Tight latina mixed yr old freak pov amateur

Tight latina mixed yr old freak pov amateur
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Writer's note: This was something intended for the holidays. I originally planned to post it on Christmas but due to technical difficulties, I'm doing it January 11, 2013. Think of it as a late Christmas present. I'll be posting more stories after a few days. I'm incorporating more elements in them but there will always be full-figured women with a nice pair of knockers and a juicy bubble booty getting fucked raw.

It's kind of a theme for me (lol).

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Have a happy New Year and enjoy the story. Angela Garcia was working hard answering phone calls and taking notes for appointments. She worked as a secretary for Mr. Marcus Freeman, who was the head of a publishing company. Mr. Freeman usually gave Angela a big workload which kept her very busy especially this time around the holidays. With this long list of assignments, she thought she deserved some extra Christmas bonus but what she didn't know her bonus wasn't like anything she imagined.

Angela was a pretty clever young woman in her twenties; in addition she had a great body. She had long black hair, green eyes, large 40 DD tits and a big bubbly ass. She looked real hot and sexy in her business suit. Guys liked looking at her walk down a hallway watching those tits jiggle or that ample butt bounced.

Angela always thought that her curvy figure was an advantage usually when she needs to get something in the office.

She wasn't afraid to use this skill on her boss either. The voluptuous temptress slowly entered her boss's office, determined to convince him to give her a bonus for the holidays. Angela came in and said "Excuse me, Mr. Freeman, can I have a word with you?" "Of course, come in." said Mr. Freeman as he was signing some papers. He was an experienced executive with five years in the business. He was a broad man in his mid-30s and of biracial descent, his father was black.

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He took his position very seriously but he is reasonable to his workforce. Angela sat in the chair across the desk of her boss and replied "Thank you, sir." "What do you need, Ms. Garcia?" "Well as you know sir, I've had a big workload during this winter quarter and I've been keeping busy so I feel that because of this extra effort, I deserve an extra amount as compensation." Mr.

Freeman's raised his eyebrow slightly. "You mean a bonus?" "Something like that, sir." "I don't think it's in the budget to pay you a bonus." said Mr. Freeman. Angela wasn't quick to give up her well-deserved raise. She rebutted. "Please sir, you've been working me real hard." "Working you real hard?" He began to stare at Angela. "Ms. Garcia, I haven't worked you as hard as I possibly can, you haven't earned a Lesbian sluts love to use a dildo bonus." "What can I do to earn one?" asked Angela sensually.

Mr. Freeman formed a sly smile on his face as his eyes seem to fall to Angela's chest. "Come around my desk and we'll see." Curious, Angela walked round the desk to her boss. When she got close, Mr. Freeman surprised her and grabbed the large globes of his secretary's ass.

He rubbed and kneaded the bubble butt cheeks as Angela was initially shocked. "Oh Mr.

Freeman, what are you doing?" "Showing you how you can earn a bonus." Taking the chance given to, she got to her knees and started to unzip her employer's pants.

After finding his 8 inch fun pole, she kissed the head before taking it in her mouth. She worked steadily working the shaft down her throat. Mr. Freeman enjoyed this and even more when she pulled her breasts out and wrapped them around his sizable dick and smothered it. "You like that, sir?" asked Angela Mr. Freeman breathed heavily "Yes but I know what you can do that'll be even better, drop your skirt." "What?" "You want this bonus, don't you, now drop your skirt and bend over." Deciding to get it over with, she bent down and dropped her skirt and panties.

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Mr. Freeman then got behind and grabbed her hips as he adjusted his penis into her pussy. She moaned as Mr. Freeman started to fuck her. He moved slowly then started to get a rhythm going, really drilling into her. "Oh yeah, fuck me sir, fuck me hard." yelled Angela. "Hell yeah, you like earning that Christmas bonus?" "Yes, oh my God!" Mr. Freeman continued to pump into her. His balls boiling with ecstasy, he was getting close to climax. He increased the speed of his motion.

Drilling into her like a Sergeant drills orders into grunts in the military. He stopped for a moment; Angela sweating with pleasure was confused. But then, Mr. Freeman quickly stuck his dick in her butt and started screwing her ass. He quickly humped her big tight ass causing his secretary to grunt and grind her teeth.

Mr. Freeman was about to have a major climax. "Damn it, Angela, I'm about to cum." yelled Mr. Freeman. "Give it to me sir, cum down my chimney!" He shot his load inside her, his hot cum became one wake up sage evans time to make a sextape reality kings the interior of Angela's pussy.

They both panted in sweat and lack of energy. He pulled her out of her, she turned around and made eye contact with and asked "So can I get my bonus now?" "You'll find that you'll be well-compensated for your good work." said Mr.

Freeman. And so Angela got her bonus, Mr. Freeman had her pussy and everyone had a Merry Christmas. The End. Happy Holidays!