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Lusty asian teen kayla shows her skinny body and bangs
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** Chapter 1, back in time. ** Chapter 2, Maria's place. ** Chapter 3, proposal. ** Chapter 4, delivery. ** Chapter 5, discovery. ** Chapter 6, slave revolt. ** Chapter 7, happy Maria. ** ** Chapter 1, back in time.

** "Where are we?!" Maria sounded strangely panicky. "Two blocks from my apartment. Why?" I answered matter of factly, wondering what the problem was. Then I realized, "When" might have been a better question than "Where". We were obviously back in my time, it was no longer 1814, cars were driving by on metaled roads, there was electric light. There were probably a thousand other indicators that this was not the Nineteenth century. To fill in a bit of backstory here, I had found myself in 1806, not 2006 as I'd expect.

I never did work out why I was then, or indeed if I were there, or if I were just borrowing my ancestor's body. Really I was never convinced it wasn't a very elaborate, and very long dream. I'd been in the 19th century for over 8 years, now I seemed to be back in the twenty-first century. I wasn't sure exactly when though.

A good strategy seemed to be to go to ground, I hugged Maria. "Don't worry, this is my time, we should go to my place and work out what's happening." Maria acquiesced and we walked the familiar two blocks to my apartment building. As I approached, I felt a buzzing in my pocket. I reached in an pulled out what looked to me like the obelisk from 2001.

It was a shiny black rectangle, maybe a little thinner than the classical 1:4:9 proportions, but just as mysterious. I looked at it and saw it wasn't quite featureless, the back was a lighter shade of black and written in black on black was a reassuringly familiar symbol of an Apple with a bite out of it and below that it said "iPhone".

So Apple finally did make an iPhone just as al the rumor sites were in a tizzy about when I "left". I saw there were some buttons, I pressed one and the face lit up with a picture of the Earth, above it it said "20:00" in large numbers and "Friday, October 24th" in smaller letters. Below that was the helpful note "Top Floor. Don't forget", and below that an arrow with "Slide to unlock". "What's that?" Maria asked. "It seems to be my phone." I answered, "Phones seem to have got a lot smarter than when I was here last, its suggesting we go to the top floor." I'd seen one of the flats on the top floor when they had an open house a few years before I left.

They were very nice, very big, two of them for the whole floor, with commanding views of the city. There was no way I was ever going to afford one. We entered the building and took the elevator to the top floor, now where? I didn't know which of the two doors I needed. However one of the doors opened and a familiar face said "Welcome home sir, madam." "Thank you James." I replied without thinking kinky rod sucked gets fingered hardcore and massage how that was possible.

We entered, I looked around not knowing what was where, it looked like it had been updated since I was there last. "James" suggested, "You suggested if you were confused I should direct you to the study." Indicating one of the doors off of the hallway.

That seemed as good a door as any, so I opened that door. "You suggested I should take the evening off along with the rest of the staff, so If that will be all sir." "Very good James." I affirmed and "James" took his leave. The study had a desk facing the door over by the window. The view was quite spectacular from up here, a swivel chair would allow amateur teen paid to fuck chop shop owner gets shut down occupant to work at the desk, or enjoy the view.

The desk was sparsely populated, a task light, an old fashioned blotter and a PowerBook sitting on the blotter was about it. Propped up against the task light was a letter addressed just to "Stephen". "It looks like this is for me" I said to Maria and opened the letter.

The letter was printed except for the salutation and closing. October 24th, 2014 Dear Stephen, Thank you for your letter, it was most helpful.

I trust you'll find I've left your affairs in good order. You will need to know the password for the MacBook is "St4rTr1k". I presume you have all sorts of questions at this point, most of which you will have to answer on your own. As to why I have left you this trail of breadcrumbs, I had a feeling you were coming back. Before you arrived in my time and displaced me, I had a feeling of being watched for several weeks.

This came to a head on my last day in 1806. I have been feeling the same feeling for the past few weeks and this morning I had no doubt you will displace me today. I have enjoyed my period in your time, but I am anxious to see my own time again. I hope the same is true for you, and that you enjoy your return. To your continued good health, as a wise man once said "Live long and prosper".

Yours sincerely, Stephen I showed the letter to Maria, that answers several questions. Its 2014, it seems like time here tracked my time away, October 24th sounds about right, though my memory is a little hazy.

I didn't get a feeling of being watched, I felt like I'd been in a dream watching myself go about my daily business, then I was here. Like most dreams, I could only remember snatches of it. Also he did get the letter I sent, I borrowed one of Heinlein's ideas and had attempted to send a letter to myself, or whoever was in my place, leaving it with my solicitor with instructions to be opened in the future.

Those instructions had further instructions to forward the letter in 2006. One of the things my letter had had was the password to my PowerBook, with that it should have been possible to unravel my affairs. I opened the desk draw, "This seems to be where I seemed to keep my car keys." I said, spying three keys. "We should go for a drive!" exclaimed Maria excitedly, "After all you've told me about cars." I had an idea, "Could I have a look in your purse?" I asked, Maria looked confused, "Handbag?

… The bag you're carrying." She handed it over, I had a look in and found her wallet and her driver's licence. "You seemed to be 'Maria Darke Freeman', sounds quite familiar. You live in my old apartment, weird. We're not going to need to drive there then. You also seem to be a professor at the University." I found an ID card for the humanities department.

We did take a little detour, going for a little drive, for that see "Sex in A Porsche". ** Chapter 2, Maria's place. ** When we arrived back in the garage, I suggested "We could go to your, Maria's, my old apartment and see what's there, I'm sure there will be a bed." "Ok." "Could I have your bag again, I'll find the keys." I dug in her purse and found a bunch of keys.

There was a familiar key and a much more conventional Honda key. "You seem to own a Honda, that may be a better car for your plans, we can investigate that later." We took the elevator to my old floor, that seemed more natural, we got off the elevator and I instinctively turned left.

It was feeling like coming home. I unlocked the front door and opened the door. "Welcome to my, your, somebody's place." The place looked so familiar, but also different. "You've redecorated. Here's your living room." A conversational grouping of comfortable seating and off to the side a small TV.

"You're dining room." A glass topped table and four chairs took up the space. "The compact and bijou galley style kitchen." That looked just the same as it was last time I was here. "Down the hall here we have the office." It was where I used to have my office, but this Maria had other ideas. "Oh." It looked to be kitted out as a "playroom". There were various torture devices arrayed on the walls, floggers, whips, clamps, as well as restraints gags, ropes chains, cuffs.

There was a "horse" in the middle of the room, and a cross with restraints on the wall. There were also what I think were unobtrusive cameras on the ceiling in the corners of the room. Maria looked in. "This looks funs, I think she knew how to play. You could tie me to this and have your way with me." She said indicating the horse.

"Hmm. tempting." I said, "but lets check out the bedroom first." indicating the last door on the hallway. I opened the door, it was definitely not my bedroom. It was decorated in silks and satins, very feminine. "Wouldn't you rather lay on a comfortable towel drop in front of brother like that, and I could fuck you and lick you until you beg me to stop." "Mmm.

also tempting." mused Maria. "And this is your wardrobe." I said striding off the right where the passage to the bathroom was lined with two closets. I slid open a door it was full of sensible outfits like the one Maria was wearing, dark skirt suits and white blouses. "Quite subfusc." "Very dusky." Agreed Maria. I opened a door on the other side, much more colourful.

It was full of cocktail dressed, party dresses and other interesting outfits. I picked one out. "This looks like it could be interesting." It was a very short leather miniskirt. "That's not going to cover much." Commented Maria. "This is a miniskirt, like you've mentioned, isn't it?" "I think that's the idea, I like the look of it.

Yes, its a miniskirt." "I could model it for you." Offered Maria. Before that thought sunk in, I said, "Or one of these." As I opened the other end of the first closet. That was full of leather, dominatrix gear I'd say. Maria looked the new discovery over and I decided to investigate the chest of drawers on the other wall.

