Fiery sexy snatch delights pornstar and hardcore

Fiery sexy snatch delights pornstar and hardcore
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Chapter 1 Ben and Nicole were getting ready for a Friday night adventure. As a young couple in love, with kinks and chemistry galore, there were no secrets, no limitations and no taboo subjects between them. Ben stood 6 feet tall, with long hair to just above his shoulders, with piercing hazel eyes, a slim build and a mischievous smirk that exuded confidence and cockiness just short of arrogance.

Nicole complemented him perfectly, standing an impressive 5 foot 7, with a seemingly impossible 34H chest that was the object of stares and glances from men and women wherever they went. On this night, Ben wore black pants and a blue button up dress shirt, his hair slicked tight blonde sweetie convinced to get pounded for cash, 3 days of stubble providing a combination of GQ style and simple ruggedness.

Nicole dressed simply in a black cocktail dress with 5" heels, no panties and an ample amount of cleavage that stated to the world "you know you want these, but you can't have them". Ben drove as Nicole reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants. He placed his hand on hers and nudged it back to his thigh.

"Don't be impatient sweetie, we have all night", he said with a comfortable coyness. Nicole smiled, closed her eyes and squeezed her porn casting sex bangbros movie lc together, imagining the come that would be dripping down them later on.

They arrived at their destination, the Richmond Hill Christian Community Church on Bayview Ave., just south of Major Mack, 5 minutes from their place. "This is an interesting place to want to fuck me", Nicole said, slightly confused but still with an excited smile.

"Oh please!" Ben exclaimed, "You know me better than that. You'll see what I've got in mind." As they approached the doors, Nicole saw the sign and laughed out loud, squeezing Ben's arm hard as she giggled.

Sexaholics Anonymous meeting Tuesdays at 8:00 They entered the room, wearing name tags with their real names and surveyed the group. There were 7 men, but obviously they were of no consequence.

However, they stared longingly at Nicole's cleavage, one even nodding to Ben with an inconspicuous 'thumbs up'. There were 3 other women at the meeting. Agnieszka was a Polish woman of about 50. She wore sweat pants and a t-shirt that read "If you like 'em now, you should have seen 'em 20 years ago".

Her face had wrinkles, which emphasized her lack of make-up. Blonde wavy hair, probably dyed from a natural gray colour hung past her shoulders, probably her best feature. While she had a reasonably good body, true to her shirt's text, her breasts had seen better days. However, with some effort and attitude, she could probably still take home a drunk college kid.

Cindy was about 22. She wore jeans and a tight black t-shirt, showing off a slim, yet curvy body. She was about 5'5, 125 lbs, with a perky pair of tits. Ben guessed 34C. Nicole guessed 32D. Her hair was dark and just past the shoulders. Full lips and a twinkling pair of green eyes gave her a Jennifer Lawrence type of look. This was her first meeting, and it showed, as she glanced around nervously. Finally, there was Lara. This buxom redhead was about 5'7, 160 lbs.

Around 29 or so, she knew she had extra curves and she loved them. This girl, much like Christina Hendricks simply oozed sexual energy. Her DD breasts were almost spilling out of a tight white tank top, and she walked with a strut as her denim mini skirt showed off muscular legs that defied anyone to tell her that her attire was out of style due to how good she looked in it. Lara looked like she'd been there many times. The meeting was started by the counsellor, a relatively plain looking woman in her 40's.

Everyone went around the room introducing themselves and telling brief explanations of why they were there. Nicole stood up and made up a story about being so horny all the time that she was considering wearing vibrating panties all the time, even though she didn't wear panties, and a vibrating pair would do nothing for her. She just loved to see the expressions on all the faces, the lust from the men, the jealousy from the women. Ben noticed the two younger womens' reactions Lara licked her lips and rubber her own thigh.

Cindy blushed and looked down at her lap. Ben made up a story about being raised by a Las Vegas showgirl and feeling overexposed to sex from a young age. The counsellor looked concerned and comforted him, while Nicole put her head in her hands and covered her laugh as much as possible.

After more boring stories from the guys about how they thought about nothing but sex, the final two to speak were Lara and Cindy. Lara stood and gave Nicole a lingering look and a slight wink, and addressed the group. She explained that she has been attending these meetings for years to help deal with her overwhelming desires. She said she was bi-sexual and would essentially fuck anyone if they looked good to her.

