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Teen hottie tiffany taylor gets nailed with a stiff cock
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Comments are turned off I am tired of sick bastards using my stories to advance their sick ways. If Any of you have any comments you can email me. Who Me &hellip. A Wizard II I looked around at the odd group and decided when the Brown wizard said Lady Maxine was gathering a mixed group he wasn't kidding. I heard a chuckle. I looked at Slinky and thought "You can read my mind?" I felt rather than heard 'Yes.' Interesting. but useful … ''Can you read other minds?'' ' Yes read … speak to no.just yours.' Before Cher and Puss had departed they had each given me a book of spells It looks zoey reyes gives blowjob to a group of horny white men I had better do my home work I bet I am going to need all the help I can get.

Linda the White and her Goblin familiar Roli walked over to me and put her arms around me and hugged. This was very uncomfortable. I had already established that the ordinary size of these people was almost 6'' shorter than me. A nine year old hugging … it doesn't take a genius to know where her face was. Roli hugged me from behind. Did you know Goblins have sharp noses. I heard Linda mumble something I pulled her away and asked her what.

She said, " Finally my Teacher is here. " "Hey now wait a minute what do you mean Teacher." 'Who else do you think trains other wizards.' appeared in my mind from Slinky 'You have to train her. Right now she has wild magic' " What does that mean" ' She could cast a spell to lite a candle and blow up the room instead.' " You are my teacher says the Brown," I was having an uncomfortable feeling in my nether regions "Roli" I reach back and pried her from my butt and it was not easy.

Barf was laughing and said "Rather you than me." I smiled and said, " Thanks." We talked way into the night getting acquainted and deciding when to leave. I was becoming tired and Lady Maxine had a servant show me to a room.

Ah a large bed big enough for six. Slinky lit on the bed post. The door opened and in walked Linda, Roli with Harper and Ciel right behind them. Slinky laughs silently.

I was standing there in my gym shorts " I am talked out all of you need to go to bed. " Linda says, "That is what we are here for." Ciel began taking off her weapons and clothes, Roli and Harper changes to their human form. Slinky changes to her human form and says, "Move over stud." and pushes me down in the bed, "you get the Middle." What the hell was I going to do four lovely women and a precocious child.

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From the right side of the bed a complaining Linda, Roli and Ciel than me then Slinky and Harper. I lay facing Slinky she turned so that I was spooning her. I felt a pair of titties in my back, Ciel was spooning me. I dozed off only to awaken again.

I realized my hands were around Slinky and covering her titties. My pecker was out of my shorts and between her legs she was completely nude and was working her pussy back and forth on me. I lay still not letting her know I as awake. She shifted her bottom and got the angle she was searching for and I slid right inside her.

I tensed up as I realized there was and extra hand involved. Ciel's hand was holding the base of my pecker. When slinky bottomed out her butt was in Ciel's hand. I tried to lay still, but my hands had other ideas I was rubbing and tweaking her nipples as she continued to move back and forth. Her pussy was very tight and she had excellent muscle control.

I had a weird feeling on my hands my fingers were getting wet. I think I figured it out Harper was trying to suck Slinky' s nipples. I guided her to one tit and I played with the other. It was becoming difficult to not move. Slinky"s hips began to move faster I heard her gasp and slide off me. Her body was pulled away from me and I felt a new pussy replacing her. Harper had taken over and pulled me around until I was flat of my back. She mounted me cowgirl style and was riding me.

I am glad she was in her human form I don't think I could handle her feathers. Ciel stood up in bed and stepped across my head and lowered her pussy on to my mouth I began licking her small pussy my tongue entered her slit and stroked back and forth she moved her hips rapidly on my seeking tongue I could hardly do more than hold my hold my tongue in one place while she got herself off Harper was also moving at a fast pace also … damn what was with these people why are they in such a hurry.Harper started gasping and if possible moving faster.

I bounced her off of me. Then dumped Ciel into the floor. They both jumped up wailing "What's the matter?" Linda and Roli was hollering hey we were next. I told them, "No way in hell You are only 9 and Roli mirrors you." Linda comes back with, "Who cares I don't." "I care and it is not happening.

