Witness sex with hot beauty hardcore and blowjob

Witness sex with hot beauty hardcore and blowjob
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Getting ready to leave for the airport Megan kept checking to make sure she did not forget anything. Once again going over her list and saying Check after everything she said. Who was she talking to there was no on else in the apartment.

Her phone starts to ring and she picks it up. " Hello, yes this is Megan, Ok I will be right down". The car service that she had used in the past was here to take her to the airport. Well if I forgot anything I can pick it up when I get to my destination. Lizzie waited inside the airport knowing that no matter what Megan was going to be late. She called her phone and Megan picked up. " Where are you Lizzie asked her". " Just getting out of the car now and getting my luggage" Megan says.

"Good I thought you were going to be late again". Megan enters and sees Lizzie and they both hug.

Megan says "This is going to be the best vacation ever". " I can't wait to hit the beach, I bought this new bathing suit and hope to show it off to all the guys on the beach". Lizzie tells her " Well bet it will not be as hot as mine, Smallest they make. Only have to do something when we get there to make sure nothing will be showing when we hit the beach. Megan laughs and says " I know what you mean".

The cab ride from sexy amateur gf first time anal sex with hard dick on tape pornstars and hardcore airport to the hotel takes about twenty five minutes and pulls up to the hotel and Megan and Lizzie get out.

Megan looks around and says "Oh my god this is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at". Lizzie says " I know and do you feel how nice and warm it is, Beach weather baby" They walk up to the reception desk and this hot guy behind the counter says " Welcome to the Hilton Beachside how can I help you" Lizzie thinking I know something you can help me with.

She chuckles. Megan says " Reservation for Megan Parker" "Oh Yes I have it right here, Staying with us for six days and seven nights". My name is Mark if you need anything just pick up your room phone and dial zero. "Thank you Mark Megan says". "Mark tells them that they are in room 410 if you take the elevators to the 4th floor and go to your right your room will be right there, Great view of the beach from your balcony Mark tells them" They head to the elevators.

Megan opens the door to the room and both of them at the same time say " Oh My God" They enter and lay the suitcases on the floor and both plop on each bed. Megan says " I have this bed since I made the reservation".

Lizzie says " OK". They open the sliding glass door to the balcony and once again both say "Oh My God look at that view" They stay on the balcony for about ten minutes when Megan heads in to unpack her stuff. Lizzie walks in and says " Lets head out to the boardwalk and check out everything". Megan says " After I unpack I need to make sure I didn't forget to bring anything". Megan takes out everything from her suitcase and then she put things in the drawers and then she realizes what it is she has forgotten to pack.

" Oh Shit Megan says" What Lizzie replies" Megan says " I finally figure out what I forgot to pack". Megan says I forgot to pack my trusty little red razor". Lizzie says " We can pick one up when we are out".

" No that is the only one I ever use to shave my pussy I cant just use any razor on my pussy" Lizzie says to her " You mean that you shave your pussy totally bare" Megan says "Yes don't you shave it totally bald" sister brother ke xxx jabardasti Lizzie says "No just leave a little but could not bring myself to shaving it totally bald.

It would look like a little girls pussy". Megan says "Yeah but guys love going down on a girl with a shaved pussy". Megan picks up the phone and dials zero for the reception desk.

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"Front desk this is Mark how may I help you" Megan says "Mark is the gift shop still open in the lobby" Mark says " No I am sorry it just closed for the night and will not be open again until Late Sunday afternoon" Megan says "Ok thank you Mark" She hangs up the phone pissed. She tells Lizzie "Come on lets go ethiopian girl xxx story how tdisvirgining to see if we can find a place to get a new razor.

I am not going to be able to use my bikini with out shaving". They pass the front desk and Lizzie waves to Mark, She says to Megan " Oh man would I like to take him back to the room and let him fuck me over and over again".

Megan says " Yeah sure that only happens in Hollywood movies and by the way did you see the wedding ring". Lizzie says "oh yeah well I am going to find a guy to fuck me while we are here. I haven't had sex in over four months. Megan says "Wow four months. I would go insane if I had to go longer than a two weeks".

They walk along the boardwalk checking out guy after guy and Lizzie keeps saying " Angel smalls fucked by her step brothers huge cock the older gentleman shows whores that he still has it telsev. No that is the one".

Megan laughing every time she says it. Megan says " Here is a little store lets go in here and see if we can find a razor here" They walk in and a little old lady says " Good evening can I help you ladies find anything". Lizzie says " She needs to find a razor to shave her pussy do you have any" Loud enough for everyone in the store to hear her. Megan shouts to her " Shut up" " HAHA she is only kidding, I am looking for a razor to shave my legs". The woman turns around pulls a little blue one from the shelf behind the counter.

" Will this do honey". " Yes thank you Megan Says" She pays for it and they both leave and head back to the room. Lizzie once again waves to Mark, " Oh Man the things I would do to him she says to Megan.

"In your dreams Lizzie Megan says. Once back in the room Megan gets out the razor from the bag and heads into the bathroom to shave her pussy. She comes out ten minutes later with a towel around her and Lizzie says " Ok let me see that baby girl pussy". Megan drops the towel and Lizzie can not believe how nice it looks.

" I want mine to look just like that Lizzie says". She then asks Megan " Can you shave me like that". Megan says " Sure just come in here and take off your shorts and panties" Lizzie takes off everything and walks into the bathroom and then Megan says " Sit your pretty little ass on the counter while I shave you" Megan wets her pussy and trims the hairs and puts on the shaving cream and begins to shave her.

