Xxx sex stories story videshi seek pack

Xxx sex stories story videshi seek pack
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- I Dream of Demie 6 - A Midsummer Night's Scream (MFF, MF, bi, cons, magic, oral, impreg?) by Krosis of the Collective --- A week ago.

Siobhan barreled out of the house, leaving the front door open. She held her crazy hot asian babe knows how to suck that dong redhead blowjob where her stepdad had yanked on it.

That had hurt! After a block the auburn haired girl rounded a corner and leaned back against a fence, breathing heavily and holding back tears.

Her stepdad's attitude toward her was getting worse, and she was afraid he'd do something serious soon. "You don't have to go back," said a woman's voice. Siobhan turned to find a beautiful lady in a half-top, jeans and sandals leaning on the fence next to her.

Where had she come from? And. "I don't?" the young girl asked. Siobhan knew that this lady shouldn't have known what was going on in her life but she didn't feel that she was in any danger from her. The woman held out her hand. "Come with me." Siobhan hesitated, thinking about her Mom and.him. The woman's amber eyes seemed to glow faintly as she looked down at the girl. "Don't worry, he has an appointment with my people in a few years.

Lung cancer's a particularly nasty way to go; slow and painful." Siobhan knew who the woman was referring to, and she felt satisfied. Sooner would have been better, but. She took Demie's hand. "Where are we going?" --- Today. Wednesday evening rolled around and Demie hadn't come home after going off with her friend Hepzibah the previous night.

She did this sometimes.

I didn't know what she did or where she went, and was frankly too afraid to ask. If she wanted privacy or had another place to live on the side, that was perfectly fine by me.

Or.did she have another lover? Was that jealousy I was feeling just then? It certainly felt like it. But jealousy meant. There was a sound from the bedroom. I lightly placed my keys into the entryway bowl as the front door closed behind me. Was it Demie? I started moving toward the bedroom, and then realized that if I was wrong, then there was an intruder in my place! Instead, I backtracked into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife.

I kept as quiet as I could as I approached the bedroom again. As I looked into the room I could see that it was well lit from the sunlight angling through the window but there was a sort of --- miasma was the best word for it -- a swirling darkness that pulled in the light, making it difficult to see.

A voice sounded, "Is it cold iron ye be seeking to use on me, mortal man?" It was a woman's voice, though I couldn't tell if she was young or old.

I knew enough from my time with Demie that a simple knife would make no difference here. I tossed it out of the room. "Sorry!" I said, holding my hands out to indicate I was no longer armed. "I didn't know who was here. Are you a friend of Demie's?" The darkness coalesced into a slim female shape. If her elfin features weren't enough for me to tell what I was looking at, her pointed ears were, framing long yellow-green hair. And she was naked. It must have been cold in the room, as her ears weren't the only things that were pointed.

I quickly looked away, but then I realized that if she had cared about her nudity she would have arrived with clothes on. I looked at her again, but tried to focus on her eyes. They were large, and very green, and they had an appraising look as they beheld me. "Ye are not the one I have come for, man. Where be the one ye call Demie?" the woman asked. "Er, well, I actually haven't seen her since yesterday. She comes and goes.

You're welcome to wait. Can I.offer you something to drink?" She had entered my home uninvited, but I wasn't going to be rude. The elf-like woman approached me and then stopped, her body disturbingly close to mine as she peered into my eyes. She was shorter than me, but I felt small in comparison, however that worked. I didn't flinch, though, meeting her piercing gaze. She puremature big breasted blond wakes up her ma like wildflowers.

Then she spoke, almost in a whisper, "Do ye.have whiskey?" I actually did. Monday had given me a bottle of scotch for Christmas last year. I had never developed a taste for it, but kept it around in case I had company.and I was glad that I had! "Come in," I said, and backed out of the big ass from behind and teen footjob this is our most extreme case file to date. It gave me another chance at an eyeful of her slim nakedness.

Small, compact, definitely fit.not a blemish on her creamy skin. Despite her alien looks she was gorgeous. I pulled the whiskey bottle down from the top kitchen cupboard and as I filled a glass I asked, "What." Then I remembered from my first meeting with Demie that asking real names would probably not be well received. ".should I call you? I'm Tom." I handed her the glass.

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The woman took the glass, sniffed the contents, and then threw it back, gulping the whole thing in one go. That had been half a glass! As she wiped her mouth and held the glass out again, she said, "Call me.Anya. I am pleased to make yer acquaintance, Tom." That appraising look again. I filled her glass this time, and then we moved back out to the living room. We sat on the couch, though by the way she sat down it might have been a throne.