Nicole gave Ben a smirk that said 'this one's herpes has gonnorhea' he knew her looks perfectly. Finally, Cindy stood, still shy, but a little more comfortable having heard everyone else. She told how she'd been with her ex boyfriend out of high school, and they broke up last year.

They'd had sex often, and she believed she enjoyed it, but was not sure she'd ever had an orgasm. She had recently come home and found her roommate, another attractive 22 year old masturbating on the couch while watching lesbian porn. Her roommate tried to convince Cindy to join her, but Cindy didn't. However, she'd had overwhelming thoughts each night about the few minutes of porn she'd seen, and was now questioning her sexuality, and didn't even know if she should be here.

Lara groaned. "Excuse me?" Cindy asked uneasily. "Please!", Lara exclaimed, "You really don't know if you should be here? Just go fuck your roommate! It'll be fun! Drop the good girl act! You're probably just as much a whore as the rest of us are." "How can you talk to me like that? You don't even know me!" Cindy almost yelled, her voice wavering. "Oh I know you. You're just like foxy brooke rides on a big shaft the sluts I went to high school with.

You probably think you're better than all of us, right? 'oh I don't know if I should be here' Whatever!" Before she could reply, the counsellor called for a break. She walked over to Lara and quietly yet firmly explained that her conduct is not conducive to people feeling helped or wanting to return.

Lara rolled her eyes, glancing over at Ben and Nicole again with desire. While groups of people congregated and spoke, Cindy stood off to the side looking ready to cry.

Nicole squeezed Ben's hand and walked away from him, approaching Cindy. As Nicole approached, Cindy looked like a deer in headlights, looking for an escape. However, Nicole smiled at her and tilted her head, reaching out with a comforting hand, and Cindy relaxed.

"I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel", Nicole started. "When I was in high school, I wasn't really sure what I wanted, who I wanted. it was a tough time." Cindy smiled back. "Thank you Nicole. Honestly, I don't even think I should be here. I just didn't know where else to go. That whole thing with my roommate it happened this morning. The truth is though, I've had the lesbian thoughts. about her. I didn't even know she was into other girls.

and now I'm scared to go back because I've never been with one and I feel totally awkward and." Nicole rubbed Cindy's shoulder. "I'll tell you what. Let's skip out on the group come have a drink with me, and we'll talk all about it. This group won't help you." Cindy smiled and went to pick up her jacket. Nicole went back to Ben and told him she'd be going with Cindy for a drink.

He told her he'd meet her at home, as he wanted to see if the meeting 'ended bulky dick for beautiful teen pussy girlfriend and homemade a bang'. She smirked and kissed him, and caught Lara watching.

Nicole licked her lips and walked to the parking lot. She opened the passenger door to Cindy's Toyota Corolla. She directed Cindy down towards Yonge and Highway 7, and they parked the car just outside Archibalds. They went inside and lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her a quiet booth, where they proceeded to talk for an hour.

Nicole told Cindy of her first lesbian experience, how she played doctor with classmates, and how she'd taken many lesbian virginities in her time. Cindy sat in awe, as she explained how she'd started having thoughts about women while she was fucking her ex boyfriend. She told Nicole that she found men appealing, but that she really found women to be beautiful as well. Nicole outlined the pro's of enjoying sex with both genders. "There's nothing wrong with liking men and women", Nicole concluded.

"Honestly, it means having more options, and enjoying totally different experiences all the time". Cindy was looking much more at ease.

Nicole had opened her eyes to a world of opportunity that she hadn't considered. Men AND women. why not? "Does Ben allow you to fuck women?" Cindy asked with equal parts curiosity and hope. "Allow it? That's cute. No, Ben and I enjoy women together", Nicole replied. "However, it's not your standard Vanilla threesomes." "I didn't know a threesome could be considered Vanilla", Cindy said wide-eyed.

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Her chest slightly flushed as she imagined the possibilities. "Could you tell me more?" "How about I show you?" Nicole replied. Cindy had already started putting on her jacket. Nicole pulled out her blackberry and BBMed Ben. "On my way, with company." Ben replied within seconds "Was hoping you'd say that ;)" Chapter 2 Nicole unlocked the door to the house.

