Pretty teen blonde is ready to slam

Pretty teen blonde is ready to slam
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My name is Steve I live in the city of Portland Oregon. Before the changes I was 64 year old man, single and alone I live in an area in Portland that was not the worst by no means the best area to live. I was camping up on Mount Adams in the state of Washington. I went camping in September, just to be alone, so nobody was really around.

That night I went to bed and as I tried to sleep I felt something that was new and strange. I did not know what it was but I felt like I was floating in air.

The next thing I knew it was just nothing bright white light. I felt and hear voices in my minded. I should have been scared out of my mine, but I felt serenity and cute little slut zoe parker prefers mature wood over young. I could hear in my mind voices.

At first I could not make it out, however in time I could hear them talking. They were talking about my thoughts and they did not understand them. Then I felt like my whole brain was in a down load. It was down loading so fast I could not keep up with what they wanted to know. I started to say words, but all the came was like baby talk. Then all stop. The next thing I knew was waking up in my sleeping bag. When I woke, I jumped out of the sunny leone porn storys 30mins bag and I looked outside really quick everything was where it was supposed to be.

That's when I looked down I could see that I was nowhere near 64 years old. My body looked around 25 years of age and it was in great shape. It was no dream. It was real. Still I was not scared, in fact I was happy.

I could feel the strength of 10 men. I look down again, and I stopped and my eyes must be wide open. It was my manhood it was ne near what it was before. It was soft but in that state it was, it was about 7 to 9 inches long and as is big around as a banana or more.

My testicles were huge. Like a grapefruit, and whatever they did I love it. I got dressed as fast as I could, but nothing fit. I put on what I could. I pack up everything, put it the back my pickup started down the hill. I don't even remember driving at all. All I could think about was what happen. The next thing I knew, I was at home.

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I started walking up sister and brother selpingsex sex stories stairs I could hear the two females next door fighting. Again my place was just crap. The apartments around here were broken into a couple times by thieves so you can imagine where I lived. I got up to my room and opened the door and it was looked just like I left it.

I was trying to think of what had happened and was trying to understand the changes me. As I got closer to my door. The screaming got louder.

She's was around 35 years of age and her daughter is about 16 I believed. One thing I like about her mother is her body, she stands about 5'10" tall and I would take her to be around all a good 190 lbs. Most of her weight is in her breast.

I'm taking a wild guess here but they must be around least of 38 GGG. As for her daughter who is not much difference from her mother except you can see hear her rage. She was around 5' 8" and about 160 libs, she had her mother figure, but she was going to have much bigger tits than her mother. All they would never do was fight. You could items being thrown around. The language used by her daughter was even worse the street talk.

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Fuck this, fuck that. She called her mother a whore more times than I could count. Her mother was not much better but she never called her daughter a whore. I didn't need this right now and in my mind I scream out "Shut the fuck up you two cunts'", and it stop. Holly shit, what just happen. I started to think that these sunny leoni sexcom spark bang girls wanted to be as slaves.

They wanted to be owned by a man that was gross, perverted, and sadistic and treat them as meat. They love to be abuse in every way. That the next man they saw they would give their very lives to him. They needed to become property and treated even less than a piece of meat. They both want to give their waver live to him.

Their love for him was not even measurable. What was happening to me? Oh ya I have used gutter language before but nowhere like this. I have thought of fucking them both before, but not like this. After a few seconds, I like it.

I even though this was normal. I took off my clothes and I stood my house naked. I looked down and I saw the true size my cock. It was rock hard and had to be at least 14 inches long, plus it had to be as big around as a coke can or more.

I knew where it had to go. I left my apartment I walked over by their door and I quietly knocked. Mother opened the door as soon as amanda johnson fucked by friend while husband sleeps did, she look in my eyes and knelt down and she started to cry.

I walked in and as soon as her daughter looked into my eyes, he fell to her knees. Both then bowed their heads in a respectful matter and place their hands in their laps, palms over and opened. I told her mother "Cunt, crawl over and shut the fucking door and then crawl over to this worthless piece of meat you call your daughter" I then started to read their mines and they both were so very fucking happy.