While doing so she slips her finger in Lizzies pussy, Well Lizzie lets out a moan and says " If you keep doing that I am going to cum". Megan finishes and cleans off the rest of the shaving cream and Lizzie looks at her newly shaved pussy in the mirror and smiles. It looks so fucking good. Lizzie looking at her freshly shaved pussy says to Megan " Have you ever licked a pussy?" Megan looked at her and said " Only once before at camp" That is how I knew to slide my finger in your pussy.

Well that felt really good. "Would you like to lick my pussy Lizzie Megan says". " Oh yes we can 69 right here on the bed. Lizzie wastes no time she is so horny she grabs Megan and throws her on the bed and begins to suck on her nipples and then works her way to her pussy, Her tongue hits Megan's clit and she feels Megan start to moan and both start having intense orgasms that they think someone is going to hear them.

They continue for about 20 Mins and both crash on the bed next to each other and both at the same time say " OH MY GOD that was amazing. Lizzie tells Megan " I don't know about you but I need to get fucked right now. Lizzie gets dressed and heads down to the lobby to the front desk to see if Mark is still there. She gets off the elevator in the lobby and amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum person that she sees behind the desk is a woman and her name is Lisa she asks Lizzie " Is there anything that I can help you with.

Lizzie thinking not unless you have a cock under your skirt. Lizzie says "Oh I see Mark has left for the night" Lisa tells her "Yes he only works until 9pm then he heads home to his wife and kids" Lizzie says " Thanks" and walks away getting ready to head back to the sweet schoolgirl gets a dick in her mouth japanese and hardcore so frustrated that she cant seem to find a cock anywhere. The elevator opens and she gets in.

" Hey can you hold the elevator for me" Lizzie hits the button and the doors stay open. Just then a guy wearing only a bathing suit gets on with her. " Wow that is a nice top he says to Lizzie" "Are you here with your boyfriend the guy asks and Lizzie says "No just me and My friend Megan vacationing together". Sweet my friend Brian is up in our room did you want to come up and have some drinks." " Oh I am sorry my name is Kyle I didn't catch yours" Lizzie looks into his blue eyes and says or think she says "My name is Lizzie and my Friend Megan is in the room" I can stop and get her we are on the 4th floor" Kyle tells her " We are also on the 4th floor".

Kyle asks her " Did you hear the couple going at it in room 410 or 412 couldn't tell which room it was but man they were making some loud noises" Lizzie laughs and then heads for her room. "We are in 450 just around the corner" Lizzie opens the door and Megan still naked is lying on the bed masturbating, She is Moaning and feeling really good now.

Lizzie says "Get dressed we are going to get laid" " I just met this hot guy in the lobby and he and his buddy are staying here in a room just around the other side of this floor". Megan looks at her and says " I am not going to be having sex with someone you just met in the lobby".

Lizzie says "Ok then I will have both to myself" Lizzie leaves and Megan gets back to pleasing herself. Lizzie sprints to the guys room. Knocks on the door and Kyle opens. " Hey what happened to your friend" Lizzie tells him " She is to tired she is just going to stay in I am all yours and your friends" The door closes.

Lizzie being forward tells them that the noises that they heard did come from our room. My friend Megan had just shaved my pussy and we both couldn't stop ourselves when we were licking each others pussy. Brian enters the room " Hey nice top" Does that come off easy" Lizzie still so horny says " Wanna see how fast it can come off and she is topless in less then 5 seconds". She tells them that she is so needs to have a cock inside lasublimexxx valentina canali slutty italian pinup enjoys threesome pussy that she is wet enough to just pull down any of the guys pants and jump on any cock.

Kyle hearing that drops his shorts and his cock is about 7 inches long and hard. Lizzie grabs it and starts to suck it and then Brian already out of his shorts and he must be about 11 inches Lizzie has never seen a cock so big.

She sits on the bed and says Kyle you need to fuck me right now. Kyle reaches for a condom but doesn't have one. Lizzie so fucking horny doesn't care she says " Just fuck me I don't care".

Kyle inserts his cock in her pussy and within maybe 5 minutes is about ready to shoot his load he tells Lizzie " Oh man I am gonna cum Lizzie so busy with Brians cock doesn't hear him and she feels all of his hot cum shooting inside her. She just moans and says oh that feels so fucking good. Brian you need to fuck me now as well. Brian gets on the bed and Lizzie mounts his big cock and she thinks that there is no way he will fit but it does. Brian is just laying there as Lizzie is riding him like a ride in an amusement park she is screaming out oh yes fuck me with that big cock.

Brian tells her I am about to cum and Lizzie not missing a beat rides him thru his orgasm. He sends a huge load deep into her pussy.

Lizzie then climbs off and Brian still spent almost passes out. Lizzie gets dressed and Says on her way out " Thank you boys that should hold me until I get home. Megan and Lizzie were hanging out at her house two weeks after when they got back from the trip and Lizzie said "I don't feel so good and runs to the bathroom and throws up".

What is wrong with me. Megan says didn't you let two guys cum in you when you had sex. Lizzie says " Oh Yeah but that was the best sex I've ever had. Lizzie went to the Dr the next day. Test came back positive. Lizzie is pregnant with either Kyle or Brians baby. Lizzie starts getting a sweet baby bump under her clothes and decides that she will keep the baby.

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What a reminder of the best vacation ever.