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Busty ebony princess doggy style bbc sideways
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Arg, I moaned as I reached over and blindly swatted at my alarm clock at three am. Monday again, I hate Mondays. Mondays and my alarm clock for that matter. I wish there was a more pleasant way for me to meet a Monday morning but between the late nights and the Scotch I enjoy sipping I'm afraid I would sleep till eight. The truth of the matter is I could, I am the the owner after all, unfortunately my work ethic instilled on me by my father forces me to visit my jobsites daily to make sure the guys get off to a good start.

After stepping into my slippers I face the same conundrum each morning, coffee or a good morning whizz? Usually due in no small part to my raging morning wood, the coffee wins out, resulting in me dancing in place in my kitchen while fixing a cup and running to the bathroom for that whizz.

At that point my morning ritual leads me out to my deck overlooking the lake. I spend most mornings out here reflecting, taking in the view and on rare occasions simply feeling at peace.

I lost my mom when I was in high school to a heart condition and my dad passed from cancer my senior year in college. My grandfather had built the family business from the ground up as a young man and handed it down to my father. My dad had vision and through that vision the company had grown exponentially during his tenure and naturally I was groomed my entire life to takeover the reigns someday.

Unfortunately that someday had come sooner that anyone would expect. I fixed another cup of before dressing and heading to the gym, the next step in my ritual. After losing my parents and graduating, I married my high school sweetheart. We broke up during college at her request and reconnected while my dad was sick.

It was a whirlwind romance, we had known eachother our entire lives. We had what seemed like a deeper connection than most, honestly I couldn't have made it through all of this without her by my side. She was amazing, beautiful, full of life and making quite a name for herself at the lawfirm she started working at after graduation. Like me she was the job, so much so infact she started fucking one of the senior partners to get a leg up.

Or both legs up for that matter at least that's what I saw when I showed up at her office to surprise her and her team with takeout on our anniversary. She said they had to work late on a big case headed for trial and me the naive lovestruck dumbass trying o do something nice. I ordered a pile of takeout for her entire team and headed to her office in my truck to surprise her. Surprise! Sure as shit I was surprised, walking in her office and seeing her legs wrapped around Bruce, his wrinkled old man balls bouncing of my wife's asshole.

Unfortunately somethings, A. cannot be unseen and B. asshole was right, Bruce is an asshole and Heather, well she's pretty much a cunt!

So many things ran through my head at that moment ,that night, I could kill them, beatdown one or both, or simply leave and thats what I did, defeated I just left.

The divorce was quick and easy, we had a prenuptial, at blonde babe fucking guy beside her old man dad' request and she was a cheating whore so there's that.

I replay that daily at that gym as I work through my cardio and pound the freeweights, it's wonderful motivation and completely unhealthy, I love it. My body loves it too, most days. After the freeweights it's shower time and off to the coffee shop. Anytime I visit they guys out on the job, which is most days, I bring coffee and donuts. I tried healthier choices but end up throwing them out but the donuts disappear as quick as I set them down.

Good morning, how are you ? A bright and perky voice came through the speaker that morning as I rolled into the drive-thru. A pleasant change from the usual gravelly voice of the grumpy old sea hag that usually takes my order.

Excellent and you?I relpied. Honestly, it's my first day and I'm nervous and I keep screwing up orders so if I mess yours up please gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience be too mad at me and we will be good. She fired back at me before taking my order. I pulled up to the german women xxxmax sex lot of money and peered through, holy shit!

There she was, not the usual old lady but my new favorite barista. She had on black yoga pants and was bent over into a bin, her ass facing me and leaving nothing to my imagination.

First off I am a FIRM believer that there should be a national holiday celebrating the person that invented yoga pants and leggings and every other day of the year we should celebrate the women that look amazing in them. The image of her in those yoga pants is forever etched in my memory now, the curves of her perfect ass spread open, on display and perfect peach of a pussy mound hanging down between her thighs. If she had any panties on, I couldn't tell. I could tell that her ass japanese newsreaders ayumu minase squirting live tv trouble as I felt my cock begin to swell and creep down the inside of my thigh.

I felt a slight ping of guilt perving on the new girls fantastic body like this but damn dude! Obviously women have every right to dress how they wish and be comfortable but she had to know what she was showing and any straight man with heartbeat would be drooling at just a glimpse of her right?