I then told them both to stand up and as they did they still kept their eyes looking down at the floor. I couldn't help myself and I reached in and ripped her mother blouse off her and then, next came her bar.

I order her to lift her tits up for me the hurt them. I double up my fist and hit them both as hard as I could, right in the nipples. As I was doing it her mine was screaming out "MORE" I then ordered her daughter to "Go to the kitchen and bring back the biggest knife. She turns around and a few seconds she was standing in front of me with the knife. I took it from her and raze it over her head. I came down and in one stroke, I cut off her blouse.

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As I was doing it both of them were thinking that I was going to kill her and they both love the idea I order them to strip.

I told them that they did not like to wear cloths. They did love wearing 5 to 6" spike high heels. In fact if they were not wearing them they, their feet hurt like they were of fire.

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They were only allowed to wear the most degrading and sexual clothing. That we will go out and shop later on. Her daughter tits, because of her age stood up a lot more that her mothers.

I look over and here was her mother still holding her tits up. I reach over and whit my hands I razed her daughter tit upward to a point where her nipples were straight out from her chest. I then started the rebuilding of their body's as well. If I found pleasure and I told you take a knife and kill each other you'll do it. Not only do it but you find it as great pleasure because it is what I have ordered and you know that being the sadist I am I would find it as great pleasure.

In a few moments they both step naked as the day they were born. They were trying not to stand on their feet as it hurt. Mother was showing her age so I looked at her and I started to rebuild her body. The first thing I did was to get rid of all that body fat and I moved it to her tits. You could watch as they grew ever bigger and I loved it, I made both of their nipples stand out about a good 1 1/2" I change both their bodies to be able to support the weight there new tits.

On Mon because of her age I allowed them to drop a couple of inches. I hated what I call "pancake tits" when they showed them off. The daughter because of her age didn't need as much work but I did do one thing her body would never change.

It would not get older and never get out of shape. As for her mother, she too could not age. Next I made sure that there was no hair from the neck down of both of them. I look at her mother ass and you could see the drop of the years on it. I correct it to what it was like when she was 16. Next toilet poti girl xxx story they could not do it without permission from a man.

Their mouth, ass and tits were more sexually sensitive than there cunts. Then the real fun started I looked into their minds and order them to look at each other. I then made them say the following. I planted this so they believed that this was so very normal. At the same time they said "I love incest, I love pain, I love not only abuse but I begging for torture, I love bestiality, I love to be whore out to make money for my Master, and I love my Master.

I would rather die than not have one and not to please or obey him. You love cock and I love to drink what come from it. Real food is man shit.

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But again only with a man permission may you eat it. I looked down at my manhood and it was rock hard and I said to them "get on your knees because I am going to use you". I felt there happiness. I look at the 16 year old and said you new name is slut. Now get on all fours and I going to rape your fucking ass. Milf gets ass fucked pov hardcore and anal look at her mothers and told her here new name was "Toilet".

Toilet craw under slut and place you month directly under her cunt. I also told them that the very last word out of your fucking months from this day forward will be sir or Master. When you look at each other you will call each whore.

I knelt behind slut's ass and lowered my cock to her ass hole. My cock head was right next to her rose bud. I move forward just to appoint where der dreiste fick im keller was about to enter her. I reach down and grab her hips, and with one hard and fast movement, I ram half on my cock into to her bowels. At the same time I looked into her mine and told her not to scream. But to moaned like a whore.

I pulled back (I found out just how strong I was) and ram it all deep into her and it only stop when my pelvis hit her ass.

I yelled to whore "eat her cunt out" I did not know how long I was fucking her ass and did not care. I didn't care what or how I used her. I just love it. All I was doing was feel the pleasure I was getting. This pleasure was of mind and body. The whole time I was fucking her, I could hear her thoughts and she was screaming "Oh God, yes I have a man".

I changed how she said that to: " Oh my Lord Satan, I have a Master and I hope that one day he sends, my soul to you after he kills me" I also made her body and her mind into nothing but a sex object. Again I reinforce both their mine's that their month, ass and tits were so sexual sensitive that they could orgasm even harder than if a man was fucking their cunts, but only if a man allowed it.

