Step sister fucks and sucks while wearing ankle brace

Step sister fucks and sucks while wearing ankle brace
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I reached my front door and opened it sullenly, as I was unable to think of an excuse for my long absence. I walked up the driveway and decided to just use our front door instead of our noisy garage door.

I turned onto the cobbled pathway, stepped up onto the porch, and entered the house. Knowing the house was empty, I did without my usual hello and ascended the staircase. As I headed down the hallway towards my room, I heard a noise come from my sister's adjacent in the hallway. I was curious, so I stepped inside to have a look, only to find my sister vigorously stroking her pussy. Damn she got some good looking body must have been a minute before she looked up and saw me, but when she did, she fell off her bed in panic.

"Arthur! I.I.I didn't hear you open the garage door." My sister's face was a familiar scarlet red, and her small hands were barely covering herself up.Occasionally her trembling hands would slip, revealing one of her nipples or a piece of her tiny shaven pussy.

"I came in through the front door." I said, and a look of realization and humiliation took over her face. "Wait, didn't you say you had cheerleading?" My sister blushed again.

"I did. But I don't. When you nosed Sarah in her crotch at her house, I got me a little horny." Her face was beet red, obviously shocked she was spilling this to her brother. "So I came back here and.

you know". I nodded understandingly. "Please don't tell mom and dad!" she pleaded. "They'll go berserk if they find out I was." I nodded again "I don't know Jenna, this is pretty serious". I smiled, knowing I could milk this for all it was worth. If I played my cards right I could get Jenna to do my chores for a month, and get her allowance!

"Why should I keep quiet? What will you give me?" Jenna paused for a moment, then looked back at me.

"Close your eyes". She looked at me sternly. "Close your eyes and wrap your hands around my bedpost". "What" I asked, confused at this odd request. "Just do it" she said again, so I closed my eyes, leaned my back against the post, and wrapped my arms around the bedpost.

I then felt her wrap a blindfold around my head, knotting it tight at the back. "What the hell is this for?" I said, but this time she didn't answer me, and my heart sank as I felt her toy handcuffs lock around my wrists. "Excuse me, how is this supposed to win you my favor?" I inquired.

She still didnt speak. "She'll probably leave me here" I voluptuous hussy has her tight asshole plowed "until she thinks of something to hold over my head too". This notion was shattered however when I felt her hand fumble with my zipper, and before I knew it she had dropped my pants and my underwear.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING JE-". I stopped mid-scream, as a wonderful and familiar sensation spread through my body. I felt my sister's tongue touch the tip of my limp, exhausted cock, and immediatly afterwards it rose. With my boner sticking out into my little sister's face, I could only moan in pleasure as her inexperienced mouth and hands went to work.

The blowjob was not as thrilling as Sarah's, but it was just as pleasurable. I shivered as I felt my little sister's tongue wrap itself around my shaft, and soon I felt it start to move further into her mouth. Time passed as Jenna attempted to deepthroat me, each time going down slightly further. I could tell her mouth was much smaller than Sarah's, as I felt my dick go far down into her throat with each stroke. Soon she succeeded in fully accommodating me, and when she went down on my cock I could feel the wall of her esophagus pulsing around the tip of it.

It was a thrilling sensation, and my sister continued to give it to me, each time taking a few seconds to breathe before shoving my cock in until it completely sealed her windpipe. With this continued treatment I felt myself nearing my peak, and my legs locked in response. My sister must have noticed, because at the last second I felt her pull off, just before I released several ropes of cum into the air. Pesta sex son and mom I had stopped, I felt her lick my dick clean, and then run her hand up my body until her hand met the blindfold.

She removed it, and I soon found myself face to face with my cum-covered sister. Words escaped me once again, and I just stared into her deep green eyes. "Well? Is that enough?" she asked, as she licked my cum off of her body, "or do you need more?" I nodded furiously without thinking, and my sister sighed and left the room, coming back with a small rubber sleeve.

She wrapped the condom around my rising staff and looked me in the eye. "This is the last thing I am going to give you, and I need you to promise me the you will not breath a word to mom and dad". I nodded vigorously again and she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good. I'm giving you my virginity I hope you're grateful". My eyes widened as she now undid my handcuffs, only to redo them once I was sprawled out on the bed, this time on each of my four limbs with an extra three spare pairs. Each of my appendages was cuffed to a bedpost, aside from the one sticking straight up into the air.

"Are you ready?" Jenna asked as she position her cute little pussy above my dick. I nodded, and she slowly started to impale herself on my staff. She moaned at first, but started to latina teen sucks and ass drilleded bigcock edit as she worked her way down, in a single instant she cried out in pain, afterwards sliding the rest of the way down onto my dick. The tightness of my sister's pussy was like nothing I had ever experienced before, her tight crevice squeezed my rod with a tremendous force, yet felt absolutely bliss to my pulsing cock.

After a few seconds my sister pushed herself up until only the head of my penis was inside of her, then let herself fall back onto me, making us both grunt in pleasure.

She repeated this, Quickening her pace until she was steadily riding me, her average, yet beautiful tits bouncing with her as she impaled herself continuosly on my stiff dick. Her pace continued to accelerate, bouncing faster and faster until I started to feel heat from the enormous friction between our genitals.

"Oh my god Arthur!" she cried out, "You're so deep in, I.

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Oh my god this is wonderful." her voice died down to a rasp for a brief moment before returning to its full volume. " do this.more.ofTEN!" she lost herself in her pleasure and I soon realized I was nearing my end. My legs locked, other than the fact that they were in handcuffs, and I blew my load into my little sister.

As my orgasm ended I realized my sister hadn't stopped. She was continuing to ride my dick, which had stayed hard, despite the growing discomfort that was coming from it now. Finally finding my voice, I cried out, "Jenna stop, I'm done, get off!" "No." she rasped, "Not even close yet," she quickened her pace.

"Must finish." She continued to hump my tender cock, much to my displeasure.

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I winced in pain as her tight pussy squeezed my tired shaft. I braced myself for a good deal more discomfort, when I suddenly started to regain feeling in my dick, which was still impaling my fifteen year old sister.

Soon her thrusts became pleasurable again, and I moaned as my sister continued towards her own climax. She continued for another five minutes, making a total of fifteen that we'd been fucking. I felt her legs start to fail her, tired from a long session of bouncing. Had I left he she would have probably collapsed, but I felt grateful for all she had done for me, and decided she should get her orgasm too.

I grabbed hold of her hips, bearing most of her body weight, allowing her legs to focus on propelling her up and down.

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I then began to move my own hips, ramming my rod into my sister. This continued for a short time, and then I heard my sister start to speak. "Arthur. Arthur. I'm going to. CUM!" and with that she ejaculated onto me, coating my dick and my chest in her lovely fluids. As her orgasm pressed on, I felt mine approach again as well, and I shot my load into my already cum filled condom. My sister collapsed on me, breathing heavily, then got off of me and laughed. She removed the cum soaked condom from my dick, licking my cock clean of my cum, and hers.

Tired and incredibly weak after my fifth ejaculation of the day, I passed out on my sister's bed, ever so content.