Ben was sitting on the couch in the sitting room, reading on his ipad. He stood up and kissed Nicole, then hugged Cindy hello. Ben went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of wine glasses, pouring each of the ladies a Bordeau. They thanked him as he sat down. Nicole and Cindy took a sip from the wine simultaneously. Cindy put her glass down on the table and looked at Nicole with a glimmer of desire.

Nicole got on her hands and knees and crawled over the younger girl, mashing their breasts together. Cindy closed her eyes, as Nicole kissed her gently on the lips. Nicole kissed her again with a little more force and intensity, their lips slightly parting. Cindy tried to manoeuvre her tongue into Nicole's mouth, but Nicole backed her head away.

Cindy tried to raise her head to meet Nicole's lips, but Nicole had her pinned and kept her face an inch out of reach.

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"Say please", Nicole demanded. "Please." "Please what?" "Please kiss me again." Nicole kissed the girl again, this time allowing their tongues to meet. She pulled away again, and told Cindy again to say please. "Please, kiss me again." Nicole shook her head slightly. "I'm not convinced. Show me how badly you want it." Cindy almost cried, "Please, I beg you I'll do anything!" Nicole glanced at Ben and smiled.

He smiled back with pride, watching patiently and happily. Nicole kissed Cindy again, this time letting their tongues wrestle with force. Nicole had worked her knee between Cindy's legs, and was now grinding against her, causing the younger girl's pussy to start getting even more moist. She moved her lips down to Cindy's jaw, kissing softly in a trail towards the girl's neck. She lightly licked and nibbled at her neck, moving up towards her ear lobe. Cindy whimpered as Nicole stopped again.

Her eyes flew open and darted back and forth between Nicole's left and right eyes. "Why did you stop?" "Remember what I told you about us not doing Vanilla threesomes?" Nicole asked. Cindy nodded. "We are a Dom/Domme couple, and we only play with girls who submit to us completely. Are you able to do that?" "Yes, I'll do anything please don't stop." Nicole smirked and nibbled the girl's earlobe, whispering "from now on, you address us as Master and Mistress.

You do not do anything unless you are asked. If you disobey or do anything on your own whim, you will be disciplined. Do you understand?" Cindy's breath became more ragged as Nicole nibbled and whispered these demands.

"Y-y-y-es. I understand." "Yes I understand what?" ". Mistress." "Good girl". Nicole stood up and took Cindy's hand. "Let's go downstairs." Chapter 3 The three of them walked down the stairs.

The doors were all closed, but Nicole paused at the first one. "This is our dungeon. We'll go in there later." They continued down the hall to the rec room, where a beige micro suede couch sat against the wall across from the gas fireplace. Ben turned on the fireplace as Nicole pushed Cindy to her knees on the carpeted floor. Cindy looked a little nervous, but became comfortable again as Nicole knelt behind her and started rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck again.

Ben stood in front of her and ordered her to stroke his thighs. Nicole's hands started working their way around the front of Cindy's shirt, and she started kneading and massaging the girl's breasts. Cindy gasped and let out a small moan. Nicole worked her hands up her shirt and was now working her fingers under the top of her bra, massaging bare flesh.

As Cindy stroked Ben's thighs, she was getting even more turned on, and she ran her hand over his cock. He softly slapped her hand away and told her "I never told you to do that." "I'm sorry." "Sorry what?" Nicole pinched the girl's nipples, causing her to yelp.

"What did I tell you to call us?" "Sorry Master. Sorry Mistress." "Good girl", Ben and Nicole said simultaneously. They smiled at each other, never ceasing to be amazed by how in sync bbw busty fat girl got fucked in front of a cheated wife are. Ben reached down and pulled Cindy's shirt over her head, while Nicole unclasped her bra.

As she pulled it over the girl's shoulders, she glanced at the label. 34C. She hated that Ben was right, but was also impressed. Nicole helped Cindy up, and sat her on the couch. She undid the belt to the girl's jeans and unzipped them, but left them on. Ben knelt on the left, while Nicole knelt on the right. Each stroked Cindy's legs from her knee to her inner thigh, both grazing her pussy, but not touching it with any satisfying pressure. Cindy watched as they kissed each other inches from her face.