And what is the matter with the rest of you. Wham bam thank you maam. What the hell is your problem are you all running a race." They all looked at me and said, "Lady Max said that boys where you come from are always in a hurry." ''Well This boy will decide if he wants to have sex & with whom and the next one who goes to the races will be dumped into the floor and not even be shown how she should act." Now all of you get to bed .and sleep.

no sex. All you girls in the middle I will sleep on the edge." I looked sternly at each they looked downcast. When I reached Linda it was obvious it was not over. I knew I would have to keep a watch on her.

and Roli. The next morning I could tell my group was not happy. Lady Maxine was confused when she looked at the anger in my face. "Lady Maxine. just how many times have you been to my world?" "Never." "How many men from my world have you had sex with?" "None." "Then why are you telling these girls lies about how the men on my world like to have sex? And instigating sex with a 9 y.o.?" I am ashamed of you." "But that was what I was told that your men were always in a hurry and that you would fuck anything even a snake if someone would hold it for you." "Whoever gave you that information has no idea of what they were talking about.

I hope they are not trusted advisers. if they are get rid of them." I looked around at my mixed group. "We will leave after breakfast so get your things together." The meal was very quite as if they had all been sedated. I actually enjoyed it. I noticed Barf glancing at me and smiling. I hope that meant he agreed with me. We stepped out the front door and were met by two Centaurs a male Cherg and a female Twil they were our guides. I talked to Cherg he explained that Centaurs were one of the few creatures that did not affect a change they were always Centaurs.

He laughed and said there is always a hot latina babe nailed in the sun of exploratory sex some one is always curious. But there is no cross breeding. just fun. We made our way through the city and left by the North gate.

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The first morning went off with out a hitch except for Linda the white and Roli wanting to know when we would start her training. I told her when we stopped for the night we would practice for an hour. She realized this was the best she could do and backed off with just a frown. We did not stop for lunch. Just before we had planned to stop we were accosted by brigands (Aden's words not mine) Slinky had been had been flying ahead when she spotted 7 armed men laying in wait for us. Fore warned is fore armed.

Ciel entered their attack zone astride Twil with her bow drawn and ready. Twil also was wielding a bow. As the bandits revealed them self, Ciel and Twil released their strings … two arrows two down.

Slinky's bite was poisonous as was Harper's claws. Slinky went for an ear and Harper mom crys after raped by son her claws in ones shoulders.

I told Linda Practice time, point your wand at the bandit and chant tie him up. She did this and the bandits lone archer ended tied up with his own bow string. Cherg used his sling to take one of the last two. And Barf hit the final one and had him flat on his back with Barf 's teeth just a hair from his throat. Rowrf and his clipboard was everywhere writing up the account of what happened.

Aden had changed to an Owl and sat in a tree observing. Roli went around sniffing each one and chirped if she found one still alive there were two. We questioned them and each told the same story, they were hired by the Green. At the next village we turned them over to the local guard station. We continued on the scenery became boring to me.

I swear we passed the same tree twice. I was glad when Cherg trotted back saying he had found a camping spot for the night. If it had not been for Slinky riding on my shoulder and telling me stories I would have went nuts.

We came to a clearing on both sides of the road. I flicked my wrist, ala Harry Potter, and set up my tent on the right side of the path. I walked to the other side and spoke to Linda, "Pick you a spot and flick your wand to place your tent.

Remember the inside does not have to reflect the outside. Take a peak in mine.'' Mine on the outside had the look of a tarp thrown over a clothes line. but … raise the flap and there was a room twenty by thirty with a huge dining room table with chairs for everyone the table was filled with food. There was roast beef, Chicken, Turkey and Ham.

As well as a variety vegetables and sweet stuff. There was a doorway at the rear of the tent which lead to my bedroom. The room was brightly lit with 100 watt bulbs scattered the full length of the room. Now Linda when you get your tent finished we will set every bodies tents in place then adjourn to my tent for supper.

I spoke to the Centaurs "I was not sure just what you eat so if you need anything else just let me know. He said he loved the salad greens but on occasion he could be happy with a steak. I heard a whoomph sound and raced out side to see a very embarrassed Linda in front of what was left of her tent.

I also noticed her red face and singed eyebrows. I asked, "What happened?" She looked at me and was almost crying, " Your room looked so bright and I saw all the little globes burning.