I could start to feel my balls starting to tense up and I knew it was not going to be very much longer before I was going to tight blonde sweetie convinced to get pounded for cash a load and I wanted it in her mouth.

But I was not done in her ass so I held it back. She could feel with each stroke, her shit being push back into her intestines and the pain of her intestines been force to take my cock. I wanted her to feel more pain (Pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain) so I look into whores mine and I made her want more of slut juices. So I made her finger nails grow between 3/8 to ½ inch long. Them it happen, without me telling her what to do she raised her hands and wrap them around sluts tits and curled them and dig them in.

I smiled as I was fucking her ass as I could see the pain. When I was ready I pulled myself out and went around to her face.

Just like her mother, she knew what to do and open her month. Before I rape it I got rid of any gagging problem and she could take it all in her mouth and throat and want every drop to explode into her gut. She was begging to be a natural cock sucking whore. She open her month and you could see her staring at it all covered in her shit. I started to move forward and I want to pound her face, harder and harder and harder. I would shove it in her about half way and pull back and ram it home.

I reached over and grabbed her hair and I pulled it so hard I thought it was going to rip it out of her head. I could feel her tongue, lips, and the side of her mouth and throat start to suck and lick each and every piece of shit of my cock and it started. I felt it come up out of right into her month, throat, and her gut. As I was dumping my seed into her she wanted to cumm. She wants to cumm so bad it started to hurt. She was afraid that she was going to pass out.

When I started to cumm, I felt her gut filling up. I remove my cock and I was still producing seed and it is splattered on her face and down to her mother cunt mixing with her dripping/ruining juices. After I was spent, I got up an ordered whore to the bathroom and to get into the bathtub.

I then told slut to follow us. After she got into the bathtub I order slut to aim my cock at whore's mouth and again she knew what to do and open her mouth.

I then let my bladder go. I didn't want my piss to be nice and white, no I want it yellow. I want it to stink and burn and she tried to drink it.

Being her first time she was having a problem in drinking it and much splatter on her face and body. I read her mine and she was piss that she could not drink all of her Master piss as a reward. When I finished I said "Bitch, make sure you lick up every drop and love it in your gut. " I left with slut following and I stop and told her to go first. When she passes me babe el storm has hot foreplay with lascivious masseur pornstars fingering could see her ass hole was about 4" in dia.

around and blood and cumm was dripping out. I went to the front room and wait for whore. When whore showed up I was on the couch and I told them to turn around get on their knees and tell me just how perverted, just how abusive, just how mean they wanted their Master to be. I listen to them talk for a while and after that I told them that one day when you don't please me any longer.

I was going to sell them as used meat. That you both wanted to be gang raped by men, dogs, horses. Then I asked them what is the greatest pleasure you would do for my pleasure? They thought for a second or two and lower the heads and said; Breed us to produce children. Lots of children for that day you send us to Lord Satan.

I sit back in the seat and smiled. After a few moments I got up and went to the kitchen. I turn on the stove burners and wait until blonde babe likes to please a dick were read hot. I reach in this drawer and the knife sharper. It was about a foot long and it had a wooden handle. I also found a large meat fork. I place the shaper on the burner and did the same to the meat fork. I ordered them into the kitchen and I watch them crawl like the dog bitches they were some to become and said to whore "don't you think slut should cumm?" She said yes Master.

I reach over to the sharpener witch by now there was about a good 4" of red hot metal. I told slut to go over to the table and place her tits on it. I tock the sharper and started to carve the word "SLAVE" on them. I told her to cumm as well. In less took less than a second and her head brunette olivia lua enjoys sucking johnny castle huge cock backwards.

You could hear her juices with her cumm splatter on the floor. Her nipples were expended in length about a good inch and grow around as big as my little finger.

You could smell the burning flesh. When I was done on her tits was the word SLAVE.I look at whore and told her to do the same with her tits. I told her to cumm after I was finish with her tits. I took the fork and raze my hand and pointed it downwards. The whole time I let her watch it.

I came down hard and shove it through her left tit about 4 inches back from her expended nipples. Both did not scream with pain but with pleasure.