She leaned in to busty mature sheila marie masturbates and fucks like a slut, but Ben pushed her back. At the same moment, they each took her nipples into their mouths and nibbled on them, still stroking her thighs. Cindy's eyes rolled back and she moaned, as Ben pressed his tongue flat against her right nipple, then sucked hard, while Nicole bit firmly and slightly twisted.

Lost in her pleasure, Cindy cupped both of their heads and tried to push them harder into her breasts. Ben and Nicole both stopped and backed away. Cindy already realized what she'd done and looked down in shame. "I'm sorry Master and Mistress." "We need to discipline you for that", Ben stated softly.

Nicole walked to her dresser, opened the drawer and came back with a double BDSM paddle and a flogger. Ben took the flogger, while Nicole held on to the paddle.

"Thank us for each of these, do you understand?" Nicole asked. The girl nodded as she fought to urge to cover her breasts with her arms. "Lightly", Nicole said to Ben.

They took turns on each breast, softly yet firmly impacting Cindy's busty ebony slut cherokee dass gets screwed hard, then right breast with their instruments of torture. True to her word, Cindy thanked each of them after each strike.

They each struck their breast 10 times, and the girl's eyes were moist. However, as Ben looked down, the wet spot in her jeans showed that something else was far wetter than her eyes. Ben and Nicole placed their instruments on the floor and Nicole placed her fingers on the girl's hips and starting inching her jeans down. Cindy lifted her hips to help, and sure enough, her completely shaved pussy was soaking wet.

"Toy, would you like your pussy eaten?" "Yes please Mistress." Ben slowly ran his index finger along her slit, then effortlessly slid a finger into her pussy. Cindy groaned. He pulled out the finger and offered it to Nicole. She licked the finger and smiled. "You taste as good as you look, toy." "Thank you Mistress." Nicole knelt in front of the girl, who spread her legs as wide as possible. Nicole kept her face an inch from Cindy's pussy.

She had learned last time not to take liberties, but wanted nothing more than to drive her crotch into the beautiful face in front of it. She made eye contact with Ben, who smirked and shook his head slowly. She looked back at Nicole, who extended her tongue, just barely grazing the girl's labia. Tears formed as Cindy began to beg. "Please Mistress. Please Master. Please! I'll do anything, PLEASE!" With that, Nicole thrust her tongue into the girl's pussy. Ben leaned over and began massaging her breasts.

Cindy panted as the sensations built up. She couldn't believe how amazing the stunning blonde's tongue felt, as it alternated between thrusting into her pussy, and licking her clit, while Ben's hands worked their magic and he flicked her harlots lined up to suck a cock striptease and hardcore with his tongue. Nicole slowly worked two fingers into her pussy and drove them all the way in, curling them at the tips.

A sensation Cindy never felt built within her. Ben tweaked her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, while sucking hard on her right nipple as Nicole thrust her fingers hard and fast into the girl's pussy and sucked hard on her clit.

Fireworks went off and Cindy screamed as she exploded. Not only was she coming for the first time, she began to squirt violently. Nicole's chin became soaked, as some of the fluids landed on her dress. The girl continued to experience one orgasm after the other, with the intensity seeming to increase with russian mom jerking hard fuck one.

Nicole finally pulled her mouth away and slowly pulled her fingers out, lightly running them along the girl's slit, stroking her neck and chest with her other hand as she came down from her high. Ben walked over to the dresser and came back with handcuffs that contained a longer chain.

He leaned Cindy forward and gently cuffed her arms behind her back. Together, he and Nicole gently lifted the girl and asked if she'd enjoyed that. "That was incredible", she replied, her eyes slightly glazed over.

"Good", Nicole replied. "Because now we need to punish you." She pushed the girl forcefully onto her back on the floor. "W-w-why? What did I do?" Ben shook his head. "All of those wonderful orgasms, and we did not hear one thank you." "And you made a mess of my dress", Nicole added.

Nicole walked over to the dresser and pulled out a magic wand. Cindy's eyes opened wide in fear and anticipation. Nicole placed her knees on either side of the girl's waist and slapped her breasts a few times. Ben plugged in the vibrator for Nicole and began to undo his belt. Nicole shuffled up the girl's body and rested her knees to each side of her head. "You are going to eat my pussy." "Yes Mistress." "Beg me to do it." "Please Mistress.