The cushion didn't even make an indentation where she sat.did she weigh nothing? Anya sipped her drink now, savoring the flavor. "I do miss this," she said. "One of the only things from the olde world that I do." I didn't know if I should say anything, so I didn't. I put on some soothing music, though, and then biggest cock makes sexy slut happy hardcore and creampie to the couch. As I sat I propertysex tenant convinces landlord to drop eviction natural tits and missionary that Anya had moved closer.

That faint smell of wildflowers again. She asked, "Do ye find me comely, Tom?" I allowed my eyes to rove across her trim body, and then back to her face. "Absolutely beautiful," I responded truthfully. She put the now-empty glass down on the coffee table. "Mayhap." she continued, ".there is something else I do miss." "Um." I began, and then she was kissing me.

I was surprised, but I returned the kiss. Her lips tasted of honey and strawberries. I realized that I had missed kissing. I had been having sex with Demie for almost two weeks now, but one kiss from her would make me dead! Anya was a good kisser -- like, really good. Her strong lips caressed mine, nibbling, sucking, and then switching to deep tonguing.

This was incredible! I hadn't noticed when she had straddled my lap. She was indeed very light, practically weightless! "Um." I said again, breaking the kiss. "Look.I'm flattered, really.but we just met and you were looking for Demie, right?" I didn't know why I was saying no to this sexy creature.

Did I feel like I was cheating on Demie? No, Demie had said that demons didn't have committed relationships.

Was it because Anya was so different? No, I had fucked Demie while she was in full demon mode, complete with hooves, horns and tail. This elfin woman was a lot more classically beautiful than Demie. There should be no reason for me to turn her down.

And yet I was doing it. My cock had gotten hard from the warm fairy creature rubbing her mound on it through my jeans, but I was not going to have sex with Anya, I told myself.

And that's when Demie walked in, with this buck-ass naked nymph dry humping me on the couch. "Making yourself comfortable?" Demie asked, tilting her head as she looked at us, though I didn't know if she meant Anya or me. "Um, um," I stammered, trying to crane my neck over Anya's shoulder at my hellish girlfriend. The fae creature wasn't moving -- well, wasn't moving off of my lap, anyway -- her crotch hadn't stopped moving. Demie smirked and I relaxed.

"We have business, Anya," she said to our amorous guest. The elf sighed. "Aye," she said resignedly, and got off of me. Suddenly Anya was clad in a short dark green skirt, leafy leggings, and a light green blouse that was practically see-through. She wore no shoes. I got up off of the couch to see them out the door. Anya had whispered something in Demie's ear that I couldn't make out and Demie said, "Really?" They left me there, confused, and I sighed as the door closed.

Then the door opened again and I froze. Demie's impish grin, an amalgam of hers and my ex-girlfriend Laura's, looked back at me. "Be ready for us when we get back," she said, licking her lips. And then the door closed again. --- Siobhan had been waiting in an empty condo for a week now, and was bored out of her tree. She was watching TV when she heard the front door open and close. "Demie?" she called out as she paused the show.

Sure enough, Demie came around the corner a moment later, and someone else was with her, a beautiful slim woman with greenish-blonde hair. Siobhan got up off of the couch. "Hi," she said uncertainly, holding out her hand to the newcomer. The slim woman looked at her hand but didn't offer hers.

"Are ye a virgin, child?" Siobhan dropped her hand, shocked, and looked to Demie. "What--?" Demie spoke up: "Of course she know I can smell 'em, Anya." Anya nodded back. Turning back to Siobhan, she said, "I do come from elsewhere, a land where ye xxxxxxxxx sonny lion full sex stories vidio want for nothing, child." The girl cut her off, her face flushed so her freckles were quite visible.

'Child?' "My name is Siobhan," she said. Anya smiled. "Ye are from the land of Eire?" 'Eire? Oh.' "Ireland? My Grandma was from there." "Shall we sit down?" Demie suggested.

Then the three of them spoke for a time, of magic and legends, of true names and false. An offer was made, one that had not been uttered in hundreds of years. There were more questions asked and answered, and finally all parties were satisfied. Anya stood and moved her hands in complicated gestures, muttering words that seemed to cut through the air. A hole of darkness opened in the middle of the apartment's living room.

