Clulaly biker bitch fucking on a motorcycle

Clulaly biker bitch fucking on a motorcycle
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Whole lotta Rosie I'd had a successful morning; already taking orders from two large customers black haired czech slut slammed for cash I arrived at the small seaside town in the South-West of England.

I phoned my next customer to ask if he was available to see me; but his assistant told me he was out of the office and wouldn't be back until about 2.30. As it was very sunny and hot I decided to sit on the small beach and soak up some rays for an hour or so with a sandwich and a takeaway coffee from a small wooden hut on the Promenade. There were more rocks than sand but I soon found a small cove next to the promenade to sit in and relax while I ate my lunch.

I'd only been there a couple of minutes when a young woman lifted her pushchair down from the path onto the sand not far from where I was sitting. At first I was a little bit miffed as I was looking forward to some quiet time all to myself but as long as she stayed far enough away so from me I'd be okay. She hauled the buggy through the sand until she was only about 10 feet away. 'Nevermind' I thought, 'I'll just finish my sandwich then do some paperwork in the car'.

As she spread a pink blanket on the sand she looked up and acknowledged me with a smile. Maybe I'd wait a few more minutes I thought as I opened the packet of sandwiches. She was young certainly no more than 20 and she was what we call 'fuller figured'. My eyes went straight to her bust as she lifted the baby out of the buggy.

Her tits were HUGE and they nearly tumbled out of her low cut pinafore dress when she bent over. 'Hmmmm' I thought as her dress rode up her legs as she knelt on the blanket and spread some toys around for the baby, 'perhaps this could get interesting'.

I desperately tried not to stare at her massive tits; but it was difficult as they wobbled and shook as she rubbed cream onto the baby's arms, legs and face.

My heart nearly stopped when she stood up and unbuttoned the dress and let it fall to her feet revealing a very skimpy green bikini! The pants were quite high-cut and emphasised her long legs and thick thighs…but the top&hellip.well; what there was of it…hardly covered the important bits.

Two thin straps which looked like thin pieces of string were attached to two tiny squares of material that just about propped up her melons.

I was still trying not to stare but it was becoming increasingly difficult for a red-blooded middle aged man like me. I said earlier she was 'fuller figured' and she was, but&hellip.what a figure! She was the first woman I'd ever seen that I could genuinely describe as hour-glass or Rubenesque. She was about 5ft 6 with long black curls that cascaded down past her shoulders and onto her huge chest a bit like the singer Nora Jones. I presumed the baby was hers by the way she handled and fussed over him so was surprised to see she had a slim flat tummy with no obvious stretch marks; which then curved out into hips and a gorgeously large arse.

She was very pretty with small pouting lips and a cute turned up pixie nose. For someone who was trying not to stare I did make a lot of mental xxx sexy story sunny leone. As I sipped my coffee the young lady took teen couple orgasm xxx poor rachael madori long swig from a 2litre bottle of Cola then proceeded to smear herself with sun cream.

I can only apologise but I got an instant hard-on&hellip.I couldn't stop myself. I nonchalantly raised my nearest knee to her as I tried to disguise the lump in my trousers. It took her nearly five minutes to rub the lotion all over her body including a delicious minute when she squirted a big blob of white cream onto her luscious bosoms then slowly rubbed it into the rippling flesh. All I could think of was the glorious wank I was going to have later that night in my hotel room.

When she was happy she'd covered everything in sunscreen she took another long swig from the Cola bottle then sat down and began playing with the baby. I looked at my watch and knew I should contact my customer soon but the sight next to me on the beach was proving difficult to tear myself away from.

Although everything the young woman did was possibly quite innocent as she kissed and played with her baby I was getting incredibly horny when she knelt forward making her tits dangle then she would be on all fours with her gorgeous arse pointing towards me and best of all; when she stood up and held the baby at arms length as it took its' first tentative steps I was greeted with the marvellous sight of her tits bouncing and swaying with every movement.

I know it's wrong but I even sneaked a couple of photos onto my camera-phone in readiness for my hotel wank later in the night. Eventually my phone rang and shattered the silence in the Cove.

The young mother suddenly looked in my direction so I waved an apology as I answered the call. It was my customer calling me to say that he was unable to see me. I can't say I was too disappointed as I made another appointment for the following week. As I drained the last of my coffee I wondered how I could now stay on the beach without making it too obvious that I was ogling the young woman only ten feet away.

I suddenly had an idea …GENIUS! Then I had a second idea (which is unusual for me)&hellip.even more better GENIUS! As carefully oriental moans while taking dick japanese and hardcore possible I adjusted my stiffy and began thinking of tanks and politics in a bid to make it go away.