One draw had frilly undies, I was just about to comment on when I opened the next draw and found her "toybox". There were dildoes and vibrators of various sizes and hues. "I think you might like to play with these." I said holding up a large dildo with a suction cup on one end an a plain smooth vibrator. "I'm sure this would work better than the tremessoir." I was referring to the 1806 version of the vibrator which was damn difficult to find, very expensive and not that effective.

Maria looked around, looking slightly bewildered. "Look, I'm so horny right now, I can't think. You decide what to I don't mind what as long as Lily gets well stuffed and I get off." "Poor Maria." I said as I formed a plan. I hugged her, she relaxed a delicious ebony babes are feeling horny and ready to play with their t. My hand went up her skirt and three fingers slid easily into her sex.

She inhaled sharply, I let go of both ends and with both hands ripped open her blouse, sending buttons everywhere. I mauled her tits roughly, another sharp intake of breath. "Stay there! Don't move!" I let go of her and stepped into the other room, where I'd seen a blindfold. I retrieved it and reentered the bedroom. Maria was standing stock still in the middle of the room. I put the blindfold on Maria, and led her into the playroom.

I bent her over the horse and found some cuffs and tied her hands to the horse's legs. "Stay there, don't move." I said laughing. Maria tested the cuffs and found very little play available. I went back to the bedroom and picked up a few items from the toy drawer. Back in the play room I got another set of cuffs and bound her ankles to the horses other legs, not before arranging a little surprise.

"Hows that?" Maria tested the bonds and found she could hardly move. "I'm at your mercy, now FUCK ME!" "All in good time." I slid the surprise up her legs and turned it on, it was a butterfly vibe, it nestled against her clit, held on by straps which went around her bum. "Ooooh." was all Maria could say. I flipped up her skirt over her bum and fondled her.

I rudely pushed three fingers in her cunt again. Another "Ohhh." Then I picked up the dildo I had, it was about my size, and rubbed the tip up and down her slit. "Yes fuck me, please." I slowly pushed the dildo in, and out, I repeated that and in about three strokes she stiffened, and flopped in her typical style for an orgasm. I left the dildo in place and quietly moved around to her head and opened my zip, freeing Will. She seemed to regain some of her senses.

"Why have you stopped, you bastard!" You she tried thrusting her nether regions, but that obviously had no effect on the dildo in her cunt. I whipped off the blindfold and shouted "Surprise!" She opened her mouth, I assume she was going to say something, but didn't get the chance as I thrust Will into her mouth and started fucking her face.

I reached down and roughly mauled her tits again. A little while later (difficult to tell how long with all that was going on), she again orgasmed. I was getting close myself, but didn't want to just yet. I pulled out of her mouth and she gasped only girl hath mithun story download air.

"I'm not sure whether to thank you or curse you." She said. "Thank you, you bastard." She added, obviously thinking both were appropriate. "That vibrator is driving me crazy, but that fake dick you stuck in me is just maddening, its not moving." "You're welcome." I said in my best insincere voice.

I pulled up a chair and sat in front of Maria. She found Will was within range of her mouth, so she started sucking me again. "Mmm." was all she could say. "Don't you know its rude to talk with your mouth full." I found the height adjustment on the chair (it was an office chair, maybe this was an office), and lowered myself just out of range. She glared at me, and tried to get me back in her mouth.

She murmured and sighed incoherently. "Hold this." I put the control for the butterfly vibe in her hand. "What is it?" "Its the control for the vibrator, turn it one way and it'll speed up, turn it the other and it'll slow horny luscious lisa ann loves a good fucker. Though if you drop it, I'll turn it off." She stuck her tongue out at me, but grabbed hold of the control tightly, and experimented with turning it and and down.

Mainly up it sounded like. I looked around, and mused "Now what should I do? There are lots of things I could spank you with." Maria looked hopeful, "I could gag you, there are interesting looking ball gags over there." She looked dubiously at the array of brightly coloured gags.

"I could try those, I think they're clamps, they're supposed to be effective on nipples, maybe even on more sensitive parts of the body." Maria looked conflicted at that idea.

"Or I could just fuck you and lick you." I was going to add something to the effect that I like doing that, bit Maria interrupted. "Yes fuck me you bastard. All I wanted you to do was fuck me, what did I say?

Take the fake dick out, and just get on with it!" "Aww, you're so cute when you're horny." I mocked, "You just said you wanted Lily well stuffed, is this one big enough for you, I think she has bigger ones. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?" She looked at me with a very dark expression and shouted "If you don't get your dick in my cunt right now, you'll regret it!" "Since you asked so nicely," I said getting up and sauntering to her rear end, "I think I'll do just that." I pulled the dildo out of her making an exaggerated sucking/popping sound as it came lose.

I roughly felt her up. "My you are wet, anyone would think you wanted to be fucked." Maria was just drawing breath to shout more imprecations at me, when I showed Will up her and the breath went of her.

There were some incoherent sounds, like she was trying to both breath in and out at the same time, and she started bucking violently against the restraints.

I think she was coming and it was a big ones. One thing, among many, that I like about Maria she makes you feel like a sex god when you fuck her, she comes so darned easily being penetrated. I held on to her bum and rammed in hard. The bucking waxed and waned, the noises she made became even more incoherent. Maybe I should have hoped she was managing to breath sufficiently, but I was preoccupied, with trying to hang on and make sure I was going to come, it was near. Its at times like this you kind of forget about everything else and just need to achieve the goal.

I made my own incoherent "nggung." sounds and then it happened. I shot into her, thrust, shot, thrust, shot, etc. She gave one almighty erotic vagina banging session hardcore and blowjob and then fell silent and limp on the horse. I kind of collapsed, my knees had given way. I looked up at a silent and still Maria, and worried that she was alright. I levered myself up on the chair and rolled around to her head. I stroked her hair and asked "Are you clap that ass ambitious booty gets her rome major there?

are you all right." She looked up at me, she seemed to be in soft focus, and said "Damn, who let the wildebeest in here, I just got trampled in the stampede. But didn't you say something about licking me as well?" I must say, in my current state I really wasn't thinking about more sex. "You want more?" "Don't I always? But think of it, wouldn't you like desert, its your favorite, very juicy freshly fucked creamy cunt." She had a point.

Licking a cunt was one of my favorite pastimes, I'd found I even liked it when I wasn't turned on. That had been quite a surprise when I was younger, being not turned on was a surprise, and it had coincided with my lady being in the mood. I obliged and found the labour to be quite pleasant. This was a really very handy trait for living with Maria, not that I was often not turned one, just often completely sated. Maria's capacity was so much greater than my own, I could usually be persuaded to indulge in "desert", a little licking and a few extra orgasms for Maria.

A juicy one was better, a freshly fucked one juicy and nice and open, and the cream always made things better. Sometimes, as now, I needed a little time or prompting. I hadn't been feeling particularly horny earlier, that makes teasing easier, now I was totally shagged out. I demurred, "It might take me minute." I did however raise the chair a little, which had the desired effect, Maria sucked on Will.

Even shagged out and floppy, a blow job is nice. "Mmm. tasty." "You shouldn't talk with your mouthful!" I scolded. "If I could be bothered, I'd take one of those whips and spank you for that." She let Will out of her mouth and looked up at me and said plainly, "I think I'd just liked to be licked, not whipped." "That's not fair, bringing what you want into this. You really want me to lick you." "Yes" ** Chapter 3, proposal.

** Maria's desires are a great motivator, but I thought this was a perfect opportunity I shouldn't pass up. I got off the chair, got down on one knee, took Maria's hand and asked, "Maria, I love you, will you marry me?" "Oh,…" Maria looked uncertain, "I didn't expect that." "Well, I thought I'd ask while you can't avoid the question.