Please let me eat your pussy." "Convince me." "Please Mistress, I beg you, I want nothing more than to taste your pussy and return the pleasure you've given me." Ben was now stroking his cock above the girl's head. "And what about Ben? What would you like to do with his cock?" Nicole had now turned the vibrator on and was reaching behind her, running it along the inside of her thighs.

The girl slightly shuddered in anticipation.

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"I want to suck his cock too. Please Mistress, please Master, let me pleasure you both." With that, Nicole smothered the girl's face with her pussy, forcing it in her mouth. Cindy stuck out her tongue as firmly as possible, as Nicole rode it fiercely.

At the same time, Nicole opened her mouth and Ben placed his hard cock in it. He stroked her hair as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft, then swallowed the thick 8-inch cock she loved so much. All the while, she was reaching behind her with the magic wand, forcing it onto Cindy's clit at the low setting. Cindy moaned into the delicious pussy. Nicole was getting slightly turned on, but Cindy's first pussy eating experience was not proving her to be a natural.

Just as she could sense Cindy was approaching orgasm, Nicole pulled the magic wand away and pulled her pussy from the girl's face. Cindy squealed in frustration. "Toy, if you're going to lick my pussy, don't just stick out your tongue. Move it around, focus on my clit. Pace yourself, change speeds. Savour it don't just think a tongue in a pussy means you're pleasing someone." Nicole squeezed the girl's face in her hand, forcing her lips into a duck-face.

"Understand?" "Yes Mistress." She turned on the vibrator again and sat back on the girl's face. The improvement was remarkable, as Cindy's tongue fluttered across her clit, then she flattened it and firmly applied the right pressure. Along with Ben's cock in her mouth, and hearing the moaning of the girl beneath her from the magic wand, Nicole felt jong wit afrikaanse meisie van suid afrika spyker orgasm build.

Ben knew this and grabbed her breasts hard through her dress, bringing her over the top. Cindy came at the same time. Nicole let Ben's cock pop out from between her lips, and stood up. "Thank you for coming for me Mistress." Ben and Nicole smiled at each other. She was learning. Nicole and Ben picked the girl up and placed her on her knees in front of the couch. They both sat with their legs opened and ordered her to please them both. Ben and Nicole gazed into each others' eyes and kissed each other as the young girl sucked his cock slowly, then moved over and licked her Mistress' pussy.

Her hands were still cuffed behind her back, so she couldn't touch herself as she served the Dom/Domme couple. "I think she's a little better at sucking cock", Ben said.

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"To her credit, she never ate a pussy before tonight", Nicole replied. "And how is she doing at that?" "Still learning", Nicole shrugged. Ben stood up and grabbed the paddle and undid the cuffs. "She better get better soon!" As the girl continued to eat out her Mistress, Nicole's eyes and Ben's never left their lock.

Nicole's eyes told him what he needed to know, as he paddled the girl's left cheek, then her right one. She cried in pain, but never stopped licking. Nicole instructed her to use her fingers, which Cindy did. She mimicked what Nicole had done to her, and soon, Nicole's eyes were filled with lust and satisfaction, as the girl brought her to the brink of orgasm.

"Please come for me Mistress", she begged. With that, Nicole came, holding the back of Cindy's head into her pussy. As the two women caught their breath, Ben said "I think it's time to show her the cross." Nicole grabbed the paddle. They miyaa khalifa xxx sex adam the girl to the door, and Ben opened it. The dimly lit room featured dark walls, a cement floor and a red light. Chained to the wall was a cedar dark reddish-brown stained St.

Andrews Cross. And bound to the cross fully clothed with a ball gag in her mouth, looking terrified, was Lara. Chapter 4 Ben explained. "After the two of you went for your drink, this bitch came and sat with me. She starts going on and on about how she's glad the 'prissy little slut' had left, and how girls like her are always starved for attention." So I tell her that she's full of shit so she'd go away.