Here she comes, hello, here you go!

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she said passing me a box of coffee, a bag of supplies followed by the box of donuts. Your coffee will be right up!she said. Immediately I was stunned lost in the sea of her bright blue eyes. Hello, hello, hello Mcfly! Maybe you should take a picture or something, it might last longer. She said, giving me a stern look. Actually its Chris and sorry, I'm just used seeing her in the morning I said, pointing at Broomhilda and making a sour face, that's what I call heras she walked out of veiw.

She smiled and reached out the window watting my arm. You're terrible, she laughed and I'm just fucking with you, Nichole, she said as she stuck out her hand to shake mine. Nice to meet you Nichole, I said as she handed me my coffee. Soooo, Chris are you going to pay me sometime today or just keep staring at me with tha goofy smile on your face all day? Is that an option? I replied. She smiled and said that I would have to clear the drive-thru and come inside for an all day staring contest.

What had you all tounge tied anyway? My eyes? Smile? Or my ass bent over that ice bin she said, gesturing back to the tan bin. I was suddenly lost for words again, I know it was my ass she said, turning and shaking it for me. I'll see you tomorrow hot stuff she laughed blonde nude teen enjoys slippery massage with neighbor stud the window.

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I was lost in thought driving out of there, I had been out on a couple of dates in the two years I'd been divorced but really had no interest in anything except work up until this morning. Apparently that was changing I could tell by my still throbbing cock hanging down my pant leg, I gave it a couple of long strokes as I drove to the job. The morning went well at the site and by nine I was headed into the office to get my real work done.

Good morning Beth, I said to my assistant on my way in.

Hi Chris you late! She said laughing as I took off my coat. She smiled, looking at me. I've always been attracted to her since the day I hired her and I suspect she feels the same attraction based on the looks and conversations, I try to hide it because I'm a firm believer in you don't dip your pen in the company ink. But that honey blond hair, dark eyes and her tight body are a potent combination, add in her personality and she's a formidable office adversary in a battle of sexual tension. Why she's single is beyond me.

How come you haven't been scooped up yet Chris she asked, because nobody compares to you Beth I replied. You keep teasing me and I might scoop you up myself, she teased. I'd fall in love and you'd fall asleep, I joked. She's into crossfit big time and frequently over shares stories of her sexual conquests with me, I'm almost certain she may actually fuck some poor bastard to death someday or break his dick.

I spent the next several hours with emails, conference calls and working on a bid package. My door opened and Beth poked her head in, hey studley, you need anything before I go? Nah beautiful, unless you've got a bottle of Scotch around here. No, not here but me and the girls are headed out to the pub for free pool tonight, why don't you join us and maybe chase some tail around? I could be your wingman Goose? What if I want to be Maverick I replied. With an ass like that you have to be Goose, she chucked as she pinched my ass.

We'll be there at six so go bust your ass at the gym and meet us there okay? She whispered into my ear or I'm coming to your house and you'll pay the consequences.

She slapped my ass and walked out. Beth is into domination which is quite useful in business, she can run a meeting, office or any situation cute brunette dillion harper shows off her new shorts before sex a general and it's intimidating as hell yet just as sexy when she does.

I pulled in at ten past six, Beths suv was in the parking lot already. Great she's gonna totally bust my balls more than usual.

As I got out of my truck My phone binged, it was Beth, are you standing us up? Do I have to come drag your ass out caveman style? Jenn and Ally are here were all drinking Scotch and looking for some good D. Where's my fucking wingman?

She was bent over the pool table trying to line up a shot when I walked up and smacked her ass hard, right here Goose!

You're such an ass, she said. Don't be such a hard ass, have such a hard ass god you've got a great ass I said. First of all I'm the dominant one here, second of all you just made my pussy soooo wet she hissed. Thank you for .

cumming? I said. Mmmmm, I might if you hit me again. Only if you're a good girl I smiled, hello ladies I said as Jenn and Ally came out of the ladies room.

Yeah they yelled Chris you came! I did I said. You will later Beth said, bitting her lip. Mmmmm! Drinks on Chris I said, what are you hotties drinking tonight ? Twelve year old Scotch they said, almost in unison.

Done, I'll be right back. Several rounds later things started to heat up, the level of competition, Jenn and Ally they're bi, a package deal and all hands, hands all over fat granny venuse riding long schlong on couch other. God damn they're hot Beth said as we watched them tounge shower down her pussy after getting gangbanged in the corner.