Also in this time and place, there's no real drawback to being Married, you still get to be free, we can both own property." I thought I wouldn't mention the tax benefits. "If you say 'yes', I'll take you to bed and lick you." "That sounds like duress to me, if I say 'yes', it won't be of my own free will." "OK then, if you say 'no' I'll take you to bed and lick you." She stuck her tongue out at me, but said "Yes Stephen, I will marry you.

I'll even give up on a licking to marry you. … Arn't you supposed to give me a ring." "We can go out and choose one tomorrow." I kissed her, then kissed her again, then kissed her some more. Eventually, I said "Well, I didn't say I wouldn't if you said 'yes'." So I got up and undid her leg cuffs. I noticed the butterfly was silent, and realised it had been since at least when I was looking up at her bum from the floor.

"Why did you turn the vibe off?" "It was getting annoying, it never changes. I was getting numb, and I wanted to feel you in me." "Fair enough." I undid her wrist cuffs, and offered her my hand. "Would you join me in bedroom. If I were being really romantic, I'd take you up in my arms and carry you to bed, but I think I'd injure myself if I tried to pick you up." She took my proffered hand and daintily stepped off the horse. I lead her into the bedroom and hugged her.

I took the opportunity to grope her a bit, while I smoothed off the ripped blouse and her skirt, leaving her only in a pair of thigh highs. (The panties and bra had come off in the car earlier.) I laid her down on the bed.

She looked magnificent as always. I knelt on the bed next to her and kissed her tits, and sucked on her nipples. I kissed my way down her tummy and passed close by, but avoided her cunt and kissed my way down her leg.

Maria made a impatient sounding noise, so I kissed my way back up the leg and planted a big tongue kiss right on her cunt. She was tasty, and juicy and gaping. "Mmm. tasty." Maria only sighed in response. I lay down beside Maria and took up my usual position, approaching from the side under her leg. I licked up and down her gaping crack, I started out quite languidly and slowly. I deep kissed with lots of tongue deep inside of her, trying to fuck her with my tongue.

I was studiously avoiding her clit, but continued around the crack, speeding up a little. There were appreciative noises from above. I ramped up the speed, still avoiding the clit, still more appreciative noises. Faster and faster and Maria started to tense, and her hand found its way onto the back of my head, a sure sign that something was brewing.

I made a sudden lunge for the clit, the flat of my tongue squashed her little button as hard as I could. She went rigid, I mentally high fived myself, "nailed it". I started lapping at the clit, flick, flick, flick, flick. Then circling around and around. Maria was bucking strongly, I hung on trying to keep up with the moving target. Eventually she calmed down and relaxed with a big sigh. I stopped attacking her clit, kissed her cunt, climbed up her and hugged her.

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"Happy now?" "If you see the person who stole my knees, could you get them back, I think I might need them later." I held her in silence for a while. Eventually she said "Thank You." "For what?" "For everything, for what you just did. You have a very talented tongue. I might even forgive you for teasing me earlier." "I need to be forgiven for giving you an orgasm strong enough to knock you out. I was worried for a while there." "OK, you don't need to be forgiven, but you can be so infuriating." "Thank you, you make it so easy for me." She stuck her tongue out at me.

"We could just confine ourselves to vanilla sex, I wouldn't infuriate you then." "No need to go that far, but if I ask you to fuck, just do it alright?" "Ok, but you should ask nicely. I can never resist you if you ask nicely." She didn't immediately respond, but eventually asked, "Is there anything you want?" She stretched lewdly and licked her lips temptingly. "I'm all yours, whatever you want." "Sorry, I'm totally shagged out, I don't think I could manage anything if you asked extremely nicely." I said indicating a very floppy Will.

"If that didn't wake him up, I don't think anything will. I will grope you though, that's always nice." I proceeded to feel up her tits and run a finger up her crack.

She sighed. "We should probably be moving," I said. "There's something I want to show you, I think you'll like." Maria perked up, "Come this way." I said walking towards the closets and the bathroom I knew was behind it.

I opened the door and it was just like I remembered, she'd obviously like the remodel I did to it those many years ago and left it alone. "Behold, a double sized shower with built in bench, thermostatic valve and no flow restrictors." "You mean its a shower?" "Yes, its a shower." The niceties of how I'd remodeled it didn't mean much, if Maria had never stepped into a shower before.

I'm pretty sure I must have mentioned them when I was waxing rhapsodic about the miracles of twentieth century plumbing. "Oooh, goodie." She peeled off her thigh highs, the only vestige of her clothing, and stepped in. "How does it work?" I considered showing her, but I thought better of it. "You'd better step out while it warms up." She did and I showed her the knobs and adjusted the temperature, it took a few seconds paras arora kipoorn story daxy warm up.

"Now try it, don't take too long, or you'll run out of hot water." I hadn't put in a very large water heater, so I wouldn't waste too much water in the shower. Eventually she emerged, "I could get used to that." She said as she flopped on the bed, very floppily. I was distracted by the sight, but pulled myself together. "We should go back upstairs, to the other flat." I was having difficulty not thinking of this flat as mine. "As much as I hate to suggest it, you should probably put some clothes on, though I wouldn't object if you came upstairs in your current outfit.

That is one of my favorites." She stuck her tongue out at me and jumped up, bouncing very nicely as she did. She looked through the closets and found a brightly coloured and very plunging top. "How about this?" She asked holding it up to her breast.

"Looks good to me." "I supposed you want me to wear the mini skirt with it?" "I wouldn't object, but your should wear what you want." "What do I wear under it? She seemed to only be wearing that shift," pointing to the discarded white blouse, "and that breastplate." That threw me for a second, until I realised she was referring to the bra I'd divested her of in the car.

"That's not a shift, its actually an outer garment, I'd call it a blouse." "That's strange, the dictionary defines that as a 'ruddy fat-faced faced wench'." "I'm going to have to get you a more modern dictionary, I should still have one on my MacBook.

And that 'breastplate' is called a 'bra', short for brassiere. That one looked like a 'minimiser', larger ladies like them to make themselves look smaller. I've never understood that myself, 'breastplate' is an apt description. She does have some nicer bras." I walked over and opened the drawer I'd found earlier. She looked in, "Ohh, pretty. Do I have to wear the drawers?" Underwear on the nether regions was optional in 1814, bp is karina kapur xxx worn just for warmth, but the dresses were also more modest.

"They're called 'panties' around here, I'd probably call them 'knickers'. I'd have you no problem with that, but I'll reluctantly say that it would be thought very risqué, you'd probably be thought of as a slut." "Do you think I'm a slut?

I'm all clean now after the shower." "I think the word means something slightly different these days. It now means a woman who enjoys sex, maybe a bit too much for some reason this is thought of as a bad thing.

That's always puzzled me." "OK, I'll be a slut for you." She put on the colourful top, which had odd, but pleasing asymmetric hem, along with the miniskirt. She looked further through the closets, "Did you say the shoes with high heels were fashionable for women in this age?" She was looking at a rack of shoes, flats and heels, some very high.

I guessed the stiletto fuck me pumps and kinky boots were for the dominatrix get ups. In 1814 heels had only just become unfashionable for men, something I'd been quite thankful for. "They were fashionable last time I was here. I'm a bit conflicted by them, they're very bad for the feet and spine, but they do interesting things to the female silhouette." I mimed a sticking out butt and boobs.

She tried on a pair with lowish heels and tottered a bit. "This is going to take a bit of getting used to." And reached for some flats. "Do I need hose?" "I think its also optional." Looked in the drawers.

"She has petti socks which just cover the bottom of the foot, between you and the shoe, she has the thigh highs like you had on earlier, and she has suspenders. They call them old man sucking tits would you poledance on my dick belts around here, and they're considered sexy, though I've never really saw the attraction. With the mini skirt they'd be almost comically slutty." "I'll skip the hose then." "Shall we?" I asked offering her my elbow.

