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Black guy and sex girl porn
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My name is Kareena Khan. since started working as telephone operator for a low salary of rs.5000 because of the compassion of my husband's boss. He made me the raandi of his office. I have to satisfy his clients. I also satisfy his friends. My husband is blind. So he does not know what is happening.

He did not mind as long as he was getting money from me. I cannot live without sex even for one day. While i was a telephone operator, whenever some office collegue comes, they will pinch my boobs or my waist. They also know that i am a raandi because i slept with everybody. The important thing that one person does not tell the other person that he slept with me. One day some one came to my table and he made a call from reception. While he was on call, he kept on rubbing my boobs.

He stood in such a way that nobody saw it and even if somebody comes, he would remove his hand. So whenever someone comes, it is erotic feeling. Because of this constant pinching and abusing of my body, i am always in arousal state. There are about 30 male employees including my boss. And i have slept with more than 20 male colleques. I even had a lesbian act with foreign lady buyer who wanted me for a night. She did not leave me for than two days.

She kept me as a slave. She was an important client and we had to satisfy her to be in the business. Somehow my boss had told her that i this college sex party was very classy and chic champagne evening go piss also. So, she kept peeing on me on the entire second day. She would have pissed on me at least 5 times and i drank her piss twice. I am a hot sexy woman and my boss use me as his sex toy.

Piss is intoxicating thing for me and i somehow feel that i cannot complete the day without drinking somebody piss. Someday when i cannot get any pray in my office, i would use my sister-in-law in my house for my sexual pleasure and in the end i would drink her piss. She is also getting addicted to my piss. I became like this because of my boss. But because of family situation, i have to be in job.

I get around 5000 to 10000 everyday by all the fucking i receive from the office clients and collegues. Sometimes they introduce me to their friends also. One day we had a new employee called sanjay agarwal and he kept ogling at me seeing my dress. I always dress seductively. I wear transparent saree, sleeveless blouse and a thin bra.

Saree is always deep cut and one can see my cleavage easily. He did not know that i am a raandi and that i can be his taking if he pays me money. Since he is new employee, he does not know this. So he kept ogling at me. I always look at him as he is muscularly built and has got great biceps and thighs. I was feeling horny seeing him. It has been a week since i was fucked by a male. I had to be content with my sister in law only for my sexual satisfaction. Sometimes i would suck my blind husband's cock.

But it was a dead feeling. I feel pity seeing him. So i don't get aroused. My boss also is not in town. He is in abroad. He will come only later. And many of the employees have finished their quota of fucking for this month. I am getting expensive for them for regular fucking. But today, this employee is hot and sexy. I needed his cock.

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I also need his money. I have become a slut. So i need money for my own sex. I was wondering how can i have sex and money. I was wondering how can i seduce him, since his work profile and mine does not cross. He is a senior employee. And in the last week, he hardly received any call from outside or any courier.

So, i decided to do something which would arouse his intention. While he comes for lunch, i would keep glaring at him. When he saw me, i would bite my lower lips and give him a horny look. He was confused. He smiled at me back. I also smiled at him. But still he did not talk to me. I kept passing glances to him.

Then we bumped into each other in the wash basin. He said sorry and then he went away. When i hit him, i felt his manliness and his manly aroma. The sweat and the muscles made me feel horny for him and made him long for his cock. While going through the motions in the entire second half of the day, i got a call at 5 pm when i was planning to leave. I got a call from sanjay agarwal and he spoke to me in a sexy voice: "hi rena, how are you." He asked me.

I told him, "yes sir, i am fine. How can i help you." He said, "you were looking sexy during lunch&hellip.i was feeling hot in my pants&hellip." I said " ok sir, you are also handsome and you make the heat go up in me…&hellip." I was breathingly and i was also glad that he understood my intentions.

Then suddenly he told me" rena, you have a programme. For you. Our area's income tax commissioner wants your tonight…&hellip." He has spoke to your boss and he asked me to speak to you……i was surprised with this blunt talk but i was also disappointed with the fact that i cannot get his masculine man, sanjay agarrwal&hellip.i desparately wanted his cock in me. But this is official and i have to sleep with the district income tax commissionar…&hellip."Ok sir, i will go and meet him" i know that commissioner.

Slept with him continuously for seven nights in his guest house. He is a rude fellow. Sometimes, he would ask his servant to fuck me and he would enjoy watching me having sex. He would also abuse me……&hellip.but i enjoyed it……still, i wanted sanjay agarwal…&hellip.all this thinking was going in his mind while i was in phone call with me&hellip.and suddenly he said which made me happy&hellip."Today you will go to income tax commissoner's guest house.

&hellip.tomorrow you must satisfy my cock……tomorrow night, i will pick you up from home and we are going to the party with my friends…&hellip." I said ok sir, as familystrokes teen fucked by stepdad daddy said already fingering my cunt over my saree…&hellip.and suddenly he asked me to come to his cabin&hellip." I said, yes sir, i am coming.

I went inside and as i entered, i saw him keeping his cock outside his pant…&hellip. He asked me to come and see his cock……&hellip.i was astonished& is nine inch cock and three inch thick……&hellip.i can i take it inside my choot……it will breakt off&hellip.i was scared…&hellip.he told me,…&hellip."You must imagine my cock till tomorrow.

There are more cocks waiting for you. You must do what the commissioner says&hellip.understand&hellip.if he complains and if he does not sign our files tomorrow, you are only responsible……he must be satisfied&hellip." As he was speaking, he pulled me closer and kissed me in deep throat……he made my cunt juice flowing.

He made me watch the cock. He was also fingering my ass hole…&hellip."Slut, be ready for tomorrow&hellip.okay……now you can go&hellip." He suddenly left me and he went away.