It kind of worked so I stood up as coolly as possible; but I probably looked like an arthritic pensioner as I slipped twice in the sand. "I'm going for an ice cream." I nervously said to the young woman as I stood next to her staring down at her glorious cleavage, "would you like one too?" She peered over the top of her large sunglasses; "That would be nice; thanks." "An ice cream or an ice-lolly?" I asked; quite pleased with myself at finally making conversation. "Hmmmm?" she thought for a moment; then replied with a heart melting smile; "A strawberry Mivi would be nice, thanks." I strolled to the wooden hut like the King of the World.

Two minutes later I returned with my gift of a strawberry and ice-cream lolly for my new friend. As she took it from me she patted the blanket which I took to be an invitation to join her. "I'm Lou." I introduced myself. "Do you live around here?" "I'm Rosie and this little cherub is Jim." The Rubenesque beauty told me; "and yes we do, over there." She loosely pointed her hand towards some houses a couple of hundred yards away. We chatted like long lost friends as we ate our ice creams.

She was a single mum her boyfriend left her when she was pregnant; Jim was 7 months old, she was 19 and she wanted to go to College to study child care. I immediately admitted hot teen girlfriend caught fingering pussy on cam being married and had two sons both older than her!

Then I talked about my job but not enough to be boring. I couldn't take my eyes off her as Rosie played with the baby which made her breasts sway only inches from my sweaty hands. It could have been my dirty mind but Rosie sucked and licked her lolly in a very suggestive manner&hellip.simulating very good oral sex. By now my cock was pretty much under control but my mind was racing.

My seduction techniques are very rusty but I was sure I was 'getting the come on', especially when she constantly touched my arm or leg when she was talking to me and she made absolutely no attempt to cover herself up and at one stage theatrically re-arranged her breasts when they were in danger of spilling out of the tiny cotton bra which must have been made out of Velcro as it stuck to her boobs like glue. As we talked Rosie kept taking large sips from the large Cola bottle and offered it to me a couple of times.

Eventually she took one large swig and suppressed a burp then coolly asked me to look after the baby while she took a pee.

I was surprised at her candidness but obviously agreed. But what really amazed me was when she stood up and looked around us and when she was happy that there wasn't anyone else in the vicinity she pulled her bikini bottoms down below her knees and squatted in the sand between the pushchair and the small promenade wall. I made no attempt to look away as she pissed into the sand and was mesmerised as the bright golden liquid gushed from her hairy pussy making a dark puddle in the soft sand.

Her pubic hairs were like long black twisted silken threads and only covered the area above her dangling labia and clitoral area as the flesh between her legs looked naturally bald.

Rosie kept her eyes tightly closed all of the time and looked very relieved as the last drips fell to the sand. With a satisfied sigh she stood up and pulled her pants back up. "Phew." She heaved another sigh as she sat down again on the blanket, "I needed that." I don't know what the expression was on my face but she giggled and said, "I didn't embarrass you did I?" "Oh no." I quickly lied and corrected her in a flustered manner, "no…not at all…it's just&, not at all." Rosie looked absolutely beautiful as she giggled at my discomfort.

There was a minute's prickly silence until she nervously asked me, "Do you fancy another cup of coffee?" "Yes, that would be good." I replied without thinking, "I'll go and get them." I then started to climb to my feet. "No silly." Rosie whispered and grabbed my arm, "Back at my house." My young friend packed her bag and quickly put her dress back on.

I carried the pushchair and bags across the sand as Rosie carried her son. My heart was pounding and my stomach in knots as we walked the short distance to her small terraced house in silence.

Once inside I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and tidy it was and how tastefully the rooms were decorated. I went to the upstairs bathroom to pee while she organised the coffee. As soon as I'd finished I couldn't help myself and opened her wash basket.

There were three pairs of soiled panties close to the top a black thong had a delightful grubby white stain in the crotch. Then I found gold&hellip.a bra; a very sexy bra black with pink lace. I checked the label 36 GG. Bloody Hell&hellip.I didn't know they made bras that size. I fought with my conscience and decided not to steal anything&hellip.but the soiled panties were very very tempting. When I walked back into the lounge my coffee was next to the sofa and Rosie was sitting opposite with the baby clamped to her right breast.

"I hope you don't mind but he was getting hungry". "No…it's fine." I grinned as I jealously watched the baby suckling on a thick pink nipple.

We chatted for a couple of minutes then Rosie adjusted the other strap on her dress and pulled the front down exposing her bikini covered boob. Without a care in the world she scooped the boob out of the tiny holder then swapped the baby over. My hand was shaking as I drank my coffee unable to take my eyes from the huge mammary that was hanging free with a fat pink nipple still oozing warm milk.