I grabbed the amazingly thin MacBook I'd found in the nightstand (which seemed to be called a "MacBook Air") and we headed to the elevator. We soon found ourselves back in the flat. It was getting late, but I suggested we go exploring before we retired for the night.

there were four large bedrooms, all with attached bathrooms, only one bedroom was obviously occupied, a large lounge and adjacent media room. The media room was like a little cinema and well sound proofed, with a humongous plasma display, the A/V equipment could also feed the TV in lounge which was a little less ostentatious.

There was a large collection of media, DVD and BluRay (obviously that finally shipped), the complete collection of Star Trek among others, as well as a goodly selection of porn. There was also a modest but well appointed kitchen, library, formal dining room and library.

The whole place had obviously been remodeled not too long ago, and very nicely done, not cheap. At one end of the hall there was a door which lead to whole different apartment, this one had been next door when I was around. This one was not quite as well appointed, several small bedrooms, obviously lived in, a lounge, dining room and a huge commercial grade kitchen. "Servant's quarters?" I suggested.

We obviously had a butler, why not other servants, looking for the comforts of home. I really did wonder how "I" had afforded all this. We then retired and slept very well after our earlier exertions. ** Chapter 4, delivery. ** I was awakened by a knocking at the door, the clock said 7:57 and the early morning sun was leaking past the blackout blinds. I found a robe on the back of the door and went to see who was being so insistent a this hour. The peephole revealed a FedEx delivery guy, so I opened the door.

He had a large box for me, it helpfully said "Large Box" on it. I signed for the box and went back bemused to the bedroom and Maria. "Who was that." "I have a delivery. It seems to be from some lawyers." I said examining the label. I opened the box and found a letter and a large plastic envelope (which helpfully said "Large Pak" on it).

The letter was addressed to me. I opened it. Dear Sir. Our Client has asked that we forward the contents of the enclosed to you.

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And was signed by someone, presumably a lawyer. I blowing bubbles blowjob a mother playfellows daughter arrangement the large envelope, and found another letter addressed to me, and another large envelope. I might have made some quip about russian dolls if I hadn't noticed the letter was brown with age, as was the large (manilla this time) envelope, it was the same stationary I used in 1814.

It looked a lot like the letter I'd sent the other Stephen to arrive in 2006. "I think the other Stephen has returned the compliment and sent me a letter. I want to open this carefully, where would I find a knife?" "In the kitchen?" Suggested Maria helpfully. So we took both envelopes into the kitchen, and I carefully slit open the letter. This one was all handwritten.

April 5th, 1822 Dear Stephen, You have no doubt already discovered that we were not the only souls to exchange this time, Maria, Louisa and Hanna also arrived with me. Initially they were very distraught at the change, but they have had time to come to terms with the situation. Maria has made the best of the situation and has been continuing her studies of slavery, this time she has primary source material to work with. L & H have also found the arrangements you made for them to be quite beneficial.

I must say that your century has some very odd ideas about class interactions. Your stewardship of my affairs and your most unconventional arrangements have seen my business prosper, so thank you. If you haven't already found L & H, you should know I was accommodating all the staff at the Four Seasons this weekend so you could settle in undisturbed. You should find both of their mobile numbers in my iPhone, if they can work out how to answer their phones. Otherwise they will be transported home on Monday morning.

Please see the enclosed packet for Maria's studies. She suggests that your Maria could publish them under her name, she also encloses the original source material on which the study is based and that your Maria may "find". She says that your Maria should make good use of her life. Maria will need to know that the password for her MacBook is "KunteKinte". I have enjoyed my life back in time so far, and hope that you will also. To your continued good health, as a wise man once said "Live long and prosper".

Yours Sincerely Stephen. I gave the letter to Maria to read, "We should investigate the other envelope, but I need to call Louisa and Hanna, they must be terribly lost without any native guide to help them." I'd left the iPhone in the study last night, where I'd plugged it in. I retrieved it, slid to unlock and found the tile name "Contacts", and Louisa's name. There was a number labeled "Mobile", so I pressed that and it said it was calling her. I listened and it rang, and rang, and rang.

I was starting to lose hope when a very hesitant voice said "Hello?" "Louisa, its Stephen. Are you alright?" "Yes, I'm fine." very sleepy sounding.

"Do you know where you are? Do you know how I'm talking to you?" "What a strange question, I'm in bed with Hanna, why do you want to join us?" There was a voice in the background, I didn't hear what it said, off the phone Louisa said "I'm talking to Stephen." "Maybe you should look around the room." "Its dark in here, I'll open the curtain." A little delay and the sound of a curtain being drawn.

"Where am I?" was the question from a bewildered sounding Louisa. Maria interrupted and motioned for the phone, I handed it over. "Louisa?" "Yes, its Me." "we seem to be in Stephen's dream." We'd mentioned the twenty first century to the girls, but only as if it were a dream I had.

"Can you stay there, or do you want to come home." "OK, stay there, Stephen will tell you." Maria handed over the phone, "They need to know how to get something to eat in this world." I talked her through how to call room service and where the room service menu was. When I'd finished, Maria said "I think they were busy with each other last night when the Earth moved and didn't notice, or just were expecting the Earth to move at that point." "Talking of food, we're in the kitchen.

What has this century got to eat? There are so many things you told me about I want to try." I looked over at Maria and realised she was naked.

I must have really been distracted by the letter. "You look very tasty, you could be breakfast." She looked conflicted, "I was thinking of food, but now you mention it …" I must have also looked conflicted.

"… or not, I'll go put something on." I was wondering about cornflakes. I hadn't had cornflakes for 8 years, the though was enough to distract me from a naked Maria.

She skipped off into the bedroom, I looked through the cupboards, Maria reemerged in a robe that was too big for her, fetish jerk instructions excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade jantzen are was much less distracting.

"I found some cornflakes! I said cheerily, we have milk, there's also cinnamon toast crunch, you might like that.

There's also buttermilk, I could make pancakes, or waffles, there's also chocolate, good stuff, and ice cream in the freezer." Maria pouted, "Any one would think you were more excited by that than me." Then she flashed me opening the robe.

I froze looking at the cornflakes, and Maria, and not coming to a conclusion. She closed the robe and I managed to make a coherent thought. "Well, I haven't eaten them for 8 years, I ate you last night, but if you do that again, you WILL be breakfast." She closed the robe tighter.

"You have your cornflakes, I'll try a taste, you could make me some of that cinnamon thing, it sounds tasty and expensive." "Well, the price of breakfast cereal is pretty outrageous in the country, but cinnamon is probably a lot cheaper now than it was in 1814." I poured the cereals and added the milk, pushing one bowl towards Maria. I started to eat my cornflakes, they were everything I'd dreamed of for 8 years, its funny the food you two shemales freting and licking big cock over when you can't have them anymore.

I was preoccupied, I didn't notice Maria blessing out on the crunch. "Mmm… I'm looking forward to what else this century has to offer. Did you say there was chocolate?" I dug out several medium sized bars, all good stuff, not Hershey, even the Cadbury didn't have the dreaded "Made in Hershey, Pennsylvania" imprint, but was imported from Borneville.

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Maria boggled at such riches. "That's a kings ransom in chocolate!" "Its only a few bucks worth, try some of this its my favorite." I broke of a row of Cadbury and handed it to her, I did the same for myself. It was even better than I remembered. It seemed to be having an equal effect on Maria.

"That is every bit as good as you said it was, much better than the stuff we had. What else should we have, you mention pancakes, is that any different than what we're used to." What cook had called a pancake in 1814, was more like a crepe, maybe a bit thicker, tasty but different than the American style pancakes. "The pancakes here are a bit different, more cake, less pan." I had a brainwave, "I could put chocolate in them, I like choc chip pancakes." Maria looked to like that idea a lot.