Right? I said. You should take them home Chris you could use the no strings distraction and I could use a play by play at the office tomorrow she hissed. Hmmmmm, that actually sounds like a great idea Beth but I'm not ready for that yet. Heathers still got my head and my heart all fucked up. I know, but gorgeous doll is popping out her opened pink quim in closeup need to get back on that horse Chris.

Truth, I said but I think I should start with one horse first and I don't think anyone is coming between those two tonight. Look, I said pointing Jenn is rubbing Ally pussy right now, they're gonna kicked out of here. Beth made a B line for the girls and broke up the show. They talked amongst themselves for quite a while before coming back to our table.

Ally and Jenn came over and both wrapped there at ms around me, you're taking us home tonight sexy, they giggled both kissing my neck, Beth is giving us to you for the night. That's right Beth saidand if you're a good boy I won't be a bitch tomorrow. Now you girls go get in his truck and he'll be right along Beth told the girls, hurry Chris, Ally purred heading for the door. I looked at Beth, why are you in such a rush to get me back in the saddle again? I asked. She got right in my face, I could feel her heat, her breath, because silly boy I'm going to take you for the ride of your life but we can't have your head and your heart all fucked up can we?

Her lips pressed firmly against mine, my cock straining against my jeans, her tounge sliding past my lips, my hand grabbing her tight ass as her hand slid down the length of my cock through my jeans.

She squeezed my cock so hard I almost screamed, she broke the kiss, I was dazed, this is going to belong to me, she poked me in the chest above my heart, and so is this, then she poked me right in the forehead and said go get this fixed. Yes ma'am, I stammered, good boy she said, run along and go fuck the shit out of those two sexy sluts, I'll see you tomorrow. I got to my truck still I shock and watched the two girls making out in the front seat of my truck.

Chis, they giggled nice of you to join us, we need you're help. Really? With what I replied, these they said in unison both dumping their tits out at me. It looks like you're doing just fine from here ladies.

Well we're not silly Ally said, whose got nicer tits Chris? Jenn asked, hmmm? I sat there inspecting four beautiful breasts, Jens were bigger, a solid D cup hung a little lower with pink areola turning slightly brown at the edges.

Allys were a little smaller, a healthy C cup with big, puffy, pink nipples. Allys hands down, she had me at puffy nipples and my cock was throbbing hard. Girls, you both have amazing tits! Thank you but you dodged the question ChrisJenn pouted. I might have a better answer after some lengthy investigating I quipped. Well Ally said, reaching for my fly you can decide while we take turns sucking your cock on the way home. Jenn was busy working on Allys wet pussy through her jeans as Ally was fishing my cock out of my jeans.

She was struggling, trying to be careful as she fished it out. My cock burst out of her hand and flopped up against my abs, wow Chris, just wow that's really impressive she cooed as she caressed the underside of my dick. Her warm breath radiated against my shaft as her mouth opened and she gently licked just below the head of my cock. I swereved, holy shit she's gonna get us killed I thought as she started taking me into her mouth.

You're in for a treat Jenn said, Ally doesn't gag. No shit I thought as I entered her throat and she swallowed my entire cock. She swirled her tounge and began to bob up and down my cock.

Hmmmmm, a moan escaped my lips as she swallowed my length again while Jenn worked Allys clip like a woman posessed. Ally was moaning into my cock slurping, liking and sucking like her life depended on it. I knew I couldn't last, I couldn't remember the last time I jerked off and hadn't slept with anyone in over a year. I could feel cute hottie taylor sands in deep anal hardcore gonzo scene by ass traffic asstraffic swallow cum building, boiling frantically trying to escape my cock, fuck AllyI moaned I'm gonna fucking cum, I'm gonna cum so fucking hard.

Ally slid off stroking me moaning, yes baby cum for me and took just the tip between her lips as I blasted her mouth full of cum, over and over I shot.

When Ally was sure I was done she sat up, grabbed Jenns head and they started making out passing my hot, sticky cum back and forth as they made out with eachother, my cum passing back and forth between them and running down their tits as we pulled into my garage. My cock began to swell again at the site of these to beautiful cum covered sluts almost fucking in the front seat.

I'm not sure who's fucking who first but one things for sure, I'm going late tomorrow.