When she was comfortable Rosie looked up at me and smiled. "You like my boobs don't you?" She asked without batting an eyelid. I coughed and spluttered, "Yes&hellip.they're magnificent." "I think they're too big." She grimaced as she lifted the free tit up and squeezed a couple of globs of milk out.

"No& they're not." I garbled. "They look&hellip.wonderful." She examined it with the determined grace of a nurse then shrugged her shoulders. "I bet you'd like to play with them; wouldn't you?" She cheekily grinned. I didn't know what to say so just raised my eyebrows and smiled back. "He'll sleep for a couple of hours after his feed." Rosie told me in a matter of fact manner, "then you can play with them if you want." Stunned, I muttered, "That would be great." We didn't say another word until she'd winded the baby then took him upstairs serving and deepthroating my master blindfolded and submissive his cot.

When Rosie came back down she was only wearing the bikini pants and her dangling tits looked even bigger than when they were encased in the tiny bra.

Her eyes were twinkling and her nipples were sticking out even longer than before as she stood in front of me. Not having ever been in a situation like this I didn't know what to do.

Sensing my unease Rosie took the lead and straddled my thighs and lifted her tits to my mouth. "Suck them for me." She purred. I leant forward and licked a warm wet nipple making her sigh. It felt as long and hard as a little finger as I rolled it between my lips. Rosie ran her fingers through my hair then suddenly clasped my bus porn videos search watch and download bus free sex pulling it into her bosom.

"Suck it baby, suck it hard." She groaned as she began rocking on my lap, pressing her crotch against my stiffening cock. I soon relaxed and alternated from tit to tit suckling on her nipples just like her baby had done.

There wasn't much left but her milk was warm and very very sweet. My hands were now mauling her fat arse and humongous tits as I licked and sucked and nibbled on her soft tits and stiff nipples while she slid backwards and forwards along my aching shaft.

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Gasping for air Rosie clambered off me and knelt between my legs. She looked up with a mischievous smile on her lips and began unbuckling my belt.

Rough monster he let her spunk in a degrading manner after that by having her tongue his

A minute later and a shuffle of my hips my trousers and underpants were off and on the floor and my shirt was now unbuttoned too. Rosie was soon stroking my cock and running her long nails along the shaft.

The silence was deafening as she slowly kissed her way up my hairy thigh until her cute lips were a fraction of an inch from my purple bell-end. She was so close I could feel every strand of the breath from her sweet mouth as she tormented me with her soft lips.

Then she did it&hellip.she slowly and softly kissed the length and girth of my cock while she stroked and tickled my knob and foreskin. The only sound apart from our heavy breathing was the ticking of the wall clock as she finally reached the tip with her kisses. Rosie eventually looked up and winked then smothered my knob with her hot wet mouth virtually taking my breath away. She was the Queen of blow-jobs! Her tongue was like wet velvet and she could twirl it around the shaft while sucking at the same time.

I had to cling onto the cushions to stop my body from exploding! After a couple of exquisite minutes of this she changed position and squashed my cock between her luscious mammaries making it disappear inside the soft flesh then suddenly popping it out like a puppet& she titty fucked me.

The look on her face was very intense as she gripped and scratched my scrotum while she dipped her head forward licking my dick every time it appeared between her huge tits. I didn't want this to stop &hellip.ever…but knew I was going to blow my load any moment. Rosie must have read my mind as she grabbed hold of my dick and began furiously wanking it against her soft mounds.

I tried and tried but couldn't stop myself…&hellip.I shot a blob of spun k across her tits then she slowly squeezed my tube until the rest oozed out; into a puddle of warm cream.

Rosie rubbed it into her skin with her fingers and my softening knob as I gulped for air to refill my lungs. Happy with herself she stood up and stroked her pussy through her skimpy panties. "My turn now I think." She grinned. "Do you want to watch me play with myself?" Unable to speak I nodded vigorously. She skipped upstairs making her tits bounce like beach balls.

Seconds later she returned with her hand behind her back hiding something. Like a naughty child she stood a couple of feet away from me with her chin on her chest and defiantly smiled at me with a twinkle in her eyes. "Guess what I've got?" She giggled. "I've no idea?" I replied. "Ta Da!" She laughed as she produced a large pink life like dildo…balls and all!

"This is my favourite." She chuckled, "Do you want to see me use it?" "God…yes." I gasped unable to believe my eyes. She placed it on the armchair then sexily wriggled out of her bikini pants until she was naked apart from her sexy hi-heeled sandals. My cock was now hanging limply as Rosie sat opposite me and lifted her right leg across the arm giving me an uninterrupted view of her gaping love hole.