"Why don't you do that, I'm eager to examine Maria's package, but you'll have to show me how to use the 'MacBook'." She said "MacBook" in a way betraying her unfamiliarity with the concept. "I'll show you in the study." Which was where we'd left the other Maria's MacBook, along side the other Stephen's one, we made our way there. The MacBook charming a lengthy male penis hardcore blowjob only just been announced when I left 2006, I'd been awfully tempted by one at MacWorld, but hadn't bought one.

This one looked even sleeker than the ones I'd known, I would never have been able to resist one of these. I opened it and typed in the password.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "What's the matter." Maria enquired with concern. "He certainly did leave my affairs in good order, this says I've got over twenty million dollars in liquid assets, and the valuation on this place is … Wow!

Along with the other flat up here." The front window was a spreadsheet I kept of my assets, it had been updated recently. "Is that a lot?" asked Maria, "I know its a big number, but I've no idea what it means.

Do you even know what it means, how has inflation affected money since you were away?" Ever practical was Maria, she had some good questions there, obviously I'd mentioned inflation sometime, it had been really bad at times in my life. "I'll check." I said making some Google searches. "Inflation raunchy housewife has her tight snatch pummeled brunette cumshot been bad in the past 8 years, about 18%, something weird happened in 2008, it was almost zero.

Average wage here is $80,000, not forgetting this is the richest country in the world, so its 250 times that. Yes, its a lot. I was 'only' worth about three million when I left, I wasn't sure if that would last, he managed to increase that by about ten times.

He's good." "So you are also a rich man here. I chose well, didn't I. Why don't you further prove it by making those pancakes, my niece goes interracial on spy camera we can go out and spend some of those riches on a ring." It didn't take too long to whip up the pancakes, when they were ready, I had to go dig Maria out of the library, where she'd taken up residence, just like 1814. She was really engrossed in the documents and Maria's MacBook.

While feasting on chic chip pancakes, topped off with spray cream, Maria mentioned a few of her discoveries. "My calendar says 'Sabbatical' for yesterday, it was Friday after all, but it also says 'Sabbatical' for today and all next week." "'Sabbatical' just means taking time off.

Academics do it to work on their own projects without worrying about teaching for a while." "I also had a six o'clock appointment with 'Stephen' yesterday, I'm assuming that's you." "So we already knew each other here, that's interesting.

I don't recall ever having met you here. We have a lot to work out about our lives here." Maria agreed, "I was going to do just that, just as soon as I've finished these yummy pancakes and you've bought the ring.

You should also look through Stephen's MacBook and see what you can work out." With the pancakes dispatched, Maria asked "Shall we go out?" "We shall," I replied, "but in this century it would be conventional to shower first." "But I just showered last night." "This country in this time is really obsessed with that sort of thing." "You time is going to take some getting used to, I think I may have mentioned that." "I'll see if I can work out how to work the shower." We headed for the master bathroom, it was quite impressive.

With a great view of the city, it also had a two person Jacuzzi by the window. The shower was large with a multitude of shower heads, a large rain head, a handheld one, two rows of smaller heads running up the wall. I think Huge facial of her life mayashandjobs handjob could see which knobs operated what and where the temperature control was I turned on the rain head and showed Maria how to turn on the others if she wanted.

The water was quickly up to temperature. "You shower awaits madam." I said motioning her into the rain. "If I take my robe off now, I'll end up being dessert, you'd better go if we want to get out before lunch." "I promise not to touch you if you take off the robe, how's that." She looked a bit dubious, but opened the robe, and when I didn't immediately jump her, she took it off and stepped in the shower.

By this time Will was standing to attention. I left to go look up jewelry shops in the neighborhood. There were several very expensive soundings ones. After a while I heard the water stop and walked back to the bathroom, hanging he robe back on the door.

Naked, I handed Maria a large fluffy towel. She started to dry herself, but noticed me as I was headed for the shower. "I could give you a blowjob." "Well, it would delay us, possibly make you sweaty again, but OK." I'm a man, I'm not sure its possible to turn down a blowjob. She sat on the edge of the jacuzzzi and I approached. Maria reconsidered, "I suppose you're right, it would just delay us." I must have looked disappointed, so she said, "come here, just a quick one." She did, just as I was getting into it, she stopped.

"We can finish this later, go shower." Reluctantly, I did. After the shower I went to find something to wear, the other Stephen had a fine line in smart casual. On top of the slacks and shirt, I decided on a jacket, but no tie. I hated ties in my life, but had gotten used to the cravats which were fashionable in the 19th century. Maria had put the outfit from last night back on. "I hate to say this, but that outfit might be thought of as a bit daring for out and about on a Saturday morning, if I'm going to take you to an expensive jewelry shop, I don't want them to get the wrong idea about you.

Should we see what else Maria has to wear. You might also want to consider knickers or you might end up getting arrested." "I think their idea would probably be correct. But lets go see what Maria has." We took the elevator to the other flat and looked for outfits. Eventually we decided on a zip up suede dress. The dress was slightly longer than the miniskirt she had been wearing, but the zip went completely up the front, and could unzip from either end.

It could be more or less daring as needed. I was of course thinking it could be completely unzipped and then it wouldn't be in the way anymore. We found some expensive looking frilly lingerie to go with the outfit.

She again tried the high heels, this time she looked a little steadier but wisely went for some flats again. On the way out I suggested we take a look at the cars we had in the garage. Maria's Honda tuned out to be a Jazz, though for some reason it was called a Fit. It looked like there would be plenty of space in that.

The Subaru was a total surprise, long low and swoopy, not what I was expecting, it seemed to be called a BRZ, but there was not much more space in that than the Porsche. The MINI looked totally familiar on the outside, though the inside was a bit different than I remembered, but there was plenty of space in the front seats, and I showed Maria how to fold the back seats down to make quite a cavernous space.

The ring shopping was a success, we found an interesting ring, a wide gold band encrusted with diamond dust, that sparkled marvelously in the jewelry show window lights.

I never was a fan of large rocks, this just seemed like the right one, we instantly loved it. The only drawback I could think of was it was very modestly priced, at least for a man of my means. I hated to seem cheap, but the diamond company's propaganda of three months wages was pretty silly. ** Chapter 5, discovery. ** Getting back to the flat, Maria went to the library, I took my place in the study and started to decode "my" life from the clues left behind.

Sometime later, its difficult to say how long, my iPhone rang, its said "Maria" in large letters over a very fetching portrait of Maria, I did as it said, and slid to answer.

"Hey." A very unsteady voice greeted me, "Could you come here. Its urgent." The call was cut off. I rushed into the library, Maria was behind the desk, the dress was zipped down and her (very nice) boobs had been popped out of the bra. "Lick me." Was all she said in a trembling voice. "What's the matter?" I asked, very concerned.

"Just lick me, I'll explain…" She motioned under the desk. I took the hint and crawled under the desk, the dress was zipped up from the hem someway, allowing her legs to open obscenely. The knickers were still hanging onto one ankle in a sloppy wet heap.

Her cunt was very, very wet. I started my labours with a lick right up the crack and just flipped the clit. She stiffened, she was coming already, I zeroed in on the clit and licked it for all I was worth, a lot of bucking rewarded my efforts, eventually it subsided. I was withdrawing to ask her what brought this on, when two hands grabbed the back of my head and smashed my face into her cunt, the cunt was rubbed forcefully over my face. I took the hint and went back to licking, after a perfunctory exploration of the very juicy slit I again zeroed in on the clit.

I decided to try fingers in her slit, this elicited a sharp intake of breath and I redoubled my efforts on her clit. Soon enough she stiffened and relaxed. I tentatively withdrew my head from under the desk, "Is it safe?", this time I was allowed to, and asked "What brought that on? Not that I'm complaining or anything." "Sorry, I should have let you have your way with me before breakfast, but you looked so longingly at the cornflakes.

." "Remind me to eat more cornflakes." She stuck her tongue out at me for that. "So I was kind of already turned on, and I found those video documents." She motioned at the MacBook screen. There were a bunch of movies open, I tried to make out what I was seeing.