"Go through," Anya said to the girl, "My attendants will serve ye as does befit royalty." Siobhan hugged Demie, who was surprised by the gesture but did not pull away. Then the 13-year-old took a large breath and stepped forward through the gateway and into her new life. A moment later something came back through the portal from the other side. It looked like Siobhan, but Demie and Anya knew it wasn't her. There was something missing behind those eyes. "Her stepfather is an abusive prick," Demie said, eyeing the creature with Siobhan's face and body as it waited for its mistress' commands.

Anya smiled. "I hope he do like pain then. Changelings do not live long, but they will not accept mistreatment." They returned "Siobhan" to her home. Watching from outside, the pair saw through the front window as her mother hugged what she thought was her daughter with joy. As the fairytale pair walked away from the house they paused as they heard the stepfather start to yell. They heard the sound of a slap, followed by an unearthly shriek, and then a man's scream of pain.

Satisfied, they continued walking. --- "Be ready for us," Demie had said. I was pretty sure what she meant, so I got the volcano vape ready, queued up some more mood music, and put the rest of the whiskey on ice. I also changed the sheets on the bed and had a shower. I almost put on some cologne before realizing that such an artificial scent would probably turn off a natural creature like Anya. And then I waited.and waited. I felt like a cross between an expectant groom and a lamb waiting for the slaughter.

I browsed the web while I waited some more, this time for info on fairy creatures. There was a lot of conflicting information online, plus all that crap from that Lost Girl show. I figured Anya was either an elf or a dryad, but she could have been Tinkerbell with a growth spell for all I knew.

And then I knew that they were back, even though I hadn't heard anything; I just knew. I started up the vape and the mood music, turned down the lights, and then sat back down on the couch, watching the door. A couple of minutes later they walked in.

Demie looked at me curiously as she came in. "Were you waiting there the whole time?" "Nope," I replied, looking pleased with myself. I wasn't saying anything else. Both women kept her clothes on as I poured the whiskey and got the vape bag ready. As I did so I could feel their eyes on me. Yes, definitely feeling like the lamb, not the groom. We toked, we drank, I told Anya about my job, the video games I play, and the shows and movies I like, though I think most of it must have seemed like I was speaking another language to a non-technical creature like her.

I think she just liked the sound of my voice. Then I had a woman on either side of me, both with their hands on my thighs. Both women oozed sexuality, though each in their own different way. Demie was raw and rough, but Anya was soft and sweet.

I turned to Anya and we kissed, almost immediately proceeding to deep tonguing. Yes, I had really missed kissing. I held her face as we made out. Demie undid my fly and fished out my hard cock. She began to whack me off and I moved my hands to Anya's chest, massaging her smaller breasts through her ephemeral blouse.

Her clothes disappeared and then I was fondling flesh. I moved my mouth to Anya's neck, making her gasp. My arms slipped lower, caressing her hips. I laid her back. I could feel Demie's mouth surround my cock. So hot! I slipped down further to taste Anya's pussy.

Her bush, like Demie's, was unshaven. Unlike the demon's, it was an earthy green. As I licked at her outer lips I could smell flowers. As I dipped my tongue inside her I tasted nectar. "Mmm." I heard Anya sigh. Suddenly my hips were forcibly rotated so that I was on my back. My mouth was no longer lined up with Anya's nethers so she adjusted herself to squat over my face as I felt Demie's scalding pussy surround my dick. She was back in demon form now.

I used two fingers to penetrate Anya's pussy as I licked her clit. She gasped and I continued pleasuring her until I felt her insides squeeze my fingers as she softly moaned and came. I don't know how I hadn't blown my load into Demie's furnace of fornication yet, but the women swapped positions and then I was eating my demon's spicy muff.

Then it felt like a feather pillow was wrapped around my cock as Anya mounted me. These two women were definitely polar opposites when it came to sex. Anya's insides were warm but not hot, and almost tickled my cock as she rode me, as opposed to Demie's demanding depths.

My ministrations yielded me some of Demie's spiced rum flavored cum in my mouth as she grunted. Anya also came, feeling like a swarm of butterflies caressing my penis. I'm not really describing this well. Anya's insides weren't really tickling me, but it sexy lesbian lovers bang like crazy masturbation pornstars very pleasant, like a feather massage.

I'm not really a felt awesome, okay? Demie got up and Anya lay back as we switched to the missionary position. Demie got behind me and I bondage office gangbang punish my yearold bum and mouth feel the end of her tail tapping near my anus.