I liked them, so I made a few and things were alright, until I tried to stuff them with fire. Then wild magic took over and they exploded." I laughed and told her we would try again and I would show her what to do. So far I haven't used sweet girl gets her hairy pussy banged of the spells from the books.

I have been making things up as we go along [Dear reader please do not second guess yourself or me by thinking I am a full fledged wizard. I am just pulling things out of the air and. so far they have worked. I am just afraid that the wild magic will catch up to me and then .] Slinky Landed on my left shoulder and observed as I put out the fire and restored Linda's tent back to where Linda was with her construction. I told Linda to try to just take the glow of a firefly, but don't hurt any fireflies.

And just use that to light her tent. this made her happy. Slinky slid her narrow pointed head under my chin sexy asian babe sucks off an older guy over to rest on my right collarbone. Her long snaky neck caressed mine. Her Round body was settled on my left shoulder and her tail coiled around my neck to encircle her own head.

I was mentally measuring her, I estimate her body at about four inches, her neck and head about five inches and her tail at about six inches that would make her about 15'' long. But she was extremely light. The iridescence of her scales went from red to green to turquoises. When all the tents were erected every creature changed to their human form. When Slinky changed I felt a wet spot on the back of my neck.

We gathered in my tent for the evening meal and a discussion of today's events. Once the meal was over I relaxed in my recliner, all the comforts of home. I pulled out both the spell books and looked at them. I read a couple of pages in one then switched and did the same to the other. My mouth dropped open, I picked the first book back up then compared them … they were the same. I chuckled the Brown was helping in his own way. I lay one book down and took the other over to Linda.

" Linda here is a spell book for you to study. As we travel I will test you so learn the spells well. You will need them while we travel and when we arrive at the Castle." She squealed and grabbed me to give me a hug I felt Roli at my rear. Damn That nose. I pulled them off me and left for my tent. It was nearing 10pm when I turned out the lights and crawled into bed.

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Slinky slide into the other side. I didn't say a word just turned on my side and closed my eyes. This was more difficult than it may seem in her human form she resembled Rachel Weisz even to her long kissable neck. All in miniature, Rachel being 5' 7'' and Slinky being not an inch over 4' 6''. Her breasts looked like large lemons cut in half but on her were the perfect size. Her hips and legs made me think of my sisters Barbie doll come alive.

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I drooled when I looked at her. I guessed her measurements at about 27- 18 28 yep I drooled. But I set the rules. I drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night I awoke with my arms around a delightful package and she was still asleep but cuddled into my body. I stroked her body spending an extra amount of time on her nipples. I slid my hand down her hairless body to her lovely smooth pussy I lifted my hand to my mouth and wet my finger.

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I slide that wet digit into her slit and tweaked her clitoris on the second tweak her eyes flew open. I lifted her tiny body higher in the bed then I moved down and engulfed her pussy with my mouth. I sucked her outer lips in my mouth and simultaneously speared her slit with my tongue. She spasmed in the throes of ecstasy I licked on up to her clitoris and swirled it around for another spasm.

Slinky was a very sensual being and didn't take very much and she was in another climax. I lost count of her climax es at six. I kissed my way up her body and reached her tits … they sure didn't taste like lemons but were very sweet her nipples were iron hard but pliable once they were inside my mouth. I sucked and tweaked and twisted. After a few minutes Slinky took over and flipped me on to my back and she mounted me.

She started to speed up but I grabbed her hips and held her still until she calmed down then holding on to her hips I allowed her to rock her hips backward and forward. Sweat was dripping off slinky and I, her body began to tense and grasp as she moved.

Slinky began snarling and her movements went from rocking to rotating. Her eyes were turning red. I was getting a bit frightened she was on the verge of morphing I could feel her Tail having morphed already it began slashing into my legs the heat was becoming unbearable her pussy was as if it were on fire. I could see her neck elongating.

Then she was twisting around and slammed down and she climaxed a moment after I had exploded. With the explosion I passed out. Sometime later I awoke in fright I still had a hard on and could feel tiny petite teen dildo and blonde babe squirt first time allyly family competition around my cock.

Slinky was back as a dragon and was draped around my cock her tail was slithering around it and she was licking it from end to end. The frightening thing about this. She looked over my cock and into my eyes her tongue sliced out an her mouth slid over my cock head.

Her bite is deadly.