Her eyes were like saucers as she stared at me and began rubbing the thick plastic tip along her dripping crack. She took a deep breath as the first inch probed her hole then she bit her lip and her massive chest heaved as inch after inch slowly disappeared into the cavern. With her large hazel eyes locked on mine she eased the dildo freshie teen vanessa adores her lovers big cock as she rides on top out then back in… faster and faster the pink toy glided in and out of her cunt like a pink torpedo.

The longer and faster she fucked herself the harder she pressed herself into the back of the armchair until it was nearly rocking. Neither of us said a word as her spare hand alternated between fiddling with her clit and fondling and squeezing her swaying tits …for my pleasure as much as her own. Soon the hand with the dildo was a blur and her other hand was furiously rubbing her clit which was making her breathing get heavier and more laboured as her face and chest started to turn bright red.

"UuuugggGGGGHHHH&hellip. AAAAAGGGHHHH…&hellip.fffuuuuCCCCKKKK!" She growled as she jammed the large plastic dildo as deep in her cunt as it would go without getting stuck in her belly as she came longer and louder than any woman I'd ever seen outside a porno movie. Still staring at me she eased the sticky sex toy out of her cunt and rubbed it along her bright pink pussy lips and gently stroked her sweaty tits as she regained her composure.

"Are you ready to fuck me now?" She asked in a husky voice. I looked down and my cock was as hard as iron. "I guess." I grinned as I adjusted my scrotum which was now stuck to my thigh.

Rosie dropped the toy onto the floor and slowly walked across the small room like a lioness; each shoulder lifting the relative tit with every step. Without a word she webcam chubby mature blonde milf masturbating hard my lap again and made outdoor fucking of hawt beauty hardcore blowjob cock glide along her hot crack.

I knew my cock wasn't going to be a match for her toy but I was hoping that she wanted the real thing regardless of size at this moment. I was right. She slid her hand between our legs and positioned my knob at the entrance to her cunt. Her nostrils were flaring and her eyes were glazed as she waited for me to give her permission. "Yes…put it in." I croaked. She immediately dropped onto my spike with all of her weight making me moan. Rosie grabbed my head and pressed it against her swaying tits as she began humping my cock like a woman possessed.

I'd never experienced anything like this…it was awesome getting fucked off a voluptuous teenage girl. "From behind," she eventually gasped after 3 or 4 minutes, "do my doggy style!" We disentangled our bodies and she replaced me on the sofa but facing away from me. Her fat arse looked wonderful as she spread her legs and gripped kinky young gal enjoys old boner hardcore and blowjob back of the sofa in readiness for a good back scuttling.

My cock found no resistance as it easily slid in up to its hilt. I grabbed her waist and began fucking her with long slow deep strokes making her moan with appreciation. "Faster." She panted as I played with her swinging titties. "Harder and faster&hellip.fuck me harder and faster!" Obviously I obliged!

Because I was playing with her dangling tits I responded with short sharp thrusts then I straightened up and grabbed her hips allowing me to fuck her with long hard deep strokes. I even chanced my luck with a couple of slaps to her bouncing arse cheeks. These were greeted with delighted squeals so I continued slapping her arse with each downward stroke until I felt that familiar twitch in my balls. "I'm cumming!" I roughly whispered. "Not in there!" Rosie cried, "On my tits…on my tits&hellip.cum on my tits." I pulled out and she twisted around in a well choreographed movement.

Without warning my cock erupted for a second time landing on her face and running down her cheek as her mouth hung open sucking in warm air to fill her empty lungs. I couldn't resist and leant forward until my cock was in her mouth and my excess spunk spilled out onto her tongue.

Rosie clamped her lips around my cock and sucked it dry. When she was finished my legs were shaking and I stumbled back until I was resting against the chair.

Rosie just giggled and opened her legs again then began flicking her clitty. It took less than a minute for her to arch her back and throw her head from side to side as she too orgasmed for a second time. We sat like this for a minute or so gasping for air until Rosie broke the silence. "I'd better see how the little one is." She told me in a type of code that told me my fun was over. She stood up and slowly walked naked up the open plan stairs allowing me one last look at her magnificent hourglass body.

When she came back downstairs she was wearing a t-shirt and jogging pants and cradling the baby. She now looked like the innocent vulnerable teenage mother she probably really was. "I'm back down here next week." I nervously told her as I fumbled with my cufflinks. Rosie kissed the baby the smiled and silently shook her head. I smiled back. For some reason it had been a mad once in a lifetime thing that I'll never forget.

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I'll never know why she chose me&hellip.but I'll be forever grateful.