open, stepped out onto the mat, retrieving the specimen cup and setting it on the bathroom counter before pulling her towel from the rack and drying herself off. I sat there for a few minutes before standing up and washing up.

That evening, Vickie came quietly into my room again, but this time as soon as Mom had gone in her bedroom an shut the door. She came in naked this time, not even concerned with her sleep shirt. Jasmin dd tits are made for porno pornstar knockers quietly crawled into bed under the covers and was greeted by a full erection, my penis straight on my abdomen, trembling at the thought of my sister's beautiful body up against it.

Our lovemaking was long and slow that evening, unhurried. We awoke, startled the next morning, by Mom standing by the bed in her robe. "What's going on?" she asked.

Vickie, with a bit of defiance in her voice said, "Nothing much different than when you're collecting specimens, Mom." Mom turned and walked out of the room. I looked at Vickie and didn't know what to say. "Hey, what's okay for her is okay for me, Bobby. She's got no right to be pissed at me," she said. The rest of Sunday passed by fairly quietly. Mom prodded me a couple of times to "follow doctor's orders" which had become lucky bro was able to bang two of his sis friends code phrase meaning she wanted to watch me jack off into the specimen cup.

Each time she took over near the end to ensure that the semen was properly collected, measured, and recorded. Monday at school, I headed into my second period PE class waiting to see the reaction in the locker room.

Unlocking and opening my locker, I hung my new supporter on the hook on the inside of the door as I began to undress. One of my main tormenters saw the supporter and yelled, "Hey, needle dick. What's that jock strap for? You got nothing to support." Several other guys in the locker room turned and looked at me just as I was pulling my cargo pants and boxers off. When my penis and testicles swung free the room went silent as everyone stared at me.

I pulled on my supporter, stuffing my equipment into the soft mesh pouch, pulled on my gym shorts, closed my locker, picked up my shoes and socks and went out into the gym, leaving the room quiet behind me. I heard no more derogatory comments about the size of my penis. The week passed quickly with Mom generally wanting to "follow doctor's orders" every morning before I got dressed for school and every afternoon after I returned home. The piece of paper was rapidly filling up with entries.

Vickie came in and slept with me every night though on a couple we simply cuddled up and went to sleep without sex.