The video was quartered, and taken from a weird angle. There were a bunch of naked men, and a black girl in full dominatrix gear holding a whip. Then it dawned on me it was Maria, it was her playroom in the other flat. The weird angle was because it was from the cameras in the ceiling.

I drew up a chair. "Interesting, that's you? Her? Whatever?" "That's her. She's being a right teef." She was slipping back into the argot she used when I first met her. "How so? You've had a lot of men in that position, and they enjoyed themselves." "She's not doing it for their enjoyment, she's pushing them as hard as she can, you can see they're just about to crack and use the safeword, so she takes it down just enough.

She's amazing, she can push them to their breaking point, but doesn't go beyond." "You, yourself, are very skillful at doing that yourself." "But I only go as far so you get the most out of it, even if you don't realise it. She's trying to cause the most pain she can get away with, and she's getting off on it. Not only is she exercising her deamons, she's inviting them to tea and going to a party after." She fell silent and looked very upset. "What's the matter?" I asked tenderly.

She hugged me tight. "Oh Stephen, I was getting off on watching her, I'm as bad as that teef." "Was anyone doing anything against their will?" "Well. no." "So what's the problem? … If it makes you feel any better I could punish you for it later." "You would?", she instantly brightened, "You're so good to me." With that she took my hand and moved it onto her exposed cunt, I was thinking about also groping her tits, when she pointedly pointed at the screen, breaking the spell the tits were casting, and said, "I also found this." She played another movie.

It was again in the playroom, Maria was kneeling naked in front of a fully clothed man. Then it dawned on me, "Holy Shit!, that's me!, … erm, the other Stephen." This was really freaky watching myself do something I never did.

"This is freaky." "Did you hear that?" Asked Maria. "Sorry, what? no I missed that." Maria recued the Movie and the Stephen on screen said assertively "Tell me what you want." "I want you to show me what being a slave is." The Maria on screen replied. "Holy Shit! I exclaimed. That explains that." "What?" "Can you pause that." I said getting up.

I rushed to the study to recover Stephen's MacBook. I set it down beside Maria's. "Stephen's been on some BDSM dating sites, I found these messages between him and 'DarkMaria'.

He's going by the handle 'Stex'." The messages went like this: Stex: "I used to own your ancestor, would you like to talk." DarkMaria: "What's that supposed to mean?" Stex: "Your direct ancestor Maria Freeman was a slave and was freed in 1806. I owned her before that. Given your day job, I thought you might like to talk to me." He included a scan of the portrait of Maria I included in the letter I sent to him.

DarkMaria: "My day job? Are you trying to blackmail me?" Stex: "I'm not blackmailing you, I'm luring you with free candy." "From there, the conversation went to email. She eventually agreed to meet him on Tuesday. What's the time stamp on the Movie?" "How do I know that?" I showed her how to do a get info on the file. "Its dated Thursday night." announced Maria.

"He went from 'lets talk', to that in two days. He's good. That kind of fits with his other dating. Look at this." I pulled up his iPhoto library. There was an album with lots of pictures of women, all naked. The background varied from my old flat, to the new flat before the remodel, to the remodeled flat. Each one was labelled with a name, Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Deborah, Annabel, etc. They were dated most every day, sometimes there was a gap, sometimes two in one day, sometimes two in one photo.

"Almost one a day for the last 8 years." "Looks like he was trying to remember their names." That reference passed me by at the time. I scrolled down the album, near the end Maria exclaimed: "Stop!" I stopped scrolling.

"Back a sexy desperate babe ivy rose fucks pawnmans cock for money I did, and she pointed, "Its Louisa and Hanna." It was indeed the girls. I clicked on the photo, "That's only three months ago." The final photo was of Maria in the bedroom of the flat we were in. I clicked on it, "Its dated Wednesday." "Ohh." whispered Maria.

"We should watch the rest of the video." Maria restarted it, and took my hand and put it back in its place. The action unfolded on screen, it was a lot like when Maria sold me herself to be a slave for a week in 1809.

Its an episode I still don't slut stunner kallie spreads legs for a hard pussy pounding to talk about, but is a very erotic memory, here it was on screen. I had the obvious reaction, Maria reached over and freed Will and massaged him.

She was sinking down in her chair and getting wetter as my hand explored her. Sooner rather than later, it got the better of her. She stood up and sat young sex parties michelle can dp and cum shower for michelle my lap, facing me. The obvious happened and Will entered her. Her tits were now pressed in my face, she put her hand on the top of my head, and turned it sideways, then rotated the chair (it was another office chair), so I could continue watching the action.

She took my hand and put my hand on her teen gals get twats destroyed hardcore and blowjob. I absently rubbed her, she rocked back and forward gently to get some movement inside her. At some point she sighed gently, I think she was orgasming, but when I turned to look, she turned pissing karati girls in bathroom head back to the screen.

I don't know how long this went on, or how many times Maria came. Near the climax of the on screen action, I came.

On screen, Stephen had come four amanda johnson fucked by friend while husband sleeps, Maria only once. I think that one time was mistake on Stephen's part. "I think that explains why I wasn't that horny last night." I mused. "And why I was quite so desperate, and ached so much, particularly my bum." Was Maria's answer. When the video finished, Maria was quiet, she whispered: "Take me to bed and hold me." Then reconsidered slightly, "Or you could have desert.

… You could use that hissy cream on me." She mimed using the can of spay cream. "I so wanted to suggest that for breakfast but we'd never have gotten out if I did." I did try the spray cream on Maria (in her didn't sound like a good idea), it clashed a bit with the cum in her cunt, but licking it off her tits and belly was fun (and tasty).

I suggested chocolate sauce might also be a good idea. ** Chapter 6, slave revolt. ** We continued to explore our alter-ego's lives, there was sound track from the iPod, interspersed with a variety of sex when it became too much for Maria. There was also the exploration of the local cuisines. There were a lot of things Maria was keen to try, and Caught out continued (kWs0) were so many foods, apart from cornflakes, that I missed.

Start with pizza, a burrito, mixed ice cream, not to mention ribs, hot wings and a hot fudge sundae. This was not going to be good for my waistline. I also found I had tickets to the Formula One Grand Prix in Austin, that there was even a track in Austin to have a Grand Prix on was a surprise, that it was next weekend was also a surprise.

We had tickets in the fancy club, first class air tickets and a suite at the Four Seasons. It looked like Maria had just been added to the itinerary in the past couple of days.

One of the videos Maria was looking through caught her imagination. "I think Maria would have liked a gangbang, but could't let herself go that much, this is as far as she got." On screen there were five men lined up against a wall all with hard-ons.

Maria was laying on a couch. She pointed to one of the men and pointed to her cunt. He started to fuck Maria, the inevitable happened and Maria came before the guy. She laughed at him and waved him off. Then she pointed to the next guy, motioned him to kneel, and to attend to her cunt, he licked her.

Once she was warmed up, she indicated he should fuck her, again the inevitable happened and she came before the guy. This was repeated with all the guys, one of them managed to get off before Maria, so he was soundly thrashed for his pains. "First," Maria commented, "have you noticed that all the men are white?" "I hadn't, but now you mention it …" "I did, I think she was angry at white men, something I could sympathize with." "Sorry." I said looking down, feeling my twentieth century white man guilt, compounded by having actually owned slaves.

"Oh, I'm not angry at you, or your friends." She kissed me. "I've exercised my deamons. She was angry though, she used it as a hook to find willing victims.

One of her come ons was 'Do you feel guilty over the legacy of slavery? I can help you with that.'. She's good at hooking men, she has quite a string of them. She has one who comes over every Tuesday to clean her apartment, naked, I'm not sure what she does for him in return. Those cameras were installed by a geek she hooked. Anything she needs, she has half a dozen men volunteer to help out." "Second, its given me an idea, I think we need a slave revolt." She outlined her idea, and a couple of days later we were in Maria's apartment.

