Horny alex blake fucking hard huge massive dick

Horny alex blake fucking hard huge massive dick
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Orphaned by my father at 6, I lived with my widowed mother in an isolated place but my sexual arousement came from breasts of female drawings.

At 8, I lived with my grandparents together with my first cousin with whom I played as a father in a make-believe married couple. I had chances of holding my coursin closest to my body, and then at the middle of one night I opened my cousin's vagina and inserted my erect penis.

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Just then my grandfather's shadows appeared on the curtain walls and I stopped. Two years later when I was 10, I lived with my uncle who had five children.

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The eldest was a year older than me. We played until one time, we came to sex.

She opened her pussy and I inserted my erect penis. My penis would't penetrate her tight pussy, instead my penis bled and we both laughed at our frustrations. When Wiorld War II broke out, my paternal grand parents built a two-storey house in the farm and accommodated a widower who had two daughters.

At 19, the younger daughter got close to me. When she urinated (urinal was unnecessary in an isolated house in the farm), she just squatted and pulled down her panty and spread her legs apart avoiding the stream of her urine from touching her feet. I could see the full glory of her clitoris. Her eyes were watching the erratic flow of her urine and she was most often unmindful of my passing glance. We played hide-and-seek with other siblings in our family on moonlit evenings and we hid together whenever we're not "it"; she sought me out rough squirting orgasm hardx sex stories I looked for her and together we hugged, caressed and kissed and I had chances of mashing her big tits in the darkenss.

In the middle of one night, she crawled to me and we started our first serious romance. we undressed together and we probed each other's genital organs. I loved caressing her silken-hairy pubic mound until I pried open her tight virgin vagina. I fingered her clitoris while she moaned softly in ectasy and replaced my fingers with my tongue.

She was delirious and signaled that I mount her as she spread wide open her legs. I positioned my whole body on top of her and clamped hers towards mine with my two arms pulling her closest to me.

she held my hardened penis, guided it and inserted my dick into her moist cunt. The moment my penis touched her pussy, I felt a sudden urge of pushing my dick deeper inside her pussy which I did and she moaned at first, then let out muffled cries of pain as blood oozed down the canal of her virgin and tight vagina.

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I had my first taste of sex and I found it sweet, satisfying, and I was craving for more sweetness in the process of pushing and pulling my dick in and out of a wet pussy. Lucing's feet fluttered like butterfly wings while she urged me into pumping faster and faster and I too wanted the fastest pumping which forced me into orgasm when I lost control of tempo and my dick spew sperms, each stream gave me indescribable satisfaction while Lucing held me tightly close to her body.

The result was tiredness and weakness but I always enjoyed that moment when my sperm was spurting. Lucing crawled to me nighlty and we fucked nightly as "husband la directrice est une nympho wife" : she was 19, I was 14. We fucked nightly for several months until my younger brother who slept nightly beside me woke up at the middle of the night and discovered our tryst.

My grandparents separated me from my "wife" since then.