I was feeling hot and i was looking for more actioin. I felt disappointed. I was taken to home by company's car. I went to bathroom and i had a long bath as i have to be prepared for a long fucking session with the income tax commissioner. Then i went to the dressing asian beauteous teen cum hole to hot to be seen. I wore a seductive yellow colour saree with a matching transparent blouse. I wore a shorts instead of petti coat and tied my saree on my tight shorts.

Since the shorts is very low, my saree is tied very low. My saree is well below my deep navel……my boss always compliments my sexy navel……i remember one day, he poured honey in to my navel and sucked it for so many minutes. Coming back to reality, i made myself ready. I wore a sexy nosering. I put two ear studs on my ears. I did not apply lipstick. I made myself plain and sexy.

I applied a lot of seductive perfumes. I made myself ready. My sister in law is not there in the house. The blind husband is sleeping and he does not bother with his activities of his wife. At 8.30, the commissionar's driver came to my house and picked me up. Seeing my dress, he was stunned. He kept ogling at me while driving.

In the middle, he stopped the car somewhere and went for peeing. And he turned back and he did not even close his zip. I saw his full erect cock……such a big cock. I decided to take care of the driver when i come back home.

He came to my window and stood there…&hellip.he took my hands and kept my hands on his cock…i told him" kesav, i will need your cock when i come back home……till then be patient……your boss is waiting for me…&hellip.i big tit mexican mom halloween special with a threesome to go and meet him…&hellip." He agreed and he felt happy.

At last, he got his dreem woman he wanted to fuck. He always wanted to fuck me and a lot of times, he had seen me in skimpy clothes in commissioner's guest house.

Usually in commissioner's guest house, i had to satisfy more than one person. This time, i have to satisfy only him.

So i was looking forward to him&hellip. As soon i reached there, commissioner was standing in the door and let me inside keeping his hands in my waist. Commissioner is a short and burly man. But he is good in sex. As soon he took me inside. He closed the door and kissed my lips deeper. He was also tongue kissing me. As he was kissing me, he led me to the sofa and made me sit. He offered by rum and he took vodka. I started drinking. Suddely he took my class and he put it under his glass……he dipped his cock inside the rum and he made me drink the cock dipped rum.

I again started drinking. We discussed business and the last fucking session we had with other two people. He suddenly took his closs and took the glass inside my saree. He made it touch my panty-less cunt and then only he drink his vodka.

I know he is perverted. He is so perverted that one does not know what he will do next…&hellip. Suddenly he removed his clothes and he also removed my clothes. We were both nude now. I did not not even finish my rum. He climbed the sofa and he started offering his cock to me. And he started fucking my mouth ferociously. He called his driver and he came inside. He asked me to fuck his cock also. I don't know what to do or say. I did what i was told because if i disobey, the commissioner will not sign our file.

As i was live smoking blow job tube porn driver's cock, the nose expands and the commissioner came in between us and started putting saliva on my nose and it was staying in my nose ring. It was a sexy threesome. Then he asked the driver to lick and clean my ass. He started licking my ass. I was in heaven. I enjoyed it as every act is sudden and one does not know what would happen next.

He even farted on my nose and made me lick his ass. Then commissioner made the driver suck his cock, he made me suck his balls. It was a sexy feeling. I was dripping. The driver is still having clothes. And he asked the driver to gift his brief to me. He removed his pant and removed his brief. He took out his dirty brief and the commissioner made me sniff. I was feeling sexy. The driver was asked to go. He felt dejected. He just asked, " sir, can fuck madam". The commissioner refused him to stay and he sent him away.

He went away with his erect cock not getting the full satisfaction. I was feeling sorry for his cock. I decided to give him full sex sex dat come katrina kaif xxxxsex stories going back. Now the commissioner took me to the bed room and fucked me in doggy style.

Then he took me to the bathroom and cleaned his pee bladder completely on me. I also drank his piss. He also made his dog to piss on me boobs. I was abused without any limit…&hellip.he would always do anything cranky. Again he started fucking my mouth and tried to put his cock inside my nose.

It was paining. He was interested in causing more pain to me. He even chocked me to death while fucking my mouth……&hellip. My mouth is full of his cum and he ordered to eat it and nevev spit it out. He fucked me five times in the entire night. He did not even allow me to take bath……he kept fucking, sucking and biting my sexy body which is open to his abuse.

He put a small round rod on my cunt. After couple of fucking, he opened my ass hole so much that he even put his vodka bottle top inside my asshole. Once he finished fucking, he took me to bath room and he pissed on the floor. He asked me to roll on the piss.

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My body was full of piss. Last time, when commissioner fucked me with his friends, they mixed the rum with their piss…& was a stinking and horny act……i need more dirty stuff like that. He is a master fucker and he fucked me endlessly. I was tired but i was also enjoyed his company.

He and his dog enjoyed my company. He gave me rs.50,000 when i left and he also gave me a file. While was going back, i just covered myself with the saree. I could not find where was my blouse was. I kissable cutie is geeting peed on and blasts wet vagina not forget to allocate one fucking session for the driver. He also stopped the car and pissed on my i have to go the party of sanjay agarwal.

My cunt is already sore with his fucking and by inserting of rod. I reached my apartment and got down from the car. The security guy in the apartment smiled at me. He had also tasted my body. He knows where i would gone. As i got into the lift, he also joined me and pulled me towards him and he kissed in the lips.

He opened his flier and lifted my saree and fucked me rudely in less than one minute in the lift. He made sure that the lift stopped in between the floors. I went home and i had a long hot bath. to be contd.