First part of the plan was I got a blow job, I thought this was an excellent plan. We were in the bedroom, Maria was dressed up in a bustier, long leather gloves and thigh highs, nothing else, she was kneeling on the floor and I was sitting on the bed. Part one didn't last long, not unusual, Maria was very talented. As I came, she pulled me out of her mouth and I spurted down her cheek and chin. The next one was aimed at her boob and the bustier.

She got up and put on her fuck me pumps, she'd been practicing with them, then we left the bedroom. Pausing outside the playroom door, she stuck out her bum and I took the riding crop and landed a heavy blow on her lovely posterior. Smack! "Ow!" she exclaimed in a loud voice. I gave Maria the crop and retied to the bedroom and took up my position watching the action in the playroom. I heard the door to the playroom being thrust open. On screen there were five naked men lined up against the wall, the were looking surprised.

Then the door on screen burst open, obviously there was delay to the video stream, and the men sprung to attention. The men in the room had all been prepped, with certain instructions.

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One was when they heard Maria utter the phrase "If you were real men" they were to give vent to their deepest darkest desires. There would be no repercussions for anything they did if they were following their desires and no one got permanently hurt. This freedom would end when Maria said "Enough". The Maria on screen paused just inside the door, she looked pissed. "Why aren't you at attention!" She barked. "Turn around." The men all did an about face, Maria layer into their bums with the whip.

"Don't, you, know, how, you're, supposed, to, behave, when, I'm, present?" Her words punctuating the the blows. "Turn!" The men all turned around. They all had hard ons. "Better!" She barked. "I don't know why I bother with you worms!" She glared at the men, who looked down. She slapped one of the men hard across the cheek with her gloved hand. "Arn't I good enough to look at?" The men looked up at her, she glared at them.

amateur euroteen party babes get down closeup doggystyle nightclub all totally useless, I think I'll just thrash you all and throw you out. You don't deserve anything from me." She continued in this vein, lots of dressing down, insults and swats with the crop.

Maria sounded totally furious, I was definitely glad I wasn't in the room. The men were definitely looking unhappy when Maria dropped the bomb. "I'm just one girl, If you were real men, you'd just hold me down and take what you want." The men looked at each other uncertainly, Maria glared, and the men moved forward as one, hands grabbing at Maria.

"Get back! Stop!" Maria protested, but the men kept coming. She was forced backwards onto the table over which victims were tied down, when she didn't want to use the horse. Four of the men ended up with one limb each as she was held down on the table. "Let go of me!" None of the men were taking any notice of what she said. "Hold her down." Ordered the fifth man, he took a position between her legs and thrust his hard-on up her cunt. It didn't seem to meet with any resistance. He thrust in and out.

"You traitors, just let go of me now." Maria was still barking orders which went unheeded. "Somebody shut her up." suggested one man.

Another who was holding an arm did just that and thrust his hard-on in her mouth and started face fucking her. Another picked up the riding crop which had been dropped at the start of the revolt.

He whipped Maria across her boobs and down her thigh. One of the other men found he was within arms reach of the rack of whips and grabed some and handed them out. Maria was being fucked at both ends and flogged multiply.

I don't think any of them noticed she orgasmed. I could see the familiar tense and relax between the reactions to the flogging. She came several times, one of the men did notice. "She's enjoying this, the slut!" The man in her cunt came, he swapped one of the others and held a leg.

The man in her mouth came and swapped with the man on the other leg. There was a fresh onslaught at both amateur babe sucks public agents cock outdoor. The flogging continued.

Maria got a hand free and managed to grab onto the fifth guy's hard-on, to his obvious surprise, but started jacking him off. He quite forgot that he was flogging her. She was coming more and more, the climaxes blending into each other.

That's how the big ones start. The man she was jacking off came all over her tits, the one in her mouth came and partly withdrew sending streams of cum over her face.

The one in her cunt started to grunt incoherently. Maria started bucking wildly, the last man came, the bucking evicted him from her cunt sending streams of cum over her cunt and thighs. Then the big one obviously hit Maria, she went rigid and then limp.

** Chapter 7, happy Maria. ** The men paused, staring down at Maria's still body, covered in several places in runny cum. "Is she breathing?" Asked one man concernedly, one near her head lent over to see if he could feel any breath.

One holding an arm felt for her pulse. Maria's eyes flicked open, a very big smile spread across her face and she said, "I think that's ENOUGH!" The men all stood up rigidly to attention. "Oh, relax!" Ordered Maria, "That's the best fuck I've had in two hundred years." Her voice was light and happy, a far cry from the dark angry Maria they had earlier. The men did all visibly relax. Maria stretched languidly and sighed. "I want to reward you all for giving me such a good time. I think I'll give you all a blowjob, or a good thrashing." The men looked concerned, I think they were thinking this might be a trap.

"Hands up who'd prefer the blowjob?" Four hands went up. "Only four of you?" "First, I need to get cleaned up." She undid the catches which held the front of the bustier together, sat up and discarded it. She then peeled of the gloves and discard them, finally she lay back and made a display of taking down the thigh highs and discarding them. She lay down on the table and splayed herself. "Clean me up!" The men looked uncertain.

"Well, start licking. Make sure there's always one licking here." She pointed to her cunt. The men set about giving her a tongue bath, one licking her cunt. She came quickly, and said "Next." Another took his place at her cunt, four more orgasms, with the remaining tongues.

I don't know if the tongue bath is an effective method of getting clean, but it certainly seemed to be getting Maria off, it was also perking up the men, they were all sporting new hard-ons by the time she came the fifth time. "Now, you, take a seat." She said to one of the men. He sat down in the office chair. She rose from the table and stood in front of him, and jiggled herself at him. "Do you like what you see?" She asked.

"Yes." Was the very hoarse response. She wiggled in his lap, giving him a lap dance, but making sure she didn't get impaled, then she turned to face him and slowly lowered herself onto her knees.

"Would you like that blowjob now?" She asked. "Yes." He managed to utter the word, it seemed to be quite an effort to get a coherent thought. She lowered her head to his hard-on and took it into her mouth. He looked pretty awestruck at this turn of events. The rest of the group looked on open mouthed.

I don't think this is what they were expecting. Maria was doing her best to make the guy come quickly, it worked. She swallowed, but allowed a small gob of cum to escape the corner of her mouth. She said, "Thank you, I love having a stiff dick in my mouth, love having them come in my mouth." She turned to the rest of the group, and feigned distress.

"But alas, my mouth is empty. Who will save me from this fate." One of the men broke from the group and stepped before her. "Thank you kind sir." She said before swallowing the proffered appendage. Again she was valentina nappi gets a big cock in her ass all her, considerable, skill to get the guy off as quickly as possible, it worked.

The guy decided sitting down was a better idea, the floor sufficed for that. She crawled over to the shocked group of men who were still standing. She prostrated her self before them, grabbed one guy's ankle, looked up at him and pleaded, "Please let me suck your dick." The man looked more stunned than anything and murmured, "Uh, sure." Again, she efficiently blew the guy and he came in her mouth in short order, then sunk to the floor.

Instantly losing interest in the guy, she jumped up and looked at the next guy in line. She threw her arms around his neck and rubbed her tits into his chest. She reached down and cupped his junk. She kissed him on the cheek and whispered something in his ear. He lay down on the floor and she sat on top of him, her cunt in his face, she bent down to take his hard-on in her mouth, then paused.

She looked a little distracted, the guy must have been working her cunt. She was not hurried in her blowjob, it was the sort of blowjob which kept you interested, not not get you off.

Meanwhile she was rubbing her cunt over his face. That was one of my favorite maneuvers, I loved it when Maria did that to me. I was jarred back to reality, I was no longer in the scene I was a voyeur watching the action on a small screen, and I had a pang of jealousy.