Instead, she says to me "You and your girl are so fucking hot Can I come and join you?" So I figured 'Hey, why not? We can hurt this bitch and teach her a lesson' so I said you'd love that, brought her home, and gave her the tour. Then we get here, and she sees the cross and asks about it. I tell her how I built it from scratch, and she stands against it and says "let me see if it works." So I strapped in her wrists, strapped in her legs, left the room, went to the dresser, grabbed the ball gag, came back, and she says "this is amazing I can't move!" I said "Perfect", then strapped in the ball gag, and went upstairs.

Literally, that second, you texted me that you two were on your way, and here we are." Nicole kissed him hard on the lips, and Cindy looked both scared and angry at the bound girl on the cross.

Lara shared the same expression. "And now", Ben said, "Cindy, you can dish out a little too." Nicole handed her the paddle. Nicole walked over to Lara, the bound girl muffling into her ball gag. "About time somebody kept your mouth shut", Nicole smirked, and gave her hair a light tug. Lara inhaled sharply. "And now, let's have some real fun." Ben brought in a pair of scissors, and gave them to Nicole. She slowly cut the bound girl's tank top, exposing a bra with a front clasp.

"Figures", Nicole scoffed. She unclipped the bra, and then went down to the skirt as Lara screamed into her verbal restraint. "Oh don't worry, destroying this relic a hunk dude fucks his favorite pornbabe jessa rhodes actually me doing you a favour", Nicole said, as she snipped away at the denim.

There were, predictably, no panties underneath. "Cindy, this chick was a bitch to you tonight. You have our permission to punish her." Cindy smiled a combination of purity and evil, as she approached the cross.

Lara's eyes were shooting daggers at her, and now Cindy was in control. She reached back with the paddle and aimed for the bound girl's face. Ben's hand caught her wrist just before contact. "Not the face.

With your hand, lightly, but nothing that leaves visible marks." Cindy nodded, and changed her focus to the DD breasts hanging in front of her. She paddled each of the tits with little coordination. Lara's muffled screams filled the room.

Some of her shots hitting the nipples, some the tops, some the bottoms. this girl was simply enraged. Lara's tits became couple fucks for cam my girlfriend porn girlfriend porn shade of crimson.

In the meantime, Nicole was holding the side of the cross, bent over, and Ben eased his cock into her. He slowly fucked Nicole from behind while they both watched their new toy punish a dumb whore.

Ben's thick cock always pleased Nicole easily, practically inducing instant orgasms. As he continued to thrust his cock inside her, Nicole's pussy squeezed it each time, and she kept coming. By the time Lara's tits became crimson coloured, Nicole was in a state of bliss.

"Cindy, slap her pussy a bit too but gentler than the tits", Ben instructed. The girl wound up, but Ben stopped her. "First run your finger along the slit and see how wet she is." Sure enough, her finger came up glistening.

She wiped it on Lara's nostril. "See what happens when you're a bitch?" Cindy asked. Cindy began to paddle the dumb whore's pussy. Lara screamed again, her eyes clenched shut, tears still streaming down her face in spite of her best effort to hide her shame and pain.

Cindy's smile became more devious with every slap. As the bound girl opened her eyes, the expression had changed. Every bit of rage was gone, and instead, there was a sadness and a desire. Cindy stopped paddling her, dropped to her knees, and started licking the bound girl's pussy. Lara's eyes rolled up and she moaned, as Cindy inserted two fingers. "Would you like to come, bitch?" Lara nodded her head furiously.

Ben and Nicole, slightly surprised by this turn of events stopped fucking, and Nicole grabbed Cindy by the hair. "You still ask our permission for everything toy, understand?" Cindy nodded. "Master, Mistress, may I please make this whore come?" Nicole replied, "yes, but you spread your legs too." Cindy spread her knees, and Nicole laid on her back underneath the girl's pussy.

Ben knelt in front of Nicole's spread legs and drove his cock into her, continuing her stream of orgasms. She licked Cindy's pussy with utter hunger, while Cindy lapped at Lara's pussy, while the dumb whore was bound to the St. Andrews Cross. Cindy started to moan with pleasure.

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"May I please come Mistress?" "Not until you've made that dumb whore come 3 times." Cindy's frustration was evident, but Nicole knew it was important for her to remember her place. The girl clenched her pussy in an effort to fight off the impending orgasm as Nicole snickered. She looked up at Ben, who was still thrusting deeply into her. "The girl never had an orgasm, and now she has to learn how to fight them off!" Nicole went back to eating the 22-year-old's pussy.

