Jessi palmer bangs with the horny bouncer

Jessi palmer bangs with the horny bouncer
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[b] Angie had gotten Rascal when he was just a little puppy. She'd just moved into her first house and didn't like all the strange noises she heard at night and hated having to be alone all night. So getting a pet seemed like the best thing to do.

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She went and picked him out and got him all the things he needed and treated him better then most people treated their kids. She just never thought it'd be more than just that. As a puppy she pretty bookworm gets tempted and nailed by her senior instructor Rascal everywhere she went.

She bathed him with her and he even slept in her bed at night. If she had to go someplace you always knew he'd be right there with her. She even told him all of her problems and talked to him like most people did to their human friends. She was to busy to keep lasting friendships, with work and classes at the school at night. It just seemed like Rascal was the only friend she really had. Everyone else wanted her to go out and party, she had no time for that life right now.

So she just stayed home at night, studied and talked to Rascal. Then one night it all changed. It'd been a while since she'd had a boyfriend and was beginning to feel very horny. Rascal was a good companion but she needed a man or at least a release. That night when she climbed in bed she made sure she was nude to at least feel the coldness of the sheets against her bare skin. Rascal was a big dog now but he still jumped into her bed every night.

She wasn't ashamed of walking around and showering with him so she didn't think twice of him sleeping next to her naked body. After a lot of tossing and turning she began to touch herself. She rubbed her fingers across her hardened nipples and down her flat stomach.

She closed her eyes and pictured someone elses hands running across her body. She kicked the covers back and began to rub on her clit. She closed her eyes tighter and threw her head up. The feel of her fingers felt so good, just what she needed. She began to finger herself, running her finger further inside of her. She began to moan and wished she had someone there to help. Then she felt something. A rough tongue licking her dripping fingers.

Going with it she moved her hand and the tongue began to lick her clit and slid in her tight litte hole. It felt so good. She began to moan more and knew she was close to cumming. She opened her eyes to see her Rascal licking her camera wala sex sex stories story hot and that was all it took. She was cumming all over his tongue and he was loving it. The wetter she got the more he licked. Until she could handle it no more.

She closed her legs and Rascal laid down and went to sleep. She rolled over and pet her friend until she herself fell asleep thinking about what had just happened.

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Was she wrong for liking it so much and wanting to do it again? At work the next day she kept playing it all over in her head. She liked it so much and wondered just what else she could do with Rascal. That night after her classes she came home and sat at her desk in her t-shirt and panties as usual to get some homework done.

Rascal kept coming over and nudging her leg. She pat his head and push him away. She glanced over and saw Rascal laying on the floor licking himself and she got to thinking.if she could return the favor from the night before or if that was even possible. She got up and walked across the room, when victoria summers i fucked my best friend s girlfirend got to him she squatted down and Rascal began to sniff her though her panties.

Angie stood and removed them and knelt back down. Rascal went right to licking her and she reached a hang out to touch his male parts. She began to rub it as she would a man's cock, the more she rubbed the harder she felt it get. The pink was beginning to stick out, more and more. With him licking her she wondered if she should lick him a little too. Just to see what it taste like. She leaned her head down and stuck her tongue to the end of the pink cock. She licked it around and Rascal began humping a little.

She liked the idea of making him enjoy this so much. She opened her mouth and Rascal began to hump her mouth.

Harder and deeper. With him humping her mouth and him licking her pussy she began to cum and it felt so good.

She was beginning to feel cum or something like it leak from him. Rascal got on all 4's and Angie lay under him as he humped more and more until she felt it build up and fill her mouth.

It was so much she couldn't hold it all and it was leaking down her chin. She had learned another thing her and Rascal could enjoy together. This went on for a few months, licking and sucking. The two of them enjoying the others cum. Then one night it went a lot farther then Angie ever thought it would.

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Angie had just gotten out of the shower and knelt down to pick up her panties that she had dropped. She felt Rascal's nose on her ass but just pushed him away. She had to get some work down and couldn't play with him at the time.

But Rascal kept trying, she'd push him away again and again. Then in a split second Rascal had knocked her over on all fours and climbed on her back. She felt him humping her back and felt the pink cock on her leg trying to find a hole to go into and then it was in.

Angie took a deep breathe and let out a little grunt. Rascal was going at her tight hole. It was the first cock she'd felt in over a year and it was feeling great. Triple play reality playboy tv5 began to come on his cock not long after he got it in. He kept on and on.

Angie had to have a break, she pushed Rascal off of her.

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She walked naked to sit on the couch. She couldn't believe her dog had just shoved her down and took her pussy. But more than that she had liked it. As she was sitting on the couch Rascal come up and climbed on her from the front.

She slid down the couch some so he could really get to it. He put his paws up on her shoulders and held her down as he pumped harder and faster. Angie came a few more times as he fucked her. Then she felt Rascal's cum fill her pussy. It was running out and down her legs, all over the bride to be gets some her last dick. She felt so good and knowing it was so wrong made her love it so much more.

From that night on it was something her and Rascal enjoyed often. One day she'd find her a man and he'd have to be one that also enjoyed her playtime with Rascal but until then she had all the cock she could handle and a very skilled tongue to keep her busy.