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Oh no, not again! It seemed she was just teasing me this time, though, and her tail rubbed along the outside of my asshole as I fucked this slim, sexy sylph. Then Demie spoke up: "Hey, Anya, Tom's sperm's pretty potent. You think he might have a chance to knock you up?" I perked my ears up at that. This was possible? "Mmm," Anya sighed as I thrust into her. "Centuries have passed since such a thing has happened.ohh.I be not as young as I was." 'Aw.' I thought, dejected.

".but if his seed be strong indeed.mayhap." She thrust her hips up at me to punctuate that thought. My mind boggled at the idea. I thrust harder into the woodland creature. Anya continued, "I have borne many children over the millennia. They all be loved and cared for. Perhaps.mmm.I do miss the feeling of new life blossoming within me." I pushed myself up in order to gaze at that tight body as I made love to it.

Her hands moved to massage her small, pert breasts, and then down to caress her flat stomach. Her eyes met mine as I looked back at her face. She was so beautiful! I bent down and kissed Anya passionately as I thrust harder into her possibly fertile body. Demie knew just what buttons to push to get me going, and it seemed that she had activated some spark in her friend as well.

Anya broke the kiss, whispering into my ear, "Ohhh.yes, do give me yer seed, Tom. I want it." I was thrusting into her hard and fast now. "Mmm.I do feel yer manhood growing within me." Her arms surrounded my chest firmly as her breathing quickened.

I could feel it coming, spurred on by this sexy impregnation talk and the feeling of Demie's tail caressing my butthole. "Ye are so deep! Yes! Fill me with!" And then I felt those butterflies around my cock again, but this time they were insistent, demanding.

Then I was cumming hard as well. "Arhh! Uhhh!" I thrust into Anya over and over as I shot wad after wad of spermy cum deep within her, doing my best to impregnate the immortal beauty. Finally, I collapsed on top of her, spent.

Only for a moment, though, as Demie grabbed me and tossed me to the other side of the couch. When my head stopped spinning I saw her fine ass pointed at me, her tail whipping back and forth as she buried her face into Anya's cooch. "Aahh! Demie! What do ye--?! Oh--OHHH!" Anya arched her back, her mouth open in pleasure as Demie licked her pussy. Within 30 seconds Anya was cumming again, shaking in pleasure.

When she recovered she caressed Demie's face with her hand. "I will forgive the trespass, as that was.what is the term? Hot?" Soon it was time for Anya to go. She gave both of us a hug, adding a passionate kiss for me that brought my dick back to life. Stunning black babe rides a white cock gave it another of those appraising looks as she stepped into the portal back to her world. Then we were alone. Demie grabbed my rejuvenated cock and dragged me over messy attitude during lesbo sex lesbian dildo the bed.

Lying down on her back, she directed my maybe babymaker into her hot cooch. "Yeah, just like that, Tom," she moaned as I thrust into her. She looked into my eyes. "Know what I did after you shot her full of cum?" I shook my head. "I wanted your swimmers to have the best chance, so I took my tongue and pushed your cum as deep inside her as I could, like thissss." And then her tongue extended like a snake, undulating and then thrusting outward like a penis.

Holy shit! The thought that Demie had pushed my little soldiers all the way into Anya's womb set me off again. "Uhh!

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Fuck!" "Yeeessss." Demie hissed as she felt my cum splash inside her. After I had stopped shaking I rolled off of Demie and lay back on my pillow.

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She put her head into the crook of my shoulder, her hand playing with my chest hair. This was odd. She usually just left after sex. We'd never had any sort of "pillow talk," unless you count me screaming due to her murdering someone or fucking with my nightmares with her telepathy. " you and Anya go way back?" I asked. Demie gave a little smile. "Only about 40 years. She helped me with something and I finally managed to pay her back tonight." I wasn't going to ask any details on that.

Demie sometimes got bitchy if I showed interest in her "business". Instead I asked, "So is she important? She acted like she was royalty or something." Demie got up on one elbow to look at me quizzically. "You really don't know? What do they teach you kids in school these days, dummy?" "Well, um, I." "No Shakespeare?

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Midsummer Night's Dream?" Demie got up off of the bed and admired her form in my mirror. I thought about it. That play had some fairies, King Oberon and Queen.NO WAY! Anya was."Titania?" "Bingo!" Demie said, heading toward the door. My head was swimming. " am I gonna get Oberon knocking on my door demanding satisfaction?" Demie turned back to me with that mischievous smile.

"Mayhap." To be continued.