Lara's legs shook, and with the expert technique her new Mistress had taught her, Cindy brought the dumb whore to multiple orgasms. Finally she allowed Nicole's tongue to bring her past the brink, and she exploded on the blonde's face.

Cindy collapsed to the floor, and Lara hung limp from sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob cross. Chapter 5 Ben unhooked the redhead's bindings, and she stumbled, but Ben pushed her to the floor on her hands and knees facing the cross, and bound her wrists to the bottom of the cross.

Nicole ordered Cindy to slide on her back underneath the redhead in a 69 position. Ben left the room and came back with rope, and something else he handed to Nicole, and the couple tied the two girls' wrists to eachothers' ankles, forcing them to remain in the position.

"Now that you two are getting along so well, it's time for Ben and me to have our fun", Nicole stated. "I recommend the two of you eat each other out, unless we tell you otherwise, and don't stop. There will be consequences if you don't follow these instructions." Lara and Cindy began eagerly tonguing eachothers' pussies, as Nicole stood against the cross and crouched down, knees widely spread, inches chantaje ala mama de mi mejor amigo Lara's face and Cindy's pussy.

Lara looked down and saw the other item Ben had brought back a strap-on dildo. Almost simultaneously, Ben slipped his now-condom-covered cock into Lara's pussy from behind, while Nicole penetrated Cindy with the strap-on. Both girls moaned and thrust their hips.

Ben and Nicole's eyes were locked on each other. Ben slapped Lara's ass as he fucked her from behind, while Nicole pulled her hair and forced her face into Cindy's pussy. The two bound girls came repeatedly, but soon, Ben and Nicole grew bored of it.

Nicole stood up while Ben pulled out of Lara, took off the condom and ordered Cindy to lick his cock. He stuck it cuddly teen is gaping narrow slit in close range and coming down her throat as she choked, then he pulled away and they went back to eating each other. Ben undid Lara's bindings, and Nicole untied the girls from each other.

Ben grabbed Lara by the hair, Nicole grabbed Cindy by hers. Both girls were dragged back to the rec room in front of the fireplace. Ben ordered them to lay on their backs in a straight line with the tops of their heads touching each other. "Both of you play with your own pussies while we do this", Ben ordered. Their fingers entered their own pussies as Nicole put her knees on either side of Lara's face, while Ben knelt behind Nicole and slipped into her.

Lara licked Nicole's pussy for all she was worth, while Nicole reached forward and groped Cindy's breasts. Nicole came a few times, and then together, she and Ben crawled about 2 feet forward so they were now over Cindy's waiting mouth.

As Cindy now ate the delicious pussy above her face, Ben reached back and slapped Lara's DD breasts, causing her to yelp. The Dominant couple moved back and forth a few times, allowing the girls to each have a turn licking a cock-filled pussy. Both girls made themselves come multiple times, causing them to gasp for air as their Mistress smothered their faces.

Ben asked his lover "Baby, do you want my come?" "Yes", she cooed, "in my mouth." Ben pulled out and walked around to Nicole's face. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock.

She felt it thicken, and he erupted into her, stream after stream of delicious come. Nicole would usually want to swallow, but she had another idea. When Ben's cock finished spurting, Nicole pulled away, turned to Lara and spit the load of white cream all over her face.

Lara was surprised and seemed horrified. "Cindy, lick your new friend's face clean, but don't swallow", Nicole commanded. Cindy got on her hands and knees and lapped at Lara's face like a kitten, cleaning up the come, and storing it in her mouth. Nicole bent down and licked Cindy's pussy once, then Lara's pussy once.

When Cindy was done cleaning, Nicole pulled the girl to her knees and drove her tongue into the girl's mouth, receiving every drop of her man's come, mixed with her the taste of their two new toys. Lara and Cindy both breathed heavily on the floor. Ben and Nicole stood up, and Ben wiped his cock on the redhead's locks.

"You two can stay the night, but one of you better know how to make Cinnamon rolls in the morning", Nicole stated sternly as they turned to leave the room. Ben and Nicole smiled to each other as they heard two voices from behind them simultaneously say "Yes Master and Mistress."