Oiled brunette got pussy rubbed by masseur

Oiled brunette got pussy rubbed by masseur
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My name is James, I'm 19 years old and I'm from a busy town with the usual life a teenager has. I spend most of my time working and playing football with friends. I have a best friend called Nathan, we've been good friends for 9 years or so now but since we left school a few years back I don't see him half as much as I'd like to with us both working.

I have a fairly small build but because I'm into sports and I hit the gym I'm broader than most guys my age. Around 6 months ago I was going through a strange stage in my life, I was horny all the time, I'm not sure if puberty hit me late or what but it was a very unusual time for me. I woke up late on my day off from work, must have been around 11am, first thing I do every day due to habit is have a good cold shower and get cleaned up.

I had nothing to do that day and thought I'd give Nathan a call.

I don't know what it is about Nathan, I still feel it now 5 months later, he's the only guy I've ever looked at in a different way. I've had girlfriends on and off since I was around 13, now I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years so I'm pretty sure that I'm straight. So after calling nathan he came round an hour later and we had nothing to do so we thought of a little plan, in the summer months we liked to go to a little village outside town which had a small river flowing all the way through it and it had some great flat grass in parts where we loved to play football.

It was a nice day and the sun was out so we drove to the supermarket in his car and grabbed some snacks and pop. Then we were on our way, it took around 30 minutes to get there and star jhalsa serial actress madhumita sarkar porn story up then we took off down the hill to the river, it was a week day which meant most folk would be working and the kids would be at school so it was fairly quiet.

We played football for abit then went down the banking to sit on an old tree which had become an L shape over time. We messed around for an hour or so climbing the trees and skimming stones, Nathan thought it was a good idea to climb as high as he could up the tree, which did seem a fun idea at the time, as the tree got taller it had grown over the river, which meant that split second Nathan slipped from the tree I was going to get a front row seat on you've been framed.

He managed to fall past every branch and splash right into the middle of the river, I was laughing so hard as he hit the water, he jumped up from the dirty water shouting all sorts of abuse at the tree which made me laugh harder than before. He started swimming towards the banking where I was sat, then as he got to the point where he could stand up he pulled his shirt off revealing his body.

He was a little taller than me around 5' 8" and he has a great 6 pack with muscle showing in all the right places, the tattoos he had across his chest and arms only made him look better. Now I've seen him without a shirt on before many times but this time it was different, this time I was getting hard looking at him. He pulled a towel out of his bag and started to dry himself off, then looked around and pulled his trousers down leaving his boxer shorts which had love hearts on, I don't know what had come over me that day but I wanted to see his dick so bad.

Eventually he dried off as best he could and pulled his trousers up, we set back to the car because he didn't want to stand around all wet, as soon as we got in the car he pulled his trousers off again father fucks daughter for the last time about how he had to drive home almost naked, all this time I hadn't said much as I was taking in everything he was doing, I wanted to pull his boxer shorts off right then but I resisted because I didn't want to turn all creepy on him.

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We eventually got home around 11pm and went to my house as usual, he went straight upstairs and got a shower, I thought seen as he's going to be up there a while I sat at the computer and flicked up a two lesbian females make fun in bed site so I could quickly pull myself off, I always make the same mistake of getting too far into it and wanting to hold out as long as possible. I still hadn't done after 20 minutes and I heard him at the top of the stairs so I covered up and closed the browser window.

I was hoping for him to walk in with just a towel wrapped round him but he'd already got dressed into dry clothes. I thought to myself "I gotta stop this, he's my best friend, why would I wanna ruin that?".

We sat down to watch a movie and I ordered a takeaway as we were both off work the next day and could lay in.

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We were talking about the usual stuff, girls, how much weed I smoked, how he always broke his car. After an hour or so into the movie I could see he was drifting off to sleep, I left him to it because I don't like waking people up and this could be my chance to have a wank. He slept like a log for the next 20 minutes so I stayed where I was and pulled my dick out of the top of my pants and started rubbing it slow, he was facing me but I was 100% sure he was asleep and I carried on, I kept looking over at him and thinking back to what I'd seen earlier that day, the thrill of wanking over him while he was sat next to me was amazing, and the chance of getting caught just added to it.

I must have been wanking for 10 minutes when all of a sudden he started to move, luckily all he did was shuffle abit and put one hand down his pants, which got me going abit more. I kept going and noticed he'd started to beg ass hot meutur mom sex beg dick the front of his pants, I was so hard right now and when your as horny as I was you do things you might later regret.

I reached over and tapped him on the chest to see if he would wake up, he was in a deep sleep by now. I then pulled my hand down his chest and his stomach slowly, I don't know what made me do it but I kept going right to the band on his pants.

By now I didn't realise what I was doing was a bad idea, I pulled the band of his pants right down to reveal his dick, he must have been dreaming about something pretty good to get as hard as he was. To my surprise he had no pubic hair at all, fully shaved all the way down his balls, his dick must have been 7 inch and fat too, it looked pretty much the same as mine in shape and thickness.

I gently grabbed his dick which felt really weird holding someone else's, I slowly moved up and down hoping to god that he didn't wake up, he didn't move a muscle but he was still breathing deep with the dream he was having. I noticed he had a tiny bit of pre-cum at the tip of his dick and I couldn't help myself, I was so nervous because I'd never touched a guy like this before, I slowly moved towards him, I was now on my knees in front of him holding his dick with both hands, I closed my eyes and licked all the way up his hard shaft and round the end taking in the pre-cum he was leaking.

I kept licking his dick up and down and stroking his balls, by now his breathing was getting heavier. Then I took it a step further, I moved my lips over his hot helmet and took his whole dick in my mouth slowly hitting the back of my throat, he twitched a little bit which almost brought me back to reality to realise what I was doing.

I carried on sucking every inch of his dick and it felt so good in my mouth, after 10 minutes of sucking his raging hard on he was breathing really heavy, he must have known he was being sucked off but it didn't wake him.

I kept sucking, by now I was really into it, circling round the head while wanking his bawdy wet crack holes get nailed smalltits homemade with one hand, then taking the whole thing in, almost swallowing it, I started sucking harder and faster all the way down to his balls and back up, over and over then he inhaled hard and shot a huge wad of cum in the back of my throat, I sucked deeper making sure to get his whole dick in there, he shot again, thick cum in my throat, I had to swallow a couple of times to keep it down, he soon stopped shooting and I pulled my head back releasing his dick, I licked all the cum off and put his dick back in his pants.

I was still surprised he hadn't woken up, I went up to the bathroom where I had an amazing that amazing babe raises her blue top which took literally 2 minutes after all the excitement that day had brought. When I came back down he was awake, which shocked me abit, that's when I started to worry if he knew what I'd done, he didn't say anything to me so I presumed I was safe.

We finished off watching the film and it was around 1am, Nathan decided it was time to go home so I stood at the door having a cig while he talked about some car show he was going to the week after.

We finished chatting and he went to give me the usual man hug to say bye, I was expecting him to just say bye and leave, but he gently put his hand on my dick and said "same time next week?", he moved back, winked at me and walked towards the gate.

I couldn't say a word back to him, I was speechless. The end Please rate and comment This is my first ever story Based on a true story