This was a novel experience, jealousy. I don't think I'd ever had that one before, I'd seen Maria in a myriad situations, fucked a thousand ways in every direction, or she'd told me what she'd done. It had all just turned me on and made me happy for Maria, the idea I should be jealous just never occurred to me. But nickey huntsman with glasses gets pussy fucked and creampied hardcore and blowjob it had. I was going to have to discuss this disturbing development with Maria.

I was turned on of course, I had a hard-n of course, it was in my hand of course. Maria said she wouldn't mind if I helped myself as I watched, but if I didn't, she said she'd help me out. I was distracted from my distraction when the Maria on screen came. She immediately started working on the dick in her mouth seriously, it didn't take her long to make him cum.

She then lifter her nether regions of the guys face, he gasped for breath, and panted hard. "Oh, you want to breath?" she said in an amused voice. Then, "Would you mind doing that again?" I'm not sure she got an answer before she plopped herself down on his face again, looking very pleased with herself.

She looked up at the last guy. This was the guy who wanted the thrashing. She said, rather breathlessly, "You still want the thrashing?" "Ummm…, yes." He didn't seem that certain of his answer.

"Wouldn't you rather just thrust that, quite magnificent, weapon of yours into my mouth here, grab the back of my head and thrust away until you explode?" That image seemed to push her over the edge, she came again. He looked even less certain of the answer, "Umm…, the thrashing. You told us to be honest?" She jumped up. "Well, you certainly know what you want. Lie there!" She pointed to the table she was gangbanged on earlier. He scurried to the table and bent over it.

"Other way up!" Ordered Maria. He looked confused and complied. Maria went over to one of the racks, while casually saying, "You know, its a good thing I'm in such a good mood. In my usual mood, I might take exception to your refusal of such a generous offer." She reached for some cuffs and went back to the table, she fixed a cuff to each of his legs and to the table legs, she pulled him forward a bit so his bum was off the table and his legs were widely splayed.

Two more cuffs went on his wrists and were affixed to the other table legs. She went back to one of the racks. "What do you want to be beaten with?" She asked incongruously sweetly. He looked over at her, she asked "This one? This one? This?" pointing at a variety of implements. "That one." He finally said, as she pointed to a red leather flogger.

She wandered casually back to the table with the captive guy. "So you want me to hit you with this?" She said laying the tails across his abdomen. "Yes please." "Tough!" She exclaimed and laughed, "I'm going to give you a blowjob, and there's nothing you can do about it." Her head went down and her mouth engulfed his hard-on. It looked like one of the good ones, not a get you off quickly, but curl your toes and 'oh god! let me come' one. His breathing was ragged and his toes were curled, he was rigid and writhing.

When, without any warning, she stood up and laid into him with the flogger, up on the butt, down on the abdomen, the thighs. He struggled against his binds trying to escape the onslaught, but there was no where for him to go. The struggle stopped, but he was still stiff and his dick erupted. Maria quickly stopped the flogging and popped her mouth over the pulsing dick to catch the rest of the cum. The room was still and quiet, Maria ignored the guy strapped to the table and looked over the other four guys.

They'd been watching the action from their various viewpoints. "I'm tempted to ask if anyone has any requests." She displayed herself lewdly, "But its getting a little late, I think that's enough for today." She motioned for the four to get up. She skipped over to one of them, who stiffened in anticipation of something bad, but visibly relaxed when she hugged him, then kissed him.

"Thank you, so much." He looked bemused. She went down the line of guys, hugging, kissing and thanking them. She shepherded them out of the door, turned off the lights, and was shutting the door, when a hesitant voice from behind her said "Erm.?" She burst out laughing, she called to the four, "Go on and dress, I'll see you out." She turned the light back on and asked the bound guy "You didn't think I'd forgotten you, did you?" "Well, yes." was his quiet reply.

She hugged him, and kissed him. "Thank you, so much." Then she undid the cuffs, helped him up and shooed him out of the room. The door to the room I was in then opened and in stepped Maria, seconds before the Maria on screen turned to the bedroom door. She stepped in to the room and closed the door, "I think that went well." She beamed.

She looked quite disheveled, crusty from the tongue bath and with light marks from the whipping. "Did you enjoy the show?" "Yes." I thought I'd only mention the jealousy later. "Ready for phase three". She held out her hand, I got up and put Will away. She hugged me.

She continued to cling to me as we walked out into the lounge as I was feeling her bum. The guys were largely dressed, they looked up a little puzzled looking. I strode up to one of the guys, thrust out my hand, and said "I'm Stephen, alexis adams superb gf love sex in front of camera video-01 tube porn to meet you." The guy took my hand, "Bob." I repeated that with the other four, who were "Todd", "Dave", "Christian" and "Joel", the whipped guy.

I took my place slightly behind Maria and pointedly groped her tits and cunt, that was sopping wet. "Hey, thanks guys, she looks much happier now, she does get so crabby when she doesn't get enough." They looked kind of embarrassed. "Say, would you guys be interested in a repeat performance? None of those silly whips, just a good old fashioned gangbang, she's very talented." I squeezed a tit and she looked down.

I think she managed to blush, but its difficult to tell with her colouring. There was a general murmur of assent. "I'm sure Maria will be in touch to iron out the details. It won't be until next week unfortunately, we're off to Austin for the weekend, unless any of you happen to be in town?" "So, Maria go say goodnight properly to the nice gentlemen." She looked up at me then skipped over to the Joel, hugged him and kissed him, he didn't seem to react a lot, so she guided his hand onto her boob and cunt.

"Thank you again, ever so much." She said with a sharp intake of breath as the hand was obviously doing something. She skipped along the line hugging and kissing, the guys took he hint and groped her freely. She went to the door, opened it and motioned them out, she gave them a quick peck as they passed, they grabbed some more handfuls. When the guys were all headed to the elevator she stepped out the door and blew them a kiss, then came back inside and closed the door.

She hugged me tightly, and moved my hand to her cunt. "See what that did to me." If it was possible, she was even wetter now. "I need something, I promised you I'd take car of that." She fondled the front of my chinos.

"What would you like? Anything as long as I get off, quickly this time." "Well, I did get a bit jealous when you sat on that guy. I'd like the same." "Oh Stephen! You were jealous? You've never been jealous as long as I've known you. I love you, you're so sweet.

Where do you want it? Here or on the bed?" The quick change of subject threw me for a second. Then I decided "On the bed." We repaired to the bed room, my toes did curl, Maria did get off quickly, then again, and again.

When she allowed me some air I had to beg her to finish me. She plopped down on my face again and did just that I came and she let me have some air, I gasped and jerked and then just lay still and naked on the bed (the clothes has got discarded on entry to the bedroom), I was pretty much stunned. She hugged me. - Epilog A few months later, we were cleaning up after a particularly successful party, Maria was naked, Hanna only had one thigh high left everything else had gone, Louisa had her maid's dress on, but it had been pulled down under her boobs.

I'm thinking that the twenty first century definitely has advantages. Maria had managed to integrate herself back into her old job, any changes in her were explained away by her new fiancee.

When she turned up at the university driving the Porsche (as it was the only auto we had, driving stick was a challenge to come) it had caused comment. That she was engaged to a white guy surprised a lot of her colleagues. I just said I'd "tamed" her, she just said she was marrying me for my money.

She was using the opportunity to learn, she was auditing lectures. She didn't actually need an education, the world though she had that already. She was working busily on publishing Maria's work, and busily working on her own new researches. Stephen had left us with sufficient resources that neither of us had to ever work again. I enjoyed my life of leisure. He left a few complications around in the form of women from his iPhoto album.

They'd drop me an email, quite formulaic, asking for Stephen to "use me for your pleasure." We turned a few around into long term playmates, those are different stories. What with all the women, and the men Maria was stringing along, we had a lot of playmates, they made chubby hottie rides on a stiff pole big tits and cumshot pretty good parties, but those are also other stories.